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Grace gracielawal

Jedi in training. #BlackLivesMatter insta: _gracels

The flight could be at 4pm and my parents would want us to be at the airport by 10am😒😂

2019-01-20 20:44

MDK London LTD MdkLondon

MDK London has 60 years of experience in the kitchen industry. We pride ourself in manufacturing quality bespoke furniture at unbeatable prices.

Downlighters show the sparkle finish in our Cosmic Silver glass to great effect – it's an ideal choice for adding s…

2019-01-20 20:44

Fahad Anwar FahadSAnwar

Proud Aitchisonian | Cricketer turned umpire | Travel fanatic | Chai lover | Tottenham till I die #COYS |

@XilleIlahi Shouldn't have sacked Conte...

2019-01-20 20:44

Mark Payne mark_techtalent

#Technology #Recruitment Connecting Next-Generation Technology & Digital Talent #DigitalTransformation, #AI, #5G, #Cloud #Blockchain #FinTech #Mobile #IoT

Nothing beats a Sunday morning walk in the beautiful countryside of Otford in the county of Kent - The Garden of En…

2019-01-20 20:44

Haissen Barrios Haissenb

Comunicadora Social y locutora de Cita Exitos por Éxitos 93.1 FM - Circuito Unión Radio...Mamá y Esposa... siempre Creyente del buen corazón de la gente

RT @guarito_21: Tengan cuidado con los mensajes de quienes le ponen al 23 de enero una fecha límite para la caída del régimen, el 23 no es…

2019-01-20 20:44

🎈Lady Something🎈 WesteradelNorte

Intento de escritora, aspirante a traductora y fangirl a tiempo completo. A veces soy normal pero luego se me pasa. Mum Friend ™ #Sense8 #DC #Sherlock #HP #DW

RT @josierourke: Here’s a photo of me directing a movie for the first time. Thanks to our incredible cast and team on @MaryQueenMovie, peo…

2019-01-20 20:44

Roy Bannon bannon_roy

RT @IanDunt: This is fascinating and really insightful. We're facing a political culture which hates detail on principle. It's the infantal…

2019-01-20 20:44

yup Bharatwasi111

IndianPunjabi Sikh.Away from ur country makes u fall in love with it over n over,Love🇮🇳

RT @banerji1: See this piece of idiot .... you can’t make it up ! So , being a rich nation where no one is second class citizen is not a pr…

2019-01-20 20:44

Phills Lifestyle PhillsLifestyle

Otaku - Subscribe to my YouTube and Follow me on Instagram YouTube

RT @atyousideways: Episode 23 Tales Of The Pied Piper

➡️Surviving R Kelly
➡️Will We Show MJ The Same Energy?
➡️Best Films, Music And Tv Sh…

2019-01-20 20:44

John Watson J0HN__W

We solve crimes, I blog about it.

@__inthatmoment 안 그래도 저 말을 유도한 장본인에게 실토하고 왔어요. ...

2019-01-20 20:44


In this house we stan AMAIA AND ROSALIA

RT @Dazed: 1979, 1989... 2019? Years that end in ‘9’ tend to be iconic for music:

2019-01-20 20:44

c b things cbthingsUK

Gorgeous colour + fabulous pattern + great design = colourful, beautiful things for your home & life

My kind of kitchen...

2019-01-20 20:44

Love is the law utopiadystopian

If someone claims to have free will, ask them, free from precisely what?" ~ Peter J. Carroll. We are all one species, gender's not binary, #LGBT 🌈🦄🌈

Of course, this is what it was all about in the first place. Human rights are expensive and inconvenient for those…

2019-01-20 20:44

Hussain HazPolitics

RT @sunny_hundal: Excellent speech by @Keir_Starmer on where Labour goes from here on Brexit.

People can now stop saying Labour's strategy…

2019-01-20 20:44

Ernie Sharp HayDonMeadow

The impossible is possible,if you believe,never given in or give up,make it happen,always stay calm and your dreams will come true

@afcw_elliot Barnsley are a very good side and looked better than all the other promotion hopefuls, got to disagree…

2019-01-20 20:44

Helen Salmon #FBPE HelenSalmon2

I have recently retired from Headship after leading two schools in Devon. Enjoying an active retirement reading, keeping fit, volunteering and fighting brexit.

