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maddy maddy_jullieta

Spread light and love bb

RT @andymientus: I have to play a straight dude in this audition so I put on toner but NO moisturizer. #actorsecrets

2018-01-24 16:52

cantankerous nekolot

Self-censorship's buffalo's tail.

RT @BenjaminNorton: This is vomit-inducing and beyond despicable. Major newspaper @TimesofIndia is publishing a graphic novel that depicts…

2018-01-24 16:52

Just Let Me Rock You Till The Break Of Day RaiTheLightning

Name's Kevin. I don't condone stupidity. I tweet shit for jokes. My tweets do not define me.

I don't like K-Pop too much, but issa bop.

2018-01-24 16:52

Santi López Soligó SoligoLopez

Ciencia y Tecnología Ciencia Tecnología Política y Gobierno Ciencia Tecnología Gobierno Política

RT @XSalaimartin: Primer dia a Davos i constato dues coses: (1) TOTHOM m'ha preguntat sobre Catalunya i (2) el qué més menciona la gent són…

2018-01-24 16:52

Devin With A "K" jardines_7

Fluent In Sarcasm | CA ✈️ NY | NARP Footballer⚽️

RT @World_Wide_Wob: Lakers fans mood

2018-01-24 16:52

Devarshi Sarkar Devarshi_21

RT @AThompson1982: 5-Step Proven Network Marketing Success Formula - #mlm #networkmarketing

2018-01-24 16:52

Meli LFC 🌹🌹🌹 Melanieh32

Labour through and through, absolutely hate the Tories. Huge LFC, Harry Potter & Disney fan, I like escapism because the real world just isn’t that nice 😢

RT @SiMcKeown1970: Yes. And I welcome paying more tax. And I get leftier as I get older.

JC is going to be PM. So close the door on the w…

2018-01-24 16:52

Sara Yurisistable sa_sowon

Pure Pink Blood ^^ Jigeumeun SNSD !!! ♥ Apeurodo SNSD !!! ♥ Yongwonhi SNSD !!! ♥ Yurisistable ♥ Royal shipper ♥ 93er ♥ ♓ ♥ FLY p/s: afs go away!

RT @BuzzFeed: 22 things that just kind of happen when you're a seriously forgetful person

2018-01-24 16:52

BiggieVibes🤴🏾🧚🏿‍♂️ fintgs

I like taking pictures.

@pettyblackboy Seriously, I am so fucking glad I followed you because you are so funny! Bruh . “...wig glue to gorilla glue”

2018-01-24 16:52

Ivan Olita ivanolita

Filmmaker. Founder of

Blown away by this movie. Such a fantastic doc! Write it down. Not to miss. #sundance18

2018-01-24 16:52

Reauxdman ✨ AJeneSketches

Half peng and half fleeky ✨ | SC: Ajayknows

RT @mefeater: Congrats to Jordan Peele on becoming the first African American to earn #OscarNoms in all 3 categories for Best Picture, Best…

2018-01-24 16:52

Albert Elston elston_albert

granada baseball

RT @Jesse__Foster: Lou Williams is averaging 35.4 points per 100 possessions this season.

The only other players in the Western Conferenc…

2018-01-24 16:52

Refugio García, Jr. RefugioGarciaJr


RT @businessinsider: A wildly popular conspiracy theory about why there are so many Mattress Firm stores is starting to sound less crazy ht…

2018-01-24 16:52

Joanna Booth stillawake

Vegan. Zen Buddhist. Book Editor. Social researcher. Knitting designer. Occasional journalist. Mum to two tinies; wife to Martin.

RT @BenjaminNorton: The Facebook page for @TeleSUREnglish, which had nearly 400,000 likes, has been abruptly taken down. No reason was give…

2018-01-24 16:52

gabe gabe85264918


2018-01-24 16:52

‏شمسية Shamciya__

RT @NasSZN: im tired of feeling

2018-01-24 16:52

Sheed. RasheedTO


RT @Complex: Waka Flocka quits being vegan, says they are "like the f**king cops."

2018-01-24 16:52

John Santa Ana jeets408

De Anza 📚 I eat ass

RT @AfroLatinaGold: When your girl hoeing and you tired of it but thats ya bitch so you gon support her regardless

2018-01-24 16:52

Quim Salas QuimSalas5

Esportista i estudiant...(bueno no gaire)

RT @XSalaimartin: Balls? En català o en anglès?

