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Steve Norton 💛🐺🖤 sjn4915

Massive Wolves fan, season ticket holder. Member of the Belvide management committee. Love going Birding and watching any British wildlife. Love England.

RT @Charles_HRH: Looking into the rumour that 12 out of 10 Russians voted for Vladimir Putin. #RussiaElections2018

2018-03-19 04:27

Taylor Corrigan taylortheyid


RT @NozrulAhmed: Here’s how this now pans out: we beat United in the semi’s, Chelsea beat Southampton, and we play them in the final. Or we…

2018-03-19 04:27

Elise _elise_limon

studying Architecture

RT @manonmollard: Sunday at Goldfinger’s, with a full set of Manplan issues and a shelf of @ArchReview bound volumes in his studio 👌🏼 https…

2018-03-19 04:27

👀 kaydenology

@momoinrep pour moi c’était quand j’ai commencé à rêver en anglais

2018-03-19 04:27

Auntie madi3rmani

hey nephew

RT @Ikzzzzzzzzz: 🤤

2018-03-19 04:27

margert wong margertwong6

RT @Malanbreton: Livestream the #MalanBreton FW2018 Collections at 2pm EST.
At /> Or /> #nyfw #st…

2018-03-19 04:27

Chief Hwata WKatsenga

I never lose,either I win or learn!

RT @ginothesaint: @ZimMediaReview In the land of the blind.A one eyed man is king.Ndozvirikuitika kumabharanzi eku opposition.Zvino vachanz…

2018-03-19 04:27

Steve Keen surreyhillock1

Passionate for democracy, accountability & honesty - deeply worried by Brexit impact on future generations. Recently converted to grumpy old git.

RT @campbellclaret: blog: The whiff around Cambridge Analytica is getting stronger, and getting closer to LEAVE campaign. Keep going @carol…

2018-03-19 04:27

ただのチェルシーサポ nochelseanolife

チェルサポの大学生 現地25勝10分9敗

RT @TrevohChalobah: Wembley🙌🏾 well done boys 🔥 #CFC @ChelseaFC

2018-03-19 04:27

Richard Cliffe dickcliffe

★Born E17★Audere est facere★Love my little ones & Barney our dog★Personal views not those of my employer

@Big_D_Yid81 Remember that well 😡

2018-03-19 04:27

isabelle Isabellenicolew

RT @quisharose: we’re gonna be *chin up* alright DA DA DA *hands up* *forward* *in* *side to side* *up down* DA DA FA AFAFAFA HEEEY AJAJA *…

2018-03-19 04:27

Colby CFC Green ColbyGreenCfc

I Love Football / Video Games / Ice Hockey / Tennis / Darts / Also Support Chelsea FC Since 2002

RT @ChelseaFC: Half-time: Leicester City 0-1 Chelsea 👍 #LEICHE

2018-03-19 04:27

Stacey Kayleigh StaceyKayleigh


RT @rosiepercy: P...Paddington!?

2018-03-19 04:27


RT @LethalBizzle: God is giving Giggs everything he missed during the time he was banned. Imagine having the hardest tunes on road and u ca…

2018-03-19 04:27

Liz Young LizYoun97992605

RT @FightPMDD: For anyone struggling with their #hormones @GiaAllemandFDN is a fantastic source of information and support. Can not recomme…

2018-03-19 04:27

Paul Wilson pswilson77

Toronto by birth, UK living. Long suffering Toronto Maple Leaf fan.

RT @davidschneider: Newsnight deny their new backdrop is photoshopped to influence viewers.

2018-03-19 04:27

🍒رهام zainpetrus

nineteen and on fire | #BLACKLIVESMATTER | #NEVERAGAIN | 🇲🇦

RT @Titilayo__: I went secondary school with you, you was extremely ugly. You've went from a 2 to a 5 and that's given you confidence to ta…

2018-03-19 04:27

blue days dark nights saeed6ali

director, inventor, classic cars, politics, eighties music, astronomy, chess,, “ stumbling is not falling”

@PauIGoIdingBF @itzmevictoria 😂🙈

2018-03-19 04:27

Brendan Paddison brendanp_york

Senior Lecturer in Business & Management; Director of Postgraduate Study, York Business School; researcher in tourism, urban geography, destination management

RT @TheSTHome: The Sunday Times Best Place to Live in 2018 is... York! #STBestPlaces

2018-03-19 04:27

Anita Locniskar ALocniskar

RT @markantro: Yeah shame my parents didn't live off their fellow taxpayers and instilled a work ethic in me.

