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بيان RajabBayan

RT @DanahAls__: سامحني يا الله إن كان سؤالي أكثر من شكري

2019-01-17 03:10

Martin Francis WembleyMatters

Green Party activist, eco-socialist and educationalist in Wembley, England

Brent Planning is offering 8 events rather than 17 above the cap with a number of mitigation measures and Section10…

2019-01-17 03:10

cal 🇬🇧 ska_qpr

Dad. QPR supporter . Ska 2Tone 🏁 and Reggae.🇯🇲 love all The Emergency services #KeepTheFaith ✊🏼

@SkySportsNews @LUFC I absolutely love this guy 😂😂😂 fair play to him!

2019-01-17 03:10

Marco A. Navarro L. MarcoNavarroLor

Sacerdote Católico, teólogo y comunicador especialista en el Diálogo Intercultural.

RT @bbcmundo: Lo primero será un voto de confianza sobre el gobierno de Theresa May. #Brexit

2019-01-17 03:10

BazP lanct22

RT @JackDunc1: Oh look, once again the disgusting occupants of the Tory benches jeer and eye roll when Jeremy Corbyn raised child poverty.…

2019-01-17 03:10

Anny Annyseventwo

La violenza è l'ultimo rifugio degli incapaci. (Isaac Asimov)

RT @BelovedFire_: #highlife trailer looks great. Read about why it made #3 on our best films list, with words by @PatrickPreziosi …

2019-01-17 03:10

The Toker🇬🇧🤩#GTTO TheToker4


RT @RealNatalieRowe: Hold ON a minute! Theresa May accusing Jeremy Corbyn of sharing vague aspirations, empty slogans and ideas with no gro…

2019-01-17 03:10

ale wtxale

—————be your own rich man———————Você não pode matar uma ideia, pode?———————————

RT @benecoptero: 100 dias pra estreia de endgame eu estou exatamente assim

2019-01-17 03:10


lp me They /Them

@pkburnett @Myrmidon2002 @DemWrite Im not telling you how to do buisness, im just pointing out how far ahead social…

2019-01-17 03:10

Yousef 🇸🇦🇧🇪 Youzard10


@1KhloodE ميته

2019-01-17 03:10

Aria *アリア* Aicachaam

💋.* ・ʚ♡⃛ɞLᵒᵛᵉʚ♡⃛ɞ✽💋.Animal/ Paris Hilton/ 🎼東方神起🎼 /飽き性MAX❣️(_Д_)💯

RT @jimmychoo: Steal the show in our crystal adorned LISHA pumps, seen here with our CALLIE wrist bag.

2019-01-17 03:10

Jan Valjan JanValjan32

RT @bbcturkce: Dünya tarihi 24 saate indirgendiğinde insanın ortaya çıkışı gece yarısına sadece 20 saniye kala oluyor. Ancak bu kadar az za…

2019-01-17 03:10

Joe Mellor thejoemellor

Head of News for I tell cool people I live in Peckham, posh people East Dulwich, but really it's Honor Oak

RT @LondonEconomic: Feeling gloomy about Brexit? Here are 10 Brilliant things that have happened since Brexit Vote

2019-01-17 03:10

Enda EndaMaria

RT @SykoFantiS: Η Μακεδονία είναι Ισπανική

2019-01-17 03:10

The Times of London thetimes

The best of our journalism.
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Gunmen set off explosions and starting shooting people after they stormed the DusitD2 complex on Tuesday afternoon

2019-01-17 03:10

Aimee Gardner xAIMEE_GARDNERx

I believe that society sucks

I’m sorry, but if I had found out my driving instructor died I don’t think I’d be capable of constructing a joke ab…

2019-01-17 03:10

Mai MAIY_75

15th of July♋️ VII•V•IIXIXVIII 👩🏻‍⚕️

المريض له حقوق كثيره محد يدري عنها ،توني بالمستشفى لان بالطوارئ مافي الا اسطوانة اكسجين وحده وبالسرير ذا في مريضه د…

2019-01-17 03:10

Jim Caris jimcaris

Left-wing Anglo-Czech

RT @elcardinale: Very proud to have made another film for @UKLabour. Our Country needs Labour now more than ever.

