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Charge Across Town AreYouEVReady

Charge Across Town's goal is to move people from fossil fuel to cleaner, greener modes of personal transportation and advance the adoption of electric vehicles.

Cost of New Coal Rules: Up to 1,400 More Deaths a Year via @NYTimes

2018-08-22 04:30

Mark Hogan markasaurus

Architect & Principal at @OpenScopeStudio. Urban housing, BIM & more. Long-time SF Bay Area resident, Buffalo & London influences. Dad.

@billsallak ha ha ha that is amazing

2018-08-22 04:30

TheAspenStand TheAspenStand

Sharing my love of photography and digital art on custom gifts and more from my #Zazzle #ecommerce stores.

RT @Carol_Stephen: Does Your Social Media Manager Need to Be Nearby?

2018-08-22 04:30

Kathryn Javandel KathrynJavandel

Licensed attorney, non-denominational Christian, very good person in general.

@ninokodev @bemily89 @GenuinelyQ @TheGrumby @CatlinNyaa @Humanitarian66 NASA competes against medical research, roa…

2018-08-22 04:30

Darrel Frank Loyd doghouseofcards

Stop the resistance... to resist is to push back... we need to engage and push forward #bethechangeyouwanttoseeintheworld

In the end, I dream of a place where we can all dance together, inside the house, a place where we can all play and…

2018-08-22 04:30

💫🌙 αѕнℓєу kataplixi

#JusticeForTony #AlsoAnEnthusiast

RT @kataplixi: @SandyKing @FoxNews @TMZ @wtfimontwitr @JanitorOrange @CIAdaughter Sick. Anthony Bourdain was a kind hearted soul who paid f…

2018-08-22 04:30

Darrel Frank Loyd doghouseofcards

Stop the resistance... to resist is to push back... we need to engage and push forward #bethechangeyouwanttoseeintheworld

“I envision a place where the birds and the bees will love the flowers and the trees, the outside comes to live ins…

2018-08-22 04:30

Noticias14 noticias14

Univision 14 (KDTV) es la estación de televisión #1 entre los hispanos en el área de la Bahía de San Francisco desde 1975.

No, @TuckerCarlson, los tacos no son de San Diego: aquí la historia de su origen. lo explic…

2018-08-22 04:30

ash☆彡 ashleyywong

pop a tire, set a fire, Oscar Meyer

RT @fidthony:

2018-08-22 04:30

Janice Bogeajis jbogeajis

I'm not so sure about that. Let's not forget Pence is up to his neck with all this.

2018-08-22 04:30

Raymond SimmonsSr. simmons1

Simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone, anyone you ever met!

Now playing Flavor Flav Gets Knots On His Head by THE MARKET World Trade News!

2018-08-22 04:30

Pacific Environment pacenvironment

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the living environment on the Pacific Rim.

This is what #ClimateChange looks like in #Napakiak, #Alaska: “When I was a little boy, Napakiak used to be way dow…

2018-08-22 04:30

Melinda Ayres Innrdreams

pharmacist, retired, artist, interested in mythology, Celtic lore and knotwork, dragons-- please resist!
#TheResistance #SaveACA #Impeachment

RT @TomSteyer: At the Detroit #SteyerTownHall Edith told me why she thinks we must impeach:

“When I marched with Dr. King 55 years ago, I…

2018-08-22 04:30

🌊 Strider_Blaze 🔥 BurningKikoken

Capcom Nerd (formerly a Capcom-Unity moderator, 09/2011 - 05/2016), Brony, and fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Sometimes posts NSFW stuff (except porn).

RT @CapcomUSA_: PAX West people, let's party! 🍕

Join us & @VampyBitme for a #DMC5 SSStylish Pizza Party with special guests from Japan on…

2018-08-22 04:30

Xbox Juan ✖️ XboxJuan4K

RT @DMC_Ryan: Just when you thought that @WeArePlayground had run out of ways to surprise, delight, and impress us in the Forza Horizon ser…

2018-08-22 04:30

LightHouse SF lighthouse_sf

Serving the blind and visually impaired since 1902. We run Enchanted Hills Camp and offices across CA. Also presenting the @holmanprize and @SuperfestFilm.

.@UCBerkeley is holding a focus group for people with #disabilities who evacuated during the October 2017 wildfires

2018-08-22 04:30

Hui Cheng hcheng13

Product Manager, mobile gamer, father, photographer, volleyball fanatic, wannabe golfer, chef in alternate universe

@realDonaldTrump Here's your red wave.

