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Dedig3623 dedig3623

RT @RE_DailyMail:

2019-05-21 08:37

aurora ☠🦄 RXI__X

|fitness enthusiast|
•crossfit •
I am 3% human 97% stress. |unicorn|

RT @iiGand: ثانيه وحده من كل حلقه من قيم اوف ثرونز

2019-05-21 08:37

Tommund Giantsbabe ThomGuru

Windows are the eyes to the house

RT @lovegwendoline: 😭

2019-05-21 08:37

Macliuuuuuu macliuuuuuu

Pounding on conversation topics. Too many things to avoid these days. As if getting up to work is not hard enough.

2019-05-21 08:37

Aaron R. Ziegler / Zen van Nihil AaronRZiegler

Professional Author / Poet. Zenarchism. Revolutionary. Polymath Scientist. Geopolitical Theorist / Strategist. Mega Tech Technocrat. ENTP. INTJ.

RT @EladRatson: In second thought, the nonsensical way @HBO chose to sunset @GameOfThrones is quite genious! The much dissapointing season…

2019-05-21 08:37

Circuit Birb CircuitBird

synthesizers, unicorns, and rainbow shits! I go by Circuit Bird on stage, member of Relay Bros. and founding member of Inglandia!

Switch FC: SW-4686-8250-1711

@BlunterCarcass5 One of the best Sunsoft games on the NES. It has an amazing soundtrack!

2019-05-21 08:37

S O H A I L (: sohailjutt9111

(Every Soul Shall Taste Death) 🇵🇰
I don't get disappointed anymore, im
Just like aww Again? ok Lol 🌼

شام کی شام سے سرگوشی سُنی تھی اک بار بس تبھی سے تجھے امکان میں رکھا ہوا ہے

2019-05-21 08:37

Degammage UK DegammageUK

Degammage is a repository for what's popular online with a focus on gaming and geeky entertainment

Google pixel smartphone range joins data select’s product portfolio

2019-05-21 08:37

barbarian amazigh fierceandtender

En somme nous regrettons tout, cela prouve bien que ce fût beau .

RT @CharleneWhite: To post a pic picturing a 3-day old baby of mixed heritage as a monkey, then claim it was a joke? That’s old-school prej…

2019-05-21 08:37

〇〇柳@そつなくこなせ なにごとも oneyuki1845


RT @FujisawaBunoh: BBCニュース - 無重力で蜂蜜の瓶を開けると……宇宙飛行士が披露

2019-05-21 08:37

Claire McArthur milleas3

#FBPE Mum to 3 humans, 3 cats & a dog. Seeking a fairer, kinder, empathetic society - where we all play our part. Hate stupidity of Brexit. #JustMakeItStop

@andywigmore @DavidLammy @Arron_banks @Nigel_Farage Yes it is - if Aaron Banks is not declaring where his funding c…

2019-05-21 08:37

Sterling💥 Sterlinklein

RT @Jhus: I know you can feel the force but you can’t stop it 🛑

2019-05-21 08:37

joseph willi quansah QuansahWilli

RT @SkySportsPL: The best defender of the Premier League era is ________

2019-05-21 08:37

Ky❃ HacheyKyla

the instaa: Kyla_Hachey

RT @s_rxii: it makes me sick that families have to go through this much length to protect their own from the police

2019-05-21 08:37

Bankers Reform bankersreform

We are no longer a star on someone elses flag. Still waiting for a remainer to say something positive about EU.

RT @thecarolemalone: And you talk in Remainer cliches madam. You’re one of the people who think Leavers are either Facists, Racists, Thic…

2019-05-21 08:37


RT @guardian: If we don't protect arts education, we'll lose the next generation of performers | David Ruebain

2019-05-21 08:37

VABetting VABettin

Betting, mostly football and NBA. Pre game and in plays. Let´s win some money!! 1-10 units #lovethegame

⚽️Vitesse - Groningen⚽️
1.80, 7 units

2019-05-21 08:37

Eden Hazard 😢💔 Abdoula07258640


RT @hxrvn_: I’m crying

2019-05-21 08:37

Paramartha :) ramartha_

ॐ "Saat seseorang tau yang dia inginkan, maka dia Bahagia" -Vidhura

RT @ChelseaFC: One. More. Game.

#MondayMotivation 👊

2019-05-21 08:37

Theo Moore LincolnTheo

🇬🇧🇺🇸🇨🇦🇦🇺🇳🇿 Automatic block for failing retard test: use of "laughing with tears" emoji.

@numb15 @Barrybritish @BenIrvineAuthor Yeah and then they suspend anyone when they start getting mass immigration from them!

2019-05-21 08:37

RichardT xthread

Give a man a program, and you will frustrate him for an afternoon.
Teach a man to program, and you will frustrate him for the rest of his life.

