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Brandon Christensen! BYUnittanylion

RT @vivintarena: GIVEAWAY: We want to see you at #VivintArena on Monday night cheering on the @utahjazz in Game 4! We are giving away 4 tic…

2018-04-23 03:07

we liⓋe in a society stockteamdalt

tall, pale, & bland.

RT @soyamacchiato: Wish I was eye candy, but I'm just eye broccoli

2018-04-23 03:07

Ajay Salvesen ajaysalvy

Radio Engineer for @1280sports & @USUAthletics|Pro Wrestling podcast Co-Host - @turnbuckletrash|Green Canyon HS Freshmen Baseball Coach|Die hard @Patriots fan

RT @slbeesradio: Gorgeous day for baseball today! The Bees take on Albuquerque at 1:05 with the radio pregame at 12:45 on @1280sports https…

2018-04-23 03:07

yOU have been StoPEd haijones_

okrrrrt • Brooks

@_PvnkRocker_ Hi have you seen his twitter post??

2018-04-23 03:07

Deanna deannamil

Mom of 2 fabulous boys, wife to one fabulous man for17 years, 1 Dachshund, 1 Cavalier & 2 Cayugas, Niner4life, Foodie, make-up, crochet, Halloween addicted

Mommy...enough with the camera love
#biscuit #dachshundsonly #dachshundunited #dachshund_feature…

2018-04-23 03:07

Echeve❄ edueche00


RT @utahjazz: Whole city behind you 🎷

2018-04-23 03:07

Roni 🇮🇱 Roni4488

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Live and let live. No PC, quotas, affirmative action. Best person for the job.
Same rights for all.

RT @dannykuperberg: The ‘West Bank’ of the Jordan river was never a territory as far as I know....😣. It’s a very recent convenience through…

2018-04-23 03:07

U BUM KyleeBeLike_

Revolutionary. Not yo Respec[TABLE] Negro. Blessed | tOSU ALUMNA | BFA with Distinction in Dance, Creative Writing Minor | #BlackAndProud #HireMe


2018-04-23 03:07

That Chris Guy (HC) TheUpsexy

Hey I'm Chris. Mormon Feminist, fledgling workout nut and Gamer. Certified 117% fresh.
I write and record for Halo Collective as well!

@AgentG128 @rabbidluigi I think Rundas or Sylux could fit in well. Rundas for being the general favorite of the Pri…

2018-04-23 03:07

Brad Jackson TheBeeJack

Father of 3, Husband of 21+ years, Everything Wyoming Fan, Insurance Professional, Small Business Owner, and an Avid Runner!

RT @InsuranceWYO: #PetInsurance #HappyPets #HealthyPets #InsuredPets #LaramieInvestmentCo

2018-04-23 03:07

John Sachse JohnSachse1

RT @JCTheResistance: Lady Karma has a wicked sense of humor.

Judge assigned to #DNCLawsuit was a Watergate Special Prosecutor. …

2018-04-23 03:07

CCL Salt Lake City CCLsaltlake

Non-partisan, grassroots org creating political will to address climate change. Our solution:

On #EarthDay, let’s commit to putting a #PriceOnCarbon and work to save our #NationalParks. #climate

2018-04-23 03:07

Nick Mangelson nickmangelson

U of U. SLC. Instagram: @nickmangelson

@Looops_G when I was drunk last weekend I threw my friend’s hydro to her and it literally dented the floor 😂😂😂🙊

2018-04-23 03:07

Rob Murphy murphy_rob

Alta High Teacher. AP and U.S. History. Book reader. Head stopwatch holder. Runner. Lover of time off.@FurmanU alum.

Former Utah Ute C.J. Cron homers twice in Rays’ 10-1 win over Twins, via @sltrib

2018-04-23 03:07

zhara🌟 idreamofredbull

life’s only as precious as precarious

RT @goatgirl666: Y’all ever seen goth Tinkerbell?

2018-04-23 03:07

Kyle Houseworth KyleHouseworth

University of Colorado '19

RT @BlackDiamond: Today and everyday. #happyearthday

2018-04-23 03:07

dyla zeusun_kizi26

Hep konuşurum, icraatte uyurum💤 / 16. hesap👣

@umutbizimm Keşke beraber olsaydık...
Seviyorum srni😘😘

2018-04-23 03:07

Devslopes devslope

💻 We've helped thousands go from no experience to getting jobs, building startups, and advancing their careers. 🏁Checkout the all new Devslopes 2.0 below!

