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JGW007 JGW00781

RT @bigdaddybunce: Eating solo at the brilliant Scalini in Belfast and geezer leaves with his wife, ducks down, shakes my hand and says: “T…

2018-08-18 07:37

문🌙 taemoonlight7

I'm the one I should love.

RT @hopieismyhopie: can you believe bangtan did a free show in LA back in 2014 and now they've completely SOLD OUT a whole stadium consisti…

2018-08-18 07:37

SeaShepherdLover IsaiahLaitinen

Marine And Land Conservation And Animal Rights. Opinions are my own.

RT @PETAUK: THIS is why everyone needs to leave fish off their plates. 😢💔🦑🦀🐟
[Footage -

2018-08-18 07:37

Rachel Parris rachelparris

Comedian/Improviser/Actor/Muso. In #MashReport and @AustenImpro. SOLO TOUR ON SALE @livenationuk Enquiries: Sophie @troikatalent

@oscaronez Whatve you heard? 👀!!

2018-08-18 07:37

Kathy Evans Kathy_CEO_CE

CEO @ChildrenEngland & @4in10. I speak only for myself but hope I'm not a lone voice. Proud to be a Little Heretic

RT @BeccaDove2: @Kathy_CEO_CE What a great tweet - Kirsty sang one of my all time favourites from my teens too!

2018-08-18 07:37

TammyyShiitt taammyx


RT @_clvrarose: Jokes aside. I’m not fond of threatening to send your child back home as a scare tactic/punishment... Now they’ve developed…

2018-08-18 07:37

Myles myles12_

Alexis ❣️| JU '21 🐬| 📚🏀

RT @ThatKindaParty: “What level of Excel are you?”


*Day 1 on the job*

“Can you pivot these revenues and let me know the NER margi…

2018-08-18 07:37

mimolette annemxma

19. Elle joue du air kazoo comme personne et vous fera rêver avec ses mouvements de tektonik,.. bref c'est la femme de vos rêves.

RT @MMLe0: I can't even imagine how high these guys were when they created this masterpiece

2018-08-18 07:37

liw livszukalska


RT @chloeholtonx: IS ANY GIRL ever prepared for the financial hit when the nails and eyelashes need infilling and the whole make up bag nee…

2018-08-18 07:37

lu xxltrashcan

RT @danielhowell: new dan and phil sims video! after all the terrible things we have done in this game ..we might have finally crossed the…

2018-08-18 07:37

Christopher Hope christopherhope

Chief Political Correspondent and Assistant Editor, The Daily Telegraph. Presenter, Chopper's Brexit Podcast, every Friday

RT @christopherhope: Dear @jamesErothwell, @louisjemanuel, @petersketch, @asabenn and the rest of the #BrexitPoets, would you like to come…

2018-08-18 07:37

Egal Matreaux Egal_Matreaux

Video/Audio Producer, Musician, YouTuber, Big Friendly Bear. Get in touch if you want to talk, Cheers! (*disclaimer* Sarcastic and I tell bad jokes)(18+)

RT @50shadesTV: Childhood ruined.

2018-08-18 07:37

Peaky Blinder _TheRealYusuf_

Nocturnal. Elite Banterman.

RT @MoTheComedian: If the ‘Friends’ theme song was Jamaican #CouplaCansTour

2018-08-18 07:37

Iam4Justice GetSavedWakeUp

From his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations, He will tread the winepress of fury of the wrath of God the Almighty Revelation 19:15

RT @lawsocgazette: The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal has ordered a family law solicitor who was convicted of fraud to be struck off the…

2018-08-18 07:37

Andrew Boff AndrewBoff

London Assembly Member | liberal & Conservative | Candidate for @Conservatives #LondonMayor | I avoid eating anything that had a face | #ImBackingBoff |

London's population is likely to surge to 9 million by 2020, and will officially become a mega-city when its popula…

2018-08-18 07:37

Axell Erekay_

Il/he ❤️, Trans NB boujour 🏳️‍🌈, Emoboy et Secouriste ⛑️

RT @MMLe0: I can't even imagine how high these guys were when they created this masterpiece

2018-08-18 07:37

((( ✥ Kveldulf ن ))) Kveldulf7

#HumanRights #FoRB #Israel #Antisemitism #Christianity #ChristianPersecution #Persecuted #Canada #Finland #Armenia #Ukraine

RT @CruickshankPaul: The Associated Press reports this after our CNN story on al Asiri's possible demise yesterday.

