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Fifth//Sin fifth_sin

Artist, Producer, and Sith Lord // Also suck at twitter.

Slight repost but only two more days of the 2019 SFAI MFA Exhibition🔥🥀 // come though and see work make by myself a…

2019-05-26 04:24

Savanchi Lavanchi sunflowergddess

I have no clue what I'm doing

RT @Kehlani: “i know you not finna kiss me wit that lip gloss on”

2019-05-26 04:24

Terri D 🌊 TerriDNW

#Resist. #Persist. #Insist on truth, justice & American way. Support real journalism. Congress & POTUS, you work for us. I block name-callers. No lists. 🌊🌊🌊

RT @AngryBlackLady: There’s a reason Angelina Jolie hates her father. 🤔

2019-05-26 04:24

Cynthia cynthiavarisco5

El que no arriesga, no es felíz 👑

RT @Micagiaccaglia_: cojer te coje cualquiera, pero alguien que se quede con vos a pesar del bardo que sos?? Mmm eso vale más que un ratito…

2019-05-26 04:24

Christine Ericksson sfsportsfan01

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail Ralph Waldo Emerson

@scotty963 @Ironhorse76 Oh, yeah. Orphan Black is so good. The lead actress is amazing.

2019-05-26 04:24

RoguePlanningDeptLA rogueplandeptla

Walkable density now! Walkable density forever!

RT @shane_bauer: There are bathrooms in San Francisco cafes now that unlock by app. The same people who complain about people defecating on…

2019-05-26 04:24

Witch Hunter ThirdChances

Anti-Ignorance and Fascism (Anti-Trump), pro-science and facts, former teacher and college administrator, pro-grammar and punctuation, animal and ocean lover.

RT @stephen1273: @thomaskaine5 @KardaszMichelle Twitter is next in line to trump's propaganda throne.(after fox). This is some scary shit...

2019-05-26 04:24

DAZ daziaokay

RT @crisluvisco: invite me to your hoodrativities this summer

2019-05-26 04:24

Jeffrey Wisenbaugh KoolJeffrey

Head of Content, @instagram | Disclaimer: Tweets are my Om. RTs ≠ indoor scents. Did I get that right?

@gracej0seph So good.

2019-05-26 04:24

Evaluator, I hardly know her portmantoast

they/them/all. Binary Destruction. Gender Construction. Queering Public Health and Epidemiology every day. (tweets are mine)

RT @lazypoolboy: My cleaning lady thinks poppers are apart of my skin care routine 💀💀

2019-05-26 04:24

c@p IP_Paralegal

"... atoms with consciousness, matter with curiosity..."@ProfFeynman | gryffindor 🦁@USMC veteran

RT @priyasanger: I'm speaking at #StanfordLaw with some amazing law colleagues at the #DigitalMediaBestPractices Conference, on best practi…

2019-05-26 04:24

$Δ₥₥Ɏ Ɉ iAmSammyJ


RT @getFANDOM: 'Sonic the Hedgehog' film pushed back to Feb. 14, 2020 says director — 'Taking a little more time to make Sonic just right'…

2019-05-26 04:24

sakito🐶フロントエンドの犬 __sakito__

Front-End Engineer. ex Yahoo! Japan. #React #webpack #GatsbyJS

RT @Vjeux: My awesome coworker @bcherny published a book on TypeScript!

2019-05-26 04:24

Science Meets Faith SciMeetsFaith

Science is about facts; if you want the truth, go next door to the Philosophy department. (Indiana Jones, slightly modified) -

RT @greg_m_priest: Two other terms Whewell considered and rejected were “savant,” which was rejected as being “too French,” and “nature-pok…

2019-05-26 04:24

durtur ólafsson balanocephalus

fámáll og þurr á manninn. junior doctor from Iceland - interests; id / pulm / meded

RT @rabihmgeha: So excited to get your input on this schema for respiratory acidosis, #medtwitter! The topic came up in a recent student ca…

2019-05-26 04:24

In the Stacks In_the_Stacks

MyLibrarian book discovery & book recommendation products via a More @ email

Presenting The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Reviewed by The Lone Reader podcast from the @eplsdotorg Public Library in…

2019-05-26 04:24

Return of DJT ReturnDt

Palpatine’s Revenge failed. Grab the popcorn for Return of DJT. Support The Sledgehammer #DrainTheSwamp

@RodSneaky Oh my god. 🤮

2019-05-26 04:24

AdamM84 M84Adam

@BarrettSallee @83rrob it’s not a bad list

2019-05-26 04:24

lightlyymelanated LightBrightNa3


@smartmoufKP Wait I jus fell tf out!!!!

