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Bandstar Music BandstarMusic

RT @CaligosHomes: Big shout out to Jessie for doing an awesome job rebuilding these two columns. After the foundation job these two columns…

2019-05-26 10:12

Garland C GARCAR66

Democrat. Texan. Navy Vet. UTSA Grad. Politics effects everything so let’s talk about it.

@utsa_memes @_eleanor_a Calm down Birds before the Bobcat Bros show up and try to impress her with their useless Degrees. Bird Up!

2019-05-26 10:12

Joey Procell JoeyProcell2

Husband ❤️🤵 Father to two beautiful girls👧🏼👧🏻. I'm watching UFC,Yankees


2019-05-26 10:12

David T. Watson DosDedosMiAmigo

full-time dad, sometimes writer, I like stuff

A 90s set film with a reference to a popular 90s film. Rewatch T2 and get back to me.

2019-05-26 10:12

P.E.A.C.E. Initiativ peaceSATX

Mission- to educate the public on extent & deadly consequences of domestic violence & to respond effectively through collaborative partnerships.

Brockhouse short on answers, long on evasions

2019-05-26 10:12

Hemisfair hemisfair

Where San Antonio Meets #Hemisfair

@MananaZoo @nan @andresandujarSA He’s been here for quite some time. 👀 We’re working on him to come out and join t…

2019-05-26 10:12

angelina Angelin02809296

tx model

RT @thejustinejade: i love being the photogenic one in the family :*

2019-05-26 10:12

Chuck the Wonder Dog CWonderdog

Devout agnostic, dyslexic bipolar left and off center artist who’s use to a ⬅️➡️⬆️⬇️but this 💩is really nuts⚠️#resist #truthmatters🌊🌊🌊

@realDonaldTrump The man doesn’t possess an once of character.

2019-05-26 10:12

Jay YunggDetailerr

Owner and Detailer @JJs Auto Detailing FB:JJsAutoDetailing IG :JJsAutoDetailingSA Send pictures for a quote or just ask ! DM or 210-993-0378 .

Wash and Wax from today . Mega Cab
The grind don’t stop . @YunggDetailerr

2019-05-26 10:12

Benjamin Turner bigbenceo

Mr.Turner Photography

If siakam don't start shooting the damn ball

2019-05-26 10:12

Miranda 💎 Oh_geeezmiranda

Aubrey Rose 🌻

@leeannnnnn_ @PeterPiperPizza XL PIZZA 🤪

2019-05-26 10:12

. delosojosverdes

I’m basically your best dream and nightmare all in one 💡

I haven’t been drunk in a long ass while and that genuinely makes me sad because I’ve hadn’t had a DD to carelessly drink 😂

2019-05-26 10:12

Obed Alatorre HokageCito

Live Life to the Fullest, and Focus on the Positive! 🙏🏼🙌🏼

I never use to mind doing laundry and now I hate it lol 🤦🏻‍♂️🙂

2019-05-26 10:12

realOhemeng Rich realOhemengRICH


RT @PastorJohnHagee: Today I am asking God that you receive the miracle that will turn your life around.

2019-05-26 10:12

Kaitie S. Smith misskaitiesmith

Advocate 4 SpEd Ss w/ behavioral challenges & LRE. Creator on TPT: Opinions my own.

I love this SO MUCH. 😍😍😍

2019-05-26 10:12

blair 🥀 bllaiirr_

|i love my stang and that’s about ittt| IG: meganblairrr SC: meganblair16.

Wow wtf I’m sad

2019-05-26 10:12

🥰 HereForAOC

RT @RabbitReece22: soooo my sister was so nervous to do her talent show....and my momma came up and did it with her !...ya got to watch th…

2019-05-26 10:12

Steven Perez silas216

I'm just this guy who retweets stuff. Not nearly as funny as I pretend to be.

Opinions expressed here are suggested by my cat and cannot be considered sane.

