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I am a real human in Brooklyn Brooklynwatch

I really am just curious in Brooklyn...Retweet may mean anything..

RT @maxwelltani: ah yes the bigotry opposer has logged on

2018-06-24 03:08

sandra myers myerssinky

good lady

RT @BillCurry20: @trumpscene A 5 star review of The Red Hen by Bill C.:

2018-06-24 03:08

Andrew Farago andrewfarago

scientist & saint

RT @KFILE: These tweets are two hours apart

2018-06-24 03:08

George Eliot MousyBrunette

Conflicted modern lady.
Gone South; back North.
Mantra: Why am I surprised?

RT @laurenduca: Members of the Trump administration should feel radically unwelcome in all public settings. Make zero room for racist total…

2018-06-24 03:08

pollymcdowell pnmcdowell


RT @politvidchannel: Seth Rogen Says He Turned Down Paul Ryan’s Request For a Photo He said This to Stephen Colbert:

“Paul Ryan was walkin…

2018-06-24 03:08

Manda🖤 _amandaestrada

God is good✨

RT @sadcherrybitch: my crush: ignores me and shows no interest in me whatsoever


2018-06-24 03:08

Nullrick 🐸👌🏼 Nullrick_

A guy who likes games and sharing his popular opinions on twitter. 🐸👌🏼

RT @AdamShawNY: "Hate plate"

2018-06-24 03:08

Sam Robles ✊🏽 samroblestx

#immigration #workerrights advocate, previous life #txlege staffer. @NOLSW2320 member. Waiting for R&B revival.

RT @JeffJSays: Mans really had to come outside the hotel to ask Fans to chill and they turned up louder. Futbol Fans >>> and <<< 😂 https://…

2018-06-24 03:08

J Money International soederpop

I’m a nice guy just got a mean flow. 🏴 🌹Ⓐ

RT @cbkDSA: We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable.

So did the divine right of kings.

- Ursula K. Le Guin

2018-06-24 03:08

( 🇲🇽 Eʀɴᴀɴᴅᴇᴢ ❜ huntsgraham

⠀⠀ ⠀⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀❛ — ǫᴜɪᴇʀᴏ ʟʟᴇᴠᴀʀᴛᴇ sᴏʟᴏ sɪɴ sᴀʟɪʀ ᴅᴇʟ ᴄᴜᴀʀᴛᴏ, ʜᴀᴄᴇʀᴛᴇ ᴛʀᴀᴠᴇsᴜʀᴀs, ᴍᴏʀᴅᴇʀᴛᴇ ʟᴏs ʟᴀʙɪᴏs, ʏᴏ sᴇ ǫᴜᴇ ᴛᴇ ɢᴜsᴛᴀ ʙᴀʙʏ, ǫᴜᴇ ᴛᴇ ʙᴇsᴇɴ ʙᴀʙʏ...❞

@ThePrblmChild Estou indo para o México comemorar a vitória dos meus hermanos

2018-06-24 03:08

James Bridget Gordon ⚽️🏳️‍🌈⚡️ thaumatropia

Writer. Activist. Queer (She/They). Anti-fascist. Patzer. EIC: @HotTimeOldTown | Work: @whatahowler @thevictorypress @MLS @UnusualEfforts @PasteSoccer

RT @heathdwilliams: oh man "star wars doesn't have enough men" sure is a take

2018-06-24 03:08

M Cruz Mori_boy7

El triunfo no es ganar el triunfo es pueder levantarse despues de cada caida.

RT @Diddy: Nobody cares, work harder.

2018-06-24 03:08

CANIS MAJOR ☆ olhowling_husky

27 years-Military Vet/don't trust anyone on Twitter👀/truth_seeker 🤓/no political affiliation/ stargazer ❤USA💙/🤙

RT @CBSNews: Man charged with murdering 8 people on a New York City bike path spoke out in court over a prosecutor's objection, invoking "A…

2018-06-24 03:08

Tootnanny tootnanny

✝️🇺🇸LSU, Saints, West Monroe, Mets, Islanders, NYCFC, Nets when I have the time. I like the people you hate more than I like you. Devout Satanic Jew.

@MrXphilly @kebejay “Participate in event.” 😆

Always easy to tell who hasn’t read the case.