2018-08-18 07:37

Duke of BigMac MohamadAfdal


RT @MMLe0: I can't even imagine how high these guys were when they created this masterpiece

2018-08-18 07:37

07908398803 DarkNightWorld3

YouTube Entertainment Gaming

I liked a @YouTube video Yakuza 6: Final Boss Fight and Ending (English)

2018-08-18 07:37

Krakow BBQ KowalskiKitchen

Fresh Polish pierogi always on offer alongside our Polish BBQ'd meats, trading everyday /except Mondays/ at Enfield Market Place EN2 6LL

@AirplayNinja Where can I find this song??

2018-08-18 07:37

Pastor Richard thebiblestrue

Follower of Jesus.

RT @FraserNelson: Awful situation in Scotland. Those who **just** missed out on grades for their course see places on that course offered i…

2018-08-18 07:37

victoria🦋 XXVII_VI

E for Energyyy

RT @Ghanasfinestx: I legit shed a tear

2018-08-18 07:37

DJ KOPEMAN 🇬🇭Old Skl R&B Mix on my Pinned Tweet DJKopeman

DJ Kopeman (@SoContagiousENT) #ContagiousClassics - Specialist @ Old Skl R&B Hip Hop & Slow Jams/ MultiGenre DJ/ 👻SC: KopemanD E:

Follow me on Insta @DJKopeman. I need to pop this more

2018-08-18 07:37

Roberto Buñay rbumol

RT @historylvrsclub: Aerosmith on stage 1974.

2018-08-18 07:37

Juan Kaker juancaker22

sometimes I just want to give it all up and become a handsome billionaire

2018-08-18 07:37

. _g0ldenb0y


RT @MMLe0: I can't even imagine how high these guys were when they created this masterpiece

2018-08-18 07:37

Олав Тулoв kingdonward

My personal profile. All my own strong personal & political opinions.

RT @PeterStefanovi2: I knew a struggling father of a bride who was too proud to accept a contribution of a hundred quid from the grooms par…

2018-08-18 07:37

HandsAcrosstheAisle BiologicalWMN

We are radical feminists, lesbians, Christians and conservatives that are tabling our ideological differences to fight the gender identity movement.

RT @MaajidNawaz: A 3 year-old was subjected to a botched genital mutilation in London. Not one successful prosecution has been brought to d…

2018-08-18 07:37

William liam_Lamar

Mothers are good!!!#cfc

RT @ChelseaFC: All smiles from Maurizio and Gianfranco! 😃

2018-08-18 07:37

Danny Rivera Danny_HHHH_

RT @MMLe0: I can't even imagine how high these guys were when they created this masterpiece

2018-08-18 07:37

The Round TheRoundUK

News, Views and Ideas. • Follow us on Instagram: • Follow us on Facebook:

Princess Eugenie? No us neither.

But that hasn't stopped her having at wedding that will cost the taxpayer million…

2018-08-18 07:37

Sermay HugoMairesse


RT @MMLe0: I can't even imagine how high these guys were when they created this masterpiece

2018-08-18 07:37

Escanor☀️ RicoJTL

Bringing that certi

RT @MichaelBensonn: Another clip from Billy Joe Saunders v Deontay Wilder in the battle of Nando’s 😂😂😂

2018-08-18 07:37

nathan DrTatsuo

english student who loves complaining about everything and everyone

@Crunchyroll @CatTownOak

2018-08-18 07:37

Katie katietweets26

festivals editor @londoninstereo • words for @residentadvisor @pigsandplans @mixmag @watchhype •

@katiesol this is very good! 🍭

2018-08-18 07:37

Minds-i Photography mindsiphoto

We specialize in on-sight business portraiture, hybrid HD video and low-altitude aerial photography . Located in suburban Liberty, MO.

