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mike MikeKirka33

news junkie, 2nd amendment, Constitutionalist, #MAGA, #POTUS #TERMLIMITS added @kirka on gab

RT @musalbas: Gamble, 15 at the time, is jailed for "blackmailing" the CIA with dox, unless the US stops killing civilians. Meanwhile, CIA…

2018-04-22 04:21

دُنْيٓا مَطٓـرْ O3EuHY01b9TQUg4

‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏لَا تَركَع لمَن أَرَاد الرَّحِيل.. فَصَلَاةٌ المَيت لَا سُجودٌ فِيهَا..

‏‎‎رتِّل لِي فِي غِيآبِي أذكَآر الحِفظ إن كُنتَ تُحبّنِي حَقَّاً .

RT @GhanemAlmasarir: #عاجل إطلاق نار في احد القصور الملكية في العاصمة الرياض
وأنباء عن نقل الملك الى ملجأ في القاعدة الجوية

2018-04-22 04:21

Шершень 7% swty606

●♡SHERLOCK♡●♡MARVEL♡●♡Cumberbatch♡●♡Freeman♡●♡Hiddleston♡●♡Scott♡●♡The Neighbourhood♡●♡RIVERDALE♡●
I'm tired 😥

Поэтому ты должен сделать кое что... эспумизан бэйби

2018-04-22 04:21

Yamikåni 🇸🇪🇸🇪 Yxmikxni

I’m 18. RIP our lord and saviour Prodigy

@don_jidz @ImLyingTrustMee @Nizer01 I hear what you’re saying but remember that period when everyone was getting ex…

2018-04-22 04:21

Sue Lloyd kessock1

love Geordie, horses and MUFC - not necessarily in that order

RT @AlexShawESPN: Every so often something happens that contextualises Fergie's greatness brilliantly. Wenger rightly lauded for his succes…

2018-04-22 04:21

Ginger man ضد الفتن ReformerThrone

‏‏‏احبك يا حبيبي يا رسول الله ولو كره الكافرون والمنافقون

RT @GhanemAlmasarir: #عاجل
من مصدر في الديوان : تم التاكيد على نقل الملك الى القاعدة الجوية لحمايته

2018-04-22 04:21

Karim Hewitt Kennythegunner

Football fanatic #ArsenalFC


(see: juve and n…

2018-04-22 04:21

Lazuras Bambino🌠 Laizerbruh

maverick in the making🙄

RT @Santandave1: Alexis Sanchez is the cure

2018-04-22 04:21

smalls SmallsLites

works with lights. Loves eating crisps. Wants a Flying Bastard.

@Telf_14 @LauraMullan @TC_Cornesto @Sidewindersid 👀 I can lend you a towel or summat if you need it...

2018-04-22 04:21

Steve Peers StevePeers

Professor of EU, Human Rights & World Trade Law, University of Essex. Latest book: European Union Law (edited with @CSBarnard24, 2nd ed, OUP). Usual disclaimers

RT @AdamWagner1: On 21 April 2015 I introduced you to @rights_info. 3 years later, we have reached millions of people with a positive messa…

2018-04-22 04:21

Georgina Stubbs georginafstubbs

Reporter @PA covering all things defence and news. Political geek and aspiring foreign correspondent.

@Joeman60 @Dorsetecho Hi Joe, my name is Georgina and I work at the Press Association. Did you see the strike happe…

2018-04-22 04:21

Man Utd🔴🔴🔴 90seunsanni

#Unitedwillbeback## Living at the theatre of dreams# where dreams come true. doing it the United way

RT @MiguelDelaney: Pochettino: "We are close, we are close, we are close... so close you can almost touched... but it's also a process. We…

2018-04-22 04:21


“I think it’ it Bills Ahmed.....?!” - Nicki Minaj | 2nd year medical student & Nasnika prophesier | 🇬🇧🇵🇰

This explains all the sirens earlier.

2018-04-22 04:21

M RoleNine

@Arsenal. LM10 | MÖ11 | AR8 | KM29.

Lets go

2018-04-22 04:21

Joni Job jj_talking

Jan 2017 - Facebook; My Personal Account was Disabled. Must have been something I said :) So here I am.