2018-01-24 16:52

Loy Turns Turns1701e

Comic book fan, enjoyer of wrestling, film buff, old-school pop culture fan. 2DS Friend Code is 0190-0347-6678.

RT @NathanHRubin: CNN employees faced a threat of mass murder yesterday, and the man arrested said he wanted to kill the “fake news” journa…

2018-01-24 16:52

Scott Jordan scottejordan

Gynecologic Oncology fellow. Ice cream enthusiast. Bourbon pourer. Vinyl listener

RT @DKThomp: Schumer: The wall is off the table.
McC: I'll bring it to the floor.
Schumer: The table?
McC: No, the wall.
Schumer: You'll co…

2018-01-24 16:52

🌱달님과함께🌱 LoveMoon1024

#달님과함께👍 #더불어민주권리당원 #평창평화촛불💕#평창평화올림픽

RT @j02kj2: 안녕하세요~ 펫친님들~
문재인 대통령님 생신날 노래부른 김기준 입니다~ 혹시라도 오해 하실까봐 직접 트윗 합니다~ 옆에 계신분은 이날 처음 뵌 분이랍니다~!

행여 저로인해 이분 혼삿길 막힐까 걱정 됩니다~

부부도 애인도…

2018-01-24 16:52

Biggie Sporles Sporley_

Boxing, football, F1.

RT @chrislhayes: Cotton personally put a hold on an Obama nominee *until she died* as a tactic for obstructing Obama.

2018-01-24 16:52

Diane Mezzapella DianeMezz

don't know where I am going but I know it won't be boring

Let’s spread #LoveOverBias! Watch @ProcterGamble’s feature on Olympic figure skating champion @MichelleWKwan to hea…

2018-01-24 16:52

lit _xoncl

UNL '21 | 🇸🇸

RT @AjangAchol: me tweetin I’m single is me shooting my shot

2018-01-24 16:52

slicer141 slicer141

RT @World_Wide_Wob: Cavs fans right now

2018-01-24 16:52

ssun taetaesarang165

#BTS A.R.M.Y #DNA #iHeartAwards

RT @kookjim2: 이런 당근은 세상에서 하나만 존재하는 희귀한 당근인데 그걸 아기공룡이 잡아채네요 지민군 유얼 럭키가이

2018-01-24 16:52

bored.. help me brometolife

hello there.. i’m Shar just slide into my dms if ya wanna chat bro 💛 i’m multifandom so catch these hands ☘️ be blessed and be attacked by yo fandoms 💛

RT @activityshit: We never "lose" friends, we just learn who our real ones are.

2018-01-24 16:52

Limitless 🚫 Aye_Fuckdaworld


RT @JohnTheFame: Me successfully calling out of work

2018-01-24 16:52

Michael OBrien (OB) roadieob

Certified Executive Leadership & Team Coach | Husband | Father | TEDx Speaker | Author of SHIFT | Athlete | Entrepreneur | #SHIFT | #Cyclist

Optimism is the most important human trait, because it allows us to evolve our ideas, to improve our situation, and... Seth Godin #SHIFT

2018-01-24 16:52 YazBitchYaz

Shopping For The Fashion Forward Woman

#Fashion Sexy Print Lace Boho Mini Beach Dresses Korean Women Wave Striped Mu ...

2018-01-24 16:52

Galactic Credit Standard Holdings Blockchain LLC galacticcredits

#StarWars IoT crypto backed by Stocks, Gold, US$$$, #AML, #KYC, Reg A+, w/Anti Money Laundry Compliance, #biometric security, trusted #bitcoin #Blockchain #DRGN

RT @CBSNews: Dog bites man, man bites dog, man gets arrested

2018-01-24 16:52

✰ ジェイヴィラ 💎▀▄▀ █ █▄█▄█▀█ ▄█▀ █▄█▄█ ██ █▀▄ █▄▀██ VWORLD09


2018-01-24 16:52

Omogbolahan 🌹 Iam_Rahmy

Alhamdulilah | UIC | @Arsenal 🔴 | 🇳🇬

RT @DMV_Drummerboyy: Niggas turn into keynote speakers when participation is part of your class grade.

