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Arasso N_Arissa


RT @Candee_Leigh: The money you just put aside

2019-06-26 04:32

wazmo wazmooo

Minimal energy, Maximum effort. Sometimes a writer, sometimes a YouTuber.

@_faaaarah 🤙🏼

2019-06-26 04:32

fezeka gwayi fezgwayi

RT @Tkzendlams: @MabuselaTa @tumisole It's so wrong. You don't play around with Payroll. People have debit orders and other expenses that a…

2019-06-26 04:32

Bade_Lami Thab's LamiBade

There are three constants in life change choice and principal, S.Covey,| Graduate|Man of Faith| Born From_Kasi_Humble beginnings|


2019-06-26 04:32

Siboniso Sithole SibonisoSitho10

wedlock is like a place besieged, those within wish to get out , those without wish to get in.

@cheesemonkey85 @Abramjee @Pitso_Phoka

2019-06-26 04:32

Aline LilineM

La roue tourne ➰

RT @Candee_Leigh: The money you just put aside

2019-06-26 04:32

mpho bryson sebashe mphokarabo

TUT Graduate
Class of:2000
MD & Founder of Morwapheta Tradings (pty) LTD
Lectured Economics TUT 2001 | Not all retweet are endorsemnt

RT @giuseppe_kemp: I've never seen Pravin on a rally, meeting, giving pamphlets during campaigns, Never seen him doing door to door?
He to…

2019-06-26 04:32

Ms Kay milicentkay

I Am A Creation. I'm am Me.


2019-06-26 04:32

nonjabulo.buhle buhle__


@khenalabie Chamomile Tea🍂

2019-06-26 04:32

Divinity OkuhleMciteka


@patson_manda They don't want anything attractive there keeping us for too long. The point of their system is in an…

2019-06-26 04:32

nanah ximba Cphour98X

down to earth😐 passionate, self driven young lady😊 God fearing Virgo 🌹🌹 black woman are the future ✊✊

RT @modishka_2: True

2019-06-26 04:32

Koke® KokeSemenya_

@DidiHermus abutikokii_

2019-06-26 04:32

Maritzburg Dribbler LungaTheVoice

ENTJ | Leadership Consultant | Singer | Songwriter | Servant |

Nah, I’ve somehow managed to keep it analog

2019-06-26 04:32

Connie Ferguson Connie_Ferguson

Entrepreneur #ConnieBodyCare, #ConnieMen Producer #TheQueen #RockVille #Igazi #TheGift #StepUpToAStartUp Actress, Daughter, Wife, Mother, Grandma, God's Child!

RT @Mizar_Sneics: Lindiwe is on the way #TheQueenMzansi

2019-06-26 04:32

CHANY Chany_Nkosi

IG: @chany_nkosi • Promotions & Events Coordinator • Psychology Graduate • Brand Ambassador • Entrepreneur • Qualified Nail Technician

RT @Gigi_Lamayne: Education was the key until “connections” changed the locks.

2019-06-26 04:32

aaminah aaminah__g

RT @AadilM_28: Teacher : The 5 senses are
smell, hearing, touch, taste and sight

Me : I can hear pictures

Teacher : You can't hear pic…

2019-06-26 04:32

𝖀𝖓𝖈𝖑𝖊𝕯𝖆𝖟📸 OomDaz

Photographer/Videographer/ Editor Business owner : @VcidicProfoto, Contact for bookings

@fabrrrrrrr @Joshuaxpeters_ It means no lie

2019-06-26 04:32

Ta West, Lord of Westeros wfreemantle

Wellness Specialist
IG: wfreemantle

Ewe maan Baybz...funeke ndithi ewe

2019-06-26 04:32

Dynomic D DDynomic

Making hit's 🔞🔞🔞

Dropping soon

2019-06-26 04:32

Daddy Greens Pizza ShoNuff36

Video games enthusiast, hobbyist photographer, Browns fan, anime is good

RT @Candee_Leigh: The money you just put aside

2019-06-26 04:32

Nhlanhla Mchunu NhlanhlaMchunu0

Lifestyle. Fashion. Finance. GQ South Africa recognized as Best dressed male in Mzansi.

