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Seth Intensiify

Diehard @cubs @chicagobears @chicagobulls @NHLblackhawks fan

@ItsShake4ndbake Nope

2019-01-23 03:23

Austin Caldwell studdz_austin83

iuk 22’ Jaelin💓💞

RT @KingTrillaX: Man look at this 😭

2019-01-23 03:23

Kevin Jimenez Kjimenez1997

I am very talkative person. Love to take pictures, draw, listen to music etc. Love food and would love to be your friend ❤. Telegram is @GCGod.

Angry boi. @RottieAxel #Furfest2018

2019-01-23 03:23

Jude Lemrow jlemrow

Audio engineer, drummer, writer, bacon eater.

@JacobAWohl Платят ли они вам в рублях или биткойне?

2019-01-23 03:23

𝕾𝖆𝖍𝖆𝖗𓃭 5ahar_

𝚝𝚞𝚖𝚋𝚕𝚛 ❥ 𝚜𝚑𝚘𝚙 𝚖𝚢 𝚌𝚕𝚘𝚜𝚎𝚝 ❥ 𝚜𝚗𝚊𝚙𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚝 ❥ 𝚜𝚊𝚑𝚊𝚛.𝚢𝚢

Why you even putting that energy out

2019-01-23 03:23

Carrie Dahlby carriedahlby

I do stuff, some of which is musical.

RT @We_Are_Wakanda: We are thrilled to announce that Wakandacon 2019 will be happening July 26-28 in Chicago, IL at the Hyatt Regency McCor…

2019-01-23 03:23

Layla Castaneda laylacstaneda

RT @CaucasianJames: me:

steve irwin’s son: sharks are actually very nice creatures. if u see one just swim right up to it and give it a h…

2019-01-23 03:23

Kristen Kirchhaine KristenWeather

Video & Social Media Producer for the National Insurance Crime Bureau - @insurancecrime. Fill-in meteorologist for @nbcchicago - @ualr & @msstate Graduate.

Thin coating of ice on my car in Des Plaines. #ilwx @MikeHamernik @AliciaRomanNBC @NWSChicago

2019-01-23 03:23

Miles Bryan miles__bryan

Reporter @wbez. formerly @WyPublicRadio. but also

@reachjulieroys Hey I'm with @WBEZ. Hoping to talk to you about your reporting on Harvest. Email me? thanks!

2019-01-23 03:23

Carrie Falkenhayn cfalkenhayn

National Service Line Leader for Deloitte Multistate. Mother of three. Boater, runner, football and hockey fan. Views are my own

Want to make the world a better place? #TuesdayMotivation @OneYoungWorld

2019-01-23 03:23

TheValuesVoter TheValuesVoter

I love God, Human Life at all stages, Verifiable Facts, Sports and Jokes. Pro-life. Anti-racist. Pro-truth and Anti-lie.

RT @WalshFreedom: Imagine Obama, running for President, publicly praising the head of Iran daily and simultaneously trying to cut a busines…

2019-01-23 03:23

James Wade coachjameswade

Head Coach|General Manager Chicago Sky / Assistant Coach UMMC Ekaterinburg

RT @wnbachicagosky: 🏀 COACH'S BREAKDOWN: @coachjameswade gives some insight into @diamonddoesit1's game.

Be a part of the action as we tak…

2019-01-23 03:23

sydney sydehelmuth

“i’m honestly embarrassed at how bad of a bitch i’ve become” - @caucasianjames

RT @CaucasianJames: just another day on planet earth. would much rather be on the moon. fuck gravity honestly. always bringing me down and…

2019-01-23 03:23

princess savepesos

depression is like a strong sad. knock you off your feet type shit

2019-01-23 03:23

YBH_Rome45 YRome45

Ja Rule: what’s my mf name? 🤔

Us as kids: Are you ready? 🤧😭😭😭

2019-01-23 03:23

Haley Wood hwood181

Writer. Reader. Lover of love, animals, family and friends. And music. Bham! Done.

RT @DavidFutrelle: Called it (as did many other people). Smirkboy's rich parents hired a PR firm to spin their kid out of trouble, and way…

2019-01-23 03:23

Sulema Gonzalez ameluzpaloma

RT @NIFGALERTS: Chicago | Level II Hazmat | 181 N Clark | vehicle with suspicious packages and propane tanks. Bomb and Arson on scene.