2018-01-24 16:52

محمد صالح sUM7NFxDdli9gAN

❃اضـــحـك " واســـوالف " وانـا " فيـــك " مشـغـول❃

❁يا " ماخــذن" فكـري " عــن " الـناس " ويـــــــنــك❁

RT @Ahmedalsaleh_SY: ستكثر القوائم والمسميات والتهديدات وقت السعة ولكن وقت الضيق كل واحد يعرف حجمه ومساحته وطريق الهروب.
من ثبت مره يثبت مر…

2018-01-24 16:52

でみぞう@筋肉補充アカウント DemiZow_7724

洋画 DC/MCU/HenryCavill主食/RDJ/アミハマ/ゼンデイア。無言フォロー失礼します。 別垢→ @demizow0712kn


2018-01-24 16:52

moon child.🌙 maybeitslolly

all you need to know about me is Harry Potter. | Ravenclaw

RT @MEENAVOGUEE: Giambattista Valli S/S 2018 Couture details.

2018-01-24 16:52

mister police ⛄️ uwebolI

конкистадор бессмысленного

RT @unbracedsink: reynolds woodcock moodboard

2018-01-24 16:52

Benny Gamble B_Mack10

Instagram: b_mack10 Snapchat: bmack10

RT @PigsAndPlans: 50 Cent accidentally made millions by accepting bitcoin for his last album 💰 

2018-01-24 16:52

Spencer Allard allard_spencer

I'm just a guy who likes and retweets about sports mainly basketball everyone is free to follow me.#Ripcity

RT @World_Wide_Wob: Lakers fans mood

2018-01-24 16:52

Ross Slade TheRarmy_

I swear my life is a sitcom...

RT @ravensymone: When your boss walks in and you gotta pretend to look busy working 😅

2018-01-24 16:52

Lara ho Pinkfox53

Independent interpreter. I like traveling and creating/ cooking my own recipes. Love to read suspense novels and surf the internet. Motto: live & let live!

RT @perlmutations: Yo, little donnie, howzit feel to be the most hated man on earth?

2018-01-24 16:52

Michael Caveney cavefarmer

Enterprise software; philosopher; guitar tech; farmer; lover of music and dance, border collies and cats and horses; living a life of planned random events.

RT @morningmoneyben: The Yellen record is basically: Strong equity markets, strong economy, low inflation, smooth transition to policy norm…

2018-01-24 16:52

Riley Green Riley_green2020

| HTX | GoCoogs | UH Honors | I stand with 🇮🇱|

RT @seanhannity: THE SMOKING GUN: Sessions ORDERS INVESTIGATION of Missing FBI Messages -

2018-01-24 16:52

Paul Wiggins paulwiggins

Wiggins is a self-equipped editor and designer.

RT @laurenduca: This afternoon, a 15-year-old brought a gun to his Kentucky high school, killed two people, and shot at least 14 others. Vi…

2018-01-24 16:52

Pennywise S_bashir06

Strive for greatness!

RT @getnickwright: 26k-LeBron James
27k-LeBron James
28k-LeBron James
29K-LeBron James
30k-LeBron James

Congrats, to the Greatest Player o…

2018-01-24 16:52

ازيزاه Azizahhhhhhhh

waiting for the right guy like @omgAdamSaleh ❤️ Ride or Die Adoomy/Fahati✨

RT @SlimmySlim94: Uploading today’s vlog!! It has a special someone in it 😊

2018-01-24 16:52

Frenemy du People western_hermit

Coastal elite. In the market for a new shell. Also, no whataboutism but my whataboutism.

RT @chrislhayes: The most powerful faction of the GOP doesn't want protections for dreamers. Since that faction controls the party that con…

2018-01-24 16:52

- redrosevelvet__

♡B.A.P's B.A.B.Y; babyhyun —arch Student | Best Absolute Perfect | ‘ My mother is the heart that keeps me alive. ‘

RT @kobydidwhat: Daehyun's new insta post instantly made me think back to @yyjjdh's post (with the lights and hearts) and i honestly think…

2018-01-24 16:52

livy'smom nancy_proc

lib-merican, political junkie and bibliophile, #theresistance, #nevertrump,#AntiTrump, #DemForce, #Mueller

RT @CyrusMMcQueen: #DonaldTrump didn't win... America lost.


