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Shadoko Shadoko785

Gamer, Nintendo fan, Artist and aspiring author. Just trying to make the best of life. NNID/Deviantart/Wattpad: Shadoko785

Daily Drawing 166. For 1/16/19
Monica in full color.
#dailyart #cutiesaturday #dailydrawing #monica #digitalart…

2019-01-20 11:31

Moonglow JanJanjack138

RT @RonBrownstein: Isn't this a kind of hostage-taking squared? First end the programs. Then shut the government. Then promise to temporari…

2019-01-20 11:31

Malik ansell ansell_malik

Blacklivesmatter Afro-Caribbean Amerikkkan NotMyPresident Donald trump is a white supremacist 🇯🇲

RT @tariqnasheed: Within 24 hours of this incident with the #covingtoncatholic #MAGA students harassing the Native Elder, notice there is a…

2019-01-20 11:31

ローズ リンゴ KirinMT #Present : YOU&ME KirinMT

😻🌵❄🌌 #MTBB #BNIOR #JACKJAE 😍😍 รักมาร์ครักแมวต้องแบมแบม 😘🤗

RT @kichong_igot7: Mark hyung!!!🐷🐷💕

2019-01-20 11:31

Roomi Karim eagleeye810

RT @JenaC2: Time to pray for the souls that passed right before us ✨ Somehow our paths crossed & we won’t forget our memories and regrets ✨…

2019-01-20 11:31

emily mamamongeau1

insta-@mamamongeau1 ❤️ tana liked 1x retweeted 2x

RT @CorinnaKopf: i see it, i like it
i want it, i got it

2019-01-20 11:31

Marcia Gascho magascho

I love Korean dramas, traveling on Route 66, writing articles for IndyKorea magazine, making scrapbooks and volunteering for Indiana Landmarks.

RT @ProudResister: I’m not surprised by the Covington Catholic students wearing MAGA hats & harassing a Native American. I went to a Cathol…

2019-01-20 11:31

THE Frenchie frenchieutm

Student Warrior Poet- Health & Fitness Maniac All about #FitLife #OldManStrength #TeamMMA4LIFE

RT @KarynBryant: Such a solid performance from @DRkneevil tonight! She seems to have found her groove with the Syndicate team... Just menti…

2019-01-20 11:31

Indie Star Radio networkindie

Twitter account of Indie Star Radio! Indie music and shows streaming live at Promoted by Ash.

CORETHEBAND - Constantly Streaming LIVE on Indie Star Radio! Listen at #Music #NowPlaying #LiveStreaming

2019-01-20 11:31

izzy🧸 isabellaamez

ʇxǝʇ sıɥʇ ǝʞıl ʇsnɾ˙˙uʍop ǝpısdn sı plɹoʍ ʎɯ

@mellynicoleee i’ll literally cry

2019-01-20 11:31

Charlie Rae Jensen charles_jensen

Someone who has never been in your house. New book Nanopedia from @TinderboxEdns. Profile pic by @kryanhenisey.

@joshzinn For me this has been the key ❤️

2019-01-20 11:31

John Heaner JohnHeaner

Recovering Politico, Bon Vivant, Man About Couch. Not suffering fools.

@adamgoldmanNYT This is going to leave a mark.

2019-01-20 11:31

Sam Thacker codedeeplier

Computer scientist, philosopher, entrepreneur, and amateur DM who definitely doesn't get enough sleep. Web Assistant at @oviattlibrary.

Man, life is so expensive

2019-01-20 11:31

Raychl Raychl_Rockstar

29.female.sometimes rapper. Disney Movies and Chill?

RT @hayesdavenport: Love being addicted to an app that tells me the world’s cutest dog has died and makes me watch a horde of teen psychopa…

2019-01-20 11:31

panda bitch twoturu 🚬 twoturu

Streamer/Let's Player/Musician. She/They. Very very gay. Asriel is my son.

RT @MikeLuckas: An extra cute cutie for #CutieSaturday ✨
Koto from Yu Yu Hakusho.

