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Anand Kumar SVAnandKumar

Life doesn't have hands but it sure as hell can give you a slap in the face

RT @txmmy22: sometimes it's better to react with no reaction 😌

2018-10-16 20:11

The London Economic LondonEconomic

Independent news and opinion.

RT @LondonEconomic: Watch Esther McVey's reaction when Frank Field warns Universal Credit forcing women into prostitution

2018-10-16 20:11

𝖲𝖺𝗋𝖺 raplineculture

우리 함께라면 사막도 바다가 돼 | #⃞호석 #⃞지민

Mettere il punto alla fine di un messaggio è una mia abitudine da sempre, nON SONO INCAZZATA CON VOI why would i be

2018-10-16 20:11

Buschhhhh...... fsuassoc79

Stupidity should be painful.

RT @PrisonPlanet: Noted woman hater Donald Trump signs bill requiring airports to provide spaces for nursing mothers to breastfeed.

2018-10-16 20:11

Dhatre Technosoft Dhatre

The official Dhatre Twitter channel: Dhatre defines, designs and delivers IT-enabled business solutions that help industries win in a Flat World.

RT @AislingFoster1: @Rubberbandits This episode is by far your best work. It’s excellent!! Great hosting skills with good questions asked a…

2018-10-16 20:11

Lissa Ireland StormLissa

Aim for objectivity and honestly evaluate the direction a rela... More for Cancer

2018-10-16 20:11

Mylin aftera_badhabit

Can I send you some flowers?
Mils_Stark on instagram

RT @KensingtonRoyal: Today’s reception has been organised in association with @mountrescueuk, of whom The Duke is Patron, and the British C…

2018-10-16 20:11

Rodriguez. ceerodriguezz

Aquarius | soft as silk, dulce como la miel.🐩


2018-10-16 20:11

Sven SvenRoyalChef

👨‍🍳Chef to @PrinceHRHGeorge 👑who has a strict #nogreen policy. We both run @GeorgeLovesArt🎨I like to share my dry humour and wisdom with everyone, so I dont DM

@joannedebra2468 @PrinceHRHGeorge It kept him out of trouble for a few minutes. 😀

2018-10-16 20:11

Din irdinzamrii


RT @moefiasco: This is why I want a son before I have a daughter 😭

2018-10-16 20:11

Francesca FrancescaG97F

socially awkward person, manager wannabe and music biz student @ BIMM London

I just spilled my coffee but in a good way @BBCR1 @claraamfo

2018-10-16 20:11

spooky Peach kemicity

Kemi, figuring out my hyphens. founder of @YIKEStheatreco

RT @Calliethulhu: You don't have to look cis to be beautiful
You don't have to look cis to be beautiful
You don't have to look cis to be be…

2018-10-16 20:11

Helen Donovan HelenDon_RCN

RCN Professional Lead, public health nursing. Trustee self care forum @SelfCareForum Nurse lead Barnet CCG @BarnetCCG @nclstp Tweets are my own.

RT @SueWoodward_KCL: Great to see a poster promoting #forums by the lift @theRCN today @JasonWarriner1 @Ismalia_S @isobelgastro @NeuroNurse…

2018-10-16 20:11

Максим Гладкий gladki1


RT @RussianEmbassy: Never heard of UK or Netherlands being Arctic nations.

2018-10-16 20:11

James Soren Stone Soren_Stone

American father, patriot, and social commentator. Follow me on the various platforms.

RT @OliverHackett: If Elizabeth Warren is a "woman of color", then I'm The Queen of England.

2018-10-16 20:11

Paul Marr SerendipitySays

Agnostic Liberal, Science and Tech enthusiast, news junkie, proud geek, PC Gamer and overenthusiastic Retweeter! Generally optimistic. Dreams of being a writer.

RT @IanDunt: I want to fly

You can't fly, you're a man.

OK but give me one wing so I can half fly.

That won't help.

OK fine, so let's c…

2018-10-16 20:11

المشرشح mushrsh99

RT @BBCArabic: هل انتهى شهر العسل لولي عهد السعودية محمد بن سلمان؟

2018-10-16 20:11


Back until I need a break again.

