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César Vásquez Cesar_Balac

Redescubriendo con mi hijo aquella época donde vivir es soñar. PUCP. Aliancista toda la vida.

RT @bbcmundo: "Mis hijos no saben lo que pasó. Piensan que tuve un accidente. Es difícil para ellos. No sé cómo se lo explicaré", dijo Marg…

2018-11-17 22:18

Adem kidinlove1

I’m the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe

RT @DUALIPA: no but I do say shakira shakira

2018-11-17 22:18

Russ Shaw RussShaw1

Founder @TechLondonAdv @GlobalTechAdv @LDNTechWeek Advisor: @E2Exchange, @Founders4Schools, @GrowthEnabler, @teentechevent, @ewModernMuse, @DCMS-#digitalskills

RT @VonageUK: And... It’s Saturday! If you are a #smallbiz don’t forget to say hi to @SmallBizSatUK bus tour. They may be in your city! htt…

2018-11-17 22:18

Grainne Ferris GrainneFerris

Advocates for honesty, transparency & accountability. Human rights campaigner.

RT @DaysofPalestine: Friends in Ethnic Cleansing: Myanmar and Israel have signed an education deal to rewrite history

2018-11-17 22:18

emilia z. plusgrader_

she/her | 18 | art student | they call me the nondescript european | |

RT @itsangelaa_xo: i think this is such bs. throughout your whole life there will be people who have more money than you and people who hav…

2018-11-17 22:18

Tactical Things Tactical_Things

Sometime R&D Engineer, Soldier, Politician, Entrepreneur. Analyses the news and highlights mainstream media propaganda and disinformation affecting our world.

RT @alexwickham: How the "Burger Club" bottled it. Raab, Gove, Hunt, Saj and Cox have been meeting for weeks to discuss gripes. 10 minister…

2018-11-17 22:18

CityFXbroker 👩🏻‍💻 iversue

I help👩🏻‍💻comps&ppl handle their FX💶💴💵💷Forward Hedging➕💳 I love fashion,food,art and NEWTECH!#data #btc #AI #citywomen #friendly #lifestyle #biz😎

#WG What the heck is an aura, and what do all the pretty colors mean?

2018-11-17 22:18

Ann annmom24

RT @holysmoke: The new US @CatholicHerald is watching this very closely, @Bishopoftyler. It hears your courageous voice – and plain lies fr…

2018-11-17 22:18

sv svsamee

RT @ArsenaIEditor: Heard it here first 🤷🏿‍♂️

2018-11-17 22:18

Buks🌙✨ i_bukkzxx

• @wethehouseparty ✨ • @MDMflow💄

RT @KirzArt: I am now a published author 😭 and my book launch event was so amazing. I was overwhelmed with the support and love I received.…

2018-11-17 22:18

Abdul A Hafezi aahafezi

Solicitor 86 call

@BarristerSecret I advise all young lawyers to join tweeter for those reasons

2018-11-17 22:18

roman scipa 🇨🇿 RomanScipa

RT @AlexKokcharov: A video to start your weekend: a young woman in #Moscow, #Russia, travelling on the underground with her pet fox


2018-11-17 22:18

زوجة يد جونغكوك 🌚🔥 jungkok58

RT @guardian: BTS should apologise to Japan and Nazi victims, says rabbi

2018-11-17 22:18

Robert Robert_Mithril

You All Look the Same to Me

RT @streetartmagic: Amazing Pain Art

2018-11-17 22:18

23 Savage Foli23

Since Ross killed Baby, I’m the number 1 stunna

RT @historylvrsclub: The cast of Pulp Fiction at Cannes Film Festival, 1994.

