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Tony Loftus tonyloftus6

Retired from Prison Service, formerly with Unilever marketing. Labour activist who loves Blues Jazz and 'Good' music and lots of other things

RT @MichaelRosenYes: If you are deported because you don’t have the right paperwork, you are not being deported for ‘not being entitled to…

2018-04-20 15:39

Seanm Seanm03068811

I think, therefore I am.

RT @guardian: World Cup hosts Russia charged with fan racism during France friendly | Football

2018-04-20 15:39

Primmy primpatnasirri

Unreal Primmy Patnasiri 🇹🇭 - Nevs Model London. FNP

@myongjies Cuih 🤔

2018-04-20 15:39

rylc claudiacpr98


Gimnasta y entrenadora de Gimnasia Rítmica

RT @historylvrsclub: Audrey

2018-04-20 15:39

cHo cHokanG_101

... i cAn't imaGine a wOrld witHout kanG daNiEL 🙄😱 #강다니엘

... loYaL fan of Wanna One, BTS and EXO 😘❤

RT @SunshineDanik: He is basically getting the top of the top roles in all aspects of his career to propel him towards the vision he has fo…

2018-04-20 15:39

✨Kawaii Five-O✨ RiotRogers

Psycho Hobbyist, chaos bisexual. I've got memes up my sleeves. Seamstress, Cosplayer, Gamer. Mother of Rats. Rooster Teeth UK Fireteam.

@FieldMarshalFry No but I tapped him on the shoulder so i could go to the bathroom and he almost punched me in the face out of shock

2018-04-20 15:39

AddersInTheStudio GoAddo

Gamer|Broadcaster|Radio Producer |Podcaster| Social Media Editor |Silver Audio Production Awards Winner|Gif Master

Now that uni winding down want to send a massive thank you to @Ben_Whit for being a mentor when I needed one you ar…

2018-04-20 15:39

ジャックザリッパー(一週間猫さん化!) Jack_Fatehazi


@Makoto_PMC_nrkr うにゃぁ♪(のどを鳴らして

2018-04-20 15:39

Mike B zenmallard

Negativity is not an option

RT @PeterStefanovi2: Tens of thousands of households in Britain left without light & heat because they can’t afford to top up pre-payment e…

2018-04-20 15:39

viky Tliimh

Mi piacerebbe provassimo a pensare, una cosa è giusta o sbagliata al di là delle ideologie lo so, sono un'illusa. (The lunatic is in my head)

RT @oldpicsarchive: The Dark Side Of The Circus: 35 Photos of Vintage Freak-Show Performers

2018-04-20 15:39

Margaret Miller mag55rbt

Dogs,dogs and all creatures big and small,domestic and wild

RT @carriesymonds: Watching Emily Thornberry on Question Time. Can't help but wonder if Corbyn would have done as Ed Miliband did, and sack…

2018-04-20 15:39

Love, Stacey theprettybooks

Works in books (@book_tokens). Blogs about books. 👩🏻‍💻 I’m reading: Ready Player One. All views my own.

RT @BAbooksellers: We're thrilled to announce the @AcBookWeek 20 Books by Women that Changed the World: #AcBooksWom…

2018-04-20 15:39

colicia mingo coliciamingo

Political junky but well informed citizen

RT @Independent: Theresa May's Brexit divorce bill could cost billions more than her estimate, auditors warn

2018-04-20 15:39

Second Shot Coffee Secondshotcafe

Second Shot Coffee is the East London cafe bringing people together by tackling homelessness one espresso at a time. 475 Bethnal Green Road, E2 9QH

Cold brew ready
Iced lattes ready
All set for another beautiful day ☀️ #MoreThanCoffee #SecondShotCoffee…

2018-04-20 15:39

Becca Lamont Jiggens beccalamjig

Disability law academic & social entrepreneur. #WIASN

Loud, opinionated autistic crip #justreasonable. #emplaw

Mum, wife, incredibly lucky. Cis - she/they.

