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Dr Faith Uwadiae faith_uwadiae

Immunologist @TheCrick| Lover of all things B cell and Tfh related 😍|Working on Malaria| Huge advocate for promoting BME diversity in STEM|Always accepts 🍰

Today is one of those days where coffee is the only thing keeping me going. #sotired #coffeeismysaviour…

2019-04-26 21:11

TokenAnalyst thetokenanalyst

The definitive source for on-chain intelligence

RT @thetokenanalyst: What's interesting is that BTC inflows over a 24H period are up 623%. Is this someone bailing out Bitfinex? 🧐🧐

see mo…

2019-04-26 21:11

nicole 💚 🐍🐍 ahgasebam

”Without 7 members it’s not Got7. Its always gonna be 7. “ - Mark Tuan


2019-04-26 21:11

Joshua James James75Ola

Software Analyst.
🎷🎸🎹. FBPE steer clear off my tweeter page.

RT @mrjamesob: My favourite is probably the one who spent twenty minutes telling me that he'd been blacklisted by the BBC because his views…

2019-04-26 21:11

MaW (Morris C.) MaWdotMaW

Guitarist - Cat Person - Sound Asst. Film - Whisky please

@Sarah_Kendall A Tantrum of Solange

2019-04-26 21:11

tamsin🌞 TamsinDowie

sc~ tamsin_dowie153

RT @velvetgh0st: people are testing me today. truly TESTING.

2019-04-26 21:11

Strand On Beauty Strand0nBeauty

Beauty Blogger - London.


@divasdelite @davelackie @NinaWmakeup @YouSetTheBarre @Tearoze @NASheridan @LouiseOnAir @kerrylifeloves…

2019-04-26 21:11

Richard Simon #FBPE RSSkeptic

Skeptic. Socially and economically liberal. Science degree, working in finance. Tweet on religion, evidence based decision making, politics, business and travel

@ShirleyMadin1 @Olgachristie Well we agree then

2019-04-26 21:11

Piya Khanna #Remain 🇪🇺 #RevokeArticle50 #FBPE piyakhanna

All views my own, love Cricket, dogs, tigers, snow leopards, oceans, art, Arsenal, travelling & good food & wine. liberal Europhile

RT @peterwalker99: NEW: Tory MP Philip Davies to speak at a US “men’s rights” event alongside militant activists including a man who ran a…

2019-04-26 21:11

Georgie GeorgieD_X

Joe Joe ❤️ | email: | Instagram: georgiesmakeup_x (link below)

So. Much. Makeup. 🤤🥰😍 @ColourPopCo

2019-04-26 21:11

Brenda BrenSumner

I love the beach 🍹😎⛱ 🥂
and a lover of all animals. 💙💙💙
Impeach the MF!!
I don't respond to DM's

RT @EdmondTanya: Tool...Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein offers staunch defense of Russia investigation, jabs Obama administration

2019-04-26 21:11

Philipp Rode PhilippRode

Executive Director @LSECities, the London School of Economics and Political Science

If you build them, they will come: record year for cycle counters

2019-04-26 21:11


167cm 63kg Group B

@vatashiGam น่าสงสารเกิน

2019-04-26 21:11

azertinho azertinho_

je follow back

RT @SuperCazarre: Flash info : Jacques-Henri Heyraud réfléchirait à la possibilité de joncher la pelouse du Vélodrome d'obstacles afin de p…

2019-04-26 21:11

david james gradley ivygreen15

RT @davidkurten: What a load of hypocritical rubbish from the leader of CUK TIG. They want a second referendum to overturn democracy, but t…

2019-04-26 21:11

viv alonso vivalonso11

RT @EL4JC: You know what happened don’t you?

Margaret Thatcher lit a fire under this country and 30 years later David Cameron poured petr…

2019-04-26 21:11

Lyd 🖤 LydiaCristhina

move on ✌🏼

As vezes eu queria desver certas coisas, um desserviço total

2019-04-26 21:11

🦋 Mia mialdn_

RT @MoTheComedian: Had a few male friends ask me how I was doing mentally & I really appreciated it. Guys I know it’s easy to hide behind t…

2019-04-26 21:11

Nina Ryder GeziWoman_

#VAW #womensrights #ChildMarriage #AnimalRights #SaveNHS #academicfreedom #pressfreedom #JC4PMNow #Secular #StandUp4HumanRights #SocialistSunday


2019-04-26 21:11

Tony Piper, Coach tonypiper

Executive, Transition and Transformation Coach, helping people achieve amazing things whether in the workplace or at the gym.