2018-06-24 03:08

S.Maximus swampusmaximus

Retired Conservative flip-phone using curmudgeon. Cold War Veteran Germany, 4th Armor Div, 126 Ord Bat HQ. Trump supporter. MAGA! DTS!

RT @MarkSimoneNY: Donald Trump now blamed for another child separated from his family:

2018-06-24 03:08

barry bye barrybye

I see a world where people use their blinkers

RT @bigfatsurprise: A great book on why excessive salt reduction is actually harmful for health. It's a story as much about science as poli…

2018-06-24 03:08

Hudson. HostileHomo90

Freelance Writer. 27. History Buff. Political. Monarchist. Hostile Homosexual. Don’t kill my vibe, Don’t touch my weave. 💁🏻‍♀️

RT @KFILE: I'm doing a search of entertainment conservatives who celebrated a Virginia bakery who refused to serve Biden and are condemning…

2018-06-24 03:08

vavy ryyybo

you don’t know me | 6/23/17❤️👼🏼

RT @ellylagara: No mother should have to see her son like this or bury her son. I pray they get every single one of them motherfuckers that…

2018-06-24 03:08

Julia Kite juliakite

Vision Zero policy for @NYC_DOT; tweets all my own. Author of THE HOPE AND ANCHOR (@Unbounders, February 2018). Ex-Londoner, bird nerd, lost on Jeopardy.

@CheapPanini Practice makes perfect

2018-06-24 03:08

ThatTimJacklepappy🎤 PhilNotPhil

Multiple-time interactor with the stars. Twitter is not real.

RT @joshtpm: Each of these families has experienced a terrible tragedy. The drive to brand them (“Angel Families”) to demonize a group whic…

2018-06-24 03:08

Samantha Sheldon SamanthaJaneS

Woman-Human-Kind-Here. Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live, as well as to think..Emerson

RT @Lawrence: If Donald Trump can be president, Tom Arnold can be an investigative reporter.

@TomArnold joins @TheLastWord tonight 10pm.

2018-06-24 03:08

krackhead kate 🌺 katelynisboring

love your neet

RT @bslxo_: Instead of reposting that poor boy being abused and dying on the street, post the pictures of the ones who did this to him. #Ju…

2018-06-24 03:08

🗽𝕄𝕆𝕆𝕊𝔼🗽 deadassmoose

Too much in my head not to write down. Class is in session. Yerrrrr.

Last night was a movie but this was before the drinking started.

2018-06-24 03:08

J. Chris Pires JChrisPires

Biology professor of #plant #genome #evolution & #bioinformatics, #dog walker, tender of rain #garden, & alum of @Cal @Wisconsin tweets mine, power retweeter

RT @brainpicker: Celebrate #Pride with these stunning, sensual illustrations for a rare 1913 edition of Leaves of Grass by LGBT poet laurea…

2018-06-24 03:08

Susan Presley 🌊 🌊 🌊 SusanPresley1

🌊🌊🌊 Lover of animals, kind people, and Robert Mueller. I can't believe this orange buffoon is president! #Resist #FBR #FBRParty

RT @JoyAnnReid: They’re doing so many big, jarring, destructive things all at once that it’s hard to keep track.

2018-06-24 03:08

Ratsebe Lekoatsa RatsebeLekoatsa

I love politics, current affairs and sports. @CNN @BBCNews @FOXNews @NBCNews @POLITICO @WashingtonPost @Nytimes @ABC @TheHill @CBSNews @SkyNews @AP

RT @CoryBooker: Love over hate

Love over indifference

Love over ignorance

Love over ego

Love over fear

Love over barriers

Love ove…

2018-06-24 03:08

Nat RedThyme

RT @EnjoyNature: Tropical Forest Sunrise and Waterfall in #Vietnam

#Travel #Photo #Nature #Falls #Woods #Relaxing #Exploring #Forest #Beau…

2018-06-24 03:08

Get Well Soon Carson Wentz 🏈 Sondra_

I love big books & I cannot lie. I'm passionate, determined, inquisitive & optimistic. Always a student & a fan of the arts 🎶

RT @cvpayne: Demoralizing.
Imagine if that happened to anyone working for President Obama.