RT @mikegalsworthy: Holy crap. When a former head of the civil service says this about the Home Office’s “hostile environment” policy... yo…

2018-04-20 15:39

Addahaimi addahaimi

RT @ArabMubasher: بعد الضغوط الإسرائيلية والمنظمات اليهودية في #واشنطن #مكتبة_قطر_الوطنية تضع في خارطاتها إسم #إسرائيل بدلاً من الدولة الفل…

2018-04-20 15:39

Simon Kew PensionsSimon

Pensions regulation/employer covenant man. Occasionally chat to media/speak publicly/advise on gvt policy. Once sang. Play golf adequately. Views entirely mine.

Friday. Finally.

2018-04-20 15:39

Alpha Doŋ iamkudzo

God’s son | I was late in climbing the corporate ladder, so I built my own. | Global 🌏 Citizen |

RT @Deebiosi: @jesuisjoy_xo @RealJodieJoe Another thing, women are naturally attracted to those who can provide. This has been true from th…

2018-04-20 15:39

| lil haiti | myaa_tianaa

ass been fat , fuck a cabbage| ♊️ | college girl |🇭🇹|

RT @KaiserCoby: Golden Hour✨

2018-04-20 15:39

あやの poke_ooopi


/> 【お題箱】
/> 【創作】

#あいこんず でポケモンアイコン描いてます🍀


2018-04-20 15:39

Gallavich Forever Gallavich_4eva

Ian and Mickey Best Love Story Ever Created #gallavich #endgame

@Sarahwekittycat Good night babe

2018-04-20 15:39

LeadersNG LeadersNG

Truth, Inspiration and Motivation. News about Nigeria. | {ADVERTS} -Text Messages only: +44 7770 013935

45 police officer promoted for arresting kidnap kingpin

2018-04-20 15:39

richelleleigh richellemowatt

18/absolute disaster🤙🏼

RT @svmmiestyles: RT or get 5 years bad luck lookin ahh

2018-04-20 15:39

นุ้งไก่ของพี่จ้อย _nnamm_

❌chanbaek❌ ❌พิแบคเคะ❌

RT @maiborklorkeiei: เรื่องนี้อาจสอนให้รู้ว่า ซินเดอเรลล่าที่โดนแม่เลี้ยงกับพี่สาวรังแก ฉากหลังนางซินอาจจะเเกล้งตอแหลเพื่อให้เจ้าชายมาสนใจ.…

2018-04-20 15:39

Frost Magazine frostmag

A Thinker's Lifestyle Magazine

Retro Post: How to Come to Terms With Addiction

2018-04-20 15:39

robert hopson robnormy

Birder,Socialist, thats me!

RT @suttontrust: Did you see our new teacher polling? We found that government spending cuts have led to further cut-backs in teachers, ass…

2018-04-20 15:39

robert jeffery robjeffecology

Learning support assistant,carer,fan of frank turner,chris t-t and will varley amongst others. Supporter of progressive left wing policies.

RT @ianbirrell: The argument that Theresa May oversees a ‘positive, welcoming, liberal, forward looking’ immigration policy, put forward by…

2018-04-20 15:39

KB Mulawin: Marenz02 kbmarenz02

Mulawin Battalion (Magindara)

RT @GlaizaLondoners: Ang nakaraan


2018-04-20 15:39

Peter Wright utopastac

One of 5 brothers. Engaged to @mallowstudio. Will always talk to anyone about mental health. Proud parent of a wonderful greyhound. Interaction design @google

Why, what has she done while ive been away

2018-04-20 15:39

Scrim de la scrim thatguymide

Goofy | Faaji enthusiast | Data Scientist | IG:aeolajide

RT @marcazette: This shoe looks like Frieza.

2018-04-20 15:39

Hannah Locke hannahlocke2

Im 17 yesrs old. From miltion keynse my birthday is on the 23rd of june• best friend is @chloesteens26

RT @Jack_Maynard23: Question, why do people tag themselves in their own Instagram photos? 🤔

