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michelle MichelleYv_

III • I’m standing right here •


2019-01-24 18:26

Paul C Craggs Paul_C_Craggs

Minor Miner and Micro Blogger on Eurasian Geopolitik

RT @StewartMcDonald: Mr Enders said: "Please don't listen to the Brexiteers' madness which asserts that, because we have huge plants here,…

2019-01-24 18:26

mcslzy mcslzy

@Baddiel What the hell just happened?

2019-01-24 18:26

Kim Kemp KimPossible1809

@scottishHD charity Admin, Seeker of Solutions, Passionate about Positivity and ska fan.

@Danwhite1972 @scope Awesome!!!!!!!

2019-01-24 18:26

AH azrahadirah

it's evil, it's diabolical, it's lemon scented!

RT @laurentraceyyy: People who refuse to try new foods or don’t eat anything other than plain cheese pizza or chicken nuggets are fkn weird…

2019-01-24 18:26

Joe Lappin joebhoy08

Married to Sharon and life long Celtic fan.

@Celtthejerseys He could have shared a dressing room with the legendary Popescu 🙌🏼

2019-01-24 18:26

YerRobbDaft JamieR_67

Celtic First Celtic Last Celtic Overall!! Glasgow ,

@ETimsNet @FritzAGrandAuld Pukki???

2019-01-24 18:26

Anne Moffat amoffa50

Midwife for years and have cared for preterm babies . Shahrukh Khan is life : ) Auntie to my nieces and nephews ❤️❤️❤️. Views are my own

RT @DaveSim25817596: Excellent letter in Wed National from GP highlighting how “ Our SNHS has been shielded from the rampant privatisation…

2019-01-24 18:26

Ryan Vance ryanjjvance

Writer, editor, hook, line and stinker. Shortlisted Scottish Book Trust New Writer 2016. Reviews @gutter_magazine. We Were Always Here: A #QueerWords Anthology.

@Dom_Pepin This, but the middle panel is an overlay of panels one and two.

2019-01-24 18:26

Gary Harper TOPJBHOY

RT @celtic_now: Retweet if your happy as fuck right now 🤣☘️🤣


2019-01-24 18:26

Dan G danthegersman

Centrist dad. Rangers FC, tennis & software.

@AMcKellar89 @rossdunbar93 @4ladshadadream @jamiecurrie89 Defoe doesn't have to start every game, and didn't need t…

2019-01-24 18:26

Izzy Poata IzzyPoata

instgram: izzypoata

RT @laurentraceyyy: People who refuse to try new foods or don’t eat anything other than plain cheese pizza or chicken nuggets are fkn weird…

2019-01-24 18:26

Em emilylaurennor1

Snapchat: emnorth14

RT @neveepalmer:

2019-01-24 18:26

JENDO GingaNinja_x

@stiruni Sports Graduate | @rocksglasgow Merchandise Manager | All views are my own.


2019-01-24 18:26

LCU I Can't Be Having With This chriscrowing

Husband, father, writer, petty dabbler in the dark arts. Maistly hermless. @gsfwc @bigcomicpage He/Him.

@stephenpaton134 What accent us that? Also, what's wrong with his head?

2019-01-24 18:26

Mick Doherty Mick_since_86

Player of games, writer of writings and maker of videos. As seen on @ReadersGambit, @GodisaGeek and @Challenge_VG. Zombie apocalypse partner is @karynmoo

@GeshGav @minute5072 @acuthberto

2019-01-24 18:26

VX xayawhaa

🇱🇦🇹🇭 • More life 💰 | BUSINESS & INQ: xayavongmolli@gmail

RT @laurentraceyyy: People who refuse to try new foods or don’t eat anything other than plain cheese pizza or chicken nuggets are fkn weird…

2019-01-24 18:26

tartankoala tartankoala

None of these views are my own. I say whatever the rabbit behind the controls in my brain tells me to say

RT @craig_killie:

2019-01-24 18:26

alisdair gibbons alisdairg1

@bmc875 @RogDangerfield @JamesKellyLab has james answered your question yet ???????

