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k heorgiarise

straight? no, gay


2018-10-19 04:46

Imogen Forster ForsterImogen

Poet, MA (Newcastle) in Writing Poetry. Shortlisted for Primers 3. Translator from French, Italian, Spanish and Catalan, including Vincent van Gogh Letters.

RT @tedlieu: Today is Wednesday. That means we all need to ask again: Why does Jared Kushner even have a mid-level security clearance? http…

2018-10-19 04:46

julie torres julie12574

what you see, is what you get..... stay true to yourself... never waste time on the past and embrace the future.

@AustinMcbroom Congratulations to both of you..can’t wait to see her😍

2018-10-19 04:46

@crazyK lexi_osd

Supernatural/PB Jared/Sam girl who loves Jensen/Dean J2/Wincest/Stony shipper. Tony Stark is a hero. Nina Dobrev. 2PM follow my kpop acc @2pmSomiSuzy

RT @warnerbrostv: Sam finds a clue to Dean's whereabouts in tonight's new episode of @Supernatural at 8/7c on The CW! @cw_spn

2018-10-19 04:46

hailsss ha_ilsss

be kind • ⚢ • 19 • future at

What’s ur ideal chica? — texans

2018-10-19 04:46

Morgan Smith morgansmith0234

RT @WayZyyyy: @FortniteGame @thesquatingdog Need vbucks for the new item shop? I got you covered 👊

RT this tweet

Follow me @WayZyyyy & @M…

2018-10-19 04:46

Golden_irlanda golden_irlanda

💮21. Taurus .Lion Hearted. Joshua ♥️✨

@ahhleeesahh @Bp_Yoshii Joshua would purposely do this to me lol

2018-10-19 04:46

Gino GT OldschoolGT900

All about..
🖼️Arts & Craft💃
💞Love & Pets🐨
🍜Food & Travel🚁
🔎Facts & Fiction🧙🏽‍♂️
🎥Movies & Music🎧
🎮Games & Sports🎳
✝️Religion & Politics📝
🚬Cigarettes & Coffee☕️

RT @slashKarlyy: Sup I here

2018-10-19 04:46


RT @KamalaHarris: One survey found that 57% of Americans don’t have enough cash for a $500 emergency cost. I’ve announced a plan to help mi…

2018-10-19 04:46

spooky isis | 37 Seattle Marathon E4K MonarchMish

Dean is bi & so am I. Cas is gay & here to stay. Destiel exists & will persist. | Misha tweeted a pic w/me 7/22/17, responded 2x on 6/27/18 & more (see pinned)

RT @thetrashgal: The Prelude

2018-10-19 04:46

Edward 🌊 bassslayerinfla

RT @adamvieyra: Here it is. This beautiful beast of an issue. Big thanks to everyone at @MotherJones who worked their tails off to make it…

2018-10-19 04:46

Pikz ItsPikzFE

Biggest brain in the Midwest | Resident Glue Drinker | Header by @UzinekoGG

RT @bamotheweebmstr: Part 4 ft. @aeon903 in a Discord call.

2018-10-19 04:46

Lova-kely kely_lova

RT @BTSmusicKpop: I'm glad I voted a lot on website. Time us running out, voting will soon end. Did you vote too?
#PCAs #TheSong #IDOL #BTS…

2018-10-19 04:46


Daughter,Sister,Proud Mother & First.💖my Bulldog🐾🐾💖America.Impeach Donald tRump.Democratic resistor.#MeToo SURVIVOR

RT @george_capen: Trump claims he gets scientific instincts genetically because his uncle taught at MIT.

So, genetic instincts are -- by h…

2018-10-19 04:46

roseann wolfgirl1

I am not your carpet ride I am the sky

RT @KamalaHarris: No one should be bullied or harassed because of their identity. This #SpiritDay, I’m joining people across our nation who…

2018-10-19 04:46

Michelleee TW0FREESH


Halloween party available

2018-10-19 04:46

shrieking.chey🎃 C_timecat

Cats | Tea | Disney
what more could one want?
oh yeah and @courtcat96 is my clone 🌠♉️

RT @rodneydiz: i need a 15 page essay on WHY vampirina is on the villains float

2018-10-19 04:46

The Voice of The Force Podcast VoiceForcePod

A podcast discussing Star Wars Canon, News, and Events! Join Noma, Ed, & Dan as they discuss anything and everything about the Galaxy Far, Far Away ✨🌟✨

RT @MakingStarWars: Our sketch of a 10ft tall Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Ithorian Monument! #GalaxysEdge …

2018-10-19 04:46

나빌 바질 🃏 nba_mb


RT @MedouneMMG: #JeudiPhoto featuring sunset.

