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Amber🍯 yafavafrolatina

♏☀️ ♐🌜♎⬆️

RT @NerdAboutTown:

2019-05-24 08:03

Carol rolp

Remember to look up at the stars instead of your feet...... obviously unless you have twinkly toes

RT @Roger_Da_Costa: In 2010, RBS (British taxpayer owned) lent money to Kraft to buy Cadbury's who then moved the jobs out of the UK to Pol…

2019-05-24 08:03

shahbaaz __shahbaaz

don’t worry about it sweetheart’

RT @HawkesCr7: When they block you on every app but add you back 2 days later

2019-05-24 08:03

emma smith Rtlikewin

i love vintage stuff and entering comps #rt #win #competitions #prize #freebiefriday #winitwednesday Follow me :) Comp Blogger

RT @OXtoolsUK: Are you a budding carpenter or maybe already a seasoned professional? Whatever your skill level the OX carpenters’ pencil is…

2019-05-24 08:03

Neighbourhood Nip 🏁 TheRealLamz

1/7 - @TC_Lit4Eva

@audsldn I bought 8/15 🥴 (I always buy the home shirt)

2019-05-24 08:03

Linda Stansbury#FilthyRemainer LStansbury

Wife, Mum, Optical Dispenser and generally angry & discontent citizen, possessing an overinflated opinion on most things (but not in a Katie Hopkins sense)!

@Captain_Bold @bbcquestiontime @BrexitBattalion This is where I part company with you, leavers won’t accept comprom…

2019-05-24 08:03

Paola🥀 paola_r0208

🎓’19, ’23

RT @bashmaaa: people say they’re traveling after their kids graduate, I’m trying to travel before they’re born. fuck them kids …

2019-05-24 08:03

April Jenny37616739

RT @heatworld: ARMY's get ready, because @thegreatkhalid says a collab with @BTS_twt could literally drop at any point 😱💜 *bulk buys tissue…

2019-05-24 08:03

lo LolaLo36

Programming, girly stuff and general nonsense

These times people nowadays are lonelier than ever lol. We should be focusing more on nurturing our relationships w…

2019-05-24 08:03

Urban Partisan🌱 Since_May68

“My country is the world, and my religion is to do good.”
― Thomas Paine

RT @Adamstoon1: Today's #EuropeanElection2019 #TheresaMay @standardnews #cartoon #Brexit

2019-05-24 08:03

O.A Delano 🇳🇬 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 OADelano1

MATTHEW 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God

@coolaid305 What did you do to police 🚨 or house 🏠 arrest ?

2019-05-24 08:03

Cristina Cuervo CristinaCuerv12

RT @TimeOutLondon: A night of flamboyant, lycra-clad Mexican wrestling is coming to London

2019-05-24 08:03

Thomas Corbett Tom2574

Creative, promo maker and copywriter.

@realnumber321 @campbellclaret Its all coming out now. Totally faked. You gullible fools.

2019-05-24 08:03

Oswaldo22 OswaldoPlasce

Chivahermano , orgullosamente jalisciense. ❤⚽🐐

RT @ChelseaFC: Top. Goalscorer.

😁 @_OlivierGiroud_

2019-05-24 08:03

Roperflinformarción&Aprender y conocer Eldía a día Rolandoperezin1

Me interesa mucho la política con inclusión social, al cervício del ciudadano más; No la política de comechados de ínteres indívidual.

RT @PeruInUK: The Ambassadors of the Pacific Alliance countries took part in a roundtable discussion @UKHouseofLords International Relatio…

2019-05-24 08:03

Viv Youell vivyouell

Maverick: Singer, Song-writer, Olympic Ceremony Skating Nun, Glastonbury afficionado, Jessica Jones in Marvel Comic, Chrissie in Winnebago Graveyard

23.05.19 Marvellous @StARTharingey drawing session at the Spotted Thorn tree. #DrawOneTree

2019-05-24 08:03

คุณกัปของเลา❤ Catmaew12

RT @impeachii: “Can’t be asked” ไม่ได้แปลว่า ถามไม่ได้ แต่เป็นสำนวนหมายถึงในเชิง ขี้เกียจไปทำ (เพราะมองว่าสิ่งนั้นไม่จำเป็น/สำคัญขนาดนั้น)…

2019-05-24 08:03

jane lunsford 🇪🇺 #FBPE vjl2

citizen of world & EU 🇪🇺 recovering OU addict 🌻 family of foreigners & migrants 🐝 saboteur remoaner #FSFA #WATON #MVM #IAmRemain

RT @nedsimons: Dominic Grieve says he would support a vote of no confidence in the Conservative government if it backed a no-deal Brexit #n…

2019-05-24 08:03

Swamp Hag BillyBullfrog


@EvaPoen You say that you come across it in male trans circles.

