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Zi ZenaIsrael

Ecclesiates 3:11💕

Memory yung nareview ko HAHAHA consciousness and learning pa lang pala 💔

2018-10-24 07:16

Jels ✨ slzrjls

Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every good value at the testing point.

goodmorning pipol :)

2018-10-24 07:16

KEN けん ramentrashx

still sleepy//spooky season

RT @CaliforniaMaqui: I was watching PewDiePie and he said something that I completely resonate with:

"Just because I criticize something,…

2018-10-24 07:16

pawlen plncnmnz


konti nalang😂😊

2018-10-24 07:16

Jeff Geva jeffgeva

Helping Americans keep their homes when I’m not singing in the bathroom.

@Aaronaut_ Thank you kahit nung 1 pa! Hahaha

2018-10-24 07:16


Hide the tears, bring the smile. Make your price go high. © juvi katrina 😊

Feeling na parang hindi ako umabsent haha

2018-10-24 07:16

rosey 💫🌈 potatopotatoest

a lost kiddo who wants to dissolve in the cosmos

RT @mitzijonelle: Reminder to everyone: calls to boycott will always be FOR THE WORKERS wag sila ang awayin!!!!!! It's not their fault na t…

2018-10-24 07:16

🚬 kenjiexxtalan

If it's meant to be, it will be. Moni 💖


2018-10-24 07:16

Clariza💜🎵 LLU_Clariza12

This is may second account
LoiNie Lovers my happy pills 💜💜
YouTuber Lovers 💕
Loisa Video great June 10, 2018💕💖

RT @teves_jayson: LOINIE at TV Patrol @iamAndalioLoisa
#DyisIsItManila Sasamahan Kita by Loisa Andalio @mor1019

2018-10-24 07:16

ƆΛMΛE 💋💄 itscamae

Sprinter. Jumper. Volleyball. Auditor. BLINK 😉 OT4 💕 || Too much BLACKPINK 😁

I'll remember this

2018-10-24 07:16

c r l s AtanacioCrls_

l kwnt

Anong kayang magandang kanta?

2018-10-24 07:16


Y O U K N O W N O T H I N G .

Panaginip lang pala yung may nagsabi saken na makinis na ako. 😂😂😅

2018-10-24 07:16

hakdog DonEdwardReyes2

¿uoY htiW evolnI llitS m'I nehW nO evoM I naC woH

@abygalegregorio miss ka namin eh 😂

2018-10-24 07:16

🌻 Donnabellesss 🌻 iammissdonna04

@pieceofmexx God bless sa exam 😊🙏

2018-10-24 07:16

Ate ganda ❤ Latrell_Pring

Mamaya pa kasi papasok mag kakaibigan kasi nag kademonyohan na naman

2018-10-24 07:16

justin macapallag juusstinnn

qcshs fc #2

RT @giasison: What happens today becomes part of your past so make the most out of it. No regrets. Hope you all had a steady day, had to st…

2018-10-24 07:16

Ye💪 arielccruz23


good morning

2018-10-24 07:16

YEL💚 mryldgzmn

ur lost

good morning!!!

2018-10-24 07:16

Perseus noooooonel

It has nothing to do with me at all.

Good thing, I haven't considered them as friends. Lol

2018-10-24 07:16

Tin Nualda KNuald

RT @Randomhee: Based on the fancams I saw, when Ed was asked who his first love was, his first answer was his mom. I actually felt more rea…

2018-10-24 07:16

kuneho ng buhay mo 💫 heroicirene

airplane partners

RT @rehduveIvet: goodmorning to this baby only

2018-10-24 07:16

Shekinah✨ KaynahGuimalan

Fighting for upcoming battles💪🏼🔥


2018-10-24 07:16

Aze ❣️ Zntt_Rbldz

DMSA #11

Last United Nations Day :)) Oct. 24,2018

2018-10-24 07:16

maricel iyana iyana_maricel

Music & Entertainment

RT @ABSCBN: Edward Barber, nagkwento kung paano siya sinusuportahan ni Maymay Entrata sa kanyang movie na First Love. And speaking of, na-e…

2018-10-24 07:16

Albert Ellema albertellemaa

a masterpiece in transit

RT @ustcdt: Get on your dancing shoes together with the official CDT Shirt! Details regarding the T-Shirt prices and design will be posted…

2018-10-24 07:16

Zoymie🌟💚®️ SpicyCoatedSelf

MAICHARD is REAL since 2015 ‼️I love Nicomaine Dei and Richard! 💚 Real na Real ❤️

Hello @EatBulaga 3yrs na eto peroooooo

Ulitin naten eto 😅


2018-10-24 07:16

S 🌈 nymphs_slng

Triumph 😇👆


2018-10-24 07:16

ジョンケビン🇵🇭 @ 10/27 MNL48 QC Circle johnkevinb

#STARMARIE Philippines監督 | #AKB48Team8 #坂口渚沙 かみおし | #小林蘭 おし | #桜Z女 @kikidol_0307 | #Kissbee #谷藤海咲 #藤井優衣 | @maid_rice | #JaphDolls | #BNK48 #Kaimook | #MNL48Mari

小林 蘭(AKB48 チームK ドラフト3期研究生) Broadcasting!