@mesterjagels lol vs writing 1000 lines of code to accomplish the same thing? There other other things that contrib…

2018-04-23 03:07

Noel Pearson NoelPearson13

RT @AgeCosmos: Please jump on board and help tweet about #HumanTrafficking and #PizzaGate so no one else is killed.

2018-04-23 03:06

Mormonger Mormonger

Like a whoremonger but Mormon. 'He who takes offense when no offense is intended is a fool.' #LDSconf #TwitterStake #LDS #Mormon FOLLOW:

@jennalinds Gold

2018-04-23 03:06

Zachariah☦️ ReturnOfRoyalty

Orthodox Christian • Zealot • Welder • MENA politics • Coffee Enthusiast • Étudiant Français • Traditionalist • @roya1b100d was suspended, refollow

@BBassem7 Jared Kushner is a NWO shill. Has so much control he should just be president..

2018-04-23 03:06

José Guilherme zeh__gui

RT @pamushiberia: Saw Luigi gettin gains at the gym last night

2018-04-23 03:06

Andy Larsen andyblarsen

Utah Jazz beat writer for @KSLcom | Managing Editor of Salt City Hoops, the ESPN TrueHoop affiliate of the Utah Jazz | Radio host Thursday 7-9 PM on @ESPN700

Media availability today will feature Rudy Gobert, Jonas Jerebko, and Quin Snyder. (We requested Ricky Rubio, but he wasn’t made available.)

2018-04-23 03:06

🏆Stately Wayne Manor ⭐✒🥁🎬 SWManor

AS SEEN OFF TV! 📺 Junkfilm Junkie (c), Longest-running Wrestling mag columnist EVER. My Followers total reset when it hit 70 million.

@UnrealArtRyan @GeorgeDAllen I think what's *really* important here is whether Nepi and Makoofka enjoyed Ironweed--…

2018-04-23 03:06

Young Pablo Mubaraqshehu_

Computer Engineer | Social Engineer|Programmer | Data Analyst | #CFC 💙💙💙.

Not all breasts you see standing are standing on their own some are using crutches-Abacha 2018.

2018-04-23 03:06

KimR Staker KimmarStaker

Recycled Knight of the Almost Round Table

RT @blckriflecoffee: Sunday Gun-Day! Freedom Blanket Part 2!

2018-04-23 03:06

Paula Tucker PaulaFlores20

Passionate about traveling the world, women in business, entrepreneurship, my kids who are my best asset and living life to the fullest.

RT @utahjazz: "This is the loudest crowd I've ever played in front of, so thank you to you guys." -@spidadmitchell


2018-04-23 03:06

Life Of Roni 🇹🇴 UatADoll18

#LDS 🙏🏾 | #Tongan 🇹🇴 | 👻 uatadoll18

RT @jordymorrdy: @Lai_luuu Ok but I love that movie 😂😂

2018-04-23 03:06

Bennion Center BennionCenter

The Bennion Center fosters lifelong service and civic participation by engaging the University of Utah with the greater community in action, change, & learning.

Happy #EarthDay! Get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather today! 🌍☀️

2018-04-23 03:06

slcweather weatherslc

Weather for the Salt Lake Valley. Updated on the hour.

12h DW4988: Temp. 74.5 °F, Hum. 30 %, Bar. 30.09 inHg, Rain 0 in, Wind 0 mph SSE #Weathercloud

2018-04-23 03:06

JarronU Jarron21

Win, lose, or tie, Cowboys fan til I die. Loyal, Strong, and True, where the white and blue. Take Note.

RT @prodigyJF: Rest of NBA should #TakeNote of this @rudygobert27 celebration.

2018-04-23 03:06

Josh Beitler joshbeitler

Product Manager at Zonos,
photographer, music producer ✌️

This new song from @gryffinofficial is amazing! Positively dripping with good vibes and summery feelings.

