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Fred FredForTrump

Part of the YUGE silent majority. Created Twitter account to follow Trump to the White House. Looking forward to the Great Wall of America. #TRUMP2016 #MAGA

@STPFreak @M4RV3LF4N @realDonaldTrump 🎅

2018-04-21 05:14

John Clifford John_A_Clifford

AllIreland Medal Winner, Vice President @ DellTechnologies | Live Without Pretending, Love Without Depending, Listen Without Defending & Speak Without Offending

@DinkoEror Wait until we get our EBP program rocking in Frankfurt @sean7232

2018-04-21 05:14

Cindy Chen cindychendesign

Graphic Designer | Unconventional Makeup Artist | Dancer

“I L I A N A”
Direction, Makeup and Retouch by @cindychendesign
Photography by…

2018-04-21 05:14

alissa 🍕 benintendisflow

let’s be honest, I’m really just here for andrew benintendi 🤷‍♀️ Red Sox | Patriots | Celtics

Excuse me, what about any of the Red Sox starters?

2018-04-21 05:14

Robert Marin rob_marin

3L @ Suffolk University Law School | ABA Intellectual Property Law Student Reporter | Student-Atrorney @ Suffolk IP Clinic

Drug sellers on the Dark Net are primarily from the US and UK, while counterfeit goods sellers (predictably) are pr…

2018-04-21 05:14

Mike Dacri mdacri

You Can Find Me Where The Music Meets The Ocean!

Wow now this is shocking!

2018-04-21 05:14

Jim gray Jimgray7582

Massachusetts Maritime Academy 82 #Resist

@mog7546 @CapriceMurphyJ1 #SpinelessTed 😂😂😂 #FamiliesFirst🇺🇸 #UniteBlue2018 #NoVoteLeftBehind

2018-04-21 05:14

Letícia da Silveira LeSlveira

🎵🎶🤓 A dreamer

RT @NEJM: Case Record of the #MGH: A 30-Year-Old Woman with Cardiac Arrest

2018-04-21 05:14

Erin WineStainedLife

I yell curse words at Bruins hockey and cry over Shadowhunters. Insta: erinf311 #Resist

@kimthethrill22 So much meanness.

2018-04-21 05:14

MERUZ automeru

Mariel Rodriguez | Available for part time, full time, and freelance! Contact | |

@houdidesu yeahhhh lol its very Yikes. Hopefully it's like. not a money problem and they can afford to give refunds in due time >>

2018-04-21 05:14

K. Lee, PhD k_lovin_

I like my data big 📊| Systems biology 👩🏽‍🔬 | Fitness 🧘🏽‍♀️| #ClickHereToUnsubscribe #BlackandSTEM


2018-04-21 05:14

A.J. Black BCHysteria

🦅Football Editor and Recruiting Analyst for @SBNation's #BCEagles community @BCInterruption. Opinions Are My Own.🦅

@sual43 @dennis_monahan You can catch the replay on the WatchESPN app

2018-04-21 05:14

PowerupSource SourcePowerup

Batteries and Outlets. Circuit boards and other cool things. I know about them all!

China Lead Acid Battery, Solar System, Rechargeable Battery supplier - Future Green Technology Co., Limited

2018-04-21 05:14

Dr. Drew CartoonDrDrew

Surgeon - Retired at 54 "True wealth is free time, health, enough money, and people you love." Investor/Trader Sailor Cartoonist

$CIEN $HEI $IMGN $INFN $LULU $OKTA $PANW $PJT $SQ $TAN $TWTR $V $XYL all holdings of mine that closed green today.…

2018-04-21 05:14

João il_juanito

Sporting | Celtics | Juventus | New England Patriots | Liverpool | Borussia Dortmund | Barcelona | Académica | Ajax | Red Sox | Boston Bruins | Metalhead |

RT @celtics: TONIGHT Game 3 vs @Bucks
⏰ 9:30 p.m.
📺 @NBCSBoston & @espn
🎙️ @985TheSportsHu…

2018-04-21 05:14

Jamie Jamie12438493

@BXBYGEN I love you my love

2018-04-21 05:14

DVM🦏 ClashRhino

Gentleman Masshole. I drink beer, go places, and states that begin with "M" and have a double "S" are my jam.