RT @lioness_km: Every month somebody a breed in that palace😭, coming like one ramping shop

2018-10-16 20:11

sasha sashbashandcats

I just signed a @thegreenparty petition: Stop Fracking Now. Sign here:

2018-10-16 20:11

Glenn Shaw glennshaw

Dad of three, small c conservative and Mortgage Broker. Message me if you’re looking for a better deal!

RT @BethRigby: Still outside No 10: cabinet due to end at midday (although Clarke & Perry left early). That’s a stonking two and a half hou…

2018-10-16 20:11

John Duncan ajohnduncan

"The feels my dude, very action movie pensive walk at sunset, just slathered in emotion and awesomeness." Deeply unhelpful.

@ddale8 You had me at mental

2018-10-16 20:11

humanrightsforall ptws1969


RT @CharlieCooper8: Nicky Morgan on the no-deal scenario: "this House will not support it and therefore would have to step in, into the neg…

2018-10-16 20:11

Carl Remmer CarlitoRemo

Failed rock star. Luxury (lazy) footballer. #FBPE

RT @mrchrisaddison: The clearest, best explanation of Brexit and its consequences. It'll take four minutes of your time and is pretty impor…

2018-10-16 20:11


stop it

Sticking it to noted attention-seeker Piers Morgan by quote tweeting him

2018-10-16 20:11

Tom Kemp tomgk90

Phd Candidate at Kent Law School. I write about immigration detention and deportation, and law and social movements.

RT @AdamWagner1: Thread on the proposed changes Gender Recognition Act. Read!

2018-10-16 20:11

Linda SE25A

Pro human rights. Pro EU. Pro NHS. Pro human rights in Bahrain. Occasional photos

RT @NIHargrave: As Andrea Jenkyns herself put it really well in her Maiden Speech to Parliament in 2015: "Conservatives have held a consist…

2018-10-16 20:11

Chintan Nanavati LightHealing

Energy Healer with 5+ yrs' experience in GP's surgery. Also working on my first YA/Fantasy novel.

RT @davidschneider: Man who set whole country on fire admits he should maybe have not lit the match.

2018-10-16 20:11

Seydina M Diouf Dioufy11

I'm me

RT @OscarColy: SPECIAL REPORT | How did boxing forget Africa’s first world champion?

2018-10-16 20:11

Sabo Kpade Sabo_Kpade

Culture Writer

OkayAfrica sat down with @teamsalut before a studio session in London to talk about their growing fame, the influen…

2018-10-16 20:11

Education & Learning URCLearn

The official Twitter stream for the United Reformed Church Education and Learning team. Supporting adult learning and faith development.

In less than a month we'll be remembering 100 years since the end of WW1 British/German Resources for #Remembrance…

2018-10-16 20:11

❌UKPatriot #MBGA #Brexit 🇬🇧 #MAGA #Trump 🇺🇸 UkpatriotT

In the shadowplay, acting out your own death, knowing no more, #JoyDivision - Banned multiple times tweeting about #Brexit #FreeSpeech IC-OPMI Veteran 88-97

RT @JuliaHB1: .@campbellclaret thinks that if someone doesn’t agree with him, they’re deaf. He talked. I listened. I didn’t agree with him.…

2018-10-16 20:11

phil gibbs gibbsbarrister

Criminal Barrister at 1 High Pavement Chambers Nottingham with a passion for Sports Law

RT @gregpowellpsp: £1.2 billion is being spent on digital technology programme by MoJ... at Southwark Crown court today , 9 Advocates , 7…

2018-10-16 20:11

ForeTvsports foretvsports

ForeSports brings sport in a more lighthearted and humorous approach, providing essential coverage of all major sports and events. #foremedia #voiceofthefuture

2019 AFCON Qualifiers: Amuneke Targets First Win With Tanzania

2018-10-16 20:11

Katy ⓥ 🌱💚 BakingWithHoney

YES I KNOW HONEY ISN'T VEGAN Londoner, vegan, Mum. Frequently baking with my girl ~ *Honey* ♡Cake|Gin|Theatre|Famke Janssen|ASMR♡ Soft spot for glam villains

Can anyone who knows Wordpress tell me why my bright, bold, crisp images appear dull and slightly fuzzy once upload…

2018-10-16 20:11

honey, 14 xel3ven

dramaaaa | @xxkalinaxx1 my wife | @sk8ashii ❤️ | fan account

mam gotowca na jutro na fizykę

2018-10-16 20:11

Dugga iAmDugga

Hip Hop
Hip Hop
Hip Hop

RT @mirzastweets: Feeling like celebs 😊😎

2018-10-16 20:11

Gary Reid segaboy08

Dad of 4,, love my kids my dogs my cat + West Ham.. Not in that order.