2018-04-23 03:06

Robert Bawden WrungNeck_decoy

40+ season veteran waterfowler-Great Salt Lake marsh. Inventor of the WrungNeck motion floater decoy. Holder of one patent & 1 patent pending-decoy on YouTube

My son Vincent Bawden driving one opposite field at Cyprus JV. #playball2018

2018-04-23 03:06

Trevor F. Whitlock sparrow700

Tour de St George finish. I had a bit of bad luck, but still a great race #canyonbikes…

2018-04-23 03:06

Steve Klauke slbeesradio

Broadcaster for the Salt Lake Bees and Weber State Football & Basketball

Gorgeous day for baseball today! The Bees take on Albuquerque at 1:05 with the radio pregame at 12:45 on @1280sports

2018-04-23 03:06

anti fun tree gang jacklebae

in unison. bartender. gooshba-cat. rip theo. eats plants only. likes to be at home. one step at a time.

RT @BudsSLC: Eat vegan for 1 day & save:
💧 1000 gallons of water

🍞 45 pounds of grain

☁️ 20 pounds of CO2

🌲 30 sq ft of forest

🐮 1 an…

2018-04-23 03:06

Now1Promotions Now1Promotions

#SocialMedia #Promo 4 #Artists #DJs #Producers #Authors #Entrepreneurs #Brands #N1P #TX #Global #Affordable #Consistent #Quality @cowboys4122

RT @Birdy17A: Tuesday @ 7pm 4/24/18 @bigwooradio

2018-04-23 03:06

Joe Bond BigData_Joe

#BigData Believer. Songwriter of #Algorithms. Man of Winter. #Data Entrepreneur. Downhill #Skier. Not into Symantec Layers. #DataLakes #Hadoop #MachineLearning

Giant Map: The Top Tourist Attraction in Every Single Country #ArtificialIntelligence #IoT #IoE MT: @MikeQuindazzi…

2018-04-23 03:06

Lorenzo Silva OstrichHunter

Actor | Changing the world, One smile at a time✌💛🌄 | Forever in my ♡ My big bro Alaxandir Zeniff Meoño | RestEasy JesseHorowitz | Jerry Pace Agency - LA

RT @joceyy_tru: Daydreamer and a nightthinker

2018-04-23 03:06

NICOLE xnmsxx

think of me when it rains

my dad is so boujee now, I don’t recognize him anymore lmaoo

2018-04-23 03:06

Rocky Mountain Power RMP_Utah

Updates & tips from Rocky Mountain Power. For outage info, visit or call 1-877-508-5088 anytime.

From wind to waterways, our land is not only the source of renewable energy, it's paramount to sustaining healthy c…

2018-04-23 03:06

March 1st♓️ QuaLynnYT

Graphic Designer in the making👨🏽‍💻👨🏽‍🎨

RT @RobbieBobbiee: @Ninja

2018-04-23 03:06

Lucidchart lucidchart

Create and share flowcharts, diagrams, and ideas with clarity. 12 million users worldwide. WE ARE GOING ON TOUR! 👇🏼Click the link below for info.👇🏼

Our customer operations team spent some quality time with the sloths, sharks, and penguins at the aquarium. Check o…

2018-04-23 03:06

US Speedskating USSpeedskating

Official Twitter account of US Speedskating. 8️⃣8️⃣ Olympic medals and counting. #SpeedSkateUSA

In this week’s Speed Skating in the news:

@mnmango89 🎉
@jagarcia23 🎸
@JoeyCheek 🎓


2018-04-23 03:06

TGO tgoldokorode

• Vital child of God • Blogger • Entrepreneur• Jesus is the only way, once you find him, you can never be lost

RT @JOSH_ReVd: 🔥👅

2018-04-23 03:05

Noor Din ►►►Big Data NoorDinTech

Founder @NDTechUK ► Social Media Coaching & Strategy with Big Data Analytics ☼#rstats☼ MSc Data Analytics candidate Birkbeck Uni ☼ Salesforce DF17 ☼

RT @juliasilge: This post includes how to get started analyzing the text of the executive orders with tidytext! 🙌

2018-04-23 03:05

Luis Enrique Blas LuisenBlas

Business Management and International Relations student at ICADE, Madrid. Professional overachiever. Entrepreneur in the making.