@Jeremy_Danner @randyldanner If you do Louvre/Versailles dont go on a Monday or Tuesday. One closes on one day, the…

2018-04-21 05:14

Gabbie Savage Gabbie_marie33

RT @DirtyThirtyRN: I regret every nap I passed up as a child

2018-04-21 05:14

Tom Looby mapocoloco

Ogdensburg-Syracuse-Tucson-Bainbridge-Roswell-Canton-Albuquerque-Schenectady/husband,father,grandfather,brother,uncle, MechEngr, Runner. RT's not endorsements.

Trump shuts Democrats and media out of first state dinner - POLITICO

2018-04-21 05:14

Emily Riemer EmilyWCVB

Newsie, wife, mom. Opinions, links are my own. RTs ≠ endorsements.

@HadleyTa I promise you we always do our best & grammar does matter! And we do want to know when you think we're no…

2018-04-21 05:14

يارا letssintogether

21 year old human who likes art 🌞🌿🏳️‍🌈Check out where I visually express:

RT @unusualImagery:

2018-04-21 05:14

D1C° DaiOneCurls

A1 curls since DaiOne - each curl has its own story. ✨ African Queen raised on the East Coast. 👑🇨🇻 DaiOneCurls© If it’s not business related, don’t DM me. K?


2018-04-21 05:14

Rachelllllll jew_broad

lil pittsburgh babe. blm. black trans lives matter. nurse. queer aquarian.

RT @Molly3186: U.S. ranks 2nd in ignorance.

U.S. ranks 33rd in internet download speeds.

U.S. ranks 24th in literacy.

U.S. ranks 17th in…

2018-04-21 05:14

Connor McMatthews DanglesMc

I love hockey. Oilers, Capitals, Team North America, Predators are my teams. I make videos on YouTube - Connor McMatthews

RT @PeteBlackburn: Brad Marchand introduces himself to Mitch Marner

2018-04-21 05:14

Driving America DrivingAmerica_

Promotional Page For Joshua Slay aka "Fresh" New Book Releasing Soon Driving America - "Boston Edition" @jazarasbank

Coming Soon, Driving America Boston Edition #book @BOOSTmyBOOK

2018-04-21 05:14

riley @ friend of all turtles CHEZPHOTO

hides behind camera and always tired iiiiiits riley. Booking now: Sakura Matsuri Brooklyn, Boston on-location shoots, NC mid-May shoots.

@HEARTILLIES This place empty YEET

2018-04-21 05:14

緒方魚紳 yuichi0000

RT @Hakuaki136: つまり、ネトウヨにとって格好の欲望の投影対象である「二次の行儀のいい美少女」は、米国のalt-rightがモデルマイノリティとして支配したい「東洋のエロくて従順な女性」という需要に見事に合致する。後者のメイン活動場所である4chanに二次元オタク…

2018-04-21 05:14


Massachusetts & Rhode Island hotel, casino, airport, & food service workers union. RTs are not endorsements. Facebook:

RT @hgsuuaw:

2018-04-21 05:14

🦇 Dracula’s Mistress 🕸 MKitten666

Angel with a Devilish Kiss // Photography // Art // Probably a Vampire // Not Giving A Fuck 🖤

RT @DothTheDoth: Ideal first date: we dedicate our night to talking about witchcraft & then without any hesitation you ritually sacrifice m…

2018-04-21 05:14

claire s. readerpants

Have you high-fived your neighborhood butchy children's librarian today? // All views, posts, and opinions are my own & not those of my employer. // she/her

RT @camphalfblood: Sometimes I just have to take them off the bookshelf and stare at them because they are so beautiful. And these are just…

2018-04-21 05:14

DFC Dragons DFCDragons

Giving back by helping kids from Duxbury to play and love the beautiful game.

RT @BostonCityFC: Please RT: #BCFCUS home #NPSL opener vs #NYCosmos has been brought forward to Sunday, April 29 at 6pm at Malden Catholic…

2018-04-21 05:14


We Identify novel bioactive mediators, pathways, & cellular targets critical in activating resolution of inflammation & their relation to human disease.

