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Lonnie Collier lcollierstu

Apologetics enthusiast, aspiring writer and theologian. Master of Divinity from Oral Roberts University. I believe there is overwhelming evidence of God.

RT @randyalcorn: Name the tragedy, the trial, the pressure, the illness, the stress. God can and will use it to broaden our impact for Chri…

2019-01-20 03:21

Belief Beyond Reason ErikPtfc

Soccer nut side of cackalacks
RCTID Timbers Thorns Timbers2
Beer Bourbon Bacon lover

@PTFCRCTID_15 @PTFCteamstore Short sleeve, long sleeve

2019-01-20 03:21

Maury Brown BizballMaury

@Forbes | BBWAA | Former @BaseballPro, USA Today Fields of Green | #Motorsports | #SportsBiz | Bizball LLC | Autism Awareness Advocate | Guitar @ShootToThrillNW

Greatest short film with musicians I've seen in a long time. Some language. But hilarious.

2019-01-20 03:21

Laura ProudMultiFan


@imminterstellar Sorry done that one, do you have others?

2019-01-20 03:21

caseywillis caseywillis

husband/father of three, co-founder, sports fan, startup enthusiast, fisherman, and fan of a good beer or good story but ideally both.

RT @johncanzanobft: Sports Illustrated graded the college football conference relative to resources and expectations.

Only one received an…

2019-01-20 03:21

bre slater slater_breanna

you could feel the love reverberate


2019-01-20 03:21

Sheila U SheilaUtz1

Retired from DOJ & DoD. Dog lover. Grandma with 3 grandsons on the Autistic spectrum. Democrat & proud of it. #TheResistance #NotMyPresident

RT @DemWrite: Working without pay, and now working without food. Our Coast Guard deserves to be treated with respect, @realDonaldTrump @sen…

2019-01-20 03:21

DJ Dianej209

RT @DemWrite: Working without pay, and now working without food. Our Coast Guard deserves to be treated with respect, @realDonaldTrump @sen…

2019-01-20 03:21

🌈👻Aiden on-that-deadline Thomas aidenschmaiden

author of LOST IN THE NEVER WOODS (@SwoonReads|@MacmillanUSA, 2020) queer. latinx. transmasc. them/they. OAK to PDX. repped by @marchsoloway


2019-01-20 03:21

quinn & bear it quinn_finity

Quinn ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ they/them

@aaronphilipxo @cakeoryx

2019-01-20 03:21

Ruby (Bulgur Woman) RubyArbogast

Highbrow tastes (lit fic, ballet), lowbrow tastes (hockey, reality TV), & v little between. Aspiring web developer. she/her. #ToastieTwitter #spoonie

@Rollergirl31 In Portland! It generally rains a lot here and even more in Seattle -- although looking at the foreca…

2019-01-20 03:21

solstice mo 🌚🌲 littlelull

#sensitivebadass. likes to make stuff. loud introvert. nonbinary femme. they/them. spoonie. always punch Nazis. cats, art, feels, gripes, baby stuff, and antifa

LRT: that whole thread is an informational gold mine on "ugly produce," agricultural practices, and classism.

2019-01-20 03:21

LostElementDesigns lostelementgems

There’s only 1 race, the human race, & we are all spinning in circles on a rock in the middle of nowhere. Racism is a plague! I suffer with fibromyalgebra!

They only respect life in the womb, not life right in front of them.

2019-01-20 03:21

Office of Academic Innovation oaipsu

Hi, we're the Office of Academic Innovation at Portland State University. We help faculty create and teach their best work at @Portland_State #psuoai

“All of us have the ability to give trauma-informed care.” - Dr. Teri Pettersen from @OHSUNews speaking this mornin…

2019-01-20 03:21

𝕽𝖔𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖘𝖕𝖔𝖔𝖓 Roninspoon

Writer for Roninspoon Theater, one of those fancy webcomics you've heard so much about. Updated virtually never.

All this talk of killing baby Hitler and no one’s like “maybe just buy some of his paintings?”

