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Mandy BooksYarnLogic

Writing centre coordinator. Settler-Academic. Writing productivity | Digital communication | Anti-oppression work | Peer Tutor PD. She/Her.

@KarenAttiah asks us to consider what we’re doing with our anger. It’s a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lat…

2019-01-20 11:19

Donna Freedman DonnaF4Kids

Retired Teacher of 36 years, Proud Mom of two gorgeous daughters and Proud Grandma of my handsome grandson, and Rowland Unified School District Board Member

I had a fantastic school visit at Giano Intermediate!! Here is Mr. Ochoa, Principal asking students questions!…

2019-01-20 11:19

Diamond Bar Hoops BrahmaHoops

🏀 Official Twitter account for DBHS Boys Basketball 💯 WIT - Whatever It Takes

Shout out to @myles_corey2 for being selected top 24 out of 100 in the Underrated Tour!! We are extremely proud of…

2019-01-20 11:19

The Bucket Heads Podcast bucketheadspod

Talking about Everything and Nothing at the same time. Your neighborhood friendly Mandos Aaron, Eddie, and Bonnie. Email us at

Just want to Wish a very Happy Birthday to host @Gothamgash stay safe and have fun!

2019-01-20 11:19

Joe Buggin domstoofly

Cosmetic Chemist | HZ Nupe | GBS | RIP Baby Bril 🇬🇾 Instagram/Snap: @domstoofly


2019-01-20 11:19

Ddiddac ddiddac

RT @JAX_357: @misslaneym @benFranklin2018

2019-01-20 11:19

Aria Delina09328490

21/asexual/lesbian/istp/autistic/witch 2 years

What's the point of snow if it's not snowman snow

2019-01-20 11:19

LilMisSkrengge LilMisSkrengge

i was born to be your sANNEshine. ProudNanay of my BabyLS (Lost Souls). “God is good” - Psalm 86:5 “Wala ng ibang loveteam, wala ng kahit ano” - EJB, 07.29.2018

Awwww, thank you po. 😭🙏🏻♥️

2019-01-20 11:19

Nalyd💬 NalydOrDylan

17. Unofficial Fortnite Pro. YouTube

RT @xilFN: Not buying skins until Fortnite Battle Royale is back, feels like Save The World right now

2019-01-20 11:19

Kevin H. Hernandez KevinHz19

Currently a College student. Am obviously a Brony. Socialize a little and only share what I feel sharing

Here at @Outback for my birthday and going to order the Big Australia special. Going to be a while eat

2019-01-20 11:19

Jesus Oní Şangô Soto jesusrafaels


RT @GARDELIANO100: Coño no se si estoy flaqueando en mis convicciones políticas, por eso hago esta encuesta: Venezuela necesita actualmente

2019-01-20 11:19

𝐌𝐚𝐱𝐱 🦇 maxxmacabre

@bloodykvsses was locked ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ just a spooky ghoul who loves vampires 🧛🏻‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ig: maxxmacabre_

@gothicspells @alexbesideyou @emileighsrose @YUNGREVELATIONS watch your mouth

2019-01-20 11:19

James Talavera jaayrawn

If you’re reading this, I just want you to know that you matter and you are loved. ☺️❤️

@KINGDOMHEARTS #❤️❤️❤️ #sweepstakes @KINGDOMHEARTS May your heart be your guiding key!

2019-01-20 11:19

Jazmine Lopez jazminelopez71

Dodgers 💙

@persianthoughtz My life consists of you and your baby girl

2019-01-20 11:19

Get Cracking GetCracking

Your home to everything eggs!
Recipes, meal planning, farmers and their stories. #getcracking

@BPimaging We’re glad you think so! 😜

2019-01-20 11:19

Jamie L. Turner jmelynette

A child of God. A wife to a King 👑. A mother of 3 blessings 🙌🏽 A student of life & 💡of the 🌎

@NVfootball58 @ItsVillaDoe 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

2019-01-20 11:19

Charlize Brennan Charliest_2001

Theatrics President 2018-2019 ,Wescovaries & Choral Dept. Secretary 2018-2019, instagram: charliest_01 ~all I’ve ever know is how to hold my own~

RT @WCHS_choir: Our See's Candy fundraiser is in full swing. Get your orders in to a choir student by January 22nd.

