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kai loves 5sos sm rizkaillanamira


RT @5SOS_Updates: #TeenChoice #ChoiceSummerGroup @5SOS

2018-06-24 10:49


It's about the music

RT @UGHypeOfficial: Wiz Khalifa ft. Chevy Woods and Neako - Reefer Party

2018-06-24 10:49

Big Gene GeneWilly

IG: GeneWilly

Yea, Roc lost this. Wow...good shit

2018-06-24 10:49

renemco renemco1


RT @morningmika: Sarah we can worry about you feeling welcome to eat at the Red Hen another day -I get it-worthy debate about civility- but…

2018-06-24 10:49

Christine Lindahl🌊 Sissy02468

wife mother and grandmother! #Resister Trumpsters move on I will block you! #Bluewaveiscoming Do not DM me I will not respond back too busy for that.

RT @chrislhayes: First time illegal entry into the United States is a misdemeanor.

Lying on or omitting materially relevant information fr…

2018-06-24 10:49

Hip Hop Immortal HipHopImm0rtal

The Latest Retweets, Hip Hop News & More. For Business Inquiries, DM Or Contact

RT @XXL: It's a vibe

2018-06-24 10:49

Nancy Gonzalez NancyGo08054661

school teacher, mom of twins, firefighter wife, Florida girl, beach lover, Jesus, Bernie fan, @bravotv junkie🍎💗💗👩‍🚒🏝✝️

RT @NewYorker: The story of Pedro, an eight-year-old boy from Guatemala, foreshadows a future chapter of the border crisis, with more child…

2018-06-24 10:49

ky kyleeatkinsss

young, sleek, bouncy & full of hell


2018-06-24 10:49

zuraina zurainahunter15

singer/actress/dancer💖. “we only live once so follow your dreams and never say never”~jb

@emmachambie @en_hahaha Suppp

2018-06-24 10:49

Mr.Afrodisiac™️🇬🇾 2The_Party

I'm a Savage. I'm an Asshole. I'm a King

Everyday y’all should wake up and thank whoever it is you believe in that I cannot sing. 😭

2018-06-24 10:49

Ray Day RaylenePatriot

Christian.Patriot.Wife.Mother.Grandmother.Loves God, My Grandkids, My Sweet Hubby & Our Country🇺🇸BUY AMERICAN, HIRE AMERICAN🇺🇸 He IS My President #MAGA

RT @RealCandaceO: Can you believe I started this journey on youtube? Woke up feeling tremendously grateful. To every person that has suppor…

2018-06-24 10:49

✨candi✨ txmom10231

🌊 Turn Texas Blue!

RT @kylegriffin1: Fox News research: 56 out of 250,000 migrant children had ties to MS-13.

2018-06-24 10:49

Tamra Lemon TamraLemon

RT @Brandonwoelfel: I truly believe the world doesn’t deserve @shanedawson

2018-06-24 10:49

Jasha jvshvliss

new acc

RT @fenixny: Cuida lo que no quieres que se vaya.

2018-06-24 10:49

Ariel Mears ArielMears

sometimes people laugh at my jokes

A guy told me he has a crush on me even though he only really knows my name. Told him to actually get to know me be…

2018-06-24 10:49

вяαєlyηη ωιllιs 🌺 crown_of_flower

19 yrs || demigoddess || stubborn || flower child || friendly || worries || caring || ( IC TWITTER )

@_vampartist is that lynx? o:

2018-06-24 10:49

tk harris AmBoDe33

Artist- sculpture & 🎨. Cycling & coffee,☕ sometimes wine. Vegan. Gardening for food & homeopathy. Doxies. FB: Ambode33 #Resist #ImpeachNow

RT @kylegriffin1: Remarkable reaction from an immigration judge: "He slammed his hand ... 'I can’t understand this,' the judge said. 'If so…

2018-06-24 10:49

IM ex-GOP MayIrmamay14


RT @gregolear: It’s not chasing; it’s public shaming. And it DOES have an effect, because it makes SHS and Nielsen and Miller take pause. T…

2018-06-24 10:49

wolfgang green wolfganggreen1

Things either are as they appear to be; or they neither are nor appear to be; or they are but do not appear to be; or they are not, but yet appear to be.

@AubreyMD Actor Peter Fonda's deleted tweet that 12-year-old Barron Trump be taken from his mother and “put in a ca…

2018-06-24 10:49

T thugishtee

RT @tinahalada: I hate seeing my friends hurting

2018-06-24 10:49

Dottee Penn AngryPenLadee

nobody --- just talkin

RT @CharlesMBlow: Speak your dark truth…

2018-06-24 10:49

Autumn Hill zing_gautumn

Creator, activist, fashion kid, pop culture junkie. See also Lorelai Gilmore


2018-06-24 10:49

Daio Shawrtii

RT @MEENAVOGUEE: Victoria Beckham in Paris for the Dior S/S 2019 Menswear show.