2018-06-24 03:08

Pastor Edgar Vidro evidro57

@TomiLahren The Fact is that Democratic don't care . American People better Wake-up and Vote to keep Republicans in…

2018-06-24 03:08

RoseB RoseMB57

RT @alexburnsNYT: “The conclusions for conservatives of today emerge clearly: Do not break the rules that hold a republic together, because…

2018-06-24 03:08

Kim KimQberly

RT @NBCNews: JUST IN: On the US House floor, Rep. Lieu plays audio of children at detention facilities, despite being ruled out of order by…

2018-06-24 03:08

Rachel Herron RachelHerron

Writer for @BET (BET News & Sports) | Bylines at @McSweeneys | Correspondent for NeXt Nation on @SXMUrbanView Sundays @ Noon | Actor | Playwright |


2018-06-24 03:08

Talk of the Sound TalkoftheSound

Founded in 2008, Talk of the Sound is the leading independent hyper-local news organization in New York. @robertcox is the Publisher and Managing Editor.

RT @Colleenallreds: ICYMI: New Rochelle High School's graduation is today, and the district @NewRochelleED is radio silent about its invest…

2018-06-24 03:08

@doncabeza doncabeza

RT @juansinatra: Vamoooos!!!

2018-06-24 03:08

Irej irejbashir2010

memes, 🇵🇰 memes, and make up

RT @mbaram: This is Beata Mejia-Mejia, who sued the Trump administration today for taking her son, Darwin, 7, last month after she requeste…

2018-06-24 03:08

Jenya Kenner jenya_kenner

Fashion Blogger. Model. #WaterAmbassador. Mainly on Insta: @jenyakenner.

How I Take Care of Myself, Pt. 1

2018-06-24 03:08

Michele the_elektronaut

My sister made me do this.

RT @maxwelltani: ah yes the bigotry opposer has logged on

2018-06-24 03:08

GODVEK TwitchTVGaming

1st Stop for Stream ReTweets. Mention @TwitchTVGaming We ReTweet all Streamers from Popular to New Streamers. Page is Not associated with @Twitch or their staff

RT @FlorgentinaLLC: GET A PRO Twitch stream design. DM us for more. :)


2018-06-24 03:08

Brandon Samuel Samuel_B_Easy

VP of #ManifestGoals #PowerMoves #Actor #Producer

I’m watching the Cornhole championships on ESPN lmao ...what a time...

2018-06-24 03:08

Tom Spencer TPSpencer88

#PR & #socialmedia professional. Formerly worked in the world of #FormulaE & #Motorsport. Tweeting about sustainability. Owner of @ApexRacingPR Views are my own

RT @jonronson: It keeps appearing and then disappearing online, but it looks like it's online now:

2018-06-24 03:08

Derek AKA Kovy274Hart NewYorkPuck

Rangers hockey. BONY Adminstrator, Editor and NYR blogger. Sports. Music. Movies. Poetry. Everything fun.

@kimwrona7 Yep. He will be moving.

2018-06-24 03:08

Jeannie JeanSanPach

Liberal/Democrat, Turn AZ Blue, Activist, Equal Rights & Justice For All, #VoteBlue #BlackLivesMatter #TheResistance #ImpeachTrump #ResistTyranny

RT @CyrusMMcQueen: Was gonna tweet that Sarah Sanders doesn’t look like she’s been turned away from many restaurants but, I’m not going to,…

2018-06-24 03:08

🍴 最高のシェフ 🍴 ChefBlueMagic

W.E.I.G.H.T. VOL. 1 OUT NOW !!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Fuck wanting approval, I’m proud of myself 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

2018-06-24 03:08

John Thorn 🍋🏡🙏 John_Thorn

Consulting Engineer/Entrepreneur/ Former #NYPD👮🏻-Life long Yankees,Giants, and Rangers Fan Love all outdoors. God Family Country - NRA-🇺🇸

RT @bigricanman: To my son 💙

Never forget this.

2018-06-24 03:08

sam loves luke sgfgsam

#YOUNGBLOOD out now 🥀🖤 ; fan account

my phones at 8% but i’m getting chipotle

2018-06-24 03:08

falo laces tobifdp_

fdp ftp

RT @beachfossils: Yea @PostMalone 🎷🤡 the first time we kicked it, last summer he invited us to the studio when he was working on B&B. Taugh…

2018-06-24 03:08

kellyjohnsonhaskell kellyjohnsonhas

live to love, love to live_FREEDOM!

