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@AnselEaston Molsen20

RT @historylvrsclub: Dali & Disney at Port Lligat. Check out for more pics:

2018-05-28 12:12

mrdth TNiaulina


RT @grimmers: live on BBC1 bringing you live music from @taylorswift13, @ShawnMendes and @RitaOra 💕🕺🏻

2018-05-28 12:12

moek Moek2214

violence doesn't solve violence

RT @DaysofPalestine: Caught on camera before it's illegal: proof Israelis shoot unarmed Palestinian woman posing no threat #Murder https://…

2018-05-28 12:12

African Renaissance JJ_Bola

Writer|Poet|Educator|Human represented by: @pontasagency debut novel No Place to Call Home #nptch is out. #WritersApply contact via

RT @MrAwoniyi: 🤴🏿 In LeBron We Trust 🤴🏿

2018-05-28 12:12

N Ayam_Al_Lolo

RT @Adhwan: كيف تنشر السعودية الابتسامة حول العالم ؟

2018-05-28 12:12

loriana lorianadidio

18, ridi sempre 💙 26.11.16

RT @DUALIPA: This makes me giggle. Sorry for the loss but always remain victorious at heart!! ❤️❤️

2018-05-28 12:12

Manish Manish4496

consultant scon, Hmd global -home of Nokia phones. proud to be a part of next lesson @nokiamobile ¡

RT @ConteBlueArmy: Apparently we have had a crap season but let’s see who won a trophy this season:-
Manchester City 2
Chelsea 1

2018-05-28 12:12

amanda amanda_sasss

you know how I’m filled with rage?

RT @hattiesoykan: when a man says "females"

2018-05-28 12:12

Mr. DA Conrad da_conrad

Social Media using Techie, all views are mine and mine alone, likes and retweets are not always endorsements.

RT @markantro: I wish West Yorkshire police had acted as quickly when they were first told of the child rape gangs, as they did knowing Tom…

2018-05-28 12:12

Abdullah iAbbdul

لستُ كما تظن ، و لن اكون كما ترغب. #MerciArsène

@shr309 اكثر شخص محترم شفته .. هاردلك يا اسطورة

2018-05-28 12:12

day6's pencil ✏ lemonpils

uwu for deishikseuwu; skinny legend kim wonpil

RT @jinsselfesteem: english 101 with day6 is the purest video in existence change my mind

2018-05-28 12:12

DIGITALSPHERE digitalsphere33

RT @weworkcontract: Java Developer £700 #java

2018-05-28 12:12


RT @Framezshochin: Why do girls get angry when theyve caught feelings?

2018-05-28 12:12

AD III 👑 cscprince

My crown is in the shop I swear...


2018-05-28 12:12

محمد العتيبي 🇸🇦 moh_1u

كن المجرم لا تكن الضحية.

RT @Adhwan: كيف تنشر السعودية الابتسامة حول العالم ؟

2018-05-28 12:12

Retro Jigga MylesAllen_

RT @SaltWelbz: “Mr Klopp I don’t feel so goo...”

2018-05-28 12:12

Maxine Mars ReadySetGoCrazy

If you stand for nothing Burr what will you fall for?

@melly_suu Story is already written 🤷🏽‍♀️ NBA need to shock everyone and allow Houston to win #CelticsVsCavs

2018-05-28 12:12

Liam Carlson LiamC_18

@autimaticTV waiting for the stream bro

2018-05-28 12:12

Neeks ⚡️ J_A_YYY


RT @K_Messias_: Snoop’s expression listening to Drake Duppy is priceless 🔥😂

2018-05-28 12:12

lil hot dog water Pirecks

[@fucketernal] RIP PJ. 7️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

RT @cutclear: Never forget

2018-05-28 12:12

Shakona Fire ShakonaFire

Drag Artist | She / They | NADC S4 | Coca Butter Club | BarWotever Resident Performer Contact / Bookings:

Love being photo bomb by @jordankstovall ❤️😂

2018-05-28 12:12


Listen Live

Now Playing DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - Boom! Shake the Room On The Beatbox

2018-05-28 12:12

Mina mina_ibx

Mashallah, Inshallah , Alhamdulilah...