2018-11-17 22:18

frances gates francesgates54

RT @rebecca_vincent: Completely unacceptable! Despite a court ruling on 8 Sept sentencing @ShawkanZeid to 5 years in prison (time he's alre…

2018-11-17 22:18

Claudia Brücken ClaudiaBrucken1

Claudia Brücken and Jerome Froese “Beginn” – beginning soon…

getting ready for Birmingham…

2018-11-17 22:18

Food Lovers First FoodLoversFirst

We are an online retailer of fine French groceries and other French products

We are passionate about providing you with a wide range of fresh, chilled and frozen foods.

2018-11-17 22:18

PrayerWarrior NurseMalinda

#Christian, Wife, #Nurse, #Prolife, #2A, #Trump, #MAGA, #Back the Blue ,#Pro Military, Wife of a Friend of Bill W., #CCOT

RT @ROYALMRBADNEWS: remember the pilots who got a visit from we are NOT alone?

we don't know why msm are being allowed to report about the…

2018-11-17 22:18

Tagmata GWTagmata

The one and only Coneman. Competitive Rocket League Player. Once Ranked #1 In 1v1s. Freelance Tournament Admin.

@SwitchJamie Ew. Skype. Regardless, happy birthday man!

2018-11-17 22:18

Brian🇬🇧#StandUp4Brexit. Samuel51

If you swear you will be blocked. Proud white Methodist. Family first. Pro Israel. Originally remainer until grandkids educated me. All lists will be deleted.

RT @toadmeister: @StevePeers I accept responsibility for many things, but not the outcome of the Brexit negotiation. It seems extraordinary…

2018-11-17 22:18

Tex G #GTTO TexG11

RT @OwenJones84: During the local elections this MP wrote an article for the Murdoch press denouncing Labour’s plans for public ownership o…

2018-11-17 22:18

Steve Pocock spacedapenguin

Looking up at stars,to look back at Earth:Our only home:#PaleBlueDot. Community Campaign Coordinator for @LondonNPC.Co-founder of @TreeTalkUK & @WildHomesLondon

Thousands gather to block London bridges in climate rebellion

2018-11-17 22:18

Sharpe Actuary Sharpe_Actuary

Actuary, statistician, risk management. James Sharpe

“Brexit is the cancer of not just the Tory party but the country”

2018-11-17 22:18

ian johnsen johnophonic

representative to music-related content creators at @30centuryMGMT . buffalo wings / Sisters Of Mercy / Scott Walker / Star Wars .

RT @HackneyAbbott: Amber Rudd says Universal Credit has “transformed lives”in her Hastings constituency. Certainly has. Food bank use has g…

2018-11-17 22:18

WomenEd_Tech WomenEd_Tech

EdTech50'18 Connecting existing + aspiring women leaders in EdTech. Part of @womened Contacts @julesdaulby @neelamaparmar1 @KirstyTonksSCA @rondelle10_b

RT @NatalieNezhati: @TheABB @JulesDaulby @ViviennePorritt @Ed_Dorrell @FlexTeachTalent @SharedHeadship @EdspaceHoxton @LKMcoHQ Agreed. Plus…

2018-11-17 22:18

El Guapo AdzBoogie

RT @Monz_GoodFood: Not dealing with your emotions will lead to a break down eventually

2018-11-17 22:18

Блог о Диабете® Blogodiabete

Блог о Диабете, в живой и общедоступной форме рассказывает о таком страшном заболевании, как сахарный #диабет.

RT @davidschneider: Congratulations, Tories. This is quite a report:
14 million live in poverty
1.5 million are destitute
Child poverty may…

2018-11-17 22:18

جابر kn2wktTIxk19Au0

RT @CassoBlax: There’s no point telling people what’s wrong when they don’t actually care, they just want to be nosey and use it as gossip…

