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Asel Rakhimova AselRakhimova4

Wellcome to my profile!♥


2018-01-24 12:43

Uzzie. loznerd

my dog's name is eskitet

@LuckyZean @jakeg1223

2018-01-24 12:43

bellaaaa champangebel

RT @notnajz: valentines day is coming up and all i want are chocolate covered strawberries

2018-01-24 12:43

Anthony Stotko Stoyo21

Loving life one day at a time!!

Three Billboards +120
Shape of Water +150
Lady Bird 10/1
Get Out 25/1
Dunkirk 25/1
The Post 40/1
Call Me B…

2018-01-24 12:43

kaybee✨ AlwaysKristina_

Las Vegas. 21. Leo. Education Major. John 💕

@ikesplace when I was in San Francisco I asked the workers that they need an Ike’s in Vegas and they said you guys…

2018-01-24 12:43

Nano nano404

Illuminated by The higher power; enlightened but walk in the darkness | One more river to cross.

@TheeOnlyOciera The suicide rate for men is like 3x higher than women, maybe you should reconsider.

2018-01-24 12:43

Doce Veneno Juniuuuu

Jiu-jitsu Oss♡

RT @euraquel_: @Juniuuuu Muito eu kkkkkkk

2018-01-24 12:43

Ann 🇺🇸 ML Globies 🌍 kn_mlfangirl

An avid fan of KathNiel and McLisse 😍 Cebu, PH 🇵🇭

Magbuwag ta kay...

2018-01-24 12:43

Edwin xAngelicBeastx

Politics, Sports (LAChargers, LADodgers, LALakers, and Vegas Golden Knights), Games and random 💩 Also may use a bit of profanity and me some GIFs.

@SteveInTrees @EdmontonOilers @SanJoseSharks @GoldenKnights I thought the sharks played against VGK once..? And they lost in OT.

2018-01-24 12:43

Whitzncrypt {XCPAplha} whitzncrypt

New to Crypto! Appreciate any Guidance

Research Bankcoin, Bankapp & $XCP thank me in June 2018 @Nodefather

Getting married in Feb 🙌

RT @NODEfather: When #BCH and #ETH are both below $1,000 per coin each, expect ALL institutional investors to exit scam and pull out their…

2018-01-24 12:43

Steve Tasco TascoSteve

husband, father , liberal , plaster artist ,advocate for everything that most conservatives hate. All background pics are of work I have done.

@DeplorableKaren Well there ya go. Problem solved.

2018-01-24 12:43


Gambler,poet,sports/music lover poker-Bella Ferraro-Christina Marie-Second Avenue-Josh Kaufman-Craig Wayne Boyd-Brooke Adee-Mary Sarah-Tarra Layne.Sundance Head

VEGAS - 1 - 1 -

2018-01-24 12:43

Daughter of Liberty lleoffled

American laws must be applied to all. No exceptions for wealth,politics,race. 🗽#MAGA I follow Trump supporters #TrumpTrain 🇺🇸🚂🗽

RT @WeSupport45: The Liberals especially @Oprah & @CNN want this video removed from @Facebook so let's make it viral for them! #RETWEET & D…

2018-01-24 12:43

jesus garcia JG_Swifty

My Name is Jesus and I am a life/long proud Swifty & Ranfan. I firmly believe that being fearless means that you have fears that you eventually conquer. For me,

RT @GoldenKnights: We will honor USA Hockey Asst Executive Director Jim Johannson with a moment of silence before tonight's game. JJ's cont…

2018-01-24 12:43

Sydney Groom SydneyGroom

I'm new to this...Columbia Track and Field '21 🦁💙

I hope the D was worth it ☠️

2018-01-24 12:43

Patina NVpixie

#VegasStrong❤️NYC always with me 🗽Harleys🏍Packers🏈💚💛bulldogs🐾hockey lover 🏒play hard🌸no regrets🇺🇸 My pink sunglasses,always makes me better 💞

I’m playing a game called @hqtrivia! You should play too. Use my code ‘NVPIXIE’ to sign up

2018-01-24 12:43

David Benjamin thetoyman1

Media Consultant, Lakers Fan, Vegas Expert/Dodger Fan/Radio/TV Producer/ News Junky/ Creator of Products/Proud Military Supporter/ #TLF #MUZIKKZONE

@PNgata Agree. He has a good game shooting from 3; then he shoots 10 more the next game.

2018-01-24 12:43

sister jenna. Jenna12Music

👆 that happened...

