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Brenda Rivera BrendaR69946222

I'm beautiful and kind.

RT @HillaryClinton: Nevada just became the first state in the country to have a legislature that's majority women. Let's make it the first…

2018-12-20 01:14

gypsum gypsum

Southsider,Cancer survivor and a Progressive Liberal FOREVER!!! Blue wave #Resist Go Bears

RT @NBCNews: The study found that black, mixed-race, Asian, and Latina women were mentioned in abusive or problematic tweets 34% more ofte…

2018-12-20 01:14

Brent Lang BrentALang

Executive Editor, Film & Media, @Variety. I may prefer dogs to people.

Why #Rams director @gary_hustwit doesn't want to sell his films to studios. Inside his profitable "do it yourself"…

2018-12-20 01:14

Rich Heelan RichHeelan

@pleitter @BillKristol Good. Since then I have voted once for a GOP President. George Bush, 1st term. The lust for…

2018-12-20 01:14

EuGenia Harris EuGeniaHarris1

RT @PreetBharara: Just hanging tonight with the great, great @StevieVanZandt to support the wonderful & the Rock an…

2018-12-20 01:14

Eric Ludwig loaf24

RT @NYIslanders: .@66jhosang pickin' corners from the corner. 🔥 #NYIvsARI

2018-12-20 01:14

Martha maymartymartha

RT @HillaryClinton: Nevada just became the first state in the country to have a legislature that's majority women. Let's make it the first…

2018-12-20 01:14

FP. puglisifrank

Tottenville Football alumni

Accessing your innate compassion is oddly challenging today as... More for Pisces

2018-12-20 01:14

pennie brettin Walkmaster1

RT @ericbolling: Watch my hot topics interview with @KellyannePolls tonight on @WeAreSinclair stations.
Vaping in America
Border s…

2018-12-20 01:14

Nahuel 🇸🇪 nahueldomm

♾ 19
👻 nahueldom

RT @katewalsh: What all of us would rather be doing today… #LoveisLove 😭😻🐾

2018-12-20 01:14

Thunderbolt Grease Slapper MorganMontague

Really annoyed by willful ignorance. Learn some science and history, good people. WARNING: I am a terrible proofreader!

RT @gabrielsherman: Just deleted Facebook account

2018-12-20 01:14

Aparicio Giddins Dluxedad

I talk sports, tech, and money all day long. Cohost of @theharriedlife podcast. Sr. Prod. Mgr of @getIGot5 Views are my own! #Dluxedad #Dadpreneur

RT @VentureBeat: Apple 2018 year in review: 7 high and low moments worth remembering by @horwitz

2018-12-20 01:14

Serena Minichiello serenamini2014

RT @PopCrush: Now that Will Smith has assured us that Genie WILL be blue 🧞‍♂️ tell us how you feel about the new #Aladdin live action first…

2018-12-20 01:14

Tito . thefallxxo

waiting on @theweeknd to follow me still || A.U. 💞✨

Yo Lmao, this is the best thing I’ve seen this morning and I just got on twitter lmao

2018-12-20 01:14

Erin Taylor erinisaway

internationally beloved

someone posted a photo of my friend postmortem on his Facebook and I'm freaking out

2018-12-20 01:14

G Hawkins FilmProfessor9

Trader. MIT PhD. Tweets Ideas, not Advice. Cheap Stocks & Expensive Wine #InsultComicByNature #USC #BronxBorn $TSLA $AMZN $NVDA #Netflix #NASA #SpaceX

@daesr1 @VendbienJon @NotaBubble @realDonaldTrump Navarrro-backwards?


Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore


2018-12-20 01:14

Patricia L PK_lambert

Proud wife of Marine Vet & Law enforcement, love my 2 German Shepherds, love God, family, my county & POTUS Trump. Also proud member of NRA & Trump’s #Cult45

RT @JohnStossel: Journalists often say the U.S. has the most mass shooters in the world. They base that data on ONE study.