2019-01-20 11:19

1up.Thrillho 1up_ThrillHo

Sponsored Player/Hired Goon of @1UPGAMES.

Usually just RT'ing all the FGC posts of the @SSCFightNights.

Well shiiiiit, if this is the reaction Skarlet is gonna get from some MK fans, looks like I gotta main her now.


2019-01-20 11:19

Omar Ohmar94


2019-01-20 11:19

gmrxo_ 👑 princessgx_


I your father my siblings to death tho

2019-01-20 11:19

Nando™ _diaz03_

sv baseball #8 ⚾️👀

Kyle Kuzma is on fireee 👀💯🔥

2019-01-20 11:19


You will always have my heart // 19// Insta: @daisyig18

@RickyPorter Literally I only have one lmaooooooo

2019-01-20 11:19

D.Mar whyyDee

Dream big, follow through bigger.

RT @BaitMeCom: The Vans Authentic - Soft Suede in sapphire & koi comes complete with their signature rubber waffle outsole. Purchase these…

2019-01-20 11:19

EmeryJag lovenaiekaj_

19• I can do Anything⚡️ #Beyhive🐝

RT @_SeanTheCreator: Ray J came out with all purpose frames. Yall clowned him. Soulja Boy came out with a video game console & discount tim…

2019-01-20 11:19

lil g _gisellll_

welcome to the mind of a maniac // ig|the.little.g // Jared 💍

RT @ayyeechristian: Consistency is key

2019-01-20 11:19

Jason C 🇨🇦 cranman_75

Yeah I'm into whole beer in my stomach... My tweets are my own and do not represent my work. Also, I don’t know nothing about anything.

Proof that fucking cats have walked all over newspapers for centuries!!

2019-01-20 11:19

n-mevill ♡ tae taemeetevil

yoonmin! taekook! [fan account]

@Army_bolinhos eu preferi nao falar sobre pra evitar preocupação, deixei pra falar só pra amigos mesmo

2019-01-20 11:19

Laker Standard LakerStandard

strive for smarter Laker conversations

What a great closeout by Ingram and rechallenge to change that three point shot. #Lakers are straight up guarding H…

2019-01-20 11:19

Miguel Angel Velazqu velazqu_angel

100% Deportista y Rockero!! Futbol; America @Cristiano CR7 .NFL Miami Boston Dodgers.Rock; La Vela Puerca, No Te Va Gustar, Dos Minutos

RT @BlancaVoong: Que pena lo qué pasó pero ellos buscaron su propia muerte, nadie los mandó a delinquir.

2019-01-20 11:19

jorge jorge00gtz

@LanaRhoades lol I would've tsken it quick so I could warm you up 😋

2019-01-20 11:19

Markell _Butera✨ markellbutera

|CHEER🦋|DANCE🎼| ‘19🎓. Can’t See Straight🌈

@___myanicole___ Don’t let everyone know look what happened to canes and chick-fil-a

2019-01-20 11:19

krissy krissyyygee

18 🦋 || penn state

@MadisonDayaa i found you sleeping in my bed an hour ago OMG

2019-01-20 11:19

Waffle Buns IcyWafflebun

A little kitten addicted to shrinking, a lot. You can find me on Steam: rianu1. Discord: IcyWafflebun#3975. I'm also on Second Life: KaiZomarah


I like the Balmung server. I've been on quite a few, and most of the time, places are a ghost town or no…

2019-01-20 11:19

Natalie Rowe Knatolee

Pet-mama, cat-cuddler, dog-wrangler, beekeeper, artist, writer, poet on Bee Meadow Farm w/@gsclawfirm & MANY rescue animals. Blog:

@crastahere Lovely girl!

