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Luis 👾 asvp_luis32

17. CSUSM ‘23

RT @Jukazi2R: People hate on J. Cole because he talks about topics other than money, cars, hoes, or jewelry. Imagine being that shallow

2019-05-26 10:26


🇬🇧Anglophile, Psychology, Neuroscience, ♥️ Educated empath 👁️

RT @TheGoodDeath: Rosario (Memento Mori) by Javier Pérez features 59 life-size bronze skulls. Displayed here at the Catedral Cloister, Burg…

2019-05-26 10:26

SoCalSonic *Sonic Revolution* surferbrg

Basically I'm a Geek whos into video games, anime, cosplaying, furry fandom and a youtuber. Pretty nice and open minded person.

On my way home. Anaheim Japan Fair was fun but pretty crowded. Also enjoyed hanging out with Inuyasha and Kagome. L…

2019-05-26 10:26

hannnn hcjones98

do u even go here

RT @realoverheardla: “Have you updated your crying playlist recently?”

2019-05-26 10:26

Jane Bennett jlbennett1954

RT @ProudResister: Trump lawyers and House Democrats reach agreement to hold off on enforcing Deutsche Bank/Capitol One subpoenas.

Are you…

2019-05-26 10:26

sweet talk with a hint of sin Ravenschaos

Resister, what's fair is fair.

@rdqb80 @therestofus5 True. And now it's too big to ignore. We are also being gaslit daily for our sexuality and be…

2019-05-26 10:26

Rachel Horne alwayssleepy91

using this mostly to vent my frustration and retweet anything related to politics being a dumpster fire.

RT @animatedtext: i got anxiety in the back depression is attached

2019-05-26 10:26

BIA biacadaa

thru dms ssob :>

2019-05-26 10:26

Spooky kid RudeDog52470679

great job

RT @dril: wiping m ass with toilet paper imprinted with an image of bin laden wiping his ass with toilet paper imprinted with the jp morgan…

2019-05-26 10:26

Sara SimplySaraa_

i bet my soul smells like weed

@muva_merc Aw i was catch it at the $2 movie theater 😂

2019-05-26 10:26

T-CARE carey22carey

Marketing major. All about the business. Davenport University. DJ and Producer. P. L. U. R. ♑️

RT @_SullyMusic: When your body is back in school but your soul is trapped at EDC

2019-05-26 10:26

Joey Brindle joey_brindle

Big fan of Lance Stewart, Tanner Fox, Roman Atwood, Codee Yount, Lizzy Wrust, Moe Sargi, OmarGoshTV, & JamesTheFam. I am 21 years old

RT @whydontwemusic: thanks for all the love on the #UNBELIEVABLEMUSICVIDEO

2019-05-26 10:26

R.L.G. JR Rlgjr23

hoop in Spain 🇪🇸

RT @RichEisenShow: .@realchriswebber pounded the table for former #FabFive teammate Juwan Howard to be the next @umichbball head…

2019-05-26 10:26

frank’s lotion grandfuldead

i make gay jokes because i am a gay joke

RT @brianjoralvarez: You guys ever have that thing where you can only listen to Fleetwood Mac?

2019-05-26 10:26

Mike diamond philips Prune_Tracy

Bug fixes and performance improvements. Star Wars @RandoSystem

RT @kat_ex_machina: I thought the movie was good, but it was weird that they never addressed why his name was Jolkien Rolkien Rolkein Tolke…

2019-05-26 10:26

Ane anettelafaurie


I had a mental break down yesterday and almost bought a one way back to Miami

2019-05-26 10:26

Matthew Sasson matthewsasson

but what else can we do?

@mike_pompeo Top 25 for sure.

2019-05-26 10:26

Mrs. T. L. Liptionfav

open mind. open heart. money magnet, Sassy’s ( in kitty heaven) Mom.😓 Callie s puppy mom. Madly in love with husband R.E..😍🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

RT @AlbertBrooks: I like Jon Voight as an actor. He might be the greatest actor since John Wilkes Booth.

2019-05-26 10:26

$kye. skyewil_

UNCG’21 | Phil. 4:13 | IG:@skye.bluee |$kye da stylist

RT @tydollasign: next week 😈

2019-05-26 10:26

yessica ヅ maybeitsjessica

t e l l m e s o m e t h i n g n e w

RT @elijahdaniel: ain’t it crazy that y’all beg me to call you a faggot as if there isn’t tons of kids in ur school who do it for free ever…

2019-05-26 10:26

FIRST WIN! POW! 🌷 seungwoothemole

Just like we're Butterflies, When I look in your eyes 온통 날 물들인 너로 아른거려 Changmin would you be my Butterfly 🦋

RT @itsnellemusic: look at this dog wearing crocs

2019-05-26 10:26

wesl 🤠 gay4suga

chaotic neutral bastard twink | df3 gc ♡

RT @jakegrnr: Deciding if I have a brain or not

2019-05-26 10:26

One N No H candyflavoredbs


RT @safiyajn: i woke up in japan and opened up twitter and i am so confused, what is happening online rn

2019-05-26 10:26

K.C. MendoKC

Reclaiming my time in 2019.

