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tiredtigerstripes samsteyart

🏳️‍🌈 a queer little creampuff 🏳️‍🌈 she/her

•Ace / Aro people belong in LGBT spaces
•Not all trans identities are binary
•Pronouns dont alwa…

2019-05-25 23:51

Erika Monika Antoinette GayteGuardian87

I'm Erika, I write and draw~ Oh, and I'm gay ^^ I'm 31 y/o She/Her 🔞 HRT: 4/1/19

@aires_aston Good luck

2019-05-25 23:51

'skandar avg8

Hamburg native living 101 km east of San Francisco. Love music; hate hypocritical evangelists + #DerangedDonald’s kindreds. Some photos used without permission.

Alice Stewart sounds almost as annoying as her former boss Ted Cruz. @CNN doesn't need her drivel imo.

2019-05-25 23:51

Mainstreet ASA mainstreetasa

We’re just a family of travel vloggers exploring California with a heavy dose of Disney!! Our next out of state adventure ✈️: Disney Cruise to Mexico 🇲🇽

@DillosDiz @i2iDisney @DADDIO_69 @poowpodcast @DisneyAdults @Ta_TaForNow @MikeBelobradic @ChrisLuvsDisney…

2019-05-25 23:51

Susie susie_105

loves music, tv shows, movies, books , theater and most of all “The Squad”

@elineVnL The finale? Or whole series?

2019-05-25 23:51

diana kengi_nouni

01L, western, thai, kpop, cpop, *mulfand.

@ciangela_njel Bu xie jiejie 😁 ditunggu ya kakkk

2019-05-25 23:51

TiddlyTubby puri1705

Probably just annoying —— EN/TH/日本/sometimes in languages I don’t understand but I pretend I do

RT @bleachads: no one:

rats spreading the plague in europe:

2019-05-25 23:51

Nausias y vomito a los políticos corruptos. aoml70

Preparandome para trascender a la nueva vida después de la guerra nuclear que se avecina ÷ RUSIA-CHINA versus USA.

@Medardofmln @FMLNoficial Estos pendejos dinosaurios son masoquistas. Lesgusta que les de duro.

2019-05-25 23:51

Kas Tang | 李蕙儀 kasefiles

Attorney. I tweet about #juvjustice reform; AsAm issues; 1 country, 2 systems in Hong Kong; preservation of #Chinatowns & #Cantonese education🇭🇰🇺🇸

@marcorubio @trish_regan We don’t violate human rights.

2019-05-25 23:51

matt bangdrinker

love and affection giver and funny twitter guy / rs & league & illenium

gm 🙏

2019-05-25 23:51

patriots 4ever❤💙 beyonce8888

patsnation til I die Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T/ captain America 😍 Gal Gadot for life #wonderwoman

RT @billionaire_key: Out of more than 7 billion souls on this planet, no one does it like you. Cherish what makes you unique. That’s what p…

2019-05-25 23:50

Daddy Jame27472306

@RichardGrenell @MurphChallenge #sugardaddy #sugarbabylife are you ready to get spoil, I'm looking for a responsibl…

2019-05-25 23:50

Monica xPiya

"/ Life is about Big Waves, Hot Coco, ice cream, and sandy feet... Bene, grazie, e Leí ?

@thehill Why is this news? This man is irrelevant. Get him off my Twitter timeline.

2019-05-25 23:50

MemorialCare Careers MemorialCareJob

Interested in the latest jobs available at MemorialCare Medical Centers? Follow us here!

Join the MemorialCare team! See our latest job opening here: #clinical #technicians

2019-05-25 23:50

Abimbola Shijuade walih abimbso

RT @billionaire_key: Respect comes not because you have done something great. Respect comes because you have done something right.

2019-05-25 23:50

zy 134340zy

a bangwool.

RT @kittievante: The mother of all the @BTS_twt dance breaks. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙌🏼

2019-05-25 23:50

Taborek Marketing ttaborek

Travis Taborek | Digital Marketer & Writer | Specializes in #indiegame Marketing | DM me for a consultation!