2019-01-20 11:31

Sharon E Mulloy mulleshar

Organic Gardener, reader, seeker, taking joy in creation

RT @Alyssa_Milano: So he’s bargaining with DACA?! A program he ended in 2017 and a number of courts around the country ruled the administra…

2019-01-20 11:31

Alberto💯 teamgrizzlyWW


Day one ✅😥

2019-01-20 11:31

Luis Cortes luwee_cor2

#Wife #2Boyz #Family #Raiders #Chivas #Dodgers #Lakers

RT @MichaelAvenatti: Biff @DonaldJTrumpJr - here’s a story for you: You are expecting your indictment to be unsealed forthwith, have been i…

2019-01-20 11:31

LoriBrady 🇺🇸 loriBra16435608

Beliver, Nationalist,

RT @almostjingo: Can only find ONE story covering the first Naturalization Ceremony held in the Oval Office, why is that? Was a beautiful,…

2019-01-20 11:31

hzb HannahBurnley

🌹 8.25.16

RT @quintabrunson: Happy birthday to Malcolm.

2019-01-20 11:31

Hampagne Papi🔫🔫 b_hammmm_

The same yellow boy that used to play up in the grass........Dallas✈️Annapolis... Naval academy football #USNA2019

RT @KingJosiah54: KD and Boogie mic’d up 😭

2019-01-20 11:31

Indigo indigoable

Prov. 31:31- DC to LA - LSU Alumni - B.A / M.A 📚- PR - 🎶 📝🏀🌒 We all die... The goal isnt to live forever but to create something that will.

Maybe one day we’ll find common ground

2019-01-20 11:31

#LaurieNotMyPrez LaurieSpoon

Dem-Climate change real. Putin&SA not our friends. Trumpers not DMs #NeverBernie.Magats=blocked. Antrumpfa member. Trump is a Traitor

RT @ProudResister: I’m not surprised by the Covington Catholic students wearing MAGA hats & harassing a Native American. I went to a Cathol…

2019-01-20 11:31

𝔣𝔦𝔫𝔢𝔰𝔰𝔦𝔫 𝔥𝔢𝔞𝔯𝔱𝔰♡・゚ CaciqueMarianna

RT @marie_brownsuga: I have to go harder.. I have to be better

2019-01-20 11:31


Action Sports | Motorsports | Entertainment, Indie Film, Music & Foodie

#PacvsBroner #PacBroner 🥊💥

2019-01-20 11:31

igreen happygreen78

Friend, Entrepreneur, Staying Healthy and Being Happy

RT @Alyssa_Milano: Hey, #DidTrumpOpenGovernmentYet? Asking for the 800k government workers who can’t put food on the table.

2019-01-20 11:31

kenchi 🦕 httpkenchi

leo sun, cancer moon, leo rising

RT @41Strange: Haruo Nakajima and Momoko Kôchi on the set of Godzilla, 1954

2019-01-20 11:31

Jordan Dykstra jdykstra34

Born for the storm. 🇺🇸

Should probably start unpacking from Christmas

2019-01-20 11:31

Thurber, Andrew gomez00023

love life live laugh smile everyday...let the sun shine down on you , just win, be your best ..

@Davidlaz Now they wearing Clown 🤡 shirts

2019-01-20 11:31

🇭🇳Colochito🇭🇳 Curly_caliboy

24. US Army 🇺🇸. Catracho 🇭🇳. From the 619 living in the 704.

RT @LAKERFANATICS: Just give it to Kuz or Zu. No one on the Rockets can guard them right now.

2019-01-20 11:31

Kristin Devitt KristinDevitt

Living a full and fragrant life. Director of Brisbane PR agency KDPR. Francophile.

RT @kenradio: This barbershop is working to help kids build confidence in public speaking by giving them $3 to read in front of others duri…

2019-01-20 11:31

Joe Jeremiah JoeJeremiah1

Dreams can come true,
you know you gotta have hope,
you know you gotta be strong.

RT @ReggieBush: Tomorrow let’s make history! Saints fans we need you to be the loudest you’ve ever been in that dome! This is our city and…

2019-01-20 11:31

ㅤ ℬ. hnyskn

ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤ𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐒𝐒., 𝓔. 𝓑. 𝓑. ❅ 𝓢’𝓮𝓹𝓪𝓷𝓸𝓾𝓲𝓻. · mαde of honey, Ɩove αnd some thorns. don’t touch. ━ roleplay.

Turn off, turn off.

2019-01-20 11:31

🦅🦉Wounded Bird🥺☔️ redmochila

B.A. graduate: California State University, Northridge. Political Science: Law and Society. ΛΘΦ. Post-Language thinker(sorta) Pismo Beach Surfer 🏄 #dacastudent

@Kevinhio_9 How many tickets do you have

2019-01-20 11:31

Steve Stegelin Stegelin

SC-based political cartoonist and information architect. Expect a purée of #comics, #politics, #satire, #UX, and #contentstrategy. Opinions my own.