RT @utahjazz: Whole city behind you 🎷

2018-04-23 03:05

Take Effn Note alsup_steve

Seahawks, Mariners, #PurpleReign, Utes, #TakeNote and #BringBackOurSonics Matt Hasselbeck=SpiritAnimal

RT @slcdunk: Waking up the day after a Utah Jazz win like:

2018-04-23 03:05

RicRizing RickTangaro

Parenting Amazing General News Fitness & Wellness Hip-Hop/Rap R&B/Soul Latino Music Humanitarian Car Culture

@Eminem Keep on keeping on. Inspirational! I am half way there with 5 years. Blessed👊🏼

2018-04-23 03:05

Gordi 🎷 Jordan_Gordi

CHS Junior ⚓ | Jazz band and Show choir 🎶 | my neck my back, no one ever texts me back (except Jen) |

RT @brysonsz1: Smiles and good times all around! I just hope I’m given the chance to capture more amazing times like these! Just remember t…

2018-04-23 03:05

The Salt Lake Tribune sltrib

News from The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah's largest newspaper. Read our Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism at RT ≠ endorsement

Police are looking for a man who they said opened fire at a Waffle House restaurant near Nashville early Sunday mor…

2018-04-23 03:05

Bill Wong, OTD, OTR/L BillWongOT

OTR/L, OTD, 2x Tedx Talker, Autism Self-Advocate, #futureot/#futureota friendly #occupationaltherapy practitioner, AOTA CA RA rep #2, TEDxAlamansorPark curator

Cheesesteak with fries sauce! #aota18 @ Bountiful Ridge Golf Course

2018-04-23 03:05

Anna Shah annashah56


RT @WithKashmir_: "Your family has dragged Kashmir to the gates of hell, Sheikh Khandaan how do you sleep at night?"

Watch how a Kashmiri…

2018-04-23 03:05

Davir Hamilton EspnHam9


@Vee_Stringz1 Y’all lose you gotta put a whole Celtic one on

2018-04-23 03:05

Whitney Barker inkmaster3

Now: GRAFFIC JAM--Design good enough to eat.

Bonsai made by nature.

2018-04-23 03:05

Russell Matsumura beverageman2814

The new official Twitter for yours truly. The other ones are me also but I forgot my pw.

RT @blckriflecoffee: Sunday Gun-Day! Freedom Blanket Part 2!

2018-04-23 03:05

FOX 13 News Utah fox13

FOX 13 News. KSTU. Salt Lake City. (801) 536-1313.

How Earth Day evolved from an idea to a global holiday

2018-04-23 03:05

Cherelle cherelle_sm

snap: cherelleyo

@JelaniBear Thank you sweetpea 💖

2018-04-23 03:05

Jjerg 🇲🇽 🇸🇪 🇺🇸 Jjerg

Mexican/Swedish American
Cats, Birder, Guitarist, Metal, Baseball, Cricket, Rugby, Hockey, Hoops, futbol, Celtic, ILL-INI.
¡Igualdad para TODOS!

RT @utahjazz: FAVORite

2018-04-23 03:05

Javier Ruiz Hereña Favilon69

Amante del deporte y de la fiesta en particular. Seguidor de la SD Logroñes. Orgulloso de ser de Briones y Riojano de pura cepa. Entrenador de fútbol nivel III.

RT @utahjazz: Whole city behind you 🎷

2018-04-23 03:05

Barnaby @BLFC overzen

A grey muzzle Sheepdog that's been having fun in the furry community for a while. Lover of costumes, fursuits, and pipes.

@GrisserBernard It's now officially canon!!

2018-04-23 03:05

David S. Bernstein dbernstein

Boston magazine, WGBH, formerly Boston Phoenix. Covering local, state, & national politics and policy. Instagram @DavidSBernstein

Not the traditional way to celebrate Earth Day, but you do you Mr. President.

2018-04-23 03:05

Andrew, Esquire FoxOnABox_

IG: foxonabox

@UteBeliever @SLCHershey

2018-04-23 03:05

⏃lice Darko. letmealoneplx

destruction is a form of creation. 🔥💧

Tan yo

2018-04-23 03:05

Josh bluetwenty2

Utah Jazz & BYU Cougars. Most of my tweets are about sports, but lets be real, Justin Bieber is King! Rocky Balboa fan club.

