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David Smith #FBPE DavidSmith237

If you like to gamble I tell you I'm your man, I'm a 10-1 outsider and the other horses have all had horlicks.

RT @mikegalsworthy: Apparently Theresa May is shocked.

But the shocking thing is... that she’s shocked.

That really is a massive strategi…

2018-09-22 02:14

Sushmita 💫 DasSushmita

@iamsrk 💞♥ @BarunSobtiSays 💕♥ #Srkian #Sobtian #Ipkknd @msdhoni ♥ #Arnav #Khushi ♥ #TVD #HP #FiftyShadesTriology @JamieDornan ❣♥ @deepikapadukone

RT @DanieaSobtian: all that matters. 🌸❤

2018-09-22 02:14

Sisters Uncut SistersUncut

Feminist group taking direct action for domestic violence services. Get in touch:

RT @NLSistersUncut: ¿Como se puede ir, si no hay donde ir?
CN: discussion around detention, state violence, deportation and abuse

These p…

2018-09-22 02:14

Fiona Ross fifross

Vocalist/Songwriter/Pianist/Producer/ Journalist

#legend #Prince

2018-09-22 02:14

Stur #FBPE #FINALSAY laruedupass

labour , anti brexit , pro EU

RT @mrjamesob: @billybragg @krishgm You don’t have to interrupt them to pull them apart.

2018-09-22 02:14

ɯɐɔ✨ camitolosa_

19 | this is not the end | snap camitolosa

RT @DUALIPA: I just called to saaaaay I love youuuu

2018-09-22 02:14

kronek kronekOW

calm and collected gamer

@karagii so confusing 😭

2018-09-22 02:14

Can Şişli cnssli

M.Kemal ATATÜRK Taș kırılır, Tunç erir, lakin Türklük ebedidir! Religion Wars

Dovme yaptirirsin Allahin verdigi cana eziyet ettigin icin gunah derler. Derini yirtana kadar kendine zincirle vurm…

2018-09-22 02:14

Tons&Tons Tons_and_Tons

A record label fusing House, Bass and Booty Breaks

RT @nomessinmussic: Better late than never! Excited to announce my Freshly "Sqeezed EP" is out NOW on Tons & Tons. Massive props to the man…

2018-09-22 02:14

Ellen feelingscl

Felizmente Libriana, Fã de Claudia Leitte e Apaixonada por duas estrelinhas, Thabie 🌟 🖤

RT @DUALIPA: #EleNão !!!!!

2018-09-22 02:14

P.attie ꉂꉂ꒰•̤▿•̤*ૢ꒱ PattiePiKKi3

IG: ThisisPTLifeStyle & PiKKi3 | Since 1990 | SN 42 | AU: Arts-Jap 521 | Fujifilm Lover | Entrepreneur | Blogger

RT @impeachii: That moment when you randomly look outside your balcony 🌈 อยู่ดีๆก็เจอสายรุ้งเส้นใหญ่พาดผ่าน skyline ที่บ้านลอนดอน …

2018-09-22 02:14

Sydney Delghingaro sdelghingaro3

luc 2020

RT @imteddybless: Pls give yourself a hearty congrats if you’ve felt like crap & still managed even one win this week. Got out of bed & did…

2018-09-22 02:14

IoT Disruption IoTtogether

IoT engineer/entrepreneur aiming to disrupt manufacturing and supply chain

RT @tlloydjones: And this is the business model that more car manufacturers are following, as brands and software platforms, not just assem…

2018-09-22 02:14

Mrs.Robinson ivoglow

I'm like cat here. We belong to nobody, and nobody belongs to us. We don't even belong to each others

Córka mi kupuje właśnie na lotnisku. Warto? Nie warto. Fajnie że myśli o mnie.

2018-09-22 02:14

Benjamin Butterworth benjaminbutter

Journalist, TV and radio commentator, LGBT activist. Words in @theipaper, @guardian, @independent, @OK_Magazine, @VICE, @PinkNews.

@sparksofben Haha probably. Also those tartan trousers of mine that you hate just ripped. Blaming you!