But the author…

2018-12-20 01:14

Tee Bee Dee TeeBeeDee1

🇺🇸Proud American!🎖️Veteran & Concerned Citizen! #TheResistance #BlueWave 🌊🌊🌊 Anti-Stupid

@NikolyevichK @realDonaldTrump Putin want American Troops out, so trump listens

2018-12-20 01:14

Jaylah🇭🇹 jaylahjhane

Relax. Relate. Release 🌾 CAZ💙💛


2018-12-20 01:14

Charles Beewither CharlesBee13

@mikegrizzle4 @realDonaldTrump Delusional.

2018-12-20 01:14

dan _danieephantom

Winthrop | 🇯🇲

RT @tashjmackk: If you're scared. DO IT. All 2019

2018-12-20 01:14

charl(ie puth’s wife)otte 💗 puthmakesmeemo

charlie puth touched my hand and i don’t know how to react

i need to know what day in may CP3 is coming because i need to set a whole countdown

2018-12-20 01:14

Max Nesterak maxnesterak

📻 producer at @MPRnews. helped start @behscientist. cats count as grandkids.

RT @hansilowang: NEW: Fastest-growing states in US last year were Nevada & Idaho, according to @uscensusbureau's latest population estimate…

2018-12-20 01:14

Kasandra sandraforpres

ENFP | 23| Independent | University at Albany Alumna 👩🏾‍🎓 | Bowie State University ‘20 💛🖤

RT @IsaiahLCarter: This transactional relationship, however, has begun to take a new shape. "Woke" Blacks take up the cause of EVERY oppres…

2018-12-20 01:14

Jessie👩‍💻 jessiedotjs

Software Engineer at @google. Ramblin' wreck from @georgiatech. I tweet about tech, diversity & stuffed bears. Opinions you agree with are my own. she/her

She has to wear a diaper because she doesn't know not to pee

2018-12-20 01:14

G4 Boyz G4BOYZ

Features/Bookings : | Watch the "Patek Philippe" video ft Tory Lanez

G4 Boyz - More Ice (Audio) 🥶🥶🥶

2018-12-20 01:14

Thomas Loyd lpt621

RT @UWSrenee: @LindseyGrahamSC Maybe he's just doing it because he's afraid to visit the troops there.

2018-12-20 01:14

QU Women's Hockey QU_WIH

Quinnipiac Women's Ice Hockey: A Culture of Pride! A Culture of Collaboration!! A Culture of Success!!! -- Official Account for @QuinnipiacU & @QUAthletics

RT @NWHL: . @CTWhale_NWHL Head Coach Ryan Equale on Samoskevich: "She is an explosive player that understands the game from both sides of t…

2018-12-20 01:14

fantômette vickymagicghost

♎ // the world fell apart, didn't you notice? // art student. coffee. ocean. rock. series. overwatch.

17:13 j'ai cherché mon arrêt partout à cause des travaux, j'ai raté le bus habituel et là mes jambes tremblent tellement il fait froid

2018-12-20 01:14

Sande Alan Weinstein sandew5358

Progressive Democrat although a centrist

RT @JesseFFerguson: Talk about ignoring the will of the voters...

Sen McCain opposed health care repeal.

Voters rejected Cong. McSally ov…

2018-12-20 01:14


The United Nations Central #Emergency Response Fund supports rapid #humanitarian response for people affected by natural #disasters and armed #conflict.

RT @Msg_of_Humanity: Humanitarian aid saved these girls & women.

Donate now and help us save more lives. This season, #InvestInHumanity a…

2018-12-20 01:14

Nicolas Gréno nicolasgreno

Créateur & rédacteur @cultureSPORT 💻Correspondant sportif @sudouest 📰 Communication @AvironHandball 🤾🏻‍♀️

RT @AvironHandball: @AvironHandball organisateur et pourvoyeur de bénévoles est fier de nos #FemmesDeTalent 💪👍

2018-12-20 01:14

Andrew andrewsfancyhuh

I laugh at all my own jokes | Your #SocialSister @UnionSquareAdv

@kristenrippe Tell u l8r shishtar

2018-12-20 01:14

William Evans, MD pedcard50

Pediatric Cardiologist #BlueTsunami #TheResistance

RT @HillaryClinton: Nevada just became the first state in the country to have a legislature that's majority women. Let's make it the first…

2018-12-20 01:14

D Hoenes golferdawn

High school math & Earth science teacher. Logic is my thing. Air Force, proud Mom & Nana who cares about equal rights for all. Time to Block Bots & Ignorance.