RT @EllenPage: Mike Pence is cruel and responsible for enormous pain and suffering in the LGBTQ+ community. From his days as governor of In…

2019-01-20 11:31

Prosper loveaaronjamal


On god I watch so many girls jump In meaningless relationships

2019-01-20 11:31

Nomi🌈 OrNotNomi


@Nyia_ 抱抱你

2019-01-20 11:31

∆ Yani ∆ Yaniero

The hopeless daydreamer

RT @chelseaperetti: @BuzzFeedQuiz ok I took it

2019-01-20 11:31


... #Satanwood™: Let's get real

RT @AbbyMartin: Is Trump really an anti-interventionist? From "bombing the hell" out of civilians, to ramping-up brutal sanctions, to becom…

2019-01-20 11:31

Su borders Suborders15

Never had a social media acct before the election and even had to google how to get started. Blue in a solid red state. #Resist #Resistance

RT @PalmerReport: Donald Trump just said a border wall worked in San Antonio. First, that city is nowhere near the border. Second, San Anto…

2019-01-20 11:31

adam.jpg adambruhhhhhh

RT @KingJosiah54: "Aye fam, can I borrow some--"


2019-01-20 11:31

Cyprian Kia Akpodi

#LeahSherubu was held back in captivity because she refused to reject #JesusChrist How come #CAN has not taken up…

2019-01-20 11:31

.21 DariiIsMyName

DSA Alumni! (Megan, Josh & Granny) IT IS WHAT IT IS. Detroit vs Everybody .

RT @MatchlessMary: i accidentally go MIA on ppl. i swear it’s nothing personal. i just like being alone lol

2019-01-20 11:31

Mart Kristian Calip mmaaaaaaaarrtt

Los Angeles Lakers. San Miguel Beermen. Sleep. Repeat.

RT @LakersReporter: KCP’s made a few nice plays defensively on Harden, twice stripping him/deflecting a pass and converting a fastbreak dun…

2019-01-20 11:31

Facing History LA FacingHistoryLA

Updates and ideas from the LA staff of Facing History and Ourselves @facinghistory

RT @musoftolerance: Join the #MOT for #MLKDay YOUTH CAMP, a special day of youth empowerment and action for Grades 5-10. Art and spoken wo…

2019-01-20 11:31

Sang-ᴀ-Song™⭐️⭐️⭐️🇺🇸🇰🇷 LordSangOne

Christian, philosophy, theory, culture, art, tech, sports & gaming.
Im laying low but rocking it steady.
All aboard the MAGA train & Ill follow back.

RT @almostjingo: Can only find ONE story covering the first Naturalization Ceremony held in the Oval Office, why is that? Was a beautiful,…

2019-01-20 11:31

SuperMegGriffin SuperMegaShow

A family oriented, family run YouTube channel. Catch our podcast every Friday on YouTube. HOSTS: @elirymagee @matthwatson MERCH:

It's a bit of a shorter podcast, but we still make time to talk about Matt being sick, the government shutdown and…

2019-01-20 11:31

Taliyah 👩🏼‍🦲❤️ thekidtals

🥀 Some dope depressed bitch from the Bronx

RT @denzeldion: If they fuck w you, they’ll make time for you PERIOD.

2019-01-20 11:31

Alex Rabida alexrabida

I'm Proud to be an American citizen and I'll try my best with the help of God to make this Country Great every day!!!
Education: A.A., B.A, J.D.

@JudgeJeanine Since you have the privilege to be on air, it might be good to explain to your viewers how the Radica…

2019-01-20 11:31

hi. KZazula

love current news. especially when it pertains to humanity. and animals and just being the best person I can. love my soaps. not guilty pleasure lol cookin

RT @lisalocicerogh: That moment you realize you’re gonna be building this LEGO toy all by yourself...😑

2019-01-20 11:31

Dave Byer ByerBeThere

Tweets about TV, Film, Gaming, Tech, Travel, and Food in between tweets advocating healthcare, equality, democratic reforms, and basic human decency

RT @hayesdavenport: Love being addicted to an app that tells me the world’s cutest dog has died and makes me watch a horde of teen psychopa…

2019-01-20 11:31

JocelynHernandez🥰 joynavah

👻joynavah | IRVING VAL❤️

RT @daisymarquez_: I see it
I like it
I want it
I got it

2019-01-20 11:31

Moten TotenMoten

R.I.P @ionsmoke_

RT @souljaboy: New Drip 💧💦

2019-01-20 11:31

Dallas Jay Hunter dallasjayhunter

Instagram, @hitchcockbrunette

2019-01-20 11:31

Dr. Donna Edmond dj48_d

If you wanna know something about me, ASK.