2019-01-20 11:19


Presenting customized high-performance gaming PCs and the latest news from iBUYPOWER. If you have any customer questions, please contact us at (888) 462-3899.

Add another win for @astralisgg they’re looking pretty dominant. 👀

2019-01-20 11:19

raychillwood raychillwood

back to her roots

@23Linares 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

2019-01-20 11:19

moana moana24t

sc: moana.t


2019-01-20 11:19

Tom Geeting tomgeeting

@RTaylorFBscout @RiseAndFireCamp Great to chat with you today!

2019-01-20 11:19

Ian Hakes ianhakes

Writer, information architect, twitterer, father, mental health advocate, tech enthusiast, and all-around nice guy. Opinions? My own.

@mattwasfunny you nailed Shania tonight - made me lol

2019-01-20 11:18

Chief Writes with Pen nikisanchez18

One day at a time. Take everyday on your own pace

@CristinaVee You definitely looked like you were having fun :)

2019-01-20 11:18

H.O.V.any ♒ OD_jojo2197

We gon' kill 'em with kindness

@ssylviaberry Lol not suprised

2019-01-20 11:18

Olivia♥️ Livvaaayyy

22| it’s not that serious 🤙🏼🌻

@jessyycollette Fakeeeeee 🙄

2019-01-20 11:18

A R L E N E 💋 fourrtwenty_

Aint no hood like Motherhood 🤘💕 I LOVE THE GREEN 💚💚💚

For real 😂

2019-01-20 11:18

Jacob Urbina saucy_jp93

sometimes I sell stuff.....

@2pacs_back_17 It’s funny you say “here we go again” lol you get lost in your own responses , then you can’t comprehend shit 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

2019-01-20 11:18

Nathan Poole NPoole101

Special Education Teacher (Resource Specialist Program) at Lakeside Middle School, PBIS (Lakeside PRIDE) Coach

@TheJLV We may be attempting to “do this” but we are not doing it nearly well enough. I work with marginalized kids…

2019-01-20 11:18

Sheila English english_sheila

🍁🍁🇨🇦🍁🍁 😻

It was a cold, grey winter’s day in downtown Woodstock.

2019-01-20 11:18

Adrian Lozano mr_itryhard

| 20

@Chavez04Chavez @LakersNation Didn’t ya’ll get blown out by us WITHOUT LEBRON lmaoo

2019-01-20 11:18

Senju🍥 Beast_Bigman75

Hold On, Keep Going, Never Give Up.. Rest in Paradise bro Adrian Castro❤️

@JohnnyH02697536 I'm not a tackle fucker lmao

2019-01-20 11:18

AnthonyM47 Revok6s

Heaven Knows that We're living In Hell Yet I Still Cherish Everyday That We Live and Inhale - Ab Soul

@PhilNiekro318 @atlbaseballtalk High 98mph fastball homerun off walker Buehler was more impressive to me tbh. And i…

2019-01-20 11:18

Armando Mandomoney_

click the link below if you want a car

Let’s get this dub @Lakers

2019-01-20 11:18

HsrM1tchy HsrM1tchy

Inglewood’s UnderDog “Gemini”otw 🤐🅱️raze

I believe my mind shut himself down so I won’t write anymore material it’s ready to rekord rekord n that’s fine to

2019-01-20 11:18

lori san roman aissalori

Live Love Laugh ✌️❤️ ig: _spnishfly

If you blow on Hardens face you’ll get fouled 😂

2019-01-20 11:18

kevin haddad kevinhaddad08

Common sense

@scalpatriot1 @Johnpdca Soros should be taxed 100%

2019-01-20 11:18

Alexis Marie:) MorenaReinaa


I’ll never be a second option

2019-01-20 11:18

gmrxo_ 👑 princessgx_


Only child >>>>

2019-01-20 11:18

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ dieggsss

love your hair, hope you win

RT @YoCallMeSarah: People be hating on my butterfly clips but they ARE HERE TOOOO STAAAYY🦋🌟💚

2019-01-20 11:18

Bicc Darv darvmeans

formerathlete♧gamer♡shoetuber◇influnencer♤sound cloud rapper♧BLM

Zo control the flow so well
It boggs dwn when hes not out there

2019-01-20 11:18

elcharrosbarbacoa elcharrosbarba1

we serve the traditional beef barbacoa guadalajara style. we bring a new taste to the streets of los angeles.

