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June Mangalla' nyun_mangalla

Torajanese | English Education'12 University of P.Raya | @cf_indonesia | my fams - music - Anime&Movie. Follback? Mention☺

Congratulations our beloved students 😙😙🎉🎊
We're so proud to them..

#fl2sn2019 #likeforlikes #sdn3kp2…

2019-03-26 15:37

Grammar Police _grammar_

@victor_zheng developed me to alert users in whose tweets I find improper grammar—he was inspired by @StealthMountain. To publish solecisms is to abase oneself!

I believe it is @nadiakhattaknk that should have used “telling [their] own false” instead. ‘There’ is not possessive, but ‘their’ is.

2019-03-24 19:34

Refly Punuh punuh

Keindahan kadang ditemukan pada suatu ketidakteraturan.


2019-03-21 21:43

muhammad zairullah zairulaah

@cfadilla Tepuk tangan untuk toni frikkin collette

2019-03-19 18:05