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The Regulatory Review TheRegReview

Your daily source for regulatory news, analysis & commentary. From the Penn Program on Regulation at @Penn. RTs & links ≠ endorsements.

Just how far is the legal reach of U.S. regulatory enforcement action? Our "Week in Review" connects you to a recen…

2019-04-20 04:03

Dr. Catfish Charlie™️ Chuckles152

Philadelphian/Questioner of all things, just a rational bro. Contributor of @FunkNFantasy & @Branded_Sports ; Father of the Convocation of Eagles. Luke 17:2

BA and Bear

2019-04-20 04:03

Jarrett Haas seejarrett

The corner of sarcasm and sincerity. On the edge of the inside. Streets ahead.

RT @jtbigelow: My five-year-old is calling his drawings his “heart work” and I’m not correcting him. “Mommy, look at my heart work!” So swe…

2019-04-20 04:03

Boujie💅🏾 LifeAsCee_

ncat. #FutureNursePractitioner

Its nap time im sleepy

2019-04-20 04:03

Run for Clean Air RunForCleanAir

Supports @CleanAirCouncil - 5K/10K/Walk/Kids Fun Run - Philly’s Largest Earth Day Celebration - 4/20/19

Toyota Hybrids proudly sponsors the Run for Clean Air. Join us 4/20, and learn more at

2019-04-20 04:03

KYW Newsradio KYWNewsradio

All News. All that matters to you! | 📧

Restaurants in South Philadelphia are gearing up for @EPassyunkAve

2019-04-20 04:03

FOX 29 FOX29philly

We go there. Get the latest Philadelphia news, sports and weather.

Online petition calls for teacher's firing over 'pathetic' comment on second-grader's worksheet

2019-04-20 04:03

gabby ummokgabby

twitter scares me tbh

RT @kirsten425: support makeup artists
support dancers
support painters
support graphic designers
support singers
support glass blowers

2019-04-20 04:03

Paul Kenmir PaulKenmir

Services Assistant for Sainsbury’s and aspiring author.

RT @AmandaFoody: #GIVEAWAY 5 signed #KingOfFools posters with this kickass Enne quote.


Open INTL - Ends 4/26.
RT/Follow to ente…

2019-04-20 04:03

Dennis GipperGrove

Founder of #RaiseTheCat

@Philly_HotTakes @tobias31 🙏

2019-04-20 04:03

Annie🥀 AnniePedlowe

Ig: Anniepedlowe

RT @Candiii__Land: Having thick ass hair is a mfn STRUGGLE 😩😩😩

2019-04-20 04:02


@NatalieEgenolf Couldn’t Agree more. obviously you are also against Meek ringing the bell with his derogatory lyric…

2019-04-20 04:02

Elizabeth ebelden

Beer scientist/brewer. Kansas City.

This bar slogan represents all I truly need in life

2019-04-20 04:02

Arnaldo Giordani arnaldogiordani

Chemical Engineer

@matteo_milan91 Tutto bini?

2019-04-20 04:02

🇧🇷☘️ Brazilian_Bae

things change

RT @thejessicadore: A sweet memory is not a signal to go back

2019-04-20 04:02

Kwame Kwame09

Live life to the fullest,in abundance till it overflows.

@PoliticalPrada @PressSec No one will be coming to her lying press conference anymore either.

2019-04-20 04:02

Phoenix2013 parkerj2011

Father. Educator. Love History. And on 11/9/16 I said these words..We're Fucked.

p.s. Blocking ppl because ppl have different views is infantile. Thx

@jax_persists The Republicans impeached Clinton in the 90s because he lied abt a blow job. He wasn't removed by the…

2019-04-20 04:02

kaelynne🌻 kay_hueber

ilmocr🌹❤️ James Matthew May 2019👶🏻💙

RT @youur_creaTOR: some of u bitches got so much to say and are so opinionated for no fucking reason lmfao who are you

2019-04-20 04:02

Ari esaninaguzman

Amo el chocolate. Los lácteos son malignos. ☢️🐕🐺🌴

RT @thejessicadore: Today's card. Humans have an amazing ability to generate emotional states simply through fantasizing, regardless of whe…

2019-04-20 04:02

Brian Jabarian BrianJabarian

Aspiring economist. PhD student @PSEinfo and Research Collaborator @Princeton. My opinions here. Making economics and morality working together.