I could be sat on my arse,…

2018-03-19 04:27

Slumbermonkey Design buck_lj

Surface pattern designer, artist and crafts person. A lover of colour and pattern and passionate about jewellery.

RT @BagsofFavours: Unicorn tassel garland #womaninbizhour #crafthour

2018-03-19 04:27

David Jay deejayhome

Musician Animal lover RTs not an endorsement.Opinions shouldn't always be taken seriously.Tweet lots about dogs/leaving the EU...and the erosion of #FreeSpeech

@hussnainshauka2 @TRobinsonNewEra What about this guy then?

2018-03-19 04:27

ประเทศ pratedd


@2OXJENO เนี่ยๆๆๆ เราจะฟ้อง มันลักลอบมานอน ฮื่อออ เราสะดุ้งตื่นเลยอ่ะ รู้สึกถึงก้อนขนอะไรซักอย่างยกออกทันที555555

2018-03-19 04:27

Nabil H inabster

I am what I am... re-tweets not always endorsements... follows means curious, not party to. God is King. Sister alt. account: @meNabster

RT @inabster: @shylo_duffy @mrkmrkmoh @EnigmaNetxx @meNabster @Emirati_Sheikha @vincemalumbono2 @saferozie @TanyaKasim As French educated &…

2018-03-19 04:27

Abdull Sen_Abdull

#Cr7 #United #Taurus #IG: Itz_budo Snapchat: budo_united


2018-03-19 04:27

Hookie62 Hookie62

Entrepreneur, adventure traveller, amateur photographer, F1 follower, Wigan Casino veteran, Identical Twin and rugby bum!

RT @JuliaHB1: My timeline is full of comments about @OwenJones84. Can I let you into a little secret?

Like most people who’ve had the mis…

2018-03-19 04:27

Dominic Piper DominicPiper1

Novelist. Author of acclaimed thrillers 'Kiss Me When I'm Dead', 'Death Is The New Black' and 'Femme Fatale'.

RT @DominicPiper1: Death is the New Black. Dominic Piper.
"I would recommend this to anyone who likes to get lost in a story."

2018-03-19 04:27

Void VoidlesSoul

“come say I don’t bite much~” a lewed yet cuddly dragon that talks about crap oh An is a single Pringle |real-life\Rp account| 40k/DnD/ video game player

@fluffymoonbun “Oh what a cutie!”

2018-03-19 04:27

Aiya Ri aiya_ri

New born hippy on the spiritual journey. Sex worker trying to be sexual healer. Experimenting and living.

yoonji think it is hard but it is not hard

2018-03-19 04:27

ChelseaTweets™ alf_10cfc

When we're good no one remembers, when we're bad no one forgets #CFC #KTBFFH

RT @ChelseaFC: An excellent chance for the unmarked Vardy to equalise but he mistimes his header and it goes well over.

0-1 (53') #LEICHE

2018-03-19 04:27

Bouff Daddy BigBillyBlanco

Music is ARCHITECTURE in motion.


RT @OptaJoe: 33 - Mohamed Salah has scored 33 goals for @LFC in all competitions - the joint-most for a single player in a debut season in…

2018-03-19 04:27

Soraya 🐳 Sho_Karm

A hostias con la vida, ella empezó primero.

RT @ArtPicsChannel: Vincent Van Gogh,Branches Of An Almond Tree In Blossom in Red, 1890.

2018-03-19 04:27

H Sighhodxn

@lesbanese_ Thank God.