RT @SkyNewsBreak: Sky Sources: the Irish Government says there is "not a hope" a bilateral treaty with the UK to remove the need for the ba…

2019-01-20 20:44

Mark Lewis MarkLewis32

Chief Exec of Hospitality Action (@hospaction), former editor/publisher of The Caterer (@caterertweets). Gipsy Hill, Mousehole, @swansofficial fan. 07919 324978

An interloper has snuck in! He’s claiming squatting rights.

2019-01-20 20:44

John McGuinness JohnyMcGuinness

RT @SkyNewsBreak: Sky Sources: the Irish Government says there is "not a hope" a bilateral treaty with the UK to remove the need for the ba…

2019-01-20 20:44

Back to the EUSSR..... edglasgow59

I hate all silicon based life forms. Numbers don't lie but people do. I work part time for MI5 and Mossad. Former economics attaché in Morodovia. Honourary Jew

RT @LookAtKaysToes: Remember when them American coppers pulled over this black lady because her tints were too dark and started moving shoo…

2019-01-20 20:44

NRSR_nt Nari_tan15

ชื่อ น้ำตาล 🐻💚 เป็นนกน้อยของพี่จบม 🐤🐥 เป็นแฟนเพลงของทุกวงแต่เป็นแฟนคลับของกัซวงเดียว

RT @Q_cupid: บอกเลยว่ามีแฟนใหม่ไม่อยากมีแบบ long distance relationship แล้ว อยากมีเวลาอยู่ด้วยกันในชีวิตจริงไปเลย ดีไม่ดีก็รู้เลยจากการที่ไ…

2019-01-20 20:44


Carb intolerant, obesity survivor. Now helping others restore their health and shape. Keto advocate. Doctor and scientist. May contain traces of sarcasm.

@Devolving10 I don't blame you. That way you'll not fall ill with diverticulitis and other gut disorders.

2019-01-20 20:44

Funny Turns TurnsFunny

Funny Turns is a new production, being performed at The Museum of Comedy in London in January 2019. Book tickets

Not long until our new comedy opens at The Museum of Comedy next week!
Book your tickets now... they're only £14 an…

2019-01-20 20:44

Sarah Such SarahSuch

Literary Agent & founder of Sarah Such Literary Agency. Shortlisted for Literary Agent of the Year at The British Book Awards 2017, 2014 & 2013.

@SamEades @vintedUK It’s good.I like @depop too.

2019-01-20 20:44

Tina Sparkles👌🏼💜♿️ Prettytwitten

Teeny, tiny, daring, darling! Writer and sit down comedienne! Disabled activist and advocate. Lucky to be partner of @eastneyjim All opinions mine and fierce.

RT @BBCNewsPR: We've reviewed what was said re polling on @bbcquestiontime. A YouGov poll published on the day of the programme suggested a…

2019-01-20 20:44

Rasher strumpetcity

Getting older, bolder (and younger) by the day with a belief that stuff happens and talking through asshole from time to time can make you friends......I think!

RT @StevenWhite52: ...and the award for 'best anti #brexit sign' goes to this girl!


2019-01-20 20:44

24. Farrahh24

كتلة wrong decisions ماشية على الارض. Architect to be inshallah👩‍🚒

RT @younisaatoo: انتو معندكوش اهل في البيت زينا ولا ايه

2019-01-20 20:44

sue cowan jenssen emdrsuejenssen

@JohnRentoul @AndrewMarr9 @helenlewis It is a very thought provoking article

2019-01-20 20:44

Dave Kingston DethMagUK

Gamer, F1 fanatic, Spurs fan, Geek

@Super6 Beaten Jeff every week so far this season (OK apart from the two I forgot to enter!) but not been lucky eno…

2019-01-20 20:44

23rd May May__23___

@redsarah99 It's because they have increased BAME recruitment in recent years so on average BAME officers tend to b…

