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Janalyn Shuflett JShuflett

Fun lovin, Sun lovin, Beach lovin Florida native. Yes there are a few sane ones here! Resist! VOTE!

RT @Austinteacher75: @esaagar @FoxNews @POTUS So you are saying he had shady business deals for 25 years? Seems like tax returns would clea…

2018-08-22 04:31

Betty Smith wvakitty


RT @DannyPevoto: Absolutly right! And #Antifa leftist media suckups are the communication wing of the #DemocratParty @MikePevoto …

2018-08-22 04:31

Tyler Bill Schutte chocolatestwit

Plays bass in Ladyfang. Pretty dumb, too.


2018-08-22 04:31

Penny Freeman WordsmithPennyF

editor-in-chief @xchylerpublish, author of historical fiction & fantasy, blogger, journalist, student of history and literature

RT @RieSheridanRose: These are so much fun to do...

2018-08-22 04:31

Jenni JenniferDomeni8

Day by Day

RT @AbbottCampaign: Education is the key that opens the door to opportunity. Texas boasts the second-highest graduation rate for African-Am…

2018-08-22 04:31

Mike Michael🗽🌍❄📎 gnosist

It's pippin's twitter W00t #FBR

@JazzNexCrew @TheNexcrew @desmondchilds1 Are they going to fire RDJ for his past drug issues? Or how about Johnny D…

2018-08-22 04:31

InsanelyGiftedRadio InsanelyGifted2

This is Insanely Gifted Radio. Playing independent artists from all 50 states and beyond.

Now playing I Dont Wanna Go To Heaven by Katie Tropp!

2018-08-22 04:31

Matthew Printz MatthewPrintz

I solve puzzles. I write code. I sometimes puzzle over code and/or code puzzles. Ravenclaw.

Reminder: If you're not actively taking part in a crossword tournament, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with goog…

2018-08-22 04:31

Moon Sugar MyKeyMoonShine

Soros funded account, bluepilled
, #catlover, Anarchist, #sith, proud Slytherin. 😘

they/them or he/him

RT @MrFagigly: I just had a really long conversation and while i DO understand some people being offended by the joke, this level of indign…

2018-08-22 04:31

Tim Doyle- @NYCC booth #581 NakatomiTim

Freelance artist & art director. Clients include Metallica, George Strait, and SpokeArt. Founder- His portfolio @

Note- this will not change anything, and this troll will be back when the suspension is up, doing the same thing. @twitter is busted.

2018-08-22 04:31

Texas Democrat TXDemocrat

Yellow Dog Democrat in the Great State of Texas!

Working to turn Texas Blue in 2018!

RT @indivisibleATX: There's kind of a lot going on this week, starting with the phone bank tonight. 👇

2018-08-22 04:31

'09 Gucci mane LouisVuitwan


RT @2hold_u: some people really out here still allergic to dogs? grow the fuck up

2018-08-22 04:31

Repúblico Alysia Toscana AlysiaToscana

La II República no vino, advino. ¿Por qué? Por el vacío producido por la huida de la monarquía.

“¿Paro de 24 horas, huelga insurreccional, o fractura militar?” #Venezuela #Republicos #20Ago
🔔 @ElviraHdz7 ✔️…

2018-08-22 04:31

ohferfckssakeisback paininmahballs2

You think you can silence me? Kiss my black ass.

RT @PixelMetal: "Look at all of these people with a sense of humor. There's so many. How dare you appeal to them!"

2018-08-22 04:31

E&G b1ind512

RT @bvdSonic: I’m the first one to arrive! New @bravadogaming House in Austin Texas!

2018-08-22 04:31

Brandon Kitchel Kitchel_

Xbox: SlappinNewbs PSN/Twitch: Punishinnewbs. That’s my niece not my baby!

RT @sporer: Bu-but the HRD ruins players! lol

2018-08-22 04:31

ʝυdу✨ valentineparx

i only play cliffortnite✨ // waterparks junkie 💣 // my paradigm is to feel alive

RT @storynotsofar: Now I'm falling asleep
And she's calling a cab
While he's having a smoke

2018-08-22 04:31

Thomas Gaffney Gaffney_Thomas5

Commercial Litigation Pre-admit Attorney: Tweeting about FinTech, Blockchain, Legal Issues, Finance, Disruptor Tech, and Cryptocurrency

RT @ParkerMcCollum: Pray for post Malone and his team on that plane right now. Insane. Praying for a safe landing