2018-04-20 15:39

Joash Mohanlal JoashMohanlal


RT @TROYmagician: Something for you guys to enjoy 😉

2018-04-20 15:39

CWD djcwd

Visions - Catch Wreck Show - License 2 Trill - Livin Proof - The Doctors Orders

@selectasuave 😂😂😂😂 this fkn guy

2018-04-20 15:39

Derek Walters walters_derek

Head of Talent Acquisition - Mindshare

Mindshare is looking for: Strategy Partner

2018-04-20 15:39

[KB] INDIO Katutubo edward2 EdwardMaganion2


RT @GlaizaLondoners: Ang nakaraan


2018-04-20 15:39

Frankie 🕷 Rock__Junkiie

☾ Received death as an old friend. • AHS • Upir • SherlocKian • Ravens • TVD ♡ • Marvel • Make Coffee, not excuses. • Metal Head • also I have anger issues. •

El último y ya @trentjw90 jajaja

2018-04-20 15:39

𝕄'𝔹𝕒𝕖-𝕜𝕦.* uncletypewriter

A blistering ray of sunshine ♡ Igbo Kwenu 🇳🇬🇬🇧

Trying to fit two motives in one day. I’m already tired and I’m not even out of bed yet.

2018-04-20 15:39

David Cross CodaArchitects

MD and founder of award winning CODA Studios. Architects, planning consultants and structural engineers.. lover of all things urban!

RT @eurocrat: This is just brilliant - this map shows the biggest trading partner for each country

2018-04-20 15:39

H▲TTON anthonyhatton95


live sex girls helpless hot sex images voyeur sex in public female porn abs large pussy lips galleries

2018-04-20 15:39

Alan James Bullion AlanBullion

Dr Alan Bullion is director of special reports and projects for Informa Agribusiness Intellligence.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Newspaper headlines: 'Ireland Brexit plan in tatters' and 'sc…

2018-04-20 15:39

moya Scarlet099

Im passionate about the right of each and every person to be treated with respect and fairness

RT @D_Raval: Paper Review on #r4today mentioned clip below shared by David Lammy, saying it’s embarrassing for May. Embarrassing? It expose…

2018-04-20 15:39



RT @nubiankemett: Governments and their Weather Machines !! 😣

2018-04-20 15:39

Kirsty Simpson KS587

RT @matthewsyed: It’s publication day for my new book for children! About helping youngsters ditch their fear of failure and become more co…

2018-04-20 15:39

claire murphy clairengm

RT @PeterStefanovi2: Tens of thousands of households in Britain left without light & heat because they can’t afford to top up pre-payment e…

2018-04-20 15:39

4gLTE LTE4Ukraine

Когда надоедает всё, я вспоминаю про девушку Женю, и начинаю немного завидовать.


2018-04-20 15:39

Black ɮeard DeoFam

@CyZulu you’re lucky that the lil pussy didn’t get lit up like a rocket

2018-04-20 15:39

Charlene Hutsebaut positivelyslim

Award Winning Personal Trainer | Corporate #speaker | #Pilates | @periscopetv Presenter #CorporateWellness #onlinefitness
---Wellness Academy courses now LIVE ↙

I chat with @mandylehto about how to prepare for and ace presentations and meetings.
Tune in to hear our top 3 tip…

2018-04-20 15:39

Ray McCann Ray_McCann55

Deputy President of the CIOT, Partner Joseph Hage Aaronson LLP former HMRC Inspector. Hopeless guitarist. Glaswegian.

@greateranglia Most kind, hope you have a good day with no plastic sheets, broken down trains or signalling faults 👍

2018-04-20 15:39

Christine Steel Krys2549

Married to Phil, who is blind and disabled. Liberal. Christian. #Remain. #IamEuropean. My views are my own.

RT @SimRey14: Was Brilliant to be out in Sidcup Ward with @StephenLloydEBN on Saturday. GIVING Sidcup Ward Residents a choice on the 3rd of…

2018-04-20 15:39

Indio Princess ceciliaannh

RT @brianklaas: The Comey memos just enhance Comey’s credibility more. His recollections are both consistent and detailed. For anyone who r…

2018-04-20 15:39

Jonathan Roberts jontycrob


@kiripritchardmc I listened to To Kill A Mockingbird because I’ve never read it ... I still haven’t right?