Dr. Charles N. Serhan Receives the ASIP 2018 Rous-Whipple Award

2018-04-21 05:14

Martin Drake🌹 martydrake281

@Harvard_Law student and amateur hitchhiker

A little tribute to @hgsuuaw: #UnionYes

2018-04-21 05:14

Niroop Yeluru NtechYel

#Entrepreneur - #Influencer - #Exec. #Consultant | @DIDynamics @DisruptTeknics | #Primetime #Emmy

RT @NtechYel: #MarketCap for #CryptoCurrencies is almost $177 #Billion. #Inc explains why #blockchain could be as big as #internet https://…

2018-04-21 05:14

Hefty Lefty hayden_shae11

I do it for dan

RT @macymaxfield: Happy happy birthday @hayden_shae11 🎉🎂🎈🎊 I hope you have the best day! We think you are great!

2018-04-21 05:14

KimberLeann KimberlyAnnMan2

Boston Children’s Hospital Eversource Walk

2018-04-21 05:14

Ярослав Коновалов kuber02


RT @ssothealth: GREAT NEWS! Minimum purchase of SEHRs token reduced to 3000 and get a bonus of 25%!!! You can get it NOW!

2018-04-21 05:14

DJ Sammie C DJSammieC

Team Swagg Ent. Team Dynasty

Nice.. Just got an Email from my professor saying that the class been cancel for tonight. But, it sucks still gotta…

2018-04-21 05:14

Lance lancewmccarthy

Microsoft WindowsDev MVP | Senior @Telerik Support Engineer at @ProgressSW | Doing stuff for @WindowsDev | ex-Nokia/Microsoft Dev Evangelist

To my #Azure peeps, where can I find a .NET demo to access Storage Account V2, everything I've found uses the classic Blob.

2018-04-21 05:14

happy halloween! Famitory

i'm Nyn! A fabric bag of friendship 20 yr old trans girl/musician/IRL dragon she/her pronouns please! check out my music mayhaps?

RT @unusualImagery:

2018-04-21 05:14

Emily Aransky EmilyAransky

Scentsy independant consult who loves to motivate and bring fragrances into your life.

Hey Tamara Young-Brown thanks for the follow!

2018-04-21 05:14

Danielle Giacalone danielleeeg_

for this life i cannot change ig: danielleeg_ sc: dgiacalone_3

@TortaDiver3 scoop me when you do

2018-04-21 05:14

c3 Blzst Blzst

DUO @Evxition I own @c3Militia

Looking for a solid team captain for @c3Militia dm me if you interested we looking for hard workers :)

2018-04-21 05:14

Rick Damato Rickd67

i like everything thats bad for you

Sorry to hear about Spinzone @TheLizGonzales just come back stronger next time

2018-04-21 05:14

nirmal arain nirmalarain

RT @Advil: i only just now learned why they’re called “Eggplant”… this is what they look like when they aren’t ripe… 😦

2018-04-21 05:14

PreOp MedSelfEd_PreOp

MedSelfEd, Inc. publishes two Patient Education video libraries for surgical patients and their families. We offer PreOp® and PostCare™ to Healthcare providers.

PreOp® Engagement - New Testing of Model Improves Confidence in the Performance of ITER…

2018-04-21 05:14

Niroop Yeluru NtechYel

#Entrepreneur - #Influencer - #Exec. #Consultant | @DIDynamics @DisruptTeknics | #Primetime #Emmy

RT @NtechYel: There’s #precedent for #Amazon #competing with so many #companies. It doesn’t end well. via @qz https…

2018-04-21 05:14

Haifa Najem NajemHaifa

RT @YNHallak: A man protests in #TiananmeSquare #Beijing, 1989.

2018-04-21 05:14

🌍Serengeti🌍 RobertKirchner

It's always darkest just before the dawn.

RT @DanielleCosplay: "I prefer songs of fire and fire"🔥 Throwback to when I coincidently cosplayed Kawaii Ragnaros at Blizzcon the year he…

2018-04-21 05:14

Darius Wilson draculariuss

I sing in @nailthecasketca

RT @ICENINEKILLS: Our debut album 'LAST CHANCE TO MAKE AMENDS' was released 12 years ago today! Celebrate by picking it up on @AppleMusic r…

2018-04-21 05:14

Brandon ⚡️ BOWswavey_03

young king on his way to greatness. 🇵🇷 🇨🇴 🇱🇧

RT @RapFavorites: Wiz Khalifa confirms "Rolling Papers 2" drops July 13th.