2019-01-23 03:23

Doing It Wrong ummfada


RT @Cam_iamshe: @SaylorTwiftie News: The victim said Chris Brown is NOT involved and is innocent

His Haters:

2019-01-23 03:23

B.Dukes dukesnuke

Entrepreneur, UO Duck enthusiast, music lover/composer, writer.

@DavidAFrench @repkoenig Tell that to police that murder unarmed POCs. Isn’t that what murderous cops do? Take a li…

2019-01-23 03:23

JJ tonvmontana

🏴‍☠️gangsters don't cry

@maes_packm Oupsi

2019-01-23 03:23

Kelsey Claire Korvuz_Korax

Not sure why I'm here. But we'll see what happens.

RT @_coryrichardson: i came. i saw. icarly

2019-01-23 03:23

MBBI MBBIAssociation

The MBBI association offers educational assistance members in achieving and maintaining the highest levels of professional standards and qualifications.

When #startingabusiness, most aspiring #entrepreneurs worry about their 100th customer when they haven’t even acqui…

2019-01-23 03:23

Coochie😈Crook🤫 TheyLoveDarri

Sc: Darryx2 • 21 ✡️ • Luh Uglah Dude 🥰

I need ah project bitch ah hood rat bitch 🤧 one who don’t give af and ah say she took that dick 😏

2019-01-23 03:23

steph🦖 _stephanieraya

🇲🇽 | nc

RT @elle91: Me going to explain something I literally learned about 5 minutes ago

2019-01-23 03:23

Megan mmarieroots

RT @kaiteasley: i noticed u used “haha” instead of “hahah” so i’m just wondering why u fucking hate me

2019-01-23 03:23

64mustanggirl 64mustanggirl

3 Search & Earn sites where you earn free stuff: SwagBucks: /> iRazoo:
/> ZoomBucks:

RT @ElisCheesecake: Happy Birthday, Eli! We're kicking off #ElisFoundersDay with a birthday #giveaway! #Retweet for your chance to win an O…

2019-01-23 03:23

Maria Garcia cadetsmom

RT @Michael_Cerami: The 2019 #Cubs rotation has some history, man:

Lester: 5x All-Star, No-hitter, 1x Cy Young finalist
Hamels: 4x All-St…

2019-01-23 03:23

SCORE Chicago SCOREChicago

Free business mentors, inexpensive entrepreneur workshops, small business consulting. Advice to succeed w/ business plans & resources from volunteer executives.

Tune in to CAN-TV tonight Tuesday, Jan 22 from 6-6:30pm as SCORE TV featured guest and Director of Operations of t…

2019-01-23 03:23

Miguel 🤑 Aeon156

ΣΛΒ Mighty Ξ/ ☸️C.H.R.C./ FA17/ UIC/ SC: Miguel_Valadez/ Official Sarita Award Winner

@babyjuwaan You have problems dude.

2019-01-23 03:23

Angela Gikas Gikas02

A Chicago public school teacher who believes kindness matters! Let's make the world a better place for everyone! DonorsChoose Ambassador for the Chicago area.

@ChrisKargol you Rock for helping tweet away!!!

2019-01-23 03:23

Lawrence Cleaver LarryCleaver

Enterprise Information Management Strategist, Data Architect, Baseball Coach, Sports Enthusiast, Husband, & Father

RT @JillWineBanks: Could the shutdown be another obstruction of justice?

2019-01-23 03:23

Four. thenumber_four

I’m nicer on Twitter | Feminist.

Lmaooo even if you wanted to marry her you probably couldn’t so NEXT

2019-01-23 03:23

Philip Mathew PhilipM67375789

Armchair Warrior

RT @AliAbunimah: Glenn says succinctly and correctly what many of us have been saying for many years …

2019-01-23 03:23

Javier Saborido javiersaborido

Cambiar el mundo desde lo personal y lo colectivo. Educación para el Desarrollo. Trabajo en @MCorajeONGD, soy de @lamarea_com @SomEnergia @ReverdeSCA

RT @charliekirk11: Where was the media covering these students harassing this 71 year old vet during the Kavanaugh hearings? 🤔

2019-01-23 03:23

Cynblogger CynBlogger

A woman of a certain age writing on cultural, political & personal themes. I have a meme for that! 😬 #GunReform #Resist #ImpeachTrumpNow #OnStrikeAgainstTheRCC

RT @JillWineBanks: Could the shutdown be another obstruction of justice?