Sassy Pants, activist, politico, dog mom, partner, auntie, cane-wielder. I watch Congressional Hearings and Scandi Noir to unwind.

RT @pattonoswalt: Well look at that. #SaveAPBio #BingeBioOnHulu

2019-05-26 10:26

King Alakay Perezident_Alex

Let's get lost somewhere

RT @Jukazi2R: *Stares at my girl admirably*


2019-05-26 10:26

laila melendez _LailaMelendez

RT @Jukazi2R: Girls really don’t be listening to their nigga’s story until they hear a female name 😂 then they be like

2019-05-26 10:26

Kaycee Felton-Lui 🍋 kayceefeltonlui

All-beef hot dog • TV writer @WGAWest


2019-05-26 10:26

Sebastian Escobar-Chapman _gordojr_

🇺🇸🇲🇽🇩🇴🇯🇲🇭🇳🇨🇺🇨🇴 #BoomerSooner #GoHeels #ThrowYourO #Parkinsons #PTSD #FlyEaglesFly #MFFL #Royals #PlanesCrew @Jumpman23 #justdoit @RocNation 🐐🦆

😂😂😂 you know what they mad about?! 😂😂😂 Cuz they can have me down and I always come back and win! 😂😂😂

2019-05-26 10:26

Dakota Wayne Barber dakotawbarber22

RT @BBW_BFF: in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, John Wick's trying to save his soul, but I'd like to see him show us why it's worth saving by maki…

2019-05-26 10:26

Oasis Of The Valley Oasis_of_Valley

303 South Alta Vista Ave., Monrovia, CA

Don’t miss service tomorrow! It’s going to be a good one!
#ladiesandgentlemen #boysandgirls #masculine #feminine…

2019-05-26 10:26

هتان ibcux17

@Shosho11884 هات فولو طيب 🌚

2019-05-26 10:26

Lindsey Solomon lindseypsolomon

International luxury lifestyle brand. Instagram: @lindseypsolomon

RT @sassyblackdiva: As someone who attended college 2008-2012, this is beyond accurate. BEYOND.

2019-05-26 10:26

Sally G sallyagale

Mom in recovery, seeker, soon to be empty nester, cats, truth and Obama. I’m alarmed by the current administration and I can’t stomach it’s hypocrisy

RT @ProudResister: Today @jonvoight said “Trump is the greatest president since Lincoln” & it’s another reminder that straight white men ca…

2019-05-26 10:26

dallas❣️ __dallasnotexas

georgia 🍑| ncat 21💛💙|nov 6 🎉|

RT @cec_tv: The kids y’all called oreos in middle school are thriving’s a beautiful thing

2019-05-26 10:26

Clint Williams BruthaClint

Im only good because God is great!

RT @pattonoswalt: Do NOT start shutting up #SaveAPBio 🍎

2019-05-26 10:26


#KrossFayahSound X #OneHundreadProd.

Producer. DJ. Recording Engineer.
#FayahSundays @ The Room
#PumPumTuesdays @ Couture

2019-05-26 10:26

Joey Brindle joey_brindle

Big fan of Lance Stewart, Tanner Fox, Roman Atwood, Codee Yount, Lizzy Wrust, Moe Sargi, OmarGoshTV, & JamesTheFam. I am 21 years old


2019-05-26 10:26

Donise Davis ArmyGirlRetired

Looking for political leaders with integrity, toughness, compassion, intelligence who are advocates of mother earth and humanity. Optimistically sunny in SoCal.

@realDonaldTrump Please stop listening to the voices in your head, sir. Or at least quit sharing them. Thank you.

2019-05-26 10:26

sleepy angel angelbabypie

go study trash can

RT @vadaverse: well buy platform boots and stfu

2019-05-26 10:26

kt kat katiegiff

don’t let them fool ya kid, no one knows whats goin on. code your own matrix

When it’s all said and done... my soul is forever tethered to my forest in Oregon. Pacific Northwest >>>

2019-05-26 10:26

joey 🌼 GOT7 💚 10/26 im claiming it fuck yall joynadua

up dili nako diri

RT @VeronicaGorgeoi: If you need motivation to wear sunscreen...