2018-11-17 22:18

Chistro Torrss K1ng_Kyza

Official Sponsor By @BossBoxes 😈 use code "KYZA" for a discount

RT @MkaayVII: This just came in 🔥🔥 @Nadeshot @100Thieves

2018-11-17 22:18

StrongAnimal alex123alex14

Twitch/YouTube streamer
Armored warfare

ПРОЕКТ АРМАТА T14 ARMATA Lost Island: via @YouTube

2018-11-17 22:18

Kirsty Latoya KirzArt

Tall girl with big dreams. Illustrator, Poet and Published Author | As seen on @BBC @ITV @HuffPostUK @BuzzFeed | IG: @KirzArt /

RT @KirzArt: Reflections of Me and is an art and poetry book which centres around mental health, positive body image empowerment and pro-ac…

2018-11-17 22:18

Lisa Bridge LisaBridge123

✨ Actor | Singer | Fool ✨ Girlfriends In Concert @LMTOrch 2nd & 3rd Nov | @OFAHMusical from 9th Feb | Representation: @BolandAndReeve

@JoelyBarbour @PPAcademyUK - I’m not sure how wise I am! 😝 Very happy to have helped you though, talented lady 🤩🙌 catch up again soon x

2018-11-17 22:18

Saqib Shah eightiethmnt

Freelance tech and culture writer. Off-duty film buff. Bylines @engadget, @DigitalTrends, @NewStatesman, @TheSunTech.

This is what happens when the world's biggest movie studio also happens to own a bunch of theme parks – film franch…

2018-11-17 22:18

يونس yunusderyal

خَسِرَ الدُّنْيَا وَاْلاٰخِرَةَ

RT @bbcturkce: 1971 yılına ait, internette ilk kez yayımlanan TV programında İstanbul'daki bir çocuğun odası: Doğan Kardeş dergisi, oyuncak…

2018-11-17 22:18

The Bald Coder billyfisherman

London based game coder. Science lover. Brexit hater.

@britcit @PeteNorth303 @LeaveHQ I havent? But you just have.

2018-11-17 22:18

PDJ Barrett simplypjb

i'm the typical single mom/career woman/ multi-tasker extroidinaire

RT @DailyMirror: ,@rickygervais leads stars' battle to save white lion set to be shot by hunters

2018-11-17 22:18

Fabrice Arfi fabricejarfi

Draughtsman, curator and producer of various horror. Garage-Punk guy, guitarist and song writer for Punk band Gore-Dinah, London.

2018-11-17 22:18

rick grimes ✿ herondalefray

im madison im 19 and i like disney

RT @benoobrown: *someone doesn’t say thanks when you open the door for them*

my brain:
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it…

2018-11-17 22:18

sharon hadji-lary sharonhadjilary

RT @Jason_Arthur: With all the focus on Brexit, it could be easy to miss this. But we shouldn’t. A damning indictment on the suffering the…

2018-11-17 22:18

Romi Romi06992462

New Account/ID/realromi_hrtnt@ig/#remaja #vsco amateur photo-editor, wp author, yt vlogger⌛

@bacoood Petugas sensus juga kek gitu

2018-11-17 22:18

Sofiya🦋 so_fiyaaaaaa

Inshallah //🇮🇷 🇵🇰

RT @S4IFF: Girls talk so much that they never actually finish a whole story uno, they always start a new story within the story they're tel…

2018-11-17 22:18

Lucian J. Hudson LucianHudson

Strategy & comms expert, board chair & NED. 15 years as Director of Communications @OpenUniversity @ForeignOffice @MoJGovUK @DefraGovUK. Chair @Earthwatch_Eur

RT @BBCNews: #ExtinctionRebellion protests block London bridges

2018-11-17 22:18

Pew Environment pewenvironment

We work globally to establish pragmatic, science-based policies that conserve our oceans, public lands, and shorelines.

RT @nevangelides: Good update on @wto #fisheries #subsidies discussions. Global fisheries suffer from severe #overfishing. 33%+ of marine #…

2018-11-17 22:18

ثنيان مناع الهاجري thenayyan5

‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏خريج جامعة الكويت
Marketing : تسويق
ماجستير إدارة الأعمال MBA
Marketer Influencer
words can harm or heal.