2018-08-22 04:30

On The Ropes OnRopes

Leaders in Jump Rope Training since 2010 Workshops, seminars, classes, accredited courses & more.
Official Buddy Lee Jump Ropes distributor.

RT @MyFitnessPal: Stir(fry) up your weekday meal routine.

2018-08-22 04:30

Henry Gunn Henry_Gunn

California's like a beautiful, wild girl on heroin who's high as a kite, thinking she's on top of the world, not knowing she's dying Mickey Rourke in Rumblefish


2018-08-22 04:30

Reckless Liberal NicoleKowalski5

Feminist progressive Democrat. Sarcasm & truth. Here to create a safe silo of rage. #VoteBlue #BLM #UniversalHealthcare #March4OurLives #ProChoice

RT @don_asmussen: EMPTY RETAIL SPACES IN SAN FRANCISCO at /> #6X6mall

2018-08-22 04:30

Александр Баринов ShultzShurik

МЛМ движение в крипто мире !!!

RT @coinbundlecom: We’re giving away #CoinBundle Tokens, RoomDAO Tokens and Eventa Tokens through the BundleRewards platform. Only a limite…

2018-08-22 04:30

Rachele bobekrachele26

2018-08-22 04:30

2ExtraBiscuits FatKidsAreHard

9 Areas of activity are controlled by who?

RT @LarryJuneTFM: Me and @CurrenSy_Spitta making that shit you can fold your clothes to.

2018-08-22 04:30

Shawn Sunshine Strickland Strickalator

#VoiceActor #Actor #Singer #Writer #Activist
Shawn Sunshine Strickland The Strickalator🛡️
The Supergirl of San Francisco 🌉🌆


RT @Strickalator: @PopTartsUS @JerrySeinfeld Wow POP TARTS, who do you think you are @Wendys ?!?

Don't make me get in between you TWO. htt…

2018-08-22 04:30

Cris Beasley crystaldbeasley

Hacking the perceptual illusion we call reality. Author, podcast host, Mozillian and AI start-up founder.

@steveportigal Will you be at the speaker dinner? My DMs are open.

2018-08-22 04:30

Bolen ShaunBolen

Former @RoosterTeeth producer turned co-founder @GameAttackTeam. Held up above the rest by our badass g1's.

email: bolen at gameattackteam dot com

RT @GameOverGreggy: The Kinda Funny Inter-Site Tournament at PAX West is coming.


See them battle PAX Saturday…

2018-08-22 04:30

Jennifer 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 jldyson

Liberal, Atheist and Warrior basketball fan.

@Lawrence @StormyDaniels Can’t wait for tonight’s show, Lawrence!

2018-08-22 04:30

Stephane Rangaya stephane

#design, #politics, #democracy, #journalism and random #thoughts

@MindspaceME how about telling on your website how much the membership costs?

2018-08-22 04:30

Dr. Tyrone H Cannon CannonDr

Dean University Libraries, University of San Francisco. Information=Power. Librarians hold the key. All opinions and tweets are mine. #Comics #Fiction #Poodles

RT @reggieaqui: PETA asked for the change. Are animal crackers good? I remember a really plain taste.
You know what's really good? Those M…

2018-08-22 04:30

Twibble - RSS to social media, Auto RTs, more twibbleio

#RSS to #Twitter & #RSS to #Facebook with #AudienceTargeting, #Analytics, and more #B2B #SMM solutions. Support at @twibblesupport

How to Cultivate More Blog Traffic and Grow via @pegfitzpatrick #marketing #socialmedia

2018-08-22 04:30

Red2Blue Political red2bluePOL

Shifting the balance of power by bringing the best in class messaging technology to all levels of progressive races #Red2Blue #UniteBlue #BlueMidterm2018 #Vote

No @GOP seat is safe in the #BlueWave2018! Republicans who have run practically unopposed for years are now facing…

2018-08-22 04:30

JJ s10j_0

ベイエリアbig techの片隅で働くアラサーのぼやき

@4tsuya ぜんぜんない。全米どこ行ってもある気がするんだけど、何故かサンフランシスコだけない。。

2018-08-22 04:30

MechiV 💚✨ Mercedes_Vasta

RT @goldengateblond: I got the chicken pox as an adult from someone's unvaccinated child and it cost me a month of work. Vaccinate your kid…

2018-08-22 04:30

bluee💙 HarrietBattiste

#thickdynasty indigo💙 PQC💜💛

RT @JAAAAAYYPEEEEE: Get y'all kids involved in sports even if they trash at it. Shit builds character , teaches them how to work with other…

2018-08-22 04:30

Bryan A. Grouch bryannr

I like sparkling water and video games.

