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Personal assist to Recording Artist / Actor /Entertainer #ChristopherWilliams @REALMENSINGCW & #LilBSure @BSURELOVEMUSIC

A Player's Guide to Words you Didn't Even Know Existed Check Out RightNow #MickBenzo #Luv #UZN

2019-04-19 16:00

New York Post Sports nypostsports

Breaking headlines on your favorite teams, #Yankees to #Mets, #Giants to #Jets, from the @nypost sports team

Barry Trotz told Capitals: I love you guys, but you'll have to go through the f---ing Island

2019-04-19 16:00

Slate Ex 1v1 Demon ✧ 1v1Ex

14//Competitive player//Creative Demon for @SlateGG//grinding for @TeamDelirium//psn: TokyoCurve // @LserkL is my big bro// @6GodMaya is bae❤️

@SnowThx @stfuXohly xD goated btw

2019-04-19 16:00

Mariska Van Wyk Basiliskfire

RT @SenSchumer: The differences are stark between what Attorney General Barr said on obstruction and what Special Counsel Mueller said on o…

2019-04-19 16:00

Babacar Samba Naudin ★ ★ _BABACAR

💻 #Design | #Digital #Marketing 💼 #Entrepreneur | #Interior #Architect 🌍#Motivation | #Inspiration | #Lifestyle 🎧#Underground #Music & #Art #Lover

RT @XXL: OT Genasis Crip walked to Nipsey Hussle’s “Last Time That I Checc’d” 💙

2019-04-19 16:00

Vybzecorner Radio vybzecorner

📞2035651038 |

- DJ NICOSKILLZ REGGAE MIX | Listen to Vybzecorner Radio on TuneIn

2019-04-19 16:00

The New York Times nytimes

Where the conversation begins. Follow for breaking news, special reports, RTs of our journalists and more. Visit to share news tips.

As sanctions bite in North Korea, the elites feel the pain more acutely than ordinary people who have learned to fe…

2019-04-19 16:00

Bret Foltz BretFoltz1

Life long liberal, Buckeyes, and Vikings fan. Dead Head, #Dogsrthebest, #FUCKTRUMP Married 25 years.

RT @RandyRainbow: 💕💕💕💕

2019-04-19 16:00

Albert Lincoln Roker RokerLincoln

Journalist for NBC News
television personality
weather forecaster

RT @PageSix: Everyone loves @AlRoker’s colorful new glasses

2019-04-19 16:00

lida ❥ Lidaayamas_

20 ✨

RT @davidjbywater: If you think I’m flirting with you im just being friendly. If you think I’m weird and make you uncomfortable a bit then…

2019-04-19 16:00

𝕁𝕠𝕟𝕒𝕤𝕚𝕒 jjonasia

RT @jadeesp1: If you not gonna fight for me or fight for your love w me, than there was no love to begin with.

2019-04-19 16:00

Paul T Simonson PaulTSimonson2

Been a gamer for over 15 years

RT @AndrewCMcCarthy: My @nypost column on Mueller’s slippery shifting of burden of proof in obstruction punt via @n…

2019-04-19 16:00

Business Insider businessinsider

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The UK will age-block porn from July 15. This 'porn pass' is one way you'll be watching it in future.

2019-04-19 16:00

찌 G じ DegenSpartan


RT @bishop_tighe: Serious question: let’s say hypothetically it’s the year 2025 and it’s 100% factual that the Lightning Network cannot sca…

2019-04-19 16:00



get all the Avalanche music you want here

2019-04-19 16:00

donaldtrump4eva trumpbot9000

Statistically modeled and generated 'grassroots' billionaire political movement gibberish.

Pay attention

2019-04-19 16:00

Iveth 💫 For The Love To Fortheloveto

SAHM mom of 2, Wife and full time #family, #lifestyle, & #travel blogger. Trying to balance work and family time. IG @Fortheloveto #infuencer #contentCreator

CARS 3 is now available on Digital and Blu-ray + Fun Recipe - #BloggersBlast , #RT, #mommyblogger, #blogginggals

2019-04-19 16:00

Russ M russ30327

Dedicated to getting rid of Trump

RT @RealCandaceO: Why wasn’t the courtesy of #believewomen extended to me by the Democrats this week in Congress?

