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Ana Tuazon Parsons anapnyc

Making America Kinda Filipino Again

#SaveODAAT bc the world needs to see more of my dear talented friend @MxNickyE #actor

2019-05-26 04:06

Chris (Running Underwater) @ ᵁʰʰʰᴴᴴʰ matchapon_

🇲🇽🇸🇻 I'm Chris, AKA Patches / Matcha 🍵 He/Him 🍵 Lvl 26 Normie 🍵 Cosplay Sometimes 🍵 Matcha Enthusiast 🍵 Eternal Artist's Block 🍵 SW: 4422-1168-7229

@okmickeyy Second one isn’t DB tho

2019-05-26 04:06

Karma_98 Karma985

Sporting 💚1906💚|20_05_2005🎂|14years!🤯|Aveiro 📍|irmão 👶 salvador 👶|

RT @19saranunes06: não acredito nisto..

2019-05-26 04:06

JESUA samueljesua

posmoderno norteño 4x4 remasterizado

RT @41Strange: Here’s a baby Tapir

2019-05-26 04:06

Cheryl Cheryl7298752

Naturalized citizen, UCLA grad and animal lover/rescuer. Was never on Twitter until Trump stole the WH. 😡 Not here to date.

@Kris_Sacrebleu @jonvoight Absolutely!!!

2019-05-26 04:06

🌹☠️RIP Matheus☠️🌹 _bbppqqdd_

#1 most underrated account

RT @dril:

2019-05-26 04:06

Julia juaelz1

baby boomer who is tired of nonsense. a proud resister since the scotus elected GWB.

RT @Alyssa_Milano: Reading the replies to this thread, I’m reminded that The House has passed the Veteran’s Childcare Act.

The bill would…

2019-05-26 04:06

Víctor Manuel 💭 VictorRose_

#LiveLove Instagram: Victorious09 #OinkOinkBitch🐷 #FuckSalt

RT @crym89s: I know coke when I see it. 😂

2019-05-26 04:06

D. Edward Rose DEdwardRose

NYU alumnus. Writer of screens. Lover of western-wear.

My favorite part of Shane Morris' idiotic story/thread is the fact that he wasn't aware that his numerous lies woul…

2019-05-26 04:06

Scarlett•Lucifer 👼🏻 inChesterarms

Piangi di nervoso contro un destino sembra abbia già deciso •Linkin Park•|Zayn| Imagine Dragons ~fan account ~

RT @inChesterarms: Ma voi dovete crepare male.
Io boh, non ci sono parole.
Solo schifo

2019-05-26 04:06

Kali from the Zone Kali69527662

Fan of the Twilight Zone, old time radio, Jack Benny, Buster Keaton, classic Doctor Who, and reader of history. And, of course, professional Trump hater

@jenandjanstwits @JasonOverstreet He got REALLY corrupted by Rizzo the Rat....

2019-05-26 04:06


Welcome to my Official account.I'm a M.Sc student at Jadavpur University of Applied Mathematics. I lives in Kolkata,India.

RT @TMZ: Who was your cartoon crush as a kid?

2019-05-26 04:06

that_mexican_chick SillybearMarie

H͙A͙P͙P͙Y͙ T͙H͙O͙U͙G͙H͙T͙S͙

RT @RickyPDillon: new video from yesterday! I watched the o2l movie for the first time since it came out 😳

2019-05-26 04:06

Liz y0urbaddiee_

Ig : _lizbethjimenez_ snapchat : xoxox_lizbeth

RT @lovelyyvirii: me when my boyfriend gets mad that i slap his ass

2019-05-26 04:06

Pam Pamski22Elder

FAMILY FIRST FISHING,, WAKE BOARDING,BEACH, FLYING DIVING mother of one H/W landlord lots of property took after my Daddy love my family

RT @DENISE_RICHARDS: Happy 8th birthday to #MissEloise little angel face. Happy girl ... love her so much and always such a bright ray of l…

2019-05-26 04:06

Los Angeles 🇫🇷 LAactufrance


@SDPadresFR @ZoneSportsUS Quand j'avais sorti cette expression le GB était de 6 ce qui est toujours le cas
Mais vou…

2019-05-26 04:06

slim shady katelynmcguirre

you can call me slim

RT @AndreaRussett: sometimes i cancel plans w ppl because my mind convinces me they were just being polite when they invited me 😆🙏🏼

2019-05-26 04:06

Clara Isabel Gomez claragomez965

Love reading, drawing, writing and bugging my sisters! ;p

RT @GlamLifeGuru: I'm sorting through all that is heavy & dark with a purpose of finding light. The names they call me good or bad are thei…

2019-05-26 04:06

Michael ScreamngEagle

I have a heart for the truth ! Do you love the truth ? Reagan Constitutionalist. I believe we ALL need to #WakeUP and start exposing the LIES ! Acts 18:9 AMP

RT @LilaGraceRose: Ladies, if she says she’s a feminist and she thinks killing a child for any reason is ok, she’s not a feminist. She’s an…

2019-05-26 04:06

Clara Clarasimpson100

RT @RickyPDillon: new video from yesterday! I watched the o2l movie for the first time since it came out 😳

2019-05-26 04:06

entree humain EntreeHumain

Swedish chef, Fannibal, bork bork.

