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Muh Battle Rifles 👌🐸🐒🥛 BattleMuh

#MAGA Libertarian, #FreeSpeech Extremist, Recovering Drunkard, 8-Track Tape Enthusiast.
Blocked by @Cernovich. Send Antifa & the Pedos to Gitmo!

RT @PrisonPlanet: EXCLUSIVE: PayPal has BANNED Infowars, citing "intolerance" and "hate".

What's next?

Conservatives not allowed to have…

2018-09-22 02:50

معمر الخضيري، tX5CrrCxzI2meBe

RT @HerbertRSim: With @dahongfei, founder of @NEO_Blockchain, a blockchain platform for distributed apps.

#Bitcoin #BTC #Ethereum #ETH #Cr…

2018-09-22 02:50

Hilary Steele #FBPE MetalMummy37

parental, professional and governance driven interest in education; citizen driven interest in politics; faith driven interest in Jesus

RT @campbellclaret: Triangulating between a hopeless divided failing government and an EU which has been clear throughout seems weird to me…

2018-09-22 02:50

Queen. Covochi_x

~RIP My Angel Shereka. ❤️ Insta: Covochi_x

RT @Lzison: So shes never walked a day in her life & after 6 steps she starts behaving like Usain Bolt? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

2018-09-22 02:50

Ivy Ngeow ivyngeow

Architect. Award-winning author. "Cry of the Flying Rhino" “Heart of Glass" No DMs.

It’s time for my Rosé and for #fridayfeeling! She’s been living in an uptown world. #piano #music #playingbyear

2018-09-22 02:50

8:10:18 nieceynaje313

mom: @NICKIMINAJ | dad: @Eminem | rap enthusiast | #PushYaPen

RT @ShevyCreighton: How can @TsMadisonatl1 ask @NICKIMINAJ does your wig come off when you’re giving that good good and Nicki said with her…

2018-09-22 02:50

ODB Edward_gee313

22 / Detroit / Edinburg

RT @Unkle_K: How I walk in the room before I give her the best 3 minutes and 38 seconds of her life

2018-09-22 02:50

Michael Scarlet W [LCC]⚡ ScarletLCC

"Scarlet" - Design Lead, Liason Lead at @LitecoinFork
Twitch Affiliate Streamer: Cryptocurrency fan :D

@SeanLEE305 @LitecoinCash so please send both

2018-09-22 02:50

Matt Wigg Ops_MatW

Greater London @mindbluelight Rep. Detective with @metpoliceuk formally @essexpoliceUK On Twitter to raise awareness. #ourbluelight Views are my own.

Learnt about this today. Sounds very interesting.

2018-09-22 02:50

ِ 75axi

" أذكر الله في راحتك .. ليذكرك في حاجتك "

بسوي نفسي غبيه و م شفت شي وانام😂🚶🏻‍♂️

2018-09-22 02:50

H E L E N A Cherry_Brinks

Jovem pra ser velha e velha pra ser jovem

RT @DUALIPA: #EleNão !!!!!

2018-09-22 02:50

Dj Tony C DjTonyCLondon

Koollondon Saturdays 7-9am Early Morning Breakfast Club - Instagram: DjTony_C

@DjEpisode_ @mikeeshy Oh your Surrey like me, Mikeeshy is the kent boi.. 👌 I’m right on the borders

2018-09-22 02:50

Lucas Lemotlo LucasLemotlo

If my tweets make you uncomfortable or feel challenged then my job is done. Disclaimer: retweets don't imply endorsement.

RT @TheEconomist: Women are banned from certain jobs in 104 countries. These are some of the most surprising

2018-09-22 02:50

Fiona Doyle 🇪🇺 fiona_doyle

Visual Artist, Founder and Editor at Follow @theartiscape on twitter

@Lawrence @JeffFlake @lisamurkowski @SenatorCollins They obviously feel they don’t need woman’s votes in the midter…

2018-09-22 02:50

Larissa 🇧🇷 larySiqueiras

Making every possible mistake

RT @DUALIPA: #EleNão !!!!!