2018-04-21 05:14

serra serraturhann

dhs '19

RT @missunitedface: 😬👀😬👀😬

2018-04-21 05:14

kait kaitlin_c21

• East Carolina University • There is beauty in simplicity.

RT @TheAerMusic: Four years ago, Aer shot a music video for their song "I'm With It." That video was never released, until now. Happy 4/20.…

2018-04-21 05:14

hedge.txt hedgeberg

Electrical Engineer. RE/hacking noob. Console breaker. she/her, despite the masculine voice. Views expressed here not my employer's.

@ShinyQuagsire @fail0verflow @reswitchedteam No, I don't, it's kinda a shitty dig to take. Notice how noone else do…

2018-04-21 05:14

Alastair Dobson alastair_dobson

RT @CJD_Ardent: Some big news out of this year's @BeelineVMS #BeelineConf, including the announcement of "Beeline One." Read my recap here:…

2018-04-21 05:14

suga💔 MaAngrand

RT @Emjay_43: Happy 4/20 y’all fuck it up

2018-04-21 05:14

Niroop Yeluru NtechYel

#Entrepreneur - #Influencer - #Exec. #Consultant | @DIDynamics @DisruptTeknics | #Primetime #Emmy

RT @NtechYel: #Imperatives #required to make #AI "the best thing to happen to us" #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineL…

2018-04-21 05:14

EDubya♈💞 AriesErin

🎶Blockhead 4 Ever🎶 💖Jordan Girl💖🎶Hooligan🎶🎙Proud RoRo🎙🍝 Novara Regular 🍝 Doggy Mom🐶💘 Patriots Nation 🏈 Redsox Nation ⚾ #PettyPedergrass

@NYCBlackStar @jessaugie @nkotbfan4eva @bangornikki I watched it and my mom (@ChefPoet) is in it! And I saw myself! This is so awesome!

2018-04-21 05:14

Christian Webb ChrisWebbPhD

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry @HarvardMed Director, Treatment & Etiology of Depression in Youth (TEDY) Lab @McLeanHospital Views expressed are my own

...Countless other examples of r-squared ~ .05 in the medical literature. (Of course, there are many factors that d…

2018-04-21 05:14

Randy Randymizzle

It's okay to be huwhite

@FAIRImmigration unchecked mass immigration has worked wonders on Paris. the streets are filled with romance and wo…

2018-04-21 05:14

Kayla kayla_vasco

I was an outside linebacker in a previous life. They're gonna let me be a D.M.D.

happy 4/20 stonerz I went to a dispensary for the first time in Colorado and got chest pains just from looking at t…

2018-04-21 05:14

Tink 00Hex

Petticoated Swashbuckler. Personal healer for Millificent, the superior Manastorm. Shenanigans and #goalielove.

RT @thecrimson: BREAKING: In a historic move, Harvard teaching and research assistants have voted to form a union.

2018-04-21 05:14

HomewoodStesBosCamAr HomewoodCambrdg

Homewood Suites by Hilton/BostonCambrdgArlngtn-Long/Short term/Kitchenette/free parking,brkfst,wifi,dinner-M-Th,Alewife Subway/HarvardSq.781-643-7258

RT @HarvardLibrary: The #Harvard Fine Arts Library recently acquired a collection of watermark tracings from historical documents in @topka…

2018-04-21 05:14

Eric Kinnamon EKinnamon

I currently am a professor of management at Alabama A&M University. Received my PhD from UofM, MBA from TTU, and BBA from UTSA.

RT @HarvardBiz: Just because an employee is really good at one job doesn’t mean you should keep them in it

2018-04-21 05:14

المسيح قام! DerBaylorBaer

Krummes Holz gibt auch gerades Feuer. Syrian-Texan. السلام عليكم.

RT @reaghanhunt: thats because you’re 14 years old

2018-04-21 05:14

Mike Reynolds DirectionalMike

Treas.@ BARTER (SW develpr from MIT Media Lab). Guitarist (Master-Music comp), Humanist. Grandfather. Atheist. Vegetarian.

@Olivianuzzi Adult by chrono age?

2018-04-21 05:14

James Rogers 50JJR

Producer + Creative.