#lafrancesa#sandwich#barbacoa#consome#tacos#guadalajara#lapuente#artdistrict#losangeles#authentic#frenchdip @ Elcha…

2019-01-20 11:18

Rae 💕 _IamKakarot

God 1st, then everything else falls into place, Psalms 118:6 | Fresno State WBB | #GoDogs #LFBA

RT @_SeanTheCreator: Ray J came out with all purpose frames. Yall clowned him. Soulja Boy came out with a video game console & discount tim…

2019-01-20 11:18

Ms.🇨🇦Beaver⚔️ DisillusiondCAN

🇨🇦Libertarian⚔️🚫Feminist Mom, PRO🇨🇦🇺🇸#FreeMarkets 🚫M103 🚫#C71 🚫#C75 🌪️ALL #LiberalsMustGo #FreeSpeechMatters #SupportVets #CdnForces #SaveOntario #SaveCanada

@globalnews I guess BREXIT deal should have been negotiated by someone who actually supported Brexit and NOT by som…

2019-01-20 11:18

Neen Bean ninaapenzo

19 • it’s my party and i’ll cry to the end

Some random guy just shoulder checked me so hard that my shoulder is throbbing so long story short I’m ready to riot.

2019-01-20 11:18



@jaacobbbbbb Hell nah he ain’t my mans. Bald ass

2019-01-20 11:18

Matt West AltaLoma99

Iggy Azalea Follow 2/4/18 🔥
Met Iggy 7/10/18 🔥 Iggy is my 🐐
6ft. 2 and loving life!!! Skinny and proud🌈!!! Single and mingling...but I ain't no h0e!💌

@quintisthuggin @cloutboyjojoo

2019-01-20 11:18

MaureenDocherty MaureenDocherty

RT @JAX_357: @misslaneym @benFranklin2018

2019-01-20 11:18

Natalie Rowe Knatolee

Pet-mama, cat-cuddler, dog-wrangler, beekeeper, artist, writer, poet on Bee Meadow Farm w/@gsclawfirm & MANY rescue animals. Blog:

@dora_ruby Wood/oil furnace, forced air with ductwork :)

2019-01-20 11:18

LH/CH | Shintear shintearSSB

Inkling (?) main/Villager sub. @aru762mmr is my waifu. Smash Ultimate T.O. for @LAN_Hero. CounterHit is barely even a real thing!

Can someone explain why a Gordo you hit back can hit Dedede twice but not kill him even at high percents

2019-01-20 11:18

Brigette Lugo lalatinamerican

🇵🇦🇳🇮 Curly haired lover of all things Tom Hardy, Stranger Things, and mondongo.

@bryanmoller O no????

2019-01-20 11:18

U of T Varsity Blues Varsity_Blues

The official Twitter page of the University of Toronto Varsity Blues! Thanks for following! WE ALL #BLEEDBLUE #WeAreTO

MBB: Jeremy Aibi soars through the air for the AND ONE! The @Blues_Hoops are only down 48-47 to the @LUVoyageurs at…

2019-01-20 11:18

natalie natxxgon

m. ❤️

tonight should be fun

2019-01-20 11:18

la luna 🌙 iliana_blanca

Concert goer. || Frida Kahlo. || Professional ranter.

I love when my bro asks me to pop his pimples, like yaaaass bitch, come to mama

2019-01-20 11:18

blkcaviar watsonstev

Why is Lonzo on the bench ? #LALvsHOU

2019-01-20 11:18

Amenophis Fikee Angrifon

Dogface Joe

@realDonaldTrump The (non-existent) risk is worth it.