2019-01-23 03:23

مین ها mmkh78


RT @persianpaper: اين مستراح ايران ماست

2019-01-23 03:23

Austin Gilkeson 🐙 osutein

Gloomy octopus. Writing at @CatapultStory, @TheToast, @TorDotCom, @The_Rumpus, @UnboundWorlds, @CastOfWonders. Rep'd by @MsMariaVicente (avi/header by @jlongo)

It’s messed up that Long John Silver’s isn’t a Barbecue restaurant. Real missed opportunity there.

2019-01-23 03:23

angélica 🤘🏼 angie_jelly12

If I can't scuba, then what's this all been about? What have I been working toward?

RT @ArabellaBreck: *SIGNAL BOOST*

My family is working very hard to find my mom, but the more people see her photo and see this news the b…

2019-01-23 03:23

Aria Diamond AriaDiamond1998

Hey Everypony! I'm just a crystal pony who wants to share her love for the MLP fandom & connect with others!
Keep Love Pure & Friendship Strong 🎶💎

@BronalystSweetB @Lightning_Bliss Hmmm...A Blissy Vampire Fruit Bat..

2019-01-23 03:23

Blair Kamin BlairKamin

Pulitzer Prize-winning Chicago Tribune architecture critic.

RT @chicagotribune: From architecture critic @BlairKamin: The third time is not the charm for Lincoln Yards plan. It still needs work despi…

2019-01-23 03:23

Ronald rudedonkey

@Dameshek I think player motivation might be an issue.

2019-01-23 03:23

Cory Brown tcb

I help newsrooms build loyal audiences // Past: @ProPublica @AustinMonitor @capgaznews // Hall of Fame Burger Patty-er 🍔• he/him

If the meritocracy were real, you wouldn’t be able to name 3 Cuomos.

2019-01-23 03:23

my2cnts cblazblaz

I block ppl who seem trollish & have under 100 followers

RT @WalshFreedom: Imagine Obama, running for President, publicly praising the head of Iran daily and simultaneously trying to cut a busines…

2019-01-23 03:23

Joe Rod JoeRodBx

Owner of the “Out The Box - Wrestling Fan Page” on Facebook & Admin for The Brand Facebook Fan Group

RT @Ramina1690: MELO?????? @chicagobulls

2019-01-23 03:23

Mike Fitzpatrick Phitz94

Bears | Bulls | Cubs | Boilers | Mizzou Alum

@mizkris18 @RossTuckerNFL @Will_Ech <— it’s this guy

2019-01-23 03:23

BBC4U _longBBC


If she ain't got no panties on under that sundress. She might let a nigga hit raw

2019-01-23 03:23

❄JBL❄ sugarcookie246

Reluctant political junkie, #conservative, musician, #bookworm, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, #DumpObamacare #DumpCommonCore #2A

RT @charliekirk11: Hey @kathygriffin and @Alyssa_Milano looking for your apology to the MAGA kids who have now been vindicated

You seek th…

2019-01-23 03:23

Gianna Who❓ gianna__who

discrete life = happy life

@nnicolee_8 Just say you’re a thot and go

2019-01-23 03:23

Pikachu jaysca101

Habit to tweet a lot. Food, dance, fashion, beauty, Kpop, Jpop & Jrock. Proud mum of 4 pets. INFP. Writer. Private account: @pikamew101

RT @marconelor: Painting darker skin tones can be confusing at times. This morning i stumbled upon this method to help me see more clearly…

2019-01-23 03:23

東京テラン❣🥢 TokyoTee__

♏🦂иσνємвυяя вαву
ȚᄋӃΙ Țᄐᄐ🥢❣
𝓓𝓪𝓻𝓴 𝓠𝓾𝓮𝓮𝓷🗣🖤👑🔪
ᵀᴵᴸᴸ 3005 gambino girl
🖕🏾ᴘʀᴇᴛᴛʏ I'ᴍ ɢᴏʀɢᴇᴏᴜꜱ💕

