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Robert RobertMcW94

Ju-ju eyeballs.

@Dannn777 @brilliantbusi @ChampionsLeague And still Messi had greater goal ratio than him and would also chip in wi…

2019-04-22 19:06

Ricky_Bell Bell45

SNP councillor for Govan Ward on Glasgow City Council, Chair education committee, Weegie, Convener Southside SNP, Foodie, Wine all round good guy

RT @TheEveningTimes: Glasgow is to play a starring role in yet another Hollywood movie 🎬

2019-04-22 19:06

Stuart Findlay StuartFindlay12

@AgentP22 Cover the country and it would not power up paisley. It has wrecked the only good thing about this litter…

2019-04-22 19:06

gary mcdougall garymcdougall24

RT @soopdug: Am in fuckin stitches

2019-04-22 19:06

Bobby Bobby05566912

RT @lewisa95: everyone today after eating all their easter eggs

2019-04-22 19:06

Danny OnlyAnExcuse OnlyAnExcuse

Winner of the 2019 Danny McWilliams award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence. Rangers daft. Follow @SiMBA_team #SayTheirNames #Daniel #Noah

@angell97 The blue ones look pretty full of cardboard and plastic so definitely the least challenging

2019-04-22 19:06


Rangers Fc, Boxing, Gambling.

@DVATW Same as Clinton, Obama and the rest of of the globalists. They know what they are doing when they talk like…

2019-04-22 19:06


Washed up belly dancer. Hairy. Unreliable. Easily distracte..

@ciaranxyz I’ve figured this out now. They’ve lifted prints from her belongings i her room.

2019-04-22 19:06

robertmccahill robertmccahill2

Actor/Student, Lover of Morton FC
Studying HND acting and performance & learning my trade in theatre & film. Believe everyone should aspire to their dreams 💙

@patricelad2002 But you've only got Dundee coming down 🙈

2019-04-22 19:06

Janey Godley JaneyGodley

Award winning comic. DoE award presenter "Sharpest-elbowed comedy in the world- NY Times- "Fucking great comedian" Billy Connolly. Actor/best selling author

@ferrifrump I still think about a play I saw on TV in 1975 #goodwritingImpacts

2019-04-22 19:06

DM patchdennizen


#Make_____NotWar like
fighting fun

2019-04-22 19:06

Steviebhoy stevie75bhoy

Follow the Celtic Home and Away 🍀🍀Here for 10 in a row

RT @CelticTV: #OnThisDay four years ago, a young 17-year-old left back stepped onto the pitch as a Celtic player for the first time in a co…

2019-04-22 19:06

Jay jayoconnorxx


@JillmToner It’s ur “funky” driving

2019-04-22 19:06

Barry barryplough7

Bernie Rhodes knows don’t argue

RT @KByrnes95: No they won’t am too rough tae read this pish

2019-04-22 19:06

Jason Larcombe jason_larcombe

RT @4ladshadadream: The sun shines on Rangers as the club get ready for the summer transfer window

2019-04-22 19:06

dannilw🕺 danniwilson24

3 months into the relationship n the psycho ex is still floating abt🤣🤣 too obsessed n twisted 🥴

2019-04-22 19:06

Iona Fyfe ionafyfe

MG ALBA Scots Singer of the Year | Director of @tmsascotland | Student at @rcstweets | Bookings:

@medwinfrench @CreativeMarys Yay!!

2019-04-22 19:06

Spinster gay. SubCubby92

I do research. I don't do dates.

@LeatherBigWolf There’s not such thing as worship for hairless or beardless wonders.

2019-04-22 19:06

Keira Brown DowntownKeiraB

Photo Printer at @dphotoshop, Co-Founder/Editor at @FountainReview and reader | #AmReading Climbing Days by @Dan_Zep

RT @journostacey: Vigil taking place for Lyra McKee in Glasgow on Wednesday.

2019-04-22 19:06

Jamie Rory Innes RoryJamieInnes

It's The Best Fruit The Birds Pick At. | 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

RT @NicolaSturgeon: Sri Lanka remains in the thoughts of the world today after the horrors suffered on Easter Sunday. A loss of life on suc…

2019-04-22 19:06

BeaGoode 🌎💔 BeaGoode

#ExxonKnew So did Shell. Make the polluters pay.

