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Arnold Yanovich arnoldyanovich

“Half Of The Remaining Non-Minted Bitcoin Supply Is ‘Spoken For…’” by @RyanRadloff

2018-08-19 05:09

Rob roberto91

Some stage of my 20’s. Half 🇨🇦. Arsenal/Canucks. Photography / Video. Digital Marketing. V-Gang Ⓥ

RT @Independent: Teenager claims she was kicked out of shopping mall after 'grown men couldn't contain themselves'

2018-08-19 05:09

TinaB 🇬🇧 TinaBull6

Saved a show, found a Fanmily 😈Lucifans😈Luciholics😈 #LuciferSaved 🐱 Owned by 3 Cats and a Teenager 🙂Fluent in awkward silences and Sarcasm

@chandni2111 @winny_atheart @Adriana53871022 @kae_ysh @TinyTinkerBell9 @rmrezendes @oszwald1 @abouttomellis…

2018-08-19 05:09

✨Maeve✨misses P!ATD maevetouhey713

Brendon Urie owns my soul

RT @godblessbrendon: mr ... mr di... ᵐʳ ᵈᶦˢᶜᵒ

2018-08-19 05:09

agaya agayahslt

fan account

RT @RogueForLove: Louis with glasses tho

2018-08-19 05:09

A Amm_323


RT @SaudiSuperCup: ⚡️ خيسوس:
"دياز؟ إنه يعرف الهلال جيداً ولكنه لا يعرف أفكاري".

2018-08-19 05:09

Sammy Sammy_flexy

Never assume, just ASK

RT @Mateo_Kova23: My #debut in #LondonDerby ends with a win! #doesntgetmuchbetterthanthis #CHEARS

2018-08-19 05:09

Isabel Prates Prates1962

Peace-loving, great sense of humor (even if I do say so myself...) very curious, loves cats, pretty much all things vintage, the sea & works as a journalist.

@NYCDEATHROWCATS PLEASE don't forget this beautiful baby soooooo in need of a furever home... 🐱❤️️

2018-08-19 05:09

Thomas Connor Tjconnor4


RT @JamesBlunt: Running late. Sorry. I’ve got the shits.

2018-08-19 05:09

Emmanuel Inyang donperiyon01

Patriotic citizen and stakeholder to Akwa Ibom State Government! Nigeria

Youth friendly Politician..

Public speaker and script writer!!


What a game. What a win! #CHEARS

2018-08-19 05:09

A-A-Ron its_a_a_ron86

Queen of the harpies. 🏳️‍🌈 ♎️✝️🇬🇧

@onawintersnight You mean you like Italian waiters.

2018-08-19 05:09

Geoffrey M Hodgson #FBPE g_m_hodgson

Author of "Wrong Turnings" & "Conceptualizing Capitalism". Prof at Loughborough Univ London. Editor Journal of Institutional Economics. Sec of @WINIR2013

RT @David_Davis_UK: To be clear, I was present at Brexit negotiations, but not involved.

2018-08-19 05:09

Fahad- ibraahi1💙🇸🇦 fibrahabr

الفهد بطل الدوري 2017-2018

RT @SaudiSuperCup: 🎆 أبطال السوبر السعودي 2018 @Alhilal_FC

2018-08-19 05:09

🇧🇷🇮🇪 Bílly Andréws 🇷🇺🇱🇹 (Driver Nephi) SpeculatorEire

Just a guy that likes Russian Aviation. Please follow my son @garlic_is_sexy

@SpecuIatorTurk TFW no Sultana wife

2018-08-19 05:09

gemgem gemmaroseo

#Scorpio 21

Is haye still talking

2018-08-19 05:09

$urrey IamSurrey

You'll know when Scrats(Ice Age) finally talks

RT @camanpour: Kofi Annan, one of the best UNSGs ever. And a good and decent man. RIP.