RT @IndieGamerChick: For some reason, my reviews of two sperm-based XBLIGs are trending #1 on Indie Gamer Chick. I'm genuinely afraid to as…

2019-05-25 23:50

@Frankie Frankie72128789

Can I have some dough? Can I call date you until lovin’? Are you Down with Schrimp , Lobster, Crab , Alc:% with each spending moment Like Myself. website soon!

RT @TishaCampblMrtn: Sometimes mannn, #LIFE can make you feel like your #world has been turned upside down but remember when you’re going t…

2019-05-25 23:50

Default Tom Spatu1o

Robotics Engineer. Huge Nintendo, Star Wars, super hero, and anime nerd. @boochbitch is the waifu.

RT @yugiohtas: I was curious if I could find the Baxter Building on google maps and I love the reviews

2019-05-25 23:50

The True Crime Files thetcfiles

The True Crime Files is dedicated to all things #TrueCrime.

RT @ear_ons: #MissingKids #missing

2019-05-25 23:50

Mr.Sparkle BrianGaldamez98

RT @tarastrong: sick child. Countless surgeries, devoting your life to giving hers the fullest it could be knowing all her risks and challe…

2019-05-25 23:50

krystal ღ krystaldelgado_

~ 𝚢𝚘𝚞’𝚛𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝’𝚜 𝚊𝚕𝚠𝚊𝚢𝚜 𝚛𝚞𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚑𝚛𝚘𝚞𝚐𝚑 𝚖𝚢 𝚍𝚊𝚢𝚍𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚖

jfc I miss my iPhone

2019-05-25 23:50

1 TuttoSportUSA

News sportive dagli States.NFL,NBA,Soccer and more.UCLA Alumni Music:Dream Theater,Classic Rock.Life in LA,road trips,California...

@rprat75 Il fatto che avesse un fake fan account su Twitter dove lasciava commenti positivi su se stesso nei thread…

2019-05-25 23:50

Flopo😈 AkFlopo

16🤷‍♂️🎒• Nae • Focused on my dreams💯

RT @Aaronnlol: High key I’m just done I stream and play everyday with no improvements just feels like I’m in the same spot

2019-05-25 23:50

꾸기💕 _ChiJiJi_

Fan account @bts_twt

RT @kittievante: The mother of all the @BTS_twt dance breaks. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙌🏼

2019-05-25 23:50

Sierra 🌻 bodre_s


RT @immaterialboii: the athletic girls who wore slides everyday wearing heels for the first time in 4 years to graduation

2019-05-25 23:50

Fire Dance FireDance1968


RT @brother_chui: 一对华裔科学家接受中共资金资助并与中国的研究机构关系密切。被校方开除。实验室被关闭,资金被冻结。网站被关闭!


回去爱你们的国,爱你们的党去吧 h…

2019-05-25 23:50

Mongoose Army ArmyMongoose

Just a minion.
Nasty women
Refuses to be bullied

RT @tedlieu: Dear @ChipRoyTX: Hey man, why are you hurting disaster victims to make a point about congressional procedure? Do you feel all…

2019-05-25 23:50

Dr Deepwound DrDeepwound

I can't stop playing Dead by Daylight. So I figure why not stream it too.

Dwights just wanna have fun. 4 x Pizza Dwight sacrifice

2019-05-25 23:50

Global Politics GlobalPolitic11

F*ck donald ... and if you stand behind the POS, then f*ck you too! trumpers are not ill-informed ... they've made the decision to blindly follow trump

RT @robreiner: We have an illegitimate President. He is lawless & incompetent. He threatens our security. This Memorial Day let us honor th…

2019-05-25 23:50

Rocky The Rescue Schnauzer rescue_rocky

I'm a mini Schnauzer who was adopted when I was 3. I'm pretty sure every dog wants to play with me & every human wants to pet me.

@Topa_the_BT @misheleneous @stewieandmilou Love it

2019-05-25 23:50

Christine bbasillica


I wish i could take in that tabby cat from my street because even tho my neighbors say hes theirs they keep him out…

2019-05-25 23:50

Jamal Hewens NiceGuyJamal

Nice guys are winners too! In 2019 I will be spreading smiles to every crowd! Licensed wrestler for SC. Book me at

RT @bleachads: no one:

rats spreading the plague in europe:

2019-05-25 23:50

Patrick Byrant helpingpilot

One of my great joys in life is being a pilot.....#LegitSUGARDADDY

@allabout_DonDon Congratulation.