@realDonaldTrump You Da Boss Man

2018-04-22 04:21

Kalem KalemWoods

background drawn by @monkeysarawesum / I have no friends so I respond fast

RT @Memeulous: Hello what games would you like to see me and @joshe play? Been way too long since we last did a video

2018-04-22 04:21

140 karakterli mizmizmortill

reel hesaplara söylüyorum fangirl hesabıdır uzak durunuz//bebeklerim @selenagomez @justinbieber

@ozgelacinkaya kiminin babası padişah, sorunu çözer. kiminin babası fotoğraftan gülümser

2018-04-22 04:21

nitiporn Ejudee1

RT @AsianBoyPorn: While waiting for more Pandas 😜 Check out this interrasian flick, nice contrast between Frank Stallion and the 2 Asians;…

2018-04-22 04:21

Bethan todunsinane

Followspot Operator for #JamieLondon. Cosplayer. Views my own and all that jazz 🎭 hold your breath, make a wish, and count to three 💫

RT @jojodixon_: Thick thighs and this weather are not friends. If you know you know

2018-04-22 04:21

Jacques Chesspatzeruk

Hi Guys, am new to online streaming please support me and Ill entertain as much as I can!

@brizchesstimes Apart from the bad/stupid play the day was good! Cheap booze and food plus good company from fellow patzers = Good day!

2018-04-22 04:21

Ijaiya Ayodeji mc_ijaz


RT @Jhus: New Music

2018-04-22 04:21

Kelza ItsTheKel

live the life you post

Finally sorting my summer clothes out. Will need wine

2018-04-22 04:21

Richard Lewis #FBPE cyclisethecity

Active Planning is my ethically-led planning / transport consultancy - making people’s lives better by integrating exercise in their routines. @activeplanning1

Healthy placemaking urged of new housing (you can also subscribe to the CIHT weekly newslet…

2018-04-22 04:21

Dipika _DipikaR

Tweets are my own, RTs ≠ endorsements. Founder & Advisor: Human Capital Strategy, Compensation & Performance. Advocate: #FBPE Globalisation EqualPay & Equality

RT @RoyalAlbertHall: Tune in to @BBCONE 8pm for a special a celebration concert for Her Majesty the Queen's 92nd birthday, live from the Ro…

2018-04-22 04:21

Lee Charles Lee87Charles

Proud Father, keen cyclist mainly road, big MARVEL & STAR WARS fan, History lover, former Fusilier & PTI with 4MERCIAN @TheVeloCaptain #TeamCES


-Pavement parking
-Near a junction
-In bike lane
-Discards parking ticket
-Pulling out without lo…

2018-04-22 04:21

Shaun rogue_silence13

Lover of good food ,good music and totally in love with soccer.

RT @Arsenal: "We need to send him off in the right way now"

🔊 Turn your sound up and listen to this from @JackWilshere

2018-04-22 04:21

s martin SvenMartin78

RT @evaparadisxxx: have good weekend everyone ❤️i just uploaded a new video on my go follow me to show me support a…

2018-04-22 04:21

FilmChain Film_Chain

We are a blockchain-based revenue distribution platform for films & digital content.
sister platform for @BigCouchfilms #Blockchain

RT @HDisney: Are you a #blockchain #startup in the #creativeindustries? Apply to join @unblockedevents Showcase at on 25/5 at @techUK in LD…

2018-04-22 04:21

Hef hugener🖕 morbidlife666

Very proud father of three boys. Death Metal,Video games,horror movies,comic books,Rick and Morty! Not P.C. PlayStation tag is hatefueledchaos

#GodofWar #PS4share

2018-04-22 04:21

Dan Caddy DanCadds

❤️ Mel, Cruz & Ayda

RT @shotongoal247: A look into the #THFC trophy room after another successful season 😂

2018-04-22 04:21

Thancmar Feldt ThancmarFeldt


RT @BristowColin: Flaw in #LinkedIn AutoFill Plugin Lets Third-Party Sites Steal Your #Data - #hackers #cyberattack #cybercrime #cyberrisk…

2018-04-22 04:21

Pnanni PhillipNanni

Moderate conservative, liberal on social issues. Love my country.