2019-01-17 03:10

oslo oslo_sean

RT @PrisonPlanet: A fireman is in a coma after he was shot in the back of the head ‘like a rabbit’ by police during demonstrations in Franc…

2019-01-17 03:10

Unrepentant Welsh Thoughtcriminal FreeWales

#FreeThought #FreeSpeech #FreeWales. Beth bynnag!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿✡️

RT @RNW_MITCHELL: Says it ALL re #RBS & @theresa_may @BanksClaims

2019-01-17 03:10

H.alselwi alselwi_h

‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏لا أكـتـب لأحـد, ولا عن أحــد, وليس لأحـد أن
يعي المڪتـوب, أنا أُحــدثُ نفسي فقط .. التغريـدات في المفضلة ..

فيسسسكا بارسا ❤💙

فيسسكا كتالونيا

RT @alselwi_h: @HABTGALM قواعد السعادة السبع
لأمير المؤمنين علي بن أبي طالب..

١- لا تكره احدا مهما اخطأ في حقك.
٢- لا تقلق أبدا مهما بلغت…

2019-01-17 03:10

Steph stephgifty

RT @ilyes1_i: bare set 8 dons swore they were there only because of ‘behaviour’😭

2019-01-17 03:10

Morgan • WHY DONT WE MorganW65470765

16 / a ping pong enthusiast / I love WDW and the SDMN💚💚 @behzinga ❤️x1 @calfreezy ❤️x1 and replied to a comment on insta x1


2019-01-17 03:10

Elizabeth dawkins_e

RT @elliefj_: When I’m opening the door for a delivery and my dog tries to get out

2019-01-17 03:10

PuffTheMagicDragon🌪 bettinapizer

Let's all try and do a little better for everybody's sake. Retweets don't imply agreement.

RT @SkyNews: PMQs: Theresa May faces Jeremy Corbyn ahead of a no-confidence vote

2019-01-17 03:10

Sekoia SekoiaUK

Sekoia is like Q to 007 for care workers - all heroes need a bulletproof toolkit. Digital care planning #enablingcare

@adamhutchison80 Massive work behind this. Well done & great for everyone involved or affected. Congrats, Adam!

2019-01-17 03:10

St Andrews Society Mexico AndrewsMexico

Official Twitter account of the St. Andrew's Society of Mexico.
News and updates on Community Events.

RT @HouseofCommons: Want to know the break-down of votes for the #MeaningfulVote? Check out our brand new Commons Votes tool:

2019-01-17 03:10

michelle♡ michellepink123

//Love Makeup//♊️// C ♡

RT @elliefj_: When I’m opening the door for a delivery and my dog tries to get out

2019-01-17 03:10

ill nyl NylJord

RT @DIORSBITCH: In memory of Aaliyah’s birthday in which she would have been 40 today, her ambition & drive was truly unmatched. She had a…

2019-01-17 03:10

Peter peterdavid1955


RT @AmandeepBhogal: The EU Withdrawal Act guarantees Brexit in 71 days time.
Those in Parliament who are against 'no deal' should not have…

2019-01-17 03:10

Alexandria InnesBrownA

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

RT @Joe_Sugg: NEW VLOG - - Dianne gives honest opinion on our film

2019-01-17 03:10

sophie ◟̽◞̽ esnysophie

—— 𝚗𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝 𝟷𝟿, 𝚕𝚒𝚟𝚎 𝚘𝚗 𝚝𝚘𝚞𝚛

that makes me so angry pls he doesn’t deserve that n we don’t deserve him

2019-01-17 03:10

Daily Referendum Daily_Ref

Conservative, #Brexit, Ex-Royal Navy. Have a nice day ☺

RT @MelanieLatest: No-deal is the only legitimate way forward. MPs themselves voted for it /> See also: Now tell your…

2019-01-17 03:10

Hamish Arnold hamisharnold

👻📸 - hamisharnold11 / @URY1350 Sports Editor / @BSFCTheBlues Deputy Twitter Reporter / My blog-

RT @MartinDaubney: Liberals: "Traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful."