RT @Cartoon4sale: Jim Morin on Donald Trump’s assault on the press (after Tenniel) – political cartoon gallery in Putney

2018-08-18 07:37

Sebas #CPHS Sebas776CP

Lv. 17 | Ex - Jugador de CP | Fan of Gravity Falls🌲, Steven Universe⭐️ and also a Whovian 👽 | The Universe is calling

RT @RachaelAtWork:

2018-08-18 07:36

Jerusa Brignardello gutismycopilot

Dietitian 🧙🏽‍♀️ working on dietary patterns 🍎🍜🍣🍱 and metabolic phenotyping📈📊. PhD(c) at ICL #Gutismycopilotbutthedietismybombardier. My tweets, my opinion.

@CristobalYessen @alesaavedrau Tal como dices , cualquier cosa es posible . Espero que sea mi imaginación......

2018-08-18 07:36

пожалуйста, ваш Тиммерманс 0,5 ♡|⭕ polaiok

и швец, и жнец, и на дуде игрец
| always be an aggressor never be a victim | тренера не играют | буду погибать молодым буду погибать | сука другого толка

RT @paolalien: stuff i saw when i was in china

2018-08-18 07:36

THE NOTORIOUS BIJ crazyindiangyal

I like Michael Jackson, 50 Cent, books & chicken biryani. Snoop Dogg is actually my uncle & Tupac is alive. I write & I read 👩🏽‍🏫

@jd100_ I don’t really watch Netflix so I can’t help you

2018-08-18 07:36

Raja Amer Khan RajaAmerKhan

Full Stack Developer

Congratulations #ImranKhan on becoming the #PrimeMinister of #Pakistan.

For all those complaining about his speec…

2018-08-18 07:36

Ramazan Paltacı PaltaciRamazan

RT @6868jj6868: İbretlik halinizle yaptığınız eleştirileri tabii ki ciddiye almıyorum.

2018-08-18 07:36

🦅𝓡𝒜𝒵𝒜𝒩𝒰𝑅🇧🇷 kissmyass683

Interested in politics, science, comedy, history, gaming and nerd stuff. Political centrist, radical empiricist. 🏛️

RT @MaajidNawaz: A 3 year-old was subjected to a botched genital mutilation in London. Not one successful prosecution has been brought to d…

2018-08-18 07:36

chelsea♈kiara mostwxnted___

#MostWxntedGxng insta : @positivital sc :: chelseakiara05 👅

2018-08-18 07:36

TacoHadyla HaylaTaco

Sup 😛I’m actually born 2003, just said 67 cuz I got banned 😭I love games 🕹 ,movies 🎥 and Music 🎵 My Instagram is 💕Albin__nordqvist like if you want

RT @Spitfire: Does anyone want some @PlayOverwatch League Tokens?

2018-08-18 07:36

❌Me❌ Eleffcee

Love animals especially dogs, hate cruelty in any form. Hunting sickens me. Don't get people who kill and inflict pain on animals without conscience. #STOPYULIN

RT @thearsenaldonny: @British_Fight There is dark at the heart of British politics. Occultism and peadophilia run deeply through the establ…

2018-08-18 07:36

Kelly kellyanne_pnw


RT @ThatKindaParty: “What level of Excel are you?”


*Day 1 on the job*

“Can you pivot these revenues and let me know the NER margi…

2018-08-18 07:36

Guleidali Guleidali7

RT @WorldRemit: Yesterday our CEO @Ismail_WR was honoured to meet with H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi, President of Somaliland, following the launch o…

2018-08-18 07:36

Shami iamshxmie

20 | Muslimah | 🇦🇫 | #CW2018 | Storyteller/Writer 📚 | RTs ≠ endorsements |

RT @Kamz_Woshi: It's Stormzy's problem that white working class are under performing in academia???

My friend go and ask your Tommy Robin…

2018-08-18 07:36

Brittney. 🇹🇹 BrittneyHakim


RT @dxyle: So jealous of girls who don’t need to spend 2 hours getting ready before they go out ?? I’m too ugly for the barefaced hair scra…

2018-08-18 07:36

Lorcán Kilpatrick™ Lorcan_k98

Just a one man show..

