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Lauren laurenmacneish

Wanderer with a camera. Word scribbler. Edinburgher or something. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

McWay Falls, Big Sur, CA // #bigsurcoast #travelgram #wonderful_places #postcardsfromtheworld #worldcaptures…

2018-06-23 16:34

Coach _josephluna

proper preparation prevents poor performance

long distance
Nikon D810 | 85mm (AF-S Nikkor 85mm ƒ/1.8G)
Location | Seaside, California

#nikon #onlocation…

2018-06-22 12:55

Alan Ashby AlanAshby


Went on some cool hikes today!

2018-06-22 10:17

William, Bill Donius bdonius

Innovation + Ideation Facilitator, New York Times and WSJ Best Selling Author: Thought Revolution. Traveler, Yogi

2018-06-22 04:24

Stewart Shane ir0nhid3

Stewart Shane | 24 | Autobot | Photographer

Falling | #naturephotography #nature…

2018-06-21 13:13

Wendy nongkran

We are a full time traveling family and we document our adventures on YouTube.

McWay Falls from a few weeks back #mcwayfalls…

2018-06-19 22:31

Wendy nongkran

We are a full time traveling family and we document our adventures on YouTube.

McWay Falls from a few weeks back #mcwayfalls…

2018-06-19 22:22

sanjay subbarao sanjaysrao88

Verses aren't as people think,feelings(those one has early enough),they are experiences. For the sake of a verse one must see many cities,men & things

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do…

2018-06-19 05:40

Kc lifeofnosocks

“the whole moon and entire sky are reflected in one dewdrop in the grass...” #Dōgen

It’s all about perspective #adventures @ Big Sur…

2018-06-19 02:06

Richard A. Rodriguez __RichRodriguez

| Cal Poly - SLO (Electrical Engineering) |
REU MBARI intern | Ventura College Alumni

Beautiful view of #mcwayfalls , it is a nearly 80 ft waterfall that runs into the pristine beach that has a kelp fo…

2018-06-18 10:39

Holladay KattWildcard

Awake in the Dream. On Holladay...Living for the MEOW. Creating for the WOW. Guided by Fortunes.

My hairstylist neighbor makes house calls!!!…

2018-06-15 12:36

Marion Cárdenas marioncarolina

Enfermera,snowboarder, trekkera, fotógrafa aficionada, cantante bajo la ducha, viajera.

De pronto miras al horizonte y te cruzas con…

2018-06-15 02:26

i was headed out of town 4monthstilmay

Writer, actor, picture maker and taker. Fighter and survivor. Often hiking in the mountains, exploring the desert, or staring at the sea.

I’ve at least half a summer of seaside #sunsets…

2018-06-14 12:36

Oscar™ Oscarsalbrnl00

El Oscarin

Dittman being taken out by a wave in pictures

2018-06-14 07:57

SuperEconomist URFulllOfIt

Saya menukarkan oksigen kepada karbon dioksida....Applied Economist; Regional Science, Community Economic Development

Gechua #wcw who 🧢 da best 📱📸... @ Limekiln State…

2018-06-14 06:42

violette 🌹 violetroseflwrs

I must have flowers always and always 💐

Big Sur 🌊

2018-06-14 04:21

D. Michael de Guzman ChinoDeGuzwald

#TwoHashTagsMax is the rule #Ostensibly #AccordingToSocialMediaExperts

Almost a mile above sea level. @ Cone Peak

2018-06-14 03:40