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Jeanine Meier JeanineMeier

Writer, political junkie, and Marvel movie fanatic.

@YOSOYCORDOVA I hope you find the information you’re looking for. If you sponsor/foster one of these kids, you’ll b…

2018-06-23 11:25

Nick Ewing newing

Husband. Dad. Cisco SE Director GVE. Football, Hockey & Baseball. Geek. iPad Fan. Pilot (retired). Weather enthusiast. Digital Photography.

OK my friends @delta you hosed me both outbound and inbound. I’m tired, I’m cranky, and I’m frustrated. Both were M…

2018-06-23 11:25

Jimmy Bellamy jimmybellamy

Don't think for one second that it’s not awesome to be here.

@anamariecox Hi, Ana Marie. I listen to you on Pod Save. I’m a Duluth native living in Minneapolis, and I’d like to…

2018-06-23 11:25

mplsgrrrl ofthegirl_

I enjoy playing biking eating drinking reading rocking in Mpls. Music is my radar. Keep Families Together

Omg. This is insane. I can’t. Wtf.

2018-06-23 11:25

ₛcₒₜₜ ₕₒwₐᵣd ScottHowardMN

the doer of things and stuff

@andreapauline Settle down

2018-06-23 11:25

Hap Cloutier HapCloutier

Entertainment marketing/promotion, communications, public relations, sales, marketing, visual artist, musician

@zackfarley @XcelEnergyMN @CityMinneapolis @Jacob_Frey The power just came on... thank you for responding and takin…

2018-06-23 11:25

Mike Peden TheMikePeden

As seen on @BMAnet, @CTVNorthSuburbs, @HighPostHoops, @mlbdotcom, @SCCTVSports, @TownSquareTV and @VACTVSports | Font savant | Opinions expressed are my own

"Everything is awesome!" #ThingsNeverSaidInJurassicPark

2018-06-23 11:25

maggaggie 88mugsy88

I will talk about butts

Motter has one of thee best sock game i've seen on a Twins player in awhile

2018-06-23 11:25

Jim Englin airbear926

@Dave_Schwartz has an owner ever been fired? What is Craig thinking?

2018-06-23 11:25

Sprig 🌱🌈 spriginthecity

“Don’t feel sorry for me. I can see things now I never even knew existed before.” -Linus van Pelt #resist #queer

Quick update: RUN to your Netflix and watch Nanette immediately. My (trans) Husband is sobbing.

2018-06-23 11:25

Covfefe Clark Cubby_Clark


2018-06-23 11:25

EB ericboogaard

~to feel nothing so as not to feel anything, what a waste~

RT @minnesotalynx: In the desert.... YOU GET HOT! ☀️

Six early points for @Lindsay_13 #WNBAvote

2018-06-23 11:25

ian spencer ian_spencer32

RT @buttonpoetry: “That night, I walked in my sleep, I slept in my walk, I walked backwards until I saw you for the first time, and I could…

2018-06-23 11:25

FS Smart DVisionzz

Cocoa butter is key. -DJ Khaled

RT @ScottKegley: One of those moments you never forget. #BringItHome

2018-06-23 11:25

Vicki Brown VickiBrown19

RT @RWPUSA: Trump is much worse than Nixon.
The only reason Congress isn’t doing anything is that Congress is much worse too.
Vote them out…

2018-06-23 11:25

Bring Me The News bringmethenews

Bring Me The News. Bringing you the best in Minnesota news, sports, and lifestyle in one spot

Analyst on Wild taking Filip Johannson: "He doesn't do any one thing really well."

2018-06-23 11:25

Senpai Playz And Makez Wyatt28683406


@ItsFunneh I wanna see it sooooo bad

2018-06-23 11:25

Aaron Kardell akardell

Husband. Father. Founder & CEO @HomeSpotter

Check out the all new @Jamstik. They just keep making these better. #stilllookingformyshortcuttobecomingarockstar

2018-06-23 11:25

Randy Stafford marzaat

Child of the Dakotas. Now lives among smug Minnesotans. Book blogger and former reviewer at Innsmouth Free Press.

"Lord of the Land" -- Gene Wolfe's take off on Harry Houdini and H. P. Lovecraft's "Imprisoned with the Pharaohs".

2018-06-23 11:25

Lois K. Gibson LKGibson900

Author of mysteries and crime fiction. In former lives has been a musician and politician. Too many kids and grandkids to count.