2019-01-20 20:44

Adnan Ariffin zephyrzap

❤and live by #Art #book #histnovel #coffee,#starbucksforlife,perfecting the art of making flat-white, have published a #histfic book #timesofmalayaadnanariffin

Just Pinned to Books of fiction: Reposting @nevermind_collage: le baron gourmand #collageclub #kolaj #digitalart…

2019-01-20 20:44

Lydia ✨💚🎶🎭🎨 lydiaalice1999

19 | singer and actress | wicked | doctor who | lord of the rings | pizza

RT @lukebayer: People are so quick to post horrible comments online... Without knowing circumstances and I think people often forget that P…

2019-01-20 20:44

OMG Parenting OParenting

BSN, M.Ed, Author, Mom. Lovin' up Moms n Dads with helpful science (the nurse in me) n spirit. Soulful connections, kids, music, books, nature, YOU❣️

RT @author_knight: Check out this great free 3d cover generator, flawless results in seconds.
/> #WritingCommunity

2019-01-20 20:44

Prime Minister of Ghana ™ ONEKEPLER

@LFC fan/lawyer by instincts/@GHPLLive & @sportsworldgh /Mgr of d '17 aquaculture farm of d yr/On your 📻 & 📺/RTs❎endorsements. Opinions are mine

Mutumina we are 5 please

2019-01-20 20:44

Christina D 🇬🇧 No longer shadow banned😛 ChristinaDonn11

Brexiteer / hate the EU

RT @labourleave: ‘Parliament does not have the right to hijack Brexit. Parliament said to the people of this country, we make a contract th…

2019-01-20 20:44

paul holland dudlypaul

Part of the lfc family jft96, labour member, honest politics, everyone entitled to their opinion, mental health awareness.

RT @FisherAndrew79: FAO: Fiona Bruce and Isabel Oakeshott

2019-01-20 20:44

@Jac5ive 🍀reality_art JAC5IVE

#YoWALKINGlightOnWATERpower 🍀WALKINGlight to show the best part of human : RESPECT ✊ HUMILITY y ALEGRIA DE VIVIR #eyeloveyo #giveyoabreak #swimmeraddict

RT @InGoodSpiritUK: Quote for Today !! #psychic #coach #angels #crystals #energy #universe #medium #vibration #holistic #speaker #ingoodsp…

2019-01-20 20:44

I'm OK I'm Pleanjai Plean_jai

( ˘ ³˘)❤ #Yunhyeong #iKON #Pleanjai #ThaiiKONIC 🔛โลกเหงาๆของฉันเอง

RT @impeachii: ไปงานแต่งฮีเขื่อนที่ไอร์แลนด์ ตะลุยแดนอาหารไอริช ที่ไม่เคยกินที่ไหนมาก่อน!! 😂 แฝงสาระในไร้สาระที่มาพร้อมความหิว อิอิ ปกติไม่…

2019-01-20 20:44

Stu #StandUp4Brexit Stueyhoffy

#BREXIT #CONSERVATIVE #MAGA #VETS Lists are blocked instantly!

RT @RichardWellings: Brexit campaigners will mount a legal challenge if Theresa May tries to halt Britain’s departure from the EU: https://…

2019-01-20 20:44

JB gullstory

Still owned by Dilys (even though she's no longer with us) & Leif lurchers. Sheffield Wednesday & supporter... and I write a bit.

RT @JoeHunter_: @SkyNews 100 people lost their lives. People posting shitty memes & unsympathetic comments: Where is your humanity? What ki…

2019-01-20 20:44

brendon brendonallen

RT @OwenJones84: A general election could be imminent. It takes 5 minutes to register to vote. It could be the most important election for…

2019-01-20 20:44

(b)itch (i)diot IanAng21

sucking Satan’s dick

RT @DIORSBITCH: Versace Menswear 2000.

2019-01-20 20:44

sue barron nannychoop

RT @evolvepolitics: In refusing to apologise & simply dismissing her concerns, the BBC are gaslighting Diane Abbott and sending a clear sig…

2019-01-20 20:44

Chris Waters Clapham_Grand

Palace fan, Block B, #cpfc Trust member, matchday programme contributor, thoughts on film and wine also from time to time. Non-league fan. Views my own.

