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Pulp Affliction BrianForBrains

Navy Veteran, overcame bone spurs, obesity, alcoholism and laziness to become simply adequate. #IYAOYAS!

When the @GOP and it’s criminal leader are such pieces of shit that they starve government workers.

2019-01-20 03:43

Rafa TheRealRafaman

24 / Financial Planner / Investor

You reminds me of Dexter. Except not as good.

2019-01-20 03:43

Ice TGC_fox

The fear that you feel, is not real.

Man I can’t believe someone once told me ANTI was average.

2019-01-20 03:43

A2eTechnologies A2eTechnologies

Embedded Design Services

: GitHub Seeks Feedback on 'Open Source Sustainability'

2019-01-20 03:43

Tony Hardy Tony_Hardy1

#SocialJustice#Workwoke#WhatTruthSoundsLike...Working towards a brighter future for the ones that come behind........

Doc., you changed the world!

2019-01-20 03:43

kat achokingrose

clapping, clapping, clapping, clapping, clapping, clapping, i don’t see you clapping, clap it, clap, clap your fucking hands, clap your fucking hands you’re a h

whoever voted no you’re lying and you know it

2019-01-20 03:43

. undecidedname4

@GOP We need to build a wall around @realDonaldTrump and the GOP....

2019-01-20 03:43

Queenie Parvin jqparvin

I love God and He has blessed me beyond measure. Helping people how to build financial security and helping others achieve their dreams. #RVP2019 👊

RT @2motivate: Failure is your fuel. Failure is the manure that grows the seed of your success. Unexpected “for now” that you need for yo…

2019-01-20 03:43

Pedro PedroVazquez97

Que os den 🔥

RT @distoppia: ¿Y mi cerveza contigo?

2019-01-20 03:43

Woods WhoIzDarrian

Let’s talk 🎮⛹🏾‍♂️🍜🎶 #LakerNation #JW

RT @WhoIzDarrian: @UsMovie @JordanPeele My doppelgänger after he realizes the life he has gotten into after he replaces me:

2019-01-20 03:43

Dr. K. Lee GayEqualGlobal

#GayRights #Resist #BravoTV #Foodie Doctor of Psychology*** GayEqualGlobal NON-PROFIT GAY NEWS & INFO

RT @LissaStewartVB: My “sex education” teacher (the same under-qualified teacher who taught geography and biology) told us that sex creates…

2019-01-20 03:43

LeJone Ehran LejoneEhran

Currently focusing on the experience which is myself!

I liked a @YouTube video Wonder Honors 'incredible' Prince

2019-01-20 03:43

Kevin McGrew iamkevin

CEO/Founder of Marketing Agency | Digital Marketing & Biz Strategist | Author/Speaker | Coffee & Cigar Enthusiast | Idea King | Embrace the Hustle

External Linking for SEO: Learn How to Get Value Out of Everything You Give:

2019-01-20 03:43

Heather Milne Barger heatherbarger

Communications & operations professional interested in all things creative. Special love for San Diego, nonprofits & bacon. All opinions are my own.

RT @KPBSnews: We are covering the #WomensMarch2019 today. Are you here?

2019-01-20 03:43

olǝɯuǝʞɔnɟɹɐƆ marvyfatcat

Iloveyoubesafe IG: _.melojunior


2019-01-20 03:43

David Trickey davetrickey

Musician, guitarist, Dad, friend and seeker of the truth. Supporting #TheResistance and looking for the #BlueWave to hit big time in 2018! #NotMyPresident

Awesome Ron!

2019-01-20 03:43

BigZayski therealzayski

Son, Father, Rager | Sports Fan of Everything Michigan/Detroit | 989 Born |

As a Fan*

2019-01-20 03:43

erin the pira Epixxor

I like things

@FractalDesignNA ITX?!?!

2019-01-20 03:43

thiccie redd grace_woodall

19, NorCal 🤪

RT @thefakekillakev: Every girl wants what @ciara to be treated like shit by one man then treated like a queen by another. Too bad y’all no…

2019-01-20 03:43

Rodolfo Mata colega55

@celsoibarra #twitazo 🏅

2019-01-20 03:43

Jimmy Fitzsimmons _RatchetDope

RT @LissaStewartVB: My “sex education” teacher (the same under-qualified teacher who taught geography and biology) told us that sex creates…

2019-01-20 03:43

Uriel Ware UrielMWare

@jamron44 @RSparkman6 @AltUSPressSec @emg318 @senatemajldr Well, first there’s his methods, in which he’d rather sh…

2019-01-20 03:43

Golden Girls💛 ccsgoldengirls

Returning in the International Senior 4 division! 4.2 SUMMIT 2018 CHAMPIONS! THAT’S ALL!