2018-08-22 04:31

Chugatch Chugatch

RT @armyfutures: We would like to congratulate LTG (P) John M. Murray on his confirmation to become the first commanding general of the @Ar…

2018-08-22 04:31

Rhonda Abrons rhondaabrons

Video Visionary Muse

I liked a @YouTube video White Supremacists, You Won't Like Your DNA Results

2018-08-22 04:31

𝓛𝔂𝓼𝓪 ✨ AlyssaGarza05

I really love roses 😩😩

2018-08-22 04:31

Xavier Gonzalez Jr xgonzalezjr

Political Writer / Blogger / Liberal & Latino Activist / #FactsLeadToTruth #Resist #ITMFA #IStandWithImmigrants

This day is *just* getting started.

2018-08-22 04:31

Marie Wold marieewold

Living my best life 🤘🏼 | @PEScience & @BiteMeals code: MARIE | @Alphalete athlete | #GrindAndBeGrateful | IG: @marieewold

@CarynNicole_ @allycstone No those are the Mataro bottoms! These are the new ones and somehow even better

2018-08-22 04:31

Broke Bren✌🏼 brennanrae25

~•Tarleton State University•~👻@brennan_rae My life is full of ups and downs. I’m usually up to no good, and down for anything,🤘🏼🌵🍻

RT @ParkerMcCollum: 2 spots left on guest list for Wednesday night at Hurricane Harry’s in College Station. RT for a chance to win those tw…

2018-08-22 04:31

TXGovTweets TXGovTweets

Using data to highlight great Texas government communication. From @measuredvoice

RT @TexasLRL: Check out related resources for this week's #txlege interim hearings:

2018-08-22 04:31

CasaMexicoSXSW CasaMexicoSXSW

Aiming to display #Mexico as a global leader in technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

#SXSW #PanelPicker "REDEFINING MEXICAN CUISINE" 🇲🇽cuisine has a history of traditions, nevertheless, in the last de…

2018-08-22 04:31

phil barrett phryl

Digital Marketing Executive, Ecommerce Leader, Virtual & Mixed Reality Evangelist. Opinions are my own!

RT @amzam: Any publisher who swaps FB reliance for "SEO content" is missing the point. Stop chasing platforms. Start serving *PEOPLE*. Crea…

2018-08-22 04:31

molly ringwald ps2princess

if a witch eats the president, that witch should become president.

RT @griffinmcelroy: Took almost a whole 48 hours of hacking but I managed to find the new Wu Tang Clan album on the deep web

2018-08-22 04:31

cold, ice cold bbgirltx

bein sassy and drinkin beer

@kuzablue @BigHomieZach Haha I wish by the billions 🙏🏻

2018-08-22 04:31

Science Node™ SciNode

Founded by the @NSF and @CERN, we cover the science enabled by high-performance computers and research networks.

RT @TACC: Women in High Performance Computing officially launched its chapters and affiliates program last week. TACC is proud to have help…

2018-08-22 04:31

Amanda Arre IRLbodegacat

freelance film + digital artist & student// occasionally a wannabe extrovert

Ya girl got a raise today and I hit 15 months with my job!

2018-08-22 04:31

IbelieveinQANON IbelieveinQANON

Engaged- been in committed relationship with my fiance' over nine years. We have 2 cats. I'm disabled love to cook, garden and we both love sushi. trust#QANON

@helen_roddy @RealJamesWoods My bully was twice my size but I had enough and fought back. She assaulted me first mo…

2018-08-22 04:31

Paulo Hikurangi2016

RT @InfowarsReports: Alex Jones Offers $1 Million Dollars For Proof He Encouraged Violence Against The Media

2018-08-22 04:31

Emily Flaatten EmilyFlaatten

Psalm 47:7

@aliboo1021 @alexisssbell ??

2018-08-22 04:31

Farm Fairy Crafts FarmFairyCrafts

Solstice Farm ATX. Organic Veggies & OysterShrooms. Therapeutic Flax HotCold Pads by a PT & Yoga Inst. Org. Medicinal Lotion by a L.Ac.

Behave. #Monsanto is Watching.