All things Health, Critical Care and Anaesthesia.

Be Kinder to Yourself and Eachother ♥️

@foeikwarm The say the Lord works in mysterious ways. Maybe He wanted to see how we behave.. We could have been pr…

2018-05-28 12:12

Mad Max🎒 Maemalone111

Just another day on the strip | 41⭕️

Fam cavs fans don’t deserve this guy man take Lebron out they’re on same level as hawks smh

2018-05-28 12:12

ShakeSoSaucy _ShakeisBack_

HTX ✈Canyon WestTexas A&M

RT @HTXDub: SKIP!!!!! Thirty Five FifTEEN Nine and Eight.... SKIP!!! 35 points 15 rebounds 9 assists and EIGHT is for the number of times i…

2018-05-28 12:12

Soccer Training SoccerTraining7

Soccer Quotes, Fun Facts, And Training Advice

Concerning soccer playing, I protest to you it may rather be called a friendly kind of fighting, rather than recreation.

2018-05-28 12:12

N.G.McClernan ngmcclernan

Playwright & director, I run and my many opinions are available at

RT @TheEconomist: Liberalism is the most successful idea of the past 400 years

2018-05-28 12:12

Romina Fucà NatereF

W-Womanǁ former EIB officer Rome officer University tutorǁ up-to-date out of print free thinker

RT @Independent: Emergency warnings issued as subtropical Storm Alberto closed on US Gulf Coast

2018-05-28 12:12

mai phi maiphi7

RT @LoyakkVega: What makes Loyakk a truly Blue Chip ICO? - Global demand, patent-pending solution, existing global brand customers, top-tie…

2018-05-28 12:12

Fudjita💫 FidjiSimmons

@Capone_lbv Ahh t’as vu trop d’émotions quand j’écoute ça

2018-05-28 12:12

MidCarderJ MidcarderJ

Wrestling fan, Arsenal fan. Daily watcher of the three main soaps. Will tweet music that I'm listen to. #KroenkeOut

via @Magiquiz

2018-05-28 12:12

natt nathallliiiaaa


RT @Iokifriggason: ohmygod

2018-05-28 12:12

🌸 n_saelim

นกทุกสิ่งอย่าง ตั้งแต่กดบัตรคอนยันของฟรี

RT @OatOye: ไม่ได้เป็นฟค.กัซนะ เพิ่งได้ดูสัมแบมแบมอะ น่ารักมาก ธรรมชาติมาก เห็นให้สัมว่าถ้าปีหน้าเป็นไปได้จะไปจัดคอนที่ราชมังเลย สนับสนุนๆๆ…

2018-05-28 12:12

Bahar Choudhary LLB bahar_choudhary

LondonUK: Studied Law. Mission 2018:•Promote & Improve Diabetes Awareness & Fitness •CharityWork to Empower families and alleviate Poverty •Educate people&More

The Best Dressed Royal Wedding Guests via @YouTube

2018-05-28 12:12

Rosamond Slaugh rosamondslaugh2

RT @pedroepinto: Client portals are increasing in popularity but do they really help your business?