RT @8rendanCF: @ccsgoldengirls Cmon mamas!!! Proud of you all!

2019-01-20 03:43

Lea leacastanaress

i love @samiie_15

2019-01-20 03:43

michael etch14

@therealjuicyj Remember logics album u told me to kill myself 🤣🤣its all love tho thanks for your help

2019-01-20 03:43

Ki 8street_

a poet perfecting my craft ~insta: 8.street


2019-01-20 03:43


Much deep. Such woke.

2019-01-20 03:43

Nana Nanayayy

—Nana | 18 | INTP -T | Owl/Birb | Pure trash |—

RT @cscoop_: my gay black ass

2019-01-20 03:43

Salami Ekundayo E_lighthouse

Cuidadano Reino. Yo soy a Baliza (estánder) y a diferencia fabricante. Confianza en Dios y Justica, Justedad y ayuda de pobre. Yo soy Zion receptor clase. Faro

RT @SoftClouds: Raising the #customerexperience bar by mapping unexpected journeys..

#cx #business @TamaraMcClear…

2019-01-20 03:43

Ty scrillaberry

Im on a whole different level #KeepItOnCruiseControl IG: @Tomcruising710

These people are escaping murder and poverty. Would you deny the Jews running from Nazis? We have so much unused la…

2019-01-20 03:43

Santiago Colon Jr. USMC_santcolon

I am a #Marine Staff Sergeant CommStrat Chief. Nothing I may say or tweet is, in anyway, endorsed by the US Marine Corps.

Another beautiful day in San Diego!

No other words necessary!

#physicalfitness #TexanInCalifornia…

2019-01-20 03:43

“Nicky" heatherpeno

We hear more than we see. Nature doesn't have to speak your language. [parody account of myself] Glitches Galore PG-13

RT @MusicDealFinder: LINE 6 Variax Standard Black Electric Guitar Gently Used Free Shipping

2019-01-20 03:43

zach voicelikeanova

'93 | San Diego, CA. | IG: thezachdavis

RT @jovanniryan: Retweet if you agree

2019-01-20 03:42

SWEmpireOnWheels SwEmpire

Southwest AT&T Mobile Retail on the Go💙🚙💨Visit Us at your nearest EVENT We have exclusive offers 4U SD AZ Las Vegas & NM #SWEmpireOnWheels🔱

RT @SD_NA5524: Our new EE Roxy and myself out here at the Vista Night Out ready to make it happen. Let’s get this going!!!!! #letsgo #swemp…

2019-01-20 03:42

Jappick Jappick1

Rolling Thunder member, Fight for my rights and Country, never give up,GOD BLESS AMERICA! I support every Veteran from the beginning till the end! NATIONALIST!

RT @BarbaraRedgate: Schiff(Memo) LIED To The American People And Can No Longer Be Trusted As Chairman Of The House Intelligence Committee!…

2019-01-20 03:42

💫ѕaм💫 SamThoNov

#500px 📸
#MAJIX 🧙‍♂️
#237Drive ✨
#SamGains 💲
#TurkishDrive 💯

RT @aurora2b: Follow everyone who Retweets & Likes this ♟

2019-01-20 03:42

Braden Surprenant b_surp

Reporter at @SDPrepInsider | @padresradio Producer | PXP for @973thefansd | Vice President of @sidelineconnect | @hornedfrogvideo Alum | Born and raised in SD

Transplants: “Don’t call our city Daygo or our state Cali!”

Locals: “we don’t care what you call us....”

2019-01-20 03:42

joyce leveron joyceeleveron

You need Jesus

RT @stevenbarrackk: The 10 year challenge has been cancelled. We’re doing the 19 year challenge now

2019-01-20 03:42

Anthony La Riva ALaRiva

Aortic Dissection Survivor, Senior Software Engineer

@FittieSmalls Not a bad motto to live by, unless he’s being literal.

2019-01-20 03:42

Tina Murphy Roxysunshine5

Living an authentic life w/gratitude every day. Mom, Ironman triathlete, artist, web developer, personal branding, chaplain. Follower of Jesus!!

