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ᴰᴶ dangrenfell

Freelance techie & software dev, Python, C#, JS etc on Heroku/Azure.

@vogueandcode @cfactoid Yes! After nearly 30yrs of coding MS languages (and C# a long time) I dabbled in Python and…

2019-04-25 15:13

Simon Wills WriterWillsy

I'm a writer, wildlife photographer, & journalist. I enjoy exploring the world, and have a dog called Max. Visit my website:

@Stillmuch2Learn Well done Cheez! 😀👍 Get your life back now.

2019-04-25 15:12

OMG sun24332

ไม่ชอบอัลฟอลเลยนะ รักนะ🎙

RT @freakinmex: ถึงทุกคนที่อยากจะบลัฟอวดภูมิตัวเองว่าเคยเข้า dark web เคยดูสนัฟฟิล์มนะ ฯลฯ ก่อนอื่นแยกให้ได้ก่อนระหว่าง deep web กับ dark w…

2019-04-25 15:12

New Place New_Place_SH

A charming venue on the outskirts of #Southampton and #Portsmouth 😊 Perfect for meetings, events, weddings & relaxing leisure breaks 👰🏼👌🏼

2019-04-25 15:12

Kylie Mirmohamadi vic_reader

Writer and academic. Author of The Digital Afterlives of Jane Austen (Palgrave Pivot, 2014). Co-author of Sensational Melbourne and Colonial Dickens.

RT @austeneconomics: Greatly looking forward to chairing a discussion of new directions in #Wollstonecraft studies with 3 brilliant scholar…

2019-04-25 15:12

Cal Warnes callumwarnes

21 | South | Barber | Saints FC

@shardaicaplin Have a sick time! Planning to go there myself for my birthday, looks bloody lovely over there x

2019-04-25 15:11

oliviaflorence olliedawnbrowne

@Savannah__Jones he thought that was his forearm🤦🏽‍♀️😂

2019-04-25 15:11

Kelly Morse sfckelly

proud mum to Bethany, Libby and Lexie. Girlfriend of @allysfc 1-10-15

@marcatkins74 @SouthamptonFC I done two separate orders, two tickets arrived and I had an e-mail to pick the other…

2019-04-25 15:11

Jake chillsten CostenJake

I literally use this website to gas shit

@DanFisher1988 Yeah if you chucked a booty pic or 2 in for sure

2019-04-25 15:11

Culture, Media, Place @ Solent CMPsolent

Interdisciplinary research group at Solent University (@SolentResearch) interested in the intersection between culture, media, and place

RT @solentmusic: Need some evening reading tonight? It’s been a month since SO:Music City Festival so head on over to

2019-04-25 15:10

Anthony saintant

@SaintlyGirl1 like with the motorcar business as a whole was losing money in the UK.. the…

2019-04-25 15:10


RP ⋆ 이시명, a queen of bandits land who lives flexibly, not only with her body but also with her heart. Controlling everyone under the magic spells, hocus pocus.

We'll have another stage on M!Countdown today and also Yiyeon unnie, me, and Seungeun will appear on SBS Power FM '…

2019-04-25 15:10

redjets redjets

Automated tweets from Red Funnel RedJets. Contact us @RF_Travel_News. By @andysc

07:10 - Red Jet 4 has arrived at Southampton

2019-04-25 15:10

Kev _kev_the_saint

@andrew_h2k19 @EditSouthampton @blondiesaint @ElTelofDaya What have Liverpool spent in pursuit of the title then? It’s hardly pennies!

2019-04-25 15:09

Rob Jack JackridRob

Retired retail manager of 40+ yrs. Covey disciple. Now growing activist against arrogance ignorance lies & greed Buddhist

@tomhfh And your parent/parents were.....?

2019-04-25 15:09

Stuart Bannerman stuartromsey

IT/employability tutor. CLP Secretary. Flaneur

@kmflett That doesn't look like cider

2019-04-25 15:09

Ray Monk Raymodraco

Professor of philosophy, biographer, recently converted vegan. Tweeting in a personal capacity. Also on Facebook and Instagram.