Worldly Vibes !

2018-04-21 05:14

Tom Looby mapocoloco

Ogdensburg-Syracuse-Tucson-Bainbridge-Roswell-Canton-Albuquerque-Schenectady/husband,father,grandfather,brother,uncle, MechEngr, Runner. RT's not endorsements.

Trump reportedly erupted at Michael Cohen when the lawyer presented him with a photo of man claiming to be Bill Cli…

2018-04-21 05:14

calvin w calvwang

stream of consciousness

unit tests

2018-04-21 05:14

Paul 夏央 Kishimoto PaulNatsuo

Things RT'd ⊆ {actionable, aspirational, absurd, art, academic, assorted}. If unsure which: please ask, or ponder 😊

plus, ‘proper’ bicycle facilities are much more modest when they don't have to protect cyclists from drivers

2018-04-21 05:14 HongPong

Information operations, spinstorms & latent contradictions. Drupal too!

starting to wonder if i should survey politicians about where they believe in the prior restraint vs press freedom…

2018-04-21 05:14

Jay Fallon jayfallon

*X Designer & Developer, Emergency “Bruins” Goalie

Michael Cohen's taxi medallion problem isn't that big of a deal I said to myself as I walked over to the sink.

2018-04-21 05:14

Jen Bolmarcich jbolmarcich

-noun, h. sapiens; see SYN. archivist, queer, knitter. #ToastieTwitter, she/her/hers. Thoughts=mine. ORCID 0000-0003-2929-2062

RT @thecrimson: BREAKING: In a historic move, Harvard teaching and research assistants have voted to form a union.

2018-04-21 05:14

Rick Berke rickberke

Exec Editor STAT, formerly NYT, Politico

Already, heavy spending by drug industry this year.

2018-04-21 05:14

Highest Regard JoeMcClure

@Rushisaband, @KISS, @asilentfilm, @aauthorsmusic @RoyalTeethMusic. Avid listener of @altnation. Admin of:

RT @AnnaMeiler: A very somber day in #Yarmouth, but the show of love and support from thousands of members of law enforcement and community…

2018-04-21 05:14

BB&N US Science BBN_USscience

Updates from Upper School Science Department

Thank you fourth grade for showing us your electric bike! #EcoBash2k18
@BBNLowerSchool @4GreenandClean @BBNSchool

2018-04-21 05:14

اشرا mohamedashrafo7

‏‏نكتفي بهذا القدر من اي حاجة

RT @unusualvideos:

2018-04-21 05:14

Elon Must papiaIex

I don't put people in my bios


2018-04-21 05:14

linda eichert🧞‍♀️🐈♎️♒️)0(❄️🗽🌊 l_eichert

♿️💜old📽💜6🐯🐱😈😼🦁🐈💜DM👨‍👩‍👧‍👧30yr🌏35yrRN.Wiccan💜collect🧞‍♀️🧞‍♂️☮️Been there done that got tshirt❄️💯Dem🌊🗽#votethemout😖tRUMP🦇💩

RT @irishrygirl: When someone dies from an overdose we do not ask the drug dealer how to fix the problem. So why are we looking to the NRA…

2018-04-21 05:14

miah miahmbrook

tedious indirects and constant whining !!!! follow for more !!!!

RT @reaghanhunt: hey i know i havent showed up to class in a month and a half and slept through every class i did show up to, u probably do…

2018-04-21 05:14

RAY raybae689

Patriotic Republican to serve God & Country. HAPPILY MARRIED, 2 Girls 1 BIG boy.

RT @MrEdTrain: Weather is getting better, looks like the #Liberals are coming out of hibernation 😬

2018-04-21 05:14

John John__M11

Runner | Human Rights MA Graduate | Communications Officer @CwHumanEcology | Admin Assistant @ACF_UK | Research + Policy @IBVprev | Views are my own

RT @CSORG: BREAKING: #Indigenous Shipibo leader & healer Olivia Arévalo Lomas assassinated in Peruvian Amazon with 5 bullets to the heart.…

2018-04-21 05:14

feochadn feochadn

Dum Tacet Clamat

RT @dabeard: "How can I vote for deficit spending with a baby here?" Senators, babies & @natebeeler

2018-04-21 05:14

T🍃 tiaaalexis

MA✈️NC | 50% introvert 50% with the shits | uncp 21

Girl you childish as fuck.

