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ekang allyanaerika

Don't disturb🛇

Matulog nako mayghad haha

2018-04-24 04:22

Ly 🌺 luvonlysndr

..Good Music Great Friends Bright Lights and Late Nights.

CAMILA by Camila Cabello album is OUT!
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2 weekly unfollowers. Crowdfire doesn't miss a trick - via

2018-04-24 04:21

Alice Ala0837

Ciełam się ale dzięki pewnemu chłopakowi wyszłam z tego

2018-04-24 04:18

Alice Ala0837

Boli mnie to że mówią o mnie źle osoby którym nic nie zrobiłam

2018-04-24 04:15

meghan mahiruhanayo

最百 ♡ / Icon by @toff_pine / Welcome to the salty spitoon, how gay are you / PVI19 / Maki @voicingharmony / (Some) FR/ENG

I got a ride from a neighbor home and instead of telling me to say hi to my mom or dad for her she told me to tell my dog she said hi

2018-04-24 04:10

'Jeffrey Jade Nakama JeffreyNakama

'Dancer | 'Choreographer | 'Freelancer | 'Coffee lover | 'Dreamer | 'C'est la vie | 'UCC - Founder & Member 'For bookings, email at:

: Monday grind is real!

2018-04-24 04:09

Little Foot💋💘🦈 purplelady12261


Iwanan ka man ng lahat, asahan mo kaming mga pet mo kasama sa lahat ng lakad mo. We love you @tonythesharky…

2018-04-24 04:02

Lilo 🌺 taqqiii

Maldita • ⚯͛

Aaaannnnd I’m back

2018-04-24 03:57

Kota kodaa22

Chs 19' | Varsity Fhockey #9 |

RT @_w1nny: !!!

2018-04-24 03:56

Alice Ala0837

@xluvhoranx @hereformyidols9 Dziękuję bardzo! <3

2018-04-24 03:54

🍭 Josecheskaa

s o u r i r e 🌻

@mcu_jose @RoschM22 Grabe den

2018-04-24 03:45

Alice Ala0837

@hereformyidols9 @xluvhoranx A potem gwóźdź do trumny- maturka ;(

2018-04-24 03:39

Rosa J. Rossmaio

Je suis un marin. Viens et voile avec moi.️ ⚓️

When you're home yet you're not.

2018-04-24 03:38

Eat The Rich Flagkneeler


@Blacklistluxury @NPR You're on to something.

2018-04-24 03:30

Eat The Rich Flagkneeler


@jberndtwojo @NPR *Note his skin color.

2018-04-24 03:28

Eat The Rich Flagkneeler


@NPR Are they swinging by the dive thru before they drop him off in jail, like the did for that Charleston Shooting…

2018-04-24 03:28

Eat The Rich Flagkneeler


@tangsting @politico If it's on TV and not informing, enertaining or an advertisment, there is a good chance it's propaganda.

2018-04-24 03:21

zoë 🌺 zoeekinnney

RT @_w1nny: !!!

2018-04-24 03:20

meelaababy🌼✨ _XoNevaeh

. Nevaehs mom🌸👑.

RT @_w1nny: !!!

2018-04-24 03:16

katy katympugh

only in surrender that i’m truly free

feeling like cryin but unsure if that’s bc of lack of sleep, the stress of final papers, or bc I just saw this pic…

2018-04-24 03:15

DJ PTK ↩ Patrick84540380

DJ E PRODUTOR DÊ FUNK 🎶 - 📞 031 989737362 ! 🙏

RT @Henriqu12277904: Verdão do Mdv ta destruiiiino

2018-04-24 03:13

L A R A justwritelara


Before I sleep. May papoll po si Aling Lara. Fave fruit nyo po.
Mornyt 😍 😘

2018-04-24 03:10

H.A Henriqu12277904

Livre-me senhor de todos os meus Inimigos sem neurose, o senhor me castigou severamente mais não me entregou a morte 🎶🚄

To meec no trampo

2018-04-24 03:09

Eat The Rich Flagkneeler


@HopkinsMedNews @robdelaney @HopkinsMedicine My wife is gonna be STOKED.

2018-04-24 03:07

Eat The Rich Flagkneeler


@TatevikAprikyan Is this @TheOnion?

2018-04-24 03:06

macolicious SirMacole

— im a madahfacking strong guy but hey, i still need lambing


2018-04-24 03:02