2018-09-22 02:14

inov8ive inov8ive1

evil prospers when good people do nothing

RT @FinancialTimes: ‘Jacob Rees-Mogg you're right. You don't need to visit the border... you need to have lived here.’

Belfast-born actor…

2018-09-22 02:14

A axe_0110

someone you’ll never know

RT @Perfection7: John Lewis are letting you do pick n mix for your Quality Street box.. Yooo that's a Game Changer 😁

2018-09-22 02:14

abby abbysagot

ig: abby_sgt || A♥️ • La Duade ⚡️

RT @DUALIPA: I just called to saaaaay I love youuuu

2018-09-22 02:14

Abbas Albesy 79fad1c428fb489

RT @AlarabyTV: ترمب يطلب من دول منظمة "أوبك" الخفض الفوري لأسعار النفط.

2018-09-22 02:14

Blank Canvas Travel BlankCanvas_tra

Blank Canvas provides travellers with authentic and real travel experiences so our clients can see the world as it's meant to be seen.

Midnight cruise in Hong Kong? Why not!📍Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong 🇭🇰 #BlankCanvasTravel #wanderlust #launchingsoon…

2018-09-22 02:14

Elina Addams Elina_Addams

mommie queerest.

@missdonutella I don’t know.

2018-09-22 02:14

júlia julinha_bitch

It's Britney, bitch. ✨ January 12 ✨

RT @DUALIPA: #EleNão !!!!!

2018-09-22 02:14

Lana Del Negra RETRHEAUX

RT @d_alesheaMUA: Men: *cums inside you 7 days a week*

Woman: “I’m pregnant”

lol Also men:

2018-09-22 02:14

Clockwise Clockwisesss

Odd shoes, odd hair, odd beard, odd bike, odd hobbies, odd demeanour.

But not odd socks that's just weird.

Huge cramp in my foot aaaaahhhhhh

2018-09-22 02:14

Shook-Li Malamin_J

So high I’m on the ceiling baby

@bekstfu_ They need to sort that bullshit out kmt it pisses me off

2018-09-22 02:14

I_am... DajusteFred

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delights in his way. Psalm 37:23🙏🏾🇭🇹

RT @1Hakz_: Still a genuine person, I just stopped letting things slide.

2018-09-22 02:14

CYCL CyclBike

We sell WingLights - the innovative LED direction indicators for bicycles. We believe we can make cycling safer. You may remember us from @BBCDragonsDen 🚲

@WOTIDSportMedal hi! Thanks for the follow. Be safe when riding your bike and use our WingLights.

2018-09-22 02:14

lily r0bynslips

240116 | 130716

RT @kivndhes: sono: innamorata di cristiano caccamo addio

2018-09-22 02:14

Luna lunafernandesss


RT @DUALIPA: #EleNão !!!!!

2018-09-22 02:14

Briony McIver brionymciver

coffee, lip balm and gum addict

RT @benoobrown: wait till you try tiger bread with lurpak kylie

2018-09-22 02:14

Xeno Jamie xJamie_15

PS4 Gamer | Competitive FIFA player for @xenoesports2 | Youtube/PSN: x-Jamie_15 | Arsenal FC 🏳🇮🇪 CDM #15

RT @XenoeSports2: Anyone looking for a clan on the new cod coming out message @NathSwerve ✌️

2018-09-22 02:14

Chloe Newbury-LeSurf cnewburylesurf

I won the race

RT @DUALIPA: Breathin, Borderline and God is a woman are my fave faves

2018-09-22 02:14

Meelaf. mimi130

infinite/golcha/wanna one/day6/lovelyz/loona/A.C.E-jaehyungparkian*joobeom 3355 fan account

RT @youthkang: dowoon: *breathes*

2018-09-22 02:14

Eva P. TravelHeavenly

World Is Beautiful. Every day is a chance to go outside your door and discover everything.