2019-01-24 18:26

Suzie SuzieCoophelp

I am a committed coop member pioneer - linking coop to our local community in battlefield #Glasgow ❤️all things #community & young peoples potential

RT @clindsaystrath: Our independent research on @FifeGingerbread’s excellent services has been published in international journals. (Shamel…

2019-01-24 18:26

Kristen Young kristenyoungx

@jenripp She’s told me this hahaha too funny

2019-01-24 18:26

Hyndland Secondary HyndlandSec

This is the official Twitter page for Hyndland Secondary School. This page will keep you up to date with events & important information. We hope you will enjoy

Senior Students - Remember if your prelims are over please try to use this time to work on assignments / practical…

2019-01-24 18:26

Amy Doherty amydoherty___

Also my favourite elephant there, Cherry, who’s the baby hangs around with her two best elephant friends and they’r…

2019-01-24 18:26

dAvid DFla56

@notfittoserve @panmisthropist @MajorGrubert Actually it’s 10% higher in absolute terms vs Remain worse case predic…

2019-01-24 18:26

Clare Rooney Clareonstage

Actress 🎭🎬And Scottish Gossy Girl ❤️


2019-01-24 18:26

Tam TamMcKenna1888

Celtic fan, family man, pro independence for Scotland. Time for a clear out at the SFA.

PIPPED AT THE POST via @wordpressdotcom

2019-01-24 18:26

Sharon Gilroy SharonGilroy3

Mum of 5

@GlasgowCC No grit down at Scarrel tormusk and Croftfoot, my kids fell going to school please sort this out, I don’…

2019-01-24 18:26

Mark🍀 MarkC0115


RT @PadraigSionnaig: Tehe!

2019-01-24 18:26

ディラン lovingkaz

✰あの頃のプラティニは凄かった    山梨学院高校サッカー部&早稲田大学ア式蹴球部を応援します/今年はVFKユースとの一騎打ち/技術とフィジカルは一体/サッカーはスペースと時間を奪い合うスポーツ/山学注目選手は、熊倉匠、佐藤宇宙sora、中根悠衣、萱沼航汰、野田武瑠、栁原光汰、笹沼航紀、平久保元太、森啓真 他多数です

RT @yuukikouhei: 細部から全体へ向かう、というポジショナルプレーのベクトルは非常に理解において重要で、スモールフィールドでの優位性を積み重ねることで試合全体を優位に保つ。スモールフィールドで優位性を生み出せば、広いフィールドにも使うべきスペースが生まれる。このベ…

2019-01-24 18:26

Lissus Aida87217571

RT @Mr_Cunningham83: “Trust is the highest form of human motivation.” Enjoyable and informative Leadership GROWTH Coaching @gcieducation to…

2019-01-24 18:26

Creativity Portal CreativPortal

Stimulating new approaches to learning & teaching through partnerships between education & cultural sectors. #WeAreES #CreativityPortal #Creativelearning

RT @Creatwittity: "Science means walking a tightrope between blind faith & curiosity between expertise & creativity; between bias & opennes…

2019-01-24 18:26

The Terrace terracepodcast

The Terrace Scottish Football Podcast: @craigfowler86 | @sked21 | @RFBorthwick | @craig_killie | @thisGRAEME | On iTunes &

RT @craig_killie:

2019-01-24 18:26


Chartered Market Technician, stocks & FX.
Believe in over night success with thousand night hard work

@Jan_Achakzai By the way "r you one of your only kind...koii aur chawal nahi"

2019-01-24 18:26

Joy #FreeTommy n00dle123

RT @stvewan: Former First Minister Alex Salmond arrested by police

2019-01-24 18:26

Southside Bhoy 🍀🏃🚴 southsidebhoy87

enjoy a bit of hillwalking, mountain biking, and supporting the hoops. Only the dead have seen the end of war. #yes