RT @davemacladd: Bloody hell ex Tory chairman Eric Pickles comes out for a Referendum! 🤯

"I can't believe I'm saying this but if Parliamen…

2019-05-21 08:37

John Parky sleepy1568

Aye up! Occasional #Eurovision tweets, especially in May. You'll never see me use #YOLO my Instagram & Snapchat: Sleepy1568.
My little baby @DanaIParkforth

RT @bbceurovision: MIKI LIVING LA VIDA, LA VENDA! #Spain #Eurovision

2019-05-21 08:37

Yoosef Abbaszadeh YoosefAZadeh

Journalist/Political analyst/Writer. MSc in global politics and security University of Southampton. Content are mine not of my profession. A proud Kurd. ئاسۆ

@azhollly ئەرێ ئێمەش چاوەڕوانی می کونیم تا چێژ وەربگیریم ئەز دەنگی زولالی شوما. ئەوەش بە خاتری ئەوە کە وەڵامی کوردی بە کوردی نادەیەوە، 🤠

2019-05-21 08:37

Moss Bashwood MBashwood

Searching for facts.

@Denbar64 @NancyConner42 @mieliepedia @dbcooper138 @TertiusIII @zalphaprime @michellmybell1 @orna_verum @LeannEAF…

2019-05-21 08:37

ᛋ Hyperborean Reflections ᛟ basedworldtree

⊕ Blood and Soil. Teutonic. Honour the old gods and the old ways. Völkisch Heiden Wotanist. Gothi-Reik class. Pro-Europe. Anti-Christian. ⊕

RT @createstreets: No place? Fictional European map with lots of trains. By the great @AMcNeillPeel

2019-05-21 08:37

Solomon Brown SolomonBrown_


Bit confused about when Farage became a fascist. Never seen that word linked with him before. Always considered h…

2019-05-21 08:37

Chris Hobbs obbsie

Ret Met cop 30+ years. Loves football, Jamaica, IOW & DJ’ing (friend/charities). Worked in Jamaica & trustee of small Jamaican kids charity. Police 'lobbyist.'

RT @K_QureshiMPS: Me & a PC.

Me: "You have 36 rest days owed to you! Thats nearly 2 months leave!!!"

Pc: "It's from Aid cancellations Sar…

2019-05-21 08:37

Sergio González SglSergiogf

No cuentes las veces que te caes cuenta las veces que te levantas

RT @dlacalle: Inditex aporta al Estado el 2% del total recaudado por impuesto de sociedades, más de 1.600 millones de euros, un tipo efecti…

2019-05-21 08:37

Thomson Memory Center ThomsonDocs

Contact us concerning attention, anxiety, learning disorders, memory, & more!
Se habla español.
/> IG: @thomsondocs

RT @CalAliwell: This week is dementia action week. @alzheimerssoc have put together a beautiful #AskUsAnything video.📽️ You can watch it h…

2019-05-21 08:37

Alexia🖤 lexiannex


@Deevz2 Embarrassing

2019-05-21 08:37

Cristina Macias Finneyfoo

RT @mrjamesob: If I was worried about a former Prime Minister expressing fears about my new ‘party’ laundering dirty foreign money, I would…

2019-05-21 08:37

molly florence mollyflorence_

i make youtube videos and eat food and work for @newslangclub

im down for noen eubanks to punch me square in the face

2019-05-21 08:37

estefaniavallec evallec21

#emelec #ecuatoriana

RT @bbcmundo: En los últimos cientos de miles de años, la Luna se ha encogido cerca de 50 metros. Haz clic aquí para encontrar más informac…

2019-05-21 08:37

Lindum Greene LindumGreene

somewhere in the ether... Artist & Founder @DrawConnect

RT @guardian: Oxford aims to attract deprived students with new foundation year

2019-05-21 08:37

Vincent memegod521


RT @sivemorten: share the message

2019-05-21 08:37

Cafe Scientifique NZ CS_NZ

RT @AngelaDSaini: I'm slightly aghast at how many scientists still believe the job of science journalists is simply to communicate their wo…

2019-05-21 08:37

schmoontherun schmoontherun

British European. Respect Leavers? Yes. Respect UK Brexit Referendum? No. Non. Nein. Never. Niet. Respect 2nd informed vote regardless of result? Yes, Yeah etc

Opinion: Nigel Farage getting hit by a milkshake isn’t funny, it’s absolutely hilarious

2019-05-21 08:37

maude 2!! jhshopeworld

hobi is just a baby squirrel ,, a lil munchkin . A Teeny Puppy . Squish.


2019-05-21 08:37

#CrystalDelta ClearDiff

Clearly Different Product Development | Extreme Ownership | Open edX | EduTech | FinTech |

RT @TheStigTaxi: Amazing ☞ #Fintech
Blackcab at your Service ☛ .@fintechwforum
#Bitcoin #Blockchain #BTC https:…

2019-05-21 08:37

ladypoe ~ ladypoelondon


😭😭♥️ May Allah grant her Shifa and unite us once again. #duarequest for my lovely Momma Sharon please 🙌

2019-05-21 08:37

Joanna JPW066

Proud Socialist, Beatles fan and Liverpool FC supporter. Member of Momentum. Hate racists, tories and bigots. Fascists beware my tweets can kill!

