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Professor X IncredibleKay1

taeils hypeman
~bang chan's bby girl ~
Zhang Yixing is my 💓

@donghunchoice I just got the pictures thank you! 💞

2018-12-20 01:28

Justin Barasky JustinBarasky

Happy to be on team @SherrodBrown, this time as Campaign Manager. Priorities USA, DSCC, Harry Reid alum. Cavs. Indians. Browns. Proud dog Dad.

What do you think @durhamlau

2018-12-20 01:28

MCondon Marc_Condon

@MBeternal @yungsadboring @ethan_fitz @nickbaumgardner Harrison bout to commit to osu?

2018-12-20 01:28

Josh@RotoRadar RotoRadarRiemer

Executive producer for the @OnTheRotoRadar. I also handle the @OnTheRotoRadar twitter. If you have any questions DM me.

RT @RealCinciNasty: Really good night from @DFSHockeyDude @RotoRadar He’s been on fire 🔥 #GoodSkill 👊🏻

2018-12-20 01:28

Haley. hales_03

Ohio university 💚 mom of 2 fur babies 🐾 and little miss Ryleigh Ranae 💕🤰🏽

It’s so sunny out. It makes me miss summer 😕

2018-12-20 01:28

The Canned Air Podcast CannedAirPod

Get a fill of indie comics, nostalgic pop culture, and comic writers/artists, even some voice & screen actors on our weekly podcast!

Fear not everyone! I guess Genie will actually be blue! #thankgod

2018-12-20 01:28

FHHS Golden Falcons FalconScores

@SWCSD @FalconScores Golden Falcon Holiday Concert today for our future Falcons from West Franklin Elementary!

2018-12-20 01:28

Pat RCWr

I love all animals. All animals deserve to live in safety, comfort and with dignity. They have the same basic needs as people do.

We can relax. A crow is on the job watching over us. I love crows! #Family

2018-12-20 01:28

Eric Wandersleben EricWandersleb1

American made from the finest German parts. Media Relations. Scripps Kid. 〽️ Athletics. Indians. Browns. Cavs, Bluejackets.


2018-12-20 01:28

Sadaqat Malik sadaqat__malik

PHSN ' 20 •Snap me @sadaqamalik•

Marvin’s room

2018-12-20 01:28

Mikaela Hunt MikaelaHuntNews

Former 📺 ⚓️. Owner, Mikaela Media. Host: @ColumbusChamber Cbuzz & What Matters on @610wtvnnews.💖accessories-strong 👱🏽‍♀️& a 🔥 notebook.

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Spacecraft and Falcon 9 Rocket via NASA

2018-12-20 01:28

Matt L Lebs52

Cleveland and Ohio State Sports Fan

@jjruss22 @KenCarman @SportsBoyTony Says a lot about the character of a man

2018-12-20 01:28

alexis 👑 axizle1

more food less problems 😋🍕

RT @the_myleg_fish: Straight men in the replies talking about how they would never fuck a transgender woman. Who said she even wanted your…

2018-12-20 01:28

Hannah ♏️ _Hannology

Mother. Student. Chemical engineering major. 🖤🕉🗝🔮🌙

@britbornholdt I don’t. ):

2018-12-20 01:28

Int Programs in Agr OSU_IntAgr

The Office of International Programs in Agriculture at The Ohio State University's College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences #CFAES

#CFAES undergrad students, @ugresearchOSU will soon be accepting applications for international research funding fo…

2018-12-20 01:28

not OSU CABS CabsOsu

Whether the CLS or the BV, keeping you updated on all things bussing around Ohio State. Parody account. Not affiliated with OSU or TTM at this point.

Next year I’m instituting a curfew for myself so I stop making bad choices.

“Sorry guys. Mom said I needed to be h…

2018-12-20 01:28

Miquéla is pronounced Mi-kay-la miquelalala

Writer 🖊 Icon in the making ✨ C’est la vie ⚜️ Snap and Insta: @miquelalala #blacklivesMATTER #Vanderbilt22💛⚓️🖤

RT @princetyy_: *Picks the same letter 3 times in a row on a test*


2018-12-20 01:28

Reis & Irvy's Columbus ReisIrvysCbus

Reis and Irvy's is a frozen yogurt vending machine. Locations coming to Columbus soon!

Ease that Christmas shopping stress with some Reis and Irvy’s Fro Yo. Find us at River Valley Mall in Lancaster…

2018-12-20 01:28

Shoe Angel shoeangelshop

Shoe Angel provides footwear programs for medical facilities with free shipping & returns across-the-board savings and giving. Visit the site to learn more.

