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Certified MUA

ah Samira is just too embarrassing #LoveIsland

2018-06-23 05:34

Edward Pacey FCICM #FBPE EdwardPacey

Credit Guru, Speaker, Writer, Sage, Revolutionary, Godfather and Critic. Now also citizen of the World......!!

RT @mrjamesob: Reality is finally biting. I am very keen to establish the circumstances in which good & decent people who voted for Brexit…

2018-06-23 05:34

Belgo-Belge Kagouni83

Aime le pays des GG,le bon vin et la gastronomie,les jolies femmes.Celui ou celle qui me bloque me dit pourquoi!Vive Marine.#AuNomDuPeuple #Marine2017 TRDN

RT @AldoSterone111: Sauver des gens en mer, c'est un acte tres noble. Par contre, la personne sauvee n'a pas vocation a rester a la charge…

2018-06-23 05:34

Sophia Grene SophiaGrene

Communist scumbag feminist goblin. Also interested in sustainable investment. Otium cum dignitate.

RT @Oog: Who knew sewage works could be so pretty, eh

2018-06-23 05:34

Angel Savage Angel_Savage96

BRITISH CAM GIRL 💋🇬🇧 Available for cam Friday-Monday. Find me at email - Skype - younghoney.xx

Away for the weekend so won’t be on cam, back Monday 💋

2018-06-23 05:34

Stagecast stagecasters

Broadcast-quality live streaming, audio and web video. Bespoke solutions to help music and arts organisations reach new audiences online.

RT @RCMLondon: Tickets are still available from the @wigmore_hall website for next Sunday's Soul & Spirit of Nations string showcase! You c…

2018-06-23 05:34

Dianegray Dianegray09

@MrsPowellll Why you want Iceland ?

2018-06-23 05:34

Krosta KristaThomazz

APU ‘22

RT @distractedfilm: GREAT ACTOR RETRO:

Audrey Hepburn.

2018-06-23 05:34

Just a Londoner HandsOffLondon

#Londependence - respect London's referendum vote. Left winger. Minority.

@EarlKirby @catherinemep Ah, so when your saying you'll close them...

2018-06-23 05:34

niamh rafasrena

RT @DanielleDASH: ellie just told alex she’s uncomfortable and it feels robotic but he wants to have muscles for samira who’s clocked ellie…

2018-06-23 05:34

Jordan Emily Brown hellomissjordan

🎀 Traveller and Everyday Disney Princess ✈️ Next Stops: Munich • Paris • Orlando 💗

Literally dying at snap chat filters on #LoveIsland 🤣🤣🤣

2018-06-23 05:34

Susan Moore SusanMooreAuth

Writer who should drink less caffeine but finds it fuels the writing. Author of the Nat Walker books #CrimsonPoison #EmeraldSecret #IndigoIsland

Lovely longest day 🥂 #IndigoIsland 💙 #London launch 🚀📘💫 #SummerSolstice @FionaScoble @CaffeNero @NosyCrowBooks…

2018-06-23 05:34

ᗰЄし ј◎ทЄՏ 👑 meljonestty

Ex~gяуƒƒιη∂σя | χνιιι | Charls🐻🍬❤ | Lorcan🦄 | Ash🐰 | Syb🔮 | huérfana | modelo | Corazón de bruja | #Mellie💞

@PelirrojoCW Busquemos a la anfitriona Char #LulusFashion

2018-06-23 05:34

Tyler G.C TGCFilms

A 15 Year old filmmaker/film enthusiast Norwegian-Australian born and raised in London  |  Co-host of 'Talking Film' podcast with @Milo_McC


2018-06-23 05:34

Ray Hayes yarseyah

Software developer, Software Development Manager, BMW driver..

RT @PaulBrandITV: NEW: As Airbus threatens to leave the UK, @Nigel_Farage admits "Brexit done badly will leave us in a worse position than…

2018-06-23 05:34

Northwest Boxing Club Northwestabc

Voluntary Organisation coaches Graeme Marshall and Ray Connell established 1969

RT @CyclonePromo: 🎉 COMPETITON TIME 🎉

Retweet and follow to be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets for tomorrow evening’s exciti…

2018-06-23 05:34

Sophie sophieroseblog

Cruelty free beauty, life & travel blogger who loves exploring, glitter, veggie Percy pigs, afternoon tea & cocktails.