@_leBeast_ So did Blair and your point is

2019-05-21 08:37

Dom Holmes Dominicholmes

All ears @interactors

RT @chizzyakudolu: This shot. Masterpiece!! #GameofThrones

2019-05-21 08:37

𝖘𝖓𝖆𝖈𝖈🍇 cryingandwine

you're no where near as hot as shrek- toby walsh 2k19

i can't believe a bee cam dance better than me ):

2019-05-21 08:37

JoeJags Jags7128Forever

As the incomparable Bill McNeal said: Freedom of speech is one thing, the word 'penis' is another.

RT @EdwardTHardy: Richard Nixon's Attorney General John Mitchell spent 19 months in prison for doing what Donald Trump's Attorney General W…

2019-05-21 08:37

Jet ★ Jitfx

I'm Okay |
MeU 01/31/16 |

RT @clarisselou: Goodbye Game of Thrones, I will remember you mostly for this video of Sarah Paulson drunkenly singing the entire theme tun…

2019-05-21 08:37


| The best #NBA Twitter Account | | Here to make you all laugh & keep you updated| No affiliation with @NBA | | Not all NBA | Contact/business: |

Who ya got? #NBAPlayoffs

2019-05-21 08:37

Dalmer gouwan

Hasenal fc supporta, Mali, Aspiring filmmaker, Lover of all things 90s and early 00s. Based in Oslo

HBO: Remake Game of Thrones Season 8 with competent writers. - Sign the Petition! via @Change

2019-05-21 08:37

Cameron Tampion unicamster

BSc (Plant Science) & MSc (in progress). Should be tweeting ecosystems and bushfire but too many other shiny things on the interwebz

RT @BBCScienceNews: Rise in global sea levels could have 'profound consequences'

2019-05-21 08:37

Sheikh Suhayb suhayb_haji


@bybooma Then why not hoover from the start??

2019-05-21 08:37

Kevin K KevinKikaya

Only up from here

Since I’m on here I think your ears need to deep the word play

Berna - Daily Duppy | GRM Daily via @YouTube

2019-05-21 08:37

Afonso afonso_fonsie

I'm a massive gooner and a maritimo fan. Like some movies and like some types of music. I am back up and running now.

RT @EdwardTHardy: Richard Nixon's Attorney General John Mitchell spent 19 months in prison for doing what Donald Trump's Attorney General W…

2019-05-21 08:37

L.A stahrlayt

ur future dentist 🦷👩🏼‍⚕️


2019-05-21 08:37

Jonathan Boyd JayEBoyd


Some of you need to be taught no spoiler etiquette don’t be a pagan

#spoilers #internet #socialmedia #NoSpoilers

2019-05-21 08:37


RT @dlacalle: Inditex aporta al Estado el 2% del total recaudado por impuesto de sociedades, más de 1.600 millones de euros, un tipo efecti…

2019-05-21 08:37

Carlitos del Grana carlospinto08

Vinotinto y Granate, afiliado al frente Este. Otro venezolano que dejó el país para salir adelante. Liverpool, Athletic Bilbao.

Tenía un tweet del carajo, y se me olvidó!

2019-05-21 08:37

Zeshan ZeshanAli__


RT @cutclear: Kids are mini crackheads

2019-05-21 08:37

India Willoughby IndiaWilloughby

Gobby woman. Celebrity Big Brother, Ch5 News, Loose Women, Talk Radio. Float like a butterfly... 🌟

On the money 👏👏👏👏👏

2019-05-21 08:37

Gemini geminiuk

Artist 💼🕶🕴🏼@HouseOfHadina on instagram Pronounced “hadeena”

As long as I’m inspiring people with my journey .... the earnings are just a plus .

2019-05-21 08:37

Stu Cheshy68

RIP Mum.. 😪
Petrolhead with a love of old cars with character and soul.

@pauleldred @MotoNutJob @motoringguruUK I had a Mk4 2.3 Ghia Cortina.... Sweet V6 and pulled like train with 4 pass…

2019-05-21 08:37

Omz‼️ 🇸🇴 0mar_ab


@iffs__ 😂😂😂

2019-05-21 08:37

David TheGrimRecapper

World's leading expert on reality TV challenges from a decade ago. Tweets =/= views of employers, self. (He/him/David.)

RT @aedison: Fascists should be afraid to appear in public. Should we use violent tactics to make them afraid? That’s a profound moral ques…

2019-05-21 08:37

🐔 KR 🐔 KR__208

America's sweetheart.

I despise that fat bulbous orange dotard currently infesting the White House.

RT @EdwardTHardy: Richard Nixon's Attorney General John Mitchell spent 19 months in prison for doing what Donald Trump's Attorney General W…

2019-05-21 08:37