@yunniekim Haha! Yeah, we made a few trips for food. So much good food there now it’s hard not to want all of it. I…

2018-04-23 03:05

Sebastian Ge SebisGe

Nada es tan urgente, nena, nada tan importante, nada merece mas la pena que el instante que tenemos delante y el siguiente y la oportunidad de hacerlo diferente

@SanTyOficial @efragc @UFCEspanol @MMAFighting Un tontuelo, se olvida q en el UFC 1 el q gano era solo piso, le gan…

2018-04-23 03:05

X96 X96

KXRK X96 96.3FM, & @rfhbill, @rfhkerry, @rfhgina, @eljonsmith @X96todd, @coreyx96, @RichieTSteadman

Don’t miss the Amplified Concert Series at the @UtahArtsFest feat. 4 nights of music with @RonPopeMusic…

2018-04-23 03:05

🇺🇸 Stacy H 🇺🇸 sshale85

Passionate Husband, Father, Sports fan, and friend. I love my family, my religion-LDS, my teams, and my Country!


2018-04-23 03:05

rylee ryleeshaun

@taysajade Love you tays! 💗

2018-04-23 03:05

Devon Lucie ABC4Devon

Salt Lake City #dad #husband #OU grad #WIU alum #AMS certified, amateur cook, sports junkie, #Tulsa #Norman #LittleRock #LasVegas #KC #DC #SLC 801.975.4409

No better way to get ready for @ABQTopes v @SaltLakeBees at America’s most beautiful stadium @SmithsBallpark on a p…

2018-04-23 03:05

Tayler/Jack highhoopscast

Podcast, talking all things Utah Jazz and NBA happenings

RT @JazzJargon: In response to being asked if Vinint was one of the loudest arena’s...

2018-04-23 03:05

Lorenzo Albertini LorenzAlbertini

24, Geology student, sport addicted, adventurer, videomaker, scout. Riva del Garda, IT 🇮🇹 #azimutproject #vanlife

RT @BlackDiamond: Today and everyday. #happyearthday

2018-04-23 03:05


Common early spring crops are peas, spinach, lettuces and leeks. For a prolonged harvest, plant several varieties,…

2018-04-23 03:05

NFCPA TogetherWalks togetherwalks

The National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association is pleased to invite you to the TOGETHER WALKS to raise FM awareness and research funding.

REMINDER: You are a FIBROMYALGIA HERO because... you nourish your mind, body, heart, and spirit. Countdown to May 1…

2018-04-23 03:05

ur pal from seattle NervousLips

tired boy • wired eyes


2018-04-23 03:05

James M Muir B2B_SalesTips

Advocate for B2B sales. I make the complex simple. Perfect Close Resources: #PerfectClose LinkedIn:

How to Close Sales Without Manipulating Buyers - with @ZeroTimeSelling Andy Paul - James Muir

2018-04-23 03:05

Carlão Santos BJJ carlaosantosbjj

3 time IBJJF World Champion & Owner FIRST BJJ - Carlson Gracie Utah academy #HardWork


2018-04-23 03:05

Salt Lake Bees SaltLakeBees

The Official Twitter Account of the MiLB Salt Lake Bees. Tickets: | 801-325-BEES (2337)

Game 1️⃣8️⃣
🆚 @ABQTopes
📍 Smith's Ballpark
⌚ 1:05
📻 @1280sports
📺 MiLB .tv (promo code SLBEES for $10 off)

2018-04-23 03:05

Riley Wheeler wheelsandlove95

I'm tolerable at best. My wife is my source of sanity. Not throwing away my shot, but also willing to wait for it.

RT @slcdunk: Rubio and Ingles look like they're about to announce the launch of their new longboard company.