2018-09-22 02:50

IDIOT ouiixx


RT @impeachii: เงินซื้อได้ทุกอย่าง ถ้ามากพอ 🙃

2018-09-22 02:50

Gabriel Vital gabsvital

Jornalista, projeto de professor, ataco de DJ, modelo e atriz

RT @DUALIPA: #EleNão !!!!!

2018-09-22 02:50

Sumeet Bellara SumeetBellara

Materials Scientist, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Artist

@MattOswaltVA Hey...its the Brexit bus

2018-09-22 02:50

Kathryn Dean #FBPE #StopBrexit #WithEUinSpirit Kathryn64240316

Addicted to tea. Bits falling off.

RT @mrjamesob: A thousand times this. Cynical attempts to portray obvious inevitability as EU intractability are already being attempted b…

2018-09-22 02:50

#AlwaysFollowBack ElrichBagoe

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this account do not necessarily reflect those of the account holder. Q & A allowed via DM.

RT @TheEconomist: Women are banned from certain jobs in 104 countries. These are some of the most surprising

2018-09-22 02:50

Луис ⭐️⭐️ LVivess

16 ans | Insta:lvivess 📸| Snap:Mr_Vives | Paris Saint Germain | ⭐️⭐️

RT @SuperCazarre: Y'a des moments dans la vie où t'as beau insister, ça rentrera pas...

2018-09-22 02:50

James Price jamespageactor

RT @oliviapienaar: This one time my sister slept in the hallway because she said me and my other sister weren't respecting her enough and t…

2018-09-22 02:50

thumper🤤. 🖕🏽 Lickchyhoe

I ain’t clearing shit up but my skin. 😊 bitch #freebammbamm 💔 , take risk and prosper 😘

RT @1Hakz_: you ever lied to someone about wya.. now you can’t even post on snapchat😩🤣

2018-09-22 02:50

kirii. oddfuckingkiri


RT @Perfection7: John Lewis are letting you do pick n mix for your Quality Street box.. Yooo that's a Game Changer 😁

2018-09-22 02:50

Blodders 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🐑 MrsBlodwen

Been here a year, time for a makeover. It will be ready when it’s ready - now sod off and leave me alone

RT @JuliaHB1: Still loving this.

2018-09-22 02:50

Monaé meenamonae

23|creator of @musestudios_|animeaddict|IG:meenamonae|the universe responds to the vibrations you are creating 🇩🇲

RT @mxmsworld: These men wouldn’t take birth control and you are out here every month pumping yourself with artificial hormones for the sak…

2018-09-22 02:50

Kaarina kaarina_ks

Human rights, equality, open-mind. ''Nobody's free until everybody's free.'' #Glambert #Unstoppable. #SnowFairy #saaraaalto #Sunflower . ❤️💚💜 IG kaarina.ks

RT @Daily_Star: We can't wait for @saaraaalto to kick off her tour !

2018-09-22 02:50

Tolu Somolu tolusomolu

Christian | Lifestyle, Naturopathic, Herbal, Nutritional, Culinary & Dental Medicine | Medicinal Cannabis Advocate | Human Rights | Africa | Foodie | Weddings

RT @JonBenjamin19: Great photo of HM The Queen during her 1961 visit to Ghana, with President Kwame Nkrumah.

2018-09-22 02:50

Louise Füchs LouEstherFuchs

26. Newsroom Editor.

I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time since May... I thought the last time was June and now I’m even more disgraced with myself

2018-09-22 02:50

Martin Guest #FBPE martinjguest


RT @campbellclaret: It’s shown that it is sensible when they say the same thing again and again and again about the single market that they…

2018-09-22 02:50

#HateMeNowLuvMeLater SheldonWarren93

Check it out for yourself - !!