RT @DanRather: Remember when Pres Trump sold himself as a master negotiator? His bravado recently in the Oval Office on his border wall? Th…

2018-12-20 01:14

rora🌙 nabijamm

what words are needed? everyone calls you a masterpiece.

RT @TristanACooper: Spider-Man has a button that lets you say hi to pedestrians and I'm not going to stop until I've given everyone in New…

2018-12-20 01:14

Katy Hartnett KatyHartnett

writer | brooklyner | gangster of love (@damnitbetty - Instagram)

@anamariecox "They're building an exact replica of the Titanic, to sail the same course"

"Hold my beer"

2018-12-20 01:14

範爍坦 step4en

nadine luster

the 80s is the peak of pinoy movies

2018-12-20 01:14

Nic NicteZaragoza

🏵God Bless You 🙏🌺

RT @thisisinsider: You'll only find the Flaming Chicken at this Singaporean restaurant 🍲

2018-12-20 01:14

🌊Carol Michael🌊 c40m43

Mom of 2 beautiful daughters, my inspiration is my 93 year old boss and friend. Her brain is awesome! I'm a PROUD LIBERAL and will always VOTE BLUE!


2018-12-20 01:14

JB😈😈😈 ThatNiggaJB716

Add me on SnapChat:Aggy_jb I got no game it's just some bitches understand my story.

RT @RegalCourtier7: You ever got turned off by the way someone thinks?

2018-12-20 01:14

lizfinger lizfinger1

Card carrying member of the Deep State. #Resist

RT @HillaryClinton: Nevada just became the first state in the country to have a legislature that's majority women. Let's make it the first…

2018-12-20 01:14

Lynsi Nickerson lynsi_112

No thanks || FGCU 🦅

RT @koumegirl: oh my god

2018-12-20 01:14

Bronislaus Bronislaus1

Just far enough to the right to piss you off.

@1776Stonewall No respectable person eats hat IHOP. Denny's all the way!! You can't cuck the Tuck!!

2018-12-20 01:14

g$ gmoneygripp


RT @conner_omalley: Well it happened, I got hit by the carpool karaoke car, crushed pelvis and shattered femur got dragged 2 blocks but Sti…

2018-12-20 01:14

Keven🧸 fructosepapi

7teen // Venmo: @KevenVictoria // email:

@onlinehomo omg congrats on 40 amor

2018-12-20 01:14


Love everything that is interesting to the mind, the soul, my heart and my health and what is fair. Classy, confident, speak my mind, no B.S. love the USA

RT @AnnCoulter: What happened was, we voted for a guy who promised to build a wall -- and you won't believe what happened next! …

2018-12-20 01:14

Kpie 🌊 kpie_kem

#AntiFur #OpSeaWorld #EmptyTheTanks #RIPTilikum. #FreeLolita #Morgan #EndTaijiKilling #TheResistance #StillWithHer #I’mVotingForBetoO’Rourke NoMAGAs NoDM

RT @NewYorkStateAG: Our lawsuit against the Trump Foundation and its directors Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump…

2018-12-20 01:14

Chris Evans notcapnamerica

I tweet about politics, movies, and Real Housewives. Opinions are my own. ✊🏽🏳️‍🌈

RT @notcapnamerica: Me after Kamala Harris wins the primary

2018-12-20 01:14

MuDu NewDay 61 61Mudu

Does this account make me look quirky? Hope so! 🤗 Let's have fun.