2018-03-19 04:27

Sweet Sensation 7SweetSensation

Relationship, love, life and teenager tweets & quotes. Here to spread love, advice and positivity :)

RT @xmoneta_xmn: #Xmoneta will be an open platform and messenger for the new technological paradigm. We are creating the multi-currency blo…

2018-03-19 04:27

JKJ JakeLingz

“Ollie Holt Alice band bastard” - @biggestfella18

@DBailes7 Ok Stan Lee

2018-03-19 04:27

Patrick Baty patrickbaty

Thoroughly good egg. Ex soldier. Interests: colour; decoration; music; the military & 20th British art (especially Robert Bevan and Stanisława de Karłowska)

Ghislaine Arsac at the Carlton Hotel, Cannes. Photograph by Georges Dambier. 1957 #1950sstyle #1950sphotography…

2018-03-19 04:27

Masquerader Madness MasMadness_

New to carnival? Seasoned pro? We’re here to help. With mas band reviews, and tips to get you ready for the carnival season - this is the page to follow!

RT @IAmIngrid_B: This looks so cool!! 🙌🏾 #BlackPanther

2018-03-19 04:27

Olatunde 🧘‍♂️ tundeeii

Unbothered. Medical Doctor. @ChelseaFC. @FCBarcelona.

RT @liam_twomey: Cahill tells Azpilicueta to keep the armband as he comes on for Christensen, who has picked up an injury #cfc

2018-03-19 04:27

cheryl smith chezney100

RT @Ldn_Ambulance: Our medics were happy to return to their ambulance earlier today to find this lovely note and chocolates from a member o…

2018-03-19 04:27

gabi 70 e poucos dias uandedelovato

#1 kiwi stan • one direction never were mine but losing them will break my heart tnlt: 28/04 ÷tour: 25/05 nhfs: 01/10 🔜 hslot: 27/05/18 ☆@MBIAFPfic☆

RT @lwtheartless:

2018-03-19 04:27

Ariana’s babe 🌬. selrianaxcamila

I feel nothing @quitseI @seldidthat

@gomezsuperior The song could have got loads of views and done so much better if the music video was good. They mes…

2018-03-19 04:27

Now on BBC R2 (Fan) NowOnRadio2

Tweets all tracks now playing on BBC Radio 2 (not affiliated with the BBC).

♫ High - by Lighthouse Family #bbc #radio2 #np

2018-03-19 04:27

cheryl snodgrass cherylsnodgrass

Wife, mom, grandma, sister, friend, nurse, surgical tech, free thinking political junkie.

RT @Billbrowder: Not even sure why Putin feels the need to stuff the ballot boxes with fake votes when he will just alter the count afterwa…

2018-03-19 04:27

lic lac la lac lilac technololigy

✨ dreaming dragoness
👩‍💻 server mom
☀️ @monzo by day
🌙 @kazamatsuriorg by night
💜 @technohexen's familiar
🔑 alt: @einherj4r
🎨 avatar by @chordbug!!

RT @NickCohen4: Can someone point out to him Britain lost the ability to tell Ireland what to do in 1916

2018-03-19 04:27

stuart mcdonald ActuaryByDay

Mostly bangs on about longevity risk and pensions. Occasional misguided attempts at humour. 35% chance I’m human. Views my own unless algorithmically generated.

@suzallii @DavidPenney10 Are those the £25 subscriptions that ladies sent in? I had heard a rumour the current and…

2018-03-19 04:27

Pat C PatC63316307

Labour Party MS 30 yrs- doing ok My friends+ family include 'foreigners' as described by T May I don't expect my govt to denigrate them

RT @BBCWorld: Russia's Vladimir Putin wins by big margin

2018-03-19 04:27

hikk hikmaahali

Jazmins storasyster & Flappys dotter

RT @Oloni: Men and their ‘background’ checks lol. But your friend has been accused of sexual assault how many times?? Check that pls.

2018-03-19 04:27

ash ♡🥀 agoodslay

l'll tell you in another life, when we are both cats 5.21

RT @INDIEWASHERE: omg we literally live in an age where political satire is impossible bc its literally our reality, thats sad …

2018-03-19 04:27

shuz Odam777

RT @DuncanLindsay: Crowdsourcing some feedback and I think you're my best audience to get the answers from. If we were to do a regular Q an…

2018-03-19 04:27

مجتهد الشام MojtahedAlsham1

‏‏‏‏البحث عن الحقيقة امر ضروري لست على صواب دائما ساخر احينا (معركة الوعي)