RT @msdanifernandez: no one likes the way I eat turkey legs :/

2019-05-26 04:06

allama tiniestllama

Anime/television nerd full of existential dread. Stupid people are the greatest disappointment of my life. It's okay that I'm a Duke fan, I went there.

Really wish there were a way to tell how many people are around for a raid. I want Lapras!

2019-05-26 04:06

val ☮︎ valchvz_

RT @victorialoopz: i b so bored without my boyfriends crackhead ass 😔

2019-05-26 04:06

Rebekah Genice rebekah_genice

Instagram: rebekahgenice.

RT @maurachanz: I can’t wait to be able to afford myself.

2019-05-26 04:06

Kira Baumann lilmessybutokay

Lil' bit of a mess but it's okay

RT @missremiashten: never forget that teala was the voice of a WONDER PET that is LEGENDARY i also know she gets my tweets sent to her phon…

2019-05-26 04:06

Jacob ☔️ jacobmm_12

ucsb '20 sc : jacobmm_12 .... I love my gf

RT @latsondheimer: Narbonne wins DI title 4-0 over Marshall. DJ Orona throws shutout.

2019-05-26 04:06

Game of Thrones stan account msnoellesly

RT @_thomas_sherrer: @jbouie If having your vote count the same as everyone else's = serfdom for country folk, what have us city dwellers b…

2019-05-26 04:06

Joey Za🍕 joeyzazatweets

A guy walked into a bar. He was treated for minor head injuries. Im a Bartender that likes to make candles. @HangoverCandle Co. LLC

RT @tomsegura: Yes 👏 We👏Do👏

2019-05-26 04:06

Amy Silverberg AmySilverberg

Writer (Best American Short Stories 2018) // Comedian (JFL New Face, Amazon Prime). I promise I won't list any other things here!!!

@MaureenLangloss I gotta say my preference is balls over tree

2019-05-26 04:06

D-Eazy dannyelhaj


I had a bald guy with magnet hair when I was a kid and my daughter is over here drawing on an iPad

2019-05-26 04:06

Miss Victoria Lindelle MissVLindelle

Feral elegance and otherworldly companionship

@celine_baudin This is one of my favorite karaoke songs 🥰

2019-05-26 04:06

Susan Johnston johnstonsusan

Founder/Director- New Media Film Festival, Producer-Select Services Films Inc., Casting DIrector- Susan Johnston Casting

#flamethrowing #skill #Thanks

2019-05-26 04:06

baddy wiek whosmaddywiek1

Ha, that's rad.

RT @codyko: hugnover. drank way too much kombucha last night

2019-05-26 04:06

Corner Of The Galaxy GalaxyPodcast

Corner of the Galaxy - Weekly LA Galaxy soccer podcasts and written articles offering news, discussion and analysis from an independent perspective.

RECAP: A goal from dos Santos and a six-save night from Bingham get all three points on the road in Orlando.


2019-05-26 04:06

❤️Black Rose/Rosa Negra🖤 BRRN_Fed

US political organization building popular power from below / Organización política construyendo el poder popular desde abajo 🚩🏴 #socialism #anarchism

RT @LATenantsUnion: the arm is your income and the train is your rent

2019-05-26 04:06

Jess Iglehart JessIglehart

Jess Iglehart (eye-gull-heart) is an L.A. based animator currently working at Nickelodeon!

I passed a Cinnabon the other day and overheard someone describing it as "spicy".

2019-05-26 04:06

Priscilla DemingsPurpose

Reed followed 4/1/14❤Ricky followed 10/19/14❤Met Connor 4/23/15❤️Justin followed 3/9/16❤️Met Ricky 6/9/16❤️Austin followed 3/2/19❤️

RT @RickyPDillon: new video from yesterday! I watched the o2l movie for the first time since it came out 😳

2019-05-26 04:06

チュドノフスキー chudnofsky_bot


green mosquito

2019-05-26 04:06

The Scarby the_scarby

A nerd. I really love Rooster Teeth. And video games. And motorcycles. RTX Guardian. Ally. She/her. Slytherin.

::endless screaming::

2019-05-26 04:06

Keonna🦄💞 GottaLuvYonnie

Mother of 1

Intuitive vibes come in strong waves today, providing impressi... More for Sagittarius

2019-05-26 04:06

Infamous Jimy G! infamousjimyg

Infamous Jimy G! I live, I laugh, I curse and I just get back up and dust my shoulders off and keep moving forward never backwards!