2018-08-19 05:09

moe moecfc_

Live forever x

RT @Mateo_Kova23: My #debut in #LondonDerby ends with a win! #doesntgetmuchbetterthanthis #CHEARS

2018-08-19 05:09

Gcobisa Mahela Mahela65781241

Messi,Suarez,Alves @AdidasFootball

RT @_Pedro17_: Happy to get all three points in our first home game of the season. Thanks fans for your support! 🔵💪🏻 / Feliz por conseguir…

2018-08-19 05:09

Lala SaJJ Saji2224

everyday is second chance so do it again😴 Madrid 1st luv

@palwashaaaaaa @MominaBasit1 @BBhuttoZardari Lol that’s called democracy

2018-08-19 05:09

Lord Iwobi Abhimeyang

The game is the game. Nijaxit Ronaldinho.

RT @GuendouziStats: What a player. 🇫🇷

2018-08-19 05:09

راكان. Aronreko

كرة القدم اسلوب حياة . #EPL

@tloob17 يعقب اليهودي سبه حلال

2018-08-19 05:09

sharifah ✨ shhrhaljufr

Guidance is His to give, His to take & His to return.

RT @aalj_1: The photo on the left was taken by my mum 6 months ago, I’d just started chemo, had a blood clot in my arm (hence why it’s elev…

2018-08-19 05:09

Jacobs Olusegun ayhenar1

I am a son of the blessed -Mark 14:61

RT @Mateo_Kova23: My #debut in #LondonDerby ends with a win! #doesntgetmuchbetterthanthis #CHEARS

2018-08-19 05:09

KLOO Languages KlooGame

If you want to learn a new language or need #MFL resources you've come to the right place! Please visit our website & blog Tweets by Kim

Know someone who wants to learn #French? Buy them our KLOO 'Learn To Speak French' game cards as a #BirthdayGift.…

2018-08-19 05:09

Christian Rivaez ChristianSbmtro

World Changer, Idea Maker, Movie Lover, Video Gamer...Oh and I love to cook.

RT @davidschneider: Arsenal’s start to the season. #CHEARS

2018-08-19 05:09

Raff 💕 OfficialRafiq


Id: username_rafiq

RT @ChelseaFC: 🔁 Maurizio Sarri makes a double change.

Barkley is off for Kovacic, and Willian is replaced by Hazard.

🔵 2-2 🔴 [60'] #CH…

2018-08-19 05:09

Jasmine_OVO SideEffects_RN


she cant be serious ! ok Trump

2018-08-19 05:09

Hannah Charles Hannah25Charles

Work in Advertising, Love Spurs.

Many Norsemen Legends Now In Heaven 💙💙

2018-08-19 05:09

👑 prvncess_xox

God first 😇

RT @ahmzzd: Nah she usually look like shalissa

2018-08-19 05:09

Pretty Flocka Jodye Jodye_kl

Surfin' on my own wave 🌊

RT @IamDylan93: « Il se passera rien entre nous je viens juste tourner tes locks »

2018-08-19 05:09

Harry Ashbolt ashbolt97

Internet Marketer | Football | Golf Thats about it

RT @ChelseaFC: ‘You know, London is Blue!’ 🔵 @hazardeden10 #CHEARS

2018-08-19 05:09

⚔️🥀baby ghoul not🥀⚔️ zxxchariou

Baby Ghoul but more nonsensical and probably more interesting. Bot

Friends, pals, ppl,

2018-08-19 05:09

Mousa Shafei mosa201217

‏‏ جامعي ، مشجع هلالي ، أتمنى ان أعيش امنا انا ومن أحب

RT @SaudiSuperCup: 🎆 أبطال السوبر السعودي 2018 @Alhilal_FC

2018-08-19 05:09

Mono alejandro_J11

The man who lives for finals, the bigger the occasion, the better the response.