Reality: Traditional masculinity is psychologically use…

2019-01-17 03:10

🐚 paboqpao

@Malcolm_F2 @Al1OT وانت برضو لما يقولك اي شخص فوفو لا ترد عليه بس انا اقولك كذا

2019-01-17 03:10

Faatima PWsTeeth

unserious candidate 🤪

RT @jf2bg: This is what happened when £1 dropped in my school playground:

2019-01-17 03:10

Temmie lolu NT_loluwa

Jesus. Family. Church. Science. In that particular order. Views mine through God's lenses.

@DailyCannon Of course

2019-01-17 03:10

Kirstyleanne ✈❤ kirstyleanneuk

Plus Size Travel Blogger ✈️
Digital Marketing Freelancer 👩‍💻
Public Speaker 🗣 #travelbloggers #psbloggers

RT @ginamartin_uk: We fought the law and... WE WON.

Upskirting will be a sexual offence.


2019-01-17 03:10

Danniella - Marie DaDutchGyal

Eventually, the CURE becomes the CURSE.♒️ | ig: _MakeMeD

@Power1051 @breakfastclubam @souljaboy Follow me on insta _makemed I will follow back

2019-01-17 03:10

Zory34 Zory343

supporter du Psg depuis l'âge de 6 ans fan de moto et j'essaie d'être objectif 😊😊😊

RT @aveirjapan:

2019-01-17 03:10

AzarS Azar14814795

RT @YaarDabestaani: چهل سال پیش، انگلیس خمینی رو تکون داد و شاه کیش شد
وزیر، شاه رو حرکت داد چون اشتباها فکر میکرد بدون شاه هم میشه بازی کر…

2019-01-17 03:10

Carl Asher sparkylad56

RT @GMB: Would you rather a no-deal Brexit or a second referendum?

2019-01-17 03:10

tracey gabbert duckypoo86

RT @GMB_union: #OnThisDay in 1855 Eleanor Marx, a co-founder of our union, was born.

Eleanor was at the forefront of the fight for the 8 h…

2019-01-17 03:10

shan❄️ fennnntastic

Shenandoah ‘19 • MD 🦀 •

RT @elliefj_: When I’m opening the door for a delivery and my dog tries to get out

2019-01-17 03:10

James The Great UK🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈 Revoltjim

Your average guy but one proud and opinionated Brit. Though unaligned, I'm Pro free speech, Pro Israel. Pro gay. Pro Europe. Pro America. Pro common sense.

RT @PrisonPlanet: A fireman is in a coma after he was shot in the back of the head ‘like a rabbit’ by police during demonstrations in Franc…

2019-01-17 03:10

Laure Soler laurelanuit

RT @Brexit: The U.K. needs to stop pretending it's still a great power, says @mihirssharma

2019-01-17 03:10

Lucio Chaves valberchaves

jornalismo músicos bandas

RT @linkuptv: OUT NOW @EfosaOfficial - Woman Crush💥
Full Video 👉🏽

2019-01-17 03:10

julie atkin atkin_julie

Would you really put your child health cc section before a brexit vote. Stupid woman.

2019-01-17 03:10

Twickets UK Ticket Feed TwicketsUK

Your Twickets UK ticket feed! Links to ALL tickets posted on Twickets UK will automatically be tweeted out from this account.

2 tickets to The Streets at O2 Academy Brixton - London, 03 Feb, fv + original seller fee £51.90 ea. To buy these t…

2019-01-17 03:10

Pau OR pauor32


RT @XboxSmiters: First giveaway of the new year!

Shadow Stalker Izanami 1x

Count Baron Samedi 1x

RT & Follow to enter! #Smite

With cros…

2019-01-17 03:10

Judy Taylor bugjude61

Love my Country. Patriot. Supporter of Tommy Robinson. Love Trump. Fear for the Future. #FreeTommy 🇬🇧 #StandwithOurLads
The Right Side Of History!