RT @Billbrowder: Well done. Twitter bans Kaspersky Labs from advertising. Now all they have to do is ban the tens of thousands of Russian t…

2018-04-22 04:21

Dicky Cummerband DickyCummerband

Writer - Don't try to teach pigs to sing. You'll just waste your time and annoy the pigs!

@JackieFletcher4 @DavidLammy But if the spouse & child of British citizen were allowed in, both could work, but the…

2018-04-22 04:21

Andreea Bica Andreea_Bica

Vale más tener cicatriz por valiente que la piel intacta por cobarde.

RT @eurocrat: This is just brilliant - this map shows the biggest trading partner for each country

2018-04-22 04:21

marz marz05

A proud Palestinian British Muslim. Passion for Football,travel,different cultures and languages LFC,YNWA. FPL podder @3AmigosFPL

@Ricky_OpenMinds Oh 😂😂😂 sorry mate, I blame it on the lack of sleep after a stag do. My bad

2018-04-22 04:21

Domestic Goddess BoriquaGoddess

I ❤USA🇺🇸 & My Hunny! Support our Troops/Vets/Police/1st Responders who risk their lives ❤️ #MAGA #POTUS ❤I respect UR opinions kindly respect MINE! NO🚫LISTS!

RT @musalbas: Gamble, 15 at the time, is jailed for "blackmailing" the CIA with dox, unless the US stops killing civilians. Meanwhile, CIA…

2018-04-22 04:21

idontfeedtrolls RandomLilToad

💙 Praying for Alfie Evans and his beautiful family. #SaveAlfieEvans 💜 💙 💜 💙 I don't respond to nasty comments, I block.

RT @A_Minichiello: Why #AlfieEvans matters

2018-04-22 04:21

louis uwutism

19 | I'm just tryna become 2D |

@nyehsquidsquid no u

2018-04-22 04:21

Frost Magazine frostmag

A Thinker's Lifestyle Magazine

Retro Post: Benedict Cumberbatch Sends Wedding Invites By Email

2018-04-22 04:21

Alice Ball aliceeeball

Journo | Student at @CityUniLondon |@ion_nutrition mag | Health/Wellbeing | Basically Monica Geller.

Also, the low-cal ice cream game is strong over here. @HaloTopCreamery get pistachio and s’mores over to the UK.

2018-04-22 04:21

Stanislav Shapovalov Lamcter_0

#читаю #Bitcoin #followback #подпискавзаимно #читаювзаимно #добавь #читай #подписка #followers #follow #GoFollow #FollowNow #bounty #bitcointalk #Follow4Follow

RT @UHIVEsocial: Attract more #businesses and #users!

#UHIVE #decentralized #anonymous #anonymity #therevolution…

2018-04-22 04:21

Vikram Shetty 😃 vikramshettyc

A Web platform that animates your benchmarking process to reduce chaos, friction and waste in team to publish Sustainability Indexes

RT @MN_Macpherson: It’s not just Windrush. Theresa May has created hostility to all immigrants | Nesrine Malik

2018-04-22 04:21

Amanda Harinen MarittaH

Olen politiikasta, historiasta, taiteista, matkailusta ja kielistä kiinnostunut ihminen.

RT @HackneyAbbott: Windrush immigrants unable to re-enter Britain after a visit, or deportation, feel ignored

2018-04-22 04:21

Abs absBNE

🇸🇴Rich by 25 my nigga that’s the plan


2018-04-22 04:21

Ariff Malik ariffmalik_

20 Perfecting my passion

RT @SpursOfficial: Here's hoping for some more of the same later! ⚽️ 🚀 💥


2018-04-22 04:21

John Bennett JohnBen06312996

UNISON Health and Safety Rep, NHS

RT @BBCLondonNews: Hatton Garden builder death suspect released

2018-04-22 04:21

Ezzat Abdellah AbdellahEzzat

أسوأ ما في علم نفس الأطفال أن الأطفال لا يفهمونه

RT @BBCWorld: Armenia leader intervenes in protest against predecessor

2018-04-22 04:21

Garlic Toothpaste garlict

librarian etc. keeping an eye open and an eye closed, one hand to the sky and one to the earth

The most @guardian thing ever

2018-04-22 04:21

Pie n Mash hostileholly5w

Love pies hate leftards 5w

@UncleSa10735872 @Andi5008 The guys a commie pointless arguing with him

2018-04-22 04:21

Mein Fuhrer Klopp of the Kop hydarscouser

you are getting a glimpse into my insanity,my genius and my quest to articulate the storm that lives in my head into words.....

