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Soft Melodies icysparkle

Free spirit, sunscreen enthusiast, feminist, fashion addict, taurus ~BTS~

RT @theslumflower: Somewhere in the world right now, your happiness is a personal attack to someone.

2019-04-24 02:51

Adrian APMSaint

RT @SkySportsPL: #WatfordFC XI to face #SaintsFC: Foster, Janmaat, Cathcart, Kabasele, Masina, Capoue, Doucoure, Hughes, Deulofeu, Pereyra,…

2019-04-24 02:51

Peter Baker bakerist

Trigger in Only Fools And Horses The Musical @OFAHMusical & Mr Green in Murder, She Didn't Write @degreesoferror

@steveleppard Great to hear Dave - the show is gonna sweep him off his feet! 🧹

2019-04-24 02:51

Todd Struthers tstruthers1

RT @brianklaas: Change in confidence in US president from Obama in 2016 to Trump in 2018 (Pew)

Germany: -76%
Sweden: -76%
France: -75%

2019-04-24 02:51

Toby Edwards IsSaddleThereIs

Dad/husband. Lives in Tottenham. Works in the City. By the time my 1 year old is of school age, will he be able to cycle to school & around London in safety? 🤞

@drmatthewhardy @GreeneBantern @TiggerTherese @willnorman @TfL The photo I posted was in response to the different-…

2019-04-24 02:51

Jamie Henderson jsdhenderson

Yorkshireman in London. Love lieder, opera, classical music, ballet, theatre, & all things Joss Whedon. Strictly Come Dancing & RuPaul's Drag Race fan. Glutton.

@LucasRosemary Happy joint late birthdays!

2019-04-24 02:51

Cassie💛 cassie_2411

RT @JamesBlunt: Wet.

2019-04-24 02:51

Mairead MaireadTBTS

I like lots of things, so most of them are here. Slytherin, if you needed to know.

RT @garyfoskett: We don't want Trump anywhere near Britain OR the 75th anniversary commemorations of the D-day landings. Many of our father…

2019-04-24 02:51

Samantha SamAllen1975


RT @miaxmon: having prejudice against bi women is literally the definition of biphobia what are you on

2019-04-24 02:51

Gareth Atkinson StructEngineer_

Engineer with a passion for great architecture, conservation and urban design/place making. Dad, cyclist, snowboarder and beer lover.

Once an arch founded garden wall, underpinned (in masonry), underpinned again (mass concrete) and about to be under…

2019-04-24 02:51

azeez azoo0z11hotmai1

RT @CFC4World: ديلي ميل | مانشستر يونايتد حريصون على التوقيع مع لاعب تشيلسي المُعار إلى ويغان ريس جيمس بتقديم 15 مليون باوند، لكن تشيلسي لن…

2019-04-24 02:51

CraftyP LaCraftyP

I am horrible.

RT @SkyNews: CCTV footage has emerged of a suspected suicide bomber entering St Sebastian's Church in Sri Lanka moments before an explosion…

2019-04-24 02:51

Ben Carter recruitmentgeek

No.1 LinkedIn Xray Tool on Google. Recruitment News. Connect on LinkedIn:

5 Technology Tips Every Employer Should Use to Hunt Top Talent #recruitment

2019-04-24 02:51

Cleona Wangeci csheshi_

a burning bush without God is just a fire 🔥 Reading 📖 is doing something together ♥️

RT @samirasawlani: This photo of former President of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda playing the piano for legendary South African singer Miriam Make…

2019-04-24 02:51

Grant G_mastra

Texas Tech Alum

RT @UrbanFoxxxx: Yesterday's earthquake in the Philippines emptying a skyscraper's rooftop swimming pool in Manila. Incredible.

2019-04-24 02:51

muhanuzi Doreen muhanuziDoreen

Public Health Specialist, Book lover, Current Affairs

RT @TheEconomist: How to predict a coup

2019-04-24 02:51

Sir Percy Bear Percy_Bear_Esq

General manager of international conglomerate.... fond of champagne and snoozes. Will speak out against idiocy !