RT @AdnanHmidan: بلاد القهر أوطاني..شاهد واسمع هتاف جمهور فريق رياضي في #المغرب 😢😔

2018-11-17 22:18

Matt Preisz Preiszless

Tradition never changes... champions do.

RT @Billbrowder: Grateful that the US government has stood by our side for nine years, through Democratic and Republican administrations, i…

2018-11-17 22:18

Temi Temi_talks

MSc Tropical Disease Biology👩🏾‍🔬| Global Health Advocate 🌍| Polygeia Social Secretary| Sometimes Writer, Poet & StoryTeller| TV show watcher

RT @SabrinaMubiru: So yesterday I received some life changing news. In 2016 I made the decision to report the abuse I experienced as a chil…

2018-11-17 22:18

Juliet Dunlop julietdunlop

Correspondent for Good Morning Britain, ITV.

RT @BrookesTimes: My cartoon Saturday @TheTimes. #MichaelGove offers #TheresaMay his full support......

2018-11-17 22:18

tweetonlondon tweetonlondon

Woman, 75, stabbed to death in Peckham house

2018-11-17 22:18

Esta Charkham EstalaChark

Agent at ECA. Founder of West London Drama Training. Ex Casting director & producer. Acting coach & mentor! Talent spotter ! Apparently a legend!

@TomSteedon @wisemandebbie Mazeltov Debbie

2018-11-17 22:18

Adam Jackowski adamjackowski

Co-Founder, @brgrandbeer & @wineanddelildn French Speaker | Drunk Wing Eater | Mocha Addict

System, @electricbrixton ft: @thebugzoo and @BigFlowdan. Absolute banging set. Not gonna lie, I definitely feel old…

2018-11-17 22:18

DAYUMNED ikawnalangsijes

😐 |17| awkward | nang-iinis lang | you did not wake up today to be mediocre | Worry not, show joy and appreciate everyday 😉 |

sa monday makita niyo ko mataba na ko charot

2018-11-17 22:18

𝕊𝕠𝕔𝕚𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪 𝔸𝕨𝕒𝕣𝕖 𝕊𝕥𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕟 🌹 🍂☂️ GuiltyWhiteBoi

Non-binary Intersectional Feminist. I seek to inspire people to share the same progressive world view as myself. Labour member and comrade until the end 🌹

No, I'm just as WOKE as ever.

2018-11-17 22:18

Robert Peston's Hair robpestonhair

Keeping the brain of the Political Editor at ITV warm, changing styles like he changes his coat. Parody

RT @BBCBreaking: Broadcaster, Richard Baker, who introduced the first TV news bulletin on the BBC in 1954, dies aged 93

2018-11-17 22:18

Thank you for voting! Intl_Resistance

International Resistance: friends of the USA campaigning against the Trumpian slide into authoritarianism. #theresistance #resist #Muelleriscoming

Dear USA, I’m from the UK and I’m *astounded* that what @BrianKempGA has done isn’t a major felony. If he tried tha…

2018-11-17 22:18

Jonathan Roberts jono_pce

born again cyclist

RT @HackneyAbbott: Amber Rudd says Universal Credit has “transformed lives”in her Hastings constituency. Certainly has. Food bank use has g…

2018-11-17 22:18

TonyCross Lokster71

Doctor Who fan. Interested in History, Art, Theatre, Film, Comedy, Books & Music. Dreamer of dreams. Dangerous when cornered, but only verbally.