2018-06-24 10:49

Anthony Diaz Imthears0nist

Dude. Sweet.

@MUTGuru Awesome, just wondering if you will post any Xbox codes so i can keep a lookout. 👀 Thanks!

2018-06-24 10:49

France. (Lets talk battlerap Podcast) WeTalkBattleRap

Battle rap commentator. Discussions on battlers performances, backstory of matches, recaps, insight & exclusives. w/your host France.

Goodz had a Career performance at #NOME8

2018-06-24 10:49

Justin Deion Sanders JustinBashbro

Just looking forward to being successful and Livin Life #Tuskegee to #HowardDental 💉

RT @VanRidd: We not doing this again

2018-06-24 10:49

K Rou$e prodigyROUSE

RIP Grandpa, RIP Auntie, Tiya was real and all y'all some fakes. 🏧💜. ECU19ish

RT @TerryLee__: There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — sham…

2018-06-24 10:49

TPaul TamiPaul11

Politics, DIY & Home, History, Reading book after book after book

RT @JenAshleyWright: You’re a government official going after a private citizen, so, this actually says a lot more about you.

2018-06-24 10:49

jacqueline jacquel91409826

housewife , mother , was featured on the NBC reality show the marriage ref , blogger dedicated Paul McCartney / beatle fan # MAGA 🇺🇸

RT @LouDobbs: A simple truth: We will never be able to control immigration into our great country if we don't control our borders and ports…

2018-06-24 10:49

🐾FoolsRushN🗽❄️ foolsrushn

Proud daughter of World War II vet who was shot down n the Mediterranean Sea & survived 9 1/2 hours in the water. #TheResistance #ImWithHer #NotMyPresident

RT @soledadobrien: Governor Huckabee, still a bigot.

2018-06-24 10:49

GHerbo Livin_5

ig @iknow_herbo . Free Eady Rip Mar and Mark

That’s everyday 😂reg 💪🏾

2018-06-24 10:49

Shelley GötzO'Connor sheldamar

Wife, Mother,Daughter, Sister, friend, Neighbour, physiotherapist, yoga teacher, arts supporter, dance Mom, Nature Lover, Artist, Writer,animal lover,ownedbycat

RT @Dance_Magazine: Including, of course, Center Stage.

2018-06-24 10:49

Scott Marwin semarwinmd

Twitter is an addiction; but, I love it! Orthopedic Hip and Knee Surgeon, loving and doting father, and a Lefty for life.

RT @kylegriffin1: Mike Huckabee praised Qatar without revealing he'd been paid $50,000 by Qatar, according to Mother Jones.

2018-06-24 10:49

professorTor ProfessorTori1

RT @CyrusMMcQueen: How uncomfortable do you think this Red Hen experience must’ve been for #SarahSanders? Certainly not as uncomfortable as…

2018-06-24 10:49

Blækspru𝖙𝖙er🎐 helbhuk


RT @dodo: This monkey was away from his family for weeks recovering from an injury. They were waiting for him the WHOLE TIME 💞 (via @umsizi…

2018-06-24 10:49

victorhugo QueenBertRoyal

Democrat #ImWithHer #Resistance #BlueWave #resist #ImpeachTrump

RT @olgaNYC1211:

2018-06-24 10:49

Adrian Doria DoriaUSMC

Character is like a tree and reputation its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. - Abraham Lincoln

RT @RichLowry: Try this when a government commission swoops in to punish the owner of the Red Hen

2018-06-24 10:49

God Grant : 👹☠️🐲 cj_killa25

Bronx, NY - Edgewood MD . snap : cj_killa25 🇯🇲 #FUCKCLIFF

Lmaoooo son that was wild asf 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

2018-06-24 10:49

Stephanie Trail qazr_258

#Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #TrumpTrain @realDonaldTrump #FloridaLawEnforcement #MenInBlue #FloridaWomenForTrump #HonoringOurOfficers #HonorTheBadge

RT @nypost: Mysterious ancient civilization left signs across vast desert

2018-06-24 10:49

N nenaprkr

sc: nenagparker

RT @AMIGALESI: don't ever in yo broke ass life lmao

2018-06-24 10:49

Ariana Venti unicorninkk

how can I write a bio when I have no idea who I am. freelancer for hire. writer.