2018-04-21 05:14

K H A L E D ciic_2

you won’t like me. Anyway , it doesn’t matter to me.

@tall_slom الله يسلمك سلمور ☺️💜

2018-04-21 05:14

Niroop Yeluru NtechYel

#Entrepreneur - #Influencer - #Exec. #Consultant | @DIDynamics @DisruptTeknics | #Primetime #Emmy

RT @NtechYel: #Future of #Insurance #industry is #partnerships between #deep industry #knowledge & #digital #expertise

2018-04-21 05:14



RT @jcweb11: 人老了,排队都丢失方向😢😢😍

2018-04-21 05:14

Arlyn Gonzalez gonzalezarlyn1

When you have to make the choice of either losing your bladder, or your nose and possibly sanity...

2018-04-21 05:14

🌟Pixyl | 픽실씨🌟 pixylshi

🇺🇸GO! 🌟NU'EST🌟9PERCENT🌟JBJ🌟A.C.E🌟P101🌟UNB/UNI-T🌟MIXNINE🌟ANY GROUP JUST ASK 🌟Tags: #pixylup #pixylmerch #pixylgos | DMs: Open | GO Requests: Open | I/Os: OPEN 👌


2018-04-21 05:14

Jumbo Baseball TuftsBaseball

NESCAC Baseball Team in Medford, MA

E3| Nachmanoff crushes a solo homerun to left and Mills and O'Hara both rope RBI doubles to left as the Jumbos tack…

2018-04-21 05:14

Liam LiamNBA

KD, Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox.

I switched to builder pro 3 days ago and no exaggeration I'm 3x as good as I was before at building

2018-04-21 05:14

Kara Rodgers karakara98

#energyefficiency marketer at Eversource (all opinions are my own). New Englander with Southern roots. Seamstress, knitter, gardener, hiker and birder.

I was working at a trade show, standing on a floor looking very, very like the floor in the picture, and an interio…

2018-04-21 05:14

Eduardo_Santos Eduardo_SGmz

Futuro abogado en materia fiscal & Mercantil "No importa cuantas veces caigas, mientras estés dispuesto a conquistar tus metas"

No lo queria admitir pero tal vez y solo tal vez la separación fue muy mala idea

2018-04-21 05:14

A,da,m moon23a

KING OF CORNERS (whale watcher forever) pickle garbage can

I promise you don't have to whistle along off key to nirvana

2018-04-21 05:14

Christine pilgrimdear

I like baseball, cats, books, earthquakes, and gin. I don't like anything else. Your ape-hating coworker •

@chrislhayes John Barron covertly tweeting "But where is the Pee Tape" at Chris Hayes every single day

2018-04-21 05:14

Allison Reddington akmantia

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: 🎉HP🎉 GUCCI Horse Bit Nylon Canvas Med Hobo.…

2018-04-21 05:14

☆ Space Dad ☆ CosmicNerdpaw

Call me Norm or Space Dad ☆ Boyflux ☆ Demi [pan] n Poly ☆ Artist ☆ Beginner VA ☆ 17 human years ☆ DM for Fatherly Support™ ☆ Married to @totaledlist

RT @unusualImagery:

2018-04-21 05:14

Trisha Greenhalgh #FBPE trishgreenhalgh

Professor of Primary Care, U of Oxford.

RT @MITSloan: Blockchain and bitcoin are intertwined. This is how it works.

2018-04-21 05:14

Eataly Boston EatalyBoston

Dig deeper into spring and get to the root of the season with our new spring-infused menus, farm-fresh ingredients, and storewide festivals!

RT @VisitBoston: Celebrate the Earth with @EatalyBoston's Farmer's Market Takeover! Enjoy tastings from local, sustainable sources tomorrow…

2018-04-21 05:14

Harsh V Singh Harsh_Voice

@Babson alum, @SimonSchool MS/MBA graduate...ex-Texan, big NYY, NYR, NYK, NYJ, UMichigan sports, RBNY, Man Utd, USMNT, Politics, Food, and Craft Beer fan.

@ChristinaES0110 This is why us nerds can't have nice things 😂😂😂

2018-04-21 05:14