@tonyblackagain @steelyhoops @fizzzzzzzzwizzz he defo needs the number

2019-01-24 18:26

Robert Czerniawski ROCHERRY

humanist, writer, philosopher, artist, analyst

RT @JaneyGodley: My reaction to this #BrexitShambles

2019-01-24 18:26

Carrie Maclean cazpod99

Seems like a @ShawnMendes kinda day 😍😘 x

2019-01-24 18:26

andybhoy69 LisboaLions1967

Celtic season tickets holder with my two bhoys ,shareholder ,do the pools even got a Green room in the house.Hail hail

RT @CelticFC: TFW you open your #CelticFC account! 😵

👏 @OliverBurke55

2019-01-24 18:26

Liam Geraghty Lazergun_Nun

Journalist @BigIssue. Botfather to @LocalNewsbot.

Esports need this. The birthday buff

2019-01-24 18:26

jodz jodie__louise

Never have I ever ran through a field of wheat

Someone out there wants me to fail my degree and it’s literally working lmaoooooOoo ! :)

2019-01-24 18:26

andy bruce andrewbee99

no the biggest dick but there’s 6 feet n 11 stone behind it

Polish labourer at the work asked me if a had a line last night referring to putting a bet on, was starting to thin…

2019-01-24 18:26

Mickey MickeyMackkk

25 DE MAIO DE 1967 ⭐️ #EndLondonRule "McGrory of Arsenal just never sounded as good as McGrory of Celtic."

A take it the Scottish papers are printing how @KilmarnockFC salvaged 3 points against there beloved Ranjurs then 👀

2019-01-24 18:26

Rob McDowall robmcd85

EUCCTI Rapporteur / Scottish Social Security & Poverty Policy Panel / Chair @WelfareScotland / Member Equality Council / #PridePowerList16 /
♿️ 🏳️‍🌈 🇪🇺

Aberdeen’s deputy provost Tory Cllr Alan Donnelly charged over alleged sexual assault at Trinity Hall.

2019-01-24 18:26

URBAN EDGE urbanedgedesign

Thomas James - Founder of Urban Edge Design and Head of Digital @atalantadesign Glasgow.

@jardinec 😢

2019-01-24 18:26


Fostering Stronger Links and Synergies between Scotland and Ireland's Financial Services

The combination of Ireland’s world-class administration with Scotland’s significant asset management could challeng…

2019-01-24 18:26

emma LinkedinPark__

20 ✨ GLA ✨ Dr Dre stan, aspiring mathematical fortune teller and full time cat mom

Sometimes I get vivid flashbacks to when Dillan and I were walking around London and some guy came up to us and sai…

2019-01-24 18:26

Amy dolantwindorks

19. Sean Dolan👼🏼♥️

Ice everywhere, I’m gonny floor it 😭😭

2019-01-24 18:26

Gomez GomezTheBrave

I run a tight ship, not a shite tip!

Nah man, Bob Burnquist!

2019-01-24 18:26

Deborah Motion DeborahMotion

loves creative thinking especially outside the ‘box’ the future is ours so own it


2019-01-24 18:26

David Thomas nevereverDave

Community minded Gay Man. Strength through talking & negotiating a better way for the future. On here since 21st March 2011

RT @HyndlandSec: Looking forward to welcoming along staff from @LGBTYS for our final staff training session today as we work towards the B…

2019-01-24 18:26

Pope Seaman First Class Mysturji #FBPE Mysturji

#BrexitIsTreason Anti-brexit, anti-Trump, atheist, #EliteDangerous gamer. Pro-freedom, sarcasm, democracy & sarcasm. Canadian Brit. PS: Sometimes I swear.