RT @thicheaux: White girls, come get y’all juice

2018-06-24 10:49

CLETE BROTHER #3 tjt16508

Interests: Unjust Republican policies, Yankees baseball #RaiseTheWage #UniteBlue

RT @Lawrence: You do NOT treat reporters “respectfully.” You lie to them and personally insult some of them in full public view. …

2018-06-24 10:49

ann mcgovern annmcg01

NYRangers, Yankees I'll back another NY team before any other. Loyal2NY 1st! Notice: No NFL

@leroyp33 @jhnsnfrbll825 @TwitterMoments You wake up ....He’s @POTUS #MAGA

2018-06-24 10:49

Bomb Squad TV BombSquadTV305

Logically speaking of course

RT @50cent: The Best show on Tv returns July 1st #POWER

2018-06-24 10:49

johnny. johnnyboii29

RT @SneakerNews: Sacai just revealed two crazy Nike hybrids at #ParisFashionWeek

2018-06-24 10:49

Cimena 💚 XimenaRubio6

Humanos. Estudiante de Lic en biotecnología.
👻 ximenaru

Nunca puedo escuchar en paz Cherry Wine. Siempre termino llorando.

2018-06-24 10:49

Diane indigochild585

Human Rights Activist - If we do not feel the Pain & Suffering of our Fellow Human Beings, then We indeed cannot call ourselves Humans. #WithHumanity

RT @KenRoth: Horribly forgotten are the countless people being held in Syria's detention centers facing profound deprivation, torture, and…

2018-06-24 10:49

Ashley Wiltshire ashdope86

It's coming

😂😂😂😂😂 my nigga...denzel voice!

2018-06-24 10:49

Roxie Wilcox Roxie_Wilcox

RT/Likes don't = endorsements

RT @cvpayne: Demoralizing.
Imagine if that happened to anyone working for President Obama.

2018-06-24 10:49

Melinda Collins mdcolli

RT @HollyontheMove: @PressSec @POTUS The baker had a right to not make a cake for a gay couple right? This restaurant owner had a right to…

2018-06-24 10:49

The only heavy main n_u_t_83

I like memes and tf2

RT @Etika: At my highschool reunion celebrating 10 years since graduation.

A lot of good memories, a lot of bad. Thank god high school i…

2018-06-24 10:49

Serena Sprinkle ssprinkle88

A Family of Deplorable's #MAGA

RT @RealCandaceO: Goodness will win.

2018-06-24 10:49

— ♛ Relovded

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀i’ve been up a very long time ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ wonder why they hate on me

She was too damn thicc for this movie lmaooo

2018-06-24 10:49

Maricris marzipandaa

bklyn 🗽 // 18 🙃 // Joshua 1:9

I was looking through sweet 16 photos, and I saw a photo that was meme-worthy.

2018-06-24 10:49

🏆⚾️Cocky Astros Fan 🏆⚾️ astros_dude

The Houston Astros are awesome. I talk shit about your favorite baseball team.

@BobChoate54 1 team is a World Series Loser, and the other team is just garbage. Time to get back on the train to M…

2018-06-24 10:49

John Henderson JohnHen60895640

looking for friendships
hmu 1-734-334-3018
ladies only

RT @ZOMBIEWASHOTGUN: Behind the scenes photo from Zombie with a Shotgun. We’re getting closer to having this film release please visit our…

2018-06-24 10:49

Killa Kam kamila__xo

| Russian | NY | LA

RT @40oz_VAN: I mind my business but I do pay attention.

2018-06-24 10:49

Jaékub DéSoto🦄 TheJakeSoto88

Don't judge others because they sin differently then you.

RT @GraceRandolph: It was a peaceful morning in Arendelle - but little did they know they were about to come under attack by a giant duck!…

2018-06-24 10:49

yngrid 🌻 yngridcrds

seja forte e corajoso

RT @alexfontes179: to uma mistura de quero quebrar c quero dormir

2018-06-24 10:49

Dan Werner fusillyjerry

RT @Amy_Siskind: We are living The Handmaid’s Tale. This is inhumane and unAmerican!

“At least 10 newborns and toddlers taken away from t…

2018-06-24 10:49

💥Daria J. Legagneur💥 Djlegagneur

💥#NetworkMarketing Biz Coach:💥 Twitter Leads Training, #mlm 31+ leads daily guaranteed #homebiz #askdariaandwilly @dariaandwilly

Are you taking action? #takeaction #askwillyanddaria #mindset #entrepreneur

2018-06-24 10:49

Jeni Zill Onley 09🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 JeniZillOnley

#The Resistence# #Blue🌊🌊 #protect Mueller# paperballot.🚫EC.🚫stop trump #Ban assault weapons#child abuse trump supporters are idiots [ Not A Dating Site!!