2019-05-26 04:24

Rim Jiggleman Coastalworker79

Chicago native and Oakland citizen. Husband, Dad, RN, Cubs and A’s fan, liberal ❄️⚾️✊🏼

I had this dream that Jason Heyward was good again.

2019-05-26 04:24

Eli Sugarman EliSugarman

Cyber Initiative Program Officer @ Hewlett Foundation; fantasy football addict; I aspire to name my dog #Chewbacca; tweets are my own and rt is not endorsement.

RT @KimZetter: This is no comment about whether or not Huawei is spying, but it does remind me of the secret, secure NSA rooms at AT&T faci…

2019-05-26 04:24

Dustin Tanner dustanner

Design Systems Lead @Square, formerly DS @Uber. Design, Figma, dad life, skateboarding, motorcycles.

@soopa My mom whistled *real* loud

2019-05-26 04:24

Lorraine Chamberlain Chamberpaint

Artist, painter, anecdotalist, hermit gadfly, married to injured Zap cartoonist S Clay Wilson.

Gee, Mumbles....this one WASN'T a doctored video,
like the one you retweeted with @SpeakerPelosi in it.
This is ac…

2019-05-26 04:24

Aeion Aeion

Art lover and a believer in life as a joyous experience

@JimKilbane What god is he referring to?

2019-05-26 04:24

Raymond SimmonsSr. simmons1

Simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone, anyone you ever met!

Now playing Find Me Somebody by Paul Bailey!

2019-05-26 04:24

Elizabeth ☀️ Elssence

she/her || most okay manager the stage has ever seen

RT @DrJenGunter: If your goal is to reduce abortion you need:
-free, accessible contraception
- early, accurate sex ed
- free, quality mat…

2019-05-26 04:24

KRYSTAL. kryysstaaal

RT @love_crystalll: my best friends brother passed away last night from a long long fight with cancer PLEASE SHARE this and help their fami…

2019-05-26 04:24

TreasonEater BUDDHAsPALM

Positive Active Measures Maker #PAM #wolverines #resistance #TeamPatriot

RT @chipfranklin: Dear Red States: when Obamacare is dead, you will have done something I thought anatomically impossible. You will have fu…

2019-05-26 04:24

Frances Posnet Gingerpomme70

RT @SpeakerPelosi: Weakened and damaged infrastructure impacts every American. House Democrats work #ForThePeople and believe it’s time we…

2019-05-26 04:24

brookbank therealBbank

Doing your best is enough if you don't know your potential.

RT @jowrotethis: There it is.

2019-05-26 04:24

AaronB AaronBe84686507

RT @sfpelosi: 😮🤭

2019-05-26 04:24

Archie.AI ekplugin

Archie is your personal Google Analytics Data Scientist.

"The Amount Of Dialogue On "Game Of Thrones" S1-S8". Detail: #Data Is Beautiful

2019-05-26 04:24

Emre Özen EmreeOzen1905

Adanmış hayatların umudu..

RT @EmreeOzen1905: Atmosferin güzelliğine bakar mısın..

2019-05-26 04:24

Rae Rozay 💅🏽 _raeROZAY

@coleyyyru @__VBLACK Damn where do you get these? I need some before my flight? Lol

2019-05-26 04:24

Helen Christie HCwrites

Author of Petra, a novella on Kindle. Helen's latest e-books are When Harvey Milk Wasn't Harvey Milk and George Michael: An Appreciation.

@beerbear21 @Emergency_Teds Confess immediately, and apologize. Then attend Professor Ray Wrigglesworth’s next Thi…

2019-05-26 04:24

Chris Williams diodesign

@TheRegister Editor-in-Chief ~ Interested in Rust, RISC-V, Arm, x86, security, hypervisors, osdev. Writes and edits. Send me news ~ Signal (+1) 415 866 4969

@vielmetti @never_released @jonmasters Ah, yeah. It's just all at the forefront of my mind at the moment as I'm exp…

2019-05-26 04:24

Terry Givens tgivensdotcom1

Advertising Strategist, Love Branding, Digital Software Instructor, Vegan, Chocolate Lover, Masters Swimmer. My thoughts and opinions are my own!

RT @shareably: Here's what dogs are saying when they lean on you - plus the meaning behind 49 other things that they do.