Let’s get it

2018-09-22 02:50

💤 zac_jf

emma rose skinny stan

how many times is this brain dead point gonna be recycled

2018-09-22 02:50

Australian Creampuff Tahlia_Write

I love:
Web series
Reading/writing Fanfics

loving the Negovanman friendship
Fellow Creampuff

I am such a Stiles fan #TeenWolf


RT @byWriterWriter: Writer's Dilemma #94


2018-09-22 02:50

Sergi Sorok sergisorok

Full Face Russian Army Military Gas Mask GP-9 new panoramic made 2018 year only | eBay

2018-09-22 02:50

Rhea ◟̽◞̽ _Rhea_Gupta_

XVI • Full time fan account, part time personal account •


2018-09-22 02:50

opi tersiaaa


RT @marcazette: Kodak, Carti and J Hus are the worst when it comes to dropping fire snippets and not releasing the songs until lightyears l…

2018-09-22 02:50

Rubén Ruiz-Rufino rruizrufino

Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics. Department of Political Economy. King's College London

@laiabalcells @travisbcurtice No. Outrageous!

2018-09-22 02:50


RT @SykoFantiS: 42.000.000 € σε λογαριασμό του Φρουζή.
Τι #novartis και μαλακίες . Άμα είσαι νοικοκύρης, δουλευταράς και κυρίως άριστος ε…

2018-09-22 02:50

Vicky vferrier

Guiding business people to become their own stories. Mother, writer, speaker, mentor, consultant, activist for better #leadership Co-creator of @clubmanifesto

RT @EternaPartners: Our partner @serraballs assesses the comms around @GoldmanSachs CEO succession:

2018-09-22 02:50

Dawn 🌹 Dawn74610192

labour member, working single mum of 3, tired and just a little crazy.. proud to share my birthday with the NHS!

@paddyashdown @HackettTom Your prediction would have been correct, but you made the mistake of thinking May is a wo…

2018-09-22 02:50

SoOryA💙💙 soorya_vfc


RT @kettavan_Memes: On One Year Of MERSAL Teaser.. We Made it to 1.1M Likes.. Special Thingggg Happen... Hope We do Bigger For #SARKAR Teas…

2018-09-22 02:50

Delboy twitta_fiend

what I gotta do to get a drink round here? Medium rare steak eater. Whisky & Film. I eat ass, allegedly. 🌈

RT @FinancialTimes: ‘Jacob Rees-Mogg you're right. You don't need to visit the border... you need to have lived here.’

Belfast-born actor…

2018-09-22 02:50

The_Happy_One iamjaybanks

Success Thriller in the making....laying the foundation for my Empire....Entrepreneur, CEO, Politician......CHELSEA,UNILAG...

RT @SkySportsPL: 🔘 The goalkeeping situation
🔘 Lift-off for Aubameyang?
🔘 Signs of progress

Jamie Redknapp gives his verdict on Arsenal's…

2018-09-22 02:50

The_Happy_One iamjaybanks

Success Thriller in the making....laying the foundation for my Empire....Entrepreneur, CEO, Politician......CHELSEA,UNILAG...

RT @Arsenal: The @alexiwobi and @Aubameyang7 combination tonight 🔥

Again Iwobi finds Aubameyang... but this time our No 14 volleys just ov…

2018-09-22 02:50

Katie Rose katierosewindow

I love singing and helping people sing! - Singer, Composer, Conductor, Writer

RT @LPChoir: We'll be at the @britishmuseum this evening from 6pm, singing for @PeaceDay #PeaceDay with @OneDayOneChoir. 🎶🌍🎶

2018-09-22 02:50

Mark Curry #FBPE TheRebelMC

A Hastings Rebel and back in my home town #remain

#FBPE Hastings is awesome but Brexit is not.

