Tweets at Qesm Bir Al Abd, North Sinai Governorate around 30km

It searches the Tweets of Twitter around Qesm Bir Al Abd, North Sinai Governorate 30km.

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Mostafa keshk 🇵🇸 Mokeshk5

North sinai 😞💔

My favorite picture ❤😍 @ Bîr El-`Abd, Shamal Sina', Egypt

2018-10-12 06:53

‏﮼أحمدناجي ahmednagy2022

Ahmed Nagy , Sinai University - Faculty of Engineering , Ahlawy - Madrida

بعمل كل حاجة و انا نايم عادي جداً 👏🏻 @ Sinai University Qantara

2018-10-10 03:58

hadoukenn knnsptrn

| Skeptic | Eccentric | Food is always the answer |

Life is like a steering wheel, it only takes one small move to change your entire direction.

Suez Canal Transit (M…

2018-10-07 01:16

Marville Cullen CaptainMarvel50

YFC Servant || Seafarer || Journalist || Photographer || Philippine Navy Ensign


We all have that one person we constantly adore - no matter how intermittent their presence might be in o…

2018-10-06 12:22