RT @pattonoswalt: Do NOT start shutting up #SaveAPBio 🍎

2019-05-26 04:06

kyndal _krascoe

23|SC:kyngisele|Business Major📚

RT @TheSwaggyBlerd: Before knowing that Sasha Obama was trending for prom photos and getting ready to fight these racist internet trolls: h…

2019-05-26 04:06

Ana Fábia Guedes AnaFbiaGuedes1

14 anos
Ariana ❤
Segue aq, pra ver eu sofrer pelas pessoas 😂🤦‍♀️

RT @1910_deyvison: evita ficar mt perto de mim pq vc me dá mt tesão

2019-05-26 04:06

gabs 👸🏽 saucelajefa

AD • Producer • Coordinator ~Aspiring Director ~ Commercial | Live Events/TV | Music Videos 🎥⚡️

before the real shenanigans started 🔥

2019-05-26 04:05

ShadicUnleashed ShadicUnleashed

Shadic/Jon, 18, He/Him They/Them, SFW I like Sonic the hedgehog, Nintendo, Art and Writing
(header belongs too TC-96 on DA)

RT @mewTripled: I remember how throughout middle school - high school there was so much pressure around to be dating someone...Read more on…

2019-05-26 04:05

🙅🏿‍♂️🧢 mcellyball2hard

#DATWAY SC : ciggitycelly

I thank god everyday 💯

2019-05-26 04:05

Tomi tomi

VP Finance IGC, Co-Founder @SixteenZero & @ENCE. Previously @jpmorgan M&A, Counter-Strike player @EvilGeniuses et al. Contact

@ElonBachman @elonmusk thanks, have it saved on instapaper but still working through backlog from this past week

2019-05-26 04:05

Squashua, JD Squashua10

Kind is cool. Pass it on.

RT @drmistercody: Serious Person: "This actually makes adoption easier."

Crazy Lib: "No, this makes adoption harder for people like me."…

2019-05-26 04:05

Brianna Merie 🖤 bananaabri

Cali Grown

@jassrvylenex3 lmao lake havasu?! or vegas?! i really just wanna get drunk & pop fireworks 😭

2019-05-26 04:05

chickenfeet BibblexFungus

take off your socks and put on your crocs

yass kocham siedziec sama w pokoju po co mi byc na super imprezie oni tam sie swietnie bawia ale ja mam czas ze soba jie super extra polecam

2019-05-26 04:05

♡M♡ Mallikaaaah


RT @VeronicaGorgeoi: If you need motivation to wear sunscreen...

This is the famous truck driver photo everyone always talks about in the…

2019-05-26 04:05

Big Kale BakariNaBangi

Revolutionary Mind, Black Nationalist #ADoS #NOTaBOT #Tangibles2020

RT @tonetalks: Research by Black Female Professor Reveals Startling Truth That White Women Made Up 40% of Slaveowners. @MehrsaBaradaran @an…

2019-05-26 04:05

Jax YourGurlJackie

I’m Good At Being Lonely Can’t You Tell

RT @ItsBobbyMares: like the shirt?
memorial day sale happening NOW!

2019-05-26 04:05

Elizabeth Stranger🐾 Elyzium13

My name is Elizabeth. I like to paint in glittering multi-color with a triple 000 brush.

RT @GhouliaChilds: Pecan GHOST Cookies via The Globe.

2019-05-26 04:05

Catering cateringjas

23 | IG: cateringjas snap: sincerelycathy

@giiiselleee5 😂😂 so much emotion with our extra selfs😩🥺

2019-05-26 04:05

𝕊𝕥𝕒𝕣𝕔𝕣𝕠𝕤𝕤𝕖𝕕 𝕄𝕒𝕣𝕚 DeathDama

𝕮𝖍𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖓𝖆〰️She/Her〰️Walks in the Female Gaze 〰️ Smut Sister 〰️ unapologetic reylo/Kylo stan〰️ warning: I tweet and RT A LOT 〰️ I talk on @SmutHuttPodcast

RT @TheElleChase: #repost @sitwithwhit
Do you struggle with supporting people in pain?

When you feel pushed to fix or give advice, som…

2019-05-26 04:05

🌸l i v i a olivialilly12

nap enthusiast

RT @JAYVERSACE: “stop tryna copy my notes”

2019-05-26 04:05

eddie ✩ norcal eddietion serendipeddie

eddie, occasionally evan • he/him/his • 23 • filipino-american voice actor, distractor, gacha malefactor • icon: @melofrio • FFXIV: @verraiseversace

@eggdadde I did 💚

2019-05-26 04:05

loopz victorialoopz


@zoewoeey ahh thank you!! 💘💘

2019-05-26 04:05

jay(#Bringfuryroadzzzback) furyroadz

fan account

Black Widow

2019-05-26 04:05