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Guy Lajeunesse guylajsk

@BlueJays Estradabien

2018-09-19 11:08

Kyle Couture kylecouture19

Future captain of the Debden Jets I'll be Wyatt Hinsons linemate. gold medalist & huge Edmonton oilers fan

RT @CraigLeverton18: @Hinsy19

2018-09-17 03:57

Craig Leverton CraigLeverton18

u of s student


2018-09-17 03:49

Kеv Belair Kev_Bel


@reporterchris Who gives a shit

2018-09-16 07:22

Randy Hoback MPRandyHoback

Randy Hoback is the Member of Parliament of the federal riding of Prince Albert, and is the Saskatchewan Conservative Party Caucus Chair

In Debden tonight listening to the concerns of my friends and Nieghbors in regards to the rash of break and enters…

2018-09-13 10:19

Renald Grimard GrimardRenald

raising kids, cattle and forage crops in northern sask

'A vicious circle': Newcomers struggling to find jobs in Canada despite education, experience | CBC Newshg🇺🇦

2018-09-12 09:04

catman5659 4wheelin57

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@LetMeRideUGood Me too

2018-09-11 00:58