RT @housen69: معلومات هامة لمن لا يعلمون
كيف تصنع أمربكا رؤساء الأنظمة العربية!!..👇👇

2018-03-19 04:27

Paul 🐸 #FOEU subtel1

Subtle I'm not !! Love cooking, Love great food, and even better red wine... and of course Cornwall. Love Europe, hate EU. #Brexit

RT @MossadJack: Twice in a week, the left have exposed themselves as the true fascists #SpeakersCorner

2018-03-19 04:27

UKTV Press Office UKTVPress

Breaking news, exclusive content & chit chat from behind the scenes at award-winning TV broadcaster, @UKTV. Watch on demand:

Well @mattforde has definitely saved the best til last! @Scaramucci is his guest on tonight's #Unspun and you won't…

2018-03-19 04:27

Omar Shams Aldeen omarshamsalden

Dentist 💉 Kuwaiti Board Resident 🤓 Chelsea 💙 Bodybuilding 🏋🏻❤️

RT @CFCMajed: والله تشيلسي يتحكم بالمزاج 😁😁

يا ليت تفوزون لنهاية الموسم

2018-03-19 04:27

Paul; unknown nmbr goblede

cynic, naturist, nature lover, writer &artist(sort of); this must be my 8th profile due to rubbish phone. Very non PC, anti bullshit & pro free speech.

RT @Lava_Louisa: They are pretending they have to prepare - what have they been doing for the last 19 months? I know - making plans to stop…

2018-03-19 04:27

Dave W Coffey coffey1_david

RT @MossadJack: Muslims and leftists causing trouble at #SpeakersCorner

2018-03-19 04:27

IBWSShow London Ibwsslondon

#IBWSSLondon - International Bulk Wine, Bulk Spirits and Private Label Show Comes To Europe in 11 & 12th March 2019. Brought to you by @beveragetrade

@chianticlassico Nice. How’s it going?

2018-03-19 04:27

Jessica K.JO 🌹 Jess_kjo

RIP precious grandma💕🙏| Goals so big I get uncomfortable telling small minded people| Pre-registration pharmacist💊💉 |
🇮🇹🇳🇬🇬🇧| God's favourite🙌

RT @Titilayo__: Hate to sound cringe but I'm a huge believer of GROWTH❤️🌺. Nobody is the same person they was 5 years ago.. 3 months ago, e…

2018-03-19 04:27

Даунхауз chumaslov

RT @B_Elena__: А я рада что Путин опять вы@еб россиян, так им и надо !

2018-03-19 04:27

محمـد العبدالهـادي 04Fabreclass

Physical Education student. Addicted to Chelsea FC. Overdosed on confidence! #CFC #OvO



2018-03-19 04:27

daz daijzy

i don’t even like to look at men unless i have to in a business context

2018-03-19 04:27

Незыгарь nezygaru

Путин в Туве набирает 93%

2018-03-19 04:27

ออ ย. oilpornchi2001

ชิปก็อตบาส / ชานแบค. SBFIVE พี่บาส พี่คิมม่อน พี่คอปเตอร์ พี่เต้ พี่ตี๋ / Exo CHANYEOL BAEKHYUN SEHUN

RT @OatOye: จริตแรงเว่ออออออ สะบัดปลายผมแล้วกรีดนิ้วเอาาผมถัดหูจ้าาาา 55555555555 #ElyXioninBKK

2018-03-19 04:27

Mi Nacha Fans ♡ minachafans2

Eres maravillosa sobre todo auténtica y única . como la copla no hay ná

RT @HerranzJC: Entrevisto a NACHA LA MACHA en primera persona: "LA FALSEDAD Y LA PREPOTENCIA NO VAN CONMIGO" @HerranzJC

2018-03-19 04:27

Flency Rodrigues RodriguesFlency



2018-03-19 04:27

tan✨ tan__kh

tbh i don't even make sense / 🇧🇩

No bad blood is worth it. Bury the past, don’t look back on it, sleep with a clean heart. 🌸

2018-03-19 04:27

Mahyar Tousi MahyarTousi

Classical liberal Tory vlogger ~ Conservative candidate in Canning Town South ~ Free Trade Brexiteer ~ Free Market Fundamentalist ~ Atheist ~ Humanist ~ Man UTD

RT @ajcdeane: To defend free speech you have to be willing to defend unpopular speech. The right to say only nice things that people agree…

2018-03-19 04:27

Gordon Bluey1180

RT @RutlandPartners: .@astonauctions unveils plans to create second auction hall in Westbury

2018-03-19 04:27

ABinM abonawaf94

Civil Engineer

اللهم أنت السلام ومنك السلام تباركت يا ذا الجلال والإكرام

2018-03-19 04:27

Rebecca rebeccalove61

RT @TeamGB: 🗣️ "She was always there to support me, build my dreams and make them happen".