RT @eugen_dimant: Interesting read and reminds me of the paper by ⁦@CassSunstein⁩ ⁦@m_sendhil⁩ et al on algorithmic bias

2019-04-20 04:02

No one Know_one2

RT @marklutchman: I’m calling for President Trump to send 3,000 busses of illegal immigrants to Nancy Pelosi’s front porch TODAY.

Who els…

2019-04-20 04:02

nell. MoMoRice69

Foods & Dudes

@Blackhawks773 You don’t think it’s racist to say a black child that doesn’t get adopted will be shot and killed by…

2019-04-20 04:02

Louisa Shepard LouisaJShepard

News Officer for @Penn covering English, Art History, Music, Libraries, PennDesign, Penn museums, GSE, CURF. Penn Parent 2018 & 2021. Views are my own.

RT @upennlib: Get ready for an exciting April and May of Music in the Stacks concerts ft. Penn Chamber students and other special guests! h…

2019-04-20 04:02

Jonny Bell jawnybell

Trying to talk about movies more and politics less.

RT @batmanda32: @jawnybell

2019-04-20 04:02

Kayla P. _1kaylap

we young af don’t nobody wanna be a fucking home body

2019-04-20 04:02

tommy williamson Venom_D_10

You can almost trace a straight line from your starting point ... More for Capricorn

2019-04-20 04:02

Greg duhasswipe

RT @cj_wentz: The greatest act of love this Earth has ever seen took place here— over 2000 years ago! Jesus walked the Via Dolorosa on the…

2019-04-20 04:02

James Bloom jimmyroybloom Longitudinal Lifespan Child Cohort Study

Zuckerberg BOASTS
yes BOASTS he's tinkering with Synthetic Telepathy
he was 'Caught' doing Behavioral Testing on…

2019-04-20 04:02

Jen A. Miller byJenAMiller

Author of RUNNING: A LOVE STORY. Ultramarathoner. Ultra New Jersian. Bangs on about running for @nytimes. Boss of the #freelancemafia

RT @TaliaSchlanger: In which Ryan from @guster calls me out for laughing at my own joke and we play "tour diary roulette" with Brian. This…

2019-04-20 04:02

Sir William Lord of Lincoln Heights biggieDwillie

Just doing what I do

RT @Jeff_McLane: For Joe Douglas, the next NFL draft is his most important. My column on the #Eagles VP of player personnel:

2019-04-20 04:02

🧟‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧙🏾‍♂️C🅾️ZY Oak_a_G

#M.B.$ x O.D.D Culture #FreeJune #RipMeechie #RipShaq 👼🏽🙏🏽 I be Trapping out the 6️⃣th 👋🏽🖕🏽

RT @Candiii__Land: How yall start off sex?🧐👀👀

2019-04-20 04:02

Joanne M Marinelli Jozannyme

quadriplegic bitch flailing in brother love chocolate excuses for collective responsibility; journalist, ex advocate

@SecPompeo Does this mean you were successful in extracting Maduro's Russian advisors? I don't like Trump's lenienc…

2019-04-20 04:02

Dij Teas and Drinks dij_teas

I am the Tastebud Thriller aka the Tea Lady aka KhaTeaJah 😊

Tomorrow the Tea lady will be in Chester

2019-04-20 04:02

Bike Coalition Phila bcgp

Advocating and educating in support of safe streets for bicycling & walking in the Philadelphia region.

RT @PhillyOTIS: Sign up today for a FREE digital skills class!