RT @GTTURB0: How I spent Monday morning! Didn’t give them much as I know it’s not the best for them.. have bought some swan food now... obv…

2018-10-16 20:11

John O john_osjo

politics and polls

RT @unherd: .@David_Goodhart on why he welcomes the @TheEconomist's mea culpa

2018-10-16 20:11

pandoras box pandora123461

RT @davidschneider: Man who set whole country on fire admits he should maybe have not lit the match.

2018-10-16 20:11

Isabel Dodson-shanks _isabel_ds


RT @PeterBleksley: Ok Everybody, the day has finally arrived. Tune in tonight at 9.15pm, @Channel4, to see me grumpy and quite possibly swe…

2018-10-16 20:11

Katie Clapham storytellersinc

Owns an award-winning independent bookshop called Storytellers, Inc. and an award-worthy puppy called Daphne.

RT @PushkinPress: Looking to break into publishing? You're in luck! We're seeking a full-time paid intern: https://…

2018-10-16 20:11

OMT Training OMTtraining

Training the Professionals, providing CPD courses for manual therapists in Medical Acupuncture, Spinal Manipulation and much more.

RT @Giles_Osteopath: ➡️ A few photos from our recent trip to #Montenegro

➡️ OMT Spine and joint articulation / mobilisation and manipulati…

2018-10-16 20:11

RemainRobin philhawker

Tutor, tennis and ex-hockey player, sort of digital artist, lifelong Cheltenham Town fan, ex Headteacher, Tory hater, eternal optimist. REMAIN! #filthyremainer

RT @shahmiruk: The government knew that Vote Leave may have broken the law when they trigggered Article 50. When they realised Vote Leave w…

2018-10-16 20:11

Dan Wootton danwootton

The Sun's Executive Editor. Entertainment presenter on ITV's Lorraine. TalkRADIO host. Subscribe to my podcast The Dan Wootton Interview. Insta @danwootton

EXCLUSIVE Meghan’s dad and sister want baby news to end bitter rift. First words from Thomas and my interview with…

2018-10-16 20:11

Ian Stewart stew2i

Father, husband, Evertonian. Magic soaking my spine

RT @jonlis1: Soubry made important point today. Voters were promised not only a withdrawal deal on Brexit day but a trade deal too. PM prom…

2018-10-16 20:11

R Ryoga_onehalf


발암 그아아

2018-10-16 20:11

bessyboots bmarks45btinter

RT @TVAlisonGraham: It goes without saying, surely, but #bodyguard is so wildly popular & massively successful, with such huge audience fig…

2018-10-16 20:11

TfL Access TfLAccess

👋 Welcome to our official @TfL feed about transport accessibility.

✅ Highbury & Islington Station: we're pleased to announce that the lift providing access to London Overground platform 1 has been repaired.

2018-10-16 20:11

Distant Bae ChatttyBangBang

PART TIME YOUTUBER 📹|| FULL TIME BAD GYAL! 💎|| For all Enquiries email me @


2018-10-16 20:11

Konstantin Pinaev moscowlondon

Почетный житель Лондонграда, гид по настоящему Лондону, предприниматель (Вокруг Лондона за 40 шагов) блоггер (Записки Эмигранта)

@kichanova Урбанистка тогда.

2018-10-16 20:11

David Baddiel Baddiel


@MarinaOLoughlin I once had it at the Tresanton Restaurant in Cornwall. Which was nice. Except I had to have it aga…

2018-10-16 20:11

Thomas Murray Damore_Bork

Orthodox Jew, NSFW sense of humor. Zionist, pro Christian. Hate GOP, love Trump. Science is revelation, GW is BS. We may be related.