RT @PrisonPlanet: A fireman is in a coma after he was shot in the back of the head ‘like a rabbit’ by police during demonstrations in Franc…

2019-01-17 03:10

سمير الحارثي. Alharty_

دام انك دخلت حسابي اقرأ لن تخسر شي : كلمتان خفيفتان على اللسان ثقيلتان في الميزان حبيبتان الى الرحمن .. سبحان الله و بحمده سبحان الله العظيم ♡

@T7_n7 لعيب 😍

2019-01-17 03:10

Tracey Brown TraceyBVoice

Wrote prize-winning supernatural play, won other horror fic comps, writing 3 #horror books. Acts, sings, blocks tedious/stupid.Rep @PaulByram. STOP #UKCatKiller

@fawfulfan I am leaning towards agreement with this.

2019-01-17 03:10

Wolfie. Tpopularfront

Consultant to @LabLeftVoice "Notorious, dangerous, unofficial Labour Propaganda Machine" Pro Corbyn, Pro Palestine. Anti Tory #JC4PM2019

RT @JackDunc1: Anyone who tries to justify the ploy by the #PeoplesVote mob to block future #NoConfidence votes, as anything other than a c…

2019-01-17 03:10

♡شہریار Mirزa mirzastweets

Always #Smile, it's SUNNAH☺️😍Alhamdulillah 😇

RT @mirzastweets: My week on Twitter 🎉: 92 Mentions, 92 Likes, 12 Retweets, 60.8K Retweet Reach, 19 New Followers. See yours with …

2019-01-17 03:10

Hope serenidyblue

[ENG/OC] She’s an angel that lost her wings and got kicked out of heaven, So she broke her halo and carves them into horns.

@INTLWORLDrp Hello i’m hope!

2019-01-17 03:10

زيــن 🎬 Zain4peep

2019-01-17 03:10

Doffy ArabLightening

👑🎼🌍☀️ - just here to remind myself how calm my life is compared to you lot

RT @lex_looper: While Europe was in its "Dark age" riddled with disease & famine, Africa was in its Golden age & thriving. Ancient Egypt al…

2019-01-17 03:10

Norm NIHAustin

Tweeting and re-tweeting about anything and everything that interests me. Opinions are my own.

RT @BBCWorld: Spain Totalán search: Hair found in search for boy in well

2019-01-17 03:10

ساري🕸️MBS Sary1KSa

‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏المملكة العربية السعودية🇸🇦 خط أحمر

RT @FCOArabic: مجلس الأمن الدولي يقر تشكيل بعثة لدعم وقف إطلاق النار وإعادة نشر القوات في #الحديدة، #اليمن🇾🇪، وذلك "تأكيدا على التزام المجل…

2019-01-17 03:10

Anna Kathryn annasun1812

RT @CirioUK: #WIN Go Green, White & Red for the new year! The Mediterranean diet is known for being #GoodForYou, what Italian dish is your…

2019-01-17 03:10

Yusuph Diamond DiamondYusuph

Social Networking
Whatsapp - +255754253879
- Deals with Android Phone, Apps, Cracked Pc's Software and Hacks, Telegram- 0754253879
-Instagram; @johnyusuph

RT @HKane: Injuries are part of the game but no-one will be working harder to get back fit. Thanks for the messages.

2019-01-17 03:10

Sean Keenan seantkeenan

RT @HackneyAbbott: We have no confidence in this Government to negotiate in the best interests of the country. They’ve had more than two y…

2019-01-17 03:10

Suki Hyung😐 MinSukiBTS

ARMY MOM. (LGBT) Bangtan is my life. Work: 🚗mechanic&3D Designer, Vocalist/rapper. Also @BTSARMYLVYRSLF & @yoongiondan 💜 LY TOUR LONDON💜


2019-01-17 03:10

Elise elisewouters

🖋 Lady of longing. A heart at high tide.

