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Jeffrey Mishler cyberdent56

@dcexaminer @MichaelAvenatti Right, Mikey. We believe you...NOT!

2019-05-25 22:09

Hoosier Ag Today hoosieragtoday

Indiana's Leader for Farm News | On your radio, online, and on our HAT app for your mobile device.

Hoosier Ag This Week: $14.5B Going to Farmers, Planting Delays Continue, the Latest IN Farm Forecast, and Market An…

2019-05-25 22:08

John Guglielmi trabzon64

Former White House staffer, retired photojournalist, now a Veteran Service Officer, love my wife, family, photography, Italian food, wine and my grandchildren.

@TheRickyDavila You are spot on!!!

2019-05-25 22:08

shelby godfrey S_GODFREY10

Keep on dreaming.. Even if it breaks your heart ❤❤

Rules are meant to be followed for a reason. Graciously accept... More for Taurus

2019-05-25 22:08

Heidi Hathaway HathawayHeidi

Ex- Medical Billing Specialist, Patient advocate for 35 yrs. Cancer Vixen stage 3C, (survivor). Honest and witty Friend. Devout Democrat for life.

He has no bottom. Everyday we live with threats from the POTUS.
When will the American people truly take to the st…

2019-05-25 22:08

VJ VijayKu22814440

Surgeon with human touch towards animals🐅
hate fekus to the core..

@BhavikaKapoor5 Instead of debate analysis of election wrong abouts , in WB which is strongholy of TMC, election…

2019-05-25 22:08

Jeffrey Mishler cyberdent56

@SenSchumer @realDonaldTrump Oh yeah right Cryin Chuck because you and Nancy are so productive!!! Do nothing Congre…

2019-05-25 22:07

thej IAM_Buttercup

The Gurl nexT DooR

A frank discussion with a friend or partner can be revealing t... More for Leo

2019-05-25 22:07

Frank G frankmg

Community Organizer | Life Coach
"When the wind changes, some people build walls, some people build windmills"- @PeteButtigieg, quoting a Chinese proverb.

@NateSilver538 Bottom line is that 10 ppl onstage is a joint appearance, not a debate, and will not allow for inter…

2019-05-25 22:07

Jordan Niespodziany NespoKnows

I am the Defender of the Hills. Whisperer of the Wind and Warden of the South.

@jdubois21 @w_lehmann22 For now... good luck today btw

2019-05-25 22:07

/kai'ke/ IceIceBbi

20 | POR / ENG | Majoring in English and Teacher | JOJO / MWAM / Beastars / Rugby / and a lot of other things that I can't remember now.

@MolierDoHeitor Claror

2019-05-25 22:07

Tasheana Hanza tasheana_hanza

personal twitter

For the first time in a loooong time - I have found a house I feel like I NEED to flip! It’s insane. I am obsessed.

2019-05-25 22:07

/kai'ke/ IceIceBbi

20 | POR / ENG | Majoring in English and Teacher | JOJO / MWAM / Beastars / Rugby / and a lot of other things that I can't remember now.

Melhor time 🤧🤧

2019-05-25 22:07

Matt Hines matthines10


Congratulations to @FHSHotDogs Class of 2019....a great group of young women and wishes graduates!

2019-05-25 22:07

lucky lucktruck_

twenty | 🇬🇷🇯🇵

RT @flyjai_: shit talking is one of my love languages.

2019-05-25 22:07

unnecessarybeltbuckles🏳️‍🌈 unnecessarybelt

Screaming into the void about Mortal Kombat. Ermac & Kenshi. Memes. Lesbian overlord and suffering VFX/Animation student. I think I’m fucking hilarious.

@BrownGonzo I love the thigh-high boots n the belt n gauntlets n the Ermac 💚💚💚

2019-05-25 22:07

Nurse Ratchett mycrankyboosez

Mostly lazy and sleep deprived. Consider the red hair a warning. #Nurse #Resist #ImpeachTrump #GunReform #LoveIsLove #RA #SjogrensSyndrome #ProtectMueller

This mama is right. Why aren’t we talking about this? Four little girls died, and no one seems to care. They deserv…

2019-05-25 22:06

David Miteff demiteff

@realDonaldTrump Anything that is good and positive, the left hates.