RT @selectedwisdom: I laugh when Americans worry about the government “spying” on them, when they willingly surrender all their information…

2018-12-20 01:14

PHX Mom tifmcclure

4th Generation #Arizonan. We all carry because we don’t have a wall. Mom of 2 kids & 1 #boxer #boxerdog #MAGA! #draintheswamp

RT @SohrabAhmari: The more I think about it the more enraged I get about Emmett Sullivan’s disgraceful display yesterday—to call a man who…

2018-12-20 01:14

Anna Butterfly Anna_Butterfly

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” (Dr Seuss)

RT @BetteMidler: NY Attorney General has ordered the Trump Foundation to dissolve. It’s always SAD to see a charitable organization fold, e…

2018-12-20 01:14

Mars MsReeezy

1. The Unofficial Expert podcast on iTunes 2. Stand-Up Comic: Sits. A lot

RT @cyskNYC: TONIGHT! @thegutter 9PM CYSK ft: @MsReeezy @AIapalucci @samlymatters @SyrupMountain @Schrotime @saurinchoksi w/host @TheDavidD…

2018-12-20 01:14

(((SCarlSun))) scarlsun

ACT. VOTE. PROTEST. The Republic is in danger. The GOP must be thwarted. Take Big Money out of campaign funding. Wealth inequality breeds revolution. Period.

RT @JeffreyToobin: State of play: @realDonaldTrump is unfit to run a charity in New York State but fit to control nuclear weapons that coul…

2018-12-20 01:14

Carlos Backtana itschris216

half of @burningriverbro if we ever do the podcast

RT @JonRothstein: North Carolina's Roy Williams has received an eight-year contract extension through the 2027-28 season, per release.

2018-12-20 01:14

a pimp named slickback blaxknarrative

don't let me show ugliness // though I know I can hate. #BLACKLIVESMATTER insta: @literallythebest RIP Prince. #tallgirltwitter #queer #engaged

RT @ScottHech: During a break, a NYT editor stumbled upon a Black man roughed up & a Latino bystander attacked by NYPD for filming it. Exce…

2018-12-20 01:14

Andrew Surabian Surabees

Comms/Political Strategist. Former Special Assistant to @POTUS & WH Deputy Strategist. War Room Director on Trump 2016.

RT @JohnStossel: Journalists often say the U.S. has the most mass shooters in the world. They base that data on ONE study.

But the author…

2018-12-20 01:14

بسيم جعفري، onelkfahrtln151

RT @financialbuzz: Watch Us Report LIVE from the Floor of the NYSE! This weeks weekly wrap-up includes $RHT $IBM $UA $AAPL $FIT $FB $S $GE…

2018-12-20 01:14

William Robb ChillyRobb

74 y/o man loves hist., politics, movies, music. Child of 60's: P.C.-Thailand & Army-Vietnam. Was Pan Am brat in England, Pakistan, Iran.

@PaulLeeTicks @heidijerry @coopmike48 @maddow @shelbyholliday @jonathanalter @ZerlinaMaxwell @JRubinBlogger @JoeNBC…

2018-12-20 01:14

Laur LAURENnoRalph_

La La™️| FAMU15 🐍

RT @The__Prototype: Them: “What you getting me for Christmas?”


2018-12-20 01:14

Carrie Shaurette LibrarianLove

I'm the one teaching your kids to think and love reading #librarian #nyc

#1 The Female Persuasion by @MegWolitzer - With complex, compelling characters and meaty questions about friendship…

2018-12-20 01:14

chantelle 🌹 womanIikebutera

happy holidays from my family to urs ♡ | fan account ♡

RT @FrankieJGrande: my sister is the greatest vocalist on the planet.

2018-12-20 01:14

The Giant Insider GiantInsider

NY Giants news, updates, and opinions from The Giant Insider (TGI) - Beat Writer Chris Bisignano and Sr. Editor Jerry Foley - Hosts of The Giant Insider Podcast

Coach: “I think Barkley is holding up well”

2018-12-20 01:14

Palmolive Palmolive_S_Pan

I'm a cat. Rao.

@lynda3035 @Tingancio @3coolkatz @BloomNight2 @mill_cats @keepupwithjen @paseri021 @SassyCassyCat @Aki_and_Kari…

2018-12-20 01:14

Inko dekusmum

pepe stan account

RT @koumegirl: oh my god

2018-12-20 01:14

Devin Flanigan DevinFlanigan

Writer and creative director for theme parks, attractions & experience design.

RT @davidmackau: the shirt under the vest is homophobic

2018-12-20 01:14

Jo espressodoppio6

watercolor, things Italian, food, baking, hiking, gardening, reading, cats, family and friends!