RT @CarnabyLondon: Issue 4 of the Carnaby Magazine is now out 🎉 Full of fashion inspo and dreamy dishes, you won't want to put it down ✨Pic…

2018-09-22 02:14

القلم الحر al3alm_alhor


RT @BBCArabic: هل من علاج لرهاب المثلية الجنسية؟

2018-09-22 02:14

Leticia Delavy NdMaisMeLembro

open your eyes its time to see

RT @DUALIPA: #EleNão !!!!!

2018-09-22 02:14

Cevahir KONAKÇI KonakciCevahir

RT @bbcturkce: Tarifeli uçakta 3 saat bekleyen yeni Meksika Devlet Başkanı Obrador lüks başkanlık uçağını satmakta ısrarlı: "Bu kadar yoksu…

2018-09-22 02:14

MΔTT ΗΔRT mattghart

Solo artist, industrial DJ, Leafs fan and ice hockey player.

@VictoriaFenbane Looking forward to it!

2018-09-22 02:14

Sam Gunnarson SamuelGunnarson

* ♊🙏🏻♊ *


2018-09-22 02:14

a própria lsarjomra

RT @DUALIPA: #EleNão !!!!!

2018-09-22 02:14

m🦗 kwakutantuo

let’s get faded

@kwesidansog Welcome son

2018-09-22 02:14

Thomas Daigle thomasdaigle

Reporting for @CBCNews from the land of Brexit. Maritimer. Acadien. Ex-Montréalais.

Big day at the home of @Number10cat and the backdrop for Love Actually

2018-09-22 02:14

eau de whitney 🐥 | thumbs up 🐸 hyojjae

you did well, kjh

RT @youthkang: who you should stan based on your zodiac sign

aries: day6
taurus: day6
gemini: day6
cancer: day6
leo: day6
virgo: day6

2018-09-22 02:14

Wendy Waghorn purplewoo9

purple-loving mum of 2, organiser, scrapstore coordinator, reader, baker, walker. Love God, food, sleep, recycling, wildlife, family time and books.

RT @rickastley: It's Friday and that means it's Friday Night Is Music Night on @BBCRadio2 tonight. Tune in from 8pm to hear me and the band…

2018-09-22 02:14

Jambuster JambusterLondon

Dedicated to getting you through London just a little bit quicker

A406 North Circular Road (Eastbound) at the junction of Harrow Road - Traffic signals are not under computer contro…

2018-09-22 02:14

Sheyi Martins-Allen SheyiMartins1

One half of the band @clapandthunder, One third of the political podcast @unsaidpod, Private Tutor, SOAS alumni, Born and bred Londoner.

RT @davidallengreen: If we are surprised by anything at Salzburg you have not been paying attention.

The intensity of your shock or anger…

2018-09-22 02:14

féo theoslays

pretty ass bitch

I must have sinned in my past life

2018-09-22 02:14

Lara Oyedele LaraOyedele

Hope Housing Trustee. Passionate about #ukhousing #homelessness #inequality. ❤️ #shoes #Eastenders #London #Bradford. Doing the right thing. Spreading Love.

RT @mcintosh_kim: End the #HostileEnvironment. Mistake after mistake. Lives ruined. Livelihoods lost. People traumitised. Home Office is no…

2018-09-22 02:14

Greg Bailey BluBanjoes

Peripheral archaeologist/filmmaker—PhD: archaeology as media & media archaeology—plays clawhammer banjo if roused. British Archaeology mag TV/radio columnist.

@realDonaldTrump ... and someone from Trumpworld actually bothered to read the documents and realised they might be…

2018-09-22 02:14

Nïx • tae namjkook

"Prendimi. Chiedimi se voglio, e senti che risposta ti darò, solo non permettermi di dirti no." || Amanda Seyfried è la mia dea 🌻 |fan account|

RT @MaricucciaPaf: Due sono le cose:
- o si fumano qualcosa prima di salire sul palco mischiato all'alcool;
- o nell'aria americana sono d…

2018-09-22 02:14

Piers Corbyn Piers_Corbyn

LongRange weather+climate forecaster esp extremes. BIEuUsa World-Leading SolarLunar Method NotCO2! AmericanThinker ClimatePredictor2010. Follows RTs. Bro #JC4PM

RT @Piers_Corbyn: #Vines and the new #MiniIceAge don't go well together says #Piers #Corbyn warned 10yrs ago of…

2018-09-22 02:14

Sara 💛 SaraMoraisAz

ig: sara_morais.2

@leonorpinelo Que linda!!💕

2018-09-22 02:14

May 🔞 devonneon

RT @DUALIPA: #EleNão !!!!!