This is a superb review of ‘Demons of the Punjab’ #DoctorWho

2018-11-17 22:18

Miss Brysocréma Brysocrema

Founder of B:UNDENIABLE™ a superior make up collection.
▪️Dermatologically Tested▪️Cruelty Free
▪️Paraben Free
⭐ TrustPilot:Brysocrema
📨PR -


MUA/MODEL: @sitagill

Featuring our
- Iridescent Eyeshadow in Crimson Crush
- Strobe Radiance - Limited…

2018-11-17 22:18

Sousa carollovesamet

Um dia caí da cama, assustei-me e vomitei. Não há putas em Saturno. /)/)\ 🌈

RT @inesrebelop: NOVO VÍDEO: Como Não Pagar Multa no Metro. (Story time)

2018-11-17 22:18

FrankenMcfrankface #FBPE 🇩🇪🇬🇧 mcfrankface

Testiculi ad Brexitam

RT @IanDunt: This is glorious

2018-11-17 22:18

I Want VR iwantvr

I want VR, so I'm spreading the word about every affordable and practical VR Project I can find! We're all friends here!

RT @cappasity: 3D and VR-Themed Quiz By 2021

2018-11-17 22:18

Info For Writers Info4Writers

it's about: #writing #amwriting #writers #write #writerslife #shortstory #poetry #flashfiction #authors #books #writerschat #bestsellers

#writing #amwriting #writers #write #writerslife #shortstory #poetry #flashfiction #authors #books #writerschat…

2018-11-17 22:18

TheMemeBank 🔮 MemeBank420

Creator of Memes...

@Thechosen1CJay @Hogmanlolz @psalmHotS Get yourself an Ethernet cable bro.

2018-11-17 22:18

OLD & NEW DannyDavies73

RT @BBCLondonNews: A 75-year-old woman has been stabbed to death in south-east London

2018-11-17 22:18

KAYOW🌙 kanpluyouyou


RT @impeachii: การพูดไทยคำอังกฤษคำ จะไม่เป็นปัญหาเลย ถ้าคนฟังออก

2018-11-17 22:18

Aurora Face&Body Art AuroraFABArt

Professional face painter based in Romford. Available for all types of events. Enquiries please email

So excited to be part of the opening for the BRAND NEW Santa’s Enchanted Village tomorrow in Chelmsford!🎅🏽✨

2018-11-17 22:18

tweetonlondon tweetonlondon

Extinction Rebellion protests block London bridges

2018-11-17 22:18

Zara tranquildan

All bants no angst

RT @hopieismyhopie: EVERYONE stop what you're doing and look at kook uwu

2018-11-17 22:18

Gi Go Lea Gol_Gotha


Pope Francis: Include the Holy Spirit in art, theology - Catholic News Agency

2018-11-17 22:18

Aa®on Donald _tallman_

I was born to make mistakes, not to fake perfection ✌🏿

RT @athianakec_myp: Knife crime is rooted in "poverty, inequality and a lack of opportunity" here's what I had to say on issue on @ITV news…

2018-11-17 22:18

DeBourgh LadyRosing

RT @historylvrsclub: Her 45-year reign is generally considered one of the most glorious in English history. The image of Elizabeth's reign…

2018-11-17 22:18

Kirsty Latoya KirzArt

Tall girl with big dreams. Illustrator, Poet and Published Author | As seen on @BBC @ITV @HuffPostUK @BuzzFeed | IG: @KirzArt /

RT @KirzArt: I am now a published author 😭 and my book launch event was so amazing. I was overwhelmed with the support and love I received.…

2018-11-17 22:18

EarthRod RodEarth

Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.

RT @BanTheBBC: Unbelievable: “The top 40 horrors lurking in the small print of Theresa May’s Brexit deal”

2018-11-17 22:18

Deanna Deanna_MAGA

Christian conservative surviving in this crazy upside down world. #MAGA. #KAG. #BostonBruins

RT @PrisonPlanet: What on earth is this cancer? Who is brainwashing little children to be afraid of white people? Demented.