@CarolineLucas @GretaThunberg @theresa_may Good - one of her few informed decisions. Why we want to take advice fro…

2019-04-24 02:51

mike sainsbury mcsainsbury

It will probably end in tears. Like reading and used to love cricket before the game got too short to become interesting.

RT @IanDunt: Fucking hell. I eat meat and fly on planes. I am all-in on that shit. But the patronising, smug, know-nothing, ignorant conser…

2019-04-24 02:51

🌟 BalletGirlLaura

Just doing my best to be happy 😊 MSc Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience. #Dance #Ballet 💓

So I taught my Nanny how to squat and she fully said "well, that's easy"... she's 81... shook 😭 bless her little legs

2019-04-24 02:51

Anil AisForAnil

Currently at Universal Pictures. Used to be at 20th Cent. Fox. Creator of Hallowali. Views expressed are my own.

I'm not crying you are

2019-04-24 02:51

amelia c taylor | #FBPE ameliactaylor

y’all: infinity war is the most ambitious crossover of all time 🃏 me: *is both labour member/people’s vote twitter and willne stan twitter*

RT @miaxmon: i am 🤪 one 🤪 anxious 🤪 bitch

2019-04-24 02:51

Эмили Остин o95AZWPxtVN41VO


@sweetmickey6 Да черт возьми.

2019-04-24 02:51

SamRichardson madsamlondon

Intuitive Soul; Meditating and Dreaming; Not a grammar nazi; Warning, heavy doses of British sarcasm.

Instinct and logic plus information, does that provide foresight? The next 8 weeks will tell. But in the meantime t…

2019-04-24 02:51

ruler of wind | osh softbbh__

Shit! EXO just outsold your faves

#EXO #WeAreOne🌼

2019-04-24 02:51

Tee Targaryen🐉 Teetwitta98

@adinaaaxx Nooooooo pleaaaaaase do not ruin yourself😢 your fine as you are fuck kylie jenner n dem man LOOL

2019-04-24 02:51

fess søng ever# fesssongever

''Chi vuol esser lieto, sia:
di doman non c'è certezza.''

bæll# |-/

//fan account//

Gerry cosa dicii, la Città Bianca è Ostuni, non Martina Franca #cadutalibera

2019-04-24 02:51

Nandi Caine NandiCaine1

RT @curlyhairedalis: People say things to me that don't make sense, or ask me to do things or tell me that they're going to do something, t…

2019-04-24 02:51

𝒍𝒐𝒔𝒕 𝒔𝒐𝒖𝒍 zpjsoul

mais triste q o naruto no balanço

RT @wmqximoff: a scarlett foi esculpida por deuses não é possível #AvengersEndgame

2019-04-24 02:51

Chloe chloeyesevil

Everything I hold dear resides in those eyes.
22. Graduate. Sheffield.

RT @alexhern: Marketing that money can’t buy

2019-04-24 02:51

Aino Vaitomaa Vaitomaaino

addicted to every british youtuber

RT x …

2019-04-24 02:51

🌹Saffie⚘Rose⚘Roussos🌹4thJuly🎂🥂 RememberSaffie

Remembering #SaffieTheSuperstar & 22Angels lost #ManchesterArenaAttack 22-5-17 Its important we support them through the tough time ahead🐝 NO POLITICS please ❤

RT @AlexJacobs16: Great initiative, now looking for support to do more:

2019-04-24 02:51

mc slow hands lovehmeplease

•we gotta get away from here•   ‌‌‍‍   ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍       ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍    ‌‌‍‍  ‌‌‍‍ •my love @ltmedicinehs•


2019-04-24 02:51

TheGoodSoldier SWWFreeman

#FBPE #PeoplesVote #Revoke
Old China Hand.
Enlightened Empiricist.
A Political anabasis is long overdue.