2019-05-25 23:50

Charlotte Leigh OHarrysChar

Just living for the day #FatNixon & @GOP are no longer in power, Siamese cat mom, new Pug mom, #TheResistance #FriendofthePod, Speech therapist 🌊🌊🌊🌊

@EricHolder Let’s hope so. There doesn’t seem to be many people left there.

2019-05-25 23:50

Acid_pumpkin Acid_Pumpkin666

Mexican taco artist 💖
IG- @ Acid.Pumpkin🌸
🎠Roblox -PuddinKawaii666🎠 (pfp @AlexDraws20 )


2019-05-25 23:50

Turkan _tn93


@KyleAye0 👌🏽cool

2019-05-25 23:50

elginwalker elginwalker

Real Estate professional, Motivator and, PUBLISHED AUTHOR! Working Greater Los Angeles Areas, Santa Clarita Area and with eXp of California inc bre#00994498

These Ideas Will Improve Your Basement and Make It More Livable #realestatenews via @RealtyTimes

2019-05-25 23:50

Douglas Dumhart ddumhart

@GeorgePapa19 Is it on audio books yet?

2019-05-25 23:50

Issabella Grace Issabellagrace9

RT @SenFeinstein: President Trump circumventing Congress to sell more weapons to Saudi Arabia is unacceptable. The Saudi-led war in Yemen i…

2019-05-25 23:50

Rob Tobin RobTobin

SCREENWRITER and NOVELIST. I love being with my wife, dogs, walking on the beach playing with my pups, vacationing, in quaint new coffee shops, and barbecuing.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said "Whatever this lawless President does to one of us, he does to all. Until we learn th…

2019-05-25 23:50

melody🇵🇭 melody_linang

most of these tweets are just abt bts and other funny relatable tweets

RT @hopekidoki: The temple that Namjoon made a wish at is called 향일암 (Hyang-il-am) located in the city Yeosu!
He even tweeted a picture fr…

2019-05-25 23:50

Jessica Flores jessemf2001

Pride of West Valley // Drum Major for POWV // i play the sax, thats all you need to know 😉👌🏽

RT @erickleonel5s: VISITORS SIDE ONLY !

2019-05-25 23:50

Caaakes 👅 mecaaakes11

⚓️| Bay✈️FL| Fly high guardian angels 🤞🏾💚| 🏳️‍🌈

RT @toospiffybihh_: Air Force 1s to a Cali nigga is like timberlands to a NY nigga.😂

2019-05-25 23:50

Ronnie rohaniroop

Hard working,proud Canadian woman.Have common sense smarts,love to laugh,hates BS. News Entertainment News Hockey Local News

RT @robreiner: We have an illegitimate President. He is lawless & incompetent. He threatens our security. This Memorial Day let us honor th…

2019-05-25 23:50

A45cooper (Angel) a45cooper

UCLA Alumni
travel channel, A&E, Paramount/Universal Studios , Showtime, Netflix,
love broadway,
love music,
love the stage,
Firefighter and EMT

RT @OneMoviePunch: #OneMoviePunch - 495 / 2019 – “15 August” (2019) – 7.2/10

Review: “Slice of life, light-hearted Marathi-language romant…

2019-05-25 23:50

Ellen freehbe94

A bird sitting on a tree is not afraid of the branch breaking because its trust is not on the branch, but on its own wings. Always believe in yourself.

RT @KamalaHarris: This is unconstitutional, un-American, and must be stopped. Period.

2019-05-25 23:50

Ben DeShon veryBENeficial

I blog to entertain myself & if I’m lucky you’ll be entertained too!