RT @Ohemss: It’s acc so mad when I jump on this app and see what others have experiences. I knew back in the day people always put lighties…

2018-04-22 04:21

#ROSE 🌹 HBeats4JessieJ

Name's Jason and im from Cambridge Im a Proud #Heartbeat, Met Jessie 27/9/12, 6/11/13 and 26/3/14, Massive #MUFC fan Instagram: HBeats4JessieJ

RT @JamilahMusic: 🚨🚨🚨

Oiiiii It’s HERE 😃❤️🙌🏾

Jamilah - If It’s Love (Official Video)

Please share, repost & sh…

2018-04-22 04:21

Gary Jeffrey gary_jeffrey78

Director @firstbiztravel ✈️ and manager of Snodland Town U18's ⚽️

RT @iamjamesjeffrey: Great performance from the lads again, showed real character and quality, Another goal and assist in a 3-1 win, run co…

2018-04-22 04:21

Whorechata ☾ SkinnyBIIIITCH

Dislikable Latina. For the culture. Marginalized Salvadoreña & Brasileira. Trilingual. B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology. Free love. Decolonize your mind.

RT @RTUKnews: .@amazon workers pee into bottles out of fear of being punished for taking bathroom breaks

2018-04-22 04:21

MAC beany1436

I've three great loves in my life my boy,animals and music.

RT @ALONESTAR1: God times!! Great band ! #Alonestar

2018-04-22 04:21

Dr Alister McCormick ACM_SportPsych

Lecturer in psychology at Plymouth Marjon Uni, endurance performance researcher, and applied sport psychologist.

RT @urban_teacher: The things we should be including in our subjects:

1. Public speaking
2. Project management
3. Negotiation
4. Conflict…

2018-04-22 04:21

Joe gwunners

L’épisode 18 de Riverdale... La gênance...

2018-04-22 04:21




@khadijaahmed311 @zayd_abdi @xfxture How can you explain what you don't know.

We somalis are mixed with The origin…

2018-04-22 04:21

Xiao szhenxiao

RP — The stars blink as they watch her carefully, jealous of the way she shine. WJSN and Ujungs complete her wholly.

@lMWHATIAM I did nothing but, alright. My pleasure. We should, but both of us have tight schedules and it's impossi…

2018-04-22 04:21

Kevin KevinSvddxnly_

C.T ❤ #ManchesterIsMyHeaven #Champ20ns #RedArmy


(see: juve and n…

2018-04-22 04:21

ASOS Here to Help ASOS_HeretoHelp

Welcome to @ASOS_Heretohelp, the official feed for customer queries for Visit @ASOS & @ASOS_Menswear for #fashion updates.

@WhatShaySaid_ Keep your eyes peeled Seyi - we'll be replying soon

2018-04-22 04:21

Soph sophiamalikxx

RT @KaiJLaw: When you take your hayfever tablet and step outside

2018-04-22 04:21

Jre ✨ oljvn


Grind mode

2018-04-22 04:21

Olly Watts ollywatts23

RT @YourChelseaFC: Giroud: "In the last 13 years, Chelsea have been the biggest club in this country because they have won the most. I sign…

2018-04-22 04:21

Kj hsb_epa

Chillin' (Yes, my header is me ^.^)

But i tend to have shorties who think they're out of my league, as if i can't log into another social media right n…

2018-04-22 04:21

sanri▪¡pinned! lovemyherondale

shadowhunters never fall asleep when they waiting at falling stars

•fan account•

RT @lokilaufeysoon: jeżeli jesteś z Polski to proszę daj rt zeby zwrocić uwagę na to jak bardzo zacofany jest ten kraj i jak NIE należy pos…

2018-04-22 04:21

hs; onlyharryvibes

sweet creature, wherever I go, you bring me home.🌹

RT @voodoolovetoday: Adesso partiranno i "Adesso siete tutti fan di Avicii". Nessuno mi può vietare di esprimere il mio dispiacere per la s…

2018-04-22 04:21

Emma Louise 🧚🏻‍♀️ emlouiii

Daughter, Pup Mum, Friend, KCL&UCL-IOE Graduate, Cancer Warrior. Tomorrow is Kinder.