RT @AmazngBooks THE HUMMINGBIRD'S TEAR The fate of the kingdom depends on two boys. ➡ #Fantasy #Books

2018-06-23 11:25

Beckie mnbeckie

skiteacher redwinggardengirl (for now) mpls paraprofessional by day

We didn’t tell them to try but only b/c we didn’t know you were coming through MSP! Hope it was otherwise a pleasan…

2018-06-23 11:25

Earp-a-palooza Earpapalooza

A US fan convention for SyFy's hit TV show Wynonna Earp. October 12-14, 2018. Contact:

I'd do a lot of things to you. #RevWatch #WynonnaEarp

2018-06-23 11:25

BrenDAD Kennealy ExtraPaleMale

Writer, Reader, Runner | PR/Content at @summitbeer | Please Send Tacos

Walked the dog around my little slice of Highland Park and saw this chalk art repeated three times in the neighborh…

2018-06-23 11:25

Victor McKnight 🎶🎧🎶 Xacxon

Victor | 20 | I write original and cover music about video games! | | Profile picture by @MagicalPouch!


2018-06-23 11:25

Michael Paradise 🏳️‍🌈 MikeParadiseMN

Thirty something guy living life to the fullest.

When were you going to tell him????#LivePD

2018-06-23 11:25

FocusPoint Technologies FocusPointTec

Cyber Security Value Added Reseller. We assist organizations attain security clarity. RTs ≠ Endorsement #cybersecurity #infosec #GRC

China Escalates Hacks Against the US as Trade Tensions Rise | WIRED. When are we going to realize we are at war w…

2018-06-23 11:25

Zack Farley zackfarley

Family: @velvetjules, Dude, Parker, Lily, Millie - Work: Administrative Director, Mpls Mayor @Jacob_Frey - Random: Love Craft Beer, Hate Trump, Inbox Zero

@Tones_Malones @Jacob_Frey Ha. No. Just hoping it can be resolved soon. My wife and I are Uptown residents.

2018-06-23 11:25

Celestial119 chiquibon2

UCLA Grad, Dog mom to Chiquita & Bonita. There is now HOPE for America with Pres Trump & VP-Pence at the helm. No DM please!

RT @realTylerZed: Michael Bloomberg, “Republicans in Congress have had almost 2 years to prove they could govern responsibly. They failed.”…

2018-06-23 11:25

Charles Ludwig charlesludwig

Designer, Developer, Cook, Gardener. For my culinary adventures follow @theLudwigs. IG: chuck4242

@pwthornton I had to actively avoid them when I was purchasing a TV around 5 years ago.

2018-06-23 11:25

Adam Convergence webb3_webb

I am...

@realDonaldTrump Liar

2018-06-23 11:25

Josh Winter J26Winter94

Retired 🏒 player&junior suitcase. Hunting, fishing and loving everyday. Breaking 80 is always nice too ⛳️ #BH23 #ZK19

@SchutzNScores Hard to believe you guys would’ve made a field goal so it must’ve been a 2 point conversion and a safety.. #theblaireffect

2018-06-23 11:25

Wendy Kaji

Geek mom, Night Elf (main), currently braindead.

RT @StarTribune: Pride, Jazz Fest, a car show and two baseball games make it a big weekend for traffic generating festivals in the Twin Cit…

2018-06-23 11:25

Gal Gadot GalGadotUSA

I am Diana of Themiscyra, Daughter of Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons and your wrath upon this world is over. Follow Gal @GalGadot

@Wonkabit1 Gotta remain classy always.

2018-06-23 11:25

The Noogie The_Noogie

You know, Dude, I myself dabbled in pacifism once. Not in 'Nam of course.

The #mnwild first round pick

2018-06-23 11:25

TravelinPride TravelinPride

Travel Agent and Blogger for the LGBT Community.
✈️Weddings Gay Pride Gay Cruises Travel Lovers!

If you see this weekend feel free to ask me about our #discount for interpride which is hosting World #Pride in…

2018-06-23 11:25

Evan Steel riverofsteel


I come from a small pond and I’m not even a fish 🦁

2018-06-23 11:25

Aegis Aegis242


I also drink.

Still a favorite

2018-06-23 11:25

DeezMUTTZ HazdadHusky

⚠️ Screams a lot ⚠️ Gay+ ⚠️ Single Pringle ⚠️ Likes orange stuff and dead memes ⚠️ He/Him ⚠️ Telegram: @HazardHusky • PFP- @YVNGSL_ME • Banner-TheAzimuth (FA)

RT @mmmatches: What’s with all these unboxin’ videos I keep hearin’ about?

#FursuitFriday #almost

2018-06-23 11:25

Eamon poopedia

Travis Scott is a walking flannel with a hoodie

2018-06-23 11:25

Jason Chartier JasonChartier1

I love sports and have a passion for helping others! Student Manager for CMU's Men's Basketball Team. Fire Up Chips!