“And we urge you, brethren, to recognize those who labor among you, and are over you in the Lord and admonish you,…

2019-01-20 03:42

codekoan codekoan

coder, parent, friend

RT @christophurious: How sad it must be - believing that scientists, scholars, historians, economists, and journalists have devoted their e…

2019-01-20 03:42

SDWeddingParty SDWeddingParty

San Diego's largest on-trend wedding planning event. February 3, 2019 for 30,000 ft.² of wedding ideas, experts, fashion & style at Hilton Torrey Pines Resort!

Delicious foods, spirited cocktails, yummy desserts, wedding fashions for the girls and the boys, plenty of real we…

2019-01-20 03:42

it me wesley WesAmiibo

Cohost of the Are Ya Winning, Son Podcast @areyawinningson and on iTunes Send me pictures of cool mechs! he/they

@roob_q93 I got a RX-178 Mk-II from the /r/gupla secret santa haha

2019-01-20 03:42

Legendary Educators LegendEducators

What will you do that will be remembered 300 years from now?

RT @katiemartinedu: The biggest challenge to shifting to a learner-centered model? It’s hard! There are challenges that we face at every t…

2019-01-20 03:42

Alex Kaseberg AlexKaseberg


Mom asked if I had been bad in Kindergarten, I said; "A little bit bad, but a whole lot funny."

In Titanic terms, Donald Trump is eyeballing kids like R. Kelly to snatch one to get into the lifeboat.

2019-01-20 03:42

King🔱 GarriusMaiden

God🙏🏾 | 215✈️907✈️707| Snap:King_Maiden9|

RT @KCurl_2: I got bruddas who ion talk to everyday but they know what it is 🤞🏾

2019-01-20 03:42

Luccas DisappointedL_


No way...

2019-01-20 03:42

Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. dbc_inc

Powerful, inspirational, and innovative books, keynotes, and professional development.

@marcihouseman @kegluskin @burgessdave @wenders88 @TaraMartinEDU @tishrich @AnnickRauch @iluveducating @BethHouf…

2019-01-20 03:42

Circulate San Diego CirculateSD

Creating excellent mobility choices and vibrant, healthy neighborhoods.

@realJoeEckardt Everyone should use the streets responsibly. Some pedestrian injuries would decrease with less dist…

2019-01-20 03:42


🌿🏹🍷🍊🐈 𝘪 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘮𝘺 𝘤𝘢𝘵𝘴. 𝘪 𝘭𝘪𝘷𝘦 𝘪𝘯 𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘮 𝘵𝘰𝘯𝘦𝘴.

RT @ilovemarkhamill: whn u have emotional trauma things like feeling like a burden/feeling unimportant/feeling left out rly take a toll on…

2019-01-20 03:42

Kopi Ellsworth Sellsworth11

Golden Retriever, Detroit Tiger, Mike Trout Fan!! Comment are not investment advise. I am a dog.

@Ehchunchilemu So sorry for your loss!

2019-01-20 03:42

thalizzle thxliasilvx

RT @leacastanaress: foh

2019-01-20 03:42

Steven Stevenlaack21

RT @JScottCampbell: 🕸⏳10 Years Challenge!⌛️🕷
#10yearchallenge #MJ #maryjanewatson #maryjane #spiderman #jscottcampbell #marvelcomics #intot…

2019-01-20 03:42

The Cafe Scholar TheCafeScholar

The Cafe Scholar blogs about study skills, productivity, and writing awesome research papers at

Ready to get started! This came right before Christmas and am finally setting aside the time to dig in. #12weekyear…

2019-01-20 03:42

SDSurf Film Festival SDSurfFilmFest

Third Annual San Diego Surf Film Festival, May 7-10, 2014 at Bird's Surf Shed. Come celebrate independent surf cinema!

2019-01-20 03:42

Keegan Keegan_Knepper

Miramar CA Nissan 350z Military
CEO of kBro Clothing

My girl to beautiful ❤️

2019-01-20 03:42

P Murphy O'Neil sdpalms

@AudraEqualityMc You are THE cutest

2019-01-20 03:42

Dorothy dlong101777

Married mother of 2 kiddos. I love to comment on stuff, and have a weird sense of humor. Recently political & movie, sci, history fan

RT @istockhistory: Saturn hasn’t always had rings #archeology #anthropology #history #archaeologist #archeologyaddi…

2019-01-20 03:42

G'monay stallmeout_g


2019-01-20 03:42

Gameflow Sports GameflowNow

Covering everything and anything sports related, on and off the field. #Gameflow #Sports #FantasyFootball #NFL #NBA #MLB #FIFA #NCAA #MMA #Boxing #Sports