RT @alexburnsNYT: “The conclusions for conservatives of today emerge clearly: Do not break the rules that hold a republic together, because…

2018-06-24 10:49

breee✨ princessronn33

saint rose🌹 IG: @breanna_.g • SNAP: @bree_breezy


2018-06-24 10:49

mamakop mamakop

RT @ReutersWorld: White House press secretary says asked to leave restaurant for working for Trump

2018-06-24 10:49

sam2120 shawn4145

trump is a con man hater

RT @TheDemCoalition: Trump needs to resign for separating refugee families. Retweet if you agree. Then support The #DworkinReport podcast b…

2018-06-24 10:49

Monica Jerbi CyberlandGal

Communications strategist, writer & learner | Member @Wikistrat | #ict4d #globaldev #crowdsourcing #kremlingate | #INTJ | Taller than Putin | Love fried yucca

RT @kylegriffin1: Fox News research: 56 out of 250,000 migrant children had ties to MS-13.

2018-06-24 10:49

Ashley trixie6717

Mom of 8 yr old twin boys and wife to David. I love Dr. Pepper, Texas Rangers, sleep, sarcasm, and the Dallas Cowboys!

RT @KFILE: These tweets are two hours apart

2018-06-24 10:49


Beyoncé. That is all

RT @CharlesMBlow: Speak your dark truth…

2018-06-24 10:49

Dory ashore doryashore

Downeast or thereabouts. FrEnglish-ish. Maine from The County to the coast. Always crushing on Canada.

RT @poniewozik: The Red Hen should have just taken Sarah Sanders' order, then spent an hour saying, "We'll get back to you on that."

2018-06-24 10:49

Eric CuyahogaArmada

RT @TheRoot: A trial date has finally been set for a 55-year-old white man who has been charged for shooting at three black men in the imme…

2018-06-24 10:49

SIV SivJacobsNYC

@Mrallknickseve1 Exactly, Go NY!

2018-06-24 10:49

𝓢𝓐𝔅𝓡𝓘𝓝𝓐 is my name teyismyname

Mi run tings
tings nah run mi

RT @samswey: For context, the Japanese internment camps detained 110,000 people.

2018-06-24 10:49

★Az! 5aintHaven

Alt twitter for nerdy stuff // @AzariUGH

RT @Trudermark:

2018-06-24 10:49

! condecatharina

RT @TheOpposition: If we can't trust big news station, and @FoxNews is the biggest news station, does this mean we can't... Wait. Oh, God.…

2018-06-24 10:49


dont worry im not afraid

RT @EvilGeniusJey: I gotta watch this every time it hits my TL. Tweeting it so i never lose it

2018-06-24 10:49

A voice for animals shaunwalters041

END YULIN,Animal rights,tree hugger,history buff,police officer,army vet,brother of us navy master diver,family,giants,Isles,yanks,knicks,Rock tunage

RT @NYPDPaws: Great job guys! @NYPD10Pct

2018-06-24 10:49

Graham Washburn gmw1wiseman

RT @umairh: american logic is now a lot like the dynamics of abuse. show them "respect", or else they'll get mad, and "respect" means suffe…

2018-06-24 10:49

Temo1414 temo1414

I may not be a clock that may SmS u 24 hours a day but my heart will be like a clock that will not stop caring and loving some one special as u

RT @kylegriffin1: Yahoo News has identified 5 companies making millions off of Trump's child separation policies—including two that have no…

2018-06-24 10:49

Missy Supinger team24fan

RT @joshtpm: This morning you tweeted a picture of scary looking Latino gang members and said they were running Nancy Pelosi’s campaign. Yo…

2018-06-24 10:49

AlwaysActions AlwaysActions

Breaking news and developing stories.
#AmericaFirst #PatriotsUnited #MAGA


2018-06-24 10:49

John M. Mitchell burncard53

“just something, for the @ctor: m@stering-tr@des and a jack for one.” bradpitt1000, bradpitt1000; see jonjon

don’t give up the secrets until the moment arises. “ JMM, people are worth the right moment

2018-06-24 10:49

💖💜💙 G✭¡Ł 💖💜💙 notgojira

Gail | she/her | 💖💜💙 | 🇵🇭x🇺🇸 first gen | (game) dev, software engineer, social justice mage, cosplayer & seamstress, bunny mom | icon 📸 @maison_hikari

RT @GDoCExpo: Saturday Morning Games is a battle card game by @jamesseetal / @saturdaygames. Fight over random weapons & win cereal bowls w…

2018-06-24 10:49

Carla#TrumpAlwaysLies!!!! CarlaMoulton3

#uniteblue #impeachtrump #ITMFA

RT @rolandscahill: I wonder what restaurant Kellyanne Conway will be thrown out of tonight

2018-06-24 10:49

Kat Burdick DrKatBurdick

Comedian...I mean, can't believe we're all doomed to live out the Jerry Lewis holocaust clown movie but ok, sure. COME SEE 'LSYR' JUNE 27th, Creek & Cave, 10PM!