Man Samira is a dating PRO! #lovelsland

2018-06-23 05:34

GreBusiness GreBusiness

The University of Greenwich, Business School. Inspiring graduates and students in business, education, and employability.

Congratulations to our very own @e_mogaji on the launch of his first book 'Emotional Appeals in Advertising Banking…

2018-06-23 05:34

Chris Ship chrisshipitv

ITV NEWS Royal Editor. Tweeting the newsworthy (and the occasional non-newsworthy) from the British Royal households

RT @ITVAlexC: On @newsatten with @ragehomaar: #airbus @ITVJoel, @LibbyWienerITV; #italymigrants @ITVMartha; #TrumpCamps @robertmooreitv; #W…

2018-06-23 05:34

Just Retweetin ™ DustyBaker7


RT @Daily_Star: Millions of Brit drivers face BAN for taking hay fever medication

2018-06-23 05:34

🇸🇦 محمد alrawiyah

RT @meshaluk: يوم @kbatarfi مسك الغبي @MAJEDALKHELAIFI من لسانه صار يجتر شفايفه 😂 والله يا مرتزقة شرق سلوى محروقين حرق من حرمانهم من بقالات…

2018-06-23 05:34

taeeba taeebax

RT @ashindestad: Kissing your teeth is THE most efficient way of expressing annoyance without even needing to say a word.

2018-06-23 05:34

Tanja H. Tanjah1701

Addicted to Running, TV Shows, Movies and Musicals. Virtual Runner. Medal Mad. ❤ Cornwall 🇬🇧 #TheXFiles #WynonnaEarp #Supergirl #StarWars and many more...

RT @EarperConUK: You maybe remember we mentioned an auction for an EC Peacemaker Ticket. We have attached the details below for everyone, t…

2018-06-23 05:34

DKH90 TheRealDKH90

Born & bred Parisian living in London, UK I PSG

@CallumGHolder @Cronenberg_Tim @bateson87 Your answer makes no sense and "learn football" like a 12 year old. Nice comeback.

2018-06-23 05:34

Niá The Light niathelight

you have so much light, plants grow towards you. | 🦋

Thanks Queen 💗🌸

2018-06-23 05:34

Tim TimUK11

Free-market liberal engineering student tweeting mostly about politics. Future evil banker. Not a fan of the EU. Occasionally jocular.

@jay12f @RedHotSquirrel Oh I'm a fan if you're not of the EU, we probably have the same points?

2018-06-23 05:34

LIΔM 🤦🏻‍♂️ bostock_liam

Δ. 30 something. Opinionated and political. Mongrel mix of 🇮🇪 and 🇬🇧 #VoteLabour 🏳️‍🌈

Why does Samira have no social skills 🤔 🤷🏻‍♂️ #LoveIsland

2018-06-23 05:34

liz HyuugaClanStan


RT @Zyndini: I can promise all my friends, i am not this friend

2018-06-23 05:34

Shari SharonMelaniex

Samira’s hair has lasted better than I thought it would. Well done sis

2018-06-23 05:34

Julie Cuninghame JulieCuninghame

There are no answers, only more questions

RT @37paday: So which Brexit calamity shall we talk about?

- the loss of thousands of jobs


- that Vote Leave broke electoral law and…

2018-06-23 05:34

WaterJuice The_ill_NaNa

what's coming to you?...the world Chico. and everything in it.

Man have to hit a Mayfair club tonight. They will be handing out all the freebies!! 😂

2018-06-23 05:34

Tim Tunshell ttunshell

I am a lover of classic sports cars, sports (mainly hockey and football) and people in general.

RT @PrisonPlanet: me the sanctimonious moralizing about how much you care about "the children".

