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Rupert The Bovver Kid 🌵🐕💨 jennystape

I'm Rupert George a JRT/Yorkie X. Me & Norman are the #BovverBoys & Besties 😎😎 Proud Captain in #ZSHQ & #ZEOPS. #TheRuffRiderz and the #BovverBand🎤🎶

RT @Ellie12_fml: @jennystape @NormanTheCairn Hey fellas, youz got anymore Noggy Eggs for a thirsty lady? #zzst

2019-05-26 00:50

Pat Crawford geegeegmo6

Proud Christian, Patriotic American, Blessed Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother. Interested in learning more about my fellow citizens.

@TNTLEE34 @jesser563 @cmacdaddy6 @RoslynVallo @texan_maga @MagaArk @Ar15_2ADefender @XceptionalAmeri @SariMariX…

2019-05-26 00:50

デルマルコ Iminyogirlsdms

the wolf at the top isn’t as hungry as the other wolf climbing up for the top.

Say less

2019-05-26 00:50

Nancy McNeal nancymcneal

Wife, Mom, GranNan, Retired teacher

@RealSaavedra 🤮

2019-05-26 00:50

Tommy J. Short TommyJShort

Retired: tomato farmer, psychic, mercenary, deplorable citizen. All dumb, sarcastic opinions are mine & well thought out over several milliseconds. Semper Fi

@SoCalEdgyGal @SenFeinstein @SunshineXander I was thinking the EXACTLY same thing .....

2019-05-26 00:50

Protunic ProtuneTV

My name is protunic @Twitch Affiliate and video game lover. Variety streaming at its finest. IG: protunetv 🕹

@ChetTheJet4Real I am!

2019-05-26 00:50

🌑 Aradia 🌑 VickVinegar211

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars/Khalil Gibran

@Texas_Dexter This was taken in Ireland a few years ago. This is a juvenile white tailed eagle, he was massive in s…

2019-05-26 00:50

Happy Republican blackbirdspeak

Love long lunches out, the sound of my family laughing uncontrollably and road trips that go on for weeks.

RT @codeofvets: Never Forget🇺🇸✝️

2019-05-26 00:50

Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown armueldo

The tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Thomas Jefferson

RT @Dommieee: @USArmy Serving had separated me and my son from my husband even when I was supposed to be getting out on a medical chapter.…

2019-05-26 00:50

Aaron Frank AaronFrank25

Strong follower of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Grand Ole Party. ETSU Alum. Married to the gorgeous @Hailey_M_Frank

RT @tnhomeandfarm: Get to know Governor Bill Lee and learn how agriculture influenced his life.

2019-05-26 00:50

💚🐢Jessica🐢💚 Ninja_turtle08

2019 is about to be wild. 💚🐢 More of an actual bio will be available soon.


2019-05-26 00:49


Former law school bookstore manager, avid reader, and political junkie. Veteran’s concerns a priority.

RT @Kanew: The war criminal Trump may pardon who was murdering children & prisoners & women overseas is being represented by a Trump org la…

2019-05-26 00:49

Sam Gover ♡† SammyG_babyyy

UTK student athletic trainer 🍊🍊🍊#UTK19 snapchat: SammyG_babyyyy ☝🏽🧡

I started to say sorry but 🖕🏽 that shit

2019-05-26 00:49

Jeremy Boyd JeremyB36496024

Machine Learning Predictive Modeler by day. Progressive Independent by night, on the train, over coffee... oh yea #resist everyday

RT @TerriAnnRESISTS: 🤣😂 wee bit of irony here?

Lawsuit: Flood damage at Noah's Ark attraction in Kentucky #SmartN…

2019-05-26 00:49

Satya Susan Bain BabaDragonness

Mother of 3, grandmother of 11! I love martial arts, music and computers. Not always in that order.

More retail therapy. Lol — at Goodwill Industries-Knoxville

2019-05-26 00:49

Em💋 empat22

Medusa with a lil Pocahontas 🤘🏽 IG: emuhlee_00 TX✈️AR✈️WA✈️CA✈️AZ✈️TN


2019-05-26 00:49

“The Well Wisher” M Day 7/06🥳 WordsByQueen92

Mommy raised a realist, Daddy raised a dreamer.
I’m 3 of 5, so watch ya mouth!🤷🏽‍♀️👊🏾
Knowledge ιѕ Power!
Rest Easy PawPaw& UncleTopp😇😇

@fe_TISH9 I’m saying lil buddy gotta go!!! 😩👋🏾😞🤮

2019-05-26 00:49

xjippyx xjippyx

@Tylers_world91 @jwyattsports @Titans @REALPACMAN24 Morals come from your parents first. Billion+ people don’t prac…

2019-05-26 00:49

Kat Smith KatSmit41907872

Retired USAF, wife, mom, registered independent. Love Jesus, family, country!!