2018-10-24 07:16

Robert Jr.🌐 ‏ TheRobertJr

Filmmaker - VFX artist

I hate self pity but damn even i don't like myself what more other people, right?

2018-10-24 07:16

70_Amend_UML 70Amend_UML

RT @CabatanRowena: @elvssszzz @kristenforlife @mainedcm ay pati billboards kesehodang mgtraffic at mgalit ang asawa ko mapiktyuran ko lng..…

2018-10-24 07:16

aneng hajcollamar

— sunburned heart

happy birthday ate kong pretty!! 💙 @ohanjelina

2018-10-24 07:16

Aji Maglanque sarahmaglanque

Hi! I’m Aji, and I aspire to be a music producer someday. 🙂

Besties. 💪🏻

2018-10-24 07:16

K N E I L 😎 KNEILonmehbebe

Romans 8:37~Philippians 4:13 ❤

RT @stanleygrayy: TAKE TIME TO READ :)

Nakita ko 7y/o sister ko kumakain ng ice candy. Mukhang sarap na sarap siya kaya nainggit ako at ti…

2018-10-24 07:16

r̶o̶y̶c̶e̶ ry_prz

overthinking little sh*t

Falice tanginaaaaa!!

2018-10-24 07:16

Kit kitLongfellow

lapit na ko

Ganda ka?? Tanginang yan! Aga aga amp shoo

2018-10-24 07:16

Spooky Trash🐝 PureLith1um

Meme Team ☣

RT @thegenrecult: Such a cool poster for Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Robert Sammelin

2018-10-24 07:16

Data Scientist 101 Ultramodern_Man

Data Science Director | Business Intelligence Manager | Sr. Investment Analyst | Sr. Data Science Exceutive | Faculty/Professor | Book Author

Dear Headhunters,

Please before sending an invite for job opportunities, try to search some preliminary background…

2018-10-24 07:16


Hide the tears, bring the smile. Make your price go high. © juvi katrina 😊

Back to werk 😅

2018-10-24 07:16

G E L A I iamgelaisibayan

(Pretty) funny person ;)

I hope you wake up feeling better :)

2018-10-24 07:16

ako si eds❤🌻🌊 koolit24

life is too short...have fun!

@panotsha uyy thank u for sharing po...kay ganda ng umaga! :-)
happy #ALDUBTP3rdAnniversary

2018-10-24 07:16

PAGE 54 | Yaw que 😏 nyeetuh


RT @JudePalaboy15: Happy Happy 3rd Anniversary
ALDUB EB Tamang Panahon!


2018-10-24 07:16

Eivryll 🙃 itseivryllrubia

ENGR. RUBIA sarap sa ears🤣

Pero okay na din kasi natikman ko mga labi mo 😂

2018-10-24 07:16

🌙 rizaldyecjr

sweet like cookies 🍪

Wathing you sleep
Runs my hands through your hair and it's got me thinking
What you mean to me
There's a chill in…

2018-10-24 07:16

rom. _romromadrian

save me from sadness.

off to tanglaw 💙

2018-10-24 07:16

🔱Māku🔱 Rhaben16

On a scale of 1-10,🙂
how would you rate your pain🙃

@angelou_orbigo Use twitter instead😆😂

2018-10-24 07:16

Elijah Donato itshimElijah

I think and pray...... A LOT

RT @jedmadela: One last stop... MOR... did CNN, MYX, Star Magic & Matanglawin. All in one day.

2018-10-24 07:16

🐶 JoshyCarlos

stay strong ⚓

RT @TagaLPU: FINAL 4! #NCAASeason94

2018-10-24 07:16

MadOnzajHen💕 JhenMadonza

Simple lang

RT @ABSCBN: In case you missed or can't get enough of #Edward's interview with Tito Boy last night, you can watch it HERE:

2018-10-24 07:16

Keicelyn Laxe keycilynlaxe

kolehiyalang bulakbol™


2018-10-24 07:16

Leisbeth Recto leisbeth_recto

Planning & Engineering Manager. Artist. Family-oriented. Music lover. Filipino.

RT @makeapoint690: It's important that Atty. Mangaoang will speak out against any misinformation coz we cannot do it for her. Madami pa nam…

2018-10-24 07:16

Binibini🌸 rchllnyrsr

H u m a n i s t a:|| caradelevigne :|| lizasoberano :|| embrace my weirdness😜🤘 :|| Fb:Richelle tanio nayre💖


2018-10-24 07:16



@kylescdln Pauline kyle sino kaaway mo? Bakit ka umiiyak? Hayst

2018-10-24 07:16

Kamille 👑💎 kamilledelprado

Crazy | Waiting for the SPARK ✨ | DayDreamer | Loves to Read | Chef by Heart | Sleep Addict 😴

@MarkkDiesta madami ako ganyan. lol

2018-10-24 07:16

🍃f_r_n_c_n🍃 d_u_h_y_a_n_a

won't let them break me down to dust💁‍♀️

ayokooooong pumasok
pero kailangan e🙃

2018-10-24 07:16

daria sushi_shushi

i mainly say a bunch of depressing shit and follow artists & anyone who also loves treasure planet as much as i do. lol hello though!