RT @Zak_Bagans: Dogs get cabin fever. Dont leave them imprisoned in your apartment/house everyday all day. Take them for a walk in the park…

2018-01-24 12:43


your future wife. ✨

@Himthatdude_0 Lol here you go!! 😂😂😂

2018-01-24 12:43

tlc0883 tlc0883

RT @pornnfan:

2018-01-24 12:43

Robert benedetto RobFromVegas702

I am Thee Rob From Vegas•Dallas Cowboys Fan•Muscle Car Enthusiast

@VoiceOfTheStar TO is right Garrett should be fired results matter

2018-01-24 12:43

ابو العز _AbdulAzlz

في عز الكلام تبعثرت الحروف في وصفي .

RT @1bnxr:

2018-01-24 12:43

kacey trujillo trujillokacey

22 | LV

RT @legitbeezy: Lmao what the actual fuck

2018-01-24 12:43

lili lilihenderson17

RT @AlanHungover: this is the best video i have ever seen

2018-01-24 12:43

Chris Henrichsen Chrishenrichsen

Political theorist. Teacher. Editor @approachjustice. Fmr. politician. Religion, Education, Rawls. Studied at @ISU_POLS & @UofUPoliSci 🌹

Members of Congress should be paid during government shutdowns. It prevents sides and leadership from using paychecks as leverage.

2018-01-24 12:43

Litty P 🤘🏽 PDollazzzz

22 ♏️. IG: pdollazzzz . You’ll never be old and wise if you ain’t young & crazy

@OOO_district Lmao not all girls are like me 😂 I’m sorry friend

2018-01-24 12:43

ジャグラーマン🐯💢💋🐮嘘マンゴ JANKY_JagJag


@Yukisan_777 負けてますンゴ🤡


2018-01-24 12:43

puto k-liente GrizzlySan1

putita de semental activo, toda una nena para los machos activos

RT @JacobTaylor_XXX: Check The new full video with the sexy @armandrizzoxxx

2018-01-24 12:43

EDSN EdisonCaine


Gallagher as a heel could be William Regal-ish but he is just missing something. I need to see that fire. #205Live

2018-01-24 12:43

shrek 2 bigratnips

Very in love with Gerardo 💕

Looks legit I should hit him up

2018-01-24 12:43

🌊tha marthafpessoa

carioca, flamenguista e morena do tchan nas horas vagas

@pedro_snto Eu iludir? Eu q sou a iludida meu bem

2018-01-24 12:43

xx x xx a8b6696261ef4b1

🐦GOT7 จินยองจบม🍑🌴 | THEBOYZ ฮักนยอน🐷 | BNyoung Alljin 👬💕


2018-01-24 12:43

Rachel Crosby rachelacrosby

Metro reporter @reviewjournal. Night cops expat. Raised here/back here after @chicagotribune, @TB_Times & @UF. I mostly write about terrible things.

RT @ColtonLochhead: Showing some teeth: Pot regulators have suspended nearly half of Nevada's marijuana testing labs since August.

“We wa…

2018-01-24 12:43

Noe Olvera NoeOlvera69


4ever sad....

2018-01-24 12:43

Debra McGuire DebraMc69651555

Former editor

I don't think it will work retroactively. Leaking classified material, even using one's attorney as a cut out, is i…

2018-01-24 12:43

The_Osani the_osani

Anime Junky, Gamer on Xbox One and PC, mildly addicted to MMORPG games, Constitutionalist, Patriot and 2A enthusiast, SCI-FI and Fantasy reader, ❤ Animals, # 12

RT @mikandynothem: Health care is not a "right", it is a privilege. That's the trouble with liberals; they want everything handed to them i…

2018-01-24 12:43

angelic flirt NeverSayAngie

forever apologizing for being a psycho bitch lol || SN

RT @notnajz: SENDING U LOVE ❤️ congrats boo!!

2018-01-24 12:43

Joseph Rarick, EMBA JoeRarick

I create long-term value for organizations from customers, markets, and relationships. Child of God, Patriot, Husband, Father, Leader. Always in Beta!

RT @mikandynothem: Please ✔RETWEET✔ after you follow my friend @Females4Trump2 ! Her original account was suspended for unknown reasons and…

2018-01-24 12:43

babysindhuja babysindhuja

RT @lodilodikook: @Tiffanym_twt @BTS_twt After March 30th, I hope those fansites and those who are involved in birthday projects now would…

2018-01-24 12:43

Alvina vinaa_vee

DOPE VIBES ONLY 🧘🏽‍♀️♥️💫🔮🥂. Passport 🌎✈️ in one hand & my iPhone 📱 in the other ✌🏽. pharmTECH licensed💊CaesarsENT favWAiTRESS🍾 snapchat&iG: vinaa_vee

NEVER take sides in a conflict you know nothing about & if you are in the middle just stay tf out of it & be a listening ear !