2018-08-22 04:31

Preston Westenskow p_westenskow

RHS '19

anthony sugg jus followed me on instagram

2018-08-22 04:31

AxWoundFilmFestival AxWoundFilmFest

Showcasing #horror films written & directed by women on November 9 & 10th, 2018! Submissions are now open: #AWFF

RT @xmorbidbeautyx: Want to help us cover film premieres, horror cons, haunted attractions, and other special events in the LA area? Email…

2018-08-22 04:31

Tyler Cordell tycordell19

Winnipeg Jets fan

RT @ParkerMcCollum: Pray for post Malone and his team on that plane right now. Insane. Praying for a safe landing

2018-08-22 04:31

❤V I C T O R I A❤ _ayoQUEEN_

Wife.Mommy.Entrepreneur.Queen. I love the Lord, food & hip hop

@TheOTAPShow 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

2018-08-22 04:31

ParaluneGames ParaluneGames

Paralune is a 3-person game studio making games about feelings. @RobynAHaley @DarrenEMalley @mattsmudz
We're making a game called Mythic Ocean: @MythicOceanGame

RT @mattsmudz: We released a game!

RHYTHM SALVATION is a rhythm game where you must save your soul from being corrupted. We made it for th…

2018-08-22 04:31

lindsay linds_malik

❁ tamu ‘22 • tommy ❁

RT @ParkerMcCollum: 2 spots left on guest list for Wednesday night at Hurricane Harry’s in College Station. RT for a chance to win those tw…

2018-08-22 04:31

Gnarly Charlie charlie_gnarly

@benshapiro So your entire line of thinking and every idiot comment, all based on an assumption. Go ahead and assume Ben. Go ahead.

2018-08-22 04:31

Razib Khan razibkhan

Science, history, etc. Do genetics, evolution, & read books. Tweets do not represent any institution I have any affiliation with (e.g.

"general laws governing macroevolutionary dynamics."

4 realz?

2018-08-22 04:31

abs abbiismithh_

RT @2hold_u: some people really out here still allergic to dogs? grow the fuck up

2018-08-22 04:31

Jenn H jenn_dela12

Towson Alumni, Cat lover & Online Shopaholic

@Wukasch @Ash__Nic Absolutely.

2018-08-22 04:31

Cyn 🌻 nellcyn

De fuego errante

RT @OnePerfectShot: ENEMY (2013)

DP: Nicolas Bolduc
Director: Denis Villeneuve
Buy or Rent via Amazon: …

2018-08-22 04:31

Bad Girls BadGirlsQuote

Nobody texts faster than a pissed off female.

fun prank: put $1000 in an envelope and mail it to me

2018-08-22 04:31

RMND AAO: doe-het-zelf pakket Armando_leeft

Onbeschoft, Onbeschonden
📸: aremando_

RT @Dyrus: china is like chinatown except like everywhere

2018-08-22 04:31

Peter Gorla petergorla

Loyalty, product, sales & marketing leader, internet video pioneer, w/ successful start-ups. CMO & Managing Director of VOILÀ Hotel Rewards. Married w/ 2 sons.

RT TechREDEF "Facebook Fueled Anti-Refugee Attacks in Germany, New Research Suggests (amandataub Max_Fisher - nytim…

2018-08-22 04:31

louis2211 Louisro739

[Insert Bio here] kek

RT @KVUE: A mother's warning after her 18-month-old died sleeping in a car seat

2018-08-22 04:31

Cheryl Keller mindfulone1500

RT @adamcbest: To David Hogg and others on the left criticizing Nancy Pelosi: now is not the time. If we don’t win this election there will…

2018-08-22 04:31

#TokoyamiForPersona6 MrFagigly

I'm just a man that enjoys video games, anime, DnD, and cute girls
sometimes I'm dumb, I'm sorry.

It also posses the question of where do we draw the line? Do we need to offend no one? Some folks think transhumani…

2018-08-22 04:31

. I_MoizShaikh

Shayad mujhay lahasil cheezon ke peeche bhagne ki aadat hogayi hai

RT @ImTheQ: Please come to America and teach our president how to tweet.

2018-08-22 04:31

hoyl HolyTheCatios

my wife is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RT @MowtenDoo:

2018-08-22 04:31

BJPOfficial BJP_Official

Partnered Streamer @twitch. Co-host of Laying Down The Law on ESPN Radio. For business inquiries:

@EsfandTV I highly recommend my boy @Spyro_tdk

2018-08-22 04:31

The Tower Bells TheTowerBells



2018-08-22 04:31

Bonnie J. Wagner Bjean9

The right choice !

2018-08-22 04:31

Robin Sanchez RJoySanchez

The Resistance “Yet she persisted"

RT @SpryGuy: @bex0760 @KudzuandRomance @davidhogg111 Yeah. There's no ageism in my tweet. I'm in my 50s.