RT @hockeywildernes: The Edmonton Oilers select Evan Bouchard at number 10. HW had him at number 8. Read his profile here!

2018-06-23 11:25

Jill K jillykobi11y

Realtor | Waconia Power Company Asst. Dir.

@johpoh21 LOTR extended editions with cast commentary, OBVI!!

2018-06-23 11:25

Yvette Yvette85189544

RT @RWPUSA: The 2018 elections are about Trump.
Voters are sick of him and of Congress not doing anything about him.

These Democratic cand…

2018-06-23 11:25

Batala McFarlane BatalaRa


Lonnnnnnh sigh. Miss her so, so much @MichelleObama

2018-06-23 11:25

Nicole Kennedy the_nikki_g


2018-06-23 11:25

Smoke SmokedoggOG

Still grinding non-stop!

RT @realTylerZed: The feckless deplorables of ANTIFA in Duluth, MN assaulted @Education4Libs today. Tomorrow on our podcast we will talk ab…

2018-06-23 11:25

iya itsayiiii

fly tonight

the moment i almost fucked up

2018-06-23 11:25

Ed Kohler edkohler

Former Daycare League commissioner.

@telephonenut @Goonertron It's not a problem until it's a problem. If it turnes out that your friend was on the NIC…

2018-06-23 11:25

Matthew MBeaupre44

Well @mnwild I’m off Twitter for the night. I can’t even explain my level of disappointment right now. We are the s…

2018-06-23 11:25

#WhereAreTheGirls YvetteKopp

I Block all Trumpcucks. I will block anyone who puts me in groups. #OnwardTogether #ImStillWithHer
#HillaryClintonDemocrat #NeverBernie

RT @hisuccio: Documents (2013) for the Richard & Helen DeVos Foundation show that they contributed $250,000 to Bethany Christian Services.…

2018-06-23 11:25

Bry🌙 brymichelle_


Feeling like I can’t do life at the moment 😕

2018-06-23 11:24

Memphisdyck memphisdyck

Just a freaky brother looking for some online fun.

@tiffanyblunt6 Mmmmm very nice ass

2018-06-23 11:24

Barb Abney BarbAbney

Lover of family, friends and Music. Avid supporter of local artists. Evangelist of Skyline Chili and The Afghan Whigs.

@ClaireMPLS That’s good Minnesotan values at work!

2018-06-23 11:24

Erik Solhaug Soul_Hog

PhD candidate in Carter lab at UMN. Plant molecular biologist studying nectar production in Arabidopsis and Yellow squash (C. pepo).

@RussoHockey I know ESPN isn't necessarily a great hockey website, I thought this was funny given all the tweets ab…

2018-06-23 11:24

Maya Saki Inu Yasha & Mom, Deb debporrazzo

Maya Saki Inu Yasha, w/ Mommy through thick & thin. Proud Democrat. Wise woman. I block trump chumps & lists, spammers & bots. #Resistance #Impeach45

2018-06-23 11:24

🌸💜Jen🌸💜 JenYeager6

80's Girl. ❤️#DAYS (#Stayla, #Ericole & #Horita). #TWD FREAK ❤ Norman, Andy & JDM. #TWDFamily. 💜 My MN VIKINGS. I ❤ U Dad 😇 Always

@adlangford Some of these Sonny stans...

2018-06-23 11:24

Kam KamOnBass

Dad, Husband, Bassist, Teaching Artist, Composer, Geek, Creative, INTJ, Elder Millennial, TBD

WT actual F

2018-06-23 11:24

alex PRXSTlN

into girlgroups, queer characters and romcoms

RT @pompadare: Target youre the only true corporate ally

2018-06-23 11:24

Rose K rkcountrygirl

wife, mom of 3
/HAIRSTYLIST/gymnast mom/
contributor to @tcountrysource
concert and info junkie!

I love Jesus!

Seriously may have been the best set I've ever seen of yours @KipMooreMusic you were in a groove . Dang!! @LakesJam @TCountrySource

2018-06-23 11:24

Breakneck breakneckdamage

hip hop musician/traveler/journalist..4 albums in & booked/played live shows all over Midwest...No Coast Raps/UNCOVERED MPLS/3D

Watching Smoky Mountain Wrestling on WWE network. @TheJimCornette has to be the greatest mind in the wrestling business

2018-06-23 11:24

Chanda Brandt ChandaBrandt

Diva's Mom, Junior Leaguer, Theatre Geek, I watch way to much TV - MEM Grizzlies, STL Cardinals, & NOLA Saints - Southern Belle in St. Paul, MN.