2018-01-24 12:43

Jon Castagnino JonCastagnino

Journalist, 😍 @LeanLovinMom, dad, cancer survivor, creator of @RebelReportUNLV, 🗣🎤 on @AdrenalineLV @PlayUSFantasy, proud LV native. 1 Samuel 17:45 #ImWithJC

TACOS coming 1st intermission! Media doing it’s best to hide its excitement… and CBJ just scored, so there’s that. 1-1 #VegasBorn

2018-01-24 12:43

Jozalyn Sharp jozalynsharp

Stand up comedian. Value menu connoisseur. Show dates and tickets: Podcasts: @jolleysharps @risetooffend & @metalsucks IG: @jozalynsharp

@MarniesWorld Good idea! 🤪

2018-01-24 12:43


Quem me proteje nunca dorme .

Ei amor eu tô contigo independente do k.o

2018-01-24 12:43

Angel Lopez piinkgerms

Symphonic Orchestra

@brokeensoul_ @CarlozKingz00 Okay pues get on

2018-01-24 12:43

sam _samyrdz_

give thanks and praise to the Lord

Only love my bed and my momma

2018-01-24 12:43

Jarred Aabel JarredAabel


It blows my mind how JR, Crowder and IT start games...

2018-01-24 12:43

LakersDeez82 LakersDeez82

Lakers, Angels, Kings, UCLA, Bucs.

When people call for Luke to be fired it's for decisions like playing Ennis. And you cant argue against it.

2018-01-24 12:43

gym harbaugh dallasterrell_

in real life, I'm life goals. || self proclaimed #PlaylistGawd || 24 || #BLM || #GoBlue

2018-01-24 12:43

🎆🎊New Year, Better Roro🎊🎆 SawADogOnce

I like video games and dogs.
'It’s ok—it’s alright to be different from everyone Because everyone’s different, it’s a miracle!'

RT @HBJohnXuandou:

2018-01-24 12:43

Roman Guitars RomanGuitars

3485 W. Harmon Ave. Suite 110 , Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 89103 1-702-597-0147 THE premier #GuitarShop established in 1976. International shipping. #CustomGuitars

4 amazing followers in the last week and there will be more tomorrow. Growing with

2018-01-24 12:43

dise 🎲 pvradlse

create the life you desire 🍃

You are my wish; this is me with a death wish.

2018-01-24 12:43

💲unny〽️ula SunnyMon3y

#TBN💮... The Lord is my witness ✝️ SLC Commit🏀

In 2018 I will no longer beef with anyone! It's either you with me or you don't exist to me. 🙏🏾

2018-01-24 12:43

Sarah Harper sharperspeaks

On-air @Mix941 // Meme connoisseur // Marginally funny at times // IG @sharperspeaks

King of the world.

2018-01-24 12:43

Dee _deebox

too lazy to write a bio

RT @iFuckedUrGurl: I miss you sometimes but i rather that than to message you..

2018-01-24 12:43

Mickilv mickilv

Huge fan of Def Leppard❤❤ have always loves them. mother of 2 great kids and can't help but worry about this world we live in and the dangers that are all.

@Mariska Happy Birthday Mariska!!!!

2018-01-24 12:43

Lesley 🧡🌻✨ Lesleyduhhh

Las Vegas 🌃| 👻lesleyal13| 📸 Lesleyduhhh “Just enough madness to keep her interesting”


2018-01-24 12:43

Al Bernstein AlBernstein

Al Bernstein is a Hall of Fame Boxing analyst for Showtime Television as well as a author, stage performer, recording artist and speaker.

@Jonesy_Wales Also I just included Canelo-GGG in a recent tweet about bi fights coming up-- how is that a Showrime…

2018-01-24 12:43

Chris ChrisProbstTD

You won't like my political opinions and I won't care. UNLV 2021. Pats, Red Sox, TB Lightning, VGK.

Oh come ON

2018-01-24 12:43

Allen Kessler AllenKessler

Allen Kessler aka The Chainsaw. I travel the tournament circuit playing WPT, WSOP, HPT and MSPT events. 2013 @hptpoker player of the year.

I challenge you or anyone else to find a 10k main that ends in 4 days or less. (Wsop toc doesn't count. )

Go ahead.