RT @NewYorkStateAG: Our lawsuit against the Trump Foundation and its directors Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump…

2018-12-20 01:14

lj boredleila

cancer ☼ scorpio☽ sagittarius ↑ lover of the moon | frank ocean enthusiast

RT @TorraineFuturum: I just screamed “OH MY GOD”. What a beautifully laid wig.

2018-12-20 01:14

chas carey imitationsun

law/art/etc. “incessantly intrud[ing]" -the new yorker || "buffoonish" -nyt


-suit too big
-hair too unkempt for professional style into which it is combed
-voice a little yelpy

2018-12-20 01:14

زياد الحربي ziad2024

اسال الله ان يجمعني معك يا أميري وسيدي وحبيبي عمر بن الخطاب رضي الله عنك ❤️❤️#عمر_الفاروق_رضي_الله_عنه

2018-12-20 01:14

Blind Joey Dead blindjoeyg

Philadelphia Flyers fan and hater of that loser Donald Trump

RT @davidgura: Here is the original @CBP Request for Proposal for a "Solid Concrete Border Wall," from March 17th, 2017:

2018-12-20 01:14

MissContrary half_light

i'm a proper normal

RT @e_alexjung: *casually reminds everyone hot jafar has a naked fight scene

2018-12-20 01:14

vickiB mini_fig

Grma of 8 mixed heritage grand babes. Passionate psych RN ❤️❤️❤️animals Broken💔 for my country. I fight for my 8 I❤️Mueller

RT @kylegriffin1: Federal judges reviewing complaints lodged against Brett Kavanaugh said that the allegations against the former federal a…

2018-12-20 01:14

Demetrius demegod__

poetic manifestation

RT @StevenHandel: Suffering is not a competition. You're not automatically a better person because you've "been through more shit" than som…

2018-12-20 01:14

Wunderwaffe Studio WalkerinChaos

Wunderwaffe Development


2018-12-20 01:14

ROLICareers ROLICareers

Our team is growing! Join our truly multidisciplinary team at @WeAreROLI. #BLOCKS #SeaboardRISE Tweets by ROLI Talent Team

It's nearing the end of the #year🎄, amongst the holiday shenanigans make sure you take the time to reflect on what…

2018-12-20 01:14

J. Snow 🇩🇴 JDilone23_

Dream like you've never seen obstacles

RT @Serious_Blvck: @therealdouhini @DopeXAnt

2018-12-20 01:14

Alden in CA AldeninCA


RT @sam_vinograd: @joshrogin @barbarastarrcnn What analysis has the President seen indicating that a Syria controlled by Putin, Khameni, an…

2018-12-20 01:14

LEGEND ChriStylezz

Personality | Host | Lifestyle | Trappin Anonymous | D'usse Palooza | @TIDAL | #TheRNBParty

RT @_LaBellaViita: My birthday

2018-12-20 01:14

Jeremy Wein thismyshow

Host @ThisMyShow & @OutOfTuneNYC Founder @NYCPodFest Booker @RISKshow AP of @TheBitterBuddha Producer @BwayGodspell Finished @nycmarathon 2018 #DouglasStrong

@NewOneBway This is assault

2018-12-20 01:14

Dana Consulting dana_growth

Too many entrepreneurs lack experience or education in sales. This makes it difficult to consistently attract and close their ideal clients. We help fix that.


A warm welcome to our newest followers!

2018-12-20 01:14

Bob-o McNabb iamdonovan

Postdoctoral fellow in ice at University of Oslo. Hockey fan. Goalie, hoping someday to be called up as an emergency backup.

RT @10MinuteHistory: Reminder to the world that students who write these kinds of ratings on ratemyprofessor are also writing student evalu…

2018-12-20 01:14

denise 🌹 mochidenisee

you're enough as you are || 도영, 박수영, 런쥔 🚀🍀

RT @raphaelmiguel: the fuck is this married couple drinking, why are they aging backwards ?????? ??

2018-12-20 01:14

TED Talks TEDTalks

Official tweets by Ideas worth spreading.

RT @TEDchris: Exciting launch this morning. The new episode of #TheTEDInterview features the one and only @SirKenRobinson, most-viewed TED…

2018-12-20 01:14

Marie Cara Defender MarieCaraDfnder

Co-Host @inSTANitypod .
Loves Reality TV.
Queen of the Half Breeds.
#thechallenge32 #teamcaramariE
Confident despite the BS.