2018-05-28 12:12

rnsills rnsills

Behind Every Successful Man is a Strong Women - #Follow #Followback #SMM #Branding #SM #Success #Diversity #Insights #LifeHacking #SYZYGY #Peace

#HowTo #Convert #Color PDFs to #Black-and-#White With Preview on #Mac - #PrescientInfo

2018-05-28 12:12

Angel Sisy Angelsisy1

Amo a los maduros!
De closet - Morbo al DM

RT @TGirlsAddict: that body

2018-05-28 12:12

ฉันเองฉันไหนฉันไงงงง callmewrin

RT @impeachii: It is getting real!! 🙈❤️ จากพี่หมื่น เป็นกุมารได้ ใน 5 นาที ขอน้ำแดงให้น้องหน่อยค่ะ 5555555

2018-05-28 12:12

Bader alhajri Balhajri27

اللهم ارحم عمي مشاري عبدالله الهاجري

من يُبعدهم الله عنك، لا تحاول إعادتهم إليك.💙

2018-05-28 12:12

Coach Scoop TeamBBC2022Blue

Head Coach 🏀🏆

RT @nubiankemett: Just imagine we were saying this in the 70's !!

2018-05-28 12:12

RoxDL roxandeluca

RT @BaronesaThatch1: "La Argentina es el único lugar del mundo donde hacen huelga los que no trabajan..."

2018-05-28 12:12

➰칠성➰ alsgl445

섀헌 덕질계! @alsgl445_ 👉 스포계 @alsgl445_SM 👉 사담계

RT @1AM_already2: 님들 어쩌지 아까 저도 대흥분한 상태여서 코리안으로 니이름 내손등에 적어줘 이랫는데 지금 이러고 공항와서 눈물흘리고잇음 외투잇는데 그거입으면 가려져서 매 만 보임 매튜가무슨짓이냐고 너진짜 괜찮겠냐고 세번물어볼때 들었어…

2018-05-28 12:12

chløe ♡ ツ chloestrash

i draw stuff

RT @ZerkaaHD: We hit 3 million subscribers on the Sidemen Channel!

Make sure you're subscribed too!

2018-05-28 12:12

Nadeem Qurtobah DlimAlgahtani

احجار نادرة

RT @Adhwan: كيف تنشر السعودية الابتسامة حول العالم ؟

2018-05-28 12:12

ญอผู้หญิงของแจ็คสัน harmonywxs

ในชาตินี้ จะอธิบายคำว่ารักอย่างไรให้แจ็คสันฟังหมด

RT @impeachii: It is getting real!! 🙈❤️ จากพี่หมื่น เป็นกุมารได้ ใน 5 นาที ขอน้ำแดงให้น้องหน่อยค่ะ 5555555

2018-05-28 12:12

مشعل بن مهيلان M_mhilaan

العادات والتقاليد تحت أمري // شاعر

@salmdos1402 @SaadSa0aa88 اول شي الزايد :)

2018-05-28 12:12

Kinky Harper KinkyHarper

True submissive who loves dominant women, but very cock curious. Need someone in NC to own and use me!❤️Love to DM

RT @SimplyShemales: 💋 Off to cum to the amazing Carolina ...Good Night lovers 💋

2018-05-28 12:12

Baron Rojo HugoCabret888

El mejor lider no es aquel que presume tener miles de seguidores sino a cuantos seres humanos ha podido ayudar ( la mejor version de mi mismo).

@El_Chamuco @alvaro_delgado @RicardoAnayaC @Patriciomonero @fisgonmonero @monerorape Ahhh que bueno estuvo !!!!

2018-05-28 12:12

meemee ✨ KharmiaNicole

the only one.

RT @ThegirlJT: Real bossy bitch!!!!👅

2018-05-28 12:12

Ach Darwish dachraouich


RT @Orcanintell: This #drone can transform into a car. Transport of the #future!

#video #tech #technology #IoT #Data #DataScience #drones…

2018-05-28 12:12

Smokebme BigSmoke3

Easy going smart ass with lots of opinions! BigSmoke ain't no joke!!

RT @FulhamFC: 🗣️ #REEAAAMMMM! 🇺🇸

2018-05-28 12:12

Alex loves mystal 💍 Sweetcherry_ash

“when you’re in outer space” @wayfanna | Supporting 🏳️‍🌈 { Fan account }


2018-05-28 12:12

Light Hisoka_Yagami

RT @Amidoully: Un petit rappel à notre cher Président !