Despite hours of research and numerous experiments I still haven't been able to figure out how to tweet video witho…

2019-04-26 21:11

Ivan Iosevich normanpedley

Chelsea Socialist.

RT @upthebrude: The richest 10% are responsible for HALF the world’s carbon emissions. The overpopulation myth is eugenicist, colonial bull…

2019-04-26 21:11

Horizons d'Islam Horizons_Islam

Une émission qui aborde l’ensemble des concepts clefs permettant de comprendre l'#Islam en répondant à l'amalgame souvent causé par la press et les médias.

RT @MTAfrancais: L'Histoire des Prophètes | Le Prophète Noé (Partie 1).
L'intégralité de la vidéo disponible sur notre chaîne YouTube: http…

2019-04-26 21:11


A jumped-up pantry boy who never knew his place. Award-winning author of London Triptych. Foreign.

@GarthGreenwell Thanks, Garth x

2019-04-26 21:11

- _lovefromS

H A I R V I R G I N I T Y | hair Connoisseur | Aspiring psychologist | Psalm 18:2.

I’m going to be this boys manager, he’s so talented 💸

2019-04-26 21:11

Stephen Cox #RevokeA50 Stevecox7

Remainer Writer Holiday letting Science Christian and Medical interest🇪🇺🇬🇧

RT @mrjamesob: Remainers: don’t panic about European elections. Just participating is a win | Jonathan Lis

2019-04-26 21:11

Fotis Filippou Fotis_Filippou

Campaigns Director for Europe at @amnesty || Passionate about human rights, activism, photography || Pronouns: he/him

The blanket ban on #LGBTI events in Ankara has been ruled unlawful, but students at one of Turkey’s most prestigiou…

2019-04-26 21:11

BestSmirkingNationalist⭐️⭐️⭐️ deejjj234

#MAGA 🇺🇸 #Obamagate Hussein is Taqiyya personified😡. IN GOD WE TRUST 🙏. GRATEFUL Patriot, RN. Love our Military and Veterans, I support LEOs and FFs ❤️🇺🇸

RT @PrisonPlanet: Shocking language from Lennon. We need to take back all his accolades. Also there's statues of him in Liverpool which nee…

2019-04-26 21:11

Shawn Graham electricarchaeo

Digital Archaeologist. Editor of Epoiesen, A Journal For Creative Engagement in History and Archaeology 1/3 of

RT @respros: There is no day that can't be improved by seeing pictures of how they weigh an owl.

2019-04-26 21:11

Gary GaryTheCat2k17

RT @CharitySANE: Stress, anxiety and depression account for more than half of all workplace absence, so it’s essential employers find pract…

2019-04-26 21:11

laura laurareisdorfer

please kill me today

mais burro que esse presidente impossível puta merda

2019-04-26 21:11

itshyunee._ Miss_Pendeks

RT @ExoKingsEternal: @billboard @weareoneEXO We're so proud of him he works so hard and he is an absolute star!!!
#BBMAsTopSocial EXO @wear…

2019-04-26 21:11

the she-devil stephparadise_

20 | been that bitch, still that bitch

good afternoon, hope everyone has a good day💜

2019-04-26 21:11

Study of Parliament Group StudyofParl

The Study of Parliament Group aims to advance the study and public education of Parliament and other parliamentary institutions. RT ≠ endorsement

RT @FranklinDVrieze: At today's expert seminar on Post-Legislative Scrutiny (PLS), @thomascaygill brilliantly explains how the UK Parliamen…

2019-04-26 21:11

Declan Declanrooney88

This is TOTS. Nobody dare dispute me.