2018-09-22 02:14

Comment j'ai eu le bac ? benjIRL91

Latino schizo pour certains, génie pour d'autres
,eternal looser ,batteur dans l'âme et surtout dans le coeur

RT @MarshallJulius: Grate bit of street art 🎃

2018-09-22 02:14

This Dot Media ThisDotMedia

A new resource for all things #JavaScript brought to you by @ladyleet @benlesh @_jayphelps and our team. Consulting @thisdotlabs.

RT @CompuIves: I showed a sneak peak of Server Side Evaluation for CodeSandbox at @vue_london! We're going to release this Monday.

This wi…

2018-09-22 02:14

Wendy G santoriM87

Fiesty with industrial tendencies!

Follow my art travels on:

RT @muffkin7: @JANUSZCZAK @noelfielding11 Ha! Reminded me of Albert Dieudonne, star of the wonderful 1927 Napoleon

2018-09-22 02:14

carol danvers ︽✵︽ ElissonSilv

Leonino. Fã de música pop, filmes de heróis e séries doidas. Tentando tomar rumo na vida, talvez eu morra antes. ⛈️

RT @DUALIPA: Breathin, Borderline and God is a woman are my fave faves

2018-09-22 02:14

💉💉بابا ٹیکہ💉💉 Mission_1947

|| Love PTI || Love Pakistan || Let's stand together and save pakistan and pakistanis and make it stronger in shaa ALLAH 👊👊🇵🇰🇵🇰👊👊

کوئی دسے گا ماتم دا اے کیہڑا طریقہ وے ۔۔ پہلی دفعہ دیکھیا وے میری تے سمجھوں بار اے 🤔🤔🤔

2018-09-22 02:14

lingling. __cxo

👻 Kaaymck. Popping flavour ... Dripping Sauce 💎

RT @DJTobz_: Nah but on a bmt where are all these big spiders coming from?

2018-09-22 02:14

Kate Keehan 📚 readeatretreat

Ex-editor. Aspiring book publicist. Ravenclaw. INFJ. I like big books and I cannot lie. #repealedthe8th


2018-09-22 02:14

London Live LondonLive

Your Capital's TV Channel. Watch on Freeview 8, Sky 117, Virgin 159 and YouView 8 or stream online.

RT @HannahRJacko: #LondonFilmClub on tonight at 7.30pm on @LondonLive, but if you can't till then head over to their twitter & check see ou…

2018-09-22 02:14

peterFBPErEUnion 23806058

RT @davidyelland: Macron is right. Message to every Brexit editor: he is talking about YOU. What a total and unmitigated disaster much of t…

2018-09-22 02:14

John McTernan johnmcternan

SVP of International Political practice, PSB @PSBResearch Formerly Tony Blair's Political Secretary and Julia Gillard's Comms Director

RT @jfwduffield: @johnmcternan @joekennedy81 "East Dulwich" ha ha.

2018-09-22 02:14

Erick 🇧🇷 erickescobars

as coisas nunca dão certo cmg

RT @TheEconomist: Brazil is in desperate need of reform, but Jair Bolsonaro would make a disastrous president. Our cover this week https://…

2018-09-22 02:14

patriot bot BritJobs

A bot producing a new policy for the Tory Party every hour. Made by @henbell, Gordon Brown, Nick Griffin, and Theresa May

British dragons for British Unionists

2018-09-22 02:14

Pat Goymer GoymerPat

RT @ToursBeatles: No, please don’t Mrs! With the wonderful Frankie Howerd filiming an unused scene from Help! 1965 #TheBeatles #frankiehowe…