@_August_Morgan Just IMAGINE the seething furor on the right if this were Obama's schedule. Republicans, don't thin…

2018-08-22 04:30

Steele JJSteele3

Akron born. NYC/SF. Les Fleurs du Mal. Spirit Animals: Myles Garrett, Binx Bolling. Son Heung-min + @mrgregdulli Prob listening to @WWOZ_neworleans

@bottomofthehill Having issues getting on your website. Can you tell me what the set times are for the Six Organs o…

2018-08-22 04:30

Dasarte Yarnway DasarteYarnway

Founder of @Berknell Financial Group. Host of The Young Money Podcast: Tweets on markets, sports and motivation.

Jaime says “nah” on the bitcoin. You saw the interview lol

2018-08-22 04:30

Lincoln W Daniel LincolnWDaniel

Editor in Chief @MarkGrowth. Creator of Engineering @Medium. Author @JavaForHumans.

The 56 Most Inspiring Quotes According To Top Medium Influencers - by @danny_forest via @smedian_network #Writing…

2018-08-22 04:30

Funny Cats Videos CatsVideosDaily

Funny cats videos and kittens videos which makes you smile. I am also posting funny cats gifs and images. #CatsOfTwitter #cats #kittens #catoftheday #caturday

Robot plays with kittens - #kitty #meow #aww #pets #cat #kitten #catsoftwitter #animals…

2018-08-22 04:30

Listen Movie ListenMovieFM

A stream of best #movie #podcast episodes. Curated by @listennotes 🙌

New episode from "Scriptnotes Podcast": 364 - Netflix Killed the Video Store

2018-08-22 04:30

Roland Siebelink RolandSiebelink

Scale-up Ally for Tech Founders. I help founder-CEOs and their teams scale well—so that they can stay in charge of their ventures.

My answer to "Microsoft PowerPoint: What are some of the lesser known but useful PPT functions/tricks?"…

2018-08-22 04:30

DanaGarrison DanaGarrison

Consultant/Advisor. Speaker/MC. Social/Live Video Specialist. Marketing Agency. Influencer Mktg. Business Psych. Blockchain FREE CLASSES

RT @DanaGarrison: Get 1 month #FREE and test out Aweber for #EmailMarketing. Automate, tag, segment your list, use their templates, get sig…

2018-08-22 04:30

jojo 🦁 starsstrayed

“ that’s how we’re gonna win, not fighting what we hate; saving the things we love. “

RT @KristinBaver: “This is what it is to be a woman in a society that has taught its daughters that we are worthy of love only if we are de…

2018-08-22 04:30

Влад 3dohx7QtE3rjAvC

#FOLLOWBACK ,#подпискавзаимно, #читаювзаимно, #followback, #читай, #подписка, #добавь, #Bitcoin, #ICO, #Cryptocurrency

RT @VidyCoin: Happy Monday our Vidy Fam

What is motivating you for the week? For us it is getting users their power back in CHOICE! #TheCh…

2018-08-22 04:30

Я Λ M O S ramossdawg

Unapologetically honest. #BarberLife 💈 #HereToStay🗽 #CowboysNation 🏈 #BadHombre 🇲🇽 #GeminiSeason 🎭

RT @postybae: via @45ByTheGut, austin’s tour manager

2018-08-22 04:30

Adobe Connect AdobeConnect

Adobe Connect empowers you to create exceptional digital training, webinar and collaboration Experiences.

Use @ConnectSupport for technical support questions.

Display the value of webinars against the broader marketing mix and secure confidence in their impact. Learn how:

2018-08-22 04:30

Maria Muller _mariamuller


RT @Gary_Fisher: Going to Brazil tomorrow!!