RT @PaulEDawson: “The science is crystal clear, we need to phase out fossil fuels starting with the most damaging, the ‘unconventional’ fos…

2019-04-22 19:06

🧐 argie_silang

19|CS| Invisible in all aspect

RT @Sayers33: people rushing to twitter as soon as they've finished game of thrones to retweet mildly spoiler-y memes

2019-04-22 19:06

علاء AZH_94

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind "Always" 🇵🇸 🇬🇧

@Aya_3asli أغلب الفيجتيريان الي سألتهم بدأ معهم الموضوع من هدي القناعة وطبعاً رأيك هدا انا بحترمه جداً، بس موضوع ال…

2019-04-22 19:06

Lourdes Library LibLourdes

The exciting life & whimsical times of the Lourdes Secondary School Library.

One for @LourdesSec staff: what children's books do you still read now and why? Please have your answers on Miss O'…

2019-04-22 19:06

David Wood david_wood4

Director, recent graduate of @RCSTweets, often found with a cup of tea in one hand and a game in the other.

I’ll be on Pulse Radio at 1:30 this afternoon discussing Last Orders and @overlaptc - should be a fun afternoon! 98.4 FM.

2019-04-22 19:06

Jeremy Graves JeremyG__

[All views my own] Work @AllTheAnime. Tall•Anime/sport/wrestling/games/metal🤘/@Arsenal season ticket holder/ @wXwGermany ENG announcer/DDP Yoga changed my life

After needing to take a rest day yesterday, just got done with my Monday morning #DDPY workout!

Another glorious d…

2019-04-22 19:06

عبدالمطلب رباح،،⁦🇬🇧⁩⁦🇸🇩⁩ abdulmutleb3

‏‏اذا كانت نفسي التي تملك الاشياء ذاهبة فكيف احزن علي شئ اذا ذهب ...!

@i_vls يسقط بس

2019-04-22 19:06

John Lewis kynochlewis

Glasgow-based Welsh dad, husband, menagerie dweller & general rabble-rouser. Intermittent hiraeth. Partial to liquid hops, grapes & distilled molasses.

More BBC uninspired and insipid tripe!

2019-04-22 19:06

David Hunter DaveHunter123

Just Dave, don't suffer fools gladly, i'm a realist, oh and love cats 😻 Oh i block LOW LIFE!!

RT @DaveHunter123: Off to Romanian again with the weekly stuff given from the UK tax payers ⁦@NicolaSturgeon⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦@SGovanhill⁩ …

2019-04-22 19:06

Things To Do in Glasgow GlasgowLA

The very best things to do in and around Glasgow! Top attractions, exclusive offers and all the latest events. 😄🗺

RT @glasgow_taxis: For the best of what Glasgow has to offer, check out @GlasgowLA. They’ve just updated their website and have some great…

2019-04-22 19:06

Tariq Al Balushi ttrq

Tolerance, Understanding, Coexistance.

RT @NicolaSturgeon: If you’re looking for a great book to read over Easter, I recommend this one that I finished last night. Set in Oman, s…

2019-04-22 19:06

Charlene ❤🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 merseystardust

@LFC • @Raiders • The Beatles • David Bowie • Oasis • T Rex • The Cranberries • Kyle Falconer • Amy Winehouse • #CPAwareness #MHAwareness

@CraigTheHost Follow back, Craig? 👀😁

2019-04-22 19:05

cleo cleobrown5701

A cba w Facebook automatically tagging my sister in pictures of ME anymore

2019-04-22 19:05

Peter B 18peter88

@KOKINGS4 Now what if anything do the boxing authorities do about That? Or do they really what to highlight it in t…

2019-04-22 19:05

Libby single Helix gillies purdie_libby

As you sow , so shall you reap . 🙌🏼. Saor Alba Gu Brath 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

RT @NicolaSturgeon: Sri Lanka remains in the thoughts of the world today after the horrors suffered on Easter Sunday. A loss of life on suc…

2019-04-22 19:05

☀️mimi🌙 mimi_180811

typical sagittarius tbh - 16 - she/her

someone take me to the beach right now please nd thanks xx

2019-04-22 19:05

Andrew Wilson Andrew_GWilson

Part of the #Novonation! As a #ChannelLegend @AndrewGWilson1

@ScottAfro37 Whit 😂😂😂

2019-04-22 19:05

ann MacBot #UsetheMandate liz6153

Retweets are not always an endorsment.
Main Interests: Scottish independence, feminism, the environment

@yona1959 @markky710202 @SophiaPangloss @GraceBrodie @tenaciousV56 @xraypat @atforsyth @everywoman61 @theSNP…

2019-04-22 19:05

Graham Yuill infog6s

Author Investigative Dossier: CASE FOR THE DEVIL - The Poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal

Lyra McKee murder: How was this allowed to happen? Because the Irish government are a nest of vipers! And you Leo E…

2019-04-22 19:05

PlatinuMeats PlatinuMeats

Travelling Private Chef of 20 years, also own a food export business shipping food to clients all over the world.