With all the crappy things going on in the world, @NBCTimeless was a great weekly escape. Disappointed @nbc cancell…

2018-06-23 11:24

Amber, Queen of Dragons Farore_DnD

Registered Nurse. Dungeon Master. Jedi with @EncounterRP. Shadar-Kai Grave Cleric. Ravenclaw. Cat mom. Dragons. #mentalhealth advocate. #DnD

@tomwiener And now my skin smells amazing, worth their sacrifice 😊

2018-06-23 11:24

d_enq Coug_Enq

For your own well being, nothing I ever say should be taken seriously, unless it contradicts your general outlook on life.

RT @Staggfilms: The Thing
[R] 1982 ‧ Science Fiction ‧ 1h 49m

2018-06-23 11:24

Christin Christin612

paradigm abundance • politics radical • standards high • default kindness • unapologetic feminist • *inserts Nicki's Win Again lyrics here* she/her ♋️♀🌊 #ttbt

RT @dudeitsrowsheen: 🚨 This Saturday! 🚨
The Receipe with @jimmy2times and I get to be the special guest!
Super excited for this one, come…

2018-06-23 11:24

JustMe totsiens0317

RT @RWPUSA: The 2018 elections are about Trump.
Voters are sick of him and of Congress not doing anything about him.

These Democratic cand…

2018-06-23 11:24

Welcome to the bone zone. Quartztea

Hi! my name is Ripley, I'm 20, a demiboy and I really love @gravdanger
Icon by yeahrobot on DA

RT @EMTShibe:

2018-06-23 11:24

Adam Steinhouse adamsteinhouse

Burner Account

Color me shocked

2018-06-23 11:24

RIPMom drushotya

Hampton University Alum 13'

Yea because we bout to have Kanye’s house in Calabasas surrounded.

2018-06-23 11:24

Maddie Blackhurst hello___maddie

photographer // graphic designer // crazy cat lady // insufferable midwesterner

I have moved 18gb of photos and I'm not even a third of the way through holy hell

2018-06-23 11:24

African boi (farai) shadowkidd_

ya African boi 🇿🇼

RT @TimBurt: If you’ve ever been so blessed as to have a truly loyal & true blue friend, the kind that was always there for you, you’ve had…

2018-06-23 11:24

Adam Convergence webb3_webb

I am...

@IngrahamAngle @TIME Sorry you disagree with facts

2018-06-23 11:24

Sam Richter SamRichter

Award-Winning and Top-Rated Keynote Speaker | Bestselling Author | Technology Entrepreneur | See sales success Tweets @KnowMoreSelling

@GopherFootball @GopherHole
Chris Streveler in just three quarters:
22/28, 246yds, 3 TD, 0 INT
10 carries, 98yds…

2018-06-23 11:24

J™ CommonSavant

Twitter ronin, Byzantine rat, catastrophe connoisseur.

RT @mesealake: The $28 bottle of hot dog water pairs nicely with a $34 emu egg omelette.

2018-06-23 11:24

David House -4$z- shizyhizy

...Father of an Angel... ...Livin' Life... ...-4$z-... Twitch Affiliate ...#audiobreakfast

chillin, streaming / **Funko Pop Room** -4$z- #Affiliate @Retweet_Twitch @TwitchShare

2018-06-23 11:24

Tabitha Wright twright393

Trump Supporter, #MAGA, 👠Animal Lover 🐾#codeofvets ✝️🇺🇸🇮🇱#1A #2A #buildthewall #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening

RT @MinnPatriot: Incumbent Democrat Minnesota State Senator @karlabigham with all of her supporters...😬 #Awkward

I think it’s safe to say…

2018-06-23 11:24

MissBetsy _MissBetsy_

I can’t stand McCants #BIG3Season2

2018-06-23 11:24

Josefina✨ joseherediaok


RT @lunarivas_: llame amiga a cada gila

2018-06-23 11:24

Simon Byrd Uosdwis

That was a nice summation, Smerconish..of white supremacy.. #RealTime

2018-06-23 11:24

Minnesota Lynx minnesotalynx

Official Twitter feed of the 2017, 2015, 2013 and 2011 WNBA Champions!

@WNBA @seimoneaugustus Scrooge McDuck loves the Money Mone 💰

2018-06-23 11:24

nat IS MEETING NIALL lolnatalien

harry 7.1.18 / niall 8.23.18

@ftdtomlinson Yessss

2018-06-23 11:24

Nick Costa MeAsAPilot

pubic figure/guitarist for The 4onthefloor/songwriter

@syasgar @JimPrice47

2018-06-23 11:24

Victor McKnight 🎶🎧🎶 Xacxon

Victor | 20 | I write original and cover music about video games! | | Profile picture by @MagicalPouch!