2018-08-22 04:30

Villainette villain_ette

Scout Tran, SF #degenderettes badgemaker, 2x eisner-nommed for prism award for ey/em/eir

a drinking game but when someone loses they take a pump of T

2018-08-22 04:30

#LM5 LuzValle11

RT @997now: 🎶 Only you, only you, and no one else can fix me, only you 🎶 #OnlyYou on NOW! @CheatCodesMusic @LittleMix #StJohnsPlayhouse

2018-08-22 04:30

JustsimplyAlex Alex812004

♂️15 Hello there I like to watch random anime and likes to collect stuff

RT @Crunchyroll: me vs. all the stuff I said I'd get done yesterday

2018-08-22 04:30

♥(っ◕‿◕)っ♥ Dany Lds ♥ DaniieliithaaPt

Solo Digo El Que Con Poco Se Conforma Es Porque Poco Se Merese

2018-08-22 04:30

826 Valencia 826valencia

826 Valencia is a non-profit that supports under-resourced SF youth with their writing skills. Visit us at the Pirate Supply Store and King Carl's Emporium.

Have you met Dan yet? He is our summer Volunteer of the Month! Keep reading to learn more about him and how he cele…

2018-08-22 04:30

AsAmNews AsAmNews

Latest headlines compiled by about Asian American, South Asian & Pacific Islander Communities. Links not an endorsement

Army vet who feared deportation wins U.S. citizenship. #AAPI

2018-08-22 04:30

DiabetesMine DiabetesMine

A gold mine of straight talk and encouragement for people living with diabetes. Tweets by @AmyDBMine, @MHoskins2179 & @ProbablyRachel

I'm confident that glucose-responsive insulin will succeed, but of course the big question is when…

2018-08-22 04:30

Places I've Eaten placesiveeaten

Eating and blogging my way around San Francisco and beyond. SF's come a long way.....sort of.

whats a #foodtruck without some #deepfried things! Its why Im trying #whiskonwheels plus th…

2018-08-22 04:30

Drippin'Sauce_Gawd' Drip_Drip_

“Show’em better than I can tell’em, they gon’ feel me”

RT @LarryJuneTFM: Me and @CurrenSy_Spitta making that shit you can fold your clothes to.

2018-08-22 04:30

Wells Fargo Ask_WellsFargo

We’re here to listen, learn & lend a hand on Twitter 7 days a week. Ask us your banking questions & follow us for helpful tips & info about products & services.

@jwaljab Can you tell me more about what happened? I'd like to have a better understanding of your concern (no account numbers). ^SN

2018-08-22 04:30

jes artisticbix


if troye hasn’t collabed with allie x (one of his best friends) then i don’t think he would collab with k*m

2018-08-22 04:30

Fandor 🎥 Fandor

🎥We are movie fanatics! Follow us to watch, share & go deeper into the movies you know & love.✌️Need a hand? Tweet @Fandor_help!

What is technosexuality?

2018-08-22 04:30

Amanda Cey ABCeyEvents

Founder, CEO ABCey Events --- ABCey Events specializes in private and corporate event planning, production, and management. Our website:

It's no secret that social media is a great event promotion tool. Here are some useful social media copywriting tip…

2018-08-22 04:30

Bay City Beacon BayCity_Beacon

An independent publication dedicated to telling the stories of a new generation of arts & politics in San Francisco. (RTs are not endorsements.)

From its 5:30PM start time to close, you can find a long line of hopeful eaters waiting outside of Marufuku Ramen.…

2018-08-22 04:30


CNET is the place to find out what's happening in tech and why it matters.

It's a new way to control your drone

2018-08-22 04:30

tLoG meurdrac

Highly dubious, gun-totin' Laird of Glencoe Wood & Infamous Ceann-cinnidh of Clann Magairlean

SNP member & supporter

*Never argue with or entertain fools*

RT @EFF: For the second year in a row, California's State Assembly has failed to move forward with common sense controls and transparency o…

2018-08-22 04:30

Nastia Voynovskaya nananastia

music/books editor @KQEDArts | previously: @EastBayExpress, @hifructosemag | RT =/= endorsement |

RT @KQEDarts: #BayBrilliant: For Nia Levy King (@ArtActivistNia ), a queer, mixed-race author and podcaster, housing is a queer issue. Heal…

2018-08-22 04:29

🔥encouraging space heater🔥 mo_ranyart

A soft&sweet nb femme trans dude. Queer as hell/aggressively bisexual. I love: roller derby, knitting, makeup, selfies, photography. he/they💖
AD: @smoochfriend

@tellingetienne the ultimate betrayal!!

2018-08-22 04:29

Adrian Eguez adrian_eguez


RT @Docker: Good read - see how #Docker makes it easer for developers to build and deploy apps.