"Do we stop life to allow capitalism to continue, or stop capitalism to allow life to continue?"

2019-04-25 15:09

Simon Wills WriterWillsy

I'm a writer, wildlife photographer, & journalist. I enjoy exploring the world, and have a dog called Max. Visit my website:

@VenetiaParkins @NTBirdClub @NatureUK @NTNorthd_Coast @NorthWildlife @discovernland What a great shot, Venetia! 😀

2019-04-25 15:09

Mr J Mr_J_Soton

Year 6 Teacher at a Primary School in Southampton. Maths Leader and Sports Coach.

@QTMissL Less written marking, much more conferencing with children about their writing

2019-04-25 15:09

Папа АФ happah

Dim bulb, flashes of brilliance • NATIVE Texan • Sovereign • BLACK • Common Law Shogun • #MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 • Love it or go back to your #AncestralShithole

RT @ZubyMusic: I'm followed by hundreds of academics, journalists and politicians.

They're all very quiet and don't interact with my tweet…

2019-04-25 15:08


#⃞릴리 𝑝𝑎𝑠𝑡𝑒𝑙𝑠! ☆

@bangsrtergram mmm, rome?

2019-04-25 15:08

𝑣𝑖𝑎𝑛𝑛𝑒 𝑛𝑖𝑐𝑜𝑙𝑒 ❦ viannenixcole

ig: vviiaanneee | sc: vianneee24

RT @emmajaynefrost1: If you care about someone speak up. If you miss someone speak up. Because you never know when someone will die. Tomorr…

2019-04-25 15:08

ZUBY: ZubyMusic

Rapper | Podcast Host | Fitness Coach | Oxford Graduate | Free Thinker
📺 - |
🎵 - |
🎙️ -

I'm followed by hundreds of academics, journalists and politicians.

They're all very quiet and don't interact with…

2019-04-25 15:08

Vertonghen Deprê VertonghenDepre

Espalho a palavra de deus no @DepreSissoko

RT @Delecopter_: Rt if you’ve seen an Eriksen last minute winner this season 💉

2019-04-25 15:08

Joel Mason JoelmasonNUFC

breaking bads #1 fan, nufcs #1 fan love everything football especially the premier league, happily engaged and living the dream

@nufc3000 I just want us to get karma

2019-04-25 15:08

Jack 🦁 Chaotic Gay Disaster FireFangJack

25. He/Him. D&D, Overwatch, Pokémon. Basically a massive gay nerd fuelled by tea.

Stream Schedule (GMT):
Saturdays - 12pm
Sundays (coming soon) - 7pm

I guess I did okay then? #Swain #LeagueOfLegends

2019-04-25 15:08

myriad myriadparts

Myriad is an independent, non-affiliated #distributor of replacement parts and accessories for #TransportRefrigeration 🚛 across the UK & Europe.

@Culina_Group Congrats to you all 👏👏

2019-04-25 15:08

All Star Marketing GetAllStar

Where Growing Businesses Learn Marketing to help with confidently and consistently get results that level-up their business.

A great session with NatWest, Attended by a whole host of growing businesses, eager to learn how to scale with Mark…

2019-04-25 15:07

In God we Trust InGodweTrustYah

Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers ... Matthew 13:30

RT @McnameeNoel: Today, God wants you to know that you are not of the world’s system. You are of the kingdom of God—the same kingdom that f…

2019-04-25 15:07

Emily Russell funkyinfishnet

writer, Jesus freak, wrestling nerd, wife, dino mama, amateur baker, administrative queen.

@_sunf10wers If you go to tvtropes and search for Game of Thrones, look at shipping fics & it's there! On my phone…

2019-04-25 15:07

Colt _coltseavers


RT @ZubyMusic: Women: "Men have unrealistic standards for women!"

Data: "LOL"

2019-04-25 15:07