2018-01-24 16:52

Southern Lesbian💫 _SouthernAnon_

i'm 20 & gay {all sexualities are welcome} AL 251 •••sos send sunset and booty pics•••

RT @AfroLatinaGold: When your girl hoeing and you tired of it but thats ya bitch so you gon support her regardless

2018-01-24 16:52

Syadibear syadiyahadlina

Don't mistake me for an extinct volcano just because you've never seen me erupt.

RT @kylegriffin1: Kimberly-Clark, the maker of Huggies and Kleenex, says it will cut 5,000-5,500 jobs, about 13% of its workforce.

To help…

2018-01-24 16:52

Dean H Cross deanhcross

A husband, a Dad, a patriot, and an armchair philosopher. I think; therefore, I'll think.

RT @AnnCoulter: Don’t think the FBI is incompetent? Just ask the 3,000 victims of the 9/11 attack, after the FBI blew off an agent’s WARNI…

2018-01-24 16:52

Adriano Pérez twistermedi

Chupasangre legal, sociopata part-time. Superviviente sureño de Napoli. Vividor a contracorriente.

RT @TristanACooper: i will never apologize for posting Africa by Toto recreated with Donkey Kong Country sounds

2018-01-24 16:52

Etinobay etinosaobayiuwa

If its on a matter of public interest im not one to hold back on my opinions. All things Football and Horseracing. AC MILAN FAN

RT @jacksonpbn: Buhari at a meeting last week begged Kwankwanso for forgiveness and requesting his help with his second term ambition. Kwan…

2018-01-24 16:52

Tennille stardirt

Anti-Trump | Buddhist | Cusser | Queer | Introvert | Survivor | Gay Married | Mama | #Resist

RT @djolder: "Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings. Resistance and change often begin in art, and very often in our…

2018-01-24 16:52

WhiteCentauress WhiteCentauress

Not a Republican. Scientology Watcher, Digital Artist, "Live simply, so that others might simply live."

RT @enturbulated: Can anybody explain to me why there are young teenage girls sweeping the STREET (Fort Harrison Ave, downtown Clearwater)…

2018-01-24 16:52

Jane.. Titanium Jane TitaniumJanes

A woman with a voice. Listen up.

RT @JoyAnnReid: Former seminary student Michael Steele has had quite enough of Trump evangelicals.

2018-01-24 16:52

Nicky Digital NickyDigital

Whether it's the nights you'll never forget or the ones you'll never remember, Nicky Digital's there to document it all in the city that never...EVER sleeps!

@pbowden I really appreciate your kind words.

2018-01-24 16:52

Karlin.m karling34645980

The Master says,“Those who are glib in their speech and wear an ingratiating expression have little benevolence about them.”

2018-01-24 16:52

Happy Skand unrealis_

RT @AwayFrom234: @GrimaIdini You're lucky, it was legit the worst he's ever been. Even Aguero who'd been with him for a decade+ said he was…

2018-01-24 16:52

木津毅 Tsuyoshi Kizu tsuyoshi_kizu

ライター。ele-king、『カジカジ』映画ページに寄稿。the sign magazine、ミュージック・マガジンなど。音楽・映画、ゲイ・カルチャー中心にいろいろ書きます。占いもちょっとします。中高年男性愛好家。編書に『ゲイ・カルチャーの未来へ』。 

RT @pitchfork: Scorcese. De Niro. Pacino. Pesci. Bronson.

2018-01-24 16:52

713 713Celeblover

RT @Iskra: Cell-u-LIT up the red carpet 🔥

2018-01-24 16:52

Manguni ronaldwj14

Si Tou Timou Tumou Tou = Man lives to educate others (Dr. Sam Ratulangi)

RT @businessinsider: This wheelchair could let its users stand

2018-01-24 16:52

Bai JustxBailey

RT @CharlesMBlow: Allow me to reiterate: There is NO WAY Obama could have 1) had an affair with a porn star 2) while Michelle was pregnant!…

2018-01-24 16:52

gemiluvv alishanguyeeen

snap: alishanguyeeen | ig: gemiluvv

RT @Iskra: Cell-u-LIT up the red carpet 🔥

2018-01-24 16:52

Nibbler Circuitj3rky

RT @kylegriffin1: White supremacists killed 18 people in 2017, double the number from 2016, according to a newly released report from the A…

2018-01-24 16:52

Erickson DeOliveira ericksondeo

RT @CharlesMBlow: Allow me to reiterate: There is NO WAY Obama could have 1) had an affair with a porn star 2) while Michelle was pregnant!…

2018-01-24 16:52

kim KimmyMonte

look at my tweets here ok bye

@drankturpentine gross.