RT @sampilger: Crystal Palace have scored as many goals at Anfield and the Etihad as they have at home all season #cpfc

2019-01-20 20:44

chubb$ dirty_chubbs

Proud Gunner❤

RT @UnaiEmery_: Congratulations @Arsenal for this great step forward in the London derby and many thanks to all our fans for helping us get…

2019-01-20 20:44

Deano deano311984


@joy_cey The big q is will u show on the pave for Chelsea Thursday? 👀

2019-01-20 20:44

Sofia Lira sofialira99

🇵🇹 // shit happens

RT @ShaniahJordan: ❤️🧡❤️

2019-01-20 20:44

Graham Mack GrahamMack

Program Director at Fix Radio, London and Manchester.
- Listen to Mack Nuggets at

Welcome Back Russ & Jono!

2019-01-20 20:44

SupaZupa ZupaSupa

@Femi_Sorry If you feel sick, lucky your parents are doctors 😜, who no doubt came to the UK for a better life, and…

2019-01-20 20:44

taanvi 🌻 taanvichatshit

ur wcw’s wcw xx | 🇧🇩

That anon was rude you are really gorgeous!!!!💘 — who’s being so nice to me pls dm me so I can be ur friend I’m nic…

2019-01-20 20:44

Goodboy Sandovalepi


pinagseselos niyo lang ba yung mga mahal niyo o gusto niyo na kayo na lang? Sagutin mo — Ganto lang po sadya kami.…

2019-01-20 20:44

Catherine Dulac DulacLab

Identifying the neural basis of innate social behaviors using molecular and genetic tools @Harvard @HHMINEWS

RT @ArthurGretton: We are close to capacity for the Machine Learning Summer School 2019 in London - we will be closing the site to further…

2019-01-20 20:44

El ✨ / エル 🍄 @ 🇯🇵‼️ lapsansou

Twitter monkey for @hivemindimprov // Improv, Art, Bands, イケメン女子 // Technical Artist @ King (opinions are my own!)

Today was a nice chill day in Shinjuku, the park is very nice, I obtained a cute new backpack & some quality conver…

2019-01-20 20:44

Crème simplyets

You will grow through what you go through.

RT @theslumflower: glad someone finally said it

2019-01-20 20:44

Jonah 🇮🇱 70 💙 yoni_yonder

Jewish, pro Eretz Israel 🇮🇱 and proud. Am Yisrael Chai.

@schmidtten1 @Zoltan99999 @HebrewHammerArm @IronicJew @Robbie08809587 @rashidgill5 @MactavishKev @paulmurff @swbhfx…

2019-01-20 20:44

Lammyski1 lammyskicleoboi

@prodigal96 @PetrosJackson @xoliammck @ChelseaFC @nglkante Hope u are enjoying the group

2019-01-20 20:44

C H A R L I E XCX charlieareyno

Let’s ride. 🖤

@abzhousley @mrbradleycoker she deserves everything 🥰

2019-01-20 20:44

✨Laura Fernandez ✨ Mystery_Girl14

•Movies •Music •Traveling• •Disneyland• Social Media•BTSARMY•

RT @NME: 11 songs about sobriety, from hardcore to hip-hop

2019-01-20 20:44

Rino Eko Putra rino_eko

|Berdoa & Berkarya|

RT @zakg__: Somaliland😍

2019-01-20 20:44

rhythmandbluesclub surreyrandbclub

A group dedicated to the shared love of Rhythm & Blues music. Now running monthly live music events in Caterham, Surrey.

starlingsrock, thanks for following us! Please check-out our website here:

2019-01-20 20:44

Dick Head #FBPE Loony Lefty DickFbpe

Pygmy Transgender Dance Studies. Synchronised Swimming Rhythmic Gymnastics One Armed Archery Sewing Macrame Sewer Drainage I believe in Jeremy Corbyn

RT @toadmeister: Believing that nation states should be independent, sovereign and free isn’t bleak and outdated and nor does it represent…

2019-01-20 20:44

Me enter_username

I'm not intentionally offensive.