2019-01-20 11:18

gmrxo_ 👑 princessgx_


“A Wah yu man ago kill yu ?”
No but, he might kill you

2019-01-20 11:18

Ontario 511 Ontario511

Info voyageur officielle du MTO sur les routes provinciales Surveillé de 7h à 19h. Conditions d'utilisation:

MAJ #Evenement #Milton #AUT401 E a James Snow Pkwy, 2 voies de droite et l'accotement de droite bloques en raison d'une collision. #ONRtes

2019-01-20 11:18

JC 🔱 _Carlitos400

It’s never “I wish” it’s i WILL get back on the field ⚽️

2019-01-20 11:18

K-la okeylaaa

play the system

I don’t have the energy to go out anymoreeeee

2019-01-20 11:18

rachel berns rachellberns

south hills ASB | dance team captain ☼ ☼ ☼

pt 2 :’)

2019-01-20 11:18

Antonio Jose De Sucre ElCumanes13

Por favor si eres extremista sea de izquierda o de derecha no me sigas, me haces un favor a mi y a la universalidad.


2019-01-20 11:18

Matthew Rodriguez MattDotDisney

I’m that one Disney kid you always hear about!

@Jerrypleasure @irnlvna

2019-01-20 11:18

iNK tWO BBS inktwo

iNK tWO BBS is a telnet system available at : port 23 sysop: Smooth (Fuel/Impure) ANSI/ASCii art, Programming, and BBS Custom mods.

More art and modifications are being added this weekend to Ink Two BBS. #inktwo #ansi #phenom #fuel

2019-01-20 11:18

Papi🖤🦋🖤 HabLilPapi

∙ oscar leovardo juan lorenzo hernandez ∙ award-winning tattooed bad boi bandit ∙ armando's daddy ∙ 🇲🇽

Shawty say she wanna do me and she barely even knew but she sucked up on my kids

2019-01-20 11:17

Unknown JUAN_MING_11

@DKing_DB Did the fight start yet

2019-01-20 11:17

Dantino DanielMohan

45 - 14 Q for the Raps and Memphis has 20 Turnovers already. Holy shit that Q was disrespectful. #WeTheNorth

2019-01-20 11:17

wendy 💌 wendyyyjanet

i do this but instead i sleep call 😫

2019-01-20 11:17

Cesar Lopez cesarrlopezzz

your moms a hoe

im deadass done with everyone’s bs

2019-01-20 11:17

Alex Helena AH_Sauk

Budding microbiology master's student making the leap from wildlife biology 🐯 🦠

Oh my God. None of my friends currently have babies but if they did, I would totally make this #bats #crafts

2019-01-20 11:17

Nailkita Nailkita

Digital Designer

I liked a @YouTube video Real DOCTOR reacts to CELLS AT WORK! // Episode 6 // "Erythroblasts and Myelocytes"

2019-01-20 11:17

Fatmah S.B Fatomi_SB

RT @Drkhaledjalgham: المبتعث الذي أحسنت وفادته سيدة في سن جدته و أكرمته و قابل كرم استقبالها بإزعاجها بقصائد لا تفهمها و لا تستسيغها و بث م…

2019-01-20 11:17

Bryce Powell brycepowell17

Chaffey College/
Chaffey Baseball⚾️
Follow IG - brycepowell17
Snap - thebaseballblak

I felt that

2019-01-20 11:17

jayybby504 jaychristine_50

I'm from that BIG EASY babyy ♥️♥️♥️

RT @_SeanTheCreator: Ray J came out with all purpose frames. Yall clowned him. Soulja Boy came out with a video game console & discount tim…

2019-01-20 11:17

Priscilla priss730

We can only stand out in this world, making an impact on one person at a time. If we’re lucky we get a lot of those people in a lifetime.

@MarioLopezExtra @Schwarzenegger I would do ANYTHING to meet that man!!

2019-01-20 11:17