2018-01-24 16:52

☹㭉 Melissv03

RT @NathanHRubin: CNN employees faced a threat of mass murder yesterday, and the man arrested said he wanted to kill the “fake news” journa…

2018-01-24 16:52

Laurie Official_Emmz


RT @mefeater: Congrats to Daniel Kaluuya on receiving an Oscar Nomination for Best Actor for his performance in #GetOut 🖤

2018-01-24 16:52

meg TheMeganArnold

i am aware, not in control

one time i was in the bathroom at a party and three cock roaches ran out of the toilet paper dispenser and my entir…

2018-01-24 16:52

Daniel Dixon DannyDixon92

Iyer, 25, I like to play guitar and record tunes, Goes to loads of gigs and festivals, lover of dogs and pizza

RT @DavidKHarbour: Internet, listen...
I’m a giver. I give and I give.
But now I need you.
I need 200k retweets to go dance with penguins.…

2018-01-24 16:52

Lucy'sLovePot MzLucyM

We all die eventually. ☺

RT @mefeater: Congrats to Mary J. Blige on becoming the first person ever to receive an acting nomination and song nomination for the same…

2018-01-24 16:52

Livio De La Cruz LivioDeLaCruz

Freelance #Unity3D Programmer | @IGDAStudentSIG Lead | Previously at Microsoft | Blog:

RT @CharlesMBlow: Allow me to reiterate: There is NO WAY Obama could have 1) had an affair with a porn star 2) while Michelle was pregnant!…

2018-01-24 16:52

Oluwaseun Esq. SeunEsq

Lead, Investments & Compliance & Venture Builder @FunemaGroup . Former Investment Banker @PlanetCapital. Law, Geopolitics, Economics, Startups.

RT @samswey: Still processing the fact that 40% of all black men in the state of Florida could have their voting rights restored this Novem…

2018-01-24 16:52

William Yarbrough wcyarbrgouh

User Experience Designer, Refresh Austin Advocate, Feminist Killjoy, ATX Geek, & Homebrewer.

RT @Mark_Beech: Oscar nominations: James Franco's "Me Too" moment (note irony in last tweet) comes as Christopher Plummer nominated for bes…

2018-01-24 16:52

rinkidink sugarplum ianthe___

peachy keen jelly bean

RT @HUNTYCHAN: i HATE when i type omw and it autocorrects to On my way! like maybe i don't wanna be that enthusiastic maybe i don't even wa…

2018-01-24 16:52

julia ❄️ juliashughes

loud & friendly • siue 2019 • future dog mom

RT @svershbow: "Boss Baby" has an Oscar nomination but Michael Stuhlbarg delivering the most heartbreaking monologue of our time does not.…

2018-01-24 16:52

Frank Lo Stracco FrankStracco

RT @lauferlaw: You know, I remember someone discussing this very issue recently.... who was it....? Oh yeah @TrueFactsStated did. J Ass’s…

2018-01-24 16:52

soo leitzke LeitzkeSoo

RT @WSJ: “For my entire life, this has been our family car. I grew up in it. I went on my first date in it.”

2018-01-24 16:52

Alanna lannaaaa97

RT @Iskra: Cell-u-LIT up the red carpet 🔥

2018-01-24 16:52

ErikNYC nyc_erik


@SirXakariah @corrcomm @thehill Dude. You see the rampant homophobia being spewed in this comments section, and you…

2018-01-24 16:52

Agamemnon KurareClothing

RT @WSJ: Negotiators from 11 Pacific Rim nations agreed on a TPP trade deal, a year after President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the talks…

2018-01-24 16:52

Alexandrino Danielle AlexandrinoDan1

Treaba Noastră . ladro nella legge

RT @MarthaHunt: Miami

2018-01-24 16:52

Elsie Greenwood elsieortong

@UKLabour - probably find me shouting about politics, climbing a mountain or napping.