Le 1er décembre 1944, des dizaines de soldats africains appelés « tirailleurs » so…

2018-05-28 12:12

Ariane🇨🇩🇨🇬🇸🇴 Harrietlabellee

Congolese | 19 | @fallyipupa01 💍💘 | London to Birmingham 📍 - Congolese men are trash x

RT @EhisIlozobhie: “My friend you better release Wizkid from your pocket.” 😭😭😭

2018-05-28 12:12

alma frabjousmendes

fan account ♡


2018-05-28 12:12

Eli Coleclough Travelfitfun

Performance Coach | Blogger | Runner | Nature & Book Lover | Geek | Free Thinker| 📽elicoleclough
|📸 |💌

RT @Jasons_Advice: If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed. - David Viscott #quote

2018-05-28 12:12

ᵇºⁿᵉʸ ˡºˡʐ Boney_2

RT @MyBeteNoire: Ramos vs Messi - Dirtiest Moments. What Ramos did to Salah wasn't surprising, he's been doing this for a long time now. He…

2018-05-28 12:12

V$ euvivi22

Se der ame, se não der, se ame.

Meu namorado é muito gostoso puta que pariuu kkkkkkk😍

2018-05-28 12:12

ASAD asad_abdullah20

20 | Shia • Syed | Vegan |love chicken | am 4’7 So whens your fugkhin dolmio day?


2018-05-28 12:12

Aramis bandoreIo

@phatimamohamed You follow Ken uno

2018-05-28 12:12

ray .. cleotrapaaa

real elegant. a lot of substance. need i say more? | acts 4:12

RT @EnClaudeNeuf: Elders don’t deserve “automatic” respect if they can’t give it out. It don’t matter who you are. Disrespect and get disre…

2018-05-28 12:12

فيصل🇸🇦 fais055

إن أجمل لحظات الحياة حين تعيش في أفئدة الناس دون غش و خداع

RT @Adhwan: الحمدلله أنك اعترفت أنك من مطايا إيران. قلت لك ، لا يوجد لدينا مطايا نتغلغل من خلالها. هنيئا لإيران بامتطائك ومن معك. …

2018-05-28 12:12

Lily James highladdy

ㅡ ❝Perhaps the greatest risk any of us will ever take is to be seen as we really are❞ [ROLEPLAYER/ENG] to Lily Chloe Ninette Thomson / Lily James #Royal

@itsIorengrey If the real superheros act like that, I'd never need any comedy in my life anymore LOL.

2018-05-28 12:12

Thomas R. Keith Thomas_R_Keith

Classicist, poet, translator, instructional designer-in-training at the Univ. of Chicago. Opinions are my own and do not reflect the views of my employer.

RT @NPGLondon: Christopher Lee and Vincent Price, were born #onthisday in 1922 and 1911, respectively. As one of 'The Four Kings of Horror'…

2018-05-28 12:12

Meh 🐻 YourOpinionsAre

I have dedicated my life to telling people to #fuckoff

RT @BreitbartLondon: Sorry we couldn't be more forthcoming... 🤐



2018-05-28 12:12

Crawford Joey Starrick Joey_Starrick

I love Spice Girls, I love your songs, and I big fans of yours. I'm fan of Emma Bunton & Emma Bunton is my idol.

RT @larrylondonbus: Larry: “Like or RT if you are dreaming of #summer, just like me! Nothing beats #London in the hot sunshine…” 😁☀️🌈 #Larr…

2018-05-28 12:12

เหน่ย ssw867711

23 july 2016 | EXO✨ | chanbaek | jaeyoung | minhyunbin

RT @OatOye: อนนี่สูง162 ใครสูงประมาณนี้ก็อยู่ช่วงอกคุณเขาพอดีเลยอะค่ะ กิ้ดดดดดดดดดดดดด