RT @codeofvets: This is one of the most sacred trips in my lifetime. I am overwhelmed by the sacrifice of our own.

What we do matters. Our…

2019-05-26 00:49

G'Ville Bitts GVilleBitts

RT @capeandcowell: “I’ve worn this very shirt for an entire year” -Swalwell

2019-05-26 00:49

Brenda (Ellie) Ellis BCEllis_75

Daughter of the King, aspiring writer, singer, substitute teacher, and fabulous aunt to my 2 nephews and 1 gorgeous niece

Wow!!! My loves are growing way too fast!

2019-05-26 00:49

Helen Moreno hfreedom

Born in Abilene, TX. 3rd of 8 siblings. 2 successful children. Have a Bachelors, retired. have 3 grandchildren. Progressive Dem & will compromise.

RT @TheTNHoller: THREAD👇🏼 - another reason why vouchers are bad: Kids who use them don’t actually test better on average

2019-05-26 00:49

James Lewis JRL8760

I like artifacts, fishing and guns

@eugenegu So he should start inviting domestic terrorists to the White House like Obama did ?

2019-05-26 00:49

キコサヤキララン cuctuscandy

Japanese, live in Tennessee U.S.A. アメリカ在住日本人。ポケモンGoゼロ課金継続中。日本に年2〜4回出張(テネシー人集まらないので星4以上のレイドは帰国時のみ)メシは日本のが全然うまいよなやっぱ。松屋の生姜焼き、ハシヤのたらこうにいか、安定のTKGジャコ載せ!


2019-05-26 00:49

mygospel_365 mygospel_365

Playing the best in gospel music. /> Listener supported
Southern Gospel, Contemporary, Christian Country and Bluegrass Gospel Music at it's best!

Tony Gore & Majesty (The Original) - I'm Going Yonder

2019-05-26 00:49

🎎. savannah_alie

sc: savannah.alie 😘

RT @MindYaBizzBihh: Just wondering when it’s gone pay off for being a good ass female 😒🤔🙃

2019-05-26 00:49

Rob RobHunt62

A strong President Trump supporter and a US Army Veteran.

RT @codeofvets: This is America

2019-05-26 00:49

Joshua Lane J_Lane20

23,Raven fan,Active life style. gym is life.🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

@Xiair20 @marlon_humphrey @plsorioles2 @Lj_era8 Exactly,Was straight trolling until Marlon commented,Now he’s over here acting soft😂😂

2019-05-26 00:49

Greg J. Forster gregfang

剷除獨裁共匪政權及其匪徒人人有責。路漫漫其修遠兮,吾將上下而求索。May God be with you, my fellows.

@zhangjamie844 @jcweb11 @F0UkpnNA6kRg9fn 石頭不在,估計出去泡妞了。😄

2019-05-26 00:49

Αγάπη AimiiFox

My goddess: 💜💙@Ra1kkun💙💜 | Fox/Incin/Bayo | Furries are dope but I ain't one | **my pfps are not my art**

Hopefully, I'm just overthinking.

2019-05-26 00:49

Ellie 💙Brave Winston🌈 Ellie12_fml

U.S. Air Force (Ret)🇺🇸 I Support Police, U.S. Military, Veterans, the BAF🇬🇧, IDF🇮🇱 & Allied Forces. Animal Lover #AdoptDontShop Please Be Kind To Everyone

$100,000 reward? Hmmm, me could be rich if Iz turn da boys in...what do I do? #zzst

2019-05-26 00:49

Georgiana Romanovna GeorgianaArt

Mixed Media #Artist that works in many mediums #licencing #commissions #prints Loves #Chocolate #Coffee #Music #Animals #tech 🌹🌹🌹

RT @billy2kid45: We forget the every day struggles our ancestors had to endure. My great grandmother had to carry water most her life. When…

2019-05-26 00:49

Dear Friend diannemando

Pro-human rights. Curious, open minded-except when it comes to hurting anyone. Arts & Culture, Health, Nature. Play fiddle/mandolin/guitar. Artwork MaudieLewis.

RT @Kanew: The war criminal Trump may pardon who was murdering children & prisoners & women overseas is being represented by a Trump org la…

2019-05-26 00:49

Mo$e dustinmosley95

「継続は力なり」RT =/= endorsement. “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought w/o accepting it.” - Aristotle @_smolwaffle is my meme queen

@Twitter 🎎

2019-05-26 00:49

Scopes GodlyScopes

Xbox Player💪 @BzgEsports

Who else has a 3k damage badge? And with how many characters do you have it with? Mine are 2🔥

2019-05-26 00:49

Sandra Carr SandraC06132561

Stay at home mom,wife.I love life,love music,love laughing,hanging with family and friends,animal lover. God is good .