RT @Mateo_Kova23: My #debut in #LondonDerby ends with a win! #doesntgetmuchbetterthanthis #CHEARS

2018-08-19 05:09

Don Lon ⚫️👑 DonLonSavage

80’s baby, 90’s kid, Wakandan descendant

RT @BlkHistStudies: "The mother is the first teacher of the child. The message she gives that child, that child gives to the world." — Malc…

2018-08-19 05:09

John Kentz JohnKentz_


RT @MichaelBensonn: 🐔 Billy Joe Saunders on the Deontay Wilder Nando's clash: "I just went to say hello and how are you. Next thing you kno…

2018-08-19 05:09

Filandio C do Couto Filandio

Casado, Conquistense morando em Salvador, 👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉

RT @IainLJBrown: Great blog on automating feature engineering in #SAS @funda321 @SASSoftware

Cc ⁦@Ronald_vanLoon⁩ ⁦@KirkDBorne⁩


2018-08-19 05:09

Derrick Sarkcess ❄️ Derrick58096972

Great Talented soccer player ⚽️, music 🎶 lover Sarkodie is in my blood ❤❤❤what else huuuh

RT @ChelseaFC: Maurizio Sarri says his team did well for 75 minutes with the last 15 minutes of the first half described as "horrible". He…

2018-08-19 05:09

don divs diivyavk


RT @MrlondonTV: You should never have to beg someone for consistency fam.

2018-08-19 05:09

P Bonds sforklr

RT @LibertarianBlue: This rapid-fire censorship, two months before an election is no accident. Big tech is betting the Democrats win, and a…

2018-08-19 05:09

J 🦋 MickeyGotHoes

Mariah • Britney • Lil' Kim ❤️ SC & IG:mickeygothoes

RT @samsmithworld: 1 more day 😩🎼☝🏼💍🙌🏻 @calvinharris #PROMISES

2018-08-19 05:09

Westow House westow_house

Part of the Antic Collective. Londonist Top 10 Craft Beer Pub. Food, DJ's, Beer and Awesomeness!!

Don't forget guys we have a fantastic DJ tonight playing you all the funky tunes!
Get on down it's a Saturday night…

2018-08-19 05:09

jennifer hull Jpoppy123Hull

RT @NCReal_Estate: Happy Friday!
I'm celebrating the end of the week with #FreebieFriday!
For your chance to #win a £10 B&Q Gift voucher…

2018-08-19 05:09

جول العربي - Goal GoalAR

رياضة واحدة، وجهة واحدة، شغف واحد

في ليلة اعتلاء الهلال على عرش الكرة السعودية، من كان الرائع والمخيب؟ وما هي المفارقة التي أثارت الانتباه؟

2018-08-19 05:09

blue jnr_amigo


RT @Mateo_Kova23: My #debut in #LondonDerby ends with a win! #doesntgetmuchbetterthanthis #CHEARS

2018-08-19 05:09

DEoLA RomeeDaniel

IT Consultant #Arsenal

RT @Arsenal: A tough defeat for us to take...

But another encouraging performance from our 19-year-old 🇫🇷

2018-08-19 05:09

Shahroo Izadi ShahrooIzadi

Behavioural Change Specialist & Author of The Kindness Method. Literary Agent: @last_worder Instagram:

RT @_NatashaDevon: Support from @MrPeterAndre & @georgegalloway has pushed our signatures up to 93k - only 7k to go! Please, if you want th…

2018-08-19 05:09

Chris C chriscarson54

Plant operator (mainly rubber ducks😁) seeking new opportunities home & abroad.