RT @markantro: Elizabeth Warren “I’m 1/1024 victim”

2018-10-16 20:11

Zero of the endlessblade Zeroskeyblade

Destroyed in the youtube apocalypse. Pasta connoisseur (im open to free pasta). Real gundams when? Psn:chaoskhai500

@RANK10YGO Fucking train players 😂😂😂

2018-10-16 20:11


always doing my best | international tech speaker | tech stuff at @ynap | prev: @samsung | organises @NonBinaryTech | they/she

@BardSupreme Sorry. Here ya go

2018-10-16 20:11

John Kirkman MisterKirkman

Deputy Head | School leadership, English lit, the science of learning, staff development & curriculum design | Ik ben Nederlands aan het leren 🇳🇱 | 🏳️‍🌈

@LeeDonaghy Cheers Lee.

2018-10-16 20:11

Womens Archive Wales AMC_WAW

AMC/WAW works to promote and publicize the history of women in Wales

RT @JohnTwelvetrees: Brexit's Gone From "We'll Be Better Off" To "We'll Survive": James O'Brien

2018-10-16 20:11

Angela Mercado itsMariaAngela

Ad girl, mostly. Sometimes a beauty writer. 📩

RT @Campaignmag: Debbie Morrison, Director of Consultancy and Best Practice, ISBA on digital media buy: "There’s no one size fits all. If y…

2018-10-16 20:11

patience e isobe patienceeghosa

🇳🇬 | 🇬🇧 | 🎓 | victory youth group |ecclesiastes 5:3 | accounting + management undergrad

RT @_cdaniellab: Introducing the new CDBeauty Studio Space in North London where you can get your wig installed and make up done 😍 and yes…

2018-10-16 20:11

Solidspace SolidspaceHomes

Pioneering independent developer delivering unique split-level homes on gap sites.

RT @studioshaw: Enjoying learning about the ‘business’ of architecture with @RionWillard @SolidspaceHomes @BusinessOArchUK thanks to @uandi…

2018-10-16 20:11

hafsa xvhxfsaa

RT @_obaasteph: My mums offered to drop me to the airport and I’ve accepted... do you know what that means? I’m going to get to the airport…

2018-10-16 20:11

Countess Dinah von Stubbsenburg LuckyStubbs

Dinah "Stumpy" Stubbs. Great, Fat, blond geek with glasses. Good drummer. Great look. Good drummer.


2018-10-16 20:11

Christopher Wray CWrayLighting

Christopher Wray Lighting Emporium Is a #luxury retailer with a rich history specialising in decorative #lighting and #furniture.

Inspirational - Plants In The Home
/> #homes #plants style dining lifestyle interiorideas

2018-10-16 20:11

brian coggeshall BrianBcogz

ornithopter repair technician/chrononaut, self-insufficiency consultant. now living in easy circumstances on cape cod. legion diabolic.

RT @Billbrowder: This is astounding. We are all witnessing a cover-up in real time as the Saudi regime is debating what the best narrative…

2018-10-16 20:11

Prosper Dogbe ProsperoGh

Prospero Gh. Hyper. Sociable.

RT @ChelseaFC: Start the morning in the Chelsea app, where you get all the news you need! 👊


2018-10-16 20:11

skeelsy T SkeelsyT

undefined whatever i wish to be from one moment to the next which means completely mad, mad at everything yet cool as a cucumber just fucked up

@Eviellie 😂Pretty sure simon is regretting paying half of 10 million for that #bringbackrickyjohn

2018-10-16 20:11

Londoner2018 se5_camberwell

Camberwell, Ex-Labour (quit when Corbyns mob took over). #ChelseaFC 🏳🌈 #YIMBY

@wallaceme Good point. But at leadt theyre trying. Rarely do I ever see @LdnConservative make use of promoted ads d…

2018-10-16 20:11

Андрей Soshnikoff

журналист Русской службы Би-би-си (BBC Russian service)

RT @bbcrussian: Российская прокуратура закупит искусственный интеллект

2018-10-16 20:11

Luke 💀Spooky Scary💀 Whitticase WhittyStuff

Digital Marketer/Coordinator. Cinema watcher. Book eater. Letterboxd user. Graduate of the University of Warwick.

RT @TooManyEmmas: File under things I really, really couldn't pity less - Louis CK losing money after admitting to masturbating in front of…

2018-10-16 20:11

Dave Curtis davecurtis314

Psychiatrist in London.

@piersmorgan I'm sorry but I really don't understand this point. Surely James Bond _would_ use a papoose to carry h…

2018-10-16 20:11

Barbara Monacella bmonacella

Ski mom and climate advocate.