2018-05-28 12:12

Asaliya asaliyababy

IG- Asaliyababy

Only barawanis beg to be Kenyan

2018-05-28 12:12

Ben Hooper Benrhooper

“Polo” | 🚑 Emergency Care Support Worker for SECAmb | Caffeine addict & big food fan| (all views are my own)

When it’s 04:00, night shift delirium has set in, on a mealbreak... and there is decent lighting... my bed is alrea…

2018-05-28 12:12

Arlovebird arlovebird

Spread love ❤

RT @Tamanna73950284: I already tweeted this tag like 15 times..but let’s try to trend it #WeLoveYouNamjoon

2018-05-28 12:12

aa sunda ododedi

seorang karyawan swasta yang tersembunyi 🍌🍆🍌🍆

RT @Diegor_Barros: Only 4 weeks to go until we launch the Coconut Underwear’s 🤩

2018-05-28 12:12

Kami🇳🇴 Highheeled_Kami

Very Feminine Nordic descent woman, I love all things vintage and traditional living, nationalist #antifeminist #TradLife

RT @georgellewelyn: To all interested: please send your messages of support for Tommy and his family to and we…

2018-05-28 12:12

英文法bot jukenenglishbot


ex)an economic policy「経済政策」

2018-05-28 12:12

Waleed Hussain Waleed9009

My nationality is Indian, My address is Saudi Arabia, My education curriculum is British, My office culture is Japanese. How more multinational can i get.

RT @oldpicsarchive: Chernobyl Then and Now

2018-05-28 12:12

John KeaneJohn69

Massive Keane fan, living in London. Good guy, easily corrupted, love gin and bit of an #avgeek. Check out my Instagram for travel/aviation pics

@PearlDay3 Pearl you are one of the only ladies that makes me look twice....... stunning hope you are having a great weekend

2018-05-28 12:12

koler Ruhi65394429


RT @JAmeliasarii: bokep abg di sodok dari belakang retweet yang mau liat

2018-05-28 12:12

Richard musaazi musaazi22

🇺🇬🇬🇧🇷🇼A Social commentator, I contribute to the improvement of national security & crime services through addressing key issues and challenges facing Uganda

@jmagoola @Natabaalo @observerug @PoliceUg @MoWT_Uganda Despite occasional outrage, little seems to be done to ensu…

2018-05-28 12:12

Sonya♡ Sonyblopez

Strawberry angel. Don't be eye candy, be soul food. Fashion passion. The day I learn to fly im never coming down. Attempting photosynthesis. 👻helloitssonya

RT @oldpicsarchive: Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street, 1953.

2018-05-28 12:12

Emma Emma_njh

" Dream big "

@princeseokgene Hohoho Queen of SIN getting wrecked all over again!

2018-05-28 12:12

Lord Lionel Ltd Lordlionelltd

Lord Lionel are suppliers of high quality sliding door systems, ironmongery and other associated door hardware, office partitions and Contact Furniture.

Thanks for the mention! TysonLester: @Lordlionelltd Lord Lionel. THANK YOU so very-much for your Favs from London,…

2018-05-28 12:12

Queen of Thorn 🥀 khairidzuan26

nothing matters 🖤

RT @RevertChris: I love my mum. Imagine telling your mum you’ve made the decision to revert to Islam. She took it as such a big shock, at f…

2018-05-28 12:12

Bishodip bishodip

मेरो प्रोफेसन र म फरक ब्यक्ती हु। यी मेरा ब्याक्तिगत कुरा हुन, प्रोफेसन र म जागिर खाने संस्था सग कुनै लेनदेन छैन।

RT @historylvrsclub: Dali & Disney at Port Lligat. Check out for more pics:

2018-05-28 12:12


EN PIE POR LA LIBERTAD! Cuenta alterna de @Reacci0naria

RT @guarito_21: Los nuevos barrios marginales de Venezuela, las urbanizaciones de clase media, sin agua, sin luz, sin Internet, con la basu…

2018-05-28 12:12

🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸 HomewoodGroup

Bacchanalian gastronomic sybarite, epicurean hedonist and licentious oenological decadent... Ultracrepidarianists will be blocked...views very much my own!