@___q____5____ Good to see Govanhill looking well in the sunshine 👍

2019-04-22 19:05

David dw00dz

Software Consultant. Food Enthusiast, Joke Maker. Hobbies: binge watching, eating & drinking. Cooking IG: @HollywoodCooksIE Ná focain éist le RTÉ #RepealThe8th

RT @DaftLimmy: Had the pleasure of meeting Jesus Christ at a... oh wait.

2019-04-22 19:05

Ross H peco_train

F1 & Football mad Love travelling the world following both. Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes-AMG F1, Celtic & Moto GP all I need to make me happy

Seen the #SriLanka news last night Absolutely horrendous! 😥 Thoughts & prayers with those affected Visited around 1…

2019-04-22 19:05

GavinDR86 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧 Gavindr86

I could save your life! Scottish and British, Rangers! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧

@TelBabe Bit like in Scotland if you don't support breaking away from the UK.

2019-04-22 19:05

Kevin McDermott KevinFMcDermott

Singer..songwriter..easily distracted...doesn't have to be a shiny object..

@Niallmitch @TheMiloCsays It can...

2019-04-22 19:05

Glasgow Taxis Ltd glasgow_taxis

Hello, we're Glasgow Taxis. With around 800 black cabs on the road, no one knows Glasgow better. Any questions? Send us a DM. Book 0141 429 7070 or via our app.

For the best of what Glasgow has to offer, check out @GlasgowLA. They’ve just updated their website and have some g…

2019-04-22 19:05

Jan Culik JanCulik

chief editor of Britské listy, Senior Lecturer in Czech Studies, University of Glasgow

Útoky na Srí Lance spáchala násilná džihádistická skupina, úřady měly předem informace, ale nejednaly

2019-04-22 19:05

Steph G steg16

Here we go 10 in a row

@ClydeSSB @shinjukushug Hugh celtic are undefeated since that game at ibrox... Rangers on the other hand... Celtic…

2019-04-22 19:05

Oor Linda Indy2 💙 linannlum

Impatient Scottish Independence Supporter. #ScotIndy ASAP please. 💙 #DissolveTheUnion 💙

@MichelleGr4h4m No....we all debate something or other on twitter at times...but I have never seen you being harras…

2019-04-22 19:05

Gwyn TDC gwyntdc

Pantheist. Sometime DJ & music writer (Crack, Guardian, RA). Marketing/events for homeless+ charity. #dysgucymraeg #indywales "The map is not the territory"

RT @profcolinclark: The fact that such instances of blatant & direct racial discrimination against Traveller families keep happening - even…

2019-04-22 19:05

FarmerJoJo👩🏻‍🌾 JoEdwards41

Urban Farmer💚Co founder @WorldTreeAG |Glasgow Uni arch grad| food | mh |neurodiversity | inequality| lgbtq+🏳️‍🌈she/her | feminist | prehistory (personal acc)

yes, Im an 85 year old maths teacher who thinks if you want to have an adult conversation, and have your pov heard,…

2019-04-22 19:05

william black wiljun59

Indy guy just wants a Indy Scotland.And is getting fed up waiting now's the time

RT @bigbenn1e: @ScotTories Even if that were true, which it isn't, in 2014 it was £40 billion, now it's £300 billion ! ! ! roll up, roll up…

2019-04-22 19:05

RedefinePT Redefinept121

I’m Jacquie-a personal trainer based in Glasgow’s south side, dedicated to helping YOU smash your fitness goals and be a better version of YOU! DM for more info

RT @DandelionG43: Today’s fab specials! #glasgow #glasgowfood #glasgowcafe #scottishfood #glasgowsouthside #indycafe #ilovegla #weekend #da…

2019-04-22 19:05

Leona mcdonald yahoo_leona

Love life, be happy, laugh as much as you can. never dwell on the past

RT @ScottishBantrr: Oh shit

2019-04-22 19:05

Spinster gay. SubCubby92

I do research. I don't do dates.

@MasterKopp How does it work long term? I just don’t see it working.

2019-04-22 19:05

Shauna-Leigh shaunulinka

BK 🖤 not really sure what I’m doing. @shaunaleighz is locked atm.