RT @OSUWexMed: Eating is a cultural part of our #holiday traditions but a simple holiday gathering could lead to a medical emergency with a…

2018-12-20 01:28

❌aria Howard mariaho51816595

Love God..Family...People...Sports and of course a DIEEE Hard ⭕hio State Fan❗❗ G⭕BUCKS!!!😁😎👆

RT @Aferguson1112: This kid is a true feel good story. Paid his own way on the greyhound bus to come to every OSU camp to get an offer. Onc…

2018-12-20 01:28

Deojane' beautyandboobs

I’m a Sag.. I’ll get under your skin, if you let me!😇

Congrats moo!!!😘😘

2018-12-20 01:28

Experience Columbus ExpCols

Bringing the best of the Columbus experience to visitors! Follow us for tips on where to dine, play, shop and stay in Columbus! Use #expcols to chat

Kick off the new year with some live local music at these upcoming shows! #expcols

2018-12-20 01:28

🌼Ł Ë Ã H 🌼 leaharndt13

“There are moments in our lives that seem to define us, but isn’t it really about what lies beyond those moments?” - t.y.

can we just take a moment IM-

2018-12-20 01:28

Rapida USA rapida_usa

medico, web designer, writer, painter

K-Pop band member quits as label denies sexual misconduct accusations

2018-12-20 01:28

Jumpsuit twentyone2001

▼Can you save my heavydirtysoul? ▼Jumpsuit cover me.
▼I'm a Ban- I'm a Bandito

@retro_babygirl 16

2018-12-20 01:28

RotoRadar RotoRadar

Ranked Pros, Optimized Lineups, Full-time Staff, Legitimate Business and Proven Results. Signup today for research/advice straight from the Pros! #GoodSkill

RT @RealCinciNasty: Really good night from @DFSHockeyDude @RotoRadar He’s been on fire 🔥 #GoodSkill 👊🏻

2018-12-20 01:28

Lui$ LuisM1130

yea aight

@Brisamata_ @_pochita__ u see my religion prohibits it🙂

2018-12-20 01:28

Mi the Queen👑 JanaaasWorld

do not DM me

Like wow nothing about that picture was sexy....

2018-12-20 01:28

lanta atlantamckeown


RT @kanyeswesticles: the biggest lesson i learned in 2018 is that you cant force what isn't there. you cant force a text out of someone who…

2018-12-20 01:28

Ronald J Smith JRonald223

I am an informed citizen who believes in Democracy.

@CBSNews Vlad Putin is thanking his friend Donnie Trump for this troop withdrawal. Syria will now move back towards…

2018-12-20 01:28

Ray Mendoza RayM512

Gator Alumni in Austin, TX. Skydiver. Salsa-Bachata-Kizomba dancer and DJ. Bobcat alum.

RT @ackocher: ICE deported 3x as many non-criminal immigrants from the community in 2018 than 2016, while total criminal deportations actua…

2018-12-20 01:28

MCondon Marc_Condon

@MBeternal @yungsadboring @ethan_fitz @nickbaumgardner 7 guys from 2017 class now gone?

2018-12-20 01:28

Todd Blair block_o_nation

Buckeye nation

RT @R2X_Rushmen1: Welcome to the RUSHMEN

2018-12-20 01:28

80six Swervy6

I haven’t felt anything but hungry and tired for about 5 months

RT @BarstoolOSU: Michigan: this is finally our year, we on that revenge tour


2018-12-20 01:28

👁Dripkage 777🤴🏽💦🚀🌌 LilTomPop

Golden Ram♈️🕊🖤 🌯🍍🎸🌊🏄🏽 ❄️💦 #TeamRocket🚀🌌 booking&

Check ya partner 👀 she might be hidin sum 🤷🏽‍♂️

2018-12-20 01:28

May 12 🇨🇺 CleverClyde

Graduated from WSU
#Cubano 🇨🇺
#East high school coach


2018-12-20 01:28

CLEology _CLEology

CLEology is an earth science concerned with the 'Land and the teams of which it is composed

RT @Dan_Hope: For those asking, Ryan Day is scheduled to meet with the media at approximately 2 p.m. this afternoon.