2018-11-17 22:18

Анатолий QUhOU8lECYvMldo


RT @bbcrussian: В Капотне на юго-востоке Москвы потушен пожар на нефтеперерабатывающем заводе

2018-11-17 22:18

Nathan Wickham-Hurd WickhamHurd

I just came here to watch. DYOR

@SharePickers That’s why it’s good to stay off social media sometimes. You end up hearing about the worst things. S…

2018-11-17 22:18

사꾸라의 할모니(🌸クラモニ👵🏻) Sakuras_Granma

宮脇咲良🌸 Fan | HKT48 | AKB48 | IZONE | 한국어 |日本語 | English | 룽샄, 파샄, 긍샄, 윷샄, 샄낰 | 남덕언팔해주세요

@jurisarang 아 사진 올라온쥴 ㅋㅋㅋ큐ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ저도보고시처요 ㅠㅠ마코언니 흑

2018-11-17 22:18

Zyleth Zyleth_

19 / CEO of Level-Up Studios / Bloxy Winner 2017 / Expert Renderer / UI Designer / Twitch Affiliate / Roblox Dev / DM for Business Purposes ONLY!

With my growing confidence in my appearance im sooo tempted to post a face reveal. Spoiler alert, i probably wont, but it’s a nice thought 😂

2018-11-17 22:18

Daniel DanielFitzz

Out here

RT @Lzison: Man said “low it” looooooooool

2018-11-17 22:18

Michael Dewar mikedewar

data science design

If challenged by a non-specialist: "what industry best practices do you use for data science": are there any satisfying answers?

2018-11-17 22:18

Ana Maria Roura anamaroura

Corresponsal y presentadora de noticias. Ecuatoriana en Londres. Master en Comunicación Política Université de La Sorbonne Paris 1. Instagram: @anamariaroura

Invierno, gafas, cielo azul... Gracias London 😎
#winter #london #perfectweather #paddington #bluesky #londres…

2018-11-17 22:18

J8 ochojulz

805✈️817 • #LuggageBoyz • Haltom High School Wr #8 • MWAP • #HOLLYWOOD😎 • RIP KJ 🔴

RT @aljcxt: 🍾💕

2018-11-17 22:18

Mojisola eniola Mojisolaeniola1

01 nov


2018-11-17 22:18

Alex Denny AlexDenny_Kent

Head of Investment Trusts at Fidelity International. Charity Trustee of MARINElife. Keen diver and photographer. All views expressed are my own.

@ClaireDwyer_ Looks good! Hope you had a great trip!

2018-11-17 22:18

A_ cal past_3

todos deberíamos conocer a Dios y sentir su amor y perdón para vivir en paz con todos,el que odia a su hermano es un homicida,esta destituido del reino de DIOS.

RT @bbcmundo: "(La foto) es representativa de las innumerables veces que esto me ha sucedido a mí y a las demás personas que trabajan conmi…

2018-11-17 22:18

rip boycerip

Family, family, family. Love them more than anything.

RT @mikegalsworthy: Everyone should be alarmed by this.

We have here a recently-resigned Minister actively undermining government plans i…

2018-11-17 22:18

Richard Wiegold richardwiegold

International Opera Singer. Loves his wife, his daughter and his cat. Views expressed may/may not be Richard's own, retweets are not endorsements.

RT @MattChorley: Anyone seen Jeremy Corbyn? Asking for a friend

2018-11-17 22:18

MyTheatreMates MyTheatreMates

A portal for #theatrebloggers founded by @TerriPaddock & @ShentonStage. See also in our group: @StageFaves for musicals & @StageTalkUK for more #theatrenews.

‘The relevance of the issues it raises screams out to the audience’: @Indebted2Chance at @ORLTheatre may be perform…

2018-11-17 22:18

moyosoreoluwa moyosoreoluv

I really don't know what to put here... lol

RT @plantaingirl: you know when you get a new phone with an actual battery life and don’t know how to act. when do i charge it?? i don’t wa…

2018-11-17 22:18

Erik Aviles ErikAviles7

RT @GoogleUK: Google offers free resources for teaching online safety at school and at home. It’s one of the many ways we help you know mor…

2018-11-17 22:18