RT @johniadarola: Outrage As MAGA-Wearing HS Kids Taunt Native Elder At Indigenous Peoples March | @crooksandliars

2019-01-20 11:31

Richard Trujillo Richard65049965

RT @LakerFacts: KCP with another steal and the slam

2019-01-20 11:31

Scott Edward Voliva (Gorrebeeck) ScottVoliva

A rhinoceros is really just an old, fat unicorn. Don't argue.... you know i'm right.....

@DollyParton Happy Birthday @DollyParton 💜💜💜

2019-01-20 11:31

Adam Casey adamccasey

Cartoonist and publisher who successfully completed two Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns.

RT @sinKEVitch: DON'T expel them. That just dumps more ignorant assholes into the MAGA hate-pool- asses that will soon vote. Require them t…

2019-01-20 11:31

Vickie Burns-Sikora vbstweet

I write. I teach. I rarely, if ever, sing in public, so you're safe.

Desert Flower Fans, It's Almost Time: Where the Petals Will Be Popping

2019-01-20 11:31

Ruby🇺🇸♥️ Patriotess_Ruby

Stay classy, sassy & a little badassy😘 Negative people need drama like oxygen. Stay positive, it’ll take their breath away😉 #ΜΟΛΩΝΛΑΒΕ #KAG #ProLife #RubyTT45

RT @almostjingo: Oh the #CovingtonCatholic "victim" is from the occupy movement....

2019-01-20 11:31

Never Stop Resisting loupou21

#FBR, #TheResistance, #GOTV, #NotMyPresident, #BlueWave, love my husband, our rescue dog, gardening, cooking and all my special students. LISTS=BLOCK

RT @andylassner: The teenagers in that horrifying video are idiots.
Stupid teenagers.

But they are just a symptom of a much bigger…

2019-01-20 11:31

⚡️ killakent

snap chat : K I L L L A K E N T

RT @souljaboy: Give me my credit. Period

2019-01-20 11:31

Vietnam-era Vet-PDX PdxVeteran

Retired Air Force dude. Bike & walk a ton every day. My church is the outdoors, and I spend lots of time in church 😂 I follow the news & vote 4 progressives !

RT @Turnip2020: I usually like to stick to the jokes, but there’s nothing funny about this. This is fucking disgusting. I’m ashamed to be a…

2019-01-20 11:31

Ace and Gary Krassenstein GayPatriot

America's lovable gay conservative. Intelligent, insightful & snarky. Don't vote with your body parts. It's gross. Being conservative is against Twitter TOS.

RT @stevensongs: @andmichaelgreen Calm down, ma’am.

2019-01-20 11:31

Emily Piburn🦖 emily_piburn


RT @MatchlessMary: i accidentally go MIA on ppl. i swear it’s nothing personal. i just like being alone lol

2019-01-20 11:31

Hector Shepherd_gv99

Depauw ΔΥ ‘21 🐯 Aspiring world class thespian 🎭 Co-Host of @thejunglewgre

I slid down from heaven on a stripper pole. (he/him) 🏳️‍🌈

RT @helen: hapsburg inbreeding was wild

2019-01-20 11:31

Sunnygrahamcracker Sunnygraham13

•Do no harm but take no Shit•

RT @souljaboy: In this world you either crank that soulja boy or it cranks you

2019-01-20 11:31

Marcy Resists MarcyResists

"Yes, we know he's an idiot, but he's *our* idiot." - a village somewhere

Followed by @Rosie #ITMFA #25thAmendment #TheResistance ❤️🌍🐾🍷🌊

RT @kenolin1: Presidents shouldn’t shut down the Government for a border wall until they learn geography.

2019-01-20 11:31

Rachel DeRamus rachel_deramus

whatever sprinkles your doughnuts 🤷🏻‍♀️🍩

RT @marie_brownsuga: I have to go harder.. I have to be better

2019-01-20 11:31

Mary Lou Gargas danthemansmom

Legal and social work background. Believe strongly in social justice. Can’t comprehend what is happening in our country. Love, love, love Boston sports.