I just ripped my poster I want to cry 😫😫😫😫😫😪😪😪😪

2019-01-23 03:23

JW4Progress JW4Hillary

#StillWithHer - Human rights are women's rights, and women's rights are human rights. Let's Elect More Women! #WinWithWomen

Help fuel this grassroots campaign! No corporate PACs means this campaign will be #ForThePeople and #ByThePeople -…

2019-01-23 03:23

Undead Pirate Groypsputin Groypbinger

Chicago bulls fan, Charles Stanley follower, Ritchie will never be forgotten @Fake_News_CNN_

@ThanksKedi There are only 2 funny women on this site

2019-01-23 03:23

Joseph Segeden nechumus72

Avid Reader Vegetarian 🌱 Proponent of random acts of kindness not taking life to serious Passionate about inspiration write it down and express above all laugh

RT @JillWineBanks: Could the shutdown be another obstruction of justice?

2019-01-23 03:23



2019-01-23 03:23

Sam / Jaco Jaco_Jans

Quite on the left. Cis. he/him. You can call me either Sam or Jaco. Dutch. Usually my tweets are in English, occasionally Dutch.

RT @ParkerMolloy: Reminder that Trump listed 2 reasons for banning trans people from the military:

1. "Tremendous cost" (est. $2 to 8mil/y…

2019-01-23 03:23

Bad Girl of Blogging DiamondsDosage

Lifestyle Blogger. Personality. Deaconess. I love you T❤️

@larryislegend As you shouldn’t.

2019-01-23 03:23

Panagiota PanagiotaJ


RT @charliekirk11: Just spoke to MAGA hat kid Nick on the phone - he is total hero and has been maligned by the media

He is in good spiri…

2019-01-23 03:23

🌷إلاهة Kvee_

6.13🏳️‍🌈👑 #CSU20💫Accounting major🤓sc: queeenkvee

Black American Goddess👸🏽

2019-01-23 03:23

Servando noblespaghetti

reach for the sky and never give up. perseverance is key.

wrasslin, heavy music, and memes

Its time to get mf sauteed bois

2019-01-23 03:23

Angie Phoenix Shanklin 🔥 Da_Nerdette

An Introverted, ☕ Drinking, Comic-Book Movie ❤ing Mutant. | Part-Time Illustrator. | Creator/CBM News & Comics PR for @TheComicsBolt. | #NeedAKidney ♿

She should be allowed to do whatever the FUCK she wants, while being allowed to have her boundaries be respected, B…

2019-01-23 03:23

Brother Dean BroBroDean

Just another guy trying to make it all come together. Driving for #Uber. Use #promocode w98nyc

RT chicagoalerts: NotifyChicago: Clark is closed from Lake to Wells for pedestrian and vehicular traffic due to CPD…

2019-01-23 03:23

Jack Habowski Jhabowski_

Lanc - WVU

RT @BarstoolBigCat: Best Friends

2019-01-23 03:23

Amir🏄🏽‍♂️ AmirTheGiraffe

you know why you’re here 😚/ D💍

RT @KingTrillaX: I just hope I never lose this video

2019-01-23 03:23

🛎 Golden Child 🔑 youknowitsab

18. Intellectual, visionary, & music lover 🖤 Inquiries: 📷/👻: youknowitsab

RT @youknowitsab: "Sunnyside" - Bas X J. Cole ➡️ make that click! 🔥🔥🔥

2019-01-23 03:23

I love apple pie Andremiller187

RT @GMEBEALLO: mfs would fake it with you knowing you know they faking it with you 😭

2019-01-23 03:23

DDJ jbratcher822

when you get a lot of love it can turn to hate

RT @Wbgquise: On broo

2019-01-23 03:23

CHIRP Playlist CHIRPPlaylist

Live independent radio for Chicago and the world @CHIRPRadio. Use #CHIRPRequest to request a song!

Now playing: Sudan Archives - 'Come Meh Way' from 'Sudan Archives'

2019-01-23 03:23

Coops englishelf79

Writer, teacher, nerd

@benjaminwittes @renato_mariotti I have to ask again: could the shutdown be a form of obstruction?

