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Tyrel Green Tytyrelio


@brentconner_ 24 😩

2019-02-18 08:43

kate katemoylan1

Reside in the Yukon, Canada's north. Outdoor Education Specialist. Wilderness instructor and specialist in rafting, risk management, kayaking, canoeing.

Chapter 7: Exuma Dog House - When we talk about where we live, my humans, Kate and George, always refer to...

2019-02-18 06:13

Lance Bratt lectrobrat

@HuffPost Wow why not try providing help for addicts instead?

2019-02-16 05:00

Lance Bratt lectrobrat

@mattsekeres @SUBWAYCanada Sell who?

2019-02-15 15:39

Lance Bratt lectrobrat

@patersonjeff Lose for Hughes back in play

2019-02-15 09:18

willow oakley WillowOakley1

ur talking somethin that shouldn’t be said out loud 🎶

2019-02-11 13:17

Lance Bratt lectrobrat

@TSN1040 @SUBWAYCanada Dont want another Loui on the team

2019-02-11 03:53