@ChemmySki talks about her biggest inspiration…

2018-03-19 04:27

Richard George RichardGeorge37

Film fan, Nottingham Forest fan, Doctor Who fan, Academy Awards hater.

RT @davidschneider: Newsnight deny their new backdrop is photoshopped to influence viewers.

2018-03-19 04:27

🌻 keyrolldice

• justice and equality are not the same thing • 18.01💘Q. • @foodhotmez is the Monica to my Rachel • lire c’est tellement bon • eat-sleep-law •

RT @StreetFashion01: VERSACE Spring 1995 Models🖤

2018-03-19 04:27

Jeremy Fegan FeganTheBigCat

RT @JRhodesPianist: Amazing response to yet another asshole undermining kids/millenials. And 100% true re classical pieces... (somewhat irr…

2018-03-19 04:27

Zaman Mirza zurnab5555

RT @sheikhsafina: 😷😷😷😷😷😷

2018-03-19 04:27

Nigel Nut NigelNut1

RT @jbreckmckye: @StigAbell So you agree it was gratuitous, then?

2018-03-19 04:27

Edenista IamBrozic

@ImBrozic n’est plus... why not? | @celtics | @chelseafc

putainnn son match est strato😭😭😭😭😭😭

2018-03-19 04:27

Ms T Nubikitty

Fashion Historian, Lecturer, Creative Director, Designer, multifaceted like a Swiss Army knife and just bloody fabulous!

@renireni I'm reading this write now, trying hard not to read with an increasing scowl on my face. But I really do…

2018-03-19 04:27

Help Jess Beat Boris jessboris8

Jess has Neuroblastoma for 4th time. She calls her original tumour Boring Boris. Family devastated to be told that 2017 may be her last Christmas.

@leebake26319751 Thanks Lee - they could've taken us with them, couldn't they!?! 😂 xxx

2018-03-19 04:27

Belinda Johnson WorkLabinsights

Researching the forces that impact the world of work - particularly worker sentiment - to enable others to make informed decisions. Mad for anything live/alive.

RT @chrisinsilico: Suspended by @facebook. For blowing the whistle. On something they have known privately for 2 years.

2018-03-19 04:27

Lytham St Annes LythamLiving

Living Life Large in Lovely Leafy Lytham St Annes. All views my own.

RT @bluesmokinghand: Tommy Robinson 21st Century Leveller
The People Are Sovereign
Defending #FreeSpeech & British rights fought for & won…

2018-03-19 04:27

The Clash RocktheCasbah10

RT @ChelseaFC: We will play Southampton in the semi-final of the FA Cup.

2018-03-19 04:27

أحمد ahmed_aljamrii

RT @JawadFairooz: أن يحقق المفتش العام للأمن الوطني #البحرين في شكوى ضحية التعذيب @YusufAlJamri امر إيجابي ولكن الأهم وقف الممارسات اللإنسا…

2018-03-19 04:27

Team Chris DeBlasio TeamCDeBlasio

RT @mrgraybnw: 🕵️‍♂️!!!REVENGE WAITS FOR NO MAN!!! 🕵️‍♂️@24littlehrs

COMING SOON #independentfilm frm @Lndnknts and @candystreats

2018-03-19 04:27

connectionwellbeing connectionWB

Connection Wellbeing Services, helping people to connect to themselves and society; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

RT @FareShareUK: .@FareShareUK is the UK’s longest running food redistribution charity. We were born out of the belief that no good food sh…