RT @TrevorCoultMC: I'm forever being told to watch what I post in case it damages veterans reputations!
Well bollocks to it, veterans are i…

2018-08-19 05:09

Megan Povey megan_j_povey

Professor of Food Physics at The University of Leeds. UCU Pensions Picket. Fell runner. Rejecting Sally's 'offer'👎

RT @alex_callinicos: Aretha Franklin obituary

2018-08-19 05:09

Duncan duncan_19

I'm all arms and legs

@DannyWright174 @ScottyBoyGooner @GaryLineker Arsenal win the “nothing can be won after the first two games so it d…

2018-08-19 05:09

Yara Yarahani454

RT @txmmy22: even the nicest persons patience has a limit 🙂

2018-08-19 05:09

Diaaa 🦑 woomy in disguise 🦑 diaoooo

bayonetta made me gay

RT @imteddybless: anyone who talk shit about young people being on their phones is clapped. we could be reading books on here. learning abo…

2018-08-19 05:09

Pınar 🍉 PinarRawlins

Healthy Eating, Mindfullness & Well-Being 🌱 Beauty & Lifestyle 🍉 Yoga & Pilates 🧘🏻‍♂️ Mum of 2 • Contact

RT @helloaycan: @allthoseblogs Thank you @PinarRawlins for a great chat. Please come and check out my Instagram #at…

2018-08-19 05:09

Franck Bale Corouna BaleFranck

2018-08-19 05:09

jimmie rolih jimmierolih2

RT @CassoBlax: Arsenal fans are always dissing Cech but look at that shit defence, they just leave him to take on a whole attack

2018-08-19 05:09

Lead From The Back™ LeadFromBack

Follow from the front. Lead from the back and let others believe they are in front. #Leadership & #Business. Visit Founder: @IMQFT

RT @Lean4Lifetime: #PersonalDevelopment #Leadership #SelfHelp

2018-08-19 05:09

MauroLacerda MauroLacerda3

RT @LucasMoura7: Tks God for my first @premierleague goal! Come on you @SpursOfficial !

2018-08-19 05:09

Sara M. ☜ d0ublethinking

Designer. I also draw stuff sometimes. And cook Spanish omelettes.

@tuerce6 Él sabrá.

2018-08-19 05:09

Jade sophia jaya_jade

Positivity is key 🔑 | urdang Grad , London instaGram: jadeesophia_ rep- @cblmanagement

RT @michaelxavierUK: When it comes to #ShareYourRejection I’ve got so many.
I was told by my biology teacher: “You’ll never make any money…

2018-08-19 05:09

3 spıʞ ʎds gecko_emoji

Me? Giving a fuck? ROFLCOPTR

@Iorenzaccio @spockerole Dmckxkckkc whT wine discourse have I started I am very Anglo I Know Nothing I Drink £2 Wine

2018-08-19 05:09

hbq🌪 __hibaq

writer. octavia + @outspoken_press - 'the heart is a smashed bulb' now online - -

@surfbanksocial i was rlly reading it like im sure some of these have visited kane too😂😂

2018-08-19 05:09

Archer xmikesparx

Raised by an ill informed Dutch cartoon, then left hung out to dry before a large group of C list celebrities.

RT @BBCNewsnight: "For the first time since the Second World War we have a domestic, proscribed terrorist group. It's right-wing, it's neo-…

2018-08-19 05:09

nick byrne nickymugler

born Manchester studied Oxford Goldsmiths CSM worked UAL then LSE now freelance

2018-08-19 05:09

🇬🇧 Asel22x_

Every day ❤️ (@ L'Opera 2 in London)

2018-08-19 05:09

Herzberg herzberg19

without me, my rifle is useless

RT @DavidHenigUK: Sorry for the Saturday thread. But this is important. The idea that the UK will fail to reach a deal with the EU but then…

2018-08-19 05:09

ÉLÌZ🍀 elzz_ck

tipim ve karakterim kim daha bozuk diye yarışıyor şu an 🙃

@aycagxn and BAM i act like a spoilt brat to someone who acc cares

2018-08-19 05:09

Traian Docolina traiandoc

fintech enthusiast

RT @sytaylor: 2016 "but it's just a prepaid card and an app"

2017 "they'll struggle to convert prepaid to real bank accounts"

2018 "it wi…

2018-08-19 05:09

Sarah Noíre SarahNoire

Maktub. Free Spirit🦋🕊
Simply doing..