2019-05-26 04:24

Johnson Hor johnsonhor

A polymath by trade & a polyhistor by hobby. All opinions are my own. #Ambassador @TheHero_Club • @foundersspace #mentor • several community boards too

@BillBClarkson great to meet you and your grandson, to learn about San Ramon ( #greatschools #safecommunities) and…

2019-05-26 04:24

rachel wahba WahbaRachel

Rachel Wahba an Iraqi-Egyptian Jew, grew up stateless in Japan, and is a pro-Israel activist, writer, and psychotherapist .

2019-05-26 04:24

Isolinear Chap KC 🤖 FNAKC

¿Sapnu puas or send me money on Venmo @FNAKC

RT @SortaBad: hello it's me, a random reply-guy online. in my experience, no woman enjoys sex. also women are constantly crying and saying…

2019-05-26 04:24

Joshua Ahanonu 🖤 _10reasons_

W I D E O U T | Mari 🌎| 🇳🇬 | UNGUARDABLE 💨| TMP MAFIA🖤

@marlon_4l Play WR

2019-05-26 04:24

AgathasAjax AgathasAjax

Otherwise occupying the entire universe.🕵️‍♀️

RT @Medium: “Men’s opinions have never been considered biased, especially white men’s opinions, which are considered the standard neutral o…

2019-05-26 04:24

Jesse Elin B. effiedog

Former B'cast journalist🎙️NYC/CHI/DFW/PHX 🐾Animal Rescue🐾#VoteBlueNoMatterWho
#NoOpusDei *No Lists*

RT @sfpelosi: “We can investigate and legislate at the same time.”

- Speaker Pelosi

2019-05-26 04:24

golden. xivmichelle

do you feel the bass yet? ⚡️✨

RT @DrJenGunter: If your goal is to reduce abortion you need:
-free, accessible contraception
- early, accurate sex ed
- free, quality mat…

2019-05-26 04:24

arshnoor arshnoorgilll

ig: @arshnoorgilll

RT @Kehlani: exciting shit only 2019

2019-05-26 04:24

Robert Strand robertgstrand

Sustainability Professor, Director @BerkeleyHaas Center for Responsible Business, DAD of Mikkel & Jonas. Inspired by @The_Nordics.

@MichaelEtter_ Congratulations @MichaelEtter_ !!!

2019-05-26 04:24

grecia 🦋 greciaa650

lmao it really be like that

cant stress this enough 😭💯

2019-05-26 04:24

Echo Nineteen macelfresh

I love to create things. Try to leave things in better condition than I found them. Add value. LOVE U @darrylblackmon 🕊

Not following a process/not doing something out of stupidity, laziness, or fear is not the way to go.

Not followi…

2019-05-26 04:24

Bqrd_ Bqrd_


@Az0kyll FMA
Code Geass

2019-05-26 04:24

Anum Glasgow helloanum

protein engineer

here is a preprint about our protein design strategy for engineering biological response to new signals -- a fundam…

2019-05-26 04:24

Carol Haring 65Beth

RT @SpeakerPelosi: Weakened and damaged infrastructure impacts every American. House Democrats work #ForThePeople and believe it’s time we…

2019-05-26 04:24

K. krystalieze

RP / (K)LAV ☆ #Loquacé

Temen cowok lu banyak banget. Jual diri apa gmna mbaknya — Yaudah iya

2019-05-26 04:24

Darien Targaryen🐉 DarienLaFlare

A pink sentient switchblade🗡 Ness main 👁🎮Nintendo Switch: SW-4908-6019-4592 Xbox GT: Celestial Slime 🐍

RT @HeyJasmine: Everybody tired of me bumping this Nudy

2019-05-26 04:24

Mademoiselle Aimée mlleaimee

Hell or glory
I don't want anything in between

@levarburton @oregonresister Gorgeousness

2019-05-26 04:24

Mixed Culture MixedCultura

@DimezDotDot Thanks chula

2019-05-26 04:24

🇺🇸 jelaagc jelaagc

good morning.
good afternoon.
good night.

@AriStot40120268 @sairasameerarao its insane

2019-05-26 04:24

(tech)Darko||Dan techdarko

Security @SlackHQ. Staff @radiostatler. Ex-tweep. Advocate for tech adoption in non-profits. Nerd/EMT/HAM/Hacker/Maker. East Coast stuck on the West

@greggawatt And it's now in your house?

2019-05-26 04:24

Tony Ulwick Ulwick

Founder of Strategyn, pioneer of Jobs-to-be-Done #JTBD Theory, inventor of Outcome-Driven Innovation. Download a free PDF of my book:

@basche42 @JTBDinnovation @Vendbridge @mikeboysen A market is a group of people and the job they are trying to get…

2019-05-26 04:24

paige paige_mason15

u of w political science // feminist

RT @DrJenGunter: Why don’t forced birth men get vasectomies?

