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Sydney / Sherminator18 Sherminator_18

I go by Sherminator18. Geocacher | PoGo Level 40 | Level 11 Cleric | Dungeon Master | Critter

@bringurownsun @TrainerOz @trnrtips @NianticLabs @NianticHelp I feel you there! Up until about a year and a half ag…

2019-01-21 22:27

Spike chr1st0p43r

@OfficialJTGily 1 shiny, 20ish tasks
I think they should just keep all pokestop tasks for the day the same and make…

2019-01-21 09:43

Velaphinx TL40x4 Velaphinx

Pokémon Trainer+Hex Maniac💜+Rare Hunter Extraordinaire. Mod of EORC (Discord). Valor🔥. 🌴FL✈️NYC🏙. 321 100% mons. Lucky Dex in Progress. I❤️the Grind.

Well, that was an interesting event.

56 Tasks done, 1 shiny, no perfects.

That was brutal, I have to be honest.…

2019-01-20 07:30

Allison (Lvl 36) pokemon_goals

NY🗽Pokémon Go, level 36,🌀Team Mystic🌀, playing since July 2016! Pokedex: 151-99-126-51 Total: 428🤘🏻Generations 1&2 complete! (minus Smeargle 😅)

I got my first Corsola!!! We were driving and I saw it on the radar at a pokestop but we weren’t going in that dire…

2019-01-18 02:35

✌Jynxx😼Redd✌ JynxxRedd

Catching Pokemon & Playing Quidditch....
#TeamValor #RavenClaw
Business inquiry:

📸IG: __Jynxx__

I love this stop, the artwork is amazing.

Drop a pic of your favorite Pokéstop

Shout out/Art Credit:…

2019-01-18 00:21

Luca 🏳️‍🌈 KonekoKohaku

I'm Luca or Kohaku. Nonbinary. They/Them. Gay.
I talk about and play video games on Twitch.

Being on top of a pokestop has its advantages as I have a ton of balls

2019-01-17 23:51

Chelsea✨ pkmnprincessx

TL33 ; TeamValor🔥 374/495 mons🥰

Update: I never got it. said it fled from the pokestop, then showed back up in nearby, fled again but never actuall…

2019-01-17 02:39

Lovely Cally callykarishokka

Avid but terrible WoW player :D | I AM A POTATO and sometimes also a cat | Amazon wishlist: | Ko-Fi:

Huh. The bicycle stand next to the Trader Joes is a pokestop now...

2019-01-16 12:11

Kyle Rose‏ MrKyleRose

Cartoonist, Writer, and Illustrator — Creator of The Working Stiff: and Co-Editor of Emanata:

Found out there is a pokestop right outside my office today. So now I have a new way to stock up on items. 😁…

2019-01-15 09:32

TOCG The_OtherCoast

#TheOtherCoast. Gaming news and opinions from NY. Our goal?..To inform you so you never waste your money on a trash game. We'd also like to change our PS name.

Dear @NianticLabs @NianticHelp and @NianticEng. It has been over a month since sinnoh stones have become available…

2019-01-12 00:52