2018-10-19 04:46

Chuck Hansen's Ghost 👻 KAIJUCULTIST

Venom is my waifu
// fandom account //
opinions here are pretty cool but most definitely my own

RT @PastelJaws: Shane Dawson about to say something racist

2018-10-19 04:46

7' angels ✨ littlx_mochi

19| ~Purple heart 💜~ 김남준 🐨 김석진 💋 민윤기 🐱 정호석 🌞 박지민 🐣 김태형 🐯 전정국 🐰.. 방탄소년단 💖 My heartu @firstloveminy 🌛 ✨Seven Biased✨

RT @hiHOBIhi: I made myself stupid emotional.

✊🏼 #7MoreYearsOfBTS @BTS_twt

2018-10-19 04:46

CCBlondon BlondonChris

Follower of Jesus, 2nd Amendment Supporter, Law Enforcement Supporter, I Love my Family, Music lover

@RobbieSherwood @jasoninthehouse It was done long before Trump by politicians

2018-10-19 04:46

Frozen Alchemy FrozenAlchemy

The prospects for humanity are somewhere between glorious and dire. It is hard to be more precise. - Colin Tudge, The Secret Life of Trees

@digby56 They're easier to find. They don't work for a living, they're retired or on disability, on the dole and a…

2018-10-19 04:46

Talmar Talmar70

Mom to 3 wild and crazy girls and one large, fluffy cat. Difference of opinions can be discussed respectfully. Personal attacks, use vulgar language = blocked.

@riadach @AntonioArellano @eScarry @tedcruz He says that if she is a DACA recipient that she was brought here illeg…

2018-10-19 04:46

trouble trouble teKardashian_

20 htx. I win you loseeee💅🏼 student. 4:17🕊

RT @yinyahya: depression be fucking trying me. not this time hoe.

2018-10-19 04:46

. lovealways_jmd

a pretty sinner.

Even when I’m not working on the weekends, they’re still busy. 😩

2018-10-19 04:46

Budlite👍 buddysmooth

Make us proud of America. #MAGA

RT @elguapo64: Democrat Party Official William Davis:
A member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor DFL Party was suspended after saying Republi…

2018-10-19 04:46

Dr. Howard Levy🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 DrHowardLevy1

America 1st, proud conservative, keep making America proud Mr. President. Red wave coming!!!! #MAGA #KAG #KAG2020 #TRUMP #REDWAVE #BUILDTHEWALL #CONSERVATIVE

@bella_inxs @Richard4m @LoriWorthingto5 @Joeypsays @kyledrives @suzi4738 @keekeeq98 @LeshiaS62 @Beowulf45…

2018-10-19 04:46

daniel. trap2z

Graphic artist.

@rip_yoka @_r3load_

2018-10-19 04:46

Katie Cole katiecole19

Still emo, liked the Star Wars prequels, Padme deserved better. Insta @katiecole19

RT @radical_rhi: Me listening to a new @the1975 song, surprised that it’s once again, the best song in the world.

2018-10-19 04:46

Barbara Mills bmillsmft

World citizen. Angry as hell. Liberty and justice for all. #Resist

@mehdirhasan @chrislhayes My country is complicit in horrors within and outside of our borders. My country. A repre…

2018-10-19 04:46

Olivia Robinson🌊🌎 LivRobinson2000

Ig:livrobinson2000| Sc:livrobinson2021| PGHS 18’|Just a small town Catholic girl💙| #SSU22🧡💙| Future Teacher🍏🖍

RT @klolxz_: Did y’all ever notice that -4º looks like someones taking a shit.