RT @laurenduca: This afternoon, a 15-year-old brought a gun to his Kentucky high school, killed two people, and shot at least 14 others. Vi…

2018-01-24 16:52

consuelo p. ugena cpugena

Los mundos nuevos deben ser vividos antes que explicados. A. Carpentier /
Sí, es por el pan por lo que luchamos, pero tb por las rosas

RT @economics: A basic income for everyone? @Noahpinion says it's not such a crazy idea

2018-01-24 16:52

꾹인 bts_0613_kookin

선팔=맞팔/언팔은 블락할꺼니깐 생각하고 팔하기!!😤/@JK0901_2U👈👈 이쁘고 갸미한 유서리 평생 내꼬💕 건들,시비ㄴㄴ/헤더 도안-유설💕 (유설이랑 커플헤더💛)

RT @kookjim2: 방탄나라에 침입한 위협성 1도 없는 귀요미 지민공룡 크와앙•̀ㅅ•́

2018-01-24 16:52

Barry Wittenstein bwittbooks

Children's picture book author for Charlesbridge, Schwartz & Wade, and Neal Porter/Holiday House.

@edelstudio Amazing!

2018-01-24 16:52

Jose🦂🥇 JosePayan11

Mo money le$$ problem$💰🚶🏽 Death before di$honor📍

RT @Diddy: I pray that whoever reads this, God gets you through anything you’re struggling with.

2018-01-24 16:52

ThickaThanABible 👨🏾‍💻 Shadetagonist

you can go too.

RT @SoMilli_: Eye contact during missionary 🔥

2018-01-24 16:52

Alexis Hernandez alexispatoso

RT @NUFC: #WelcomeKenedy! 🇧🇷⚫️⚪️


2018-01-24 16:52

Evin Pinar Butt🦋 Blifly

Happy✨Dreamer✨Achiever✨Animal Lover✨Tree Hugger✨Believer✨Crystal Collector✨Reader✨Designer✨World Traveller✨Social Butterfly✨❤️

RT @PsychToday: Is your inner dialogue tearing you down? Here are 7 ways to train your brain to build you up instead.

2018-01-24 16:52

여러분 김석진 하세요 ~~ socnfjf0414

💜 방탄 보라해 💜

RT @kookjim2: 안냥 새벽러멤버에욜 희흐히ㅡㅎ 호셕이 믹테나오면 이런선글라스끼고 까리한 왕자옷입고 공연하면 이미 죽을 예정인사람입니다(해맑)왜인지 모르게 정호석은 뽀로로안경쓰고 조명어두운데서 개멋지게 랩핑해도 자연스러울듯요,,결론 호석안경…

2018-01-24 16:52

AbroKyire KaKaP3 🐜🐜 3fo_Selormm

The son of my Father! A child to my parents! A sanguine! An EXOTIC 3w3man! Benz lover!! JESUS IS LORD 🙏🏾#CHELSEA () 🇬🇭 🇺🇸

🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️ Jesus

2018-01-24 16:52

Michael MichaelGlocklin

RT @AmyMek: Remember who you are. Don’t compromise for anyone, for any reason. You are a child of the Almighty God. Live that truth.'

2018-01-24 16:52

Sam Padilla itsssSam

RT @mefeater: Jada Pinkett Smith at the Sundance Film Festival 🖤

2018-01-24 16:52

Pennywise S_bashir06

Strive for greatness!

RT @getnickwright: 19K-LeBron James
20k-LeBron James
21K-LeBron James
22k-LeBron James
23k-LeBron James
24k-LeBron James
25K-LeBron James...

2018-01-24 16:52

Alex Elias Unknownfear

Voice actor, Aspiring TV writer, if it’s on TV, Assume I Watch it. Solo DarkElectro Project: "Dilemma"

@adamk678 Oh gee Adam, what’s wrong? Did something happen mate?

2018-01-24 16:52

Naye🌺 fuckyurlife23

peace .love .happiness .

RT @IMANISHANTE: Time to stop unhealthily saying that I’m “just overreacting” to invalidate my own feelings towards a situation that was cl…

2018-01-24 16:52