2019-04-26 21:11

West robert🇷🇼 westr0bert

🇷🇼 like to Tweets Funny Videos#
and retweets them as well🇷🇼

follow me I will follow you back it's an order not a request ## it's a win win.🇷🇼

RT @ChelseaFC: You know what happens when @didierdrogba and Super Frank Lampard combine against Man Utd... 👌

2019-04-26 21:11

💥🦄ika🦄💥 TeeP28Larry

Up all night 💙💚

RT @babybluelouiswt: New day, new votes! I can see it really will be difficult, but what we are doing is already enough for sure


2019-04-26 21:11

Oreoluwatomisin oreoluwatimosin

executive caterer
private chefff
Abuja Lagos Ibadan....
child and women advocacy
lawyer $
sings too

RT @betty_nwabunike: Urgent free weight loss
Ketogreenb under the sponsorship of #BettyNwaforyouth is offering 10 spaces for free on whats…

2019-04-26 21:11

TokenAnalyst thetokenanalyst

The definitive source for on-chain intelligence

RT @thetokenanalyst: @bitfinex BTC flows tell a slightly different story. There is a 23K BTC ($118M) deficit between outflows and inflows t…

2019-04-26 21:11

Flimsy Cheesebox HollowayLindsay

Free speech defender, anti-identity politics and all things politically correct...

RT @tomhfh: Green Party: Stop Brexit! Look at these treasury forecasts that show predictions of a slightly lower rate of growth! That will…

2019-04-26 21:11

Eldi Apex Eldi_Apex

RT @GreenManGaming: GET OVER HERE and enter our Mortal Kombat 11 giveaway!

2019-04-26 21:11

Michael Rosen MichaelRosenYes

Writer,poet,performer,broadcaster, Professor Children's Literature, Goldsmiths,Univ London. I do school visits, gigs, conferences etc.See website for contact

@EoinColfer @ChrisEvans @Avengers @MarvelStudios @DisneyStudiosIE You lovely old fraud. Have a great day, Eoin!

2019-04-26 21:11

Carol McCullough Imonlyslightly

CKD, transplant 30yrs, Wilson’s & 3 inflammatory diseases #RareDisease #mulitmorbidity soc.pol/cultural change & equality of opportunity 4 outside the box pats.

RT @CancerMum: @jjameswalk @mattedgar @ingridbrindle @bruceelliottuk @_1aura @annalise2406 @RoyLilley @amirhannan @MedicineGovSte @NHSCCIO…

2019-04-26 21:11

DCoi davcoia

Scottish. indy. socialist. atheist. humanist.

RT @JamesKerLindsay: This is a nonsense story @Telegraph. There is absolutely no question that the #EU would permit an independent #Scotlan…

2019-04-26 21:11

Minu❀ Minuschi

Vegetarian/Vegan TWIHARD ❥TWILIGHT❥ K. STEWART - R. PATTINSON - animals - BOOKS - photography - cinema - travel - music - art- L❤︎ve stories

RT @TheSTStyle: THIS SUNDAY: #RobertPattinson talks Hollywood privacy, Trump tweets and shaking off the R-Patz label. It's our first interi…

2019-04-26 21:11

` Q Q_cupid

; ชื่อวงการQ •travel addiction•workaholics•coffee x books • movies•LGBTQ•ห้ามแคปทวิตลงเพจ•ติ่งเยอะ•ต้องกินต้องใช้ ✨#รีวิวQP #พร้อมส่งQP 🏹 ติดต่องานDM 💌⚡️


2019-04-26 21:11

Crinkle Speaks BMEPsychoChris

Passionate about:
- Positive Mental Health
- Equality
- Single & Relationship Issues
- Personal Empowerment
- Domestic & Sexual abuse
- Debate
- Anime

@Nat_King_Troll Patriarch

2019-04-26 21:11

Chloe ChloeKalfie25

☼ || nothing is impossible|| ☼ Bubbly, down to earth, fun and love going on adventures, runner🏃🏽‍♀️dog lover🐶,travel lover✈️family❤️

RT @GoTickety: 🚨🚨4 DAYS TO GO!! 🚨🚨 Don't miss out on the chance for you and 3 friends to MEET @ollyofficial @theo2 get VIP 🎫 , travel, 🏨 @R…

2019-04-26 21:11

╚ 【▲Little▲】╝ BiiwPsLee

\1995/ I like Heenim .
Super junior
One direction
Avril Lavigne
ซีรีย์จีน ตามอารมณ์ !!!!