2018-09-22 02:14

LCY Flight Info LCYFlightInfo

Automated flight information service for London City Airport. Tweet your flight number for updates. Powered by @BizTweet

@Richardnash12 Flight BE6462 is on approach

2018-09-22 02:14

Steve Nowottny stevenowottny

Journalist. News and features editor at @MoneySavingExp, before that editor of @pulsetoday - but all views my own... Email

BREAKING: Thousands of Plusnet customers have been billed twice for a line rental offer after the firm moved to a n…

2018-09-22 02:14

/\/\ary/\/\0🌱Ⓥ Manicmo2019

RT @georgegalloway: Don’t miss this TONIGHT at 7pm @talkRADIO #Moats

2018-09-22 02:14

CryptoJix Jixie_Moda17

The best AIM shares are the ones that are at a low & an experienced BOD with proven track record in their fields comes in & changes the way it's run #crypto

@WeissRatings Old news! $ETH BACK IN 2nd place $XRP 3rd

2018-09-22 02:14

Angelique Niyonagize ANiyonagize

RT @Arsenal: Check out @Lauren12arsenal and @AlexScott as they get up close and personal with the Rwandan mountain gorillas on a truly uniq…

2018-09-22 02:14

Not supersmart Bobo Bobocr1

Fund manager & Investor - and Tesla short. All comments personal opinion on my part, my positioning reflects my opinions (and lack of skill).

@Dope007 @StuartMeissner The great thing about this list is you know it’s exhaustive because the company has absolutely nailed transparency.

2018-09-22 02:14

Avril | Head Above Water FameAvril1

Here to support my idol Avril Lavigne

RT @officialcharts: Hey! Hey! You You! @AvrilLavigne's new single is out, so to celebrate, we've revealed the sales of her 10 biggest hits…

2018-09-22 02:14

🐞 anajoduarte


RT @DUALIPA: #EleNão !!!!!

2018-09-22 02:14

léane leane38120

insta : leane_prr

RT @benoobrown: Anyone else ever just sitting there minding you own business and your brain starts thinking the weirdest stuff??? Like how…

2018-09-22 02:14

Yesuraja Yesu_RajA794

Thalapathy fan 💪💪💪|Gym lover 🏋️🏋️| waiting for SARKAR 😎😎|Interest in Acting🕺🕺|Liker to long travel 🚈🚈

RT @IARA_Awards: And the IARA goes to ---- We can't wait to reveal the winners.. #IARA2018

2018-09-22 02:14

duda maria vivan_maria


RT @DUALIPA: #EleNão !!!!!

2018-09-22 02:14

#SaveTimeless #Hulu #Netflix #Amazon #AppleTV thetalentguru

On Mission to #SaveTimeless #Timeless Casting agent/Talent scout, with presence in UK/Hollywood/Bollywood/Online

RT @westendproducer: I hesitate to tweet this, but i think it's important. Don't take your phones into your bedroom at night. Keep off soci…

2018-09-22 02:14

Walsh property990

Property Investor and Some. Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it.

@Adam20702512 What does he know

2018-09-22 02:14

trin triinuclark

I'm Estonian🇪🇪. PETA but not vegan. 中出し、中出し、大好き

@BradHiggins Hhahahahahhahaaha

2018-09-22 02:14

Just Jordy JordyGreaves


2018-09-22 02:14

Saba sabafarrukhozil


RT @Mattdavelewis: I tried to surprise my wife with pizza. She did the same thing for me. Now we have four pizzas. Delivered by the same gu…

2018-09-22 02:14

paulscarrott paulscarrott7

Socialist. RT does not equal an endorsement

RT @FisherAndrew79: Theresa May, Dec 2017: “the only thing Labour is planning is a run on the pound”.
Theresa May, now: 👇

2018-09-22 02:14

CoolSmartWatch CoolSmartWatch

#SmartWatch and other #Wearable Technology.