@martinhines Are you driving?

2019-01-20 20:44

Jinuyaaaaa💙 jinuyaaaaa

⚪ W rt bot ⚪

RT @EverglowKjw: 2019.01.19 LA
#진우 #김진우 #WINNER #JINU

2019-01-20 20:44

West Green Police MPSWestGreen

Your local policing team for #WestGreen in @MPSHaringey. Please do not report crime here. Call 101, tweet @MetCC or visit our website. In an emergency call 999.

/> Like the wesr green ward face book page to message us and get crime prevention advice. @MPSHaringey

2019-01-20 20:44

elaine elainestyles_o2

shortie but cutie 😘 jk!

yung araw araw abot kamay mu yung crush mu pero 2019 na di mu pa alam ang name nia!
-iyaaak. 😥

2019-01-20 20:44

The_Pawns The_Pawns

Troubadour extraordinaire. We are all pawns.

The boy @samfendermusic
came across so well on the recent @ITV @BRITs preview #BRITs Great he acknowledged his teac…

2019-01-20 20:44

paul w pablo_869

RT @owenhalliday123: BREAKING: Six people were believed to be on that boat.

SKY: also reports that overnight there were two more boats fil…

2019-01-20 20:44

Jordan Rhodes Callow_ZA

Digital artist -

Studying degrees in 3D Animation and Sound Engineering .
Instagram - @jrhodesza

RT @wassimmejdoub: A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Abdi

2019-01-20 20:44

Paul0B Pob1964

RT @HackneyAbbott: The BBC needs to stop treating Jeremy Corbyn and his Ministers as if we are not legitimate political actors and give us…

2019-01-20 20:44

#NordicMade NordicMade

One hashtag to unite them all

RT @helenahalme: It’s the last day! Coffee and Vodka, a Nordic family drama is now #free but hurry, offer ends tonight.

2019-01-20 20:44

plebber sof_ckinggooey

RT @wassimmejdoub: A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Abdi

2019-01-20 20:44

faz f2loudd

2 many spelling mistakes here

@Mustity12345 @amayna__ never

2019-01-20 20:44

maddie blahwtvr

#giveashit 🌏 | #StandWithTheLumad | #StandWithFarmers

RT @rexorangecounty: we miss you and love you Mac Miller happy birthday

2019-01-20 20:44

hubi hubi7896

''eu nao tenho amigos tenho irmaos''

RT @FraserSmyth1: 🔥 GIVEAWAY 🔥
StatTrak Glock | Water Elemental [BS]
StatTrak M4A1-S | Decimator [BS]

✔ Follow @FraserSmyth1
✔ Follow @ks…

2019-01-20 20:44



RT @ElliotHackney: Injuring one of your own players. Oh, mate 😂

2019-01-20 20:44

Ehiper ॐ Ehiper

Venezolana 🇻🇪

RT @guarito_21: Tengan cuidado con los mensajes de quienes le ponen al 23 de enero una fecha límite para la caída del régimen, el 23 no es…

2019-01-20 20:44

Tony Robinson Tony_Robinson

Actor, writer, presenter. Labour. Bristol City FC. Husband. Dad. Grandad. No cunning plan.

RT @jayrayner1: I feel bitching from the sidelines isn’t constructive so here’s my Norway Plus option: customs union, single market, free m…

2019-01-20 20:44

Nick 🦅 Nick_CPFC

Talk all things CPFC ❤💙 - Aspiring sports journalist✒ - Writer for @FutbolArticles 📝

@MarcWilliams22 It's true mate. The fact a squad of players capable of what they showed yesterday is 3 points off r…

2019-01-20 20:44

F OriginalFrank_

grow through what you go through.

RT @RomellDawkins: Deluded is an understatement, Broner has lost his mind, a total embarrassment #PacBroner

2019-01-20 20:44

Gregg 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 GreggC_CC

Tech & Pop Culture Geek. Rugby obsessive. Welsh independence convert. Shipwrecked and comatose.
Never knowingly wrong.