I just don't want to see someone…

2018-08-22 04:31

BleedOrangeLiveGreen TxSportsSustain

The Official Twitter of the Texas Athletics Sustainability program. We are striving for Zero Waste by 2020. Bleed Orange. Live Green.

RT @UTCEC: RETWEET: You've been to the CEC Microfarm

LIKE: You're gonna come this semester

Either way, we are having workdays on Sunday'…

2018-08-22 04:31 _HateThisSite_

#StopChildAbuse #StopChildTrafficking
#StopChildSexualExploitaion #StopPedophiles
#StopPedophilia #StopNormalizingPedophilia
#MakeSocialMediaGreatAgain #MAGA

RT MissingKids "RT MissingKids: #MISSING!
Amani was last seen in Indianapolis, #Indiana on August 9, 2018. Please c…

2018-08-22 04:31

cold, ice cold bbgirltx

bein sassy and drinkin beer

@BigHomieZach On my website :-)

2018-08-22 04:31

Art. 30. 5’3. ***lbs. ♒️ ArthurAnthony4

30. ♒️. God is good all the time. Alabama A&M Alumnus. #AAMU

RT @KenClark512: I'd rather be a superstar on the D1 Division 1AA level than to be statistically invisible on an FBS team. Getting on the r…

2018-08-22 04:31

YesWeKHAN iamdrkhush

#PTIFaMiLy #InSaFiAn for life

RT @ImTheQ: Please come to America and teach our president how to tweet.

2018-08-22 04:31

Ashley (Forking Up) AshleyEBlom

food writer / cookbook author / New England Austinite / improvisor

Have you ever visited Costa Rica? Here are my top picks for what you MUST do in Arenal and Monteverde.…

2018-08-22 04:31

Ashleigh Dolinar Travis_Co_News

I love movies, books, music, and just living life.

Moose calves are born with their eyes open and are associated with the famine energies

2018-08-22 04:31

mia celest Meuhh98

20✨ cooper❤️emilee

RT @wynnaababy: when people from Texas go anywhere else

2018-08-22 04:31

Migster Suave migster_suave

RT @MarTechExec: Boost Your Conversions by Combating These 5 Conversion Killers | MarTech @douglaskarr #nfographic…

2018-08-22 04:31

Teach Plus Texas teachplusTX

Teach Plus Texas empowers excellent, experienced teachers to take leadership over key policy and practice issues that affect their students’ success.

.@teachplusTX DFW Fellow Josue Tamarez met with @GovAbbott today to discuss effective investments in education.…

2018-08-22 04:31

Mimiran Mimiran

Your friendly sales robot for services businesses. Turn web visitors into leads, all the way through e-signed proposals.

RT @Mimiran: David Ogilvy’s 20 unconventional rules for getting clients — Medium

2018-08-22 04:31

Amanda Quraishi ImTheQ

reach out your hand if your cup be empty / if your cup is full may it be again / let it be known there is a fountain / that was not made by the hands of men.

@Hipstercrite @Synergy3k @myerman

2018-08-22 04:31

Jon JPelaezio


RT @NCommentarys: The crackheads have done it again

2018-08-22 04:31

Angie:) Anguhliquex

Hehe new Twitter:) #htu22💕

Everything that be on my mind I say out loud

2018-08-22 04:31

Devon Bailey Devon_Bailey

Writer on faith and politics at Director of Youth Ministry at The First United Methodist Church of Austin

Ya know, that whole transitive property isn't looking too hot for Trump.

2018-08-22 04:31

Amanda Perez mandaadanielle_


RT @ParkerMcCollum: Pray for post Malone and his team on that plane right now. Insane. Praying for a safe landing

2018-08-22 04:30

Bill Childs billchilds

Not a real doctor; 100% real worm. Also @sparetherock (on @KUTX 98.9 Sundays at 6 pm). Formerly WMass & MN. Not your lawyer. Macalester, Texas Law.

@obviate Isn’t Wrigley like basically in Boystown, too?

2018-08-22 04:30

LBJ Jaguars LBJSports

webmaster -

Coach Fenner has made a change to the practice schedule due to the heat. Please review his changes. If you have any…

2018-08-22 04:30

T100 stan justacasualstan

I stan many things and I love Star Wars, The 100, Clexa, Bellarke, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Eliza Taylor, and many other people. I love my queens and Lesbian Jesus

RT @twitkru: not to be dramatic or anything but i'd honestly die for these people.