2018-01-24 12:43

Raquel euraquel_

leonina/ALVINEGRA/16 @botafogoOficial

@Juniuuuu Muito eu kkkkkkk

2018-01-24 12:43

DerekGonzalez DerekMurakami

27 & Counting.

RT @PrinceBama: Robot sex doll bae when she catches you liking human women's IG posts

2018-01-24 12:43

Geary Mac MacovitzGeary

Happy husband, proud father, love of country, new found hatred towards libtards, TRUMP supporter, constitutionalist #maga#america first

RT @WeSupport45: Our pressure on congress to #ReleaseTheMemo is working! Go now to and see all the documents relate…

2018-01-24 12:43

Barbie RennoIris

021 🌊☀

Sonho de princesa

2018-01-24 12:43

James Humphreys 🇺🇸 BPratto

4 times blessed #BoycottNFL #2A #LockHerUp #Benghazi 🇺🇸#CodeofVets كُفَّا

RT @FOX5Vegas: Another study is ranking Nevada toward the bottom for education. See where the Silver State fell on the list >

2018-01-24 12:43

夏空 青 SummerSky_Blue

ケモナー/ゲイセクシャル/プログラミング/TOKYO FM/筋トレ/パンツ/ピアノ/鍵盤ハーモニカ/フルート/Icon by @korota772845/Header by @gragraapis

RT @yamuneko0805: 舐めれば舐めるほど美味しくなるモノってチーンポ!?

2018-01-24 12:43

Sarah A ke7zum

Licenced ham, play piano, sing, BA in Music, AA in music, and Cert in Business of music and tech. Also check out @samusic1 and @tffppodcast

@jbdeboer Actually I don't use pop3 at all. I have not since about 2006.

2018-01-24 12:43

Caleb Deslich cdeslich_01

@karyssa4❤️ 9.14.17

RT @GoldenKnights: at least we know we won't be hearing any of that cannon tonight

2018-01-24 12:43

Ronda Jacquin ronda_jacquin

Democrats just picked up a surprise special election victory that proves the blue wave is building

2018-01-24 12:43

Lyssa 🌙❤️ Sugammms

Hawaiian/ Mixed | Academy of Hair Design | 18 yo

@xoangela_ @jodackblack @WolfTasperen Thats what im saying lmaoo. Head ass boys

2018-01-24 12:43

m ✨ RockettToMarss

glass half full kind of girl|| phil 4:13|| unlv '21

nvm disregard I was just stupid and forgot the new place i had for it

2018-01-24 12:43

Liz Lane LVDesertBlossom

Living extraordinarily. Sometimes extraordinarily poor, sometimes extraordinarily well. But always extraordinarily.

@GoldenKnights Never forget

2018-01-24 12:43

lesli leslisndvl1

@xitlali_u 😂😂 true

2018-01-24 12:43

DeAnn B DeanieB123

Mom Dog Lover Political News Photography RN Navy Veteran Proud Democrat Foodie #Resistance #StrongerTogether #VetsResist #BowlingGreenMassacreSurvivor

@PressSec @POTUS @RepArrington How about providing her with healthcare coverage INSTEAD of just thoughts and prayers? #ThanksNoThanks

2018-01-24 12:43

Queen of Butts 🍑 QueenEspresso

Pansexual Queen.

💖💖find yourself 11/24/17💖💖

Basically every best friend I've ever had, with the exception of tyler, has left or thought about leaving at some p…

2018-01-24 12:43

ming. Lillumpiachild

@Sienleniax Girl whoever actually liked botdf in middle school probably locked up rn

2018-01-24 12:43

Jason Alan Smallwood cntbstpd001

If you've ever wanted to build a profitable business online AND you live in The United Stat…

2018-01-24 12:43

Steven Poole stevenpoole98

I’m lovin’ it

@AskPlayStation @PlayStation It’s still not running in Las Vegas but all of my friends are playing help

2018-01-24 12:43

Chernéy Amhara CherneyAmharaTV

Award winning Journalist/MMJ @FOX5Vegas, 2017 Michele Clark Fellow | 💗💚| Opinions are mine RTs not endorsements 🇺🇸🇯🇲🇩🇴

Now that that’s out of the way, the beginning of my attempt at pastelón 😊#Leggo #FortheCulture

2018-01-24 12:43

Ashley AVHSAggies19

20|High School Graduate|Blue eyes|Italian🇮🇹

I Put this on repeat..#Addicted

2018-01-24 12:43

imam imam79726953

IG : fairness

RT @BlitzPredict: BlitzPredict - Smart Contracts for Smarter Predictions. Public presale starts Jan 22nd! ICO starts February 5th! Head to…

2018-01-24 12:43

patrick m heyitsmccooey

20, hakuna matata, too blessed to be stressed, Joshua 1:9, #VegasBorn and raised, SHS ’16, Spider 2 Y Banana, #FightOn, #RaiderNation, #Banner18, #FlyTheW,

RT @GoldenKnights: once upon a time,
was a new team, could not rhyme,
scored goals instead.