Top5s' recent spooky story videos are a good watch this halloween season... And Top5s honestly has one of the best…

2018-10-24 07:16

Meds jcarlomdna

Computer Science 💻

@mrgxrttfrlls same. yaan mo margo ddting dn ung time na mkklimutan mo ung gnyang thought

2018-10-24 07:16

Ron De Villena iamrondevillena

Nurse - LoveYourself Anglo/Father of my cute dog named Chicken/ Rusher/ HIV counselor/ Virgo/ Son/ Friend/ Citizen/ Coffee/ Food/ Yoga/ Vanilla ice cream/ Pizza

Waaaaahhhh jusko yung Epi 4 taena naman. Daddy long legs shizzz is real #TheHauntingOfHillHouse

2018-10-24 07:16

Wineng🌸 winielynparilla

B L E S S E D ❤️

Baby can recognize my voice na daw accdng to my app ahihi 🤗 oky baby pasensha kana kung galit ako pag nasa work bwhhahahaa

2018-10-24 07:16

arrianne tntbois

| tnt |

powerful explosive; releases tremendous amounts of energy in the form of heat when ignited

RT @abscbndotcom: Push TV: Bakit thankful ang TNT Boys kay Vice Ganda?: via @YouTube

2018-10-24 07:16

Andrea Toribio dea_tabs

creative ninja by day, rockstar wife and momma by night \m/

NASA's hobbled Hubble telescope is near normal again via gmanews

2018-10-24 07:16

Mike Raypan Raemperia

Proud Chemical Engineer. :D

Can I lay by your side?

2018-10-24 07:16

Ren Randuls21

Ml player🕹

RT @seedknee_: big & bright, almost full moon tonight

7:33 p.m.
October 2018

2018-10-24 07:16

FE MACAU FePedrano

RT @ABSCBN: Edward Barber, nagkwento kung paano siya sinusuportahan ni Maymay Entrata sa kanyang movie na First Love. And speaking of, na-e…

2018-10-24 07:16

VIEN 🐘 vvnvntnll

ni edgard gaba junior (he's watching you *header*)

bothers me sobra

2018-10-24 07:16

Angeloloyy🖤 AngeloRenales14

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."💯 -Jesus Christ☝🏻| In Deo Iesu meo❤️ | UE MNL⚪️🔴| 16 |


2018-10-24 07:16

J❤️ JshuaOrllno

I don't need the whole world to love me, I just need a few sincere and great people who can accept me.

start nanaman ako mag lsm sakanya😊

2018-10-24 07:16

ida idasmoonchild

i am a girl of my words // @Nocilemarg 👅 // 4/28

RT @CaliforniaMaqui: I was watching PewDiePie and he said something that I completely resonate with:

"Just because I criticize something,…

2018-10-24 07:16

Blessing Smith anaayah1778

RT @sadbroked: pain of mind is worse than pain of body

2018-10-24 07:16

Arish ArshManalastas

nothin’ special

@LuisCarloDlvga nag tetekken ka niyan hahahah

2018-10-24 07:16

Marq🤙 MarjolleenH

-Marjolleen Ponciano Halili💃 -18💁‍♀️ -National U -BS Arch📐 😜 📷IG: marjolleenhalili


2018-10-24 07:16

Marge marge_sesaldo


RT @CaliforniaMaqui: I was watching PewDiePie and he said something that I completely resonate with:

"Just because I criticize something,…

2018-10-24 07:16

Mic Naej 🤙 CimCimi21

96' | A fighter, A WARRIOR ✊| MarkAdrian's 👸 | MDCCCXVII 💑 | SL 💕

@OlleroBen pati yun pinapansin mo pa

2018-10-24 07:16

Present : Sarah Got70901981

Igot7 🐦🐦🐦🐦

RT @rubierosearca: @Talisa_IGOT7 Yes fam,hope they will include our country next wt!can't wait to see them in person and wave my ahgabong d…

2018-10-24 07:16

Vohn De Ocampo VohnDeOcampo


@mikslmnc Mag Upload ng "VLOG" lage❤ Pramis ate Mika tatangkad ka😂

2018-10-24 07:16

Leane leaaneezapanta

Student | Athlete | Musician

@nicscalasara Getwell ate crushyyy!! Manunuod ako mamaya. Galingan mooo😊😘

2018-10-24 07:16

agus _agusromeero


Contigo me siento en disney worlddd

2018-10-24 07:15

Keicelyn Laxe keycilynlaxe

kolehiyalang bulakbol™

Its amazing how can you bring this happiness in me💗

2018-10-24 07:15