RT @nicholaswatt: Gavin Esler: I am sick of Nigel Farage selling the same old snake oil. They sold our patriotism and I want it back

2019-04-24 02:51

p paydrouk


She’s buff idc

2019-04-24 02:51

Borja Bilbao Borja_Bilbao

London/Santander. Books 📚, Games 🎮, Films🎞️, TV Series📺, Music 🤟, Sleep💤. I write book reviews in Calles de Tinta, C and SoW. Podcast @tryperion1.

Un enlace a mi reseña de la novela, para aquellos que no conozcan a Emma Newman...

2019-04-24 02:51

Remoaner Bitter_Remoaner

Anti EU fanatics. Especially Blairite champagne socialists types. That spread 'fake news' regarding EU membership.

@Keith_johnson44 @Channel4News @ChukaUmunna and money.

2019-04-24 02:51

mer♡ prticularlywrng

𝒘𝒉𝒐 𝒎𝒂𝒅𝒆 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒒𝒖𝒆𝒆𝒏?

i am lost for words. the amount of clownery i have seen on the tl today-

2019-04-24 02:51

Fran Fran_Face

Into: social and environmental justice, disabilty rights, writing, gigs, zines, veganism, feminism, punk music, cake & chips. All my POV.

RT @Ummi_H: Every time Michael Gove quotes a bit of literature to 1) buy himself thinking time or 2) divert the question. #findanewtactic h…

2019-04-24 02:51

Another Gaze: A Feminist Film Journal anothergaze

An intersectional feminist film journal. Essays, interviews, reviews. Issue 02 out now. Subscribe/buy below. ✉️

RT @becbecliuliu: I wrote about Xiaolu Guo's "Five Men and a Caravaggio", Walter Benjamin's theories of cultural reproduction, globalisatio…

2019-04-24 02:51

Michael Pavey pavey_michael

loves life 💛 wife 💍 Ernest👶🏼 Louie🐾 and Chelsea FC ⚽️ recovering drug addict 💉 clean date 24/12/01 😇

@ourrachblogs Don’t ever lose that hole, girl ✌🏼

2019-04-24 02:51

Maša Kepic (Marsha) masa_kepic

Artist talking in metaphor. The oneiric, poetic and play of light. Intricate simplicity. #INGDiscEye ft. @an_artnews @AIR_artists +. Previously @BrilliantNoise

RT @ginamartin_uk: At first I was like 'oh they've censored the nipples with flowers ASSHOLES'

then I was like 'THAT IS WHAT MILK DUCTS LO…

2019-04-24 02:51

ً _els6

البال مشغول بك، والعين مشتاقة ..

2019-04-24 02:51

Moira O'Donnell nervousbotanist

Croydon via Dundee. Family, singing (@CroydonBach), wildflowers, butterflies, nature, local history, cups of tea. 🤔Oh look, there's a thing ... #wildflowerhour

@nikniknature Many condolences. He looks like he was a very special cat.

2019-04-24 02:51

Barbara BarbaraHunsing1

Citizen of nowhere

RT @jon_bartley: 1000 arrests, school strikes, Attenborough highlights the emergency, Greta Thunberg in Parliament, the Bank of England gov…

2019-04-24 02:51

Gary Neville GNev2

Attack The Day

RT @SkySportsPL: 👀 - "You know management, it's not that easy..."

@ManUtd boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer catches up with his old pal, @GNev2! 🔴…

2019-04-24 02:51

Deirdre O'Halloran deirdre_OH

Gif afficionado. Associate Dramaturg at Bush Theatre.

@MarcSnetiker @LynetteLinton @DanielLBailey @Rachel_Delahay I'm sorry.

2019-04-24 02:51

Susanne Riva sezzanna

Verksamhetsutvecklare på Domstolsverket. Twittrar som privatperson. Kattälskare. Försöker att lära mig att läsa, skriva och tala thailändska.

RT @BBCNews: Greta Thunberg: Teen tells UK politicians 'listen to climate scientists'

2019-04-24 02:51

Grant Stanley iFAILbadly


RT @brianklaas: @realDonaldTrump Change in confidence in US president from Obama in 2016 to Trump in 2018 (Pew)

Germany: -76%
Sweden: -76%…

2019-04-24 02:51

Jude A Jaddle


Love it. Got to go for their throats from kick off. If we score early, they can't park the bus #COYS

2019-04-24 02:51

Marie-Christine Heinze MarieHeinze

Researcher on Yemen. Co-founder and President of @CARPObonn. RTs = interesting!