2018-10-19 04:46

Maximus100 WokeMaximus

I want to own a 1972 mustang

RT @Chainbody: Acro Bike Users Be Talking Shit

Until They Fall Down The Sky Pillar

This Post Was Made By Mach Bike Gang

2018-10-19 04:46

Staci Bailey BaileyStaci

RT @14_flippn_seats: @thehill @realDonaldTrump CA Parks & Forests:

Green & pink designate Federal Parks & Forests
Not managed by CA


2018-10-19 04:46

Kevin Riggle kevinriggle

I keep people safe on the internet (trying). He/him

RT @loisbeckett: Despite ongoing media failures, the answer to “how to cover Nazis without giving them a platform” is simple: focus on the…

2018-10-19 04:46

RonStallworth🎞🤠👻 SidInTheCut

251✈️205✈️334✈️719🛬 | RIP Ash❤️👼🏾| FlyHigh3️⃣👼🏾🏀 | 2️⃣0️⃣ | U.S. Army🇺🇸💪🏾

RT @FlyWithInk: Lol bitches really eating niggas asses naw b

2018-10-19 04:46

Dynamic Signal Dynamic_Signal

The Employee Communication and Engagement Platform - connecting companies with their most valued asset, their employees.

RT @rfradin: Exciting day here at @dynamic_signal! Today is our 8th anniversary and it has been an exciting ride. The team has a lot to b…

2018-10-19 04:46

Christian Christian_Trice

only time you look down on a nigga, is when u helping him up - Thugger

@9_monster_ @j_lewisIV I seen her punchin him but I didn’t know she tripped cuh 😭😭

2018-10-19 04:46

Dilkash Ghori dilkash_ghori

RT @tristehomo: me when i flirt and they flirt back

2018-10-19 04:46

Deplorable Kristi KAG4Eva

🇺🇸🇺🇸#MAGA🇺🇸🇺🇸 FB @Scaramucci @charliekirk11 @JacobAWohl @ScottPresler @JessieJaneDuff @thebradfordfile @CollinRugg @RealDrGina @RitaCosby #AmericaFirst

RT @elguapo64: Feminist org pushes a ban on term ‘pregnant woman’ because ‘all genders can fall pregnant’

Listen up dip $hits only female…

2018-10-19 04:46

becs astralshiro

lara croft lovebot

RT @ConnorIRL_: If this tweet gets 10,000 retweets, I’ll do a vlog-umentary of me going vegan for 30 days. Good luck.

2018-10-19 04:46

Cora Lee Healy khorah

Freelance artist. Co-owner (with artist George Barr) of fantasy & Sci-Fi t-shirts & gifts
and /> for Goth

Charge Animal Control Officer Who Abandoned Sick Kitten to Die in Woods

2018-10-19 04:46

Inking Every Day of Tober SorrenR

I dunno what im drawing, it just sorta appears there. 18 Fusky Gaming, Guitaring, and Bal'Karing. Aspiring fursuit dancer in spite of my bad back.

Hey @Wolfofthenyght have you gotten any of the new Hallows end costumes? I've gotten grist abom and wight, sadly no arthas

2018-10-19 04:46

Schmoo📎 smilon713

I get by with a little help from my friends.Back up my words with constructive action.Making friends.Still a student after 6 decades.We are #TheResistance

RT @sbonnin: Trump next. let’s remove him!!

2018-10-19 04:46

Platinum Chantel theylovechantel

Kai & Klayton’s muva

Like HOW tf could you be a bad mother?

2018-10-19 04:46

Monica Anne Heart MonicaAnneHeart

Fluid trans girl. Fashionista. Glam princess. SoCal. Married. Hard-working writer. Hoping to make new friends with similar interests.

May 7, 2018 – Showing Off My Burgundy Tweed Schoolgirl – Is this me in the same exact hotel room in Hawaii exactly…

2018-10-19 04:46

UniteBlue California UniteBlueCA

#UniteBlue - connecting the left in California with messaging, community building, technology and organizing. Visit to join. #Resistance

RT @YesOnWForWater: Question 7, & this is a fun one: What is your favorite memory where water plays a starring role?
¿Cuál es tu recuerdo f…

2018-10-19 04:46

c erouyo

hi seulgi

 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

   ∧_∧  rise and
   ( t ωt) cry
  _| ⊃📱(___
/ └-(____/
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

2018-10-19 04:46

AffirmationBeauty AffirmationBeau

The beauty within words. You ARE Love. Words of Encouragement (W.O.E.) Become a lovebug soon, DM me your email!🌿💕

know emotions.
maintain your emotions.
construct your emotions.