RT @RonBrownstein: Isn't this a kind of hostage-taking squared? First end the programs. Then shut the government. Then promise to temporari…

2019-01-20 11:31

cocoa ✨ likklerachel


ohhhh no thanks lol.

2019-01-20 11:31

Nate Green NateyGree

scum fuck flower boy

RT @zackfox: what if you was hittin it sideways and she pulled out a harmonica and started tearin it up on that bad boy

2019-01-20 11:31

K kaleidomusings


RT @EugeneLeeYang: I don't know how my friends put up with me.

2019-01-20 11:31

Rosalie Nicole rosezb02

I want what I want, when I want it.

RT @DaveHolmes: To anyone who's ever been any kind of other, the goofy malice in that MAGA kid's eyes is instantly recognizable.

2019-01-20 11:31

Laker Facts LakerFacts

Lakers Stats, News, History, Videos, Photos & Lots of Fun. | INSTAGRAM @lakersfacts Run by @chrisHs22 & @dadsdenreviews

RT @LAKERFANATICS: I like Ingram. But Kuzma got next.

2019-01-20 11:31

ςéѕαя α. яσ∂яįgυєz pika71

W T F !

RT @Faitelson_ESPN: ¿Usted cree que este América necesita más refuerzos?
Mejor que donen ese dinero para una buena causa...

2019-01-20 11:31

Awfully Confused Takeo MrTacoBelmonto

19 | What the fuck IS this shit?

RT @ChrisRGun: AirPods are shit because earbuds are shit in general. Wear headphones like a self respecting adult.

2019-01-20 11:31


Queen-Fe The Queen BEE so you best take heed......Shall I Proceed??? #RISEUP

RT @souljaboy: Give me my credit. Period

2019-01-20 11:31

camilla camilla_r0se

don’t follow

RT @pattonoswalt: This is the Vietnam vet the kids from @CovCathColonels were mocking. Chanting “BUILD THAT WALL” to a Native American. Thi…

2019-01-20 11:31

` ika ˊ Mishabolot

-I tweet what I want to tweet, not what you want to read-
||#AFC||#SSL||#VR46||#catlady||#Supernatural||#Sherlock||#LuciferOnNetflix|| icon by: @diminuel

RT @helen: hapsburg inbreeding was wild

2019-01-20 11:31

Valentina tinagrimaldii

Sjv//snapchat- tinagrimaldiii

RT @captainkalvis: lmao almost got evicted bc of this

2019-01-20 11:31

Motivational Speaker chuckgallagher

International Business Ethics Speaker, Author and Consultant focusing on The Human Side of Ethics and Compliance Issues-leadership and motivational quotes

RT @abundanceminds1: Whoever is really meant to be in your life will always gravitate back to you, no matter how far they wander off.

2019-01-20 11:31

Jessi Monhollen Swixenn

Be bold. Be fearless. Be beautiful.

RT @JeffreeStar: I may or may not have recently been working on a new song feat. an A-list artist... 🎶 Hi, how are ya?

2019-01-20 11:31

شمول 🥀 JasmaJeby


2019-01-20 11:31

carrie luckas carrieluckas

RN/Mom of 2 amazing & talented adults in LA,Friends,Family,Nature,Art,Humor,Literature,Music,Politics,Cinephile, #Vegan #FollowBackResistance #VOTE #BlueWave

@kenolin1 He definitely has dementia.

2019-01-20 11:31

Nashy 💜 Nashybeyb

Stans phenoms: #MaiChard • #방탄소년단 ✨

RT @EugeneLeeYang: My birthday present to myself was becoming @LucyLiu to perform one of the greatest scenes in cinema history. #Eugene33 h…

2019-01-20 11:31

. sheivz

They’ve all never touched a vagina.

2019-01-20 11:31

Sonny Scroggins sonny_scroggins

Government & Politics

RT @Turnip2020: A Trump supporter just DM’d me “shut up worst-tasting root vegetable.”

As if he’s ever eaten a vegetable.

2019-01-20 11:31

matilda babyblo0d

send handz 🐞💌

RT @dril: go ahead. keep screaming "Shut The Fuck Up " at me. it only makes my opinions Worse

2019-01-20 11:31

Michael Bendtsen MiketheBeast92

SCSU class of 2016 Video Production *Sports *Theatre *Music *Wrestling *Funko *Movies *Comics *Animals *Beer

RT @GhouliaChilds: EDGAR ALLAN POE Coffee Mug
@amazon affiliate link:

2019-01-20 11:31