I just think, as a…

2019-01-20 03:21

Amelia Queen_Billa

RT @IMQuotes_Videos: Be solution oriented and don't give up, there are always novel ways to reach your goals.


2019-01-20 03:21

Robert DiFalco radifalco

VP of Engineering at

What is butt rock? There’s definitely a right answer.

2019-01-20 03:21

Tony • PNW Husker 🔴⚪️🔴 PNWhusker

Love Jesus, my wife, my two beautiful girls. Music moves me. Podcast enthusiast. Huskers • Trailblazers • Seahawks • Royals • Timbers

@RedTRaccoon @GBR4LFE

2019-01-20 03:21

Carnidge johncallahanIII

#MobSquad | ProAm 🎮

RT @hotdaddywags: The ball flip to McVay after the run? Love it. Goff has his critics, but he's a baller, and he's my QB. @JaredGoff16 @Ram…

2019-01-20 03:21

(((TheTracker))) IdiotTracker

Tracking climate change denial, following the science, thinking about the rhetoric and the politics, and taking the fight to fake skeptics everywhere.

@uther_bendragon @CathyYoung63 @I_Vicere @jdforward It's interesting they are convinced of the opposite despite the…

2019-01-20 03:21

JLo JCELodge

🔰 #ncfc

No-one fancies winning the Championship this season.

Up the Nozz.

2019-01-20 03:21

david sirias davidsirias1

Progressive songwriter/musician/performer/producer/publisher. Retired from law. My first solo album released Oct. 11, 2018. Writer for vocalist Holly Nichole.

@pkedit @kbaxter11 @dcunited If he loses his ball fumble tendency since his return, then yes. If he had a clean y…

2019-01-20 03:21

Lodestar AF DJZurbriggen

#resist #bluewave #trumprussia #trumptreason True patriots do not bow to the feet of Trump and Putin. If you have MAGA in your bio, don’t even bother.

@GovMikeHuckabee You are the last person who should call themselves a Christian. Just look at your twitter feed. #fakeChristian

2019-01-20 03:21

k guinn angryolderguy

a guy who walks a dog and sometimes whispers to goats

@JeffAshGB Future Bret Kavanaugh's. Appalling.

2019-01-20 03:21

Michael Dean michaeldean2645

Mediocre writer, decent cook, functioning depressed human.


2019-01-20 03:21

I love video games ActaBunniFooFoo

Video Game Entertainer & Influencer Manager. I just wish people were as funny as me. Business:

This tweet is a crime

2019-01-20 03:21


First month already been too 6 states

2019-01-20 03:21

P. C. Long PCarrie_L

Lung Cancer survivor (so far 9/17). If you smoke, QUIT! Former Competitive Ice Skater, Swimmer, 🐈 Lover, 🐕 Lover..

@KelleeAzar @KATUNews Sorry I was wrong, shingles are from chicken pox

2019-01-20 03:21

Deborah Ferris DebFerris3

RT @baseballminutia: @Amy_Siskind Email the Dean of discipline

Add this image to your email, as this is the world the…

2019-01-20 03:21

Anthony Ng Gheshtar

Personally striving for grounded and honest thinking. Occasional ranter. Inquisitive to acquire truth. No party affiliation.

@DragonRift I know there is a box of my VHS tapes in my moms garage somewhere. I kinda went overboard with recordi…

2019-01-20 03:21

Rhys 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 RuhBuhJuh

I tweet a lot about film, sport, and games. I also write for @JUMPCUT_ONLINE, which is pretty top. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 #ChelseaFC #ChiefsKingdom

RT @Yojimbodaring: #Vice

2019-01-20 03:21

Lazycat! saltopus_rex

agent of fortune

@StefanMolyneux i think shes got a lot of native intelligence but shrs such a goddamn motor mouth she doesn’t stop…

2019-01-20 03:21

PDX Photog PhotogPdx

Commercial Freelance Photographer. Sports, Advertising, Editorial

@realDonaldTrump @newtgingrich Oh, you mean before the internet?