RT @Q_cupid: Sherlock เวอร์พี่เบนน่ะ ให้บอกกี่ทีมันคือซีรีส์ปราบเซียน แม้แต่คนอังกฤษยังฟังไม่ทัน คิดจะฝึกภาษาด้วยเรื่องนี้หรอ หนีไป หนีไป!…

2019-04-26 21:11

Lee 'Budgie' Barnett budgie

Wanderer & Wonderer || Writer || A Life In Pictures [Dec 2018 Update]: || Prefers ‘budgie’ to ‘lee’, to be honest…

RT @pmdfoster: Bizarre way to tout for a job running a government.

‘No deal’ is by definition non-Government - as a precursor to a deal,…

2019-04-26 21:11

Dan English DanDEnglish

Freelance Journalist formerly @NewsShopperSprt. Do bits for @NonLeaguePaper. Kent and London theatre critic @thereviewshub. Views mine not RTs.


2019-04-26 21:11

peter ripley#StandUp4Brexit pripley2426

RT @BreitbartLondon: Farage Glad Anti-Brexit Lord Adonis Standing in EU Election: ‘He Represents Everything People Hate About System’ https…

2019-04-26 21:11

gaby 𐋀 dreamersegv

α rσσм ωiτнσυτ вσσкs is ℓiкє α вσ∂y ωiτнσυτ α sσυℓ

bom dia

2019-04-26 21:11

Savina Petkova SavinaPetkova

🐕🦞🦌🐇 // PhD Candidate in Yorgos Lanthimos @kingsfilm // words for @EG_Magazine @photogenie_be @NotebookMUBI

Watch some Dan Sallitt and you will believe in the existence of a soul. I wrote about the four loves in his films a…

2019-04-26 21:11

oogi🥔 South_Dakota555



2019-04-26 21:11

Peter Donelan PeterDonelan1

Health comms, former journalist, amateur cricketer, Fulham and non-league football fan. Views are my own.

RT @thelondonclinic: For people with #Parkinsons disease, #DeepBrainStimulation (DBS) can be life changing. Our consultants, Mr Erlick Pere…

2019-04-26 21:11

Jonah 🇮🇱 3800/70 yoni_yonder

Third Generation Palestinian #Zionist. Am Yisrael Chai 🇮🇱.

@reactiveIntent @themiamivoice @shin_thirteen @Michael__Baskin @Carlos_Can_Do @Sibrad2 @Rae97189446 @philip544…

2019-04-26 21:11

LOTTE lotpot3

A london girl who just likes a peaceful but exciting life. Mum to 3 lively boys.

@TUIUK We had the best time there last summer!

2019-04-26 21:11

Joon Kim lj3394

22, Graduate in Landscape Architecture. Half Korean/half Spanish

RT @SpursOfficial: 🇰🇷 📐An all-angles Sonny special against this weekend's opponents.


2019-04-26 21:11

SLAPSTIK kaeshour

artha-sAMkhyakAsmi. agre bhautikIvid. kautukito bhASye/saMskRte. arocakI trita-vaishviko Whig iti. kAshmIrajo landanasthaH, dvayoshca pitA.

@BurntOutCase @omarali50 @cybertosser @teasri @AmericanIndic @VishalGanesan Most Indian origin people (even Mauriti…

2019-04-26 21:11

k-man Phoeniciankeith

RT @PeterStefanovi2: If BBC1 is going to report the shocking rise in knife crime in England & Wales without mentioning little facts like 21…

2019-04-26 21:11

nass n_khalee

RT @xronnieanna: uhmm @ASOS ..think you forgot to edit those clips out

2019-04-26 21:11

Jeremiah Green ✝️ Yirmayah1_5

RT @PrisonPlanet: "Easter worshippers" become 'Christians' again when they can be portrayed in a negative light. Amazing turnaround! https:…

2019-04-26 21:11

Pro Communist Pro_Communists

We will achieve our goal of worldwide communism through the environmental and conservation agenda!