RT @LineStarNBA: 🏀 Proj Update ⬇️🔴
[GTD] Andre Drummond (C) #Pistons
DK: $8800, 32.2 → 0.0

2019-01-20 03:42

BigZayski therealzayski

Son, Father, Rager | Sports Fan of Everything Michigan/Detroit | 989 Born |

Ill take this L over any other L this season tbh. They needed to get checked. Especially Iggy, we still will be ight. #GoBlue

2019-01-20 03:42

onward and upward axonally

Team OL/France F

God made me many things, but thankfully, moronic heterosexual wasn’t one of them 😌😌🙏🏽

2019-01-20 03:42

Julie Graff JulieGraff7

The Dude abides. Bob Marley is my hero.

@mikefreemanNFL Who are raising these evil kids?!?!

2019-01-20 03:42

Cristobal Salcedo crisalcedo9

Hace MESES no disfrutaba tanto con el Madrid como hoy. Así sí, carajo! QUE VIVA EL FÚTBOL!!!

2019-01-20 03:42

LineStar NBA 🏀 LineStarNBA

Breaking NBA News & Projection Updates via @LineStarApp. Optimal strategy for DK, FD and Y! Free Download @ for iOS/Android.

🏀 Proj Update ⬇️🔴
[GTD] Andre Drummond (C) #Pistons
DK: $8800, 32.2 → 0.0

2019-01-20 03:42

Collin Vickers collinvickers

man on the moon

RT @cawran: girl: wears ripped jeans
girl's knee:

2019-01-20 03:42 jadencion

Singer/Dancer/Musician/Actor/Plus sized model. What else do you need?

2019-01-20 03:42

Brandon Smith III TheRealBrando85

Sports and Comedy

RT @betbs: My boy. @MB3FIVE

2019-01-20 03:42

Music Watson, APR musiccaab

School #PR pro. Mom to Michaela, wife to Mike, cute as a button all on my own.

@thestevenwoods @2020fight As it should.

2019-01-20 03:42

Sherontelle Dirskell SherontelleD

Celebrity Publicist|Motivational Speaker Credits: @Focus3Dots, @JimiKendrix, Dave Tolliver, @carlosmvincent @Tyrese Email:

RT @BrianTracy: You should always strive to do better. Set and pursue #goals that challenge you and better you.

2019-01-20 03:42

anntoniio bbntonio

@leellleee been in love since shake it up

2019-01-20 03:42

julie irvine irvinejulie

💛CLOSE TO MY HEART❤️THE ROLLING STONES💛#1DDrive⚡️💫#FollowsJan⚡️💫#FollowsJulie⚡️💫#TEAMSTALLION⚡️💫#EdeDrive⚡️#FollowsEli⚡️@Kleinslag⚡️💫#FollowBack💯⚡️

RT @aurora2b: Follow everyone who Retweets & Likes this 🌶

2019-01-20 03:42

Keegan Keegan_Knepper

Miramar CA Nissan 350z Military
CEO of kBro Clothing


2019-01-20 03:42

Peter F. SanDiegoPete73

Believer, husband, father, friend, football & baseball fan (draft nerd), diesel enthusiast, car nut...#Canes, #Chargers, #Padres. #LoveYourNeighbor.

@Paul_Reams619 I haven't studied it enough, but no, making it easier for legal citizens to vote isn't a bad thing.…

2019-01-20 03:42

the same stupid cat wiklaz

🇲🇽 Mexican 🇲🇽 | male | pansexual / bisexual | on a relationship | 21 years old |
♐ Sagittarius ♐ | fursonas : cat- racoon, hyena | chocolate lover

RT @Art_Mutt: En guard!

2019-01-20 03:42

Chris Ryall chris_ryall

I make comic books.

It was the comic that broke my early "Marvel-only" stance as a kid and pulled me firmly into DC, too.

2019-01-20 03:42

Ki 8street_

a poet perfecting my craft ~insta: 8.street

@JaamesHunt Lowkey was Lol

2019-01-20 03:42

Simply Meagan 😏 ZellnerMeagan

“Little Raider” & Fuzz are my ♥️/Tons of Laughter, Love, Wine, Coffee, & Sarcasm gets me thru the day! ♥️my Raiders, Bruins, Red Sox’s, LSU!