2018-03-19 04:27

Yosemite Silva YosemiteSilva

Mexican 🇲🇽
From California 🐻
Senior 2k18 😈
AVID Club President 📝
Spanish Club President 🌎
NHS President 📚
StuCo Senior Treasurer 🙋
Key Club 🗝

RT @INDIEWASHERE: omg we literally live in an age where political satire is impossible bc its literally our reality, thats sad …

2018-03-19 04:27

บุบอบิ 🧜🏻‍♀️ phim_ba

ZAYN x EXO KW #กูจะนอน

RT @OatOye: จริตแรงเว่ออออออ สะบัดปลายผมแล้วกรีดนิ้วเอาาผมถัดหูจ้าาาา 55555555555 #ElyXioninBKK

2018-03-19 04:27

✗O' eeklimaxo


RT @lewishyouwereme: English weather moves like gyal......forever acting up

2018-03-19 04:27

k1_s k1_s




2018-03-19 04:27

Unknown UnknownApostate

Ex Muslim

RT @Syed_style: I get your intention may not be bad but this statement is so boldly naive.

Muslims have issues with anti-blackness and an…

2018-03-19 04:27

starlyyte starlyyte

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ~ Dr Seuss

RT @brianklaas: Republican House Intel Committee member admits the House Intel Committee did not investigate whether collusion occurred, ev…

2018-03-19 04:27

Michael Simpson Jr michaelsimpsonj

aka Callaway Jones | 2017 Telly Awards Winner | Filmmaker | Music Artist | loud, blunt, educated | Oxford comma or get out | Founder of @theglowstickbay

RT @BeninCitizen: A list of terms explained.

2018-03-19 04:27

The Sutton Trust suttontrust

Improving social mobility

"If the government is committed to: the national skills strategy; reskilling and upskilling the workforce; and wide…

2018-03-19 04:27

Storm leftwinglabour

Hope for world filled with peace and justice.

@mufcruleok @TRobinsonNewEra Are you going to butcher all Muslims like your ancestors did in Spain?

2018-03-19 04:27

Massimo Cavazzini maxkava

Engineer, blogger, journalist, marketeer. Industry bizdev @awscloud. Former @oracle, @Tre_It and @FCAgroup.Tweets my own.

RT @chrisinsilico: Suspended by @facebook. For blowing the whistle. On something they have known privately for 2 years.

2018-03-19 04:27

دلوع tktxo8I6We8Tt7h

RT @Malanbreton: Livestream the #MalanBreton FW2018 Collections at 2pm EST.
At /> Or /> #nyfw #st…

2018-03-19 04:27

Q itsQwawi

RT @antzwst: This guy on insta confronts Katie Hopkins 😂😩 this is the funniest shit I’ve seen.

2018-03-19 04:27

Plucky APluckyHeroine

Awesome but knackered. Words. Music. Photography. Life. Love. London. Married to the drummer @sticks090460 ❤ #Post40Bloggers

@MattBombHead @MummyBarrow @AimzJay I really hope people are winding me up with their answers 🤦🏻‍♀️

2018-03-19 04:27

EEF EducEndowFoundn

Education Endowment Foundation (EEF): raising the attainment of 3-18 year-olds, particularly those facing disadvantage.

Government announces call for evidence on how to improve educational outcomes for Children in Need – children that…

2018-03-19 04:27

Wrinkly Ald Git willett1900

I came, I saw, I Fucked Up. Very Insecure. BPD, Anxiety, Depression Disorders.Bolan,Everton, Radio6music. Ancient Aliens and other Mysteries.

RT @BBCArchive: #OnThisDay 1970: In Japan, Tomorrow's World discovered the latest gadget: a portable phone with no cord and one-handed oper…

2018-03-19 04:27

thehappydude3 thehappydude3

(18 +)( No Guy's) A happy guy my Header picture is @BrookeOrsini & i am A big Fan of these Ladie's @laurenlouise228 @Corinnamodel @DeisaXx @TopazGB

RT @GlamourTeaJames: #Page3Triple

FIVE HQ image sets (over 1000 pics)
FIVE #BTS Videos
SEVEN Tease Videos
THREE totally hot English girls…

2018-03-19 04:27

A a_aaaix

@__Samiro The dishwasher one is madd dramatic 😭

2018-03-19 04:27