2018-10-19 04:46

Bell ___Bell23

#CowboyNation #BeardGang #IfBeyonceDontTrustYouImaShootYou #Top2KoolaidMakerAndImNot2 #ImaNiceAsshole #IAmGroot #RIPBillieJoeBellJr

RT @heardaboutbey: Knowles.

2018-10-19 04:46

Prinkoye 🙅🏽‍♀️ Princredible

On a mission to make the world a more magical place. DM me if you're interested in a collaboration ✌🏽

@PersnicketyK Hahaha I see 😂

2018-10-19 04:46

The Mighty Vampire❄️🍷🌊🐱👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🏃🏻‍♀️✌🏼 TheMightyV24

Strident woman. 🐝 🐝 🐝 SHE/HER. INFJ. Feminist. Resistor. All opinions my own and do not reflect on past or present employers.

@woman_cb @heyyguido So you opted to dial back your desire for full equality in order to appease men. How pathetic…

2018-10-19 04:46

STEELMATIC JasonNathan23

I've been building this muscle for a while, and it's almost time to start flexing! 1970 Mustang GT Restomod

Cleaning b4 gaming to Carter 5 live at

2018-10-19 04:46

Amanda californiapinup

Vintage model. A pinup who loves the 1930s-1960s. I'm the chick w/ cat eyes. Yul’s my homie, Jeff’s Magic City girl, Kelly’s a doll. Aspiring actor.


2018-10-19 04:46

RoseGold KoldRoze

New Account 😩 ‼️ Believer in the Lord & God•Mother• Goal Orientated• Sailor Gang• Hoop Dreams•FamilyOverEverything• blessed•beauty•intelligent•accomplished ..

@ambitiouslee___ Lee that was dumb. Lol let it go .. she’s upset 🤷🏽‍♀️

2018-10-19 04:46

kay kay646464

flowers, crochet, bushcraft, middle rock, smooth jazz, sci fi, meat eater, cook, off grid is cool. I like feminine things. NO 🐟

@GayRepublicSwag @therightbeans Thank You for sharing this. I would like to support conservative businesses whenever I can.

2018-10-19 04:46


@JoycelindCurrie Be careful

2018-10-19 04:46

Seth Bannon 👨‍🔬 sethbannon

Entrepreneur. Investor. Founder of @fiftyyearsvc, @AmicusHQ, @impactdottech. @YCombinator alum. Forbes 30 Under 30 for #socent. 🌱 based. No relation.

RT @PaulHShapiro: "If [cattle] were a country, they would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases!" --@BillGates on what entrepren…

2018-10-19 04:46

Mixteco Interpreter Mixteco_Int

MixtecoInt&license Trainer (Spanish,English,&Mixteco)Providing Professional Interpreting services to different levels of government, public and private agencies

2018-10-19 04:46

bas ϟ 🍂🎃 cherrybombuu

you stupid or something?

life imitates art

2018-10-19 04:46

wrangler arcillahumeda

desert clay wrangler

RT @loisbeckett: Despite ongoing media failures, the answer to “how to cover Nazis without giving them a platform” is simple: focus on the…

2018-10-19 04:46

Elias Garcia elias_garcia8

just living life you know

RT @Corridosmp3: Los inicios de Gerardo Ortiz 🔥

2018-10-19 04:46

davez Ddavidd14

hey am dave and dis my new twitter

@_quizy98 💕💕💞❣️💗💞💖💖

2018-10-19 04:46

Dthar🥀🗡 DtharDede

Kissy the Blue Cuddles 🦋

RT @Dee1D1990: Ok so there’s really people that did not get the sexual innuendos he was throwing out there on his entire album?? 😐 Just how…

2018-10-19 04:46

🕷️ Venom Matt MC_Hatt

Friendly neighborhood blogger. I love anime, manga, and video games. I'm going where the average me can be greater.✝️ Eph. 2:8

@Jaliquepatters2 I also reported them too. It's one thing to have an opinion on something, but don't attack the person.