This implies that you don't see it in others?


2019-05-24 08:03

druries druries86

Will football fans ever change

@1967_dutton @Nigel_Farage He didn’t choose to go to public school, was forced into banking and confused when with…

2019-05-24 08:03

Faith Sallow FaithSallow

24 años soñando mientras que vivo. Hippie de alma y corazón. Voluntaria. Hago trueques. Lo que te hace sentir bien, no te puede causar ningún daño. #Fake #SHPF

@_TayHayes + tanto buscando un poco de todo. -Te digo con una sonrisa mirándote.- Pero soy tan patosa....que eso, q…

2019-05-24 08:03

竹山友陽 amiciziasole



2019-05-24 08:03

Narcissa Black nxrcissablxck

Ex-Slytherin. «You are my possession, I'm your OBSESSION» Su belleza era diferente. Te hacía mirarla, pero también evocaba a la tristeza. #MES

Tú lo necesitas en vena.

2019-05-24 08:03

Harith Kamarul harithk17

Muslim. @ManUtd til I die. Growing @ETHKL1. Shiller of crypto t-shirts. Blockchain+data guy @myhellogold. Opinions my own.

RT @HughKarp: 🚢🚢@NexusMutual is now live on main-net: />
Learn how it works: />
and sign up as…

2019-05-24 08:03

Cathy Fitz CathyFitz27

RT @EmmaKennedy: Unless Farage wins 51% of the vote he can no longer repeat the lie that the majority of voters want No Deal.

Be careful…

2019-05-24 08:03

Billy Harris billyharris_2

RT @Mhuncho_1: Even if I lost you as a friend doesn’t mean I gained you as an enemy. I still wanna see you eat, just not at my table - @you…

2019-05-24 08:03

Rosie Chomet RosieChomet

Award-winning Graphic Designer/Illustrator ✏️ Bookish - Vegan - Animal Lover 🐱 INFJ

@CaptainChants Hugs 💛

2019-05-24 08:03

🌻☀️Nicci🤩 DeniseCop1


RT @CitadelJames: So the #GameOfThronesFinale might have gone out on a limp, but you can still celebrate the best character with this #free…

2019-05-24 08:03

Danger Daniels DangerDaniels

Life begins at 40

RT @Brexit4Students: Appalling to see @YoungTories4PV openly encouraging the harrasment of Brexit supporting Conservatives.

They’ve delet…

2019-05-24 08:03

Cora Ryder _Its_Me_Cora_

Practically perfect in every way

RT @EmmaKennedy: Unless Farage wins 51% of the vote he can no longer repeat the lie that the majority of voters want No Deal.

Be careful…

2019-05-24 08:03

pete leo homebrew19721

This looks a bit gay #TOTP

2019-05-24 08:03

Tim Perry tim647477

Lecturer/ management consultant in financial & management accounting. Rediscovered interest in macroeconomics.

RT @davidallengreen: You may or may not think EU citizens should be able to vote. That is a matter of opinion.

The fact is that they are e…

2019-05-24 08:03

Neil Crowther neilmcrowther

Consultant by day. Occasional bursts of sense & logic on equality, human rights & disability rights. All views expressed entirely my own unless plagiarised

@BeckyBarrister @CareQualityComm Agree. I was just irritated at him making that point that’s all. Places in those…

2019-05-24 08:03

- BryanChan2000

RT @SidemenClothing: 🎉 COMPETITION TIME 🎉

For your chance to get your hands on an UNRELEASED SDMN Phone Case & Phone Socket, simply LIKE &…

2019-05-24 08:03

CuttingVoices CuttingVoices

Circumcised woman, a critic of the anti-fgm moral crusade. I rant habitually on culturally/gendered biased and discriminatory legislations.

RT @campbellclaret: Quite remarkable that of the two people whose lies did most to bring us to this mess @Nigel_Farage is about to win the…

2019-05-24 08:03

Phillip Dyte phillipdyte

I like the truth and things that work. Some vice, several versa.

Everest first officially summitted in '53. Says something about how we commoditise extraordinary things.