RT @shesthundrstrms: the fact i’ve never even thought about this before just goes to show the extent of privilege white people have, even i…

2019-04-22 19:05

Jimjamjan chocolady33

ESSENNPEE Retweets dont mean I like what you say, but I might, my tweets are all my own jibber jabber. Some cook, ex soldier, loves cocktails, trade unionist

Giggle giggle

2019-04-22 19:05

Calum CalumD93

Main Stand MFG

@iainduff I think their issue is they’re deliberately avoiding using the term Christian

2019-04-22 19:05

AIMEE 🍑 AimeeTurnbull3


Dropped a spoon and my mum goes “aw you fucking dae is wreck this house , first the gaff now this ive had enough” w…

2019-04-22 19:05

Mikayla Grabham mikaylagrabham

@ellieh0pe @TMaddden @TeonaGordon12 I’ll take aw 3 of yous again hink I’m scared ?

2019-04-22 19:05

Richard brawley Tricky_1984

just a random poster about random things :)

@WhitbreadPLC hi staying in your hotel at Thurrock East and there is no Aircon I have a fan that sounds like a flyb…

2019-04-22 19:05

Jamie Sparks itsjamiesparks

Media graduate | Former commercial radio flying monkey | Former @GoogleUK Trainer and Specialist | Official @CampAmerica69 Stoyteller. #TombRaider #iamCA

Working on this bank holiday Monday. Pray for me.

2019-04-22 19:05

Borna Bear (31) 🇭🇷 StevenHilston

@rangersfc fan, sandcastle wrecker & Party Pooper 🙌🏻

@RangersSparess I have never seen Mr Entire Sevco Team play for Celtic, bit Harsh if he's not played many games

2019-04-22 19:05

Frank gahan_frank

Was a remainer, lost and fully support our UK democratic decision to leave EU. Keen to see the whole of our UK succeed. Any rts are not proof of endorsement.

Scotland got there first.....

2019-04-22 19:05

Kelvin Rodrigues KelvinROfficial

Writer, husband, father, Haskins & The Commander creator

RT @flossybunny: "Hicc, since when do you date?"
"Since forever, Eacal."
"But I've never met any of them. Who do you date?"
"Nobody importa…

2019-04-22 19:05

spongebob raymiew24

life’s temporary death lasts forever... #WATP #RTID

@John63313737 Cheers Mate

2019-04-22 19:05

Andrew Nicolson drewnotweird


RT @ex__wives: We will be playing a grand total of five different notes at Slippery Nights in @BlocGlasgow on the 2nd of May with Death Bed…

2019-04-22 19:05

Jem Jem2355

@LindaHolt99 @scotgov Maybe if she stopped giving money to other countries it could be spent on our own schools. £4…

2019-04-22 19:05

Roger Davies FBPE 4589roger

71yrs. There I was, writing tools of thought abt how soc could grow our enlightenment *and* keep core identity, and we stumbled at the first (CO2) hurdle :/..?

RT @PaulEDawson: Globally, we're facing economic damages of $54 trillion (yes trillion) if the world gets 1.5 degrees Celsius warmer betwee…

2019-04-22 19:05

Alice Aliceff99

RT @BBCJohnBeattie: And did you do sport? Young powerlifting champs from @GuWeightlifting including @Aliceff99 in the sunshine. …

2019-04-22 19:05

BeaGoode 🌎💔 BeaGoode

#ExxonKnew So did Shell. Make the polluters pay.

RT @PaulEDawson: “I am so worried about what’s happening to the planet – we are on a knife edge now...”

“I see this disaster unfolding all…

2019-04-22 19:05

Undecided Donna048

Pronouns "Yo" "Hey you!" and "Gonnynodaethat"
Always room for improvement, and a bowl of ice cream.

@MhairiHunter @MoFloMoJo @homelesshorse The most directly affected are lesbians, who are subject to blatant homopho…

2019-04-22 19:05

Robert Rob_AJS28

Wee brothers misses is in labour should be an uncle by the end of the day

2019-04-22 19:05

The Scottish Sun ScottishSun

Get the latest Scottish news, entertainment and sport from your No.1 Scottish Sun. Also on Facebook

Netflix testing a new feature to help you when you don't know what to watch

2019-04-22 19:05

Steven 1888 1888steven

Celtic fan & IT guy.