You don't care about the ch…

2018-06-23 05:34

Ian Massa-Harris ianmh

Executive Producer at @londonlgbtpride - Opera Singer (Tenor) , Vocal Technician & Coach , SFX / Prosthetics Character Make-Up Artist #opera #makeup #producer

Sarah Melrose Tynan on Twitter

2018-06-23 05:34

rebecca stokes BecsS1970

Interests in research, HE, education, politics, sport and gardening too. Research Strategy Manager @UoNEngineering @UoNResearch. Head of Ops @UoN_Propulsion

RT @FraserNelson: Stella Creasy is, as so often, quite right: mass immigration has been a big success in Britain. A point that ought to be…

2018-06-23 05:34

Kelly M. Long kellymlong

Christian, father, Reagan conservative, Gulf War vet, member of @VetsPA, ISTJ, Alabama Crimson Tide fan for life!🐘 #RollTide #CruzCrew🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

RT @PrisonPlanet: So more than 48 hours after encouraging rape, pedophilia, sexual abuse of women and hacking a government database, clearl…

2018-06-23 05:34

GigiKoula KoulaMidis

Mom, daughter, Tate's "MA" , sister, friend. Still learning. Dog lover, photographer, dreamer. Be careful...KARMA baby!! Vegan since 2017.

RT @robdelaney: YUP. Give GOP no quarter, ever.

2018-06-23 05:34

Hunter #1 Kinunu_J1

Ashanti Civilian, South side.

Samira is a cute one doe it’s a shame

2018-06-23 05:34

Rana Saqib Saeed ranasaqibsaeed

Die Heart Fan of PMLN. PMLN supporter by heart, I Love PMLN... Electrical Engineer by Profession... Rajput by cast...

RT @Silk_Lodhi: اگر آپ رضا کارانہ طور پر پاکستان مسلم لیگ ن الیکشن ٹیم کا حصہ بننا چاہتے ہیں توہمیں اپنا نام،ضلع،تعلیم اور جس شعبے میں کام…

2018-06-23 05:34

ian spreeful


RT @sonic_hedgehog: Sonic Mania Adventures: Part 4

2018-06-23 05:34

Fergal Lenehan FergalLenehan

Irish academic in Germany. 2014 book: 'Intellectuals and Europe'. My 2016 book on German images of Ireland: 'Stereotypes, Ideology and Foreign Correspondents'.

RT @jdportes: More pro-fascist propaganda in @FraserNelson's Spectator. Gushing praise for the man who today said "We need a mass purificat…

2018-06-23 05:34

Sarah Deo SarahTitus0306

Live & let live

RT @saliltripathi: The Modi years in 10 images: (5/10)

2018-06-23 05:34

Jimena jimesoria

Feminista impuntual que vive en sentido contrario.

RT @Rothna_Begum: When #Saudi women get behind the wheel this Sunday, the world must remember the true champions behind this reform who are…

2018-06-23 05:34

TwoTwoFive twotwofivetweet

TwoTwoFive offers a unique range of face-to-face and online interactive commodity trader training, development and mentoring solutions

RT @FT: Oil prices drive Wall Street recovery as Dow ends losing streak

2018-06-23 05:34

Gems ✨ GemmaLouisee_

Type 1 Diabetic Blogger, IG: @gemmalouise_

He doesn’t like her 🙃 fuck you all #LoveIsand

2018-06-23 05:34

Nick Omok (Cucksbuster) delvaux_j

You know there's leaders and there's followers, but I'd rather be a dick than a swallower.

RT @AldoSterone111: Il faut qu'on lance un navire de sauvetage en mer. On ramasse les gens a 5 km des cotes libyennes et on les ramene sain…

2018-06-23 05:34

♚U.A.S®️ Usmanalisayyed

#Hate politics #Hate Love # Hate Everyone‏جسے پایا نہیں تم نے، اسے کھونے کا ڈر کیسا۔

RT @Shahzad_0001: You don’t gain anything from stressing. Remember that.

2018-06-23 05:34

Glenn Wackett Glenn_Wackett

Mechanical design engineer by day and a geek by night but I'm always a gentleman. Tottenham Hotspur Gold ST holder and F1 fan.