RT @campbellclaret: @montie Won a few arguments along the way. So did you June 2016. But now you’re losing it. Hence the ungodly bile and t…

2018-09-22 02:50

mackie abbey mackies_world

what it do boo|sc: mackies_world|uco cheer

RT @1Hakz_: i rather communicate than to just ignore someone bc nothing gets solved when you just ignore and don’t talk about what’s bother…

2018-09-22 02:50

Amir Khodabandeh Bay A_KhodabandehB

RT @sinavaliollah: این ویدئو که احمدی‌نژاد داره می‌ره موال و مردم دنبالش هجوم می‌برن به داخل موال هیچ ربطی به محبوبیت ایشون نداره،
اینا مر…

2018-09-22 02:50

Sally Ann Collins SallySacmbc2

RT @mrjamesob: The people with the strongest opinions about the EU have turned out to be the people who knew the least about it. Remarkably…

2018-09-22 02:50

KAVickers kathleenannvic1

UU deist; Progressive; many eclectic interests. Also, occasional rants due to my financial situation & Trump's welfare/medicaid agenda not getting along.

RT @streetartmagic: Saatchi Online Artist Marco Pece; Unknown, umbrella

2018-09-22 02:50

Lou & Steve louspanties2

Was @Loususedpanties 28,000 🇬🇧swinging couple into kinky fun and have sold panties to a select few

@mpjones1987 @BCumslut Hubby def likes it nice and short

2018-09-22 02:50

Ἀλεξάνδρα DefndrOfManknd

Creative soul - Christian - Spiritual warrior - Traveler - Animal lover - Strong desire to help others! - Not for my glory but for HIS.

@redletterpub 1 ? actually, I was always directed to Eph 2:8 "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith…

2018-09-22 02:50

#HousingFirst UK HousingFirstUK

Housing First UK - Connecting people for #HousingFirst (with support) #mentoring #counselling #mentalhealth - Together we can stop this #humanitarian crisis

RT @HousingFirstUK: @SocialistVoice @PeterStefanovi2 @streetskitchen @IscaSaboteur @mikecoulson48 @SloughOutreach @tomemurtha @GoogleExpert…

2018-09-22 02:50

ian cadman iancadman4

RT @PrisonPlanet: Big news coming soon. Another horrific precedent for free speech.

2018-09-22 02:50

KensingtonBarbers KensingtonBarbr

Kensington Barbers is a traditional barber shop which offers classic and contemporary haircuts with great service, value and prices.

Looking for a #Barber in #Kensington? Schedule your appointment today!

2018-09-22 02:50


Everything Black🖤Catch me by the ocean

These drivers take the most non logical route ever. Just dumb af

2018-09-22 02:50

Catarino〽 yochupamos

olá sou a Pipa e gosto duma boa crica

RT @DUALIPA: I just called to saaaaay I love youuuu

2018-09-22 02:50

Tommy Hotspur tommyhotspur24

🎸 Musician | 🎼 Film Composer | 🎚️ Producer | ⚽️ Spurs. This is my Spurs / Football related / *You’re correcting exploits only / 🤙 💯 Main @tom24hourmusic

@arsenalmatt1 @MirrorBreaking_ You’re 🙈

2018-09-22 02:50

ilkerof kaptanmagaradam


RT @b_forbravo: BURASI COK ONEMLI 😎

2018-09-22 02:50

The Breaking News thebrkg

Breaking news and features from the world. Follow us to receive all news.

At least 126 people are confirmed dead after a passenger ferry capsized in Tanzania, a government official says. Th…

2018-09-22 02:50


RT @Telegraph: .@asabenn: The EU's brutality to Theresa May is  turning Remainers into the hardest of Brexiteers

2018-09-22 02:50

TransitionMastering TransitionMast1

Audio Mastering for all formats ,We specialise in disc cutting

@touchmusic I'm also guilty of that one,But don't get me started on people using the term "Vinyls"

2018-09-22 02:50

ASiT ASiTofficial

The Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT) is a professional body and educational charity working to promote the highest standards in surgical training.

Future surgeon? Want FREE unrivalled careers advice, with tailor made 1on1 portfolio feedback and surgical intervie…

2018-09-22 02:50

florhunnid 2bool_flor

RIP Aileen ❤ Stay 🅱️razy in heaven

RT @1Hakz_: i rather communicate than to just ignore someone bc nothing gets solved when you just ignore and don’t talk about what’s bother…

2018-09-22 02:50

FlightRefunds Flight_Refunds

Flight disruption, delay or cancellation in last 6 yrs? Get upto £500 in refunds per person. Check your flight at and find out in secs.