2019-05-25 22:06

Molly mollyyeend

Your restlessness could cause trouble unless you plug in and c... More for Aries

2019-05-25 22:06

R. Kyle Porter Rain_Man_Thor

die hard Fan of Westview Warrior, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and my UCM #TKE

Damn my bro @HueyMack comming out strong in 2019. Hey Huey if you see this do a "Just Me" 2.0. This is probably one…

2019-05-25 22:06

Daniel jones R_3APER22

Die Hard Gamer, basically my life besides work of coarse. ❤️ COD

@wizards_magic still haven’t heard anymore about the sheets people were to receive upon not getting the mythic addition boxes.. why is that?

2019-05-25 22:06

Iowa S-Chain tmj_IA_schn

Follow this account for geo-targeted Supply Chain job tweets in Iowa Non-Metro. Need help? Tweet us at @CareerArc!

We have 26 #SupplyChain jobs open today in #Iowa. Check them out via the link in our bio.

2019-05-25 22:06

Devil Raj DevilRaj7984827

RT @halcena13144: Always an epic entrance into his yard. You know how to always run it your way @WWERomanReigns and never seize to amaze u…

2019-05-25 22:06

Mrs. Payton paytonmdr


#INGrads Northview 2019 Graduation 🎓 Congrats Riley!

2019-05-25 22:05

JR missRandolph


Question everything you hear or read today. If you’re not easi... More for Pisces

2019-05-25 22:05

Jd Morecraft JDs1469

@TritonBrewing Is there any place I can find Barn Phantom Gose with Grapefruit in the Westfield, Zionsville, West Carmel area?

2019-05-25 22:04

Dawn Hartman dnhartman61

Married mother of 3 (25 and ^) & Mimi to 1 beautiful little boy & 2 beautiful baby girls! ❤️ my #colts #pacers #dodgers #blues #iubb #ndfb #iufb #trotmanNo5Pens

@StLouisBlues 👊🏼 🏒🥅🎵💙

2019-05-25 22:04

Aaron Bourlard AaronCBourlard

AAS AS. Bicknell 1 Republican Precinct Committeeman (Knox County Indiana)., Father of 3, Township Advisory Board member.

RT @SenToddYoung: My new role on @SenFinance Committee puts me in a strong position to advocate for Hoosiers in the workforce. I was glad t…

2019-05-25 22:04

Brandon Bishop Bbishop34

Employed by the Yankees of the Beverage Industry. Husband and Father. My kids are better than yours. #Reds #Bengals #CraftBeer #Bourbon #CocaCola

RT @CallMeEspinoza: The boys🦍

2019-05-25 22:04

Bradley B coachbrad92

#RaiderNation #SKXC #SKTF #Local841

RT @IndianaRunner: @IndianaRunner is partnering with @IHSAA1 to broadcast the boys and girls state track & field championships from Bloomin…

2019-05-25 22:04

Carol Shelby cshelbypurdue

Higher Ed Public Safety

RT @IDHS: 🚨Severe weather threatens Memorial Day Weekend🚨

Be on the lookout for:

-Strong 🌬️
-Heavy 🌧️⛈️

Have a plan in place in c…

2019-05-25 22:04

Jeffrey Mishler cyberdent56

@DavidCornDC Trial for what??? The Hoax perpetrated by the crazy Democrats and the corrupt media???

2019-05-25 22:04

Debra Lockhart Peaceabull

VP of The Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition, dog blogger, advocate, rescuer, volunteer, and Pit Bull mama.

Careers at Paw's-n-Claw's Pet Care Palace

2019-05-25 22:04

Catherine agentausten09

I like to twirl in long skirts. Bibliophile. Whedonverse geek. Jane Austen enthusiast. Catholic convert. Tea drinker. Figure skating fan. #VirtueMoir

"She smelled like sunshine and seafood pasta."

2019-05-25 22:04

Blonde Badass INcountry_girl

cautiously reckless

When Y'all make out for 30 mins and then tell him you have to go

2019-05-25 22:04

lreid lisareid11

@TomFitton @realDonaldTrump

2019-05-25 22:03