RT @Bola_Sol: Just because someone goes quiet about something they were planning, it doesn’t mean they’ve stopped plotting.

Silence doesn…

2018-08-19 05:09

sara saw amatw,, spoilers🐝 winterwasps

mr.criminal! it's me Spider-Man.

RT @capdaredevil: Che l'uomo è spesso (non sempre) maschilista l'abbiamo capito. Ma vogliamo parlare delle DONNE maschiliste? Come si può e…

2018-08-19 05:09

Crozzy Crozzy1971

Ex-New Addington, Ex-South Croydon, always Palace.

RT @JColeDzn: If @chrisbenteke scores at ANY TIME tomorrow against Liverpool, one lucky retweeter of this tweet will WIN one of these Bente…

2018-08-19 05:09

Umesh Jung Thapa jungsonthapa

I am a person who has high passion in design technologies, computer programming. my hobby has lead me into the writing.

RT @TheEconomist: Why is macroeconomics so hard to teach?

2018-08-19 05:09

Preston Anti Racist. VictorK43995989

#JC4PM, #Standuptoracism, #BringbackBR. not interested in anything else, this is not tinder. Activist on all types of injustice.🐧🐧🐧.

RT @jedclef: Jeremy Corbyn releases tax return to put pressure on Theresa May : Jeremy Corbyn released his tax retu…

2018-08-19 05:09

sono bianca mi hanno bloccato l’account sapiques

per i limiti di età io mi ammazzo

RT @DominiqueP_C: @realtimrozon BACON DONUT!!!!!!! 😂 #WynonnaEarp

2018-08-19 05:09


Positive vibes (not) only.🌈
1️⃣6️⃣| 🇿🇦| ♀️|
IG: mzamo.nikita
Wattpad: nikitaunam

RT @charli_xcx: fact: i invented this pose.

2018-08-19 05:09

milo milliexwotton

@cami_fontalvo @ShambalaFest I have one xxx

2018-08-19 05:09

Joan Lee misshomeshine

RT @BBCBreaking: Kofi Annan, the former UN secretary-general who won the Nobel Peace Prize for humanitarian work, dies aged 80 …

2018-08-19 05:09

David Dunn D_A_Dunn

Coding Evangelist & Sports Enthusiast

This should be the most liked post from Arsenal fans #afc #XhakaOut

2018-08-19 05:09

westy FatfishDavid

Waiting for the great leap forwards...

RT @Independent: Someone merged Brexit with Titanic and we assure you, it's must-watch

2018-08-19 05:09

Derrick Sarkcess ❄️ Derrick58096972

Great Talented soccer player ⚽️, music 🎶 lover Sarkodie is in my blood ❤❤❤what else huuuh

RT @ChelseaFC: Sarri believes Eden Hazard will be ready to play a full game in a week, or at the maximum two weeks. #CHEARS

2018-08-19 05:09

Cornel cornelmarfo1

Chelsea FC, Writer, Dry Jokes, FpL, God First

RT @TheBlues___: Eden Hazard: "It is better to be on the pitch than watching on the bench, but the boys when they are playing they did well…

2018-08-19 05:09

Alejandro Vallecillo alejovallecillo

Dios primero. Ceibeño. CHELSEAFC. HAZARD & LAMPARD ❤⚽. Si no te gusta el fútbol, es mejor no seguirme. 😎

RT @ChelseaFC: ‘You know, London is Blue!’ 🔵 @hazardeden10 #CHEARS

2018-08-19 05:09

Qwequ Dizzy AmDizzy4

RT @ChelseaFC: .@AlvaroMorata’s up and running! 👌 #CHEARS

2018-08-19 05:09

👌👌👌A silent voice 👌👌👌 gomesmathieu8


RT @tommgran: 230.

2018-08-19 05:09

graham hitchen graham_hitchen

Culture, creative industries, innovation, cities and public policy

RT @AdamWagner1: 1/ A thread on “existential” threats.