RT @DaveSmi93848317: @Mysturji @SamuelMarcLowe @GuitarMoog

2019-01-24 18:26

#rugbyscotland RugbySco

A #rugbyunited® account dedicated to all things about @scotlandteam. #backingblue #asone Tweets by @DecSilver, @gman569, @andrewlone28, @supermackie & #RUTeam

RT @Kube_NET: Did you know fake invoices are the #1 disguise for distributing malware? there are many ways to find out if an email is fraud…

2019-01-24 18:26

Juicy DonaldMDewar

Dad to the wonderful Lyla. An Arab, a Gooner, and a Culé

all views are my own and not of my employer

RT @ScottishBantrr: 😂😂😂😂

2019-01-24 18:26

Natz natzk81

proud cheer mum to my beautiful girls.

@Starofthesea007 Beautiful sky.

2019-01-24 18:26

Lourdes Cardonald LCardonald

A parish of the Archdiocese of Glasgow seeking to bring the joy of the gospel to the people of the parish and the wider community. PP: Fr. David Wallace.

What glimpses of God’s glory and grace and truth have you seen recently?

2019-01-24 18:26

Deryck Derych

@stephenpaton134 I swear he sounds like he’s trying to be more Scottish as he goes along. 😂

2019-01-24 18:26

NHSGGC Libraries nhsggclibrary

Welcome to NHSGGC Library Network. We can help you find knowledge and navigate evidence resources. Retweets are not an endorsement by the Network

RT @uofglibrary: 📣📣📣 Calling all new & returning students @UofGlasgow 📣📣📣
Do you know we run tours of the Library Tuesday - Saturday? Book…

2019-01-24 18:26

Euan Ross circa35mm

Photography is my passion (not my job). I love being outside, camera set up, waiting on the first light of the day.

@mihollandphoto @OPOTY @VanguardPhotoUK @VanguardPhotoES @VanguardPhoto @Snugpak @kasefiltersuk @kase_filter Indeed it’s not an easy job.

2019-01-24 18:26

Neurology Registrar NeuroReg

Frustrated Neurology Registrar. Only others will understand.

RT @ArtyBagger: He’s going to be sitting next to me on the plane in a few minutes. I just know he is.

2019-01-24 18:26

Lennon McLean ⚽️🍀 LennonMcLean10

@CelticFC, @LFC & @FCBarcelona. ⚽️🍀

Maryan Shved: Celtic in talks with Ukraine winger's representatives

2019-01-24 18:26

Lennon McLean ⚽️🍀 LennonMcLean10

@CelticFC, @LFC & @FCBarcelona. ⚽️🍀

Back into guiness book of records we go

2019-01-24 18:26

Ditchfield Property DitchProp

Niche retail property consultancy, based at 3/1 137 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. Act for Waitrose, Rox, Starbucks and Ramsdens, as well as various Landlords.

Patisserie Valerie closures:

2019-01-24 18:26

Mac Thomais...🏴🍀 MacTomas67

Independence - YES!!! Scottish, not British !

@waltersboy_ @Scotpol1314 @TonTonStu @paulpau1968 @Jimbyrnemusic @joannaccherry @theSNP @scotgov The only shortfall…

2019-01-24 18:26


coffee junkie / books / punk/disco/ hiphop / Berlin/ Sweary / mumbler / Sarcastic/

If Jack Douglas did ice skating .....thats me right now

2019-01-24 18:26

Mike Conroy MGORedRanger89

At Last We Will Have Revenge

@HuaweiMobileUK Why has the latest update blocked video recording of more than 720p on the P20 Pro? Defeats the pur…

2019-01-24 18:26

Carole Rennie Logan crgrieve

I code. I run. I bake. I watch a lot of TV. | #umbraco MVP 2017 & 2018 | @ladiesofcode GLA chapter leader | Team @gluug & @scottishdevs.