It’s almost as if they…

2019-04-19 16:00

Ansis 🎄 📎 AnsisEgle


RT @FastCoDesign: Re-creating the ancient wooden roof could require destructive forestry practices and pass up the benefits of building a s…

2019-04-19 16:00

YOGAMEDITATION33 yogamedita33


Más de 20 años enseñando #meditación y yoga.

RT @EnjoyNature: Forest trail with bluebells flowers

#Travel #Nature #Photo #Mindset #Photo #Peace #Life
landscape and outdoor …

2019-04-19 16:00

wyatt sonofadobson

Pulp Free 🍊

RT @Inc: Former Vine star Devon Townsend, 28, is the co-founder of Chicago-based @BookCameo, a booking platform for personalized videos cre…

2019-04-19 16:00

Al Altwittarabi

RT @DeadlineWH: “If you look at the totality of this report… [Mueller] was clearly saying, ‘There are potentially high crimes and misdemean…

2019-04-19 16:00

🍀 aye_____


RT @IBMINO: look like im goin for a swim

2019-04-19 16:00

David Hatanian DHatanian

Distributed systems engineer @SkyscannerEng

Climber, dancer, mountain biker.


RT @NewYorker: This issue will be delivered by C.D. #TNYcartoons

2019-04-19 16:00

Bay Ridge Radio BRCR1690

Bay Ridge Community Radio: Online Streaming & Low Power, FCC Part 15 Radio @ AM 1690 featuring the Most Classic Rock Hit Variety!

Classic Rock Hits like #Aerosmith - #Angel are always on #BayRidgeRadio #BRCR1690

2019-04-19 16:00

ross !!$5 commissions are open!! uthenecra

18+ only | names ross i draw garbage | 25 them/they/it

RT @lecherousmoan: “Ma God... Sable, girl, what’s gotten inta yew?! Sh-she’s eatin’ herself!! Christ!!”

2019-04-19 16:00

Arnett Klugh daddyklugh4

RT @keithboykin: If Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder ever held a press conference about Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton without releasing the a…

2019-04-19 16:00

Tyler Boyce #DoTheDragons The_TBoyce

(he/him) "Thrower". Sometimes on #AlphaBookClub. Geek for #CriticalRole, #StarWars, and more. Don't do the the dragons. Tweets are my own.

RT @KellyJoule: CONGRATS CRITICAL ROLE!!! Thank you for everything you've done for me over the years, it's been a blast <3 #CriticalRole #V…

2019-04-19 16:00

Shanice Monae👑 ShannzznnahS

Always #1, Don't get the figure wrong!🇯🇲👑

IG: Marisa_Monae | Snapchat: Marisa_Monae

RT @NeeQuann: Ugly people alone up right now

2019-04-19 16:00

منيرة العيسى moneeraheid

‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏أعشق ليل ‎‎الرياض وأحب ‎‎الـ 🇯🇵 والـ🐈 والـ🏊🏼‍♀️ و ‎‎‎‎‎‎#HTC ❤️ طالبة ماجستير أمن معلومات👩🏽‍💻/الجمعة 5 صفر 1433 فقدت أمي - ‎‎حصة - رحمها الله

RT @Maan_AlSultan: عندما تقرأ كتاباً جيداً كانت تشعر وكأن شخصاً ما يضمها بقوة ويدق على ظهرها برفق ويهمس أن تهدأ!

2019-04-19 16:00

Davis Sider Dsider1234

RT @RiggsBarstool: LETS GO BLUES

2019-04-19 16:00

SwaZee TV swazeetv

Follow and Subscribe to our YouTube SwaZee TV for Reviews and Reactions to the Good, Bad, and Ugly on YT.