@Kevin_Saito 😂😘😘

2019-01-20 03:42

Henry Moore secretlover699

RT @mctony: RT @JazzTimes: Dig our review of the live collaboration between the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis and R…

2019-01-20 03:42

Angela akoonce53

I'm a Democrat. Fighting for my countrys Demacracy & the restoration of Decency. #RESIST with all you've got.✌
#Trumpresign #handmarked paperballots

RT @JimVermin: @UncededClothing Now this is a teacher. Much respect to this gentleman.

2019-01-20 03:42

kuzma’s wife suspendedasfuck

I’m not asking for much but some attention would b fire rn

2019-01-20 03:42

Alien ireckonmate

🇺🇸Truth-seeker, expose pedophilia, prosecute corruption, let’s create a world where all people live well, in peace, harmony and freedom.

RT @BarbaraRedgate: God Bless All Who Heard The Call! We The People Are Digital Soldiers! Citizen Journalists! This Is Irregular Warfare! F…

2019-01-20 03:42

istockhistory istockhistory

Grew up #20thcentury grew old #21century proudly particular #arts #history #archaeology #culture #science #technology #space #innovation #exploration #nature

RT @istockhistory: Artificial Intelligence Has Identified Previously Undetected Hominid in the Human Family Tree #a…

2019-01-20 03:42

fruitshell fruitsheII

nobody MOVE

yoongi and jungkook will be saved in the end anyways so thanks for the theories buut there’s no need now 😌✍️

2019-01-20 03:42

Danny Ingersoll Actorealtor

Realtor 4 the Arts ! (& Actor)
Portion of commissions donated to arts organization of each client's choice.
Help the Arts, when you buy or sell a home...

@realDonaldTrump ....says the FOX Propaganda spewer.......

2019-01-20 03:42

Timothy Owen Davis 2B_DrDavis

I am an English teacher for Southwest Edgecombe High School. I am also currently working on my novel, a collection of stories, as well as other projects.

RT @davidjeremiah: Reducing time spent on social media is something we could probably all afford to do this year. However, when we are usin…

2019-01-20 03:42

slapandtickle5_ Slapandtickle5_

I was born for this gaming realm || Welcome to the Show || Instagram: Slapandtickle5 || Mastering XBOX & PS4 ||

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Fortnite) live at

2019-01-20 03:42

John Miller agileschools

#AgileClassrooms Founder Agile For All. CST, CPCC, CEC, ICF-ACC, Spiral Dynamics, #AgileEdu Co-creator

If autocorrect is any indicator of the future of AI, I have no fear of a robot takeover.

2019-01-20 03:42

Bigdaddysays Chickasee

Capitalist. Items and information I post are provided through Anonymous Sources. Hey, it works for The Lame Stream, Drive By Media. Follow Me, I Follow You.

RT @GeorgeASharp: I love it when people hiding behind an alias call me a coward. I am here and easy to find and can prove my facts. Why d…

2019-01-20 03:42

Ery EchoRadioY

Grateful / Thankful #sup #art #nature♥️I Stand For God & 🇺🇸Country 💙 #BackTheBlue 💙

RT @AliSalaam_NoWar: The #WomensMarch2019 is a Soros-funded fake movement that is all about glorifying abortion (infanticide), promiscuity,…

2019-01-20 03:42

Christopher L. Mann chrismanxo

🇺🇸American Patriot for TRUMP🇺🇸Democrats-Socialists-Globalists -Communists-Liberals must go.........#MAGA #MILITARY #VETS

RT @chrismanxo: @realDonaldTrump Twitter did this to my account: "This profile may include potentially sensitive content. You’re seeing th…

2019-01-20 03:42

Dave Hicks DRH1959

Christian, American, husband, dad, sales rep/road warrior, USMC '77-'81, #MAGAveteran, Follow me, I will follow you back!

@CaliRN619 @SRatovich @Onlybat2 @RogerKalivoda @Bostons_Rule @jonz970 @John_R_Berna @Serremmy @fortressfin…

2019-01-20 03:42

I rage against you machine Kat_McIntire

I preach sermons to students 🚀

RT @LissaStewartVB: My “sex education” teacher (the same under-qualified teacher who taught geography and biology) told us that sex creates…

2019-01-20 03:42

Michael Mantell, PhD FitnessPsych

U of Penn, Rational Emotive Behavior Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author, ICAA, SAG/AFTRA Speaking inquiries:

#MichaeMantell's #DrSanDiegoDaily is out! Stories via @aTravelCompanio @tmj_san_finance…

2019-01-20 03:42