Join Digital Skills Bicycle Thrills on April 24 at 5:30 p.m. to learn new…

2019-04-20 04:02

Liv Livf_Erikson

I used to work at this really wet mountain in central florida

@ohhnoitsmoe @BYECaitlyn Christmas in July in Boston (or philly)

2019-04-20 04:02

David E. Lentz Hasexce44

Follower of Christ, President Trump/ VP Pence #MAGA #KAG2020- NOT LOOKING FOR SINGLE WOMEN!#CONSERVATIVE

RT @marklutchman: I don’t care if this offends people but,

I couldn’t vote for anyone who swears on the Koran instead of the Bible.


2019-04-20 04:02

Dominick Dom_Collazo

#FlyEaglesFly #TTP

RT @KyleNeubeck: The way Ben Simmons is most like LeBron is that he’s one of the few players in the league who could respond to trash talk…

2019-04-20 04:02

FastLifeYoungin Tom_Flies

| Co-Host of the Literally Speaking Podcast | Media Correspondent & Contributor for @gossipoftheciti |

@yoooosum Super underrated

2019-04-20 04:02

Flosscandies | Esp lesbiianangel

🌸Flosscandies on ao3🌸
🌼Aspiring erotica author and artist🌼commissions open!

RT @CRAZiECRiSSiE: This is the only ship dynamic that matters

2019-04-20 04:02

Jeremiah jeremiah___h

Half black Half rican #GoPats

RT @JaySwuzzy: It do be up to you tho

2019-04-20 04:02

Amy Zebulon amyzebulon

Registered Nurse

Check out this Tweet from LynnTilton: RT EvolveMobileM: Fear not the future or the unknown. Everything you know now…

2019-04-20 04:02

🇵🇷Cortez🇺🇸 dajigger

From the city of brotherly love PHILLY, Living my life in peace and spreading it as well,stand up to injustice.PEACE to all.✌🏼✊🏼


2019-04-20 04:02

and wildcaprisun

Han Cason: 20 something Philly jawn on Y-Not Radio : Tuesdays noon-4pm and every other Wednesday @ 11

RT @Barnesmuzac1:

2019-04-20 04:02

James Jones waterbearer15


2019-04-20 04:02

AzzurriFanPhil AzzurriFanPhil

Lifelong Philadelphian. Political junkie. Soccer fanatic. Forza Napoli. Forza Azzurri.

@_FCIM Thanks for that thought.

2019-04-20 04:02

Nick Hepner NickHepner1

Philly born and raised. Pop Punk kid 🤘🏼

@GrayscalePA what is this?

2019-04-20 04:02

Allie Steele alliekitten23

goal digger, beer drinker, CNA 💕🍻🏥

RT @heathermitts: 👀

2019-04-20 04:02

Χριστόφορος™ 🇬🇷 Crispy3414

Instagram: _chrisdawson

@6Foot4Honda @JessicaBlevins @Ninja Jess’ or mine? I can tweet it again if u need it

2019-04-20 04:02

Ed Palmer HuckPalmer

@12stepsdownn So what do you want them to do?

2019-04-20 04:02

Horlan Son SonHorlan

Everyday halloween ---- fascinated with concept arts

RT @LaurenWalshArt: @TheMandii @Athena_av_art Thanks for doing this! My name is Lauren and I’m an illustrator ✨💕 #art #ArtShare #MeetTheArt…

2019-04-20 04:02

Joe Deegan JoeClarkDeegan

Father Judge HS
Univ of Pennsylvania

2019-04-20 04:02

Charmoo charmoooo

Snug as a pug on a stoop.

RT @MaxKennerly: Some brief thoughts tangential to the Mueller investigation: our laws relating to white collar political crime are awful,…

2019-04-20 04:02

Ansa Tariq AnsaTariq2

Taking a step in the dark is braver than taking a leap in light.