2018-12-20 01:28

West High Art WestHighArt1

Alexia W. Art Survey #chuckclose

2018-12-20 01:28

Julio Acencio Sor Ra julio_acencio

Solo se vive una vez, pero si se vive bien, una vida es suficiente.✨

RT @the_myleg_fish: Straight men in the replies talking about how they would never fuck a transgender woman. Who said she even wanted your…

2018-12-20 01:28

Eleven Warriors 11W

Where Ohio State fans gather.
Bringing you news, in-depth analysis, recruiting and occasional lulz. @11WRecruiting #GoBucks

Watch Noah Potter and Ryan Jacoby sign their National Letters of Intent to Ohio State and hear what they had to say…

2018-12-20 01:28

Leslie 🚂🚂⭐⭐⭐ biddergalore

conserv, young nana,nolibs,Israel, sm govt, gun rights, my dad-naval architect his ships R protecting us. F-14my 1st baby! if ur global drive thru!Long Islander

RT @GregoryRogers7: So they want to try this in PA huh? Do they not understand, more than 60% of the people in PA hunt and take pride in th…

2018-12-20 01:28

SmileyTheShark🦈 FrankoSteez


@StrawhatRaambo 😂😂😂

2018-12-20 01:28

Drop Top Trevy CircleTurk

Team P.O.E.T.

RT @damnyouwillis: let me tell you about homestuck

2018-12-20 01:28

Bart Fey Tramhue


LEVEL 65•IM Chat
Recording information by TramhueGOLD
Christmas Is For ALL The (Children) <3 <3 <3 ...And For The…

2018-12-20 01:28

Aiyanna🌼 s_aiyanna

pursuing happiness ✨

RT @MollyZeiher: Seeing this guys smile over a wonderful gift from some really great buddies MELTED my heart 💜 no act of kindness, whether…

2018-12-20 01:28

Penny Spencer PennySpen1571

@realDonaldTrump Lol

2018-12-20 01:28

Will Smith WillSmithTwts

I'm back Twitter! The BEST inspirational and relatable tweets on Twitter. Here to inspire you! *parody* Not affiliated with the actor will smith.

Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, or my kindness for weakness.

2018-12-20 01:28

Tourettes Guy, Danny therealdailydan

Daily quotes form your favorite character. Tourettes Guy!

Pull into here

2018-12-20 01:28


pussy ass niggas not allowed in the zoo 🦍

This bitch love putting a mask on like she invisible 🤦🏾‍♂️ lol WE SEE YOU SPAWN tf nigga

2018-12-20 01:28

OFCC OHFacilities

OFCC guides capital const projects for state agencies/state-sup univ/colleges/K-12 public schools; administers cultural facilities & school security grants.

A Construction Manager at Risk pre-interview site visit was held on December 14 for the @NWLSchools (Clark County)…

2018-12-20 01:28

Brian Scerca bsce123

RT @RugbyOhio: 2018 is ending and we're already gearing up for 2019! High school spring #rugby registration is now open on the #RugbyOhio w…

2018-12-20 01:28

T. ninnaa_x

💛💚 WU | C/O ‘21 |

One thing about me is anything i said once i can say it again 😊🤷🏽‍♀️

2018-12-20 01:28

❄️1,522 words❄️ acatmcalpine

actor. writer. artist. sleep deprived. | film reviewer @maddwolf | Justine on @redrueseries

Correct, I did not take time off this year.
Yes I was very sad in 2018 why do you ask?

2018-12-20 01:28

Blake Dunbar BlakeDunbar2015

Blake Edward Dunbar I 22 I Lover of all things sports I SFA 19’ I Aspiring @ESPN Sports Broadcaster l Sports Videographer @storiedrivals I SC: blakedunbar1996

@LumberjackFans This might just be my new header

2018-12-20 01:28

Mixxie Beverly & Maze TravDave

You don't know my life!!! Producer of #WWTB What we talkin bout? Podcast.

@D_hawkins7 @JM_AC3 @msrisss and the rest of Aubreys Angels

2018-12-20 01:28

Collins CollinsLaatsch

I don’t care about football.

Watching my roommate chase a bison around in red dead in order to lasso and stab it to death is too entertaining.