@CHIMPSINSOCKS Hey Amanda, as a European in the UK, I wrote this tongue-in-cheek poem on the madness that is Brexit…

2019-01-17 03:10

Ahmad Shaheen AhmadShaheen

A graduate from #Warwick in #InternationalDevelopment. #SocialMediaActivist #Traveler #Reader & #Journalist
Tweets are personal

@GoFJ تے اسی کہیڑی مسجد توں جوتیاں چکدے رہے آں جو سانو مسئلہ ہوئے ڈیٹا دا

2019-01-17 03:10

Pixel Art Bot ThePixelArtBot

I am the pixel art bot. I retweet #pixelart and my creator is making a spooky game that you should check out! @CJstudios

RT @skiesofchaos: Skies of Chaos - Reworked into our 35 unique colour palette 💜💜💜
- #gamedev #indiedev #edg32 #indiegamedev #pixelart #game…

2019-01-17 03:10

lia 90 liasinjapan

help me please drake

please! can i hold! shawns hand! when he sings!

2019-01-17 03:10

Marilyn Marriottson MarilynMarriott

Keep your Heels, Head & Standards HIGH ;)


2019-01-17 03:10

Undercurrent News undercur

The world's most widely-read global seafood news publication. Follow us for breaking news, supply & price updates, analysis, jobs and live event coverage.

China pollock processing consolidation will continue, says exec on @NFI_GSMC #GSMC19 value finfish panel

2019-01-17 03:10

Elvis 🌻 elvflower

Mr Potato's biggest fan

RT @duncanrobinson: Tory MP says the government works for "hard-working people" and "people who work hard"

2019-01-17 03:10

Sam Sam__Carp

Scribbler of words for @SportsPro, contributor to the @TheEaglesBeak, and full-time #cpfc realist.

As entertaining as this whole episode has been, this last quote does beg a fairly obvious question...

2019-01-17 03:10

アキラ@ロンドン🇬🇧 akira_ca


@HIDEHIKO_KOYATA その感じ、あるあるすぎてww

2019-01-17 03:10

Irma Budginaite IrmaBudginaite

RT @LSEImpactBlog: Without urgent action big and open data may widen existing inequalities and social divides

2019-01-17 03:10

R.M. Moses RMMosesUK

Filmmaker || Screenwriter

RT @LekhaniChirwa: Had such a great workshop with @GOHubWorkshop today!! ✨ No better feeling than working with other actors in a safe space…

2019-01-17 03:10

şeyma. hedasofnight

yargınız,prensibiniz,algınız değil devam.

ay ben 800 olmuşum gidip unf atayım ünlü olanlar bele yapıyordu dimi

2019-01-17 03:10

bob bob666667

The Brexit betrayal is almost complete.

@loicl @Mathew_Fern @MacaesBruno @DanielJHannan Not at all. We want a sensible FTA. If not, then we should be happy…

2019-01-17 03:10

the ice princess 👸🏼 aisstee_

hey there 🙋🏼‍♀️

RT @mypaleskinblog: Britain is a real life comedy movie right now.

2019-01-17 03:10

Catford SE6 catford_se6

Twitter feed for Catford SE6 & the local area. Get involved now!

RT @BfgLewisham: Spend a little of your wage on the sage. Sage and onion hotdog- delicious combo. #SageAndOnions #HotDogs #London #Lewisham…

2019-01-17 03:10

Shane Thomas tokenbg

"Dem crackers!" 😂😂😂

2019-01-17 03:10

Mac Miller - Self Care 🇿🇼 _Uncle_Des

Genesis 32 : 28

Because they all aspire to be part of the political elite

2019-01-17 03:10

Cece Varg varg_cece

Mental Health professional, passionate about people's mental health/wellbeing. Pack leader to my spaniels, lover of the great outdoors - coast and moorland.