Have one with my mom. Going on year three now. It’s the best thing ever. It’s also nice because you get the pay out…

2019-06-26 04:32

a madridista minnihunni

Writer| Scientist | Sport Fanatic| God ❤| Madridista | Chelsea FC


RT @zeexonline: you’re truly overestimating your genders place in women’s lives.

2019-06-26 04:32

Mahume mahume_Speaker

Speaker | Learning from life | #BestBelieve Blogger | Journeying with God | **Views are my own***! Bookings

RT @PigSpotter: #ATT #AVOID Petrol tanker has just fallen over on the N12 East near the R59 South. Petrol leaking out.

2019-06-26 04:32

zodwa kumalo Zoddies

running music fashion food design travel | @eat_out reviewer | #PrismAwards19 judge | writer editor | selector

@ZamFunk 😒😒😒

2019-06-26 04:32

😏 ulv løgner Sinestra_Malum

for once I was blind, now I see - white pilled, WAR IS COMING durch blut und nacht zum licht

RT @jemce: WHY SHOULD I PAY? #TaxRevolt

Zuma has, over the past 14 years, spent more than R16m of taxpayers’ money to avoid facing trial…

2019-06-26 04:32

Imari Jackson _truhhnaaay

mind ya business 🤗

RT @Candee_Leigh: The money you just put aside

2019-06-26 04:32

Cool Musoga🤴🏽 ChrisNabugere_

African || Expression Not Impression || BestFriend: @PitiaEmma 🤧||

RT @Zepoo_:

2019-06-26 04:32

TheDon SunnL_TheDon

A Phenomenon Durban based Self-Taught Music Producer/BeatMaker/Mixing Engineer | Pro Tools /FL Studio /Cubase Addict | I Make 🎹 & Play ▶ Music

RT @rikyrickworld: If you feel like you stuck in the darkness right now, I'm asking you to be strong. I'm asking you to accept that life is…

2019-06-26 04:32

realmidpoint RealMidPoint

Hip Hop Artist 🎤🎶 • Music makes sense •

You are such a dope writer g @Nasty_CSA

2019-06-26 04:32

💉💊uNurse Wenu🌹 shirleyMcbu

🌻Deut 28:13 I am the head and not the tail 🌻 UJ alumni 🌻 Lover of Life 🌻 A Ray of sunshine 🌻

@Thabaninonke I’m lazy to cook bruh😩

2019-06-26 04:32

K.I.N.G H. L. A. O 👑 hlaoivan

BusinessMan...Mentor....advisor..promoter..motivational and Relationship advisor....

If you love someone pray for them 😍even when you mad at them...

2019-06-26 04:32

💧 Midlord Mphela 🌻❤ Bulletmagolide

🙄☺the is no such a thing that life is better than yours ❤ Drink water and mind your own business nd Glow ✌

RT @_ThaboPhetla: With regards to the pinned tweet, does it really have to be the one with most RT's and likes? Coz mine ain't shining but…

2019-06-26 04:32

SibongaWakwaXaba skwaya4higher

Baba kaSgwili ,1818 is my life , dark skinned woman are life

@LuckySZulu Umshishi wonke

2019-06-26 04:32

Mogomotsi Sentsho MoRawkah

Yena lo muntu ka lo mine... nyanis. Mining, Soccer, Cricket, Rugby, Mining, Finance, Mining.

RT @YoliswaSobuwa: A video leaked to Sowetan showing miners pleading for their lives @SowetanLIVE #Lanxessminers

2019-06-26 04:32

chris bichez CBichez

RT @Acemashudu: Why wait for @danielmarven to work in silence? The train should still continue silently so

Link: h…

2019-06-26 04:32

Clarence Watts clarencesdb

love life in all its forms.working for & guiding young people, reaching their true music, good food & the fascinating moments in life..

@floletoaba1 Ok i will....STOP in the name of love before you break my

2019-06-26 04:32

@iamnash NashLutchman

Tweets(retweets: r not endorsements)are at my discretion & are not a reflection of, nor associated with, any personal or professional relationship I may be in.

@eNCA Capitalism? Big business? Entrepreneurship? Less obsession with ideological nonsense?

2019-06-26 04:32

┃Superman┃ skhuw


@AsandaBhenya Lmao 😂

2019-06-26 04:32

The Don.👑 Nduduzo_Hlabisa

ungashayi ama Careless Phamb'kwam.