@adamlevine Ooh well,Idkif I’m gonna watch or not! I will miss your wit and handsomeness ,and of course ,you ,in general! I love you !

2019-05-26 00:49

queen queenallison23

God first Deuteronomy 31:8 multi fandom Hoby '17 CRHS ‘19 💛💚BU ‘23 💜🖤young writer :)

RT @Savannahhawn: The music video is so freaking amazing @whydontwemusic

2019-05-26 00:49

Angela meatloaf320q

Trump supporter from day one

RT @codeofvets: Never Forget🇺🇸✝️

2019-05-26 00:49

TBeal tbeal216


RT @maddiestewart11: I went and saw my dad at work yesterday & he said to his client “have you met Madison?” She said “a longggg time ago”…

2019-05-26 00:49

Cdingo12 ChrisCater18

never looked to stand out.. just wanted to stand apart

RT @iceleo__: gotta wish you the best and move on cause you obviously ain’t on the shit that I’m on ✌🏽

2019-05-26 00:49

Αγάπη AimiiFox

My goddess: 💜💙@Ra1kkun💙💜 | Fox/Incin/Bayo | Furries are dope but I ain't one | **my pfps are not my art**

Now I feel immense guilt for me being clingy..

2019-05-26 00:48

kelsey 🐨🖤 colbyxxkoala

im 18 “Don’t assume your dreams are just a fantasy” C.R.B.

@ETmyasss my boyfriend 😭 (i mean ok)

2019-05-26 00:48

BamaBest mickay3152

RT @JessicaMayes: @EricHolder *COUNTERINTELLIGENCE investigation, not criminal. Stop lying, Holder.

2019-05-26 00:48

JaBella Designs JabellaDesigns

Home Decor

New Arrival: #Gray distressed 'Antique' vintage style metal wall #plaque #jabelladesigns…

2019-05-26 00:48

fairy squad mother bmthaileigh

cutie ♡ ur local angry feminist ♡| massage therapist | supernatural enthusiast | ♡

RT @maddieyall: i don’t know why im crying right now

2019-05-26 00:48

Jim West drjewest


Three Stones Make a Wall

2019-05-26 00:48

tiana🦋. _tianaaw

WU ‘21 | ♑️ | LLD🕊💙

RT @MindYaBizzBihh: Just wondering when it’s gone pay off for being a good ass female 😒🤔🙃

2019-05-26 00:48

andré???? pluvillion


RT @shannasio: idk if I can go to the set it off show if Dan doesn’t play. and that kinda hurts. but I can’t go and watch Cody, Zach and ma…

2019-05-26 00:48

bigorangeshrew bigorangeshrew

because all I get all the time is the Big Orange Screw.

RT @TheTNHoller: Would love to know if they’ve ever tried to do this.

2019-05-26 00:48

The Reading Mermaid readmermaid

Photographer and Professional Book Reviewer. Ravenclaw till I die. Mother of Dragons. For book review requests: email

@geekazon @starlahuchton does amazing work

2019-05-26 00:48

Rhesus ☀️ Hanging in there BiCommando

(they/them, 22y) I'm Rhesus and I've never encountered a binary I can't destroy. Amateur Smasher, game dev, artist, and biologist.

really I'm just so hairy that's it too much of a hassle to maintain. sometimes I shave willingly anyway but the nag…

2019-05-26 00:48

Donna 💙's Sports ✌ asportsjunky

A woman who ❤ sports. Emotional fan. All Titans 🏈 & Preds 🏒. Proud MTSU Alum. #BlueRaiders #InMarcusWeTrust #Titanup 🍻😎✌

@fastnasty @Titans 😂😲

2019-05-26 00:48

jessicavapes wjcavalier09

VAPE REVIEWER / PROMOTER . I have a YouTube channel where I review ejuices, etc. go sub

Isn’t she pretty?! Message me for the website since I can’t add it here 😂. $49.99
@smok_tech #spriv #priv #vapelyfe…

2019-05-26 00:48

Cal calebhorner_

Here for the right reasons. Tennessee versus everybody.

People who hate on the people who hate on JG are more annoying than the people who hate on JG

2019-05-26 00:48

Sue DeBord banco123

Retired ICU nurse, lover of God, America, President Trump, And Harley Davidson motorcycles.

@Jamierodr14 I noticed the herd of doctors, resplendent in their white coats. Geez, they got there quick! I never k…

2019-05-26 00:48