RT @kylegriffin1: Pretty unreal to see it laid out like this.

2018-06-24 03:08

James JamesKennethBo2

Harley Rider,liberal,Grandfather,Facts do Matter

RT @keithboykin: "Our pulpits were silent and forgot and failed to teach that every human life has value and worth and there's no such thin…

2018-06-24 03:08

Paddy Pollock PollockDigital

Digital Strategist sharing life's moments

#MorganLibrary #NYC2018 @ The Morgan Library & Museum

2018-06-24 03:08

Aaron Cartier _freeandrew

Everything is better in HD. 🇹🇹

@mybluesupreme 💞💞💞

2018-06-24 03:08

Jace JayceePeters

Hi :)

RT @NBCNews: On the US House floor, Rep. Lieu plays audio of crying children at migrant detention facilities, despite being ruled out of or…

2018-06-24 03:08


👻sc:ic0275242 ||
HTX🌆🤘📍||16/Blessed✨||Living Life The Fullesdt🤙||SHHS📚

RT @amouryannna: if you’re a girl open this tweet

ㅤㅤㅤㅤhe ain’t shit

2018-06-24 03:08

Emskware emskware2015

Trying to make sense of this new world we find ourselves in. No lists.

RT @amjoyshow: DR. TRACI GARDNER, CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER, THE CHILDREN'S VILLAGE: They are traumatizing children at a level we cannot compr…

2018-06-24 03:08

Patrick L. Lee patricklee6669

Never think that the sky is the limit, when there are footprints on the Moon! - @neiltyson

RT @soledadobrien: Something has emboldened racists and bigots. Hmmm--Whatever could it be? Clearly he's been affected by the scourge of ec…

2018-06-24 03:08

roméo RomeoIIIV

“He who delights in solitude is either a wild beast or a god.” -Friedrich Nietzsche


2018-06-24 03:08

Robot Fr🐸g Recover_This_

#MAGA #2A #1A #USA #Trump


@SylvreWolfe @DrapDv @krassenstein Idk if you know what a threat is, but "you should be scared" could most definite…

2018-06-24 03:08

Sam Sokol SamSokol42

In DC, from LA.

RT @hannahorens: I love reading the @nytimes real estate section because one of the pros listed for this $1 million dollar 1BR is “has a tr…

2018-06-24 03:08

BDAY BINCH jarjar_twinks

chaotic vers.


2018-06-24 03:08

Brandon Ream Reamkore

NYC Comedian/electrician | I've done shows, fests and wired buildings all over the US | Pretty Good At Tecmo Super Bowl | Co-host of Nostalgic Front Podcast.

My grandma met St. Peter in passing.

2018-06-24 03:08

Martinez 👩🏽‍🏫 angelicagmart

23 year old Latina. Linfield College graduate. Middle school math/science dual-language teacher. 🔢🔬🍎📓💭✏️

RT @NathanHRubin: The people who hid Anne Frank were breaking the law.

The people who killed her were following it.

“Following orders”…

2018-06-24 03:08

Terrence K. Shelton tks1634

RT @chrislhayes: A friend sends along this picture of a Stand With Kids lemonade stand in TN. So much activism happening around this issue.…

2018-06-24 03:08

Kenneth C Damschen Sonorandesertra

Born South Milwaukee, Wisconsin Grad SM HS and U Wisconsin Whitewater Cum Laude 1964 BS BusAd Married 3 children and 4 gchildren Retired Rexnord 2002 38 years

RT @FoxBusiness: Peter Fonda committed a crime and should be arrested: Mike Huckabee

2018-06-24 03:08

Thuy Canales canales_thuy

🍍 Get back in the game with some girls in sports bras (34 Photos)

2018-06-24 03:08

ruth segway _purplesharks

i stan ale

RT @angrynegrita: Who has suffered the most?

100% Ariana Grande’s Cervix

0% Our Troops

963,263,789 votes • Final results

2018-06-24 03:08

wiswis wiswisx

a cultured bih // 99% RTs // ⵣ


2018-06-24 03:08

Bill Waxton 333l000


RT @angrynegrita: Who has suffered the most?