Also me dodging those spoilers! @HereIsGina @justinbaldoni @Brettdier @AndreaNavedo @jaimecamil

2018-04-22 04:21

Brad Bell bradbelltv

I make films that tell simple emotional stories that move people to act. This is my personal scrapbook of stuff I read, watch and make - sarcastic when angry

RT @EL4JC: For all who enjoyed our earlier clip of Noam Chomsky and Andrew Marr, here is one of our favourite excerpts from the highly reco…

2018-04-22 04:21

Hassan HassanUK01

AFC l Gooner 4 life l "Oh Santi Cazorla...🎶"
#MerciArsène #OneArsèneWenger

RT @Arsenal: #MerciArsène

2018-04-22 04:21

PewPewPew PewPewPewOne

Latest Best Game News From Around The Web!

He Who Fights With Monsters: How 'God of War III' Failed Kratos as a Character...

2018-04-22 04:21

EcoBluePlanet ecoblueplanet

Join us in fighting for a more eco-friendly planet #plasticfree #notoplastic #ecofriendly #sustainability #PassOnPlastic

RT @EasyBeingGreenS: Will you give up plastic for #WorldEarthDay tomorrow to save our oceans? #PlasticPollution #zerowaste 🐠

2018-04-22 04:21

stephy buckster uberotaku

Geek, gamer and comper in that order

RT @IGNUK: Follow & RT for a chance to win a limited edition #GodofWar PS4 Pro bundle to celebrate the release of God of War! #spon


2018-04-22 04:21

PunjabAlchemist PunjabAlchemist

Avid movie buff, book reader, food lover and willing to try anything once. Life is for living!

I've entered a giveaway @flickeringmyth to win My Own Private Idaho on Blu-ray. Enter here

2018-04-22 04:21

Olexiy Solohubenko solohubenko

News Editor at BBC World Service. RTs are not endorsements. As for views, usual rules apply.

Is marathon running bad for you?

2018-04-22 04:21

GreyHawk hawkisgrey

Freethinker , Sarcastic ,Faisalabadi , nothing official about it. Not That Good To Be Followed By Everyone

@FaryalH Saudia wale uncle ab kuj hor keh rahe hain get updated plz

2018-04-22 04:21

Phoebs︎︎ xxPhoebb


2018-04-22 04:21

Cookie🍪🇸🇪 MissDaashh

Sweden/London/kurdistan | Insta & snap: @missdaashh #BlackLivesMatter || 25 yrs

@1SarahRose @gmxnu @dianarasoull

2018-04-22 04:21

Totally random.... 2b_freeforever

Proud to be English. Despise cruelty in any form. Hate the EU. Believe the majority of politicians are lying, self seeking egomaniacs.

RT @2tweetaboutit: Is Morrissey alt-right? Or just a celebrity who’s not a coward?

2018-04-22 04:21

Tim Stillman Stillberto

Columnist @arseblog. Arsenal Women for @arseblognews. Brazilian futebol & Seleção @sambafoot_en. Galo doido! Co-author 'Royal Arsenal- Champions of the South'

Are you saying *arches eyebrow and turns to camera* 4th is just like a trophy?

2018-04-22 04:21

Claude Mynott ClaudeMynott

@PaulEmbery Germany is the least democratic nation in Western Europe. Ironically, the basis of these laws and polit…

2018-04-22 04:21

Bobbi Sophia BobbiSophia

Mother of two. Law student. Runner (read, jogger/waddler) Trekkie. AFOL. Airsofter

@DigiVictorian Think he counts as a #historicalhottie

2018-04-22 04:21

BDR529 srgiaco

knowing me, knowing you. #CF97 #THFC

@mszpara @ManUtd @wembleystadium glad you guys got in. congrats on the win. :/

2018-04-22 04:21

Janet Cutts janet_cutts

Enjoying life, think positive take every opportunity, regret nothing, don't look back. Fanatical dog lover & AFC supporter

RT @wossy: I think I love Luke Evans even more now I know he has actual fangs. #ACTUALFANGS.

