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seabass Nines99Nick

@Tawdge @brettfinger Hey Flamer fan can’t deny shoulder directly to head but nice nice try.

2018-01-15 07:26

Bob Toner toner_bob

Life long Angus enthusiast CAA Director Business Development Team . Father Grandfather family man in West Central Sk

RT @TerRonFarms: Sale pictures are up on GRP!

2018-01-14 00:21

Ter-Ron Farms TerRonFarms

Purebred Red Angus Breeders, Annual bull sale in March, visit us at cattle shows such as CWA, FarmFair, and RedRoundUp. Farm wife, hockey mom & teacher.

Sale pictures are up on GRP!

2018-01-13 08:06

seabass Nines99Nick

@TheHockeyNews 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics when Sakic Scored the final goal for Canada against the US and Gretzky…

2018-01-11 10:42

seabass Nines99Nick

@JasonGregor #HereComeTheOilers

2018-01-07 07:42

seabass Nines99Nick

@Kgill39 @JasonGregor Your telling me he should get no blame? Hmmm pure bias bud

2018-01-07 06:34

seabass Nines99Nick

@JasonGregor Still nothing negative about Nurse hey Gregor? Just keep pretending nobody is noticing how awful he ha…

2018-01-07 06:22

seabass Nines99Nick

Sad our supposed best Dman Nurse floating around by himself in the slot again on that last goal hurry and trade tha…

2018-01-07 05:49