U'll love these things easy way tolight🔥 up🌿🚫papers 🚫cigars 🚫bongsEZPuff 💨Less than $10

2019-04-19 16:00

Jamie Anderson Jami3And3rson

UoB/Exeter, High Jump and sleeping,

RT @chelseacutler: two important things abt this evening: i am a lightweight and i have a song coming out in 42 minutes w @jeremyzucker

2019-04-19 16:00

Messina MessinnaLeora

anxious optimist. southern raised heathen. politically progressive. disability do-gooder. cinephile. cerebral weirdo. kindness.

RT @ForeignAffairs: For the past four years, Western officials have hoped that coercive economic measures would deter Russia from escalatin…

2019-04-19 16:00

KeduVibe Radio Keduvibe

Every Sunday, from 5-9PM #Keduvibe with the best music from Top 40'S, Reggae, Riddim, House, Konpa, Kizomba, Zouk, etc...

DJ Khaled ft Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown & August Alsina & Jeremih & Future & Rick Ross - Do You Mind #NowPlaying on…

2019-04-19 16:00

Some Quotes somequotesbot

Random quotes from Check out the Some Quotes app!

"The prevailing attitude of the speakers was one of heavy disagreement with a number of things which the reader had not said." - Ronald Knox

2019-04-19 16:00

Yaya Yaamilet_

RT @xcarogzzx: yo a mis amigos: avísenme cuando lleguen a su casa

mis amigos:

2019-04-19 16:00

Goofrider 🏳️‍🌈 goofrider

RT @KlasfeldReports: #AlwaysReadTheFootnotes

MUELLER, p. 390, footnote 1991: "A possible remedy through impeachment for abuses of power wo…

2019-04-19 16:00

selina kissyxchalamet

timothée chalamet, millennial baby. [fan acc]

what flavour vape does timothée vape

2019-04-19 16:00

💜Any ChimChim💜 AnyChimchim

💜 @BTS_twt

RT @UNICEFUSA: We 💜💙 seeing UNICEF Supporters @BTS_twt — and their amazing fans — recognized in #TIME100 today!

Check out @halsey's though…

2019-04-19 16:00

shortvolumes shortvolumes

is tracking daily short sale volume of stock from some market.

Short sale volume (not short interest) for $ESV at 2019-04-18 is 60%. $RIG 69% $DO 56% $SDRL 52%

2019-04-19 16:00

Jimmie Aghas SnipeZ_FN_YT

YouTuber, Gamer, Love My Life, Love Jesus⛪, Love My Family.

RT @TSM_Commandment: Game is still unplayable

2019-04-19 16:00

Jay _jm11__

RT @elisostre: i’ll be there for you when all of this is gone

2019-04-19 16:00

💘 Nooraa_


2019-04-19 16:00

Anthill Foundation AnthillEDUC

NGO founded in 2005 with offices in USA & Uganda. Our core focus is promoting Gender Responsive Education & Inclusion, Global Health and Livelihood #SDGs2030

RT @unicefchief: I join the UN family in Bangladesh & all Bangladeshis in calling for justice for Nusrat, who was brutally killed for havin…

2019-04-19 16:00

Albert Lincoln Roker RokerLincoln

Journalist for NBC News
television personality
weather forecaster

RT @alroker: So good when your oldest daughter, @Cocoroker whips up a #spectacular #dinner so you don’t have to cook when you get home from…

2019-04-19 16:00

Walt Whitman waltwhitmanpoem

Walt Whitman's poetry, Tweeted every hour

Ribs, belly, backbone, joints of the backbone,

2019-04-19 16:00

RP Adams qwerty4life

human, writer, activist, dork.

RT @kylegriffin1: Pelosi letter to the Democratic caucus tonight: "The Mueller report states, 'We concluded Congress has authority to prohi…

2019-04-19 16:00

ang AngelaAngalcina

Teacher, political junkie, fan of truth and justice.