RT @MMLe0: I can't even imagine how high these guys were when they created this masterpiece

2018-08-18 07:36

Alifia Salsabhilla bhillalifia


@tubirfess Panti werda sendiri ada 2, PSTW (panti sosial tresna werda) itu yg dr pemerintah, kebanyakan emg lansia…

2018-08-18 07:36

rabiya mustofa rabiyamustofa

wag1 taliban ur bum stinks,

I got baresss once my sister pissed me off so I cut holes in her clothes, then my Mum slapped me, so I cut holes in…

2018-08-18 07:36

Marie Crawley MarieCrawley8


@PevoniaUK Lovely skin care prize. #FridayFeeling

2018-08-18 07:36

maral Clarazetkin2018

Equal Love, Alewi

They don't deserve to have a country!

2018-08-18 07:36

ItzKevZ KevZ_YT

Hey Guys =D

@BashyyXL Ripp

2018-08-18 07:36

Afif Farhan farhanskii

Ah, cuma lelaki yang lemah sama hijabers. |

Beberapa hal buruk bisa saja terjadi, tetapi bukan berarti semangatmu harus diakhiri.

2018-08-18 07:36

Jack the Ripper SaucyRipper

Я обожаю то, чем занимаюсь, и хочу продолжать | Когда-нибудь потомки скажут, что именно я породил двадцатый век…

Если ты однажды захочешь оказаться на первой полосе газеты, то просто убей несколько человек с особой жестокостью.…

2018-08-18 07:36

👻 kehrismatic 👻 tudeuhsurmamere

insta : tudeuhsurmamere

@ellyame @_lejv @rodrigoninhooo hop hop hop mparle pas comme ça jsuis pas ta mère va au lit il est tard

2018-08-18 07:36

Jolet Fruge Mercer jolet67

I'm a christian, wife, mother, grandmother, One Direction Fan, and I’m a Gas Station attendant at Sam’s Club in Lake Charles, La

RT @harrxlittlesun: @ItsHarriesTeam ¿Y la meta? #KCAMexico #HarryStyles

2018-08-18 07:36


“Can I come?” has got to be the worst thing men ask. Worse than “where’s my hug?” and “you got snap?” Disgraceful.

2018-08-18 07:36

An Average Brit needsfixingnow

When things need fixing, I draw attention to them. Despise lethargy, injustice & jobs done badly! I believe that we need to STOP BREXIT & PROTECT our NHS

RT @mikegalsworthy: There’s no such thing as “a WTO deal”.

It’s like “Brexit dividend”... a fantasy label floating above a gaping hole. ht…

2018-08-18 07:36

Britishtan Britishtan69

'We want Britain to be about Genuinely British'
If you are Muslim or Non-Muslims, you are welcome to join against the Racists,Bigots, fascist and extremists.

2018-08-18 07:36

Waja Hassan hassanwz

i like Wrestling and Comics. Also i do a lot of typos

I hate how the #KeralaFlood is getting no coverage. Nobody cares because it didn't happen in a western nation and…

2018-08-18 07:36

Sycorax Collective sycorax_co

BLUE - a one woman show about mental health and Space. At the Etcetera Theatre as part of Camden Fringe, 15th-19th Aug 2018 @ 8:30pm

RT @LiamJHogan: Two chances left to see @sycorax_co / @Kim_scopes "Blue", at
@EtceteraTheatre / #CamdenFringe! The audience were coaxed al…

2018-08-18 07:36

ACE OF JACKS aceofjacks

A music & media entertainments company established October 2003 in London, UK. We combine radio, television, fashion and professional music related services.

+44(0)7961977707 - SEND A TEXT OR WHATSAPP on

2018-08-18 07:36

Glenn Glenndalmas

RT @BetterOffOut: 'The time has come to teach the political class a lesson: I'm back fighting for a real Brexit', says @Nigel_Farage

2018-08-18 07:36

GeorgeYaBoi BigGTam

Hi guys. My name is George and i like playing video games and basketball with my friends XD :D

RT @MrDalekJD: Black Ops 4 Beta officially ends in an hour.