2019-05-24 08:03

Monét monetmiaa

i think u should listen👇🏾||insta:@monetmia

fuck it i’m buying these tyler tickets

2019-05-24 08:03

Al McDonald 🌹 Earlsfield_Al

Teacher. Trade Unionist. Chair of @TootingLabour🌹| always Red, increasingly Green | views most definitely my own #VoteLabour #ForTheMany

@Des2302 Yep. Use tax revenue to invest in inner cities and smash the drug gangs.

2019-05-24 08:03

pez chan_chen_chin_

pobrecito esta loquito

RT @Mr_Meowwwgi: Calling in the professionals...

2019-05-24 08:03

des deexshanice

sc: dee.shanice

RT @Jhus: I know you can feel the force but you can’t stop it 🛑

2019-05-24 08:03

nannycool nannycool

Condemning unreservedly people who don't like vinegar on their chips.

RT @LanceForman: My final #Brexit message on polling day. Thank you. Thank you.

2019-05-24 08:03

Black Fen blackestfen

Ruminations from darkest East Anglia

RT @maitlis: I remember asking #JudithKerr Kerr if the tiger symbolised the 1960s sexual revolution where normal mores and suburban life be…

2019-05-24 08:03

٧٩ ib079

لا إله إلا الله ؛🍁

RT @M_N_kuw: حتى مخي صاير يرفع ضغطي على كيفه يفكر بأشياء مابي افكر فيها 😂

2019-05-24 08:03

Denise Hargreaves 🇪🇺🇬🇧🇪🇺🇬🇷🇪🇺🇨🇿🇪🇺🇨🇳 Denhargreaves

No fan of fracking-huge fan of our green pleasant countryside. Have been known to garden🌺🌸🌻🌾🌷 fact would much rather be gardening.

RT @davidschneider: From the people who brought you:
Can’t vote in referendum
Used as bargaining chips
Kept in limbo for 3 years
Forced to…

2019-05-24 08:03

Obakemi Amazing Amazing471

RT @CFCPys: We were playing Sarriball earlier on in the season and dominating teams but then we had a few bad results and the players just…

2019-05-24 08:03

🇬🇧Clive🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ❌#NoDealNoProblem❌ MountneyClive

Raye’s Husband ❤️❤️❤️

RT @GerardBattenMEP: If only Juncker had intervened in the Referendum campaign - the Leave vote would have been even higher. We might even…

2019-05-24 08:03

Will Pride will_pride15

Undergrad History student at Reading Uni

RT @BBCNews: Theresa May set to reveal No 10 departure date on Friday

2019-05-24 08:03

Shelly stblaisetweet

Mom,daughter, wife,sister, nurse. #notmypresident #postcardstovoters #wewillpersevere

RT @brianklaas: This is a lie.

2019-05-24 08:03

🏁 katarina_hecht

19. ⚛️. K💫

RT @DIORSBITCH: Versace 1998, the most iconic segment in fashion show history. In honour of Naomi Campbell’s birthday today.

2019-05-24 08:03


i hate anxietyㅤ

RT @Mr_Meowwwgi: Calling in the professionals...

2019-05-24 08:03

Frankie frankiemiddy

RT @benoobrown: Imagine being able to go out for a few drinks and leave at a reasonable time without taking it too far

2019-05-24 08:03

Brexit Party Jam brexjam

Brexit Party Jam - Trump Train for members and supporters of the Brexit Party

RT @BBCPropaganda: Farage is on his way to Downing Street. Britain will survive. Politics as you know it will not. Voters know they can for…

2019-05-24 08:03

Maureen Luggar maureen_luggar

RT @Fox_Claire: Me and my fellow Brexiteer mate @RedActuary on road all day, making sure today is a great day for defending democracy and g…

2019-05-24 08:03

Janton 🎗 jantongo

Geek sysadmin | Apple fan | R850R biker | STARWARS freak | Craft Beer lover | Rey del Selfie y Marqués de Amazon

RT @giagia: 1. Sex: Female mammals get pregnant and give birth.
2. Gender: Female humans suffer discrimination because they can get pregnan…

2019-05-24 08:03

Lauren Rae lawrenrae_

writerperson. got tired of being a sad bitch, back to being a bad bitch.

@MidKnightGaz Because all now Anthony Joshua hasn’t hit me up 🙄

2019-05-24 08:03

Jessi Dolan dolan_for_lifee

One Direction: 8/4/14 8/5/15 Little Mix: 11/6/15 12/16/16 5sos: 8/4/14 7/10/16 9/14/18 Harry Styles:6/22/18 Niall Horan: 9/15/18

RT @Jack_Maynard23: Maaaaan that new 5sos BANGS!