@politico "Look, we didn't mean to be so blatently anti-semitic. We usually hide those dog whistles a little better…

2019-05-26 10:12

Supermaket Christopher christopher_vh

warren hs 2020

@imaginepenelope Honestly

2019-05-26 10:12

Rene Rodriguez ReneRod25

I might've gone to Jeff from 08-12, I might not have. UTSA

Trade Giannis and build around Ilyasova

2019-05-26 10:12

Ruby🌻 Lovee_Rubyy

sc: rubaay11
ig: lovee_rubyy
ASU '21

Okuuurrr & cant be replaced

2019-05-26 10:12

Morgan 🌻 Joce_enriquez

Warrior and indestructible

Note to self. Don’t be so shy

2019-05-26 10:12

tink😗 __cxri


@xxsydneewadexx thank you cousin♥️

2019-05-26 10:12

John R. Naylor mejohnnaylor

Don't know me?, You've heard and seen what artists have done with my work: SFX on The Matrix, audio deck used by Pat Metheny++, and lots of broadcast TV.

@gini2009 @HillaryClinton Spelling

2019-05-26 10:12

lona 🤩 __dulcexamor

#longlivedre 🕊❤️ | wssu 🏳️‍🌈

RT @Fabxxan: THESE NIGGAS WERE DUMB ASF 😤it got me mad

2019-05-26 10:12

🎀MIA🎀 MiaMia007299


RT @warrenhs2020: Bringing a new tradition to Warren. Let’s show our seniors that they’ll be missed ❤️🍫

2019-05-26 10:12

🏁Im the type to go get it, NO KIDDING 🦁 Flash_LOSTBOY

Boywonder back as an adult. You’re not going to know how I got here. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇧🇯 🇹🇬 🇨🇲 🇲🇱 🇮🇪 🇬🇭

The London Is supposed to be song of the summer? Not my summer. F that

2019-05-26 10:12

bryyy yourbffbrian

Accountant 📊📈 Wannabe Interior Designer 🛠🛋 insta: @verifiedbrian

@Dazkys @AshleyACollins @Jdisawhore

2019-05-26 10:11

Golf Ball Finder golfballfinder1

Lost a Golf Ball? There’s an App for that…

RT @xtina_weena: 2day’s lake activities:hitting golf balls in the water with a club then a baseball bat,going back in the water to find the…

2019-05-26 10:11

This Is March ThisIsRothstein

This. Is. March! (™)

RT @This_Is_March: This is March?!

2019-05-26 10:11

Dimeji Babalola🇳🇬 dimejibabalola

|Hip Hop Enthusiast | #LakeShow| Nigerian American 🇳🇬

RT @__cammbam: I don’t think Danny Green has hit a 3 since the 2014 finals

2019-05-26 10:11

Yamil cyamil5

UIPRP🐯 | 19 | 👻:cyamil57

RT @stx_marvi: This did indeed hit different

2019-05-26 10:11

Jerry Birdsong BirdsongJL

34-year Navy veteran, 14-year IT professional at Ft. Sam Houston, real estate investor/agent with Century 21 Northside since May 2013

2019-05-26 10:11

VYPE San Antonio VypeSATX

Official Twitter account of VYPE Media. San Antonio's leader in all things high school sports.

@quua_ Please follow back. We need to invite you to the 2019 VYPE San Antonio football photoshoot.

2019-05-26 10:11

IFIXppl TheFreak210

I fix athletes, strength coach ,CPT ,LMT future 2019 Master TX state record holder,strongman,kilt wearer #BMS#Capitals#GoBlue#RaiderNation

@EdMarshall97 @JO310JO Lmao that's the bikes bike blue lmao

2019-05-26 10:11

Caligos Homes CaligosHomes

We take homes with old stories and make them new again to form new stories.

Big shout out to Jessie for doing an awesome job rebuilding these two columns. After the foundation job these two c…

2019-05-26 10:11

Reisen the Raisin ! DragonReisen

25 | ♂ | ISFP | ENG &日本語 OK | Youtaite singer/mixer | Icon: @TotallyNotRin | Header Art: @katochuu, Header Design: @alleahxkchan

@TheWeebyDustox 13 YEARS OLDE WOWE

2019-05-26 10:11

Joey Wilkinson 🏁 AssassinateHate

6'8. Hooper. God over all. 210/206. AF Athlete. UW. 😈 #Astros #Seahawks #Spurs #Phil413 #GymLife #Inked 👻:reaper8152 PSN: DarkSociety #TMC 🏁

Ibaka and pump fakes. A relationship like no other.