RT @emile_hokayem: A year ago, a dear friend Hanna Lahoud was killed in Yemen while on mission for the @ICRC. Hanna embodied the best of hu…

2019-04-24 02:51

Leo Town TownL

Marketing enthusiast, curious mind, Twiglet fiend and eternal Man Utd fan.

@Dominos_ROI Hello?

2019-04-24 02:51

sara sara_bkx

22. 🇮🇷 Instagram- Sara_bkx ✨

RT @ImranAtwal: This was me during the OSCE’s

2019-04-24 02:51

Melanie mrsGibson_

RT @SkyNewsPolitics: "We're beginning something really big."

Former BBC journalist @gavinesler has been revealed as a Change UK candidate…

2019-04-24 02:51

Isolation. il8ir

﴿قُل لَن يُصيبَنا إِلّا ما كَتَبَ اللَّهُ لَنا﴾

-هي غير عن الكل لأنها حبيبتي.

2019-04-24 02:51

laura laurareisdorfer

let’s go away and never come back, we’ll see the whole wild world

@guieuae exemplo do 1º semestre

2019-04-24 02:51

Inside Croydon InsideCroydon

Award-winning news site based on the fringes of London. Member of @ICNNUK. Collaborates with @BureauLocal. Email:

RT @MitchamCrktGrn: As we tweet development proposals for our area from @Merton_Council's own development company Merantun are being discus…

2019-04-24 02:51

future teller freetnenstein

med extern / napping takes you to another dimension / balance, knowledge and peace

RT @FATMFanClub: 'Jenny of Oldstones' is taking the world by storm, entering the worldwide iTunes chart at number 3!

It's currently at #4…

2019-04-24 02:51

Alice DeDonato AliceDedonato

RT @Telegraph: #StGeorgesDay 2019: How the dragon-slayer became the patron saint of England

2019-04-24 02:51

SoulCentral Magazine Soulcentralmag

Welcome to Soul Central Magazine, (Go Global or Stay Local) For Feature`s or to Advertise Contact @Soulcentraltv / @MarkRoweSCM

#NowPlaying x3myst - X3myst On Go Global Radio For AirPlay email: for more info

2019-04-24 02:51

Anthony Thomas jua1313thomas

Dad, grandad: advocate of learning outside the classroom and the benefit it brings to young/old. Interest in environment;wine, rugby, ballet, creating change

@BlencathraFSC @OpenUniversity @FieldStudiesC @daverothery @OUstudents @OpenUniGeolSoc @lakesfieldwork…

2019-04-24 02:51

TheR&BGod SenayKenfe

Proud Akh. Eddie's Liquor.

RT @NTSlive: Today on NTS 2: @javybzdjs @TheHeatwave @JUICEBOXXXUSA @its_arrhythmia @kingbritt @SenayKenfe @sosupersam @trustmedaddy @JayPr…

2019-04-24 02:51

𝘯𝘢𝘥𝘺𝘢 fittingmypoem

𝚊𝚕𝚋𝚞𝚖 𝟺, 𝚍𝚎𝚕𝚞𝚡𝚎 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔 𝟸 || @realmadrid @spursofficial

RT @SpursOfficial: #THFC: Lloris (C), Trippier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Rose, Wanyama, Eriksen, Dele, Son, Lucas, Llorente.


2019-04-24 02:51

Ben Smoke bencsmoke

i write words for money and make mischief for free // one half of @shithotshitpop // bcsmoke91[at]

be the change uk u wanna see in the morning world

2019-04-24 02:51

Herr Go TimurBeygo

Türke ohne Sprache. Migrationshintergrund. Großstadtkind. Philosophie-Politik-Mathematik. Works at @DasNetzwerkNKS #TeachersOnTheRoad #RefugeesWelcome

RT @historylvrsclub: April 2017 Marks A Century Since The Huge And Brutal WWI Battle Of Arras. See more images here:

2019-04-24 02:51

Aki Del Rio Akii_

Salty. Student. GrumpyCat. 50 Shades of Shade. This ain't no safespace for ya.