دونوں میرے دوست ہیں پر دشمن ہیں۔🤣😂🤣

2019-04-20 04:02

ZeddYT ZLewandowski3

😀Subscribe for Truthful and Random/Sarcastic Content

@Fumez @FortniteGame exactly

2019-04-20 04:02

Jay🎱 PeakEmbiid

ManUTD Sixers Eagles Phillies Nova #PhilaUnite

@giantspls Proof

2019-04-20 04:02

wacky zingo laflamerr

| stream tayla parx | he/him

my sister said she forgets i like boys but then sees my tweets and remembers and i just wanna say i’m glad that’s my impact

2019-04-20 04:02

Dominick Dom_Collazo

#FlyEaglesFly #TTP

RT @KyleNeubeck: I ripped Simmons for no showing Game 1 and thought he wholeheartedly deserved it. But the guy responds with two elite perf…

2019-04-20 04:02

Kevin McCormick NHL94

I'm Bulb, I do stuff.

@benbanyas @AlChicoine @Jaytingwalker @being_ulti Exactly. Words are just... words. We try to use them to communica…

2019-04-20 04:02

Carina♡ carina_houston

live a little✰☮︎☼❥♛∞ sc: awesomecarina 🦋💋⚡️

RT @PeterJMarshall: the snapchat “discover” page is the worst place on the internet

2019-04-20 04:02

Gil _PapoLuca

🇩🇴 #TempleMade

Tim Anderson just climbed the ladder for fav players in baseball

2019-04-20 04:02

DaWildKard Da_WildKard

#ToomerMoB @bigfacemobb_sc #wg #selfkontained

I’m a go to this @garyowencomedy show tonight..... #DoAC #Harrahs

2019-04-20 04:02

TMJ-PHL Acct. Jobs tmj_phl_acct

Follow this account for geo-targeted Accounting job tweets in Philadelphia, PA. Need help? Tweet us at @CareerArc!

This job is now open at Robert Half Finance & Accounting in #Philadelphia, PA. Follow us and turn on mobile alerts…

2019-04-20 04:02

6. 6peso_


@exact__lee idc

2019-04-20 04:02

Haverford Basketball FordsBasketball

The official Twitter feed for Haverford School Basketball. #GoFords #10VE 2018, 2019 Inter Ac Champs - 2019 State Champs

Best of luck to The Fords’ Jameer Nelson as he was chosen to play in the Allen Iverson Play by Play Invitational th…

2019-04-20 04:02

ki. aaaaannaiK_

i'm living, what u doing? #FREETHENIPPLE #itgetsgr8rlater

Jazmine Sullivan really shoulda blew up more than what she did man rs😭

2019-04-20 04:02

Deion Ellis 25HeNice

Stay tuned...

RT @tobias31: There is no traffic when you create your own lane.

2019-04-20 04:02

ShleyBadd  AshleyEatman

My family needs me, most importantly my mother is depending on me and I can’t let her down!

2019-04-20 04:02

bella♡ 25 ayeayeAJ

this is my bio. also aj should grow his hair out

@dazefulAJ no

2019-04-20 04:02

Lauren Hilger lauren_hilger

writer, poetry editor @notokensjournal & @joinoneroom, author of Lady Be Good

@TKMadden Thank you, my love!!!!

2019-04-20 04:02

mike wallach DownwiththeMets

@EvanRobertsWFAN Phillies Hate move!

2019-04-20 04:02

PrayersUniteTheWorld PrayersUnite

Facilitate prayerful support for one another and promote religious communities. Visit our website to request prayers and to learn more about our mission.

2019-04-20 04:02

Bryce Paul McDowell 24blackwell_bry

#Heat #Eagles #Flyers #Phillies #GatorFootball #KentuckyBasketball #SouthCarolinaWBB #Lynx #GhostGhang #HungryGhost #CORFU #God #Jesus #2018

@WBMingin @DaBag @hoff31330 @Ike58Reese True

2019-04-20 04:02

Keηıyɑh🧸✨ KeniyahE

Still I Rise,Maya Angelou Vibes🌻

RT @DaRealQuick: @iFeeLdZy_ Tale of 2 cities and they wanna make u out to be the bad guy. But let it had been a Black mother with their bab…

2019-04-20 04:02

Mizuto Kato⛷⚽️⛳️🍣🍜 miz0521

Beer🍺Lover, Skier⛷Daddy of 2 kids, Love Hawaii🌴Golf⛳️Soccer⚽️Running🏃Ramen🍜Sushi🍣, #燻製

@yurian0805 嬉しい言葉ありがとう😊これからまだまだ続くプロジェクト、一緒に頑張って行きましょう!!