RT @KamalaHarris: Those at the top are thriving, while the middle-class is barely scraping by. One of the first things I’d do as president…

2019-05-25 23:50

Phi sophscorz

RT @immaterialboii: the athletic girls who wore slides everyday wearing heels for the first time in 4 years to graduation

2019-05-25 23:50

🐾Lizzybeth🐾 dizzyoz1

#JulesWeMissYou4ever 🐾🐾😿😿❤️❤️

RT @karolcummins: @ericgarland @FBI Wow! You must be right over target to earn so many triggered Bernie bots. Well done!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

2019-05-25 23:50

Unlimited Librarian CristiCSJohnson

HS Media specialist/ITC, Google Educator, ‘18 South Metro GA Library Media Specialist of the year. ‘18 Exemplary Library Media Program of the Year

RT @ReneeWellsSTEAM: EOY 🏆 activity: drop all random stuff u don’t want to put away into 👞 boxes. Show @MacGyverCBS (the old one!) Set the…

2019-05-25 23:50

Dana tink2216

RT @ALDF: Registration for Humane Lobby Day closes on May 28th! Don't miss your chance to join the Animal Legal Defense Fund and the Humane…

2019-05-25 23:50

Vaish 432e82c5130e41b

I am me and I won't change myself for anyone... 😘😍💓💞
BTS is life💜💜💜💜

RT @kittievante: The mother of all the @BTS_twt dance breaks. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙌🏼

2019-05-25 23:50

time traveler JamesCo69259865

@JamesCali3 He needs to be moved to private sector anyway, he can afford orthodontist 👍🏻

2019-05-25 23:50

Settle down. 🤫 YethuIsMyName

Storyteller. Digital Marketer. Educator. Traveller. Lover. 🌈. IG: @Yethuismyname

RT @idillionaire: Affirm:

I choose to be patient. I choose to trust the process. Everything I have visualized, intended, prayed about, an…

2019-05-25 23:50

Jenny Uwishuknew 🍑🌊🇺🇸 JennyUwishuknew

#AmericaVsTrump #Resist

RT @robreiner: We have an illegitimate President. He is lawless & incompetent. He threatens our security. This Memorial Day let us honor th…

2019-05-25 23:50

Isaak Mercado🇺🇸 IsaakMercado1

Political junkie

@AOC Having border patrol isn’t synonymous with hating immigrants, lady. Over 50% of CBP and a little over 20% of I…

2019-05-25 23:50

JustBoostIt kixfanwithkids

Father of 2 /// Husband /// Sneaker head /// boostfam /// Love all shoes

@snkr_twitr Crashed 😝

2019-05-25 23:50

Amato david Amatodavid3

US ARMY🇺🇸 Command Sergeant Major (CSM)
It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur


2019-05-25 23:50

The_Uber_0utcast Uber0utcast


@yosp @BendStudio @JakeRocket @John_Garvin @Lorderk Nice one Shu!
Beat me to it, haha!

2019-05-25 23:50

lu virvdijk

❝ yᴇꜱ ꜰᴏʀ ᴊᴏʜɴ ꜱᴇᴇᴅ ❞

se pudesse escolher ninguém tinha irmão mano coisa mais insuportável

2019-05-25 23:50

kimie pinkfongg

Futura enfermera registrada💉

@HazelAnnAnghag ohh everything will be okay soon, ikaw pa kasing tibay nimo ang pader HAHAHAHA worry less na uy , g…

2019-05-25 23:50

Steve SPavls

The nature of the attention one brings to bear on anything, alters what one finds. - Iain McGilchrist

RT @benshapiro: I would pay $30 for a $20 bill like this

2019-05-25 23:50

Mary Hall Recessionista

Mary Hall, author of The Recessonista® + Huffington Post contrib. Frugal #fashionista, #NYFW #LFW ©Copyright The Recessionista, 2008-2019. LA+San Fran, CA

Head to the Nordstrom Rack to shop the sale! :)

2019-05-25 23:50

Carlos😘💕👀 wherezthelotion

💗Just a dude who loves video games💗 #BreadGang 🍞

What if in the new call of duty: modern warfare, Soap actually didn’t die? 👀 #CallofDuty #ModernWarfare @CallofDuty

2019-05-25 23:50

(Jess)enia jessxrixan


RT @isabellat_02: you’d think that i’d learn my lesson by now

2019-05-25 23:50