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meera :) yooomeera

Pablo♡ // mom of smokey 🖤

RT @volariume: This happened in Hayward everyone. Retweet!

2018-06-24 02:57

Western Star Nursery WStarNursery

Northern California's trusted wholesale plant marketplace for landscapers, developers and retail nurseries. 925.862.2411

How stunning is our Galt yard looking! So lucky to see this beauty every day. #landscapes #plants #flowers #summer…

2018-06-24 02:57

Dania🌺 _daniam24

CSUEB 📚 | sc👻: dania.o24

I love Amy Ortiz i love amy Ortiz i love Amy Ortiz

2018-06-24 02:57

Amy NOcorruptionUSA

Libertarian with a distaste for mass-hysterical leftists. Have no problem blocking bots & grown adults who act like brats.

RT @ScottAdamsSays: My new blog post: Why Democrats Hear a Secret Racist Dog Whistle and Republicans Don’t via @Sco…

2018-06-24 02:57

Jesus Cano y2j_cano88

Real1 • HS Sports Journalist for @prep2prepsports • @deltasportsmag • @antiochheraldca • Sports Editor @lmc_experience • Booking and

Very cool

2018-06-24 02:57

Bob Cooper🏌️ Coopgolf2

Husband and father of two, bionic shoulders, golfer, techie, RV enthusiast and beer 🍺 🍺snob.

@baseballmarty Giants 4-2 Dyson

2018-06-24 02:57

LowkeyyNeesh NeeshLowkeyy

I be having a fucked up attitude wit niggas when they try to talk to me , just because I be already mad at the nigga I want !

2018-06-24 02:57

Gav L Brining GLBme

President of Technology.UG. Interested in Virtualisation, SDX, Big Data & Devops. Views my own, see @TheSDDC & @TechUG for work

RT @timjrichards: Cisco, Lenovo see XPoint in slapping Optane drives on hyperconverged kit #ciscodcmaster

2018-06-24 02:57

jenna cossio jenna_CYDE

25. finally found. forever reserved.

I barely remember all my hositapl stays
But once, even in my psychosis, I brought comfort to a younger girl while s…

2018-06-24 02:57

julia coolemodad

sent via BlackBerry by AT&T (she/her)

@saira8123 it was such a blur

2018-06-24 02:57

John *෴* JvhnnFN



2018-06-24 02:57

Julie Rems-Smario JulieRems

Zest for life, social justice, language equality, ASL and English.

@1rightwife Sexual orientation is not choice. The act of hate to the children ripped from their children is a choic…

2018-06-24 02:56

Roger Aines RogerAines

Climate and energy technology for a livable planet. New book Jan 2019 from UC Press - Championing Science

Visionary is great. Young is terrific. It's the lying part that needs a little attention when entrepreneurs overdo…

2018-06-24 02:56

BetsyTacyTib BetsyTacyTib

Three friends from Deep Valley, Minn., whose lives are recorded by their biographer, Maud Hart Lovelace in the Betsy-Tacy books.

RT @kayray: 5yo niece is making signs for the house.

“How do you spell ‘livingroom ahead?’”


2018-06-24 02:56

mary quintanilla double07girl

RT @ScottAdamsSays: That’s how I interpreted it. Other interpretations are weird.

2018-06-24 02:56

Mama Damonte MamaDamonte

I love having fun and not dealing with any drama. Love to be around my sons and granddaughter. Working out is a must.

Germany this your last chance.......

2018-06-24 02:56

Chris chrispapiii

Make yourself happy before making someone else happy

@MusclesNRoses @Edvocados All I hear is uh uhhhhh uhhh

2018-06-24 02:56

Hunter Lew hlewwww

@kennydee0 No not yet. I move home next Saturday

2018-06-24 02:56

Ashlynn Heinrichs AHeinrichs13

“Live for the moments you can’t put into words” •CSU Fresno 21’• AgEd Major 🐮🐷• ΔΖ •

Family reunion today so I made a checklist:

-mirrored sunglasses, so they can’t see my eye rolls
-Basic white gir…

2018-06-24 02:55

M a r c o s MarkLabrador

Explore | Dream | Discover • Wanderlust •
Pastry Lycée

RT @richielikeguy: me playing with my mans soul after i suck it out of his dick

2018-06-24 02:55

𝔪𝔢𝔩𝔬𝔫 mlne___

𝖒𝖆𝖗𝖈𝖔𝖘 💚

RT @volariume: This happened in Hayward everyone. Retweet!

2018-06-24 02:55

Brett McCoy Bwlotbrett

Caregiver, bowler, love reality shows!, drummer (few yrs ago :-)

@ChristinaCastle Roy Orbison captions this best ... 'pretty woman, walking down the street..' So, so pretty. I'm t…

2018-06-24 02:55

Jenny Mendez fluffieebunniee

One day at a time✨

Fue una maldicion caer en tu juego.

2018-06-24 02:55

James Moore j1mnastics


Not gonna lie, one of my favorite things about the World Cup this year is that they play “Seven Nation Army” every time the teams walk out

2018-06-24 02:55

jalen jalenterry6

#NewDublin | DHS Varsity Football 🏈🔥👌🏾😤

RT @NorCalSportsTV: 🔥Introducing...
🏀Mele Finau - Dublin HS

Watch her work on June 27th @ 6pm
Asian-American All-Star Game
Class of '18 v…

2018-06-24 02:55

anna🥀 hispurposexox

|God| Justin Bieber is my fav❤️MET MATTHEW ESPINOSA 10/26/15❤️ met the magcon boys 3/20/16❤️ Shawn follows :) go download Shawn’s new songs! #IMB #LIJ

@FUTANARlA I laughed so hard at this oh my goshhhhhh

2018-06-24 02:55

Ricky Worthey rickjagster

#Liverpool, #ATLUnited, #BvB09, #49ers, #FormulaOne , #USMNT, #TheTwoMikes #TheHerd #JimRome #929TheGame

@JohnKincade They should just execute him and feed his body to the poor hungry separation anxiety ridden immigrant children

2018-06-24 02:54

Mikael KacklarPersilja

MSEE, Linux user, nerd (but I'm repeating myself), cyclist. Swede in Silicon Valley

RT @xplosneer: @oranv Go figure, I took this picture on Wednesday thinking "this really didn't work well"

2018-06-24 02:54

Wood Family woodfamilywines

It's All Good at Wood!

ESCAPE THE HEAT! Find shelter inside our 60F Barrel Room or 70F Tasting Room today. Wine release and Anniversary Pa…

2018-06-24 02:54

Jose Lopez tonyjoelopez

Trump is a baldfaced liar. “The Washington Post keeps track of Trump’s falsehoods. As of May 31, the president had…

2018-06-24 02:54