2019-04-20 04:02

Ra Ra SwaggyRa

IG: swaggyra_ DONT TAKE ME SERIOUS Tryna reach the main goal

@bapter23 @killa_cam86 😂🤣 cam what I say he jah without they layup

2019-04-20 04:02

Amanda Knowles MBE #CEP amandakn0wles

Caregiver, daughter of a care experienced adult, organiser of Your Life Your Story, supporter of Children's Rights and Therapeutic Environments.

@OYFtheBook What a privileged pratt...

2019-04-20 04:02

NENE BeautifulBey17

From the 🌃 of brotherly ❤️. Creative at heart, and have a love for design.

They holiday for yall perc heads, 4/20 been honey done bun for a lot of you niggas.

2019-04-20 04:02

Olivia McPherson oliviammcphers1

Program Manager, JPOD@Philly: #JLABS, #Pennovation, and beyond!She/her, Smith/Temple, views my own. 🌈🦉👩‍🔬

I’ve stopped saying underrepresented altogether. Underestimated puts an onus on well-voiced deciders, draws attenti…

2019-04-20 04:02

Nikolay Mihaylov nixonanim

CG Artist, Trainer, Entrepreneur. Founder of @cgartbg - CG Social Network.

RT @jordosh: Raising Boys With a Broader Definition of Masculinity

2019-04-20 04:02

DapperTomIV ThomasBrownIV

PHL🦅 SC:Tommyiv IG Dappertomiv

RT @6abc: #BREAKING The Philadelphia #Flyers have covered the statue of Kate Smith outside the Wells Fargo Center and will stop using her r…

2019-04-20 04:02

aminat haminahat

Is beta u hate me 4 who i am dan luv me 4 who am nt

@olaAriyo Welcome to the sneakers world with us👟👟👟👟👟🥾🥾🥾🥾 #teamsneakers

2019-04-20 04:02

*•.¸♡ 𝙗𝙗𝙮𝙗𝙚𝙖𝙧𝙨𝙚𝙤𝙠𝙟𝙞𝙣𝙞 ♡¸.•* bbybearseokjini

🍞 ʲᶦⁿ'ˢ ᵇʳᵉᵃᵈ ᶜʰᵉᵉᵏᶦᵉˢ ᵉⁿᵗʰᵘˢᶦᵃˢᵗ ᵘʷᵘ 🍞

| 200217 • ot7 • jin bias

@BTS_twt The sweetest angel!!! Please rest, honey 💕 I love you

2019-04-20 04:02

Jamie Lynch jelynchjr

@975theFanatic Morning Show & weekend host, doppler trained for 15 minutes by @jimcantore, I'm incendiary too man. Email:

@PhilaPhans my concerns aren't this post season, it's his career

2019-04-20 04:02

Average Austin Krell AustinVillanova

If you hate Brett Brown, we probably won't get along; Reactive Takesman; @SixerSense; President @UpAndUnderNBA; Host @NBNDashRadio; Host @thefeedtoembiid

@Pudingtane @RealMamaEagle You need to rethink this statement and philosophy.

2019-04-20 04:02

Liz P. LP_lovinglife

Live your life, Love yourself! 😍🐶🐶

RT @cj_wentz: The greatest act of love this Earth has ever seen took place here— over 2000 years ago! Jesus walked the Via Dolorosa on the…

2019-04-20 04:02

Eugenie eugenie_shin

@neuroticmom_1 I hate this

2019-04-20 04:02