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Robert Belanger Coulongeoutlaw

French hillbilly with some Scottish Redneck blood in me. Hunting and fishing for a hobby. Chef and prospecting for a living. Riding quad and woodwork for fun.

@greggrunberg @LouFerrigno Lol took the hulk to show ya how it's done. Met Lou when I was a kid in 1984 at the Calg…

2018-01-16 17:54

Rossignol, Denis denisrossignol

Directeur, École secondaire Sieur-de-Coulonge à Fort-Coulonge

@francoislegault Pourquoi n'est-on pas capable de remettre le tout en contexte : ce que l'on se paye avec nos taxes…

2018-01-14 02:31

Raymond Ward ward329

@SensChirp Don't trade any players. You have a good team. All they have to do is play like they did in the last 2 games

2018-01-08 07:22