2019-01-20 03:21

Cass Sims Knight scifisibyl

dreamer, snarkster, writer. I #amwriting my first #novel.

After 8 p.m. is one reason why this woman was a legend.

2019-01-20 03:21

Nancy Murphy NamiMuralsPdx


2019-01-20 03:21

Alex | Backlog Battle mybacklogbattle

What’s up everyone? Alex here! | #Persona #Yakuza #Judgment #FinalFantasy #JRPG #JapaneseGames | Writer, YouTuber, Podcaster | Contact:


2019-01-20 03:21

DrowningByDegrees DrownByDegrees

I write fanfiction, sometimes make art, and love cats. My posts are liable to reflect those things.

Follow-up about magnetic false eyelashes for anyone who cares 😂
1. They have a steep learning curve.
2. They are AW…

2019-01-20 03:21

Shannon stewart_shannon

RT @Hollenbeck_Girl: @misslaneym @ish_not This destroyed me. #FUCKTRUMP #fuckyourwall

2019-01-20 03:21

Brandon Smith Smitty0478

Looking forward to seeing this kid in the @pdxwinterhawks net in the future.

2019-01-20 03:21

Don't have a name High_on_nutella

idk what is this account
15 years🦄


2019-01-20 03:21

SC: Floridaaboijay FloridaaBoiJay

#supercuffed 💍 #SouthFlorida

@AlaysiaMichelle Just trying to see our goodies wow

2019-01-20 03:21

amazing zero thedontae

meh.....................also sup I read comic in my free time huge Spiderman fan huge Green Lantern fan

RT @EricDSnider: @davechensky It gets crazier: She was five years younger than him when she played his mother in UNBREAKABLE, too.

2019-01-20 03:21

James Tryand monkeyonahill

i like to program. i like to learn.

RT @shanselman: It’s ridiculous that Americans still believe that our system is better than virtual *every other developed country’s single…

2019-01-20 03:21

mack mackdubya

im trying jennifer

@greg_doucette absolutely not, that's a terrible tradeoff

2019-01-20 03:21

The Gamers Talk 🎮 TgTpodcast

Machinima's complete YouTube library has been erased with no explanation to It's subscribers and content creators..…

2019-01-20 03:21

🅿🆁🅾🅳 𝘽𝙮 ʝɦօօքᏆօᏆɦɛ Jhooptothe

I’m here 2 create & I’m the man for all around ideas ——💡👈🏾 LIKe A LIgHT YUhh _______ Wifey 👉🏾👰🏽💍 @pauliina_naiidy 🅽🅴🆆 🅼🆄🆂🅸🅲 𝕃𝕚𝕟𝕜 𝕭𝖊𝖑𝖔𝖜

Does @JColeNC have a Snapchat? Cuz I talked to someone on snap a while back who was supposedly him but I never got proof 🤷🏽‍♂️

2019-01-20 03:21

Kevin kevinzuro

@sodium_acetate_ Good thing the game is tomorrow then lol

2019-01-20 03:21

Art Wells would not have artwells

The Best of 2019

I would have so many children if I didn't have to leave the house.

2019-01-20 03:21

Portland Police log pdxpolicelog

Unofficial automated posting of calls for service minus traffic stops, created by @rosecitytransit; scanner feed:

UNWANTED PERSON at 400 BLOCK OF SE 160TH AVE, PORTLAND, OR [Portland Police #PP19000021350] 10:07 #pdx911

2019-01-20 03:21

Hands On Portland HandsOnPDX

Helping you connect to meaningful volunteer opportunities in the greater Portland area since 1996.

RT @ArnoldGomez94: It was great to be part of the 2019 Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend of Service #MLK2019 #SOLEServiceDay @UnitedWayPDX @Ha…

2019-01-20 03:21

brandon sheffield necrosofty

@necrosoftgames director! Gunhouse! Oh, Deer! Also wrote Street Fighter 30th and SNK 40th.
And Comics!

RT @Kahjahkins: Mannnnnn we don’t deserve amazing folks like this.

