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2018-06-20 08:52

雨宮ハルカ@そらとも canshaopingshid

サッカー/ゲーム/アニメ/艦これ/MLTD/びびび/プリコネR 日本好きな中国人です。無言フォローすみません。よろしくお願いします*ガバガバ日本語すみません 中国語垢@tantannei7007jp お题箱


2018-06-20 08:51

Raijin Raijin_NH

If the world stinks, it’s his fault.


2018-06-20 08:49

波切蒂诺 wwwYQ6639947289


2018-06-20 08:47

鲍简 baojianella


@xchen15 的确,这个联合国人权理事会有名无实,最近一、二十年的确无所作为。中国不但不配在联合国人权理事会,本应受到该会的制裁!

2018-06-20 08:46

Kimi kimi_100

not an inspiration

this track while running is legit af

2018-06-20 08:46

鲍简 baojianella



2018-06-20 08:46

It’s Naambo, nigga AwesomeNaambo

#StruggleNeverLose SocksLover.

Tsek man 😂

2018-06-20 08:44

♥ 空城旧梦~ berber_1024

Only Amber J. Liu ❤ Always be with You. ❤️fx ❤️Red Light 中国🇨🇳


2018-06-20 08:41

Robert Foyle Hunwick MrRFH

Had dog, will travel | Rogue scrivener @ChinaFile @EsquireUK @GlobalPost @ForeignPolicy @Slate @SupChinaNews @Telegraph @TheAtlantic @VICE etc

"An overpriced menu, stuffed with excess ingredients, guaranteed to leave diners with a restructured debt agreement"

2018-06-20 08:40

jie.M jieM22734396



2018-06-20 08:36

niuyao niuyao

高佬,老高,资浅电子音乐人。 白天在公司陪同事上班,深夜在街头飙滑板的郊县少年。

@chineserp2 推主明白你发的这条推吗?

2018-06-20 08:36


El culichi greñudo que vive en china.

Somos bastantes los que nos emocionamos por el fútbol y al mismo tiempo estamos conscientes de la situación del paí…

2018-06-20 08:35

蓝色考拉 china_koala



2018-06-20 08:34

gnawux gnawux

Developer & CTO @ HyperHQ; Arch committee of @katacontainers

@imadsousou Welcome to Beijing

2018-06-20 08:34

♡heids♡ fl0ck0ff

happiness & DnB
♓ Pisces

Literally some people I haven't seen in years but nothing changes the friendship 💛

2018-06-20 08:30

Himalaya Himalaya2049


2018-06-20 08:14

Lesle leslicontrerast

Integrante de la tapata

@jimenapma Ven y ámame

2018-06-20 08:13

微隐子 weiyuanzi


路德访谈大卫小哥(第一部分):文贵616爆料一周年,小哥接力爆海航更多猛料! 来自 @YouTube

2018-06-20 08:10

Epperly Li willing1220

ChainLinker CEO&Founder, Blockchain investors, Venture capitalist, #Blockchain Accelerator #incubator

@BiancaYijiaChen Hope so.. but back to China now..

2018-06-20 08:03

James Vinh Phuong JamesVinhPhuong

Rule by heart

#greatwallofchina #friendsyoucanhavefunwith @…

2018-06-20 08:00

Gareth Davies garethmdaviesuk

Economy | Charity Trustee | Harvard Kennedy Graduate | Academy Trust Director | @ConservativePF Policy Ambassador | PPC ‘10&’17| |

Have been in Beijing only 48h & already seen announcements on new civilian space travel, push back against US ‘spac…

2018-06-20 08:00

Stigmabase | ASIA PairsonnalitesA

日本語 — 中国 — 한국말 — Tiếng Việt — Australia-Pacific | Keeping up-to-date on global social exclusion — Stigmabase is a Canadian Nonprofit Initiative | F in 2010 —

ASIA | 中文 — 糖尿病的儿童应该怎么吃?

2018-06-20 08:00

WeBossCat WeBossCat



2018-06-20 07:51

微隐子 weiyuanzi


崔永元再怼范伟500万现金合同!华谊兄弟泼粪反击小崔包养情妇.小哥谈政事20180619 来自 @YouTube

2018-06-20 07:41

Peterkalksma peterkalksma

News Cameraman/Editor in Beijing. Wife an sons seem to be laughing at me more of late. Look ok in a tux. Kiwi.

@EdKrassen Rogue state USA

2018-06-20 07:33

Alok Gupta 那樂 alok227

Multimedia Editor, @CGTN, Beijing. Not long ago, freelance journalist based in Hong Kong. Ex @down2earthindia @Hindustan times also a Fellow of @FordFoundation

Climate change agreement and now human rights council

2018-06-20 07:26

梁子 angerdoom1982

潜水员 不定期搞笑 能写会画 口活儿一流 音乐后期编曲、录音 性别男爱好女 资深外汇、股票分析师 资深交易操盘手 Drift diver


2018-06-20 07:23

IC3 jcvandee

Avid #globetrotter ✈️, #InternationalEducator 👨‍🏫, #football coach⚽️, #sneakerhead👟 & avid #runner 🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿

@DavidLammy Until you all realise the Tory’s don’t care and are probably worse than the republicans for their hatre…

2018-06-20 07:19

Mu Li MuLi227

壊れかけのRadio//Newspaper editor. Love ⚽️&🎼 !!!

@maid_yuyumelo ドラえもん可愛い!もちろんゆゆメロちゃんも~

2018-06-20 07:08