RT @PeterStefanovi2: At PMQs today an utterly delusional Theresa May, facing a vote of no confidence in her Government, boasted about recor…

2019-01-17 03:10

Joe Mellor thejoemellor

Head of News for I tell cool people I live in Peckham, posh people East Dulwich, but really it's Honor Oak

RT @LondonEconomic: Full list of MPs who voted for and against May’s Brexit deal revealed via @LondonEconomic

2019-01-17 03:10

((Ben Sharman))🇵🇸 BenSharman

Contrarian, Investor, photograher, travel, film & physics nerd. Rugby, cricket & books. Run around a bit, drink strong black coffee & am politically conflicted.

I suggest that supporters of @johnmcdonnellMP & @jeremycorbyn tune into #BBC2 tonight for Revolution in Ruins: The…

2019-01-17 03:10


Forensic Scientist/ Aspiring business developer...
Love all things beautiful & resent ALL who cause harm...

@Hepworthclare ... clearly I've lost my mind 🤯

2019-01-17 03:10

Moira Blaikie Blaikie6Moira

RT @paulmasonnews: May excludes Corbyn from cross-party talks: Labour MPs should be instructed to boycott the talks until he is invited. An…

2019-01-17 03:10

Crypto Lemur crypto_lemma

Scientist and developer (of sorts) interested in #bitcoin and other #cryptocurrencies.


2019-01-17 03:10

Rōgan ifursure

so it goes

i need to hurry up and get my irish passport

2019-01-17 03:10

blaggerjagger blaggerjagger


SOLD.......#tedbaker #smartjacket #new live on eBay size 1 #fashion #fashionblogger #styleblogger #worldwide…

2019-01-17 03:10

Amin Karaji MidEastWitness

Independent Middle East Journalist. MENA Analyst. Writer, Video Editor, and Artist. Iraqi who shares stories from Iraq 🇮🇶. 𒁀𒅕𒊮

RT @Hayder_alKhoei: The Moon between a crescent and cross #Tripoli #Lebanon

2019-01-17 03:10

Mrs D MrsD_Daily

This glittering beauty and lifestyle guide is packed with pearls of wisdom; Mrs D has compiled everything a woman needs to know to live fabulously

RT @Independent: Parents 'tried to use witchcraft to silence police and social workers after performing FGM on three-year-old girl' https:/…

2019-01-17 03:10

Carmen C CarmenChoo39

Question is, how good is good enough?

RT @pollynor: You don't know him like i do

2019-01-17 03:10

4 a better world wds chdescantes

PATRIOTE GAULOIS populiste (Peuple), nationaliste (Nation) / 100 % FRANCE🇫🇷ma PATRIE, Régions, Traditions, Honneur, Fier, Reconnaissant 🇫🇷

RT @BreitbartLondon: May: Trust in Parliament Would Collapse to ‘All-Time Low’ if Brexit Cancelled

2019-01-17 03:10

Georgia Amy White gawhite96

be happy, always

RT @upthegary: Hi @Se_Railway and @networkrail ,

Just wanted you to know that I fucking hate your guts! Every day, one of you two fuck shi…

2019-01-17 03:10

Jordan jjmckz

Photo | Video

Bielsa is a tactical genuis!

2019-01-17 03:10

paul w pablo_869

RT @thecarolemalone: And he’s right to. Sick of hearing sections of the media talking about “crashing out. “ We’re just leaving ! …

2019-01-17 03:10

Lucy beckett L_Von_Beck


RT @empressbody: It’s #CompetitionTime again for #WinitWednesday we're having a special #competition to #win a #free #gift - #RT and #foll…

2019-01-17 03:10

Austin Vickers WussupVick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. #FatherHood

RT @NFLUK: 🥶 Temperatures could drop to -20℃ in Arrowhead this Sunday 🥶

BRUTALLY cold for an AFC Championship game

Good luck @Chiefs /…

2019-01-17 03:10

KombineBet BetKombine

Betconstruct Lisans:Xecutive Corporate Management B.V. Pareraweg 45 Willemstad

Dev Maç heyecanı Kombinebette yaşanır✍️
Valencıa - Crvena Zvezda

2019-01-17 03:10