RT @chrislhayes: pretty good pull here

2019-04-19 16:00

Alt-Brain News [beta] alt_brainnews

Twitter-Bot that combines headlines of US Conservative News Outlets. Tweets every 20 minutes, updates headlines every hour. // @gorilaesquizo little-brother

Dutch prime minister counters Trump on'sanctuary cities'.

2019-04-19 16:00

Dan Sixsmith DigitalAdvantg

#CMO/#Speaker/#SalesCoach/Host, "Sales Is King" Podcast/#Mediafly/NY

[Article]  Aristotle's Plan For Digital Marketers

2019-04-19 16:00

Thought Catalog ThoughtCatalog

We’re a community of creators based in NYC. We publish a digital magazine and limited edition books.

Dark Web...


2019-04-19 16:00

Hendrix 👅 theonlynell

IG: TheOnlyNell Owner of IG: Madeinroyalty 👘 .... Coming December 1st , 2018. New & Rebranded

I'm finna be so FINE this summer 😫😍

2019-04-19 16:00

Mwansa MwansaChola92

Fearless Feminist || GenM Edu Ambassador || Lover of Humanity❤️❤️

RT @The__Prototype: “Every tiny detail had an intention”
- Beyoncé

“Do nothing without intention”
- Solange

2019-04-19 16:00

artmixx artmixxer

I tweet the top stories that the art community are talking about right now. A project by @jamiembrown

RT @carolynryan: Tomorrow’s historic @nytimes front page. All Mueller.

2019-04-19 16:00

LA-Law.NL LALawReport

In Court & Out of Court - Press & New Media Law Firm run by Dieuwke Levinson-Arps (@DieuwkBOX)

RT @PreetBharara: Omg. Not enough characters on twitter to address all the craziness on just this one page. (Lawyers do take notes actually…

2019-04-19 16:00

Votre fantaisie` 威神V 🇨🇳 denas_kun

✨Люблю nct больше жизни
✨Твои фантазии останутся со мной
✨ I see the vision ✨

Как я ненавижу свои ноги..

2019-04-19 16:00

ForbesLife ForbesLife

The definitive destination for the finest fashion,
travel, homes, art, dining—and life's other indulgences.

Lotus will unveil the Type 130, a new concept battery-electric hypercar, later this year:

2019-04-19 16:00

Forbes Forbes

Official Twitter account of homepage for the world's business leaders.

What does climate change sound like as music?

2019-04-19 16:00

Oepsie Oepsie1

RT @erikmouthaanRTL: Het rapport bevestigt veel van de artikelen die Trump omschrijft als ‘fake news’

2019-04-19 16:00

allthejs allthejsbot

I'm a bot by @h0h0h0 🤖


2019-04-19 16:00

XXL Magazine XXL

Hip-Hop on a Higher Level

It's reported the Cleveland area rapper "allegedly caused the death of Calvin Alexander Chappell by shooting him mu…

2019-04-19 16:00

MARU♥️ consebido_may

blessed♥️// Family 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦//God😇//Julius♥️

RT @WowNoteBook: My problem is I can't stay mad I always end up forgiving people, even when they don't deserve it.

2019-04-19 16:00

Barboo BarbaraRuth9

I live for Playford/English Country Dancing. Bake for fun. Will travel for theater.

RT @witliftin: Raise your hand if you weren’t brainwashed by Russian propaganda into thinking Hillary Clinton was evil incarnate

The rest…

2019-04-19 16:00

Power 105.1 Power1051

Home of The Breakfast Club, Angie Martinez and NY’s Hip Hop and R&B!

Oh snap this kid was BOLD bold. 👊🏽🐊

2019-04-19 16:00 theGrio

Telling the stories of Black people one image a time. ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

#GrioFam - will you be seeing 'Hobbs & Shaw'?

2019-04-19 16:00 NewYorkCityDE

Willkommen in New York! Ich bin Eric und liebe NY so sehr, dass ich eine Website mit vielen Infos über die Stadt erstellt habe. Bei Fragen meldet euch gerne!