RT @mfazomnyama_: Both these men enriched themselves and their families then left us in tatters.
We can love them for rattling the whites a…

2019-06-26 04:32

Jabus Jebba11

#GroundwaterExpert #RockScientist #Father

@bechwa_Dhumbu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

2019-06-26 04:32

Nomvula Makhubu 🐆 Chieflam

𝟗𝟎'𝐬 𝐑&𝐁 🎵❤️

Shobane, Mmbila, Nduna, Mwelase wena mzingeli wetinyamatane...

@Skhalito_ Lol.... Sorry bro the way you said it, made me laugh. Are you good now?

2019-06-26 04:32

kgorulana kgorulana


RT @innomatijane: Like this tweet if you also obsessed with interior

2019-06-26 04:32

kayla KaylaBillings_

RT @fabrrrrrrr: Trying not to lose your tired when you wake up in the middle of the night to pee.

2019-06-26 04:32


🦋 B.Ed Graduate 🦋 UJ Alumni 🦋 Technical Maths Teacher 🦋 Feminist 🦋

@bailey_bernice @Vuyokazi_tupa @Brightonbusisiw @TakaTina1 Haramans 🙈😂

2019-06-26 04:32

Bravie iLunga BravieIlunga

A politically minded somebody.

@InfoMinZW We're waiting for that day when you'll prove that you have enough balls and say "we have failed dismally…

2019-06-26 04:32

fezeka gwayi fezgwayi

RT @Tkzendlams: @tumisole So insensitive, how do you send such communication on the day people are supposed to be paid.

2019-06-26 04:32

Sunflower🌻 Mumsy_Themba

Jam'n Soul Resident Poet || Vocalist || Economics & Psychology Student || ShoeBox Project ||

RT @Ntebo_Mo: I am not sure if privilege makes some of you lack common sense or dintshang

“Why don’t you have medical Aid”

“How are you…

2019-06-26 04:32

Yvonne E. Venter-Louw (YEVLPtyLtd) YvonneVenter

Naturally creating Freedom Meaning & Wealth!
Be The Mentor, Lead By Example
Let It Go of that which does not serve you!

RT @PigSpotter: #ATT #AVOID Petrol tanker has just fallen over on the N12 East near the R59 South. Petrol leaking out.

2019-06-26 04:32

George George_Bohemia

Don't undo all the good you do by being a dick every now and again!

@briteless The question is rather what the d went on at denel? These things happen over time first slowly and then wham everyone is feeked

2019-06-26 04:32

kay. beyoncehatesme

Ariana Grande | BlackPink | Beyoncé

RT @Candee_Leigh: The money you just put aside

2019-06-26 04:32

Wena Na! Puleng_Chabeli


@NwabisaTonyela ❤️❤️🖤🖤

2019-06-26 04:32

LisaBonetWithAGoodEducation Rethayzie

I know I'm weird. I'm learning to love that about myself

@Papazoo4lyf You can like someone without thinking they're the one,right?

2019-06-26 04:32

EMinEnt Sthakathi eminent_Cbr

Producer/Arranger, i Produce TrueSkoolRap, Raw boom bap and all other Genres email for work Number 1 fan of @IAmKRSOne in the Earth

2019-06-26 04:32

#MovieStarSingle DJ_Smokes

Dj/Producer/Artist/ Bookings #MovieStarSingle DJ Pack-

Coming out the studio with a finished record is so satisfying 🔥 shout out @RazziRazz101 you got one.

2019-06-26 04:32

Nesu wamambop


@BietjieG Bazathini?

2019-06-26 04:32

غتشغيج ThaTso_O

The Problem.

@inganathii_m @thandostillau Baby bum cream.