@Highland__paddy Morton Rasmussen's tap 😂😂😂

2019-04-22 19:05

灯台退息所 taisokujo

「灯台退息所」という灯台のロマンを追求する個人ブログをやっています。こちらは「灯活」を専門に行うアカウントです。灯台について一から勉強中。燈光会一般会員。 ※Twitterでお見かけした「灯台ツイート」をいいね・RTさせて頂いておりますが、万が一ご迷惑な場合は取り消しいたしますのでお手数ですがお声がけください。

RT @FollowingTLites: Another stunning Stevenson built lighthouse. Fair Isle North Lighthouse. Established 1892 David A & Charles Stevenson.…

2019-04-22 19:05

Marika Marikadraws

happiest girl on the planet!❣️

Hopefully everybody is making the best of the weather like I am, I’ve been going outside and sketching, something I…

2019-04-22 19:05

Ginty Ginty1888

Celtic, @90MinuteCynic & The Cynical Magazine.
Support @FoundationCFC

@celticrumours The Twitter account wished everyone Happy Easter. The priest wished us Happy Easter as we left Mass…

2019-04-22 19:05

tay tayellissmith

RT @laurentraceyyy: How boring is it when the weathers banging n you’ve got zero plans, I’m acc just cutting about the house not knowing wh…

2019-04-22 19:05

Takashi Hayashi tkshhysh

A mediocre economic theorist. 凡庸な研究者の日常を垂れ流しています.


2019-04-22 19:05

Gus Jackson 🇬🇧 #BREXIT NOW! GussyJackson

Just how naive or stupid are Remainers! Voting to be subjugated by the EU! 100% Snowflakes. Would the USA let Canada rule over them?

"Richard Branson is one of the few creatures on this planet that can slither under the belly of a…" — Meezer

2019-04-22 19:05

Tam Nye KnowYerPlace

Dom Nye is dead, long live Tam Nye.

RT @CelticFC: 80' Kieran Tierney makes his debut for Celtic, coming on for Emilio Izaguirre.

2019-04-22 19:05

Ryan Ward Ryan17ward

25! Ashleigh! ♥ Every Saint Has A Past,Every Sinner Has A Future! #RangersFamily #COYS #AwayTheNock

My @Super6: STO 1-2 NOR, HUL 1-2 SHU, NOT 1-2 MID, WED 1-2 BRI, REA 1-2 WBA, DER 3-1 QPR #Super6

2019-04-22 19:05

💧Robert Long rlong62

These are my views. Australian Teacher.

RT @PaulEDawson: Every year, the world's five largest publicly owned oil and gas companies spend approximately $200 million on lobbying des…

2019-04-22 19:05

claire m claireymck

Happy most of the time. Like twitter for sport, pop culture and general chat. Views my own. I do tweet about medicine a lot.

@theguyliner Very well put. Are you going to watch the last two?

2019-04-22 19:05

nadine lowe nadinelowe03

RT @CelticFC: 🗓️ #OnThisDay in 2015...

Kieran Tierney made his #CelticFC debut at Dens Park! 🍀

2019-04-22 19:05

💙✋🏻🗡🛡 GersFamily

The #1 Rangers News Feed site. Rangers articles from Media to Podcasts, Forums, Blogs and Fan groups into one site. If it's #Rangers. It's here!

SWPL: Back To Winning Ways

2019-04-22 19:05

Lindsay Graham LindsayGrahamUK

Interests - Child Food Security in the UK - Holiday Provision - Health Inequalities - Environment - RTs for info not endorsement - forget my glasses frequently

RT @GorgieCityFarm: We’re open as usual today - the Farm until 4:30 and the cafe until 3:00pm. Why not pop along, v…

2019-04-22 19:05

Rizwan Dilber RDmian

#DrQadri is my inspiration my #Quaid. Zindagi ka maqsad #Revolution. Tweets are personal openion Retweets may not. Love #TuQ #Pakistan #PakArmy #ISI

2019-04-22 19:05

☀️ Freya ☀️ FreyaScott14

Books, Cats, & Marvel. Slytherpuff. 🌻 Dodie 15/03/19 🌻 💜 P!ATD 24/03/19 💜 🎸Orla Gartland 13/04/19 🎸

@ryanshrlw Tessa Violet, Medium, Scotland (UK)

2019-04-22 19:05

Riley A_Riley__

Sapnin Bitton Glasgow 18

RT @Paulalk11: Big man running like he's got his shoes on the wrong feet, Where were these polis when we where younger, used to be like fuc…

2019-04-22 19:05

Alex AlexC1996_


RT @CelticTV: #OnThisDay four years ago, a young 17-year-old left back stepped onto the pitch as a Celtic player for the first time in a co…

2019-04-22 19:04

Mónica sp0tflux

My ex says I'm lacking in depth, I will do my best

RT @shesthundrstrms: the fact i’ve never even thought about this before just goes to show the extent of privilege white people have, even i…

2019-04-22 19:04

GCUnursingadvancingprofpratice MScAdvPractGCU

MSc Nursing Advancing Professional Practice prepare for ANP acute/primary care, education, flexible pathway share,commit, enhance care Prog Lead @evmcelhinney

@NorthScotstar @Scotambservice @ScotTraumaNwk Good luck! 🚁

2019-04-22 19:04