@LukeSmithF1 @F1Partsfinder Looks more like double differentiation to me

2018-06-23 05:34

🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺 Natty 🔴🐼 bambooped

Red Panda who loves life, programming, and cuddles! I identify as gay, single, and British. Usually SFW here but @redpanda_ad is lewd

@ValeFuchs bi

2018-06-23 05:34

Molly💖Efrypal pipnic2

I'm a cockapoo. I luffs runnin,chasin,chewin chewies & bouncin. Luffs my pusscat sisfurs,Missy&Tippy. #zshq#cockapoo#cat#knit Luffs @PercyBertieTzu 💞

@BenjiTibetan @dinandreoli @mk_inwa @BonzoBaggins @ShennyWalrond @RangerTheDogg @7trekky @sjchocaholic…

2018-06-23 05:34

HI-BREED __noahdaniel

Fate whispers to the wolf 'you cannot withstand the storm', the wolf replies 'I am the storm.' #HIBREED | LVL 3 QUALIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER


2018-06-23 05:34

Harrow Resident harrow_resident

Harrow resident angry at the way the area has been allowed to deteriorate. Also a "Tory troll" :)

@AlanOlive1 @TheRedRoar But surely the problem in #Harrow is with the #Blairite faction and their attitude to plann…

2018-06-23 05:34

hey auntie slutmaker3000

im just here to disappoint

me watching this samira interview #LoveIsand

2018-06-23 05:34

S. sarrah_simmons

Occasional tweeter. I moan about a bit of everything. enjoy x

RT @K_Messias__: Samira said facially he’s not my type to the girls but then proceeded to tell Sam he’s the only shes attracted to in the v…

2018-06-23 05:34

Ledjana LedjanDushanova


@ClayvionWinn Yessss🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

2018-06-23 05:34

choice ogeleka realchoiceee

A̶̲̥̅♏ a god! Simple, easy-going, real, true, fun †̥ be with, emotional, lovely, smart, sound upstairs and caring gentle man

RT @OptaJoe: 0 - Nigeria are the first team to not have a single shot in the first half of a World Cup game since South Korea vs Algeria in…

2018-06-23 05:34

Aiiishatou❤ Ayshatou__S

New Account🌚

A wattpader❤ @Ayshatou__
Book worm📚
Loves writing✒📝

RT @mayro___: Dama ko a tarihi mai suna Musa akwai qwarjini.

2018-06-23 05:34

Jim O'Neill JimONeill5

RT @williamnhutton: Airbus prepares to leave. Pfizer warns UK life science dominance under threat. Our two last great industries - pharma a…

2018-06-23 05:34



RT @alwayssimma: This father is in desperate need to find his daughter Beyoncé who was last seen in Peckham on Monday. Please help him as p…

2018-06-23 05:34

Julien 🇨🇩🇬🇧 DjemaK20

21 | Sculpture undergrad #MUFC

Samira don’t beg it

2018-06-23 05:34

Kenni Howard Sang KHowardSang

A 30 summat Gay Guy who lives for Music,Dancing Love my Husband family friends We only have one life so make it count #Equality #NoH8 #AllWeNeedIsLove

RT @BRITs: Girls Aloud’s ‘Biology’ has become their 10th #BRITcertified single and is now a Silver seller! 🇬🇧💿

2018-06-23 05:34

manda Comanda_x

all things Ghanaian, all views are mine alone.

RT @omozay: You can tell Sam isn’t feeling it.

2018-06-23 05:34

george georgiaelander

no men no boys no babies

I love samira what a fucking babe

2018-06-23 05:34

Plain Jane💫 Najaabubakar

Snapchat: najaatc

RT @SanRomeo: Nigeria against Croatia Vs. Nigeria against Iceland #NGAISL

2018-06-23 05:34

Batool alawi 🇧🇭🕊 Batoolalawi2

Grateful ❤️

RT @Tahani_alhajri: ٥ أشخاص لا تسمح لهم بأي مكان في حياتك:
١- من لا يعاملك بإحترام.
٢- من يبحث عنك وقت الفراغ ولا يعتبرك أولوية.
٣- من تشعر…

2018-06-23 05:34

SKM Coco_Pebz

I tweet:
50% Patois 🇯🇲
50% English 🇬🇧
Live. Love. Laugh.
#Spartan 🤘🏾

Not Gonna lie.. Samira babe, this date was nice.. Cheesy.. But nice #LoveIsland

2018-06-23 05:34

🌈Mary Lennox Joined The Smiths🌈 bethanforrest

Aspiring Milkybar Kid and writer.