@janicen @andre_coleman @SusanSarandon “No one wanted to be the first to die; so we all died.” @jackiekashian's grandmother

2018-06-24 10:49

Foxy Moxie CNYDeplorable

Proud American, Wife, Mother. Mech. Engineer, GIS Specialist, Graphic Artist (Profile Pic daughter) 🇺🇸 #MAGA #TeamTrump #NY #NRA
#TrumpTrain #MiniPigs

Much respect for you

2018-06-24 10:49

A.T. Heist rmw705

#RESISTANCE , #ATHEIST, #FBR, #BOYCOTTNRA , #BLM , My wife never knew what a shmuck was until she met me.

RT @Lawrence: "We just felt there are moments in time when people need to live their convictions."

- Stephanie Wilkinson after telling Sar…

2018-06-24 10:49

NYCDogs4Trump NYCDogs4Trump

lawyer, former liberal, independent thinker #MAGA #KAG #Trump2020 #conservative

@laura30666784 Name one reason.

2018-06-24 10:49

Mom proudmom111

Peace On Earth!

RT @morningmika: /@realDonaldTrump and @IvankaTrump don’t care about the children BUT they DO CARE about how many people retweet this. The…

2018-06-24 10:49

LOVEWIN 🌈 (@AC DD K08) lovewin

Divi★Lovewin.🌈drawing, beaches and music. Work by day, Draw by night. From MIA in NYC, August 2011 ★@divi on Instagram

@therealneyzilla @eeeyegee Wow this are really cute

2018-06-24 10:49

Travis Schweiger TravisSchweiger

I'm a New York #CharacterActor with wisdom beyond my years and a great listener with a great heart who is working to become Hollywood's leading character actor.

I am a trickster god alright! I got You are a trickster god on QUIZ: Are You an Introvert,…

2018-06-24 10:49

RayRay BkRaysjoy

God, Family and then Sports.Yes! In that order. #Knicks. #Giants. #Yankees. #Rangers.

@JenksNBCS @CapitalEmmys @NicoleDarin #Blessed

2018-06-24 10:49

YannTheMan Yann_theman

RN. Artist. Student. Product of my environment

Yann The Man - Plug Walk Remix: via @YouTube

2018-06-24 10:49

Katelyn Galloway KikiGMakeup

“the bob ross of makeup”

@SkylarArial Probably the most useless body part

2018-06-24 10:49

Janelle! Yung_nelle

Talk to me nice

RT @50cent: The Best show on Tv returns July 1st #POWER

2018-06-24 10:49

fashun who? fashunbabe

publicist 👠 living by the counts of the music 🎶 | LA | NY | god is love ❤️

I just want to cry so mych omfg

2018-06-24 10:49

clogged sink drain wrongplanet01

i secrete toxic acids like a frog • i am pansexual • autism speaks is a hate group • prosecute ice • and FUCK the NRA 🖕🏻🖕🏻🗣 • #neveragain

RT @daylight_frames: The Babadook makes an appearance at the NYC #dykemarch2018

2018-06-24 10:49

Didi Cotton DidiCotton

Proverbs 3: 5-12 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding; in all of your ways acknowledge Him...

RT @Laurie_Garrett: Stop whatever you're doing and read the @WhiteHouse plan for complete reorganization of the entire federal government.…

2018-06-24 10:49

Clo clo_something

I can’t think of anything important enough to put here 🖤

RT @miz_cracker: Thank you @ItGetsBetter for an amazing event today- truly an honor...happy pride nyc! 🏳️‍🌈 This is the most important mont…

2018-06-24 10:49

*JL* JasonLovelyMD

🏙Missions #1-Restoring Black Relationships, Families & Communities Back to Greatness #2 Trigger the Renaissance of the New Millennium #3 💑.👨🏻‍🎓MD, App Dev, CEO📈

i'm just asking honest questions
- forget what it looks like
- i'm def not trying to look down on u hoes

2018-06-24 10:49

ZAY AVENUE Zayavenue

Hiphop Artist/Musician
For business inquiries

RT @Vega_Vega_Yall: BOBBY VEGA LIVE FOR THE CULTURE ✊ #URL #NOME8 #Houston #BattleRap

2018-06-24 10:49