2018-01-24 12:43

bisexual ghost kakarikoprovnce

not a lot going on at the moment

lmao my sister was like “i dont appreciate the way zoe was talking to me it’s disrespectful” likeeee i dont appreci…

2018-01-24 12:43

Tired Azure_JA

Personal Account ⚡️|☀️|🍭|🐥|🏎|Markprince| ~MTBB | Baby 🐜🐍|Mina|SungJin|ChangBin|


2018-01-24 12:43

DUKE DukeGradeA

Nit tonight!

2018-01-24 12:43

LIL PAINT glossfather

@r32chanel Stop it

2018-01-24 12:43

Tony B. TB8110

Boxing Promotions

@CNN Evangelicals, a newly created word because they are political and no longer Christians. People who are true be…

2018-01-24 12:43

jesus garcia JG_Swifty

My Name is Jesus and I am a life/long proud Swifty & Ranfan. I firmly believe that being fearless means that you have fears that you eventually conquer. For me,

RT @GoldenKnights: gerard gallant was an assistant coach on the original blue jackets and tonight he coaches against them for us …

2018-01-24 12:43

Edmond Dantès 🇺🇸 EdmondDantesUSA

Once a Marine, always a Marine. Above all else, never quit. #USMC #SemperFi #GOP #MAGA

English should have been made the official language of the United States of America when the United States Constitu…

2018-01-24 12:43

jy ahgasejy

처음부터 끝까지, 늘 갓세븐❤️


2018-01-24 12:43

ImLiveRT ImLiveRT

STREAMERS! Tag @ImLiveRT for retweets of your "LIVE" Twitch Streams on - Signup to earn Bitcoin from viewers!

RT @_jukkes: ✨I'm LIVE !! ✨
LoL W friends <333💘

#twitchkittens #SupportSmallStreamers @HyperRTs @Strea…

2018-01-24 12:43

Ron Soulo RonSoulo

Official Ron Soulo | instagram: ron_soulo | Music producer/DJ

RT @JanisTrue:

2018-01-24 12:43

William Holt Thusprach

I like to avoid large crowds, make up words and hike between the bootprints. I prefer Classical music and clever conversation. Don't let the traitors win.

RT @Thusprach: I have a dream! I have a dream!
That all these people be sent back without any further process.
We don't need judges or poli…

2018-01-24 12:43

James Morgan jgm2862

“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.” Goethe

@LVFREW @Chance_2018 @GravenScott @Cats4Lunch @heathen_godless @therealnaibo @nwinston @mikes_booh @VAL_MAYNARD…

2018-01-24 12:43

Jesse Diaz Jesster80

Retired Marine and UNLV Grad.

@DineshDSouza @TrumpsDC Thank you, please boycott my NFL holiday! I’ll enjoy the game that much more without you cr…

2018-01-24 12:43

Edison Tejada epsilontejada

Prospecto de físico

RT @PapiElGuapo: @neiltyson @NickLilja

2018-01-24 12:43

clementine boneyassbitch

Come a little closer, then you’ll see.

RT @bimvibin: This girl asked for my bday, my birth place and shit for my zodiac stuff and idk what she found out buh im blocked lmao

2018-01-24 12:43

CamillaIsWaifu WaifuCamilla

@Blun_Z @TheSkidesZ I highly believe that Marisa will be in the Tempest Trial banner, but that Gilliam will be the…

2018-01-24 12:43

tlc0883 tlc0883

RT @pornnfan:

2018-01-24 12:43

Fred Garde dj_fredgarde

"Go Mix or Go Home " & "Let's Make Great Dance Music Again! "

Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three - Request Line HQ Rare Video!!!!!!!

2018-01-24 12:43

Brady Kendrick BradyKendrick24

-University of Oklahoma Graduate Class of 2017, Military aviation photographer & enthusiast, Texan born & raised

RT @GoldenKnights: once upon a time,
was a new team, could not rhyme,
scored goals instead.


2018-01-24 12:43