This makes me very sad. ☹️

2018-08-18 07:36

_malice_ _morboso_CDMX_

chico morboso al que le gusta probar cosas nuevas @MissIsaLaCrux en portada No uso whatsapp

@EsmeraldaOficMx Qué guapa

2018-08-18 07:36

#ผลิตเท่านั้นนนนนนน IChaisit

ที่หลักคือเฝ้าหน้าจอรอชื่นชมผลิต และตามติดชีวิตชาวดาว 702

RT @imprezionz: โต๊ะหายไม่พอ เค้าย้ายให้มาอยู่โต๊ะสุดท้ายของร้าน และ...กลิ่นบุหรี่คือแรงมาก เป็นภูมิแพ้ไง เหอๆ เบิกค่าหมอได้ไหมอะ หายใจไม่อ…

2018-08-18 07:36

Oloni Oloni

Award-winning sex & relationships blogger - @SimplyOloni | Presenter, influencer & content creator. IG:Oloni | - no dilemmas via DMs/email

@NW6Rd Very good point.

2018-08-18 07:36

One of 7.6 Billion Parasites whoreallycare1

RT @GreenFutureNews: All Trophy Hunting is MONSTROUS. Please sign/share petition to stop plans to legalise elephant trophy hunting: https:/…

2018-08-18 07:36

Cara • PETERS 17!! tomdayaschild

You’re not shipping tomdaya in 2018? Tragic #blacklivesmatter (...bc I can)

RT @spideyhoelland: tom stans are on crack

2018-08-18 07:36

Les Tudor MajikMijit

RT @davidallengreen: "only an actual Greek deity can play Thor"


2018-08-18 07:36

Joshua Sykes Joshua_MS

All round good egg.

RT @StuartHumphryes: Beautiful, evocative and moving: This is the earliest known original colour film of London, taken in 1924 - only 5 yea…

2018-08-18 07:36

(((Simon Wilder))) mr_s_wilder

In favour of pleasure, mostly. Cakeboy.

@OzKaterji I agree. I’m sure you know the reasons for that are complicated.

2018-08-18 07:36

aaron betteroffaaron

i know these chanel shoes are ugly but that’s your rent bitch

@ridiculousmax THE DUTCH JUMPED OUT

omg OG3NE

2018-08-18 07:36

Sir Donald Jefferson SirDJefferson

Governing the U.K. for the benefit of all our people irrespective of race, religion or sexual orientation. #WATP

@cllrjohnkyle @healthdpt @belfasthealthy Why can’t they use them in the open air? Why should others have to risk th…

2018-08-18 07:36

Beth loves Ashton BethanyHolbro0k

Seeing 5sos in Manchester: 26/10/18 💙 // goal: 1k

RT @stylesylv: which one are you?

january - story of my life
february - perfect
march - history
april - little things
may - what makes you…

2018-08-18 07:36

Patricia Farrington xraypat

Almost 40 years single-handed radiographer on Islay Am I too late to stop NHS privatisation? Decent health care 4 all Socialist SNP Wife Mum & Grandma #iloveNHS

RT @OwenJones84: Please retweet

2018-08-18 07:36

﮼الرفيق،سنافي Alsnafeq8

غامض، صعب تكسب ثقته، هدوءه يجذبك،فوضوي غير ملتزم لا اصلح للعلاقات العاطفيه بيني وبين عيش التموين علاقه حب ..الخاص غير مغلق وشكرا

@kek_hlawa 😂😂😂👊🏻

2018-08-18 07:36

Andrés de Fonollosa ✊🏽🤬🇵🇷 S3kr3tto

Parental Advisory: Explicit Tweets. Lasciate orne esperanza, voi ch'intrate. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. #FuckCancer


2018-08-18 07:36

CoKoBar ™ Cokobar

The Promoters Hub! Sold out saturdays in London @ brand New City Zebrano EV3A 7DB. Tables /Bdays: 07940269520 , 02089531219 become a

@AfroB_ 💥

2018-08-18 07:36

im vegan now Moniquealexiax

19. im half gay. SFX MUA. click the link for unlimited happiness 💡

@alex_wright7 @zjf_says @mattelliot8 @bbuk BECAUSE WE ARE BLACK.