RT @BatTheMusical: 😘 Happy #NationalKissingDay 😘
It's no secret that we're as romantic as we are freakin' rock'n'roll down at the @Dominion…

2018-06-23 05:34

Stefan Czerniawski pubstrat

Working to make government work better

More ideas borrowed from other people at @StratRead

@ClareMoriarty @GlynRJones @crd37 @IoFtweets "Open that isn’t digital doesn’t scale.
Digital that isn’t open doesn’…

2018-06-23 05:34

Krzysztof Pacyński K_Pacynski

A (non)bestselling author and collage-maker. Just trying to get noticed :) #iamwriting #amwriting #writerslife

RT @jaropietrzak: Prośba - albo konkurs z nagrodą! przez @wordpressdotcom

2018-06-23 05:34

♚U.A.S®️ Usmanalisayyed

#Hate politics #Hate Love # Hate Everyone‏جسے پایا نہیں تم نے، اسے کھونے کا ڈر کیسا۔

RT @Shahzad_0001: Focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t. Small steps turn into miles.

2018-06-23 05:34

ChristopherWormanMBE CWparkman

Parks Professional, National & International Green Flag Award Judge, Member of the Parks Action Group, husband and dad.

RT @ParksforLondon: Or you can walk to your local park 😎 to avoid the traffic jams

2018-06-23 05:34

Fiona McKenzie fionamcke

I help smaller businesses understand their numbers& control& grow their business.
A fair weather gardener, all weather dog walker. Like to watch things grow.

RT @PickardJE:

2018-06-23 05:34

Jayne Evans JayneEvans27

Looking for entrepreneurs who are seriously looking for an additional Income, alongside what they do at the moment?

RT @hellomag: .@bethtweddlenews weds Andy Allen in a ceremony filled with love and laughter. Pick up a copy of this week's HELLO! to find…

2018-06-23 05:34

لجين طيبة LogeinTaybah

cpp'15, Kings College London. On the path unwinding ...✨

Stick. to. your. decision.

2018-06-23 05:34

Rhys Rhys_Bentley


Samira is so awkward. I think she’s psychotic. #LoveIsIand

2018-06-23 05:34

otto groning ottogroning

U.S. Marine and proud father

RT @oldpicsarchive: Diego Maradona and Freddie Mercury being bros and swapping shirts [1981]

2018-06-23 05:34

SundayTimesLorraine SundayTimesLC

Sunday Times Luxury Content director/EIC Style. Mum of 4. open water swim fan, parenting columnist Sunday Times magazine

When get VIP tickets to @taylorswift13 for your teen but she brings a friend and won’t sit with mum 💔 #parenting

2018-06-23 05:34

سمن ڈار PML N summandar01

‏میری پہچان پاکستان
مسلم لیگ ن
لیگی شیر گروپ

RT @Silk_Lodhi: اگر آپ رضا کارانہ طور پر پاکستان مسلم لیگ ن الیکشن ٹیم کا حصہ بننا چاہتے ہیں توہمیں اپنا نام،ضلع،تعلیم اور جس شعبے میں کام…

2018-06-23 05:34

Sean F. sean446789

RT @mrjamesob: Haven’t watched this for years. Even I’m shocked to see Farage disassociating himself from French & Italian fascists he now…

2018-06-23 05:34

Geni eugeniecaesar


RT @mrjamesob: They've also been informed that criticising Brexit (i.e. "telling the truth") would be viewed very unfavourably when Governm…

2018-06-23 05:34

Ángel Moreno angelmoraviles

Jubilado, abuelo por vocación, coplero por afición y amante de la naturaleza. Extremeño, andaluz y muy español. Mis RT y FV solo para tuits en positivo

RT @dlacalle: Palo fiscal histórico de Pedro Sánchez a los trabajadores cualificados: pagarán en IRPF y cotizaciones más del 50% de su suel…

2018-06-23 05:34

Big Colhartt™️ colinah87

Plant operator. Spurs sympathiser for my sins. Expression through gifs. I own a cat, his name is Bobby.

Wait, there’s people in the pool #loveisland

2018-06-23 05:34

Asymptote&holes OlooEugene

"Another name for God is, it's not me." Intrigued by dynamics, puzzled by human nature.