2018-10-19 04:46

E-D illbedamed


Since officials expressed concern about Jared Kushner’s relationship with Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed Bin Salman, Kushn…

2018-10-19 04:46


Hello And Welcome!!!

First I thought this is a adon but is not is actually a secret feature in the game 😂

2018-10-19 04:46

민 윤기 💜 laeloniemarie

“I love I love I love myself I love I love I love myself I know I know I know myself Ya playa haters you should love yourself” - Cypher pt 4

@VanessaJay__ If we lived closer I’d go with you in a 💜 beat

2018-10-19 04:46

💋Ily ilyy87

SC: iily_87

RT @AndrewC_4: You ever be kickin it with your day 1’s, your circle, and be thinkin “ damn I really fw y’all”🤔

2018-10-19 04:46

Great Grandpa # GlovesOff ✌️ BigTomC51

If your going to talk the talk than walk the walk! School of hard knocks! Scar’s and tattoo’s are a different thing. NO Scammers! ✌️❤️🙏

RT @george_capen: Trump claims he gets scientific instincts genetically because his uncle taught at MIT.

So, genetic instincts are -- by h…

2018-10-19 04:46

Joelita❤ Joelita61010333

Joel mi idolo😍💞rompeme todo menos el corazón 😏😂😂

RT @itsjoelpimentel: ¿Quién dijo que iba haber cover hoy? Aww nadie jaja

2018-10-19 04:46

Manny Fregoso MannyFregoso1

RT @chrisaucedo: Mood

2018-10-19 04:46

Soraya Chemaly schemaly

Dir/WMC Speech Project. Writer. Opinions here are personal, so political. #RageBecomesHer

RT @GottaLaff: Trump just tweeted something so completely untrue that I nearly lost my lunch. About pre-existing conditions and then, Medic…

2018-10-19 04:46

Amanda Sanders-Castello mamacitaloco

2018-10-19 04:46

Wesley Forrest WaffuruKitsune

Hi there! I'm WaffuruKitsune but you can call me Waffle. I love cute fluffy things and love to draw em too! I'm a furry, gamer, and artist.

#AragamiShadowEdition #XboxShare

2018-10-19 04:45

#1 DRESS STAN 🔥👸🏼 delicatenickk


2018-10-19 04:45

Ana Lopez AnaLope33624502

cncowner de corazon

RT @itsjoelpimentdl: #CNCO #mosthandsomemen2018 @ErickBrianColon @CNCOmusic

2018-10-19 04:45

SCI_Crypto Schools Satoshitoo


2018-10-19 04:45

₭² ibushia

🇮🇷 • #NOAH_GHC • Juventus • Lakers • Patriots

Surprisingly good advice

2018-10-19 04:45

Kathi Koll Foundation KathisCaregiver

Nonprofit dedicated to supporting family caregivers

If you can make it, please join me tonight for my first book signing of "Kick-Ass Kinda Girl: A Memoir of Life, Lov…

2018-10-19 04:45

Brandon Camacho branditocamacho

Enjoying every moment of it

It’s 1pm why are you making so much noise I’m trying to get some sleep here

2018-10-19 04:45

Well duh.... HardieEric

Husband,father,outdoorsman, WhoDat from Catahoula Parish. Anything less than 100 proof is a placebo. I like guns and bourbon and 1 Timothy 1:15. #HopeforRCDP

@StrangerHQ I see your point sensei although I have, at times, technically summoned foul things from the Culinary P…

2018-10-19 04:45

Katherine⚜ Katkonfessions


RT @tristehomo: i can't sleep cause i can't stop thinking about this video lmao

2018-10-19 04:45

Eeek a Haunting! mulegirl

Author of Conversational Design ( Co-founder of Mule Design.

Enjoying fresh local cuisine is the best way to relax.