100% Ariana Grande’s Cervix

0% Our Troops

963,263,789 votes • Final results

2018-06-24 03:08

ᒍEᖇᔕEYᑕᖇᗩIG ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 CJPatruno

I’m one of those Gay, Liberal, Feminist East-Coast Elitist Democrats. #BlockedByTrump✖️ 📷insta: cjpatruno 🎥snap: mrcraigjames #LGBTvoices🏳️‍🌈

RT @keithboykin: #BBQBecky’s sister #PermitPatty calls the police on a 8-year-old girl for illegally selling water without a permit. https:…

2018-06-24 03:08

Sneaky Rachel proudsahmof4

Mostly sarcastic, sometimes serious. #TheResistance

RT @kylegriffin1: Pretty unreal to see it laid out like this.

2018-06-24 03:08

Catlady628 Catlady628

Wife, Mom, cat lover and pragmatic liberal. #FBR

RT @soledadobrien: The silence from his backbone-less Congressional colleagues is deafening.

2018-06-24 03:08

Matt Mass matt_mass

Vox/Guitarist for Colors of the Wicked. My muse is a woman who lives by the Gardens, and I'm a sucker for black eye makeup. Keats, Poe, Shelley are my boys...

RT @GuitarWorld: Breaking: Vinnie Paul—Pantera's legendary drummer—has died at the age of 54

2018-06-24 03:08


Live World News tweets 24/7. Follow us for updates every second of the day. 👉 #BreakingNews 👉 👍🏼🌎

Germany vs. Sweden: World Cup 2018 Live

2018-06-24 03:08


Aaron Hernandez AKA JET-LIFE MUZIK
Hip-Hop Producer/

New York! (Ja Voice)/ Booty Enthusiast/


Chasing a Dream. $.O.N


What in the.......Did she just say that??

2018-06-24 03:08

Juan Franco TheJuanFranco

Social Media Strategist / Arepas and freedom 🇻🇪🇺🇸 / Currently: @RollinsCollege's Masters in Liberal Studies / @DruryAlumni

RT @maxwelltani: ah yes the bigotry opposer has logged on

2018-06-24 03:08

R. Angel R_Angel90


The Leading QuickBooks Inventory Management Software Provider. Manage your products with #OrderTime including descr…

2018-06-24 03:08 techfinnews

Technology & Business: Follow us now for #Internet #Mobile #Software & #Digital News

Facebook Messenger can now translate between Spanish and English

2018-06-24 03:08

Neekee 🇺🇸 Neekee_Hunt2

•Follow your heart but don’t forget to take your brain•

RT @ZerlinaMaxwell: Needed this

2018-06-24 03:08

✨keyon boggs✨ yourboykeyon

I'm 15 ballislife ig @http.keyonray Snapchat @ keyonray ✨ I'm a dreamer ✨

RT @JUNIUS_64: [bong rip]


lobsters made a deal with the devil for conditional immortality and it backfired on them. you cannot c…

2018-06-24 03:08

🇧🇧 gvannipuchi

RT @amouryannna: if you’re a girl open this tweet

ㅤㅤㅤㅤhe ain’t shit

2018-06-24 03:08

Leti Leti94238900

I have the face only her children could love. Daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend. I am open to hearing your side of it as long as you agree with me.

RT @soledadobrien: "Despite". People: it's a feature, not a bug. The sooner you wrap your heads around this the better.

2018-06-24 03:08

KathyAgel KathyA11

Still in love w/husband of 38 yrs.Rabid NYYankee fan & horse lover.SF fan,TV junkie and voracious reader.Parrot,&Basset,Yorkie,&JRT mom.Dem.

RT @JoyAnnReid: The problem with the John Kasich diagnosis of the growing civic crisis in America is his presumption that it's just about t…

2018-06-24 03:08

🅣🅞🅝🅨 🅢🅣🅐🅡🅚 [Seen IW] _sexysuperhero

[IC. Tony Stark Twitter] You know who I am. Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist.