RT @RichardWellings: Impoverished African country which has received hundreds of millions of pounds in foreign aid from UK taxpayers is pay…

2018-05-28 12:12

Leproso emileproso2013

ig: @emii_leproso

RT @MyBeteNoire: Ramos vs Messi - Dirtiest Moments. What Ramos did to Salah wasn't surprising, he's been doing this for a long time now. He…

2018-05-28 12:12

magic martin Martin84934769

fan and capper of uks sexiest women avi is @ria_officialXxx header is @barbiesinsxxx the most beautiful women in the world #support #respect #admire

RT @BabestationTV: It's too hot for clothes 🔥

Join @BethUndressed on tonight 😍

2018-05-28 12:12

Nitesh Patel Tesh_P

Masters in Chemical Engineering/PRINCE2 qualified. Working for Britvic at the moment as a part of their GB BU Implemenatiom team. Gooner 😉

Come on Cavaliers!!! #NBAPlayoffs #NBAFinals

2018-05-28 12:12

Dej. 😜 OmgItsDejaa

R.I.P. Dad 😇

RT @cutclear: Never forget

2018-05-28 12:12

Vicky Vicky_C73

@LukeGoss Thank you 🙏🏻❤️

2018-05-28 12:12

ASOS Here to Help ASOS_HeretoHelp

Welcome to @ASOS_Heretohelp, the official feed for customer queries for Visit @ASOS & @ASOS_Menswear for #fashion updates.

@TheOnlyAMG Hi Ashling, thanks for the DM. Someone will get back to you shortly.

2018-05-28 12:12

Janet E. Smith avidkayaker50

RT @RatzingerQuotes: The strongest proof that we are made in the image of the Trinity is this: love alone makes us happy, because we live i…

2018-05-28 12:12

UC/日本給水党 watertowerUC


RT @presentcorrect: #NationalBiscuitDay

2018-05-28 12:12

RH Thewristmotion

Free shmoke

@KingBenzizou I was there after 2016. The longevity is a joke, only Kareem matches him on that

2018-05-28 12:12

Aish🌙 Aishryf

RT @HanaAshtar1: May Allah sooth your heart when you don’t understand.

2018-05-28 12:12

🌻 baiganee

There are so many flavors to choose from but you wanna be salty

RT @Hvsbr0: @asmaaaaaah @baiganee With ur size you'd be lucky to not fall in and get lost in the Pudge (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2018-05-28 12:12

andy. 🍀⏳ idlewxrship13

Your official Parahoy cruiser in the year 20XX. London Grammar, Paramore, Rolo Tomassi and While She Sleeps enthusiast. Straight Edge. Ⓥ #RepealThe8th 🇪🇺


2018-05-28 12:12

Shaz🌻 Shazzzl


RT @ammar_ax3: DMing myself this thread incase I fall in love this year 😪

2018-05-28 12:12

CalicoJackosaur🦕🦖🦅 CalicoJackosaur

I started a youtube channel, for the love of science and the natural world!🦕🦖🦅Goal is 5K subs for my birthday this October and an ice cream date with SZA 🍦🍨😍

RT @demarionunn: 🤔🤔🤔

2018-05-28 12:12

20 y/o goddess celesteladon

(that's Sierra in the header. 💕)
All the glory goes to God.

RT @EnClaudeNeuf: Elders don’t deserve “automatic” respect if they can’t give it out. It don’t matter who you are. Disrespect and get disre…

2018-05-28 12:12

vert trewilliamsxo

our beginnings may be humble, but may our end be prosperous 🦋

RT @nerdyasians: HISTORIC: BTS becomes the first K-pop act of all time to reach Number One on the Billboard 200 album chart.

2018-05-28 12:12