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Bura Bura86203151

Togo #10

2018-10-17 02:00

Bura Bura86203151

Monday morn

2018-10-15 16:58

Bura Bura86203151

He who feeds you , controls you.... Good morning

2018-10-13 16:08

Bura Bura86203151

@gbgee Yea bro

2018-10-13 09:25

Gee gbgee

Rap/Hiphop Artist (The Gambia)

FB: /gbgeeofficial

instagram: @gbgee_

Snapchat: @gbgee


RT @Bura86203151: Get yours now

2018-10-13 09:23

Bura Bura86203151

Get yours now

2018-10-13 09:22

Bura Bura86203151

2018 Tourism’s season kick start on Monday , those willing Patience to follow “Toubab’ well come!

2018-10-13 09:20

GooGuns Lulz googuns_lulz



2018-10-12 21:42

Bura Bura86203151

#You are free to offer ya money again

2018-10-10 08:44