2019-01-20 03:21

Inbound Insurance Mk InboundInsMktg

Count on Inbound Insurance Marketing for assistance with content development and lead generation.

Could your next marketing campaign offend members of your audience? Here’s how to approach multicultural marketing:

2019-01-20 03:21

Don Mateo ikneadthedough

♫Can't Fight the Feeling (feat. Menahan Street Band) by Charles Bradley, from #SoundHound

2019-01-20 03:20

radiant being michaelestelle

don't rain on my parade

Ok let me tell you about my good friend Paige.. last night this gurl went to leave the bar and legit opens her arms…

2019-01-20 03:20

priestess 👑 olsenmadi

in need of a rave bae and a goth gf

@BobertHill @randyuriarte62 OH MY GAWD HI

2019-01-20 03:20

Kyle G. Parath96

I love to knit, read, make candles, and play video games. I am a trans, pagan, and bisexual. Trying to get through things one day at a time.

RT @1aprildaniels: Here's a perfect example of how labor policies are structured around a mythical worker who can always walk away, and yet…

2019-01-20 03:20

trundlestumps bensassymassey

@CliffandKendall omg the ficus!🤣🤣🤣

2019-01-20 03:20

Nat Moss natmoss

Conservation writer/editor; screenwriter; proud dad; Red Sox fan; transplanted Texan; follow and tweet esp environmental, film, and political news.

RT @johnrplatt: Did you know? @Revelator_News is now published under a Creative Commons model, so our new environmental news articles and e…

2019-01-20 03:20

Nancy Parks NancyParks8

@DesireeLWiggin1 @grand___wazoo @M47Jakeman @crocodi11276514 @EricaCantona7 @noseybugger1 @McCannFacts @barragirl49…

2019-01-20 03:20

EMV EddieV_ripcity

Live in the Rose City have two beautiful daughters love life love the Blazers

@BillSimmons @ringernba Lillard better

2019-01-20 03:20

Sam S_Hunters_Malec

Shadowhunters, book, enthusiast and extreme fan of Panic! At The Disco!


2019-01-20 03:20

🦷 sweeet__deee


RT @meredeathmetal: Amortentia💕

2019-01-20 03:20

Nectar NectarCannabis

Number #1 Dispensary in Oregon.

20% OFF EXTRACTS 20% Off NW KIND 20% Off Gold Moon 20% Off Buddies Dabs 20% Off Willamette Valley Alchemy Dabs

2019-01-20 03:20

FDR Forever FDRforever

Bleeding heart & artist, Writer of Songs, PoliSci & History degrees, ally to Women, POC, LGBT, #Resist the ClownPrez. Monday Favors’ new album is RESIST! #KHive

RT @DemWrite: A GOP Congressman from Texas is calling the “crisis” at the border a “myth”, and Trump’s wall “ancient”.

2019-01-20 03:20

dloitz dloitz

Transformational #Edu Change Agent. Teacher. Founder of Mr. David's School of Film. Film Maker. Social Storyteller. #ripcity

@pinwheelempire @justbeingbeans @KingSully06 Because he needs to play too. So if jake starts where is Moe playing.…

2019-01-20 03:20

James Tryand monkeyonahill

i like to program. i like to learn.

RT @shanselman: The Insulin Wars - welcome to America. I’m juggling between two insulins now.

2019-01-20 03:20

meggyn finetypeco

Illustrator. Critic @thisisfound. My favorite color is #000000. Actually, it's a burrito.

@Sumdood88 ASAP

2019-01-20 03:20

Jenny Lees JenMLees

I'm just a cynical optimist trying to figure this shit out.