RT @dpcarrington: ICYM Trouble brewing: #climatechange set to cause 'dramatic' beer shortages
/> story by me https://…

2018-10-16 20:11

GALLAVICH theywillbefree

you can’t be sad while you’re listening to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack and that’s a fact // fan account

RT @PHarry_Meghan: Here’s a beautiful photo of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 💕

2018-10-16 20:11

Happy Simon sibonski

A bit grumpy. Hate poor grammar, and people incapable of adulting.
Like #PC & #PS4 gaming. #DoctorWho #GoT #COYS #THFC #countrymusic
All thoughts my own.

@nottslive I wasn't

2018-10-16 20:11

Go Custom Boxes GoCustomBoxes

Go Custom Boxes UK- SHORT RUN PACKAGING Specialist - Our goal to provide Custom Printed Boxes & Custom Packaging solutions.

Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will
#Quoteoftheday #MotivationalQuote #Quotes #GCBQuotes #Printing…

2018-10-16 20:11

Sihab Mahmud SihabBD

জীবন খাতার শেষের পাতায়,
এঁকে দিলাম আলপনা,
আমার স্মৃতি পড়বে মনে,
যখন আমি থাকব না...!

RT @VaccineMeet2019: Don't need to move here and there to search the #update on #Vaccine and #Immunology
#vaccine development #research on…

2018-10-16 20:11

𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕣𝕪 𝕤𝕥𝕪𝕝𝕖𝕤 charmingtommo

is it my imagination?

@SashaIhms Yeah having people wanting to go gives you more options lmao I have loads of options for things to do bu…

2018-10-16 20:11

shahzebmoghul💎 shahzeb_moghul

#SaveEnvironment #SavePlants #SaveWorld #SaveChildren #SaveAnimals😬

RT @BBCNews: Bryan Adams concert photograph shows off Delhi pollution

2018-10-16 20:11

ZeeshanHaiderBBC ZesHPirzadA

Senior Broadcast Journalist @bbcurdu | avid reader, Blogger & Foodie | KCL alumnus | RTs≠endorsements

سیاست دانوں کو بےتوقیر کریں یا ان کو ناکام بنانے کی کوششیں کریں۔۔۔ جو جی چاہتا ہے کریں مگر آئین کے ساتھ کسی بھی قسم…

2018-10-16 20:11

dan ffssdani

snap: ffsdani | insta: ffssdani

RT @whoisjoshva: What I tell myself to justify missing lectures:

2018-10-16 20:11

மகாராஜா ItzArasan

பாசத்துக்கே தத்து புள்ள தளபதி டா நேசத்துக்கே என்றும் இவன் அதிபதி டா!

RT @m_gajan: 🙏👇

2018-10-16 20:11

Jay Patel NorthBankJay

no house paki, I’ll be in the field

@GaryNewman08 @Talkinoutmyarse @AlsoUpNorth When it’s going well the haters will try and disrupt

2018-10-16 20:11

malik nadeem ahmed malikna32265612

RT @rehmat_baba: پاکستانی معیشت پر تو اس حکومت کا اثر سب نے دیکھ لیا۔ اب عمران خان عظیم کرکٹر کے ٹیم سے ملنے احسان مانی جواری کو لگانے کے…

2018-10-16 20:11

Nora Biette-Timmons biettetimmons

yet another American in London. journalist. formerly @LSEgovernment, @teamtrace, @theatlantic. email me: n.j.biettetimmons @ gmail

I think I love Stormy Daniels.

2018-10-16 20:11

Tamara Giltsoff TamaraGiltsoff

Design thinker and impact entrepreneur. Tech pursuits and new business models. Head of Innovation at DFID. Tweets are my own and not the views of DFID

RT @DFID_Tony: DFID’s response to a story in The Sun on spending UK aid on building roads, railways and other infrastructure in developing…

2018-10-16 20:11

Intelligent Insurer intelligentins

Intelligent Insurer is a leading publication serving the global #reinsurance #insurance markets. LinkedIn:

FedNat Holding Company estimates that its aggregate gross losses as a result of hurricane Michael will be approxima…

2018-10-16 20:11

StevenDWexner MD,PhD,FACS,FRCS,FRCSEd,FRCSI(Hon) SWexner

Director Digestive Disease Center Professor + Chairman Department of Colorectal Surgery Cleveland Clinic Florida Past President SAGES, ASCRS, ABCRS. Regent ACS

