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ニュー・ミナミ 2nd_373

山手39期 / 日大建築 / TCY-9F / 不動産•建築

根尾昴って、NEO-AKIRA ってことでしょう?カッコよすぎる。

2018-10-21 22:53

Eric Fallenangeleric

student, nanomaterial,chemistry.

A Really Happy autumn trip

2018-10-21 11:11

Sally Gregory MrsSallyGregory

Elementary teacher and aspiring leader with a passion for math education.

@Trashis4Tossers My second grade class are doing trash audits as part of our sustainability inquiry and were wonder…

2018-10-16 15:44

~MZLStuart~ MZLStuart_TWI

Bilibili Uploader"StuartRiki"|KeyTV|MZLStuart Official

@elonmusk It could be great if you could create a machine that can produce Aurora (which a “weapon” from #Rewrite 😄😂

2018-10-15 14:05

さく❄️ vlsaku

無言フォローすみません🙇‍♀️___////20代(前半) コスメ(乾燥肌) MCU(トムホスパイダーマン ヴィジョン) 無双(三成 直虎) ナルト(七代目)


2018-10-13 04:08