2018-08-18 07:36

خالد الشاعري🇸🇦 alsaheer099

‏‏عالمي لو إنقلب علي عاّلمي

RT @Jawaher_ALsaif: مدرب الهلال السابق دياز جاب العيد
من أولها

مدرب ⁧#الاتحاد⁩ :
استعدينا لنهائي السوبر ولدينا نجوم قادرين على الفوز

2018-08-18 07:36

Simon Fleming 🔨 OrthopodReg

#Surgery | #PhD | #CBME | #TEDx | #Ortho | #HammerItOut | #Change | #MedEd | #Foodie | #ICRE2017 #ICRE2018 #ChiefResident | #BOTA #PastPresident (own views)

@SophieHowles @ben_hock @HannahPopsy Nope! I was having a glorious day!!

2018-08-18 07:36

Nicola Taverner nicola_taverner

Maker of shiny treasures! Had Lupus & more since my teens! This taught me to appreciate the little things, which are the bigger things! Love life & smile x✨💫

RT @RosaliqueSkin: #FreebieFriday RT & follow to be in with a chance of winning our 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula SPF 25!

#Win #Comp…

2018-08-18 07:36

Paul James #FBPE #BBJHB 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 pejw7

#StopBrexit #FBPE #MakeOurRoadsSafe

@certual @nicko00127 @tolethorpe @jeremythomas212 @11MafekingParad @xtremedoda @Roblev0 @NickStevenson63…

2018-08-18 07:36

Maureen Fitzsimmons mojos55

Give Peace a chance !

RT @AsaWinstanley: For Israel to exist it was necessary for the Zionist militias to expel more than 750,000 Palestinians for the crime of n…

2018-08-18 07:36

Jöe J_Harrington212

Copper. Arsenal. Food. Books. Music. Francophone.

@AgedBobby @Peter_Kirkham Few and far between, at the very top. As I’m sure you know.

2018-08-18 07:36

JacBeat Jlacbeat

Fan de The Beatles, Fenaco,, Naturopatia, Música en general.

RT @ToursBeatles: The World premiere of Help! London, July 1965 #TheBeatles #Help #London #1960s @LudoJanssens @mikolato @Johnny_W_L @corin…

2018-08-18 07:36

Bayadere bayadere2016

oh yes

2018-08-18 07:36

Darius🦂 Champloo1600

save me

RT @MMLe0: I can't even imagine how high these guys were when they created this masterpiece

2018-08-18 07:36

Alex Gibson Alexg471

@runegods WeAk

2018-08-18 07:36

◢ ◤◢ ◤ Bilontee

Stay woke...

Victoria Concordia Crescit.

RT @TacticienEN: Whenever you saw these dons behind Sir Alex you knew a win was coming. Never seen again since fergie left. Made OT a fortr…

2018-08-18 07:36

Zaulo lumifugo

Rsrs ond esta o crime ? o pau, e meu a boc.a e minha os, filmes fui eu a fiz .Q se drogou fui eu

RT @streetartmagic: Spice up your toilet experience

2018-08-18 07:36

Lee Being Lee_Being

DapperPunk electronic composer+writer+actor+designer+singer for A Wild & designed The Joker’s boots for GOTHAM

@lgbtqnation So he should! He’s being unfairly targeted. LEAVE HIM ALONE

2018-08-18 07:36

Miranà miranakqiku


Lav it

2018-08-18 07:36

History Lovers Club historylvrsclub

Rare historical photos. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. Business, removal requests and questions:

A Greek soldier tells his mother goodbye before leaving to fight the Italian invaders, 1940.

2018-08-18 07:36

Sara Latte_lover1

mummy to a beautiful little girl & baby boy and married to my soul mate ☺️


Win a copy of @StepOutsideLDN's 'London's Splendid Square Mile'!

FOLLOW US and RETWEET to be in with a c…

2018-08-18 07:36