2018-12-20 01:28

KaSandra👑 ObeyyyKasandra

18| Makeup Freak😜

@EdgarRawdon $KTowns18

2018-12-20 01:28

Abbott Veldhuizen | Silmerion Silmerion

You don't need a reason. There are nice things sometimes | Abbott | he/him | 💖💜💙 | data scientist | UNIST, Soulcalibur 6, Xrd (lapsed) | leftist weeb energy

@TreebarkTeddy @Suna_19 @ArexRane @Amadeus46Art @DrifterDane Zappa, to S-Ko every day:

2018-12-20 01:28

kaleigh 🥀 xkaleighfowler

i love @xscariana 💓 | uwg '21

RT @princetyy_: Bruhhh y’all stay pulling stuff out my memory 😭😭

2018-12-20 01:28

SmileyTheShark🦈 FrankoSteez


RT @StrawhatRaambo: My girl the only person who can really piss me off but I can never stay mad for to long 😭😭

2018-12-20 01:28

robert RobertRumfield_

Producer for @MajorZoe_

literally nothing is more important to me right now than majors album nothing can faze me

2018-12-20 01:28

HocK AAFHock

Wren Beat Reporter @afterafewpod


2018-12-20 01:28

Yassine grYass

Barça, OL et de la nba | Anciennement Nagiel | 18 ans

RT @the_myleg_fish: Straight men in the replies talking about how they would never fuck a transgender woman. Who said she even wanted your…

2018-12-20 01:28

Mike Corey MLCorey1982

Alum of @DukeU, @OSUEdStudies, and @OSU_Law. All opinions my own. Trying to support and show an affirming flame.

Wonderful start to the day with the great @McDeanja12!

2018-12-20 01:28

Adam Chadrick AdamChadrick

27 years old! #StriveForGreatness PROVERBS 27:1-2

RT @LettermenRow: Jameson Williams is officially a Buckeye.

The 4-star prospect from St. Louis (Mo.) is the country’s 24th-ranked receiver…

2018-12-20 01:28

Bedwards EdwardsOhio

Official Twitter of the 1998 Whittier Elementary Spelling Bee Champion. Habitual line stepper. Tweets are my own.

RT @MLCorey1982: We have work to do.

Thanks as ever to Mr. Dawson for his excellent work.

2018-12-20 01:28

Hayley Call Carducci HayleyCardu

Coms @OhioJFS @OhioMeansJobs @OMVetJobs @ApprenticeOhio📱 I like people 🙋🏼‍♀️ I love fashion 👗👜 🎤 Views are my own. RTs not endorsements.

Hayley *marked herself safe* on the 32nd floor of the Rhodes Tower.

2018-12-20 01:28

Kirsten R. Pomales kirstenrpomales

I care about coffee, innovation and economic freedom ~ CTO @SponPay_ ~ Jane of all trades ~ Tweets & opinions are my own

This will be an interesting education innovation project to follow in 2019: Kahoot, a ‘Netflix for education’, laun…

2018-12-20 01:28

WesManTooth SwaggedOutBoomy

Some white guy with a lot of shoes 🙄 #RiceNation

RT @joshzwilling: People at Polaris are already pissing me the hell off & im not even clocked in yet. About to spazz like Kanye smh

2018-12-20 01:28

🇲🇽 usedtobefearles

I overcommunicate and feel too much. Fan account

RT @the_myleg_fish: Straight men in the replies talking about how they would never fuck a transgender woman. Who said she even wanted your…

2018-12-20 01:28

Clayton Baughman claytonbaughman

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition | The Ohio State University class of 2018 | ATI class of 2015 | Northridge class of 2013

It's not that I don't like salad it's just that every time I eat one I end up more hungry than when I started

2018-12-20 01:28


Legends never die. #PayHOMAGE | Email an All-Star!

It’s almost Santa’s Game Day, so if you’ve been waiting til the last minute, we’ve got 25% OFF + FREE 2-Day Shippin…

2018-12-20 01:28

Craig Long CMacLong

Just a guy with too many nicknames

@BlackburnReview Next years playoffs...Lawrence (Clem) vs Tua (Bama) vs Fromm (Ga) vs Fields (OSU)???

2018-12-20 01:28

Juan Botero Juan_two_3_4

Getting my Masters in Biology, Adjunct Professor

RT @princetyy_: Bruhhh y’all stay pulling stuff out my memory 😭😭

2018-12-20 01:28

Tanner Bachelor tannerbachelor

Designer. Traveler. Mostly human.

Starbucks should sell weed

2018-12-20 01:28

Penny❌Drain The Swamp Now penelopepeace

#RedWaveRising 🗽 9/11 Changed Our World🌏Looking to share Hope with others because God is good. Making Libs angry since 2008. #45💕#MAGA🐘

Well, well well...Maxine Waters supports communism and California votes her back in!!!

2018-12-20 01:28