@FistOfVibranium [Text]: ENOUGH. I don't...I really don't want to think about our losses here. I just want to figur…

2018-06-24 03:08

Cactus Jack 🗡 __SosaOtto

LORD FLACKO JOYDE II 🎈 . #freejayant ✈ . #RipLula #FreeNumba9 #LLJ4 #AAMU22

RT @kicksonfire: Air Jordan 12 Michigan - Now available for a limited time on our app. or link in bio. …

2018-06-24 03:08

Snake Eyes Abubakar_nasko

Mamas boy. Frozen Feelings

RT @wordstionaryes: No matter what's going on in your life good or bad. Be thankful that you're alive, breathing and healthy. Someone somew…

2018-06-24 03:08

Derian A. Blandon waxtorch

Earthly problems can be solved in a garden but the market profits from sterile, scarce & resourceless infrastructure, 22yo Writer

RT @DavidMizner: A truly horrific story but not accurate to blame, as the article does, Trump's zero-tolerance polices. As the federal cour…

2018-06-24 03:08

•• 𝔻𝕆ℕ ´ 🍸 Since94__


@_lareeine Ta captée 🙌🏾

2018-06-24 03:08

Protest Now protestnow2018

#FollowtheFacts #FuckingWall #SingleStagingAreaNow #StandwithPP #StayWoke #25thAmendmentNOW #TrumpResign #TrumpSexPredator #BoycottNRA #TrumpsKidnappingChildren

RT @Lawrence: You do NOT treat reporters “respectfully.” You lie to them and personally insult some of them in full public view. …

2018-06-24 03:08

kaptinK Maxxkaptin

RT @perlmutations: Hey GOP, I don’t give a fuck what’s on the back of her jacket, I’m sick & tired of a soft porn star and a grifter who se…

2018-06-24 03:08

Derek🍍 DerekofCF

Co-Founder, CEO, and Lead Editor of @ComicFade and @FadeThreads| Youtuber | Actor. Writer. Filmmaker | Beatles Fan | Tea Enthusiast | BIG (1988) Scholar

@ScottVol3 It was so bad. I wanted to punch that guy. The theater could probably seat 100 people + and only like 10…

2018-06-24 03:08

Oxygen Platform oxygen_platform

Financial websites are applied in the protection of the environment.

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2018-06-24 03:08

Sana Mirza 🇦🇷 SanaMirza78

Official Account | All Tweets are Signed by Sana Mirza |

Pin Tweet Must RT

Big Fan @IamEJF

@PmlSadia ٹکٹ کب دیا ھے

2018-06-24 03:08

LibertyBansTrump YesWeCan4Us

"Tomorrow is today, and the urgency is now." MLK🗽🇺🇸#HumanRights #ClimateChange #Democracy #TheRESISTANCE #FBR #ManiacTrump⚠️#ImpeachTrumpNOW

RT @Amy_Siskind: This got very little attention in the chaos, but Pompeo canceled last minute on briefing the Senate on Trump's supposed br…

2018-06-24 03:08

Eustine Matshini EMatshini

Husband to a very beautiful woman of God, blessed with beautiful children.Physical Security Specialist, Man of God, Ncilashe Omhle

RT @KialoHQ: Sick of the internet shouting factory? Looking for a more civil place to discuss the big issues? After five years of developme…

2018-06-24 03:08

Mercie L Mercie5049

Former NY Democrat

RT @twin0830us: @BreitbartNews

2018-06-24 03:08

tena. 🌸 xtenabena

MSU ‘20 🎓✨


2018-06-24 03:08

codeine 👅✨ _Realist_Thug_


@567paulz THATS MY FRIEND 🤣

2018-06-24 03:08

Mr. Nasty Ifyounasty84

I’ll take em both🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️👍🏽😈

@bklovegun @ProfessorXxXes Dm😈

2018-06-24 03:08

MJ Cannon #RuleOfLaw ann_cannon

Former Fed w/Social Security Admin. & Office of Hearings & Appeals; Union Steward (AFGE); singer & song writer. #WeAreAltGov #Resist #FightTyranny

RT @activist360: So the owner of the Red Hen, a woman with obvious moral integrity politely refused to serve Sarah Sanders, and kindly aske…

2018-06-24 03:08

Helena HelenaEason13

RT @JohnWisdoms: HELP EMERGENCY ! 15 Year old Junior gets stabbed to death by 6 grown men ! Please share and retweet to spread awareness !…

2018-06-24 03:08

Judy Gold JewdyGold

Where the f*@k are my keys?

Respectfully? Are you fucking kidding me?

2018-06-24 03:08

sarah. Buitreberna

RT @TheGarden: TONIGHT! ⭐️ @Harry_Styles #HarryStylesMSG

2018-06-24 03:08