Wunderschöne Blüten im Central Park

2019-04-19 16:00

Consumer Reports ConsumerReports

Consumer Reports is an independent, nonprofit organization that works side by side with consumers to create a fairer, safer, and healthier world.

Skipping or delaying vaccinations can harm your college student's health—and maybe even their grades. Learn why the…

2019-04-19 16:00

Pressparty Pressparty

Official Music & Entertainment Press Releases With News • Register ▷

.@scissorsisters’ #britawards winning album gets re-released today

2019-04-19 16:00

Trumptanic secritsquirrell

Sorting through all the crap so you don't have to...#resistance

RT @Amy_Siskind: Everyone pick up the damn phone tomorrow or show up at your member of Congress' office (they are home now) and DEMAND they…

2019-04-19 16:00

Jim Yackel jim_yackel

Jesus follower, #indieauthor, #singersongwriter, indie news video blogger.


Searching for the answer? ALL it. ALL is the answer...
This and much more…

2019-04-19 16:00

YOGAMEDITATION33 yogamedita33


Más de 20 años enseñando #meditación y yoga.

RT @hesylandesbaum: ~Querida Mujer,
Ven a conocer nuevas amigas, aprenderemos sobre la Familia, Nutrición, Estilo, y Finanzas. Únete a esta…

2019-04-19 16:00

⚙️ ASME Journals ⚙️ ASMEJournals

ASME Journal Program, Established in 1880. We publish 33 journals expanding mechanical #engineering knowledge in all areas. Visit our Digital Collection.

CALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue on Tribomechadynamics. Deadline is October 1, 2019.

2019-04-19 16:00

♫ YTsingers

Unsigned artists follow for free worldwide support or make a donation: />

Easy - HelenaMaria (Official Music Video) @HelenaMariaDuo
via @YouTube #musicvideo #NP

2019-04-19 16:00

IndieWire IndieWire

The Voice of Creative Independence

#Emmys2019 Predictions: Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie

2019-04-19 16:00

Linda LALS01

#InUNITYthereIsSTRENGTH 🌊🌊 #Healthcare4all #GunSense #Animal❤

RT @Lawrence: Mueller report “is not vindication,” says @RepAdamSchiff, it’s “condemnation.”

2019-04-19 16:00

Luis Castro CastroLuisE

CEO & Photographer of JPeg Image Photography. *All tweets and opinions are my own. RT's not endorsements. DM's off the record.*

#Goodnight blokes. 💤💤💤💤

2019-04-19 16:00

1010 WINS 1010WINS

All News. All The Time. You Give Us 22 Minutes, We'll Give You The World.

Lynx to retire Lindsay Whalen's No. 13 at June 8 game

2019-04-19 16:00

Papaya Young Directors Contest pyd_contest

#PYDContest is a one of a kind competition for young filmmakers since 2014. New blood, bold ideas, thinking outside the box.

Let’s shake things up! #PYD6

Some early #FridayFeeling from the our incredible Jury are going through the #PYD6 Music Video categories & finding…

2019-04-19 16:00

𝓐 𝓑𝓵𝓪𝓬𝓴 𝓚𝓲𝓷𝓰 gntlmnking

An educated black gentleman (mixed child-Proud African), egotistical, ambitious, and an astounding Virgo. 🇬🇲 🇺🇸

@anitaforeign Damn!!!!!

2019-04-19 16:00

ELLA Thousand PresidentELLA

Artist | President of @JWWWDmagazine✒️

Admitting My Fear Of Love #Life #LoveAdvice #LifeAdvice#LifestyleBlog #LifestyleBlogger

2019-04-19 16:00

Gabriel Julié TheGabrielJulie

Audience 1st 🌐 Making my Way to Entrepreneurship 🤳 Learn E-marketing 📢 Salles 🗣️ The Right Mindset to Succeed 🚀 and Personal Branding 🎯 With me!

You can have 1,000,000 followers, but if you get 500 likes on your posts, you can't do anything with that audience.…

2019-04-19 16:00