RT @StevePeers: Folks like Raab once said that the UK held all the cards, but now whine that the EU is bullying the UK. It's almost as if t…

2019-01-20 20:44

Angela Issa angelaissa66

Free us from the conserve-a-twat party🌹
Freedom and justice for PALESTINE ❤️🖤💚JUSTICE for Grenfell 💚💚💚

RT @HackneyAbbott: The BBC needs to stop treating Jeremy Corbyn and his Ministers as if we are not legitimate political actors and give us…

2019-01-20 20:44

richard hunter Richardinho_H

He's just a man..

@WingsScotland It does put the SNP in the position of following rather than leading. That's not good. I think they…

2019-01-20 20:44

zahra abahndons

RT @zaanarah: I hate how Muslims have this “all or nothing” mindset. Telling someone that they should either wear hijab or not, is the same…

2019-01-20 20:44

nani chikushouzai

fucking useless

@captainsmiiiith lez g gc

2019-01-20 20:44

Gary Baldy gazeeebo64

Generally bored, tired, hungry.

@MwMorven Saw that result. Two hat tricks. Meh. Enjoy.

2019-01-20 20:44

😁☘KARAN☘😁 moveover4me2

Mother of 4 grown girls 13 grand
kids 3 great grand kids.Divorced Liberal but people before party! #RemoveTrump #Resistance #VetsResist #Military #Resist

RT @DaysofPalestine: #Israeli crimes against #Palestinian minors.

2019-01-20 20:44

Cannon Cars 020 8777 8888 - App, Web, Phone CannonCars

Call Centre 020 8777 8888 - Professional Minicabs in Bromley, Beckenham, Biggin Hill, Chislehurst, Hayes, Orpington and West Wickham

RT @BromleySC: Coach has it all under control

2019-01-20 20:44

Jamie Welton jamie_welton

@WWEUK, @ChesterfieldFC, @ManUtd and @MiamiDolphins fan, father and husband. Editor of @KevinGillShow.

RT @WWEUK: Do you believe?

2019-01-20 20:44

🇹🇷 Cansu cnsfrt

Istanbul University Faculty of Economics Galatasaray and Real Madrid Enthusiast Eurovision fan ☺ Metal symphonique est juste pour moi Chocolate ❤ and ♌

RT @MiddleEastMnt: Qatar emir to attend Beirut’s Arab economic summit

2019-01-20 20:44

เอินไงจะใครล่ะ. kimdanbi8


RT @impeachii: @JxBlel ไม่เลยย! เราก็เพิ่งมารู้ตอนมานี่ใหม่ๆเหมือนกัน 555

2019-01-20 20:44

Reema Simons 🎮💻🕹️ Rikaneta

Gamer girl always and forever. #GirlsWhoGame #GamerGirl #Videogames

RT @SEGA: We are extremely honored to announce that Reiko Kodama, a long-time SEGA game developer, will be receiving the Pioneer Award at G…

2019-01-20 20:44

Moses Ssebandeke/Mozzie Mutant🇺🇬🇬🇧 MOZZIEMUTANT

Moses Ssebandeke /Mozzie Mutant Filmmaker/Music/Comic! the strange Ugandan who staged the moon landing.

After being nominated at @NdifFest for best international film and a screening @BAFTA I’m releasing my new short…

2019-01-20 20:44

Lady_Cross Dlc40458

Mother and Grandmother, advocate for saving the government🦅

RT @OzKaterji: Another dark day for journalism

2019-01-20 20:44

حمیدرضام hamidtorabii

‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏از خود کمی برون ای محو خدا شو 😊❤

RT @iiijjjiiijjjiji: زشت نیست تو توییترَم باید واسه پوششمون جواب پس بدیم؟!!

2019-01-20 20:44

Mats boblublow

Kapitalförvaltare. Anser att Sveriges resurser ska spenderas på svenskar. Tål inte socialister och vänsterjournalister. Avskyr islamister - I stand with Israel.

RT @Gabriele_Corno: White World ❄️❄️❄️

2019-01-20 20:44