RT @CuriousZelda: If you're feeling lonely
Or if you're feeling sad
I'll be your one and only
And then I'll do a bad

2019-04-24 02:51

ghostface sillah FlashySillah

1/3 of @ColdDrinksPod | @1FlashSquard | mgmt for: @Raysflashy

@mamiee_j Ikr!

2019-04-24 02:51

Guvnr_KK kuntakendingo

Order of man ....Provides|Protects|Preside ... ,gamer, AI, Machine Learning, Data analytics 📈📊📉 Sr Data Analyst

@SkyNews Nah the whole house has to go

2019-04-24 02:51

HockeyStatMiner HockeyStatMiner

Known to make odd spreadsheets & post terrible memes. Lots of stats, CBA, & salary cap stuff. NYR fan 🙃. Currently working on Econ/Sociology BS degrees.

RT @brianklaas: Change in confidence in US president from Obama in 2016 to Trump in 2018 (Pew)

Germany: -76%
Sweden: -76%
France: -75%

2019-04-24 02:51

Richard Butler rmdbutler

Judy Garland on a budget

Hilarious that the internet virgin boys have found a new angle to attack Brie Larson with: "Jeremy Renner doesn't l…

2019-04-24 02:51

🤘🏽 Aaron_Dhaliwal

Up the reds🔴

I just watched our planet on Netflix and I now hate humans

2019-04-24 02:51

سُلا fadedxshotss

id3ooly darajaty t93ad😊

2019-04-24 02:51

Humdum UK HumdumUk

Fresh #foodbank served with a hot meal in #Barking every Saturday at Ripple Centre 121 Ripple Road, Barking. All food donations welcome. Helping those in need.

St George’s day festivities at the @BD_CVS today with @EastsideCH #stgeorgesday #humdumuk #festivities…

2019-04-24 02:51

D-Fens DFens1

It ain't written in the papers. But it's written on the walls. How this country's divided to fall

RT @TheRoyalBallet: Happy birthday to William Shakespeare, born on this day in 1564 🎉

Here's a clip of rehearsals for one of our favourite…

2019-04-24 02:51

Rhianna Pratchett rhipratchett

Writer. Cat Spooner. Flibbertigibbet. Rep’d by Rob Kraitt @casarottoramsay

@babelfishwars @smnthawbb @aravelle @sarahlongthorne @AlexisTrust @MitsoukoAnd @HellingtonBoot @pixelotl…

2019-04-24 02:51

Deni Darko🌙 SoyDeniDarko

Denisse Petit | Web Content Creator 24/7 💻 | Experta contando historias con playlists de Spotify | 🇵🇪🇻🇪 | socially awkward 90% of time

RT @DUALIPA: I love scrolling through my timeline... until I don’t

2019-04-24 02:51

HistPhil HistPhil

A blog on the history of philanthropy by @BenSoskis, @MaribelMorey1, and Stanley N. Katz, (

RT @Rhodri_H_Davies: A treat for fans of the history of philanthropic tax incentives.

(I'm definitely one, and I'm sure there are more of…

2019-04-24 02:51

MAC. The_Macccc

fuck a bio.

Got some really really good news yesterday. I’m excited. 🙏🏾❤️

2019-04-24 02:51

Ray H Phillyjudo

Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Philadelphia.

RT @brianklaas: Change in confidence in US president from Obama in 2016 to Trump in 2018 (Pew)

Germany: -76%
Sweden: -76%
France: -75%

2019-04-24 02:51

Sibrad Sibrad2

@JasnaBosna1 @178_lishf @minskeee @MoonRos @stuckwithafork @Immort4l_Legacy @yoni_yonder @JeanEngel777…

2019-04-24 02:51