Roxanne Anderson

2019-01-20 03:20

Don Nutella Versace geogre_j

🌈 he/him

I like bolth so don’t @ me

2019-01-20 03:20

(((Catherine C))) torontocrockett

RT @existentialcoms: I consider myself a true centrist. Both the Anarchists and the State Communists make excellent points. We have to lear…

2019-01-20 03:20

PrincessPDX SappPDXapE

Wannabe modern renaissance woman. Maker. Thinker. Traveler. Slightly optimistic misanthrope.
Be kind. Be useful. Hold the door. Deviate. #NatureBatsLast #NoWall

@KwikWarren Indeed - but the Native man's strength is beautiful. My heart swells to see the unwavering peace he displayed.

2019-01-20 03:20

Sandra Raymond sisuforlife

hair. humanist. democratic socialist. amateur gardener. lazy painter and seamstress. more hair. health. life and momming it up.


2019-01-20 03:20

Pacific Northwest Gay🌲🏳️‍🌈 gay_pnw

not boy crazy, boy focused

@MrALnycSFseaGay Obviously 😇

2019-01-20 03:20

Natasha Ruby3rdGen

Proud to be part of the BTS ARMY!
25 yrs old.

Fancams here and on Insta (ruby3rdgen) and Youtube

BTS LA 9/6, 9/8 and 9/9

@yoongi_Far_Away 😭😭😭😭
You're so lucky. Thank you for sharing!

2019-01-20 03:20

Shiny - is an Eladrin now, deal with it 😋🍀🐝 shinybatgirl

Proud Nerd | #cteam Shadow Councillor | #dnd Dungeon Mistress | Shiny Ella Fizzlesprite O'Muffins Dragonsbane Harpell the Unstable | She/her 🤪

@MaxwellsDeamon Yayaya!!! Killin it!

2019-01-20 03:20

LostElementDesigns lostelementgems

There’s only 1 race, the human race, & we are all spinning in circles on a rock in the middle of nowhere. Racism is a plague! I suffer with fibromyalgebra!

@AdamSerwer @ByronTau They only respect life in the womb, not life in front of them.

2019-01-20 03:20

Mich S racecardogs

Avid Racing fan NASCAR and INDY. Dogs make the best friends . Wakefield 200 Sept 13,2011 . big PAPI #500 9/12/15 Lionheart Forever & Bad Ass Racer #follow4indy

RT @jeff_gluck: When his arm was virtually blown apart by a wheel explosion last year, Brad Loyet knew he wouldn’t drive again. But he’s ba…

2019-01-20 03:20

Heschmat Ramezani HeschmatRamezan

RT @janmpdx: Knowledge is power. Turtlenecks are neither.

2019-01-20 03:20

Krauzeeer elKrauzer


2019-01-20 03:20

Joe McGreevy MrPillowSuit

Twitch Affiliate | Variety Streamer | Motion & Graphic designer | Stone and Wood Carver | aspiring prop designer | Best Hugger 10 years running!

@therealcliffyb I mean super smash bros and that new Jump Force game are the same thing. Different game mechanics,…

2019-01-20 03:20

Jeremy P Zimmerman JeremyZimmerman

Father, Coach, Leader and Friend. Committed to my family, Seniors and my Oregon State Beavers. #49ers #SFGiants #PTFC #LALakers #outdoorlife #nra #OSUBeavers

Yes!! #gobeavs

2019-01-20 03:20

Andy Beck mrandybeck

Living on a sailboat in the pacific northwest. Planning on sailing south real soon! Tropics!

But...Buzzfeed! (This is fucking stomach churning.)

2019-01-20 03:20

Emily St emilyst

Unaccountably soft, pillowy, and luxurious. Ladycore queer. I ❤︎ hacks and snacks. Yes, I took the photo in my header. Tweets available in 4K Dolby Vision.


2019-01-20 03:20

ChristianMesser ChristianMesser

Host Pleased To Meet You podcast and soon, Fabulocity! Graphic Designer, Apple Fan Boi, Geek, Foodie, and friend. My personal account, anything goes.

Wow…more please

2019-01-20 03:20

ElleB ellabagh

Artist & World Citizen. TBI Survivor after a bucket list gone wrong safari in India. Memoir in progress. Persister and Resister.Democracy Dies in Broad Daylight

@DerekCressman Nope they maneuvered their ways around the laws to keep their wallets lined.