2019-05-24 08:03

UKinKorea🇬🇧🇰🇷 UKinKorea

Official Twitter account for the British Embassy in Seoul. 주한영국대사관의 공식 트위터입니다.

RT @foreignoffice: In the last 18 months, the National Cyber Security Centre has shared information and assessments with 16 NATO Allies of…

2019-05-24 08:03

‎‏ً luvyashel

fuck all zionist


2019-05-24 08:03

Otis joe_oddo21

IG: Joe.oddo21 RIP Alicia Lynn Dias👼🏻 Cleary University hockey🏒

RT @sam_bambs: Theresa May as bottles of Tresemmé. A thread:

2019-05-24 08:03

Alex Ruth malexwalex

Small. Book fiend. Very into dogs. Beard enthusiast.

RT @FeverTreeMixers: Next time you find yourself with a G&T in-hand, post a photo of it tagging @FeverTreeMixers and #MalariaMustDie and we…

2019-05-24 08:03

Sooz Kempner SoozUK

Award-winning stand-up, singer and writer. World's biggest eyes/nose combo. Host @mysteryontherox. Haven't missed an episode of Eastenders since 1994.

@CymruNerdCave @RAC_Cover I wish I could make a pizza happen in my car.

2019-05-24 08:03

dustin Yannncey

Grateful for the journey, Thankful for the past, Excited for the future

RT @Mr_Meowwwgi: Calling in the professionals...

2019-05-24 08:03

Daz dazgale

Music, Film, Theatre, Trash TV, Celebrities and a lot of other crap. Love Trumps Hate.

First time I've ever played a new song on the dot of midnight but @LouiseRedknapp doesn't disappoint. 'Small talk'…

2019-05-24 08:03

𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖊 𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖟𝖆𝖇𝖊𝖙𝖍 💖 ariellebarrios

𝖏𝖚𝖘𝖙𝖚𝖘 𝖑𝖆𝖚𝖌𝖊𝖓 ₁₂.₀₃.₁₇

RT @Rembrandtxox: I’m this old

2019-05-24 08:03

Facts 💯 tjaefiore

Libra Lad ♎... need I say more?.. Oh yea, anime, music and programming

RT @KemLDN: The Traplord’s prayer 🙏🏽

2019-05-24 08:03

Politics for Christ Jesus ✝️ AurorianChrist

Jesus is Gods Son. Patriotic NOT racist. ✝️ Vote #ForBritain Vote #BrexitParty for #EU elections
Lets get rid of #Tories & #Labour Kakistrocracy governments.

RT @OTVDesk: @LordAshcroft @KellerZoe I think you are very close @DanielJHannan . Just think, if the @Conservatives had kept their word, k…

2019-05-24 08:03

E, the poet laureate of Mars eilyelizabeth

real down to Mars girl. cofounder of @boshemiamag. appalachian.

RT @dollyalderton: Oh God there's NOTHING I love more than being privy to some sort of minor drama. It's one of my worst traits. A burglar…

2019-05-24 08:03

jo boissevain joboiss

'1967: Diary of a Posh Schoolgirl'

Thank you Chris Patten

2019-05-24 08:03

KLP KirstyPettifor

RT @rayyalex_: She was smiling because she 💩 in my hand

2019-05-24 08:03

Natte♨️ JrNatte

RT @bashmaaa: people say they’re traveling after their kids graduate, I’m trying to travel before they’re born. fuck them kids …

2019-05-24 08:03

Amaya🦄 amayaadestinyy

LWAlumni 🎓..

RT @p_williams88: @rose__Undefined Thought it was a relevant time to drop this...

2019-05-24 08:03

Leona @mcm saturday bubblekittea

23, London gal. ♡ Cat mom™ and occasional cosplayer. I play games n' stuff 👾 🎮 basically im baby

@xAlpacaShinex AWWWWWW THANK YOU MARISA!!! You're the sweetest!!! I'm so happy to have met youuuu! BIG HUG INCOMING…

2019-05-24 08:03

Sam Parish 🔜 MCM London Comic-Con samuel_parish

Icon art done by the very generous @RusapeB

#MDCBK #ZeldaUniverse #CombinedArms #VoiceforAll

@PatMikeVA @MissMoonified It's-a yee.😁

2019-05-24 08:03