2018-09-22 02:14

Kurt White KurtWhi54934601

RT @HefeMars: #Chapter24 🎈

2018-09-22 02:14

CorbynRider TKYSK8R

Urban Free Skater, Dutch OV follower, Japanese Infra fan & Anime Fan

RT @PoliticsOTM: It’s an actual monumental achievement to be more unpopular than the face of failure and neoliberalism 😂

2018-09-22 02:14

Jon Wardle jonwardle

Director, National Film and Television School (@nftsfilmtv) The UK's national centre of excellence for #film #tv #games.

RT @thorn_alan: Very proud of everyone @NFTS_Games Great games and talent on show from our students at #EGX2018 Be sure to stop by and play

2018-09-22 02:14

Ayobami ☺ crisp_blog

Math Tutor||Analyst||Principal @LSSeducational|In our aim for perfection we might achieve excellence||Tweets are purely logical #Arsenal DM for enquiries.

RT @LichtsteinerSte: 4:2 at home! A nice start in the Europa League! Now let's focus on the Sunday game against Everton! #wearethearsenal🔴…

2018-09-22 02:14

carolita pamela_iludida

só faço merda

RT @DUALIPA: #EleNão !!!!!

2018-09-22 02:14

Kristina Heaney KristinaFilm

Screenwriter / producer of a generally clumsy persuasion

RT @adspads: . @KristinaFilm and I’d short film Spaceman is now on @amazonprimenow video! Be kind and leave us a review would you? https://…

2018-09-22 02:14

Dionne Daniel RN . #NHS1000miles #GlobalNurses DionneDaniel5

Senior Nurse for OPS & Stroke Services at Barts Health.RCN Learning Rep. Passionate about Nursing , the NHS and the learning organisation. Views my own

RT @JudeRCN: RCN London members! Check out this thread which details all of our amazing free events that we have coming up this Autumn. Do…

2018-09-22 02:14

mishie Wnabon


Hope jaywalking never becomes illegal in the UK 🤪

2018-09-22 02:14

Meghan Williams blueocean1084

RT @PrisonPlanet: Imagine going to buy groceries with your credit card, but then having your payment declined because someone in an office…

2018-09-22 02:14

igorzito IgorStols

birthday musica da carreira

RT @DUALIPA: #EleNão !!!!!

2018-09-22 02:14

Jack Macondo JackMacondo


@billybragg @mrjamesob @krishgm It's crazy that @billybragg would sacrifice his principles and allow Brexit to happ…

2018-09-22 02:14

Maria Moore kenseysmom

Anything & Everything Christopher Eccleston The Leftovers, The XFiles, Doctor Who, GoT Helix, Outcast, TWD, The Exorcist , Westworld UnabashedlyNerdy. LEO wife.

RT @tomedmunds: In a fantastic friend/work crossover, @deadinaweekfilm ‘s own #ChristopherEccleston is reading my brilliant friend @ahmpres…

2018-09-22 02:14

Felicity Lowde 🌺 flutterbyfjl

Love painting, creative writing, exceptional quality art and history research, human rights. Justice is coming. 🦋🌥️💌

RT @flutterbyfjl: @billybragg @mrjamesob @krishgm You're off beam Billy. Corbyn has neither the competence nor the integrity to face down t…

2018-09-22 02:14

VisitLewisham VisitLewisham

Things to do and places to go in Lewisham

RT @LewishamCouncil: This weekend, get free entry to Lewisham’s most remarkable buildings as part of #openhouse and explore everything from…

2018-09-22 02:14

Elfida Elfidam123

The Easiest Way İsn't Always The Best.
Hope The Best!

RT @anlamiyorssun: Ece Sevim ÖZTÜRK
#15Temmuz olaylarını araştıran ve gerçekleri ortaya çıkararak, 250 insanın bilerek ölüme gönderildiğini…

2018-09-22 02:14

Christian Manthei red_wine_teeth

Exploring London with a bag full o’ wine @winetreasury and my partner in crime

RT @DirtyDozenTaste: Thank you to all who shared the love and took part in our Twitter competition. We are excited to announce the winner o…

2018-09-22 02:14