Apologies for another long one. Trying to sort my feelings out on this one.

2018-08-19 05:09

علي الشمري alialshammiri2

الله الوطن الأمير

RT @kthbda_omar: 🇰🇼🦅🇰🇼
أنا كويتي أنا
أنا قول وفعل وعزومي قوية

2018-08-19 05:09

🚬 PsychoCesc

Really couldn't care d less.... Just here for d banter.

RT @FootieWriter: Eden Hazard is absolutely World Class. #cfc

2018-08-19 05:09

Susan Chubb#FBPE SusanChubb1

cancer survivor, I love trying to paint in Watercolour & Oil. seriously worried about Brexit. thoughts & opinions are my own

RT @D_Raval: What is it with the BBC and using our money to enable Hard Right racist extremists? First they built Farage up, now this?

2018-08-19 05:09

EmbroGENE 🇳🇬 AchilonuConrad

Dream and work towards the reality. #TrueAfrican, 100% 🇳🇬, Follower Of #EmmanuelTV @SCOANTBJoshua @RoadmapM #FollowerOfChrist Supporter of @chelseafc

RT @Mateo_Kova23: My #debut in #LondonDerby ends with a win! #doesntgetmuchbetterthanthis #CHEARS

2018-08-19 05:09

Mohi Bhalli Mohsin786Saleem

Hurt me with a truth but never Comfort me with a lie...

@RoehamptonCC Congratulations 👏

2018-08-19 05:09

Filip Kapetanovic FilKapetanovic

RT @MMLe0: I can't even imagine how high these guys were when they created this masterpiece

2018-08-19 05:09

Gwadaris Gwadaris1

RT @Nadine_Writes: Around 1979, #ArethaFranklin & Smokey Robinson appeared on the Soul Train TV show. Host Don Cornelius - God rest his sou…

2018-08-19 05:09

Chardika Respatya dikadik

RT @HKane: Wish every game could be in August 😏👀😂

Good win and unreal finishes by @LucasMoura7 and @trippier2 👏👏👏 #THFC #COYS #PremierLeag…

2018-08-19 05:09

D K AlOTIBI dely511alo

Life is beautiful smile always💕

RT @nwaraalf: حسبي انك ربي ولا يخفى عليك مافي قلبي فاللهُم طمأنينة منك و غنى بك يارب إني أعوذ بك من ضيقة القلب و إبتلاع الكلام وشعور لا يشك…

2018-08-19 05:09

YASSIN yassinsalih96

Graphic Designer at @yellowadsd, Apps, Games & Web Developer, Founder of @ArabicWessam , Co-Founder & CTO at @ajjirlai .. @JumpUpSudan team.
Check My Website ⬇

RT @ChelseaFC: ‘You know, London is Blue!’ 🔵 @hazardeden10 #CHEARS

2018-08-19 05:09

Barnzbee BarnabasSani

#October2 🎂
#diehardchelseafan 👊 ⚽
#abusite 📖

RT @TweetChelseaUK: Eden Hazard has more assists (2) than any other player in the Premier League this season, he's started both games on th…

2018-08-19 05:09

SHRWYNNER 😎😜✌🏻 wennzkii

@Rivera_Au @bellyliciousme Oo nga eh. Sana naman iremake ni @mainedcm ang inday bote lol. Kc yung kilos ni ms maric…

2018-08-19 05:09

venezolana rosamontaez

madre cubre a nuestro pueblo con tu manto precioso

RT @bbcmundo: El desplome del puente en Génova llevó a muchos a preguntarse por la situación de su "gemelo" sobre el lago Maracaibo. ¿Exist…

2018-08-19 05:09

J AngeIiqueAggrey

J | Duchess of Accra; Entertainment Connoisseur. Current post: Honourable minister of live your best life [@Global HQ]

@eii_twigg 😂 when I came 2 months & the way my lifestyle is set up- when I came home to see my bank statements I sc…

2018-08-19 05:09