The "Endangered Species Act" was the first step to take away individual property rights from citizens. Conservationism works! #Tweet4Taiji

2019-04-26 21:11

Prince George PrinceHRHGeorge

King taste tester for @SvenRoyalChef 👨‍🍳 Leader of the #NoGreen food movement 🤢Brother to @PrincessHRHChar👸 & @PrinceHRHLouis👶 I Do NOT Direct Message 🚫 PARODY😊

7/42 Playful #Facts About #Toys - The best-selling toy of all time is the Rubik’s Cube: more than 350 million of th…

2019-04-26 21:11

m 🥀 mxriyaxox


RT @1OGH_: When it’s time to study i do anything but study like why 😪

2019-04-26 21:11

Elinaz Elinaz16912678

RT @Proud_of_oneD_: شایط من:
باید درس بخونی چون امتحان داری..
باید برای لو ووت بدی...
انتخاب من:
#BBMAsTopSocial Louis Toml…

2019-04-26 21:11

YChahed YChahed

Professionally curious. Research and teaching excellence in accounting. Passionate about technology.

The digital revolution is disrupting entire industries. Are you ready for the future?

2019-04-26 21:11

n NotesGG


2019-04-26 21:11

Katie Smith-Wong Guitargalchina

Sub-editor, @theOAFFC member and British-born Chinese film writer for @flickfeast and @denofgeek. Dreams of revolution of female film journos.

One for the squad @filmvsbook?

2019-04-26 21:11

Ian Pollock mrpolll

socialist and ex Labour Party member who thought Corbyn was the answer, how wrong was I. craft beer and gin enthusiast lover of all things ironic. pro E.U.

RT @FlipChartRick: This is the face of Brexit: a red-faced old man, shouting and throwing a tantrum when someone challenges him with facts.…

2019-04-26 21:11

Ziya Meral Ziya_Meral

A researcher with a focus on Turkey, Middle East, UK defence, security, conflict, and religion issues.. Tweets, views expressed are personal

RT @britishfuture: New proposals to boost UK universities by attracting more international students, as @JoJohnsonUK @PaulBlomfieldMP table…

2019-04-26 21:11

Violette violettet_

RT @ankahajkova: If you want to know more about Margot and my work on queer history of the Holocaust, listen to the @PRESAGEgenre podcast b…

2019-04-26 21:11

🇸 🇦🇳🇹 🇴 🇸 🇭 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵 Ghimire__

#मेकानीकल_इन्जिनियर bf हुने हरुले नफलम 😂😂😂

@Shaktinyoupane 😂 दाजु यो तपाइको पुरानो होटल हैन र 😂😂

2019-04-26 21:11

Blackazette caylenwilcox

Carpe Diem

@JustStan15 @BronkNick @lostprxphet Need this tweet tattooed

2019-04-26 21:11

not your average guycalledting

LFC n Mma 🦅 The Eagle has landed 🦅

@TonyBellew Few too many blows to the head perhaps 😱🕺🤷‍♂️

2019-04-26 21:11

margot mägi margotandyoga

Yoga teacher. Child of the Sun from the Northern territory. Firey as a dragon. Calm as Earth. Student of Ashtanga. Fan of Yin. Often climbing mountains.

🌴🌱🌾🌴Year was then 2015 and I got to hang out with all the wild things in the jungle.


Today is Kings Night here…

2019-04-26 21:11

ann ogbomo annogbomo

Actor. Jayna Zod #Krypton

RT @MoTheComedian: Had a few male friends ask me how I was doing mentally & I really appreciated it. Guys I know it’s easy to hide behind t…

2019-04-26 21:11

Dids Macdonald OBE DidsMacdonald

CEO-Anti Copying in Design-ACID, VC, Alliance for IP, Sen Warden- Furniture Makers Company-IP a positive force to support growth+job certainty All views my own!

RT @johnmathers2: Delighted to be one of the judges for the 2019 Design Intelligence Award. As such, I get to nominate up to ten of the bes…

2019-04-26 21:11

Southwark Greens 💚 SouthwarkGP

Southwark Green Party campaigns for social and environmental justice in Southwark.
Promoted by Peter Hamilton c/o 10 Rennie Court, 50 Upper Ground, SE1 9LP.

@cycleoptic @seanlondonandon @CarolineRussell Yes, they are fast chargers.
Not the answer to everything but a bette…

2019-04-26 21:11