2018-08-22 04:29

Messageplicity Media messageplicity

Your message with right mix of media to spark conversations and connections. Ignition underway!

RT @hearstbayarea: Removing 5,000 ad options might reduce discrimination with #Facebook #Ads, but will it hurt advertisers who have a speci…

2018-08-22 04:29

Saul Zuniga Zoonigga6

Coolin’ 👻-Zuniga_6 #MoneyRoute

@VictorBtss Facts

2018-08-22 04:29 Bullishnews

RT @Tronfoundation: What would your #TRON mobile look like? 🚗💨 $TRX #TRX

2018-08-22 04:29

Francesco Ciulla FrancescoCiull4

Nerd / Full-Stack #developer for Copernicus project @ESA @ Serco Spa / #Devops fanatic / / #followback

RT @mesosphere: Did you know that #mesosphere has one of the coolest offices in America according to @Inc? We are…

2018-08-22 04:29

Read🇵🇭🇦🇪🇧🇭🇲🇻🇳🇪🇮🇶🇧🇭 Read_Reey

Do not be afraid to accept criticism; It can only help you grow😎
⚫ UAE🇦🇪🐫

RT @Fynestchina: How Americans scolds their kids VS. How Filipinos scolds their kids 😤

2018-08-22 04:29

mollybee Mollybee72

Is lief vir die wereld. Wees lief vir jouself

RT @abbydarkstar: Let’s have some fun- answer honestly. Do you believe Aliens exist?

2018-08-22 04:29

E•on ein_eon

[이온] 1차,2차 잡덕, 스토리&세계관 설정덕 / 성인 / 뱅드림 카스[아리] / Eng&Kor / 프사 자캐 리아 민트 by 바롱님(@Barung_103)

아직... 화요일...

2018-08-22 04:29

TINK #1 FAN 🖤 gottaloveralph


@lijkani @Drethechulo I’m sick of these two ✨ next album please 🎶

2018-08-22 04:29

Nia Aston nia_aston

I smlies everyday 💕😄

RT @Crunchyroll: Happy birthday to one of my favorite people in the whole world @ReinaScully ~ ! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU AT CRUNCHYROLL EXPO…

2018-08-22 04:29

now playing on KXSF KXSFspins

This is what is playing on KXSF 102.5fm San Francisco Community Radio @KXSFradio

Carolyn is playing P.M.S. — Antilectual —

2018-08-22 04:29

Jason Csizmadi TheCsiz

Lead Visual Designer @Trulia previously at @Fitbit and @Cooper

Texas saved billions cutting special education. Now the bill comes due - Bloomberg

2018-08-22 04:29

Reeemalsalman rrx95

KU-English language and Philosophy- اللهـم ارحم أمي وأبي واجعل مثواهم الجنة

RT @yalbader: عيدكم مبارك
May your Eid be blessed

أيامكم سعيدة
May your days be happy

عساكم من عواده
Many happy returns

2018-08-22 04:29

Fight For Democracy ImpeachTheNazi

Trump is Putin's Puppet

RT @TeamPelosi: A woman's right to choose, voting rights, LGBTQ rights, protections of 130 million people with pre-existing conditions, pub…

2018-08-22 04:29

Annel perez Annelperez6

I mostly have this account to do as I please 💕 saw panic! 8.3.18

RT @MixAmpPapi: @ariannawilsonn You got damn right I do...

2018-08-22 04:29

Hippie Vija☮️🕉 VijaGarciaDixon

I love living in the desert...I am a daughter, wife, mom and a Nana! I am a Proud Navy Mom and Army Mother-in-Law! #American🇺🇸#Namaste🕉#Pax☮️☯️

RT @nick_shapiro: NEW: More than 175 former U.S. intelligence community and national security officials have added their names to the list…

2018-08-22 04:29

Meriam Al Sultan AlSultan_Meriam

I was told I'm a jewelry should be covered&hidden(owned and sold by men)but I insist to be a human.♍️ #Prestidigitator #Magician🎩🐰 #Economist 💱🎂#YouParty🍭

@OwaikeO @Quirkid_ عاد الشركات اذا سوت الشيء بأنفسهم واذا استعانوا بعرب دايمًا نفس الشيء، الخطوط المستخدمة مو حلوة،…

2018-08-22 04:29

Tom Coates tomcoates

Personal account of Tom Coates - technologist, product designer, writer, ham-fisted bun vendor. Prev: Thington, BBC, Yahoo Brickhouse, Time Out #blockedbytrump

@Lfoxx_cdr Demanding someone respond to you and engage in your conversation is shitty. Saying that I’m blocking pol…

2018-08-22 04:29

Penny Mills Pennyvane10

Loyal Canadian. Oh Canada. I stand on guard for thee. Won't you join me & other loyal Canadians?
If I RT you it means I agree or I'm laffing my ass off anyway

RT @suzanne_needles: Daily Beast must fire @lachlan before sun down or lose all credibility.