2018-04-20 15:39

TrayB maribycart


2018-04-20 15:39

vivien burke #FBPE 🇬🇧 🇮🇪🇪🇺 vivienburke

Blocked by Andrew Rosindell. Munster🏉 support THFC⚽️ Labour remainer, detests bigots and intolerance

RT @PeterStefanovi2: “They were being asked to produce 4 pieces of evidence for EVERY YEAR they had been in the country since 1973! Could y…

2018-04-20 15:39

Daragh Minogue DaraghMinogue

MA Sports Journalism course leader at St. Mary's University. Confused Celt (Scottish dad, Irish mammy) tweeting about sport, politics and journalism.

Sportsbeat looking for a reporter with 2 years experience to join their team in London

2018-04-20 15:39

Jane Cotton TapestryhatJane

Networker, pattern seeker, listener, maverick, activist, gardener - not different hats but fab tapestry!

RT @EL4JC: "Let us start with a sense of humanity. Every case is a human story, its triumphs and tragedies."

2013: On the same day as Ther…

2018-04-20 15:39

R G P RamchandaniGP

Warrior - of a different kind - for a better world.

RT @BBCHindi: हाई कोर्ट से बरी होने वाली माया कोडनानी कभी नरोदा में मैटर्निटी अस्पताल चलाती थीं. पढ़िए उनकी पूरी कहानी

2018-04-20 15:39

Live Events Managers live_managers

Event planner • Event services • Caterer •Stage designing • Decor • Dining

RT @Tutsy22: A father Vs a sperm donor.


2018-04-20 15:39

อีช้อยเจ้าค่ะ(ಥ_ಥ) bbhplla94

EXO L NCTzen 백현 #BAEKHYUN | 🌚🌛 💬 (・∀・) | ♡joy ♡jeno ♡jaehyun ♡Johnny ♡herin ♡jungwoo ♡ningning | 🐣🌿kaihun&nomin&lumark&dotae!doten โดยองคือเหนือเมน

RT @maiborklorkeiei: เรื่องนี้อาจสอนให้รู้ว่า ซินเดอเรลล่าที่โดนแม่เลี้ยงกับพี่สาวรังแก ฉากหลังนางซินอาจจะเเกล้งตอแหลเพื่อให้เจ้าชายมาสนใจ.…

2018-04-20 15:39

Grace Constantinou Geeraccey

Quailified Therapeutic Consellor,work with young challenging people.

@CraigDavid @bbcmusic Really Love them older tunes , brings back so many memories ❤️

2018-04-20 15:39

Mari 🇯🇲 ItsOmari_

Roaming these cold twitter streets


2018-04-20 15:39

NetScience net_science

Senior Lecturer in Network Science; Co-organiser of DataBeers London Seed-Organiser of CSS London Initiative

"Effects of Network Communities and Topology Changes in Message-Passing Computation of Harmonic Influence in Social…

2018-04-20 15:39

Nigel Morgans abccsnm

Long time IT veteran with experience in many areas from mainframes to crypto. Mobile to 07740 943961.
Views are my own.

@lizzieweather Lovely forecast. Better than it was 2 months ago.

2018-04-20 15:39

caroline binham carolinebinham

FT fin-reg hack / professional-services team leader by day, harried mother by night. All views my own etc. PGP BE3E 93CD C74C F00E 610D 46A0 12A1 BFC7 62FC E658

So no ban for @Barclays’ Staley on the whistleblower probe, just a fine. And no @TheFCA or PRA action against the b…

2018-04-20 15:39

Gender Education UK GenderEdUK

One-stop-shop for info + updates on gender issues in UK education

RT @AmandaHillDixon: What an inspiring and dreamy lunch... thank you @radhikabynon@activistjess @WEP_UK

2018-04-20 15:39

Mustafa Wanc mustafawanc

Strictly 18+ only. NSFW. London bi bloke. Football and footballers :-)

Morning studs 💪

2018-04-20 15:39

健身营地 boli6910


RT @Diegor_Barros: Fala galera, cadastra-se na minha página e fique por dentro das novidades, tem cueca chegando aí 🤩
buy a tank top and g…

2018-04-20 15:39

missixti missixti


RT @EL4JC: "Let us start with a sense of humanity. Every case is a human story, its triumphs and tragedies."