2019-05-26 04:24

Nadeem NadimMuhammad1

I am the most optimist person who believes in doing good without expecting a reward. Love Pakistan and would love to participate in any way that helps Pakistan

@ARaj191 @m4_mani1 @ImranKhanPTI @DuaBhuttoPTI @fawadchaudhry @iamkhaani @waila1no_ بھائی صاحب اللہ کے سوا کسی پر ب…

2019-05-26 04:24

Holden Hardcastle h20ld3n

Aspiring to create beautiful, exciting, and positive experiences by working with inspired and driven people.

Drinking a Pining For Winter by @eaglerockbrew at @socialbrewery —

2019-05-26 04:24

SFCitizen excelsior_sf

SF native, concerned citizen,censored human who knows too much about this city and how it operates

@TheresaPAGUILAR @WhiteHouse So you are okay with attacking cops?
‘An attack on police is an attack in America”.…

2019-05-26 04:24

Kimberly Jenita kjenita

DubNation. Sports Lover.

RT @warriors: Won the West ✔️

Take an all-access look as the Dubs celebrated becoming Western Conference champs 👏

2019-05-26 04:24

ItsSoto itsSoto42

Life is no fun without some buffoonery

RT @crisluvisco: invite me to your hoodrativities this summer

2019-05-26 04:24

John Saddington 8BIT

Hanging out in YEN // 👨🏻‍💻 🤖 💰

Stellar’s ‘decentralized’ blockchain crashed for 2 hours and nobody realized

2019-05-26 04:24

berkay berkaykyc

galatasaray - #dubnation - barça #ynwa


2019-05-26 04:24

新世紀Anthonyオン jay_leboul

"The Red Rat in Hollywood" vient de paraître aux éditions VEGA ! Traducteur d’Evangelion, Claymore, One Piece, Jojo’s bizarre adventure...

RT @jowrotethis: There it is.

2019-05-26 04:24

fifth hokage bossladywhitttt

THM PLM LBMV LANative💙 #MalohiSquad •SaveTheDate11/12/21💍✨💜🥰

RT @ofahengauev: If you drink with me I will hype you TF up the whole night 😭😂👏🏽

2019-05-26 04:24 Dictionarycom

The official Twitter feed for the world's leading digital dictionary. Home to #WordOfTheDay and place to indulge your inner #WordNerd.

Road tripping this holiday weekend? Here's what to say to "are we there yet?"

2019-05-26 04:24

Citizen Commenter CitizenComment1

Gen X citizen of the US. Not a slacker. #Warren2020

RT @kimmaicutler: .@SFBART vs. @elonmusk is my favorite kind of Twitter.

2019-05-26 04:24

DeVonta 🖤 _amethystshawty

everything and nothing

RT @22NDWAYS: Niggas talk a lotta shit but that’s after im gone ... cuhs they fear me in a physical form ......

2019-05-26 04:24

olga lexell runolgarun

TV writer | @local871 writers asst | i'm a queer immigrant with an autoimmune disease and rich hill is my favorite pitcher

RT @SFBART: We carry 28,000 people per hour through our Transbay Tube under the bay because of the capacity of a train. That’s nearly twice…

2019-05-26 04:23

잠만보 kate20131006

동물짤 좋아하는 회사원. 먹는 것, 잠자는 것 그리고 무엇이든 읽는 걸 좋아합니다. 알티가 많이되는 트윗은 뮤트해서 멘션을 못 볼수도 있습니다. RT≠ endorsement

@tanyofish 비슷하게 남자들이 배우자에 대해 low maintenance다, 꾸미는데 돈이나 시간 안 들여도 예쁘다 이런걸 반함 포인트로 이야기할땐 좀 기분이 애매해요;

2019-05-26 04:23

🎂Birth Month Girl🎂 TheOnly_MG

Imposter syndrome extraordinaire.🌌 Forest Witch🌲

RT @EFF: This week, we launched TOSsed Out, a project that highlights the uneven and incorrect enforcement of speech rules online. https://…

2019-05-26 04:23

Marci Wright marciw10

Idealist, full-hearted President Obama supporter, die-hard Roger Federer fan adjusting to life without The Americans, Mad Men. Proudly RT @darth & @Lin_Manuel

RT @karaswisher: Welcome to our world of senseless decision making in Silicon Valley: Facebook on fake Pelosi video: Being 'false' isn't en…

2019-05-26 04:23