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CoHost Of The #SanDiegoSportsJunkies Podcast's On #IheartRadio (WereOnaBreak) #Family #Friends #CraftBeer🍻 #Baseball⚾️ #MyPickupTruck🔥 #PadresTwitter

RT @dennistlin: Wil Myers and Ian Kinsler launched consecutive homers off one-time Padre Edwin Jackson. It's the first time the Padres have…

2019-05-26 04:32

PadresFarm® Padres_Farm

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Damn Kinsler smoked that off a 95 MPH Fastball

2019-05-26 04:32

carina.Bengtsson thehiredguun

Your friendly neighborhood hired gun.

@BaileySarian Getcho money honey. Just keep feeding us vids lol 🤘🏼

2019-05-26 04:32

Kevin Acee sdutKevinAcee

Padres beat writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune, executive editor of and @XTRA1360 contributor.

Ian Kinsler's sixth HR of season makes it 3-0.
For all the #Padres homers, that was the first time they went back-to-back this season.

2019-05-26 04:32

GnoMoore SurvatiToula

know more
no more
I entertain multiple beliefs simultaneously and doubt everything at the same time.
watch me swim this soup called life

question everything.

RT @psychdr100: Good judge says he wants to rescue a cat at the shelter before Trump outlaws that. So Trump does this. Chilling. Utah judg…

2019-05-26 04:32

J 🕺🏾 Jellysse

Baby are you vapid or are you vacuous?

not sure if any summer can beat summer '16 tbh

2019-05-26 04:32

Key➰ Hesi_Key

#BYANYMEANS | ATR 🚁 | CSU Chico Transfer 🎒🏀

RT @S4iNt88: 2 players looking to be added to a COMP pro am team 96 shot sharp knockdown green light shooter and bumpy 91 pure lock with 80…

2019-05-26 04:32

savannah rose 🍋🐥 whimsicottie

*rips my bischu jersey in half to reveal another bischu jersey just to rip that one in half to reveal my third bischu jersey*

being addicted to video of games is when you look at your bills and decide to ignore them to play games, its when y…

2019-05-26 04:32

_noamnot _noamnot

Y=MX + it B like that sometimes

@jerrycvres Boi , see ya there

2019-05-26 04:32

SLAT🔌🐍 CakedUp_Kris

IG: KayGwuapo_ ✨ #aquariusbaby

Just cause im a EDU major doesn’t mean I wanna be w kids 24:7

2019-05-26 04:32

Mike Lawry mikeysolk

God first family second COD MBB SC:mikeysolk IG:mikeysolk1 r.i.p Big Granny #GoldenChild

RT @jasmineelenna: my loyalty is so different bro. I don’t see how y’all do what y’all do.

2019-05-26 04:32

Samer Sabri seriousssam

Grad student. Politics (mainly us and mena), mental health, computer science. English + Arabic & French. لبناني

Definitely one of the weirdest phenomena of the past few years. Imam Tawhidi is some next level grift.

2019-05-26 04:32

mgw marcwik24

Original like Lays.

RT @Padres: Eleven Ks, eh!


2019-05-26 04:32

Kamilla Heidebrecht kamheidebrecht

RT @DiabetesRsrch: #T1Research: As with many diseases, #T1D is triggered by both genetic and environmental factors. There is not a single c…

2019-05-26 04:32

Mike Hernandez SD_Mike619

Wife👰🏻 Dogs🐶 Family👩‍👧‍👦 Friends🍻 Peace☮️ DMB🎻🎸🥁🎺🎷 Padres/Sox ⚾️ 619🌅 & 617🌃 "What I want is what I've not got, but what I need is all around me."

Hey @Mudcat55...Back To Back JUMBO Jacks!!!! @DonOrsillo @Padres #PadresTwitter #Padres #FriarFaithful

2019-05-26 04:32

Audie. heyambeee

Flight Attendant ✈️ 1 9 2 0 💙 Florida A&M University 💚🧡 IG: HeyAmbeee // Subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking the link below.

@daijamarne @ATLBlackStar Cause you know they made that question deeper than the plate lol

2019-05-26 04:32

3. UnoDosTre__

Baltimore. OKC/Duke 🏀 Marshall University c/o 16

RT @SOLELINKS: Ad: Nike Air Fear of God 1 releasing via SNKRS on June 1st

Frosted Spruce => />
Orange Pulse => https…

2019-05-26 04:32

sonja de Clerque sonjadeClerqu11

RT @youngevity: “What you eat literally becomes you. you have a choice in what you’re made of.”

2019-05-26 04:32

deejay GetthisDeeJay

I love you.

Ion trust niggas who willingly go to pb at night.

2019-05-26 04:32

Gina Norton gbobina4102

I Love San Diego

@EvansTireSD 2 hrs already #HIT2GET2

2019-05-26 04:32

jgaspo123 Gpo1722

San Diego Padres Atlanta Braves Jacksonville Jaguars Miami Hurricane. Sports fan in General.