Alright! 3,000 subscribers! Thank you all so much! <3 Now about that thing I promised...

2018-06-23 11:24

cookie🌈 ellieisalesbian

self-proclaimed worst winston main ever / vent: @throughthevally

RT @pompadare: Target youre the only true corporate ally

2018-06-23 11:24

Crunchy Black kinglos__

in Christ alone


2018-06-23 11:24

Lou Wil Louisw23

@thedonholly Boi quit lying to yourself

2018-06-23 11:24

Laura Cina lauracina

Environmentalist with a #Solar specialty, employed with @ipssolar. My views are my own.

@WentRogue @BetsyHodges *wink*

2018-06-23 11:24

Mike Sullivan MikeSullivan68

@RussoHockey @TheAthleticMIN I hate the pick, offense still there and they reach? this sucks

2018-06-23 11:24

#WhereAreTheGirls YvetteKopp

I Block all Trumpcucks. I will block anyone who puts me in groups. #OnwardTogether #ImStillWithHer
#HillaryClintonDemocrat #NeverBernie

RT @hisuccio: Children separated from their parents at the border are being transferred to U.S. DHS to be placed in foster care, with U.S.…

2018-06-23 11:24

Max HabsMax

RT @RussoHockey: With the 24th pick, the #mnwild take Filip Johansson from Sweden. The European scouts were up on stage, so that was a sign…

2018-06-23 11:24

The Expensive Wino ExpensiveWino1

Doer of things and stuffs.

Mjölnir and daddy take a stroll around Lake Harriet. #minneapolis #onlyinmn #lakeharriet #mjölnir #petsagram #puppy…

2018-06-23 11:24

Cyrus CyrusTarber

Evil sci-fi lynx overlord, formerly Mewtwo. Gamer furry and overall nerd. Obsesses over dumb things. Sometimes NSFW. Please eat responsibly.

Man I've wanted to build a virtual pinball cabinet for years but I'm way too poor to afford the parts, let alone a premade cabinet

2018-06-23 11:24

Mark T. Robinson ElectraGlideMan

Husband of Wendy for 27 years; Father of 3 Sons + 4 Daughters; Grandfather of 7; retired English teacher. Love great fiction, playing golf, pool, and FOOTBALL!

RT @RWPUSA: Congress treats a constitutional crisis as a policy dispute. He just laughs.
I call for House and Senate Judiciary Committee he…

2018-06-23 11:24

nora oceanora

cool cool

@RIDDIKULUZZZ @TheSunVanished Me too the videos had me holding my breath bc I was scared 😭

2018-06-23 11:24

frank llyod wrong worstamericngrl

i come from a family of strawberry farmers whose land was stolen from them by the us government 大丈夫ですよ

@slug_doctor come to minneapolis and we will help u drink it

2018-06-23 11:24

Kacey△⃒⃘ ⚯͛ kacey_mt

pineapple enthusiast🍍 XU’21

RT @jnoel56: Hey birthday girl, don’t forget where you came from 😉 @kacey_mt

2018-06-23 11:24

Joe Kanz joe_kanz

Head Coach Midwest Speed 16 Gold

@RussoHockey Wild fans waiting for our pick be like

2018-06-23 11:24

Shane ShaneCalipari

Husband, dad and someone that wants to make America better one day at a time. In the same breath, I want my kids to be better than I ever was.

@Amy_Siskind @GIowing0rb He and Xi. They have a weekly call where they watch his "hits" on Twitter and laugh.

2018-06-23 11:24

Jeremy Schlumpberger JSchlumpberger

McIlroy tee time tomorrow, 12:15 CT. #TravelersChamp

2018-06-23 11:24

PHARAOH LoveOfPharaoh

We’ll say I make WORLD music.

@JoeBudden podcast will never come to Minnesota and it sucks 😢

2018-06-23 11:24

Mike MacDonald VacayWithMike

🌍World Traveler🕹Proud Nerd 🎮Business Coach📈Helping You Travel The World With a Profitable Home Business. Learn More Here

Another beautiful sandy beach in Costa Rica!

Visit The Beaches Of The World Though a Profitable Home Business. Lea…

2018-06-23 11:24

Mary DesJarlais DesJarlaisWords

Ambivert author. Author of Dorie LaValle. Fix-it-Gal, golfer. Once kissed Bruce Springsteen. I listen because I’m stealing your stories.

RT @Amazng99 Check out my blog post. ➡ #amreading

2018-06-23 11:24