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Deloraine-Winchester RMofDeloWin

OCEAN'S 8 (Rated PG) this weekend at Del/Win Theatre @ 7:30 pm

2018-06-23 05:46

The Rendezvous RendezvousDel

Licenced Casual Dining, Free WiFi, Open Daily, Banquet Facilities 204 747 3463

Friday Specials

Greek Chicken Salad with Garlic Toast or Mushroom Swiss Burger with Side

Soups: Cream of Vegetable or Hamburger

2018-06-23 00:49

Deloraine-Winchester RMofDeloWin

LIFE OF THE PARTY (Rated PG) final showing tonight at Del/Win Theatre @ 7:30 pm

2018-06-21 22:41

KELMER kelmer1227

Good Guy

If you could hand in empty cigarette packs I’d be a millionaire.... lol jk cigs are bad #MillennialClassicRock

2018-06-21 14:43

KELMER kelmer1227

Good Guy

It’s weird to think that in few days I’ll be graduated and that there will be a bunch of new lululemon brand ambass…

2018-06-20 13:44