2019-01-23 03:23

MoonChild Hondurasalicia


RT @__Dutch: “Would you like to donate a $1 to the—“

2019-01-23 03:23

FruitLoops cookiedoughe

Headbanger💁🏻 | Aquarío♒️ | Artist🍬 | 2018 DU Graduate 🍭

it’s almost like Aquarians shit rainbows😭💕

2019-01-23 03:23

Draft Dr. Phil FulphilO

Chief Football Analyst/Host- @BearsHourLive @bearsbarroom Hofstra PR/WR/RB/Coach/Scout:Draft PH.D #Bears100Proof Podcast DrNote:If you're flipping your floppin'

RT @North2North: @BeckettShow @beckett_authent @CurtisK_Radio @AldoBarkeeper @BearsBarroom @670TheScore @Steve_Grad boom! #podcast @johnwo…

2019-01-23 03:23

ᴅᴇɴɪᴢ Raiinz7

your bitch is ready to be mine ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ buy my bots💰

heart cold as a bitch

2019-01-23 03:23

Lisa MsChiefJustice

cookie enthusiast

@MattMarcotte 12/10 would get bitten in response

2019-01-23 03:23

aloe xelasirrah

if i've ever told you congratulations on something good in your life and you were mute when i got that same success, you're unfollowed.

2019-01-23 03:23


Our #opensource scientific software projects are changing the world. We support #datascience tools like pandas & Jupyter + we organize @PyData! #python #rstats

RT @RickEcon: Now @ProjectJupyter notebooks can be part of @github repos s.t. can be incrementally tracked, CI tested, and compiled to #Sph…

2019-01-23 03:23

Mike Paro Pretzel__Logic

Father, Consultative Sales, Political Junkie, Steely Dan Fan, Social Libertarian, Fiscal Conservative, PADI Certified Diver, Green Bay Packer Shareholder.

@KirstenPowers @joshtpm No they didn’t.

2019-01-23 03:23

Jackson Lewis CSPtechwriter

@CSPmagazine's tech and services reporter. Lover of Star Wars and The Beatles.

Big step for @Google's self-driving car division. That said, I predict autonomous delivery vehicles, such as those…

2019-01-23 03:23 talentcookbook

Community for technologist looking to grow their career through mentorship while accessing tech jobs. Find your career recipe.

“The lower the CEO salary, the more likely the startup is to succeed.” - @peterthiel #startups #Entrepreneurship…

2019-01-23 03:23


I'm a work-in-progress, God is not done with me yet. Visit @Hanelzs_footprints on IG. Ed Sheeran ❤️❤️❤️

RT @SadellaWallis: Do you feel good when someone texts you later after hanging out to tell you that they had fun? Its the little things rig…

2019-01-23 03:23

Aisha Harris aishaharris629

RT @JillWineBanks: Could the shutdown be another obstruction of justice?

2019-01-23 03:23

emily helms wat_the_HELms

𝒾𝓉 𝒾𝓈 𝒶 𝒷𝑒𝒶𝓊𝓉𝒾𝒻𝓊𝓁 𝒹𝒶𝓎 𝓉𝑜 𝒷𝑒 𝒶𝓁𝒾𝓋𝑒 ☼

My exercise physiology bio class is where I will have my downfall

2019-01-23 03:23

y panaagiotaa

333🦋a bug of a human

@21stcenturybrat After 15 min you’re legally allowed to leave, kiss ass

2019-01-23 03:23

eddie kane kungfudenne

I only ever looked up to Sosa

@narcusmavarro Glad you came around on schoolboy > kendrick

2019-01-23 03:23

David itssdaviddd

insta - ddaviddd1997

RT @__Dutch: “Would you like to donate a $1 to the—“

2019-01-23 03:23

Madisen DeBord madisen_hope

it’s ya boi, Diet Ghost

RT @AngieCornwell: God knew I would be too powerful so he gave me crippling anxiety

2019-01-23 03:23

Cearo Thyme cearo_thyme

I am an artist. I play with molten metal, non molten metal and sometimes other materials mixed with metal. I also like baths and food.

What i was thinking about was how my insecurity drives me to judge and be annoyed by others. And it is something i…

2019-01-23 03:23


RT @__Dutch: “Would you like to donate a $1 to the—“

2019-01-23 03:23

Joshua Bell CoachCrazy

Zagaholic Podcast coming soon! #zagaholic. Passenger of that Good Ship Zion. Coach Crazy 4 Life | Mosiah 3:19

RT @patrickrooney: Markets Often Bottom on A Whimper Not A Bang

2019-01-23 03:23