@BramZnl no problem we can help anyone on our global site:

2018-09-22 02:50

Sebastian Troy 🌈🎃 00MadHatter

#FannibalFamily #AlwaysKeepFighting #WereAllMadHere #MadHatter #SomethingWickedThisWayComes

RT @Independent: Praying mantis seen hunting for fish in wild for first time ever

2018-09-22 02:50

𝚓𝚎𝚐𝚐𝚣 olaolu__

broke & antisocial..

@officialdavies No be do or die my guy.

2018-09-22 02:50

humanrightsforall ptws1969


RT @christopherhope: BREAKING Theresa May to make a statement on the Brexit negotiations at 1.45pm live on BBC News, Number 10 confirms

2018-09-22 02:50

🇦🇴🍫 kingsimbad_

People beef on Anon weak

2018-09-22 02:50

Shane Kirton ShaneForTheWin

One day, all my useless trivia knowledge will get me into the big leagues.

@ActuallyKurt Think at that point, probably just use cling film. Or a Bounty wrapper and some tape.

2018-09-22 02:50

CountessofLondonTown RLofLondonTown

British, ProBrexit, Right leaning

This is unbelievable

2018-09-22 02:50

A. Novais ANovaisUk


2018-09-22 02:50

Bounce Energy Balls BounceBallsUK

An amazingly convenient and tasty way to nourish your body, satisfy your hunger and boost your energy.

RT @LondonFashionWk: Overall highlights from #LFW with a packed schedule of the world’s most creative & innovative names in the fashion ind…

2018-09-22 02:50

The New Arab The_NewArab

News website bringing you the latest from the Middle East
(Formerly Al-Araby Al-Jadeed English)

Comment - “Crisis in #Yemen: America must end its weapons deliveries to Saudi Arabia“ writes I. K. Harb

2018-09-22 02:50

The Undertakers Tales DrPhilipSmyth

Irish famine film Black 47 wins over the critics

2018-09-22 02:50

Esienne Esien-oku Esienne

Steak Bites with Miso Ginger Dressing

2018-09-22 02:50

Monaé meenamonae

23|creator of @musestudios_|animeaddict|IG:meenamonae|the universe responds to the vibrations you are creating 🇩🇲


2018-09-22 02:50

Rezim Amburadul brigadeNkri


Ternyata haus jabatan ya sampai 11 jabatan aja masih kurang😂

2018-09-22 02:50

Johan C johanc77

RT @Fullers: It's time for another round... The #fullersandfriends collaboration is back for round two! Fuller's is thrilled to be working…

2018-09-22 02:50

ᴛᴇᴇɴɪᴇ ᴀᴍᴇʟɪᴀ met dnp Alone_Teenie

(fan account) ãløne weīrd humãn whø løves Phãn ãnd Tøp

#iimemories I met the most beautiful people in my life there
Thanks Dan and Phil for made us friends
Love my…

2018-09-22 02:50

Bev Mann Bevmedium

International Spiritual Medium & Tutor of psychic and mediumistic development.

#spiritual #mediumship #psychicmedium #clairvoyant #mediumshipreadings

2018-09-22 02:50

Laura I.Gallery lauraIgallery

Laura I. is an award winning contemporary art gallery inspired to promote cutting edge art and fascinate the public with their programmes.

Competition time..For a chance to win a spot in our exhibition apply here: 1

2018-09-22 02:50

abdul bari abari1979

RT @FinancialTimes: ‘Jacob Rees-Mogg you're right. You don't need to visit the border... you need to have lived here.’