2013: On the same day as Ther…

2018-04-20 15:39

T E M P L O design T_E_M_P_L_O

Branding with real-world impact ➡️🌍 #CreativityForChange

RT @T_E_M_P_L_O: New work: new #VR experience we created for @plymouthart launched today, allowing users to explore how learning environmen…

2018-04-20 15:39

Nujdar Zibari nzibari

Biography goes here

RT @brianklaas: A man with no scientific expertise who has previously denied climate change science is now in charge of NASA. What a disgra…

2018-04-20 15:39

Ellie Len50

Sorry Loosewomen. Hate your new set. It’s giving me a migraine. @loosewomen

2018-04-20 15:39

Leyla Percival LeylaPercival

@MountviewLDN '17. Freelance ASM/DSM

Final day of MA presentations @MountviewLDN today. Best of luck to everyone up today and a massive well done to eve…

2018-04-20 15:39

MsLoves KashmirLoves

No relevance to disputed territory in India/Pakistan, but Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) wrote a song about me once. Blaming it on the boogie since 19longtime

@LeefroMilch @Bartelbee23 Neither of those, I just go on regular sabbaticals these days. You may* have noticed?

May not*

2018-04-20 15:39

𝕻𝖆𝖇𝖑𝖔. JustMattBentley

nice personality

@Bvck_ToBlack ‘Every other artist’ - first of all that’s a lie. Having features doesn’t mean ‘stacking’ them on.


2018-04-20 15:39

Miss N10 London MissN10LONDON

Proud Muswell Hill resident (10+ years!), marketer, lover of design, architecture, art, good food & drink, globe trotting & about supporting local businesses.

Fellow #hayfever sufferers, I feel your pain, am suffering really badly currently. This article has some useful tip…

2018-04-20 15:39

Republica Catalana 🎗 tetesarda

Catala, Culer, Indy, soci de la ANC, I tambe jo soc CDR

RT @arnauriwz: ⚠️ Atención, he descubierto una red de bots nacionalistas españoles organizados. Cuentas policiales falsas de apoyo a @Ciuda…

2018-04-20 15:39

Sarah-Jayne Gratton grattongirl

Married to @grattonboy - #KeyOpinionLeader #InfluencerMarketing caffeine-enhanced, wine-loving #tech #reviewer, who also turns her hand to #digitalmedia

#Startups are natively in the #cloud so don't have to transition☁️ #OracleMBX @MarkVHurd #Insights

2018-04-20 15:39

ปั๊ป+เจโน่=♡ jaeminfamousx

jeno / jeno / jeno / jeno / jeno / jeno / jeno / jeno / jeno / jeno / jeno / jeno / jeno / jeno / jeno / jeno
/ jeno / jeno / jeno / jeno / jeno / jeno / jeno

RT @katlynnfx: ▘🥀𑁦💀⨯ ◾︎ ╾ rt ตามทักครับ ╼ ◾︎ ⨯💀𑁦🥀▝

2018-04-20 15:39

tarrioo tarrio_21

Un sentimiento no traten de entenderloooo...➡RCD- A CORUÑA!!⚓️1906⚓️

RT @LaMediaInglesa:

2018-04-20 15:39

Nela🌸 NelaTyolo

Mummy to Silubona♥️ •

RT @Ghanasfinestx: This is why Americans have to get fork lifted out of their houses

2018-04-20 15:39

Guy Birchall Guybirchall

@TheSun journo & Stoke fan. Puns always intended. Views my own yadayadayada #SCFC #Longhorns #Cowboys 👌🐸

RT @henrymance: Private Eye at its best

2018-04-20 15:39

Andrew Montlake montysblog

A Founder Director & The Spokesman @Coreco Monty's Blog: Mortgages, Economics, Property. Awards: Mortgage Personality, Strategist, Press Spokesperson, Marketeer

London voted top financial centre for first time in five years via @CityAM

2018-04-20 15:39

Zoe Healey ZoeVH

Biotech boffin specializing in health Comms strategy and being excitable about life. Work @ Primary Source Consulting; Treasurer @hbanet_eur - tweet personally

Another glorious spring day in #northlondon @ Noel Park

2018-04-20 15:39

spin_cycle spin_cycle1

an innocent abroad ~ (retweets = 'interesting' only)

RT @mikarv: 2. FB say they won't stop targeted ads on request. Everyone I've spoken to, even inside competitors, think this is illegal. You…

2018-04-20 15:39

Behrad Jabbarpour B_Jabbarpour

#Civil Eng. & Amateur #Photographer

RT @ArtPicsChannel: ‘Venus In Arcady’ by Norman Lindsay.