This is the famous truck driver photo everyone always talks about in the…

2019-05-26 10:26

Christine McNichol Fieryreddragon

Motor City Shoprat, non-union but pro-union, liberal, pagan, 1of the 99, pro-LGBT rights, feminist (or femi-Nazi, if you prefer) #uniteblue

RT @pattonoswalt: Keep lighting it up, friends! #SaveAPBio #BingeBioOnHulu

2019-05-26 10:26

Hope Zane lovetincture

Mads_Ansley on AO3 | Sherlock fandom | #FaithfullyLGBT 🌈 Probably writing something creepy and sexy as we speak

RT @41Strange: Pallas's cat spots a hidden camera
(Video: scarce worldwide)

2019-05-26 10:26

Kimmie K. ♒️ KimmieAnastasia

Proud Aunty Of My 2 Handsome Nephews & My 2 Beautiful Nieces ❤️❤️❤️❤️ They Are My Life| IG:Kimmie_anastaisa

RT @RickyPDillon: and i OOP-

2019-05-26 10:26

jenny🇲🇽 _jennnym

i’ve had to pee for 15 years

RT @elijahdaniel: ain’t it crazy that y’all beg me to call you a faggot as if there isn’t tons of kids in ur school who do it for free ever…

2019-05-26 10:26

Jake Malden jakemalden


Multi-talented individual. Dream big,work hard,rock on!

@CianaPelekai10 Great job Ciana. It's always good to "Pay It Forward" 💝💝

2019-05-26 10:26

Peace and Love💙🍕💙 Peaceandlove006

#PdcxSv 🥑✨

RT @MariaLauraQd: El único momento que tenemos es hoy, es ahora. Sé bueno con los demás y sé bueno contigo.

2019-05-26 10:26

🏳️‍🌈pseudonym @save mukuro ikusaba Empireofjoy1

forever angry about a perfectly good characterisation of mukuro being wasted in favour of incestuous masochism

RT @dril: wacky sitcom premise where i accidentally arrange to get my ass kicked and have my dick sucked in the same parking lot

2019-05-26 10:26

jesse bohannon family 215 jessebohannon6

RT @LizGillies: @elzbthgilIies Absolutely nailed it.

2019-05-26 10:26

hailey. welpthisisit

17~I am pretty chill and stuff so feel free to dm me :))

RT @93feetofsmoke: out now!

"if my dad saw he'd be proud of me" official music video

Animation by @and_then_death

Hosted by @astari…

2019-05-26 10:26

زَيـنب. za_x313

ما طالَ بِي حُزنٌ والزَّهراءُ تسمَعُني.

RT @OlaAlfares: لو يعلمُ المرءُ ما يُخفي الزمانُ لهُ ؟
لربّما فرّ ممّا قد تمنّاهُ !

كم يعشقُ القلبُ ما فيهِ الهلاكُ لهُ
والخيرُ يا قلبُ ما…

2019-05-26 10:26

chloey chloeynorris


RT @mineifiwildout: my hands look like this so hers can look like this

2019-05-26 10:26

ʜᴏᴡᴀʀᴅ ᴀ. ʀᴏᴅᴍᴀɴ howardrodman

Novel #TheGreatEastern out from @MelvilleHouse June 4! Past President, @WGAWest; @USCCinema prof; screenwriter (Joe Gould's Secret; Savage Grace).

2019-05-26 10:26

Teresa Minutolo gypsiny

I love to hike and be in nature. Photograpy is one of my favorite hobbies. I am into Eastern Philosophy, Metaphysics and Native American tradition.

RT @billabbottHC: How do best friends navigate through romantic relationships? Things get complicated NOW in #FromFriendToFiance! @hallmark…

2019-05-26 10:26

matty deharo🤩✨ mAtTyB002

Phs 🏈 & swim Manager~ Principal's Advisory President💚

people be infuriating me

2019-05-26 10:26

Frankie. Grandefrankie_

where’s my pizza puff?

I’m dead😂😂😂😂

2019-05-26 10:26

Maniiii👸🏾 dejmanii

#miles20 .

wtf kinda secs was disssss

2019-05-26 10:26

TOBO! ToboCaresForYou

Cauliflower never tasted so good

RT @Hilbranded: Moby came forward with a VERY compelling photo.

2019-05-26 10:26

Herbert West Coast EastmanFade

street-walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm, runaway son of the nuclear A-bomb

RT @_RyanTurek: Godzilla’s Revenge is the anti-bullying/“I’m a latchkey kid fantasizing about living on Monster Island” movie this crowd ne…

2019-05-26 10:26

E ericellemve

RT @lovelyyvirii: me when my boyfriend gets mad that i slap his ass

2019-05-26 10:26

Matt Willison velvecreamRabit


RT @pattonoswalt: What if? WHAT IF?!? #SaveAPBio 🍎

2019-05-26 10:26

Aaron A. Alvarez ObscureAaron

Progressive Chicano | Illustrator | The Obscure Gentlemen | Plain Zero | Red Pine Hospital | Contributor at @thedad and @thebolditalic

- DM for commissions

- @MarkBrooksArt Fantastic Four #5 wedding variant. Damn gorgeous!

- @Artgerm's Fantastic Four Wedding Special var…

2019-05-26 10:26