@Padres_Farm These guys making andy look good today...damn

2019-05-26 04:32

TonyN IgnorantRoach

I don’t even know. But I want to know...

@WilliamBonney1 @ingram_ariyanna @hively76 @nowthisnews @AmandaSCGorman You think that is going to be a fool-proof…

2019-05-26 04:32

Randy White sign1dr

@FOXSportsSD #HIT2GET2, way to go Friars! BACK TO BACK JACKS!
Thanks @Evan TiresSD

2019-05-26 04:32

gnarlyanisa anisanicole_

from the west side with love

@waldemarbeltran I love those nights ❣️

2019-05-26 04:32

JDSinger Lysistrata2020

(Humanity-)Lover, Dreamer, Daydream Believer. More degrees & diplomas than you knew existed. *Regime change begins at home.*


2019-05-26 04:32

Marc IBurntMyT0ast

Marc T. I'm a huge Disney Fan, and a @Padres Baseball Fan

RT @Padres: Where there's a Wil, there's a way! 2-0 Friars!

#WilPower #FriarFaithful

2019-05-26 04:32

Jay Posner sdutPosner

I used to be the San Diego Union-Tribune sports editor. Then I wasn't. Now I am again. Opinions offered are always my own.

First time Padres have hit back-to-back HRs this season ... Myers (really) and Kinsler (really) make it 3-0 after f…

2019-05-26 04:32

Steven Bigg stevebigg

One minute closer to living the dream

RT @FriarFigures: With Cal Quantrill and Josh Naylor, the #Padres are the only team in MLB to have more than 1 Canadian-born player on thei…

2019-05-26 04:32

Abdy ahhbdee

don't be a hard rock, when you really are a gem // 👻abdyy

Idk if it’s Pisces I like , but my mans a Pisces and I like me some of him so in conclusion I like Pisces 😛💘

2019-05-26 04:32

Glexi G. Glexus_Aurelius

I get by with a little help from my friends.

@guav @EvanXDuckett Aww, was it one of the most hardest things ever? Like harder than telling your sexual partners…

2019-05-26 04:32

ᗠ e ท xDenxiTy

@Twitch Affiliate 👾 | Taken 💘

Come play some customs lobby’s

#fortnite #affiliate #twitch #follow

2019-05-26 04:32

Marc IBurntMyT0ast

Marc T. I'm a huge Disney Fan, and a @Padres Baseball Fan

RT @Padres: And Kins makes it back-to-back jacks 💥💥


2019-05-26 04:32

OranKal OrankaI

Wannabe cool guy

@MTLSaiyan Fadel- saving sonic

2019-05-26 04:32

Alexis Guzman alexiis_guzman

@_susambriz I can’t see sometimes:/

2019-05-26 04:32

BossedUp🔋🦍 BossedUpFred

I’m let you do what you wanna do, to see how you really move. Chi🔂Cali

@kalanfrfr On broo Prices goin uppp 📈📈

2019-05-26 04:31

IRAR Trust Company IRA_Resources

#SelfDirectedIRA Administrator & Custodian for #RealEstate IRAs and IRA #LLCs since 1996. We pride ourselves on providing excellent client services and low fees

#RealEstate investors— extend your capital through IRA #investing. Here's how:

2019-05-26 04:31

Nicolai🔴⚪ vrsaljkosm

Barca: 80% possession

Down a goal, 0 chances created

bArCa PlAyS bEaUtIfUl PoSsEsIoN bAsEd FoOtBaLl

2019-05-26 04:31

Car🌹 carliiwillis

My favorite thing about weekend morning practice is not having to go to school after... and staying in bed all day

2019-05-26 04:31

fat ass kelly price ivivalalizzy

I would rather you follow me on here than in real life. I have beer flavored nipples.

Every single Saturday or Friday my coworkers ask if I’m going to emo nite and I just reply with “every nite is emo nite”

2019-05-26 04:31

Stephanie has a plan for that Stefaniya

@SThompsonComm #ReadYourLibrary

@jaimealyse You’re gonna cry A LOT

2019-05-26 04:31

Shaun O'Neill oapostrophesd

Working to improve my exit velocity on baseball coverage.

Myers and Kinsler with back-to-back HRs? Time to put End Days Plan 1-B into effect. I'm headed to a bunker in Montana. See you in 20 years.

2019-05-26 04:31

خ khalidalrabea

خالد وليد يوسف الربيع

المواصل شوق ، ماهو مشتهى .

2019-05-26 04:31

Mike Knightly KnightlyMike

Follower of Christ, Husband, Dad. Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say, it is well, it is well, with my soul.

RT @PaulWhiteaker4: Stand firm as the your pain comes forth
Stand firm as it is drawn out

Sometimes it lays low for along time and it ge…

2019-05-26 04:31