2018-04-20 15:39

Abdul Qayyum AbdulQa64890852

Proud to be a pakistani.

RT @sheikhsafina: کچھ پتہ نہی ہوتا کیا تبدیلی ایکدم آ جائے گی یہاں چھوٹی چھوٹی باتوں پر وزیراعظم فارغ کر دیے جاتے ہیں بدنصیبی ہے ہماری قوم…

2018-04-20 15:39

Kamal Linus KamalLinus1

RT @ChelseaFC: .@_OlivierGiroud_ has made the @EASPORTSFIFA Team of the Week! 👏

2018-04-20 15:39

หน่องอีบกลีบดกทง reallychananya


RT @maiborklorkeiei: เรื่องนี้อาจสอนให้รู้ว่า ซินเดอเรลล่าที่โดนแม่เลี้ยงกับพี่สาวรังแก ฉากหลังนางซินอาจจะเเกล้งตอแหลเพื่อให้เจ้าชายมาสนใจ.…

2018-04-20 15:39

Vonny ivona_tatyana

RT @MY57R0: I’ve NEVER seen a black guy with this accent before 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

2018-04-20 15:39

Mr N TeachMrN

An optimistic London teacher, blogger and Dairy Milk Oreo fan! Lead by example, spread positivity and stick together. 👨🏻‍🏫 Visit for more.

@Melanie43289563 @Cornerstonesedu Thank you! ❤️

2018-04-20 15:39

مصطفــــــــاMostafa m0stafiii

گفتنی ها کـــــــــــــــم نیــــــــــــست... دوستدار و پیگیر هرآنچه که به #سیاست مرتبط است.

RT @AminSabeti: 📢 در این رشته توییت در مورد داستان عکس‌هایی است که از #کاوه_مدنی منتشر و باعث انتشار اخبار جعلی شد. اگر حال و حوصله خواندن…

2018-04-20 15:39

هارون Cliffingimo

Islam began as something strange and will revert to being strange as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers.

RT @Ibn_Muhammad_: "For centuries we lived under the banner of Islam" uhm no we didn't. Rawaafidh have been the enemies of Islam ever since…

2018-04-20 15:39

whore-gay washington shylockhoImes

liberté, égalité, anxiété

Nooo por qué me puse a ver a esta hora her de nuevo por qué me hice esto ahora no me va a quedar otra que matarme

2018-04-20 15:39

Zedblek Zedblek

I'm contemporary figurative artist...painter and photographer. My questioning is about human existence. With humor, emotion and irony.

RT @ArtPicsChannel: Winter Landscape by Wassily Kandinsky

2018-04-20 15:39

jadey jade13051994

@EthanDolan My 💙

2018-04-20 15:39

Proud Mumma MimiASDandUs

Software consultant, Proud Mum of 2, advocate for my 8year old daughter with ADHD, ASD and SPD fighting for her support

RT @AIMautistic:

2018-04-20 15:39

Corey Ramón C_R_H_M

Spaceships don't come equipped with rear view mirrors... 


2018-04-20 15:39

Alys Key alys_key

@Cityam leisure & retail reporter | | @journohandbook in my spare time

Excited for the launch of this next week!

2018-04-20 15:39

Leo Rising DanelleJohnnie

RT @TGirlsAddict: Alana Cruise Gets Gangbanged by Prince Yahshua and Crew
Bound Gangbangs
@kinkdotcom @AlanaCruisexxx

2018-04-20 15:39

GlobalJusticeLdnSE GlobalLdn

South East London branch of Global Justice Now.

#British imperial policies led to the #WindrushScandel. Why we shouldn't be surprised by #UKgov treatment of…

2018-04-20 15:39

warm beast warm_beast

RT @EL4JC: "Let us start with a sense of humanity. Every case is a human story, its triumphs and tragedies."

2013: On the same day as Ther…

2018-04-20 15:39