RT @BDRF1: Can stem cell treatments work in #Crohns and #IBD? Research is still in its infancy, but the early signs are positive and warran…

2018-10-16 20:11


(OCRP) Seorang pejuang yang sedang berjuang • a proud daddy for his 4 child • RV3AU241

ㅤㅤㅤ〈 Potion Class 〉ㅤㅤㅤㅤ
❐ Grade 3

❐ Profs Ben

❐ 16/10/18

ㅤㅤㅤㅤ•••• Plot on ••••ㅤㅤㅤㅤ

2018-10-16 20:11

qonita qonidinn

kadang-kadang bisa jadi qonimex atau qonicare

RT @Azrmtn1: Kang ojeg: fsiw skshxhdjs ndjsjsjn

Aku: hehe iya iya

Kang ojeg: fiuww fiuwwh jsbzskbzs

Aku: hmm hooh bener itu

2018-10-16 20:11

Daniel daanielgeorge


But cancelling it??? If you made a third season and had good script writers with good directors. You would succeed. That’s all I’m saying.

2018-10-16 20:11

stevo stevolondon123

RT @toadmeister: For 2nd year running, free schools are highest-performing schools in key stages 1, 4 and 5. And for those who say it’s bec…

2018-10-16 20:11

DarkPolitricks darkpolitricks

Political Junky running the #altnews site dedicated to free speech, the war on terror and covering under-reported news from all sides.

WW3: Russian Submarines Carry Out Mock Nuclear Strike Against ‘Enemies’

2018-10-16 20:11

Mister Laurie to you SICrecords

Screenwriter. yeah, I got stories.
A&R. Manager. Enthusiast. Snob. Vinyl Shopper. Dad. Author Don't make me put more records out.

@IvankaTrump @trumps_feed BE
damn that lack of an Edit button @jack

2018-10-16 20:11

JCR914 jcr914


RT @Billbrowder: Putin is so rattled about Magnitsky that the moment ⁦@navalny⁩ was released from 50 days in jail, the Russian police summo…

2018-10-16 20:11

Mian Adil adil_ch53


RT @sheikhsafina: ہارون الرشید #دنیا ٹی وی کے صحافی کی Audio لیک ہو گئ ہے جس میں وہ ایک پولیس آفیسر کو دھمکیاں دے رہا ہے، اور کہہ رہا ہے آپ…

2018-10-16 20:11

Percy Browne 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇮🇪 mercurious8

I'm a patriot. I want to make England great again - MEGA #FreeTommy 🐸🐷 (The picture is something Curiosity found on Mars.)

RT @RichardWellings: Parents who send their children to private schools already effectively pay twice. It's disturbing that a 'conservative…

2018-10-16 20:11

dilshan muthalib dilshan1979

@MaliHalls @WildlifeMag @BBCEarth Lol, that's a shame. The action this year hasn't been that good to be honest, not sure why

2018-10-16 20:11

Caz. cazmadge

You’ll probably find me in a theatre. Head of Retail and Client Manager at Merch For Life, Music and Theatre Merchandise.

@thelittlest Taxes

2018-10-16 20:11

Andrew Snape andrewsnape4

A brand new profile. A fresh beginning. I hope you remember me. Conservative in principle but also republican. Former @EF teacher.

RT @toadmeister: Labour MPs whipped themselves up into a moral fury about my unsuitability to serve as a non-executive director of the @off…

2018-10-16 20:11

Joe GlARGHss 🏳️‍🌈 MCM London CV179!🏳️‍🌈 josephglass

Writer of The Pride, The Pride Adventures & more. INFP-T. My views are my own. Advocate for LGBTQ representation in media. Cis. He/him.🏳️‍🌈

RT @bracealmighty: This.

2018-10-16 20:11

PO Trump MIA LeeBlev16990691

RT @BBCNews: M40 crash: Three dead after caravan travels wrong way

2018-10-16 20:11

Ann Evans annevansauthor

Award winning author & tutor. Writes for children, YA, hi/lo, crime, romance & non-fiction (Words&ImagesUK) Member of SWWJ, RNA & CRA. Patron of Reading.

RT @JeanFullerton_: I'm over on the Coronation Street Blog talking about the neighborhood battleaxe. Win a signed copy, too. #giveaways #Co…

2018-10-16 20:11