2018-04-23 03:04

Tayab TayabTayebrwp

Civilian Citizen

@anihachaudhry @CMShehbaz Real Patwari

2018-04-23 03:04

mas mel gmelxxx

eat me

Yoooo im pregnant

2018-04-23 03:04

I caaaaaaaaaan’t... debaucherousdwb

Just another dumb dumb tryna save the world one tweet at a time... 🌈 ❤️ ✌🏼

@AMAZlNGNATURE That’s just what Big Alpaca wants you to think, mannnnnnn

2018-04-23 03:04

problem female lovelessfriend

howdy bitch

Anyone trying to fuck around and get jinya today?

2018-04-23 03:04

MAV MiguelUT_

Creative Director // Designer

Happy Sabbath boys and girls 💒💒💒💒⛪️⛪️⛪️⛪️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽✨✨✝️✝️✝️😌😌😌😌

2018-04-23 03:04

The Fluffimator fluffimator

Hello there! I scribble stuff. Obsessed with 2D Animation:-)

If you want to show some love:

Everybody and their literal dog at IKEA. 😮

2018-04-23 03:04

♈️✨ KeepinUpWithPK

Tongan 🇹🇴 • LDS 🙏🏼 • Married 🤘🏽• SB95FOREVER

My husband flys out to the Bay tmrw till Wednesday for his interview. 😭 imah miss this annoying guy. Lmao

2018-04-23 03:04

Nick💎 OfficialZeus_

Im a leader not a follower! Freedom&Dreams. Honest&Complicated. Ex Libtard! Limited Edition-Verified Bitch.

RT @Cheeseboy22: I hate hiking. Hiking is just walking up steep hills with no donuts at the top.

2018-04-23 03:04

Mary Richards kslmrichards

KSL Newsradio early morning reporter. BYU fan married to a Utah fan. Mom of four boys and a girl.

Lunch options before church

2018-04-23 03:04

musingBruce musingBruce

a working, beer drinking stiff

I just earned the 'Find the Source (Level 3)' badge on @untappd!

2018-04-23 03:04

Cherelle cherelle_sm

snap: cherelleyo

Honestly, live by this shit. There’s been so many times I knew what was going to happen, but ignored it hoping I wa…

2018-04-23 03:04

musingBruce musingBruce

a working, beer drinking stiff

Tangy but nicely balanced. - Drinking an All-American IPA by Council Rock Brewery @ Council Rock Brewery —

2018-04-23 03:04

Talia taliajade19

prayer works | Social Media Manager

RT @Holli_Alexa: Let’s please acknowledge that @MSkinner2016 made it through another season without being close to falling. She’s believed…

2018-04-23 03:04


RT @snark_tank: I am actually dead

2018-04-23 03:04

Ya Boi Big Zesty bentley_holley

+ LDS||DTV||TmG||DHS Senior|| #StoneFam || AS ❤️ 11-17-17 it took two months cause I love her

RT @Spelkington: there are many ways to say the same thing

2018-04-23 03:04

Sam SamuelMaw

Hunter of Crumple-Horned Snorkacks. @Baconsale The Listener Emeritus. I don’t understand fishing metaphors.

@DrewZuhosky @AVCoachSmith @FOXSportsBraves Us children of the 80’s remember Andy Griffith and Sanford & Son.

2018-04-23 03:04

N 💟 noooemi48

@araizaa80 💕💖💗

RT @liliumhgg: I know it’s cool to be a girl and like anime and dragon ball z and shit but I could never 😭😭 I’ve literally never found any…

2018-04-23 03:04

Tony Jones tribjazz

My name is Tony Jones and I cover the Utah Jazz and the NBA for the Salt Lake Tribune. Kirk Cousins is not my favorite football player

I bet @michaeljlewis75 wishes he defended like this at Duke

2018-04-23 03:04

Janessa Nichole♡🦋 NessaBear3

Joie de vivre❣️• Aspire to Inspire🌹 • 👻Snapchat; janessanichole ••


2018-04-23 03:04

Bush Crypto MBush_Crypto

RT @jamminCrypto: Not a huge giveaway, but I’m giving away 1000 $linda coin on 4/29! RT today!

To enter:
✅ Like this post
✅ Retweet
✅ Foll…

2018-04-23 03:04

Notmy Prez stilllwithher

RESISTING everything to do with this current admin.

RT @JCTheResistance: As the @GOP and @realDonaldTrump
Move closer to a Facist regime, this is a good time to remind people that they are n…

2018-04-23 03:04