Belfast-born actor…

2018-09-22 02:50

bunny ︽✵︽ redmistoquente

♡kpop girlgroups and comics♡ {15 yo, she}

RT @TheEconomist: Brazil is in desperate need of reform, but Jair Bolsonaro would make a disastrous president. Our cover this week https://…

2018-09-22 02:50

Reggy Alex™️ kingreggy_

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀Unapologetic Christian ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ The watcher ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ IG: beingreggy

RT @PGeeman: 18. Some men see women as trophies or sex objects while some women see men as ATMs. People who think like that need reprogramm…

2018-09-22 02:50

Daniel Bogado danielbogado

I make documentaries.

@TheOnion Genius

2018-09-22 02:50

Lisa Danielle LisaDanielle123

garlic slut

RT @danieloluwatobi: “A friend tweets about their art or business”


2018-09-22 02:50

RitaMeterMaid Annie_Is_Not_OK

RT @JolyonMaugham: THREAD. In a case in which I am a petitioner, Scotland’s Highest Court earlier today agreed to refer to the Court of Jus…

2018-09-22 02:50

ClearlySo ClearlySo

Europe's leading impact investment bank. Capital raising & advisory. #impinv #investors #startups #funds Sign up to our newsletter:

Did you know, ClearlySo produces a newsletter to help you stay up-to-date with the latest #impinv news and views?…

2018-09-22 02:50

Adam Nathan adamdnathan

30 year old chef/caterer. Spurs, Seahawks and Saracens

@NathanE11 Fair, but there’s tough to come to terms with, and then there’s quote tweeting to rally the troops in su…

2018-09-22 02:50 bambinikid

Designer Kids Boutique!, New Born - Age 16, very large babies selection Including Oilily, Kenzo,Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith, and more....

@EssexEventHire @StockBrookClub Brilliant decorations and props for every occasion big or small to liven up your party #bigfatgreekpary

2018-09-22 02:50

Bella #NHSLove sinstefan

Joined twitter to support #Batb. Since it sadly ended, back to reading books & dedicating my time on important world issues, human rights & holistic lifestyle🌹

2018-09-22 02:50

Moonbeam MoonbeanCN

伊人无所寄 面壁独吹箫

RT @nature: S. Alexander Haslam enjoys a new book on the remarkable women who founded an enormously successful empire from a highly suspect…

2018-09-22 02:50

killah xxnorriz

+65 // in love w harith fitri

RT @nisarsenal15: If he isn’t my Jodoh please show me signs that he isn’t. I’m tired of feeling insecure. I’m tired of crying. I’m tired of…

2018-09-22 02:50

GiantIronMonstery swipecentral

Sometimes, when it is quiet and calm, you can hear people whispering and muttering, building castles in their fragile worlds, hurling monsters into the chasm.

RT @TheEconomist: Firms like YouTube and Facebook are at risk of becoming “ministries of truth”–arbiters of what billions of people do and…

2018-09-22 02:50

Natalia Falah nataliafalah

• RCN TV - NTN24 🇨🇴 Politóloga e Internacionalista, ejerzo como periodista. • Directora “América Se Entera” - RCN TV Internacional | Presentadora Política

RT @TheEconomist: Women are banned from certain jobs in 104 countries. These are some of the most surprising

2018-09-22 02:50

Robin Ghijsels HanzHerdinand



2018-09-22 02:50

sydney watkins sydneyjwatkins


RT @NME: In fantastic new album ‘Iridescence’, @brckhmptn find their own truthful rebirth. And, regrouped and renewed, they're not going an…

2018-09-22 02:50

sARAAA🌘 I DONT EVEN CARE ||-// saraiskindasad

im boring but im part of clique so ye dm me if ur bored or want to talk bout something 🔆

RT @catharxis_: in conclusion, tonight half the clique realised tyler is an actual human, also that he knows stan twitter language, ask jor…

2018-09-22 02:50

Haise Sasaki HaisE_Sasakl

Youtube and twitch streamer! Always look for sponsors!

RT @JakubTweets: If we get 750 retweets ill give away 100 keys.
Testing if yall can do it :)

But for now heres one :)

To enter
RT + Follo…

2018-09-22 02:50