2018-08-22 04:30


Writer / Director / Composer / Producer / Photographer

RT @OnePerfectShot: TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME (1992)

DP: Ron Garcia
Director: David Lynch
More Shots: https:…

2018-08-22 04:30

Wide Open Spaces wideopenspaces

Your only online source for all things #hunting, #fishing, #shooting & #outdoors.

They sure went out with a BANG!

2018-08-22 04:30

Samantha Helm snhelm

RT @Dashiana: Hi! I'm Dashi, a TX based game artist! I love designing characters and logos, telling stories and animating special effects!…

2018-08-22 04:30

Jonathan Vaage JonathanVaage

Stash Wallet
BTC, BCH, & messaging:

RT @Radomysisky: I go on offense this week:

2018-08-22 04:30

JJ Quinn thatkidjq

Its All in a State of Mind | ESDK #12

RT @AubreyMarcus: “Any person capable of angering you becomes your master. They can anger
you only when you permit yourself to be disturbed…

2018-08-22 04:30

Morgan Stillo LibrarianMorgan

Law Librarian, book lover, fitness enthusiast,Shiba owner, volunteer!

RT @SketchesbyBoze: ladies, you must never date anyone who hates libraries, has a portrait of himself that grows older while he stays young…

2018-08-22 04:30

John D. Jameson johndjameson

Front-end web guy for @roosterteeth. Nerdy about synthesizers, fonts, and DIY electronics.

Font friends, where can I find more of these sweet birds?

2018-08-22 04:30

Chris I arrabiibarra



2018-08-22 04:30

✨Eli✨ @ Nichi crunch komorebimochi

Eli•20•GER/ENG•Basically a Ghibli character•Artist and cosplayer

RT @Dashiana: Lady of the Lake.

2018-08-22 04:30

Rob RobPurdue2

Crypto trader & Trump hater. Registered independent, but often called a leftist libtard
#Yankees #Steelers #ATX #HomeChef #Singledad #Tech #NerdsRuleTheWorld

@brogadishu @MintMilana

2018-08-22 04:30

Panchblack JavierCastao2

RT @OnePerfectShot: TWIN PEAKS (2017)

DP: Peter Deming
Director: David Lynch
Episode: "No Knock, No Doorbell"
More Shots:

2018-08-22 04:30

Sammy generic_fun

RT @SketchesbyBoze: ROALD DAHL: so, this book is about a chocolate factory—

PUBLISHER: and it’s magic?

DAHL: no, it murders children


2018-08-22 04:30

Matt Melendrez mdm4ever

“All those moments will be lost in tears in rain.”

RT @AchievementHunt: Hardcore Tabletop is up and guess what? The first episode is available for everyone! Become a FIRST member to watch ep…

2018-08-22 04:30

Julia Schoos juliaschoos

writer & professional dog afficionado | #UT20 | English & Public Relations | Editor-in-Chief @HHLitJournal

I will pay real money for someone to shave the mustache off of my high school orchestra director.

2018-08-22 04:30

מלפפון דרמטי themaayana

אחת שתיים שלוש דג מלוח

@Mayanile מוזמנת לצילומים הבאים!♥️

2018-08-22 04:30

Daddy Dough ⭐⭐ NewWar98

RT @MassDallass: Aya c’est pas une arnaque de base elle a jamais été très belle hein

2018-08-22 04:30

TARIQ ISMAIL tariqismail824

Blessed muslim after this a proud Pakistani

RT @ImTheQ: Please come to America and teach our president how to tweet.

2018-08-22 04:30

8/234️⃣breaa😛🔞🎉 LajaniceM

RT @NCommentarys: Me when I wake up in the middle of the night cotton mouth and dehydrated asf

2018-08-22 04:30

Eli Gaona _eeeelizaaaa_

🇲🇽 venmo:Eliza-55🤠 suggar daddy’s hit me up there 😔👋🏻 regular men hmu here

RT @wynnaababy: when people from Texas go anywhere else

2018-08-22 04:30


Nonprofit fundraising, digital communications & public relations. The power of one. Retweets are not necessarily endorsements.


2018-08-22 04:30

𝓀𝓁𝒶𝓇𝓎𝓈𝓈𝒶 Nikole23k


RT @KelvinAlston_: “I already ate”

2018-08-22 04:30

🌃sadlord🌌 mAHOGANYdOOR

local crackhead

RT @hehekevin: ✔️ Crazy
✖️ Rich
✔️ Asian

2018-08-22 04:30

🥀 thinkkbigg

RT @ImTheQ: Please come to America and teach our president how to tweet.

2018-08-22 04:30