Carole's tourist diary: Getting a London "overground" train but had to go downstairs (underground) to the station. 😕

2019-01-24 18:26

Jessica Knight Jessica_k89

ITV Queen

Why give her the airtime? Her career collapsed years ago along with her face, probably did a few lines before the s…

2019-01-24 18:26

Jill Magee js_magee

@GingaNinja_x Wonder why

2019-01-24 18:26

Gary Chudleigh GaryChudleigh

Award-winning author of @plaguedcomic. Writer for page and screen. Geek dad.

First draft of Plagued volume 3 lands with trusty editor @Jack_Lothian this weekend. Not worried at all.…

2019-01-24 18:26

Gillian Cay GillianCay

Scottish Enterprise High Value Manufacturing and health Team Team

Sartorius Stedim Biotech has launched new services for characterization of new Biological Entities. These services…

2019-01-24 18:26

rach Rachael99803557


People that drink energy drinks/lucozade etc @ this time in the am are heavy goths

2019-01-24 18:26

Gary Needham gary_needham

Senior lecturer in film/media, University of Liverpool, Warhol scholar, gay & queer cinema, a homo, a queer, tattooed Scottish/Glaswegian, also likes fashion!

RT @JaneyGodley: “Theresa May asked me for my Netflix sigh in” #janeygodleyvoiceover #nicolasturgeon

2019-01-24 18:26

nate✨ _n4te24

Things fall apart but nothing breaks like a heart🌌

RT @ScottishBantrr: 😂😂😂😂

2019-01-24 18:26

Uni of Strathclyde UniStrathclyde

We are the University of Strathclyde a 5-Star QS rated institution, founded in 1796 with a rich history of teaching & innovation. #strathlife @UniStrathNews

Female staff, students and alumni at Strathclyde can find out more about an exciting new entrepreneurship programme…

2019-01-24 18:26

Red Mouse RedMouseGames

I make games & I draw stuffs
Full time job, full time carer, part time #indiegamedev partnered @steam_games 🕹
Gimme Metal 🤘Gimme Coffee ☕️


2019-01-24 18:26

PopUp Comedy PopUpComedy

free comedy nights glasgow. most mental fun you can have. support your local scene. follow here and on facebook.

@pulse_breakfast double Dutch bus - not heard that since early 80's - takes me back to high school discos - mmm those were the days

2019-01-24 18:26

William Inglis Ingy49

Married to Anne Inglis.x

we are just hopeless at playing out from the back, stop it now before more damage is done.

2019-01-24 18:26

Will Hepworth WillHepworth4

I suppose I was an entrepreneur in present terms. In my day it was a new business start up. Hard work but rewarding. Construction industry not the most secure.

RT @BBCAndrewBlack: Europe boss of @fujitsu_uk (biggest Japanese company in UK and Ireland) Duncan Tait tells @bbc5live #WakeUptoMoney he's…

2019-01-24 18:26

Lorn Dey lenathehyena

Blogger. The size of tuppence the cheek of five bob. My dreams are my business.

RT @SeanBattySTV: Wow!!! 😍😍😍

2019-01-24 18:26

rob clément frothquaffer

teacher trainer / life-long learner

RT @PaulEDawson: "For the longest time, we have been saying that while most Americans understand that the climate is changing, most systema…

2019-01-24 18:26

Gav Maclean gavmaclean

Personal account of someone with a cat. Sociologist by day. Talks about work and culture, moans about capitalism and trains.

RT @stvewan: Former First Minister Alex Salmond arrested by police

2019-01-24 18:26

Michael McLaughlin Mclaughlin1Mi

RT @NicolaSturgeon: For much of last 20 years, Scottish Tories have tried to reinvent themselves as pro devolution. This story is latest re…

2019-01-24 18:26

Graeme Dempster Graeme_BSIB

#whisky #insurancebroker at @BruceStevenson_ sponsors of @spirit_speyside @fifewhiskyfest @infoaclub @distilledscot #brokerofchoice #whiskyinsurance

The history of illicit distilling in the Highlands is to be told in a planned new visitor centre on the shores of L…

2019-01-24 18:26

Emrod Emrod_lives

Cui bono? Cui gives a shit?