2019-06-26 04:32

Nkosinathi B Mabaso ⏳ NkosinathiBMab1

Zulu by Nature ✌ 🚩 Umlazi and Maphumulo Raised Me 🚴🐂 🚩 Love Classic Cars 🚗 🚩 💔💔😭😭| Khosi, Man United, Barcelona Fan⚽ 🚩 Deep House Music is me 🚩

@ThembiNdw Patience.... Patience..... Patience maNxumalo. 😂😂

2019-06-26 04:32

Thato ThatoMamathuba

God loving. Coffee and cricket make my world go round. #ProteaFire love all day, every day 💚💛🇿🇦
I'm here for laughs

@fatimab111 @billz_25 @PoppingCreaseSA @Dhashnie @M_majid87 @simmiareff @NaeemahBenjamin @Gillian_Price Here goes m…

2019-06-26 04:32

👑Thando👑 Ms_Tdoh

Proudly Catholic ♡ DUT Accounting Graduate ♡ Professional Accountant (S.A.) ♡ Unisa Student ♡ Looove Old School Music ♡ Forever Smiling 😊

RT @sanisaidso: If your name is Musawenkosi, Sinenhlanhla Dube/Mthembu. Your mother is Sizakele Mthembu from KZN and born in Gauteng (Chiaw…

2019-06-26 04:32

Ellz.Mk 🍎🍏 MsApple01

CopyWriter, Branding & Marketing. Sugar & spice & everything nice 🍭🍭


2019-06-26 04:32

sothogirldiaries mapitso_thaisi

Designer @shweshwekini |SothoGirl living in South Africa 🇿🇦 | OT 👩🏽‍⚕️| Travel 🌍| Law 👩🏽‍⚖️ Lifestyle🍸|

@SMESouthAfrica Knowing your brand and customers very well

2019-06-26 04:32

Sir. Thulani Ntlabati NtlabatiThulani

| Film Student | Stand up Comedian | Opinionated douche with internet | Blogger | Aspiring actor | | 065 345 2569 |

Injani iWeather ePE? Ndingaphathi iiT-shirts zodwa

2019-06-26 04:32

✨Pebbles Neo Pebbles✨ PebblesNeo

Wine keeps me sane🍷•
Gemini♊• Sapiosexual🧠• Marshmallow heart❤️•
Sarcasm is my second language• Bubbly💃• Full of beans🤗

@_DiskiLady I'll be waiting lol

2019-06-26 04:32

Lebone Lehlokoe bones_boii

21 | jhb native | rhodes | Psychology, Drama And Law major | IG: @bonesboii 🐒

This is a little too close to home 😂😂😂😂☠️

2019-06-26 04:32

Clintleroux clintleroux

Football Government Local News Sport Politics,Gupta hater

RT @tumisole: When the Spiritual father didn’t get the memo!

Otla utlwa yeh ya teng! 😂😂

2019-06-26 04:32

Oritsejeminetemi jaymeyne

Hold your own, know your name and go your own way...

RT @Candee_Leigh: The money you just put aside

2019-06-26 04:32

Silindokuhle Slindo_M

Multifaceted Woman ❤️ | God Restores | Sithule Siyabuka nje | IG Slindo_M | E-mail |

Where do you guys purchase your long gym tights that actually accommodate abantu abanezitho like myself my legs are…

2019-06-26 04:32

AuntyLucy☺❤ Lucy_Milandi

RT @Dopezuluboi: First Look #BeingBonangS3 #BarleaderReality

2019-06-26 04:32

Kagiso Portable kagiso_portable

Soccer fanatic ||Kaizer Chiefs Fan||Real Madrid Fan|| Political Minded||Conscious ||Unapologetically Black Man || #AskAMan Fan

@KoketsoMakhube5 😂😂😂😂

2019-06-26 04:32

Grace Mabumbulu GMabumbulu

Avid 📚 |Beurocrat|Mother|Sister|Aunt|IHlubikazi👑

@RethaVGroen @SimonPGrindrod @akreana_ 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

2019-06-26 04:32

Mandisa🇿🇦 Mandisa_bootysh

#MandisaBootyShow | Entertainment | Business promotions | Gossip |

RT @DyasiArchbishop: South Africa is not safe

2019-06-26 04:32

Mahume mahume_Speaker

Speaker | Learning from life | #BestBelieve Blogger | Journeying with God | **Views are my own***! Bookings

@tonnygerald Heheheh... Church is good, rather go to a tavern, clearly you don't value your life.

2019-06-26 04:32

Flower in a Capital city🌸🌹 💕 Fifiliciouz13

Be silly. Be fun. Be different. Be wacky. Be you, because life is too short to be anything but happy. Proudly Tswana🇿🇦🌈♋

@KhulisoMuila Now I understand keep it that way

2019-06-26 04:32