2019-05-26 10:11

David F. Campos Sr. coltcam4560

20 years of Legal Field experience in personal injury, disability Spurs n Cowboys fan. Enjoy fishing and cooking.

@AngelGotti5 @BillyBaldwin I love Gotti but can stand the Donald 👎🏾💩

2019-05-26 10:11

BK 🤪 briannakinnard

gym | college | ig: bkinnarrrd

@kaykay_13_17 I love you too😍

2019-05-26 10:11

ARI _ariannab

RT @leeannbrookes: @txny6 birks>>>these

2019-05-26 10:11

Kennon KRileyUTSA16

half marathon finisher x1

First time for everything

2019-05-26 10:11

Daniel Villarreal Dannygc12

| 🙏🏼 John 5:24 | 💪🏼 NASM Certified PT | 💼Entrepreneur | 📈 Investor |

RT @DominicAcuna: When you get tired of saying “next leg day I’ll get it” 😤

2019-05-26 10:11

Ink🐙💕🦑 Inkeryn

splatoon, animal crossing, mother/earthbound \\ I post art sometimes and by sometimes I mean once in a blue moon

@thegoodcatboy @bonebonebot Cat crimes

2019-05-26 10:11

David TrueCaveDude

yup yup yup

@Richhomiezeker @AllbrightNFL Jay Cutler enthusiast 🤣 That says a lot about what you think about QB's!

2019-05-26 10:11

Mike D. 🍊☝️ michaeld0716

The kid said, get ready, cause this ain't funny, my name's Mike D. and I'm about to get money. 🍊☝️🔥

@GTA_Redhead 😟😟🙏🧡💪

2019-05-26 10:11

Melissa 23HoneyBee

Omg omg omg #DeadToMe ending is one of the best endings ever

2019-05-26 10:11

s a r i n a✨ sarinataylor4

can I get a kids menu and a margarita please.

This is literally my fav video bc of who my friends are lmao

2019-05-26 10:11

Southwestern Seminary SWBTS

The primary purpose of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is to provide theological education for individuals engaging in Christian ministry. #SWBTS

RT @MarkSadler16: Sometimes I powerfully miss being at @SWBTS both as a student and as an instructor. I have high hopes for the school wit…

2019-05-26 10:11

ARI _ariannab

RT @leeannbrookes: am i the only person who doesn’t like these?

2019-05-26 10:11

𝘴𝘢𝘷𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘢𝘩 🦋✨💞 savioliravioli

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 18 ✧・゚: *✧・゚ :* 🌎✨🌞 *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ .・゜゜・ ・゜゜・. 。・゚゚・ ・゚゚・。

i feel so left out when everyone is singing along to sum trap house rap music and im just sitting here like

2019-05-26 10:11

. delosojosverdes

I’m basically your best dream and nightmare all in one 💡

I feel like watching Easy A.

2019-05-26 10:11

Nan Palmero, MBA nan

Award-winning photographer | Tech writer | Marathoner | Black belt | Home of the famous @TheMontreal | Nan rhymes with Don/Ron/Khan

@hemisfair @andresandujarSA Us, too. 🥰

2019-05-26 10:11

𝓢𝓸𝓯𝓲𝓪 🦋 sophiaasandova1

houston. 21 ✨

RT @AlexaMontero17: time to go from sad bitch to bad bitch

2019-05-26 10:11

crybaby whoreindior

real hot boy shit

RT @Thankyouamoney: KPD Will forever be whack

2019-05-26 10:11

lil chres❄️ Bhrestonh

Stay lowkey.. 🏀 • MFN. R.I.P.Chance👼7️⃣

@PEBSTHEMAN Damn I should’ve huh.. ik you got extra tho

2019-05-26 10:11

JasonShine MisterShunShine

@LuvDTea1 @Osu16Bit There is no such thing as gender identity. Just to genders and then an identity crisis

2019-05-26 10:11