@FrankoMcBegbie He went after Hayes and Morgan, commented on them before signing. He's to blame.

2019-01-24 18:25

Thomas Brooks ThomasB070874

44 Early 40's,💘 the 80's, Office Dude. Kind Hearted, Upbeat. Sarcastic. Love Twitter.

@YeslekReklaw 👀🙋😋

2019-01-24 18:25

Tony 🍋 tonywelsh9

@_amysloann I hope you are no being serious

2019-01-24 18:25

Peter Oakes oakes75

Husband,Father,Movie Geek,Metal Head🤘🏻Rangers FC .

@GlasgowCC The roads and footway’s in and around Garrowhill are shocking there’s going to be a serious accident.

2019-01-24 18:25

Amy Doherty amydoherty___

Just spent the day at an ethical elephant sanctuary, feeding them, mudbathing them and washing them. Was so magical 😭

2019-01-24 18:25

Decipher Analytics DecipherAnalyt2

Decipher Analytics is developing a fully integrated, federated health research information platform called a data commons.

@GSK acquires Tesaro, an oncology focused Biotech
/> This deal strengthens their pharmaceuti…

2019-01-24 18:25

HemoJax RedBrickz26

@thefightscore Exactly

2019-01-24 18:25

Doug Daniel DouglasDaniel

Pro-indy, pro-cheese, pro-@meltaberdeen and anti-"THE BLOCKCHAIN". Everything I tweet is sarcastic, honest.

RT @Kenny__Stewart: I don’t get the obsession with a rail link to Glasgow Airport. a/ I have never ever had a problem with the airport bus…

2019-01-24 18:25

Ol’fashioned-comédie OComedie

William Dunn,
I write ol'fashioned comedy scripts for tv, cinema and theatre. Nothing published yet…but hey, it takes time!.

@SallyBundockBBC Sally, I'm worried about your head. No not the mental health story on #bbcbizlive @BBCMaryam…

2019-01-24 18:25

JaneyK janeyk72

Mum to 13 year old gamer boy. I despise injustice, bigotry, onesies and cheese. Still have my own eyebrows. Usual disclaimers. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


2019-01-24 18:25

dayanne ⊗ dayann3dias

whovian, indie, apaixonada por simbologia, fã de Stephen King, Star Wars, Marvel e uns bons seriados!

RT @sophie_dods: Me in the managers office explaining why I’m 2 hours late

2019-01-24 18:25

University of Strathclyde Library & IT UniStrathLibIT

Tweets from University of Strathclyde Library and IT services. Tweets monitored 9-5 Monday-Friday. Email us:

Good morning, Strathclyde! It is the 93rd of January and we are open until midnight tonight, with staff here until…

2019-01-24 18:25

Francy francy_O7

RT @laurentraceyyy: People who refuse to try new foods or don’t eat anything other than plain cheese pizza or chicken nuggets are fkn weird…

2019-01-24 18:25

JimJam pacifiercb

This is not a bio

RT @KylEnsign: When you know your team, you know your team. @Oldfirmfacts1

2019-01-24 18:25

alex 🇱🇧 sofarsoguud

I’m actually 20 so stfu ~^.^~ ~^.^~ ~^.^~ ~^.^~ ~^.^~ she’s a virgo 😧

RT @laurentraceyyy: People who refuse to try new foods or don’t eat anything other than plain cheese pizza or chicken nuggets are fkn weird…

2019-01-24 18:25

Aidan ThunderboltAWal


RT @STVAndyMcLaren: BREAKING NEWS: Former First Minister Alex Salmond has been arrested.

More to follow.

2019-01-24 18:25

Hayley _tiredandsore

Artist | Fibrowarrior | BPD | Insta: _tiredandsore 🌿

January is the longest month 😩 hurry up and be over already!

2019-01-24 18:25