2018-04-22 04:21

الـــــــروح🇰🇼 Shoog__4s

تمنيت كثيراً لو آني لم أكن أنثى لكي اذهب إلى ذلك المكان لـ ألقي عليك التحية وأقبل ترابك رحمك الله وأسكنك فسيح جناته💔

RT @K9W_007: مال الوفا وقت وزمن واطباع
اهل الوفا وافين لو طال العمر

2018-04-22 04:21

#YoMike NorthBankJedi

Season ticket in The Arsenal North Bank. Avid gamer, music, films, going out. The usual stuff.

RT @EddieNketiah9: What a day ! Nice to get two more goals and be crowned Premier League 2 champions. ⚽️🙏🏾 @Arsenal

2018-04-22 04:21

hava havoooy


i swear, i cannot wait to help vulnerable women who are attacked by men but cannot take legal actions because of th…

2018-04-22 04:21

CityBoyLiving🇨🇩✨ OnlyWayIsShawtz

LordPromise🌎💔😢...🇨🇩Waking Up In Locations You Dream Of 🇨🇩✈️✈️SC:Onlywayisshawtz #MUFC #RDC @ManUtd @BalaBalaBoyz @leopard243 @ferreGola

RT @foxsoph_: LOOOOL from the FA Cup account uno

2018-04-22 04:21

EGHO²³¹♠️♣️ Eghofreshboi

¹º¹ Manchester United ⚽ / Dee Dee 👰💛

RT @sampilger: Jose Mourinho has now guided #MUFC to three finals in just two seasons. Trust in him

2018-04-22 04:21

✨✨ TanajErin_

IG: tanajerin_

Well ... this isn’t selfish at all.. 👀

2018-04-22 04:21

BIG Lucci 🇭🇹 CalucciB

she hit me up hey Lucci, she wants me in her cucci

RT @MY57R0: I’ve NEVER seen a black guy with this accent before 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

2018-04-22 04:21

Latin Radio UK Latinradiouk

Latin Radio is your 100% Latin music radio station based in the UK - We play 100% Latin 24/7 Salsa, Merengue, Bachata to Reggeaton, Cumbia and much more!

Maluma ft Nego Do Borel - Corazon

2018-04-22 04:21

Arslan a_rsl4n

KCL | IG: @arsl4n

Dumbing down in progress

2018-04-22 04:21

Expletive Deleted JadyPL

RT @marcbatez: Last week a nice chap got 23K RT for an appeal to find son's lost teddy. Please can we do the same for my boyf Phil Nicol lo…

2018-04-22 04:21

Myha myhalloyd

LMD 💕 RipDevin

RT @ClrDb1: J. Cole made a song about struggling with the temptation to cheat and called it ‘Kevin’s Heart’.

2018-04-22 04:21

Topher Toph_Castle

Insta : bluezzy4
👻 bluezzy45

@desirusfirst @Benji_hnq @ChelseaFC Mdr tu dis n'importe quoi 😭😭😭

2018-04-22 04:21

Ireena foster ireena_Taysgirl

17😜 single 💔

RT @FranklinLake_: We love performing & having people hear our music more than anything 😍 Thank you all for everything !!

2018-04-22 04:21

Sushma Jansari SushmaJansari

Curator Asian Ethnographic & South Asia Collections @BritishMuseum | Curated ancient-medieval South Asia in #HotungGallery | RNS | Blog -

@Pythika @BBCRadio3 The number of times I'm contacted as 'Sashimi' 'Sushmi' 'Sushimi' and, bizarrely, 'Susan'...

2018-04-22 04:21

NYG99% shalowaters

RT @GhanemAlmasarir: #عاجل
من مصدر في الديوان : تم التاكيد على نقل الملك الى القاعدة الجوية لحمايته

2018-04-22 04:21

TomR81 TomR555

Long suffering Tottenham fan,Lover of all football,motorsport,darts,cricket.

@BarstoolSpurs @garybilton Moving Levy out is the only way tbis club will move on further!

2018-04-22 04:21

Jimbo Gevaux JimboGevaux

Natural born world shaker

RT @ShoaibMKhan: Theresa May's #HostileEnvironment is putting the public's health at risk, as immigrants suffering from infectious diseases…

2018-04-22 04:21