2019-01-20 03:20

Cycle The Pacific Northwest Cyclethepacwest

Bike nerd, randoneur, macaroni and cheese enthusiast. #WeAreThePatriots #protectmueller #Resist

Here we have a willful serial liar lecturing on truth. Womp womp.

2019-01-20 03:20

AirAngel AirAngel_tv

#indiegame Speed Runner 🎮👾🔥| Woman Motorcyclist 🏍❤️ 🏕🏝 | Twitch Affiliate & Charity Streamer💕| Lover of all S.T.E.M. & Ingenuity 🤓 💻 #WeAreHIVE 🐝 🐝

My girl doin a Nintendo Chibi collection. Dream come true 🥰😭♥️💫

2019-01-20 03:20

Michelle Annett CascadeLibrary

Teacher librarian at Cascade Middle School loves new learning and challenges and turning on light bulbs #ninjateacher

@CascadePride Another #selfless student volunteer at our major library fundraiser for the year. #cascaderocks. Than…

2019-01-20 03:20

Don Nutella Versace geogre_j

🌈 he/him

Gays on the TL calling M*ggie R*gers boring white girl music after spending 3 years stanning the Joanne era..... it’s not adding up

2019-01-20 03:20

ʕ·͡ᴥ·ʔ TheStrawbeary

I’ll read your tarot cards if you want 🏳️‍🌈 certified queerdo🏳️‍🌈 he/him

@Space_Man_Spiff @ajvsell Cuties! Also LOVE your phone case

2019-01-20 03:20

Portland, Oregon pdxccura

@mateosfo Hashtag #citieslead #portland

@tedwheeler @ChloeEudalyPDX @pdxshoupistas

2019-01-20 03:20

Lisa Krull krull66

Love my dog, dirt track racing, and the Cyclones.

RT @jeff_gluck: Good tip if you don’t have MAV TV to watch Chili Bowl mains tonight.

2019-01-20 03:20

Lily steverogersass

Lily, 22, she/her | icon: /> Private: @lilybutedgy

RT @inolescos: can’t get enough of these cuties 💖 #mekamechanic

2019-01-20 03:20

Lydia Parker LydiaParker123

Saved by Amazing Grace. Go beavs. IG: lydiaparker123

RT @mampdx: @LydiaParker123 About 10 years ago. I grew up in California and had never heard that kind of racist vitriol before.

2019-01-20 03:20

Go DeMarcus Go DeMarcus__

Kent State Alum 2016⚡️Entrepreneur, Marketing Guru, Motivator, & I can dress a little. Send me your ideas. IG: @49dman SC: demarcusjordan #49GRAND #49K #49BOYZ

RT @SeQoyia: I hate that “might delete later” shit. Bitch, shut up 😭

2019-01-20 03:20

Jerry Chamberlain jezparker

Singer/Songwriter/RecordingArtist/Producer/Lead Guitarist/Poet/Pamelita & Parker/Daniel Amos(DA)/Swirling Eddies/The Balls of France/Boy-O-Boy/The Pickled Beats

RT @TheChristianLft: TCL's Morning Message:
He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy hono…

2019-01-20 03:20

meh TheRexMax

RT @Kahjahkins: If you recorded any gameplay footage from the #MK11Reveal event and posted it on YouTube, I would love to check it out.


2019-01-20 03:20

childish hanbino HannahHunicke

“you’re not like other girls” buddy I’m an algorithm of every cool girl I’ve ever met in my entire life


2019-01-20 03:20

alli alliisonder

really like art and talking about it. instagram: @alliisonder 🌟 @adolescentUS

i have a bunch of prints i’m trying to get rid of, name your price for them! can ship too💌

2019-01-20 03:20

Casandra with 1 's' !!! arcANUmCAK13

Just looking for info and passing on what I learn. Learning is my happy place.

@PKekbar @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @SecretService Holy cow!!!! What the fuck!?! THIS is EXACTLY what I'm talking abou…

2019-01-20 03:20