2018-08-22 04:29

Wordy 🇺🇸🇬🇧 Michellamio

Face covered with lines since the bastard took office, but still agreeable, kind, sympathetic and happy to help.

RT @NancyPelosi: Important message for #DREAMers: if your DACA expired on or after September 5, 2016 you may submit a DACA renewal applicat…

2018-08-22 04:29

Ophixia EM_Ophixia

Anime is trash and so am I | I want to be an FGO whale when I grow up | Cat RTs Everywhere | Easycore | Overwatch Plastic tier Mercy One-Trick

RT @Fynestchina: How Americans scolds their kids VS. How Filipinos scolds their kids 😤

2018-08-22 04:29

Mary Lucus-Blanchard 🌊 MaryKayMaryL

Makeup Artist, Skincare Expert and Image Consultant

RT @TomSteyer: It was always “You scratch my back”—tax cut—“I’ll scratch yours”—campaign contribution.

2018-08-22 04:29

John Francis Spa JohnFrancisSpa

At John Francis Spa in San Francisco, our goal is to provide results oriented skin care, waxing and massage services that are both personal and professional.

Available Appointments this week at JFS + 20% off Facial & Massage Combo -

2018-08-22 04:29

Mysterio InEbriato SFBikeMessenger

frangibly hirsute dimwit // Is this still Lawn Boy? // Float More, Steer Less

@seanhannity Why aren’t you covering your lawyers guilty plea? Is it because you’re a #WhinyLittleBitch ?

2018-08-22 04:29

Carl Zemke Cobra_Sniper

ICS SCADA Cyber Security Consultant, National Infrastructure, Industrial Control Systems, Classic Car Enthusiast

RT @nozominetworks: After Triton, Will the Industrial Threat Landscape Ever be the Same? by @symantec

2018-08-22 04:29

Shawn Sunshine Strickland Strickalator

#VoiceActor #Actor #Singer #Writer #Activist
Shawn Sunshine Strickland The Strickalator🛡️
The Supergirl of San Francisco 🌉🌆


@PopTartsUS @JerrySeinfeld @Wendys #PopTartMouth

2018-08-22 04:29

gé (@🇰🇷) angrygengar

bts fanarts + original drawings sometimes 🌿🍀 FR/ENG/日本語OK! 🍀🌿 ig @ angrygengars

RT @JessicaYMao: Hello, my name is Mao, queer Chinese-Canadian and art director for games!

This is the first #VisibleWomen | #VisibleNB I…

2018-08-22 04:29

RaineinCalifornia Raine2587041

Young at heart and forever trying to get it right! When life gives you lemons...have a martini with a twist 😉

RT @sambowne: I Just Hacked a State Election. I'm 17. And I'm Not Even a Very Good Hacker.

2018-08-22 04:29

❤️M.N.S❤️ Chaela__Nakia


RT @makylalynnay: She said, “Love’s not supposed to hurt.... I’ve learned over the years that that’s quite a myth. Deep love is excruciatin…

2018-08-22 04:29

angela _angela_brewer

❤Hillary was fucking right about everything😞Fuck trump, Fuck the NRA, Fuck the GOP, and Fuck You if you vote him or 3rd Party. 🖕🖕🖕 to check if reg

RT @goldengateblond: [laughs forever]

2018-08-22 04:29

evanino evanino

Technology and Electronics review and news. Shop for the latest in tech.

Vaginal Fantasy Hangout Ep. 8 “Ill Wind”

2018-08-22 04:29

Founders Space FoundersSpace

Founders Space is a Top 10 Incubator in Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine. Hoffman is the author of MAKE ELEPHANTS FLY: The Process of Radical Innovation.

As a @startupchile global partner, we are ready to let you know about key opportunities ▶️ #GlobalFounder use 🇨🇱 as…

2018-08-22 04:29