RT @DezilDezz: Xhaka actually started the move for both goals.

2018-06-23 05:34

Sweet.Moon KiberMoon

I'm not a girl... I'm storm with skin🌟🌀 ...#biker...#balletdancer... green eyes redheaded walking disaster 🏍💨🌹...and yes Avi is me😎

@primal1screams @anonzeus3 @RazasMomma @ScArRaY1 @divaInfid3l_H20 @RippersHard @liftdupbyangels @DaeshRCowards…

2018-06-23 05:34

Ana🌹 medicineshar

《Treat people with kindness and all that》 (fan account)

Absolutely yes!

2018-06-23 05:34

Jack Renninson jackrenninson

Editorial Assistant, @HarperVoyagerUK. Servant of dark and unfathomable gods. All opinions theirs.

@bronzebygold @womensart1 @beamishc When u luv steampunk but u hate books

2018-06-23 05:34

Ali-Yilmaz ᴮᴶᴷ AYilmaz1903East

#ϜϓſϞ #TC #MKA #AlparslanTürkeş #TURAN #BJK1903 #çArşı

RT @DUALIPA: My @youtubemusic fam holding down the fort in London town!! ITS ALL HERE ❤️❤️ @YouTube ❤️❤️

2018-06-23 05:34

rory bebrave_x

mental health advocate, trans boi and aspiring children’s nurse ☀️💛

@TheMilesMcKenna YAS king i love u

2018-06-23 05:34

Supportive Local Egg cinnamonshawty

sorta thicc semi funny chick

RT @ko_9_: Idk why I find these more appealing than balance of yagas

2018-06-23 05:34

Stamford Lola StamfordLola

Writer. Chelsea Girl. Occasionally guilty of being a silly fangirl. Yogi. Always guilty of living my life to the fullest. Happy.

This is not an opinion. This is a fact. Greedy corporations taking public money and creating substandard schools. K…

2018-06-23 05:34

Raina Thorpe CestMichaela

It's all good baby babayyyy / 🇸🇱🇳🇬


2018-06-23 05:34

Stuart Littlefair slittlefair

Young astronomy lecturer at Sheffield Uni. Researching things that are bigger than planets, smaller than stars...

RT @jimpopeonarope: This will get you psyched for the weekend climbing outside! check out Sam and Joe Lawson’s new bouldering video from th…

2018-06-23 05:34

Gill Harrison UltrasoundPG

Ultrasound Programme Director, Lead for Teaching Excellence, Snr lecturer, principal fellow HEA, sonographer, clinical hypnotherapist. All views are my own.

@CityPgUSound @CityUniHealth Peer Support is not just for learning

2018-06-23 05:34

Obstreperous ta fuck! LiadanOConnor

AP | Explorer who laughs a lot |
London-Irish ARC Convener

In Athens with my mam and we stumble across Sting in Odeon Herodes! Never thought I'd be at a @OfficialSting concer…

2018-06-23 05:34

pyt🌶 mxxnda

This Sam guy doesn’t even seem interested to talk to Samira, seems so forced #loveisland

2018-06-23 05:34

Libertarec Libertarec

Original ZUJF team member. Deplorable. Second-class. Swampie. Counter-revolutionary. And very small. Falangist ostarelih vojakov sodobnega enoumja.

Noben desno sredinski volilec ni glasoval za to, da bo vlada ostala ista in se ji bodo zgolj pridružili A.Bratušek…

2018-06-23 05:34

Hadid Lk_Chriss

Papi champú, young pablito de seis dios.

Samira is a chatty patty, omg. I’d have to block her in real life.

2018-06-23 05:34

NavigateMarketStorm TheMarketStorm

RT @nick_clegg: My Brexit predictions from exactly two years ago. Too many are coming true for comfort, though I missed fruit rotting in th…

2018-06-23 05:34

Carol Ponce ponce_carol26

Fifth Harmony
Camila Cabello
Shawn Mendes
Harry Styles
Normani Kordei Follow me 10/10/17😭😭😭😭

RT @wembleystadium: WOW, three for the price of one as @charli_xcx and @Camila_Cabello join @taylorswift13 on stage for Shake It Off! https…

2018-06-23 05:34