2018-10-19 04:45

Eileen A LACOESTT_Eileen

Vocational Training Specialist, Motivator , Facilitator and Leader.

LACOE-Short Term Training#Class A Driver Training Program# Bootcamp#BringyourAGame#Prepforpermit#qualitytraingingqu…

2018-10-19 04:45

oldrn oldrn1

American. Trauma Nurse. West Coast Progressive. Giants Fan.

RT @EdanClay: I think the killing of Khashoggi by the Saudis was a test. Khashoggi was a permanent U.S. resident but not a citizen. @realDo…

2018-10-19 04:45

Linda Whitaker Wittie2015

Accountant, attorney, writer, baker and dog-lover.

@AdamParkhomenko It's even good with sound off. Not much of a poker face.

2018-10-19 04:45

Carmen Haideé OPDesCarmen

23. SFX Makeup Artist. Spanglish. Travel as much as you can.

RT @TheEllenShow: Happy birthday, @ZacEfron. I wish you many many more. Of course, I’m talking about your abs.

2018-10-19 04:45

Terry Louie Russell tangerine282003

I refuse to let anybody steal my thunder! Being an advocate for my community.

RT @EdanClay: I think the killing of Khashoggi by the Saudis was a test. Khashoggi was a permanent U.S. resident but not a citizen. @realDo…

2018-10-19 04:45

John Anderson JohnAnd011

U.S. Army, Retired Law Enforcement and one who Worships God. MAGA

RT @ddwiese: Joe Biden:
“Trump just loves to coddle dictators: Putin, Kim Jong-Un....”

1) Trump armed Ukraine.
You let Putin invade it.


2018-10-19 04:45

Trumpian Texan❌ deedeemontag

Native Texan; God chose Trump; guns for defense of life and property. I don’t engage idiot liberals! Fanatic TRUMP supporter;Trump2020;NRA; TrumpTrain🚂 👍MAGA

RT @elguapo64: Assistant Professor of Sociology at Ole Miss James Thomas encourages “acts of aggression.”

#LiberalHypocrisy #WalkAway #Dem…

2018-10-19 04:45

Gifted Essay Writer,Pay later. dan_writer1

I sort all your academic needs; A good CV, Cover Letter,Class Essay,Research Proposals,Thesis Chapter,Dissertation Chapters,Case studies.(

@Mason_Irwin Hi, please check your DM

2018-10-19 04:45

Ana Lopez AnaLope33624502

cncowner de corazon

RT @itsjoelpimentdl: #CNCO #mosthandsomemen2018 @ErickBrianColon @CNCOmusic

2018-10-19 04:45

Batdance 🇲🇽 BatdanceBoots

#Resist #TheResistance #indivisible #SAVEtheNEA

RT @KamalaHarris: Spread the word: You can register in person on Election Day in California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, H…

2018-10-19 04:45

laura laura23___

I do what I want 🍕


2018-10-19 04:45

Ram Nation brentheater007

Rams fan since 1974. HBO Deadwood movie advocate.🤠

@NFLfantasy @NFL @GrahamBarfield @GEICO #30 MVP!

2018-10-19 04:45

Benito El Pocho benitog

Bajista de Dubai Norteño Banda.Ex Bajista de Grupo Los Detectives, Excelencia Musical, Pezados del Norte, y La Orden De Michoacan.Venmo is Benito-Garcia-2

@wailaw @KTVU Hey, he says so himself. He uses big wonderful beautiful words and only the smart words he says.

2018-10-19 04:45

The AH (Guardian of worlds) AlexisHaro8

I make videos on gaming, reactions, and other stuff check out my channel because my name is in initials I am also a guardian of the world's we may know of

@kookiemilk3 Really a mango

2018-10-19 04:45

Yay Me 🇲🇽 Jaemi__V

태태 티티 히히 • 음란 마귀 ㅋㅋㅋ

Im happy

2018-10-19 04:45

Spooky Pirate🌊⚔️ jessthelarper

Jess. Designer/illustrator, Larper, libra, queer, neurodivergent, wannabe bard. Art instagram @ jessicaedenartistry. Larp/life insta @ part.time.pirate

@decafmari_ That’s not a Friend

2018-10-19 04:45