I'm honored 🤗

2018-12-20 01:14

Eurocake🇪🇺🍰 #fbpe NoCake4Brexit

🇪🇺🍰 Brexit “bases its claim to rule upon numbers, not upon rightness or excellence” (de Tocqueville). I’m a “Time-waster” (Andrew Lilico) #StopBrexit #FBPE

RT @profcarroll: NEW: Facebook data sharing scandal widens. ”Internal documents show that the social network gave Microsoft, Amazon, Spotif…

2018-12-20 01:14

Fryston Christmas Treeman BarnyardBathtub

I'm not the hero this city needs, or deserves, but I'm the one it wants so why not?

RT @jules_su: 😂 LMAO I’M SCREAMING 😂

2018-12-20 01:14

대기 drownhide

short legs big dreams

@hwanie0527 may nam mo a tinh lai di

2018-12-20 01:14

Billionaire Alix SellingHoes_

Y.M.C | Young Money Chaser 🎤💰 | "Wins and Losses Come From Being Bosses"

You only get one chance to cross me, then it's say no more

2018-12-20 01:14

yukan yukankmr

RT @KazuhiroSoda: こういう言い方をする人が多いんだけど、言い方のトーンが気になっている。沖縄に心を寄せる人間であれば、たとえ辺野古に賛成であってもこういう言葉にはならないと思う。言葉の内容よりもトーンに本音は出る。

2018-12-20 01:14

Aura Holiday Special StrikerKi

Student-athlete | Lucario, Incineroar, and Wolf main | I got plans... I'll only get better and better at anything I do...I'm never gonna stop either. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

RT @TarantinoDavy: You can’t talk about struggle if you ain’t never been through this:

2018-12-20 01:14

JGreen LordKnowsITweet

JGreen is the name

RT @SInow: Best. National. Signing. Day. Video. Ever. 🙌

(via @SEisbergWCIV)

2018-12-20 01:14

Hilary JM Topper hilary25

HJMT's CEO, #triathlon #blogger, #WearableTech blogger, #music lover, Lifestyle blogger, Adjunct Prof, and just fun to be around!

Do you ever feel like from the moment you woke up until the time you go to bed, that you should have stayed in 🛌 al…

2018-12-20 01:14

And Still, She Resisted LoonyLovelyLuna

I speak what I think & feel. #Resist #ImpeachTrump #FBR #CannabisReform #Slytherpuff #OriginalGamerGirl #XBoxOne #LGTBQ #Pottymouth

RT @DanRather: As the Democrats in the House get ready to investigate Pres. Trump and his administration, the hardest part may be deciding…

2018-12-20 01:14

Leala Grindstaff lpgrindstaff

dad jokes and other disappointing humor

oof it is a ROUGH morning mentally folks

2018-12-20 01:14

Dependable dependable_io

Life of the 3rd party.

Dependable automatically updates your gems.

New version of govuk_publishing_components: release 13.3.0. Check it out at

2018-12-20 01:14

Brian Stout bstouttt

blameless in the eyes of the international court | prev. @ForeignPolicy, @NGA_GEOINT

RT @WSJ: "The Pentagon has an order to get to move troops out of Syria as quickly as possible, " a U.S. official said

2018-12-20 01:14

L Wms lanitaz123

ReTweets --particularly ones with no comment-- do not necessarily imply either endorsement or concurrence.

RT @CecileRichards: The right to abortion should not depend upon your income. Thank you women of Ireland! ☘️ 'Sheer Joy': Ireland Will Have…

2018-12-20 01:14

🅾️Ⓜ️LilTaYo💰🔌 RealLilTaYo

Graphic Designer| RAPPER| MUSIC PRODUCER| IG:RealLilTaYo | Graphic Credits - Soulja Boy, King Louie, Ms Jacky Oh & More 🇧🇸🇺🇸

You can’t expect me to be the same person from years ago alot of shit changed me

2018-12-20 01:14

ൠ C ʜ ʀ ɪ s s ʏ✨💜🦄 ChrissyBk_



2018-12-20 01:14